Bit Movie Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting&Live ~ Hiroshima …. (Another me, yasu and Orlando)

Bit Movie Post again …

blimey, because yesterday thanks to The Brilliant Mr. Peter Jackson i just had an amazing moment inside cinema watch The Hobbit : The Desolation of Smaug, even not the 3D one. so yeah, …

this post is gonna be long boring post full of spoiler, my movie rambling, about how my mind is full of Orlando Bloom is Legolas, Legolas is Orlando Bloom just like how Tom Hanks is Robert Langdon, Robert Langdon is Tom Hanks ….

and how it made me broken-hearted a long time ago …


confusing eh,

Well, let’s keep all of that for the last ne. Now let’s start this post with Hiro, Hiro, Hiroishima and  ….

Talking about Hiroshima, it’s something about Japan that i read a lot on my history book, related to World War II (1938 – 1945). How on August 6th, 1945 an American B-29 bomber dropped atomic bomb over there and of course it always followed with Nagasaki

i love history ne, even i got my best grades on this subject at school. Yeah history, who wouldn’t love history anyway. Enough about that before i talk too much now let’s move on this …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Hiroshima  ♪♪

This meeting was held at Motomachi Credo Pasera, this is a large department store (at least for me … xD) located on the south side of Hiroshima Museum of Art.

waw,  it was all over about yasu and this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting and with so many peoples gathered there …





so massive ne ….




Public Recording together with FM Hiroshima, talked about the 1st impression of Hiroshima and look back again on this year by December 1st and yasu said how he had stayed at home from the new year, wrote song. Then in around three months produce and record it.

then also the new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 talk about the arrangement.

when he wrote the song, he also think about the arrangement. And he thought this such of shuffle style song 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 is slightly gorgeous, so this time he put weight on the brass arrangement,

it’s the feeling that he put in the melody and he arranged it hardly because he can’t blow the brass because basically he can’t play that instrument …


waw that’s brilliant eh, …

i mean for me it was like i can’t swim but sure i can do the diving.

Eh, really can we do that? diving even we can’t swim? But i think that’s still dangerous ne, because what if suddenly something happen, for example something’s wrong with the oxygen tube or …

somebody want to kill this Inspector Himura by sabotage her diving equipment … xD

yasu      :     nobody would do that …
noi         :     no, no that’s the wrong sentence ne darling …
yasu      :     then what …
noi         :     the correct its : nobody would dare to do that …xD
yasu      :     eeeh you said she is retired …
noi         :     She is Back ne, and she’ll keep herself dry …

aand …

as always, you can listen to it in this channel …

well, i love when she put a video on her YouTube than her Daily Motion ne. Because it’s a bit hard for me to put an embed code from Daily Motion and make it worked here than YouTube.

I mean i wish i could say :

YouTube only please …!!!

to her, but how am i gonna say it in a formal and polite Japanese? nah that’s the question ne …

yasu     :    formal and polite …. ?
noi        :    it’s a request, so it has to be that way ne …
yasu     :    from you, …?
noi        :    why, something is odd?
yasu     :    hmm, you tell me …

i’ll think about that ne, so next is …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Live  ~  Hiroshima  ♪♪

from this 1年半ぶりの超ドエロな広島県での熱狂したライブ! post on The Official Blog,「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Hiroshima performance was held at Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen (HBG) Hall one day after The Meeting.

It was one and a half years since TOUR『2012』

for Hiroshima gourmet, there’s one that is a must for yasu if he is comin to Hiroshima, it’s 「むすびむさし」のお弁当 / 「Musubi Musashi 」bento. I suppose that’s a yasu from a famous local restaurant in Hiroshima.

but this time they have this …



posted on this post, i suppose to make it match with the kewpie ? …xD.

Then surrounded by a fave gourmet in Hiroshima, he smiled a lot and continued with reading all messages sent for that day’s Live, and then the question on

~  The Question Corner

Although bandsmen doesn’t have the look to be a sports person, but everyday, do you move your body?…

it’s a sport question, and yasu‘s answer is …

baseball, judo as a Black Belt holder  only the lying-down trick becomes good at Osaekomi ( in Judo, it’s a holding or pinning techniques)


talking about Black Belt, on last CD&DL Data interview he also said how his way of thinking Black Belt is Bed … xD. Eh God, how the hell his is thinking about …?

anyway, you can read some of the interview in here …


it took me forever to understand that one page interview, but when i got some of the points it just make smiled a lot when i read it again and again.


This man, My Mind Blowing Man totally has lots of jokes ne …

next is

~  The SetList .

