…. xD Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Tottori … (Another me, yasu and The Truth that I can’t Handle)

From this 6年半ぶり!盛り上げ上手な鳥取県!post on The Official Blog …

there you are ….

~ 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Tottori  …

『Shangri-la』 Project finally reached Tottori Prefecture.

As what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) wrote there, for Acid Black Cherry that’s their comin to Tottori after six and a half years ago they came for the Secret Live at Yonago Live House with a very different venue  …..

For this 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tottori the venue is Torigin Bunka Kaikan Hall ~ Rika Hall, the same large venue as they had for the previous live in Hiroshima

I repeat, six and half years ago Acid Black Cherry came to Tottori for the Secretly Secret Live and they had memories of all of them eat sushi together. This time, this special that waited for yasu in the dressing room is ….

「鳥取県産サバの塩焼き」/「Tottori Grilled Mackerel 」


「鳥取とうふちくわ」/「Tottori tofu chikuwa」/ 「Tottori tofu fish paste」

then it’s a special product from Eastern of Tottori Prefecture since Edo periode, a very healthy dish they said and yasu‘s fave fish paste.

and Tottori gourmet’s knobs ….


「かに汁」/「Kani-jiru 」..

Warm soup with lots of taste of winter 「かに」/「kani」/「crab」, of course yasu also enjoyed this. It was a happy moment followed with a full of happiness in the dressing room.

with talks of memories of the time when they visited Tottori six and half a years ago, like “I went to Mizuki Shigeru road” or “I was also at the sea” …. etc etc memories talkin while reading questions sent from twitter or blogs.

followed with stretching carefully ….


noi       :    eh chotto stretching ….?
yasu    :    yes ….
noi       :    is that stretching?  OMG i thought you were doing a pose ne.
yasu    :    pose, for what  ….?
noi       :   since when stretching can be sexy like that?  annnd …


really  …?

because i think they should wrote it as stretching sexyfully because yasu look so sexy  … nyaaaaa *got hit with an English dictionary*

PS    :   don’t try to find that sexyfully word in your English dictionary because it will hit you when you try to do that ..

Eh God ….

seems like by reading all post on The Official Blog i feel like 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 totally spoiled me a lot recently ne, by posted that yasu and his beautiful shoulders,

and also many other photos like that on 『Shangri-la』PHOTOBOOK  1st Season especially yasu in this red shirt.

I am so sorry but i have to do that in here even i did it already on my Tumblr …xD

After all this Inspector Himura is still a fangirl ne, so sometimes (read : many times) i can’t help myself not to do any sexcited things like than.

So please bear with me …

ah ya, there you are 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK  1st Season ~  Yamagata part, you can see it in below …


don’t worry like the last time, no password required because am just too lazy to make a locked post now. Plus how i kinda get lost on my own Photobucket albums these days. I told you ne, i hate this new version of Photobucket .

i need to fix that and surely it will take forever for me to arrange and fix all of it again especially with this very slow internet sonnection i have now.
Back to 『Shangri-la』  Live ~ Tottori story, on the MC yasu also said about …

When he came to Tottori six and a half years ago, there was no convenience store and also the Elementary School students (girls ..?) who came to watched their Secret Live at Yonago Live House that time, they must be already an adult now …

ha ha ha ….

that’s very funny and obviously yasu, he did his counting very well. Then the question selected on The Question Corner is ….

December 6th, today it seems to be The Sound Day (?). So what is the song that you all play and recorded for the first time?

and yasu‘s answer is ….

Song that i recorded for the first time, It was recorded from electronic organ that i have when i was at elementary school.  But i recorded original song of me it was on high school.  Well, it was embarrassing song (laugh).

At the time, there is no instrument in the house,next is The SetList ..
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pisto
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. SPELL MAGIC (request)
15. Yasashii Uso (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri – la

then the Kewpie




credit : @Yasuの女


waaah, so yellow ne …

well today at 10:37 AM started to write this post since nothing left to do anymore until now. Yeah, i am miss delay now. I delay this, i delay that …. etc etc many things got delayed by me except my dinner, lunch or midnight supper …xD

Rain, a quite heavy rain fell all over night since yesterday afternoon.

As always, since we are workin on an open space so whenever rain is fall or after fall there will be nothing to do at office after 10:30 AM. Nothing to do but wait until the land is dried enough for us to start the  machines.

Actually I do love this situation, but of course not with the complains followed after delaying. But the bad news (or should i say good news?)  is at this time …

I am on my 6th cup of coffee  …. #yay


yasu     :     yay? that’s not something yay ….
noi        :     but …
yasu     :     you’ll be coffee addict
noi        :      no, it’s only 6 ne and that’s because something very wrong with the cup eh, it always empty after 10 minutes so i have to refill it again …
yasu     :     ah, you already an addict …
noi        :     as you say …

yeah, indeed i am a coffee addict.

It’s not something that i can be proud of especially as someone with quite high blood pressure and this forever Anger Management problem like me, being a coffee addict just make me worst ..

you all see Jack Nicholson‘s movie Anger Management right?

in there you’ll seen how hard is not to be mad for a person with an Anger Management problem. Me, myself i always try to be nice and calm but trust me, that’s pretty hard to do ne.

Somehow there’s always something that pulled this whatsoever Trigger of Madness inside me, even that’s only a simple things …

Jack Nicholson, for me he’s brilliant, as well as scary sometimes.

I mean just like how Hugh Grant doesn’t have to act as a lovely charming man because indeed he is already charming, for Jack Nicholson he doesn’t have to act scary because he is scary sometimes ..


I never forget how scared i was when i watch him on A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise, Demi More and Kevin Bacon. I mean who would forget the emotionally epic trial scene between him as Col. Nathan R. Jessup and Tom Cruise as Kaffee

Col. Jessup    :  You want answers?
Kaffee             :  I think I’m entitled to.
Col. Jessup:   :  You want answers?
Kaffee             :  I want the truth !!

Col. Jessup    : You can’t handle the truth …..!!!!

geeez, ….

that’s was so scary ne, because that movie sure it is not a thrilled movie, but on that scene i got thrilled by him.

By writing this post and remember again abaout that movie, tonight with the sounds of rain fallin out there i realized what is  the cause of this Anger Management problem i have now and how i get mad so easily.

Col. Nathan R. Jessup is right,  it’s because  …

I can’t handle the truth …. !!!!

yasu     :    Truth about what ….?
noi       :     About anything that finally revealed like The Truth that i Love You
yasu    :     i know that …
noi       :    and Love HYDE at the same time …
yasu    :    i also know that, so calm down fangirl …
noi       :    omoooo ….

~  owari ~


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