2014 Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto, Day 1 … (Another me, yasu and Resolution …?)


we’re in 2014 now and ….

Happy New Year, everyone !!!!


Today is my first day at office on 2014 ne, and today is also my first time to put 2014 behind all my signatures.

Yeah, i always put a complete date, month and year under my signature every time i sign on anything. I dunno that way just make me feel sure about what i do.

finally it is already 2014 ne, and somehow 2013 just went away ne. It was not fast for me and sure i feel 2013, sweet and sour i feel all of it.

Resolution ….?

i am done for makin resolution for every year’s changing,

because all my resolutions are screwed up. I did make plans about i wanted to do this, i wanted to do that, then i have to do/reach this, do that … etc etc and none of them was accomplished.

Instead of resolution, now i have this something …. eh, should i call this a confident or sure? because somehow when woke up this morning i said to myself

yes Inspector Himura, you are gonna do great this year …

maybe i am just a very and totally bad planner, so this year there’s no resolution for me. But still here i am, in this new year, with a new spirit and ….

yasu     :    a new brain …
noi        :    no, where do i have to get it?
yasu     :    then a new ….
noi        :    …  fresh love for you, love …. xD
yasu     :    eeh …

and look at this new year card from Janne, …

cute, isn’t it …?

I hope this next 2014 is gonna be smooth for me, even if i have to work harder it would be fine for me as long as i am healthy i’ll kick my ass harder than last year.  I still have a target and goal to accomplished by the end of 2014 because i promised my mom for that.

so when everything smooth for me, by the end of 2014 i could say …

I am better at everything … !!” instead of “I am worst at everything … !!” ..

like what i said at the end of this year, so

My wish for 2014 is i want to be healthy, that’s all ..


yasu      :     i thought you want a boyfriend this year …
noi         :     why should i ? i already have eh …
yasu      :     that HULK? he is always mad ne noi_chan …
noi         :     and i also have you,  hu hu …
yasu     :      ha ha,  not funny …

anyway, let’s continue my fangirl homework, this time is for

~    Next Part of 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK

still Hokkaido, but this time is …



Aomori ~ Asahikawa Offshoot






then next is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto, Day 1

Day 1 ….. ?

yes, because in this 3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 Tour, there was 2 Live Performances in Kyoto and from this ただいま♡関西!!yasuさんの思い出のある街・京都ライブpost on The Official Blog , this post below is about the 1st day performance …

finished  live performance in Shimane, Project 『Shangri-la』 came back again to Kansai from Chugoku region. This time is Kyoto, for yasu it is a very familiar city among Osaka because it’s close to his hometown Hirakata.

Taste of Kyoto which already waited for yasu in the venue is …

「丹後のばら寿司」/「Tango no Barazushi」/「Tango’s Scattered sushi」

in Kansai, even 「ちらし寿司」/「chirasi sushi 」also called as 「ばら寿司」/「bara sushi」/「scatteed sushi 」 and this Tango‘s scattered sushi is the most familiar feast to people on Tango region. A taste of happiness to eat with family.

And speaking of Kyoto, there was also yasu‘s fave …


「京都の漬け物」/「Kyoto’s Pickles」

it’s a vegetables pickle of Kyoto with high quality vegetables. yasu was delighted by that by ate rice, pickles, rice, pickles … gotten lot of taste of Kyoto.

filled with happiness and full of smile then continued with talks with a fun atmosphere. Talkin about bike, about Izumo Shrine that they visited and prayed to on the other day.


and also read question sent from everyone.

Because that day Kyoto Live ~ Day 1 is on Friday 13th, so the question selected on the Question Corner was ….

What is your scary, difficult things to do ….?

yasu‘s answer is ..

In my childhood i was afraid to the long-horned beetle …

and instead of running up_stair, he was cryin …. so i suppose his difficult thing to do when he was child is running from a long – horned beetle ….? xD

noi       :     eww, what the …
yasu    :     what ….?
noi       :     no, nothing but i think you shouldn’t ride Bumblebee  … *laugh*
yasu    :     then what about you ….?.
noi       :     i am scare of you ….

OK, next is The Set List ….