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05.   Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Nemuri Hime (request)
15. Prologue End (request)
16. Kuroneko  ~Adult Black Cat~

then my fave part is …

~  The Kewpie



cr   :  @Yasuの女


that’s is so deliciously cute ne. Look at how that egg and mayonnaise became something like a hair band for that little man. Eh God, now i just wanna eat his head …xD

whoever designed this kewpie, he/she their job very well this time. Not awkward but the image of Okonomiyaki delivered very well. I think i want that one together with his cousin Takoyaki …. xD

if my friend managed to get this, or if she couldn’t i’ll get that from Uprise. Hope they will put all 3rd Season Kewpies as well as they put the 1st and 2nd Season after all 3rd Season’s live finished ..

Ok, now ..

~  it’s movie talk time

and shall we go to Middle Earth now …?


omo ..

should i say some Spoiler Alert first?

ah, i don’t think that’s necessary ne because i am sure all of you already read the book. Because the book it self is The Major Spoiler, even yeah maybe we still need that Spoiler Alert  for how amazing is Peter Jackson delivered all things from the book into so many beautiful visual we called a movie …

and on a movie, it’s not only about J.R.R. Tolkien, but it’s also about Peter Jackson, so yes …

spoiler alert everyone ….. !!!!!

This movie, started with some place named Bree, where Gandalf The Gray (Sir Ian McKellen) will meet Thorin Oakenshiled (Richard Armitage) and pursued him to steal Arkenstone from Smaug, The Dragon so he can be The King of Erebor,

he is the heir …


Anyway they need someone to steal it, and that’s what Bilbo Baggin‘s rule in here, start his journey that he always tell to Frodo. But at the beginning of this movie, suddenly my eyes captured someone that is this franchise himself .

ha ha ha … yeah, i see you ne Mr. Jackson just like i saw you on the previous Lord Of The Ring trilogy …

Yes, it was Peter Jackson the director him self as cameo in his own movie. Only about a minute maybe, he just came out from the bar with a carrot?

I think i noticed him because he of that carrot …xD

The journey started. Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and all of the 13 dwarves runs from all Orcs. Then after stayed safely one night on a skin- changer named Boarn, they continued the journey and then separated from Gandalf.

They had to follow and stay walk on the path inside the forest. But then they captured by giant spiders and thanks to the One Ring, Bilbo managed to save all them but …


then captured by the Wood Elf guard lead by Legolas (i suppose that’s is The Young Legolas ne, because his hair is less grey?) and an elf-she named Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly).


Tauriel …

The head of The Elven Guard and Legolas pal (?) that you’ll not gonna find her on the book because she is just an additional from the film makers when they wanted to split one book into 3 movie.

Actually i like this character, an Elf warrior that even the King Elf trust to and his son Legolas kinda fond of her, or should i say it was crush? …


as Legolas father, he is too pretty isn’t he?

But as always, that not MFEO between King‘s song and a commoner is not only on human world, but apparently it’s also happen in Elf Kingdom. The King directly said to Tauriel he doesn’t like how his son’s feeling about one of his wariror, even she is one of his best.

Poor Tauriel,

but i love when she finally  is kinda find some cure by talking with Kili, one of the imprisoned dwarves, aand …


Legolas (Orlando Bloom) saw them from above with that look. I’d say that’s a jealous look ne. This Legolas is different, i think he is more powerful and a bit mean with that cold look on his eyes.

Orly did best as Legolas  by showing that un_sure feeling of him to Tauriel and still follow her leavin The Elf Kingdom even he know she wants to save Kili who’s been injured by an orc’s arrow.

Actually i am not that fond with Orlando Bloom, i even bit disappointed by him after i watch him as a Probie Marine who fell 1st on Black Hawk Down after the Black Hawk got hit by an RPG


The moment when he fell from that Black Hawk, he (read : Orlando Bloom, not yasu) broke my heart. That’s all ne, i know that’s so ridiculous because it’s a different character from different movie. Him as Legolas  and the Probie Marine.

My mind couldn’t stop thinkin how the hell he could fall just like that?

yeah it was an RPG hit them but ah come on anybody inside that Black Hawk can fall and i’ll be fine but not Orlando, because he is Legolas ne.

The one who jump from one elephant to other elephant with his bow and arrows, kill all the orcs and scary creatures gracefully,


But now after seeing him as Legolas, the younger one on this movie my heart suddenly is fine now and i’ll forget that fall from Black Hawk scene.

from the bottom of my heart, now i forgive you Orlando …. xD


yasu       :    he didn’t do anything wrong to you ne …
noi          :    don’t you see, he broke my heart ne …
yasu       :    no he didn’t ..
noi          :    yes, he did
yasu       :    no, you watch that movie too much …

Maybe, yeah i watch that movie too much and it affected me.

