Rainy Day Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane .. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday )

I couldn’t sleep yesterday …

so yeah i went online, went crazy with my friends on my twitter aaand my friends on twitter are hilarious.


I mean how they catch all my jokes and replied it with theirs perfectly and then arranged it as a long pink lined tree tweet history (you all know how twitter is now) with a dirty scenario of fangirling to read.

it was fun ne and somehow last night is the 1st time for me when twitter is became more fun than Facebook.

I love Facebook ne, i even consider myself as a Facebook Saiyajin. Everyone know how much i love Facebook but not last night.

I am not sure what happened, but thank God it’s over and here i am now, this morning my love for Facebook come back again to me, let me say this for all of you …

Hello everyone, have you vote for Acid Black Cherry …?

i am talking about this vote for

~ JpopAsia Music Award 2013 …


i am sure you all already voted, but if you haven’t then go to this link ….


and vote, vote as much as you can, use your Facebook and twitter because i see this is already The final Vote.

let’s make Acid Black Cherry arise this year, so in the future we all can say this to yasu

Your name has arisen, dear yasu ….

yasu    :    that’s from what …?
noi       :    what …?
yasu    :    you must seen it on your TV …
noi        :   well okay, that’s from SHERLOCK HOLMES ne, because …
yasu     :   no, no stop don’t tell me …
noi        :   but i have to …

because …

i am so sexcited about the next Sherlock Season 3 …!!!!!

sexcited to know how did SHERLOCK survived from that fall and many other things followed by that since i’ve been waiting for this long enough



Plus that lovely photo of John Watson and Marry‘s wedding and SHERLOCK as the best men just upgraded my sexcitement into a higher level. They said SHERLOCK played a song with his violin for John and Marry

it must be very beautiful eh …..


and the sweet fact is how Martin Freeman (John Watson) is married to his love Amanda Abbington (Marry) in the movie even in their real life they aren’t married yet ..

Enough with The SHERLOCK sexcitement, because now it is time for me to finish my homework, my fangirl homework.

Again and again I am left away to go, so better start to do it again. Since the previous post is 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Shimane then next it should be  …

~  『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane …

from this とにかく最高♡ABC初となる島根県ライブ!post on by on The Official Blog

this  is the 1st Live of Acid Black Cherry in Shimane, The Kingdom of God . it was held in Izumo Shimin Kaikan Hall, Shimane.  One day before Shimane ~ Live begin they all visited Izumo Shrine to pray ..

and as always, there was a local gourmet that waited for yasu in the venue. In Shimane, the local gourmet is …

しじみ汁 / Shijimijiru / Miso with corbula clams

a freshwater clam, from Shinji Lake over Matsue and Izumo is number 1 in the country with a good effect for our liver function.

And yasu who just had a bit liquor recently was so happy to have this …


「出雲そば」/「Izumo Soba」

surrounded with the best soba, and all Shimane gourmet, it became the best lunch in the dressing room while watching video from a smart phone app (「ロードムービーズ」/「RoadMovie」 that’s popular among members recently.

Look back on memories of Shimane tourism.


and also read questions sent by everyone, and the question selected on The Question Corner was …

On what kind of edge are you, support members, engaged in ABC?

Junji :     he started to joined ABC since the 1st time ABC started with The Secret Live. Also the chief manager of Acid Black Cherry knows Junji‘s manager and yasu who love SIAM SHADE and Junji‘s drumming ask Junji to help him on the recording …


YUKI   :     it started on a birthday party of a writer where yasu, Shuse and YUKI was attended. Drinking and eat together for a while and then yasu start to asked YUKI and he said …

I will do it if the shedule suited.

And it was surpised then how the connection came perfectly since their talkin was with an alcohol (he was a bit drunk …?)

Hiro    :     it started from YUKI, when he was overlapped with another tour so he couldn’t join ABC (suppose it was Re-Birth Live?) so yasu had to find another guitarist.

He like Hiro‘s guitar playin and he also like La’cryma Cristi


Shuse :   with Shuse it was already about 15 years, with an aquintance to a same person and when the person was sent to hospital, yasu visited and Shuse was there. That’s their first meeting …

then when he was starting ABC he remembered Shuse and invited him via Monster Hunter Chat ….?

yasu        :   i am doing solo this time
SHUSE    :   really ..?
yasu       :   will you help me
SHUSE    :   yaru yaru …

ok, next is ….

the SetList

01. Jigsaw
02. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. sins
06. Kuroi Taiyou
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimiga iru kara (request)
15. cord name 【JUSTICE】 (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the Kewpie ….



cr   :   @Yasuの女

It is   出雲の神様/Izumo no Kamisama ..

Eh God, that’s totally cute, especially the hair rolling like that and the moustache …. xD

ah ya, i should continue this 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ne, the previous post is Aomori so the next one is

~   Hokkaido (Otaru)


~   Hokkaido (Nitori)


i’ll finish all of it tomorrow, hope i will able to finish it before 2013 is over. But i dunno why i am just not in a full me now.

Let’s just say i am not good in anything now. I got sick again yesterday, the bleeding came out again after it stopped for only a week. Plus how i am alone now at home, only with my housemaid that i don’t talk much with.

She didn’t see me a lot just like i didn’t see her a lot since i am not often at home.

The first time i meet her on one afternoon she mistaken me as a guest who would come to see my mother, at that time my father was still alive and he is the one who told her who i am while laughed. Then i was like

Eee, pappa what was that ….? 

so now even i am with my housemaid it’s still i am alone.

My mom, she is still in Mecca (or Madina? not sure about it). I don’t want to call her everyday because i don’t want her to get panic by her phone ringing while she is still on praying.

I heard handphone was not allowed inside mosque there, especially in Madina the police is more strict.

They will check all the bag and elsewhere to make sure there is no un_allowed things such as camera, foods, drinks and handphone inside mosque. After all they are there to pray ne so why should they have to bring all of that …?

While tekki, she is in Bali now for New Year with all his office_mates. And why the hell on earth she let her phone off? i can’t call her since this  morning. with no phone sure will never reply my tweet …

everyone leaving me now, just me here now listening my mp3 put it on the max volume and then rain is fall again, so perfect eh …

雨が 。。。。 だいきらい

I don’t like rain, i dislike rain, …. etc etc i just hate rain.

Rain was fallin for days until this tonight and i had a hell lot of freeze nights, sleepless and maybe because i am listening to this song a lot tonight …..

for me that song is the best cover that ever done, because they did it perfectly and that the lyrics of that song keeps givin me a hope of something that i know it will never become true …
…… ♪♪  I give you my word,
I give you my heart,
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun … ♪♪

and always, that song is my song and Mr. Friday. I remember how i often sang this song and believe it or not, wherever he came to my home to buy something it always when i sang thing song ….

perfect timing eh,

yasu     :    so you sing that song for him …
noi        :    yes, and that was the happiest moment in my life
yasu     :    poor Mr. Friday …. *laughed*
noi        :    ah, come on don’t do that …

and then he will sit and listen and then when i finished he will laugh while lookin at me. And me, at that time i was in heaven. So yes, tonight suddenly  ..

I missed Mr. Friday so much  …… xD

yasu    :     you must not  …
noi       :     but what can i do, after all i am just  …
yasu    :     a fangirl? i told you ne, that’s boring
noi       :     no, what i mean is ….

.….  ♪♪ I am just a woman, fallin love, …
darling  …  

yasu   :     stop it  …



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