01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder License
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Yasashii Uso
08. Maria
09. so…Good night
10. doomsday crock
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. code name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


01. Nemuri Hime (request)
02. Kimiga iru kara
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Pistol

OMG they ended it with Pistol, why …?

i never think Pistol is good for a closing song. Not bad, but i prefer SPELL MAGIC, Shangri – la or DRAGON CARNIVAL as closing.

So if a Live Performance is a door, let’s just say when it closed by Pistol the door (Acid Black Cherry Door) it won’t close perfectly … xD

Opening maybe OK, but i prefer Pistol in the middle ne. But who the hell i am anyway, after all i am just a fangirl ne, who did and wrote silly things like this to somewhere over the rainbow …

Eh God, i want a red shoes now  ….

as red as this cute little darling in red kewpie



cr   :  @Yasuの女

舞子/ Maiko

i am sure you all know what Maiko is, it’s an apprentice geisha. And remember this Maiko_yasu …?



I remember i’ve seen a movie (ha ha yeah, it’s always about movie for me eh ..xD)

about an effort from one girl to be a geisha in Kyoto, started from be a geisha‘s maid, then a maiko and then finally she is an official geisha.

i can’t remember what’s the title of the movie exactly, but it was a Japanese movie (or short drama? but sure it’s not The Memoir of Geisha ..) and eh God, it was a very sad movie ne because at the end of her finally as geisha, somethin was wrong with the her work place involving a huge debt from her God Mother.

that place was near to be close down.

so she had to so anything she can do to save her place, her forever home since she was sold by her parents there when she was 10 years old.

Not only that, that movie also put a little bit one_handed love story between her and her God Mother‘s son that never see her as a woman even she is now a gesha. In his eyes, she is still the same 10 years old little girl that her mother introduced to him as his new little sister …

OMG, that’s so me and Mr. Friday ne …


yasu     :     did anyone ever tell you …
noi        :     tell what ..
yasu     :     if you watch too much movie …
noi        :     i dunno …

maybe because that’s how i am.

Yeah i watch movie all the time. Even when i am on a very bad mood, there’s only this 4 things that can brings my mood back to be good ..

~   A cup of cold Vanilla Latte with 4 ice blocks (yes, it has to be 4 blocks),
~   A bowl of a very spicy instant noodle (i prefer meatball soup flavour recently), ..
~   A bottle of Diet Coca Cola (the 3 liters one)
~   Lots of DVD to watch …

and maybe some snacks if i am not forget to buy after work.  Then, everyone that’s what exactly i did on yesterday’s New Year’s Eve.

Everything ready and there was only me and my housemaid had so much LOL with my mom’s telly out there while me stay on my room start my own MOVIE MARATHON ….!!!

even it was not a marathon because before midnight, my friend with her family came asked me to go out and watch fireworks together. Then after midnight the marathon is on again until i fell asleep at 04:00 AM in the morning …

I remember the last movie i watched was this Johnny Deep and Christina Ricci‘s Sleepy Hollow ..

that movie is my fave movie, well i think i love all Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaboration works. But this one is special and i am not gonna tell you because if i do this post is gonna get longer that it should be long enough.

I just love how the chemistry between Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel gradually changed from strange to each other, then became friend and the fall in love.

They say Love is Friendship on Fire, isn’t it …?

suppose that’s what was happen between them, and this scene after Katrina‘s love dead is my fave …

Katrina   :  I have shed my tears for Brom… and yet my heart is not broken. Do you think me wicked?
Ichabod  :  No… but perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina.
Katrina   :  Why do you say that?
Ichabod  : Because you have bewitched me.

that’s a very sweet way to say everyone have their own witch side of them hiding somewhere  …

As i said before, Sleepy Hollow is my fave movie but still i am not into the serial telly because i think that just ruined all childhood dreams about livin in Sleepy Hollow happily …

so i’ve seen that movie so many times, but last night i just realized something that i never noticed before. That is the fact that Ichabod Crane is just a Constable from New York.

A constable eh, can you imagine that?

So Ichabod, he is a constable while me Inspector Himura .. !!!

noi      :    and you my dear, still Officer Hayashi ….xD
yasu   :    what the  …
noi      :    eh, what are you doin ..?
yasu   :    don’t you see, do something …
noi      :    sorry, i am bit busy. SHERLOCK is all over me now …. *leave*



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