How many times did i watch Black Hawk Down ? Can’t remember it, but i am fine now. At least i can stop connecting those 2 movies and start to see them (Legolas and that Probie Marine) as 2 different character.
My fave part of this movie is their escape from Elf Kingdom with barrels following the river, that’s totally funny ne. And also when Bilbo found a way to open the door then talking with The Dragon (Benedict Cumberbatch).


At that time it is very hard for me to not listen to them talking, imagine John Watson talking to Sherlock because Martin Freeman is always the same, on every movie as John and Bilbo, he still did the same twice awkward cough …xD


that’s so sweeet ….

and don’t forget about all the treasure inside the mountain, when The Dragon awaken from his sleep, he make some landslide with all the golden coins fall  …

To all of you Gold Diggers like me out there, i guarantee you’ll gonna love the sounds of many cling cling …~♪ followed Bilbo when he was tryin to run away from the very mad Dragon

now i can’t wait for the 3rd Part ne,

even i know how this movie is gonna end but i still wanna see how Bilbo will look at Thorin. I mean i did see how Thorin put his sword on Bilbo when he wanted to run out from treasure chamber while ask him where is the Arkenstone.


too bad, there was not much scene for Bard (Luke Evans). Hope there will be enough scene about him on the 3rd Part since he is the one who has The Black Arrow that could kill The Dragon. and then maybe  ..

a Love Triangle between Legolas ~ Tauriel ~ Kili …?


that’s what i am waiting for, even Elf and Dwarve is kinda impossible but i am hoping for Tauriel to be ended with Kili than Legolas. After all for Kili is quite tall for a Dwarve …

so i think  that’s all for now and i gave 9/10 for this movie because my best score 10/10 still for Lord of The Ring : The Return of The King ..
OK, next is ….

~  This Whatsoever Updates that I can Catch …xD

started with this 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK : Live and Meeting Miyagi


then followed with a very good news for …

all Fan Club members who might lost their membership card ….

As i know they did say how there will be no membership card re_issued again, so you all better keep your membership card savely. That’s why when i lost mine, i got it again by applied a new membership.

But now with 500 yen,

you can reissued your membership card at Uprise Shop so you will get a new card like that image below but still with the same ID Number


just go there :

or for you who still use the old version membership card, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade yours with a new version. Old version? yeah i did see some of my friend still have that old version card.

For overseas FC Member, all you can do just find a proxy, ask them to pay it for you then you just wait because they will send it to your FanClub Mailing Adrress

and talking about Free Magazine, Acid Black Cherry also in this Mnavi Magazine as what Mnavi Magazine posted on their Official twitter and Facebook Page …


MNavi December issue, out today with Acid Black Cherry as cover and a solo interview with yasu.

Whaa let’s see if i managed to get this magazine ne ….

Sunday at Office

i told you ne about how i love Sunday at Office . Especially this Sunday. Me wake up in the morning then go to work as any other day than Sunday but then arrived at office thanks to how rain fell for the whole last night, there’s nothing to do do at office today.

Started with the regular Coffee Morning, the some small chit chat and listening then followed by a long nap ….

Just like how i love you ya_san, i do love Today ne ….


noi           :     the day when i don’t have to do anything at office …
yasu        :    but they still pay you?.
noi           :    yes, they even pay me double …
yasu       :     that’s weird …
noi          :     because today is Sunday ne, who’s workin on Sunday anyway …?

OK, next Question is ….

What The hell is Happen with yahoo mail …?

I am having troubles when i want to open my Yahoo Mail. I have to refresh it so many times and still it always ended with re_direct me to Yahoo Games instead of my Yahoo Mail.

So since 3 days ago checking and sending emails in the morning becoming very very slow as Capt. Slow. I dunno what happen to Yahoo so i suppose Yahoo now just being UP dan Down just like how my mood is recently….

Here i am now, arrived at the end of 2013 and i don’t even have a resolution to accomplish yet. And lookin back all the previous months of 2013, i wish i can say …

I am Better at Everything ….!!!

like Sherlock Holmes, but i can’t because when i look back to all my previous months of 2013 i see nothing about me being better.

My bad health, live, lost and all troubles followin me all i can say is nothing than …

I am Worst at Everything ….!!!


yasu        :      hey, is that a New Year Syndrome ….?
noi           :      eh ….
yasu        :      or nobody is invite you for a FanProject
next month …?
noi           :     but how …

~owari~ .


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