Solo as Han Solo Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting Shimane … (another me, yasu and Her Majesty)

December 2nd, today is Mother’s Day (Hari Ibu)

so i’d like to say …

A very Happy Mother Day for my Dear Mommy, Theodora Misgina Retno Windarsineta …

~  May you have a save trip to Mecca,
~  do lots of pray for me there …
~  buy me lots of Arabic chocolatte and
~  come back to me savely, and
~  Luv you mom …

There was so many people comin to our home this afternoon.

They all wanted to say goodbye to mo mother who is leavin on a jet plane tomorrow to Mecca for Umrah.

Some of them asked to her to pray for their son who is gonna do a final exam, looking for a job or  ask for a husband for their single daughter (sure that’s what my mom will pray for me …xD) … etc etc

She dreamed about going to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah a long time ago. Her dream about prayin in the House of God.

I told you ne, Her Majesty is so religious and a very good prayer.

Here in my village people go abroad only to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah, so when my mom told them about me going to Japan only to watch a live concert they all kinda like …

Eeeeehhh ….?

while sayin other fubar things followed. I wish i can go together with her, indeed i had plan to do that because i was worried about letting her alone there.

Yes, it’s The House of God and Allah will guard her, but i am still worry.

I cancel that plan because it’s very hard for me to get days off end of this year and also i am so scare what possibility will happen to me there.

As i know in Mecca, what will happen for us after life might happen to us when we there ans we are still alive.

It’s kinda forwarded/direct 罪と罰 ….?

Good person will get a rewards/kindness while bad person will get punishment ..

I am totally bad person ne, and hell yeah i have so many sins on me because i did and said so many wrong things for the whole of my life. So i am afraid if i go there i will get my punishment faster. ..

so it is better for this bad person to stay here at home and delay all punishment that i might get.

But someday i know there will be my turn to go there to Mecca, to knockin on My God‘s door. I think i have to be a better person first before i decided to go there.

Ah, today seem like 罪と罰 ~神様のアリバイ~ is a very perfect song for me ne and surely a for me …

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 with this

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Shimane

this time The Meeting was held at Shimane Prefectural Civic Hall, Entrance Lobby side special stage.


Not in the hall but there was a special stage made just for this 『Shangri-la』Meeting in the entrance lobby. Held on Sunday, on such a special stage with a free views to everyone it was a great deal of excitement same as what the had in Tottori.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st time to come to Shimane and there was a tremendous cheers soon as yasu appeared on stage and they even scream .

They must be so over sexcited eh …

On The Public Recording, they talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』


this 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 is a song that i made very well before, and when 『2012』 album was made this song was already existed.

I wanted to make a shuffle-tone, i made once, but the result it becomes different with the idea. Moreover,  i re_create it. It was a song that completed while i think it is still different.

This song is a song that seem, shall i say the arrangement has improved, resemble from  level of 5 musical instrument of drum, bass, guitar, brass and piano has been up.

after Public Recording with FM Sanin, continued with learning dialect and specialties of Tottori and Shimane from everyone in Sannin area this time.

Their 1st introduction to 「とうふちくわ」/「tofu chikuwa」/「tofu fish paste」, it is the one that was waiting for yasu on the venue at the time they were in Tottori.

He even said …


「I ate this at Tottori. I love fish paste, it was delicious and i ate a lot」!

Speaking of Shimane, it’s Izumo Shrine which celebrate 60th year of it’s Sengu (?) this year and yasu wanted to go there by all means.

About a dialect they learned if this 「だんだん」/「dandan」is a special dialect of Tteyuu means 「ありがとう」/「Thank you」

#whoo 「だんだん」 eh …


yasu     :   what ….
noi        :    …
だんだん 私 どんどん 綺麗になるの
yasu     :   no that’s different ….
noi        :    *singing * …

私は黒猫 ウェーオ   ウェーオ   ウェーオ ウェーオ

yasu     :   what the  ….

OK next is …..

~      2nd Season PHOTOBOOK cover

on my last post, it was 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK original cover from CD Japan which mean without the additional cover. Now there you are the additional cover for …

FC Edition …


while this one is for …

TSUTAYA edition


i think for this 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK i love the TSUTAYA version cover, some how it looks more glamorous.

And then of course there you are the  next chapter for 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ Aomori ….


enjoii   ….

then let’s meet with …

~    Boys That Will be Boys …

last week i could stop myself for a BIG LOL when i see this photo on my twitter Time Line


Nick Carter posted that photo on his Instagram 4 days ago sayin

Now i am ready for the show …!!! … #what the?

I say Nick Carter is The real Boy in The Backstreetboys, even i see he is more matured now but ah,  i think he is still The Real Boy in The Backstreetboys ne …

see what i mean?

then suddenly i remember to someone that far away from USA, in Japan precisely also did the same thing with a Pistol last year …

awwww ……

Seems like no matter where you are, in Japan or USA the Boys Will Be Boys does happen ne. There will always a boy hiding somewhere inside a matured man and that boy showed off often when they acted silly like that ..

Talking about mature, now i remember what HYDE said about how mature is yasu and DAIGO now on The HYDE book chapter PAL.


you can read the complete PAL part here in L’Arc~en~Ciel Canada note on Facebook and also the other parts as well.

then next is let’s talk about

~  A Little  Fan Project  …


December is gonna end soon and i am sure like me, you all in this Acid Black Cherry fandom are waiting ne.

waiting for what?

of course waiting for a Fan Project invitation like we all always received on the previous 2 years behind. I’ve been asked about wheter if i am gonna do something for yasu‘s bithday this year.

And OMG it surprised me ne, because i don’t see my self as a host who can do a gathering event like that because i also waited for someone to invite me.

Maybe if this Acid Black Cherry Fan Project is a Journey to Mordor like The Lord of The Ring trilogy of course i will be Samwise Gamgee who follow his Master Frodo. There’s no way i can see myself as Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn or Gimli

But i want to be with Legolass …..!!!!!


back to Birthday Fan Project ..

but this year there will be no Fan Project invitation because, our annual Host Fan Project already posted on her Tumblr blog said that there’s no plan from her to arrange a Birthday Fan Project for yasu‘s birthday this year …

so you better stop waiting for an invitation and start to think about things you can do this year ne,

maybe you can make a fanvideo together with your palls, group on Facebook or Street Team for each country or do a solo by send a birthday greeting card to yasu himself via Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club address like this

To   :   yasu

Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club – Save us! –
Poste Restante Shibuya Dogenzaka Post Office
Namiki 2F, 1-19-13 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 154-0043

Just like yasu who do a solo project, maybe this year is the time for all us us to do a solo Birthday FanProject for yasu.

Solo ne, as solo as Han Solo. …..

1480736_10201201723507446_653037008_n (1)

noi         :     maybe put a photo with a cyberlight  ……
yasu      :     not funny, then what about you …?
noi         :     i dunno …
yasu      :     you what …?
noi         :     i am Sam ne, not Frodo so i was only wait  …



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