Moanday Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Kyoto … (Another me, yasu and Yoshino Dayu)


Today is Monday eh …

but somehow i woke up this morning and thinking if today is Sunday, but it’s not. For a person with a nonstop workin hours like me, ..

forget days counting is normal …. ha ha ha ( … or not?).

remember how this bitter sweet Dowager Countess Violet of Grantham from Downtown with her epic question …

What is Weekend ….?

i also feel that way, even i feel it on a very different way with Countess Violet. She asked that question, because she never aware if there’s weekend at the end of Sunday ~ Monday because she never has to work everyday. On her era, there’s no such thing as working.

While me, The Honorable Miss Noi Himura  …. *wink*


yasu     :    you, the what ….?
noi        :     only for today i want to be The Honourable, OK
yasu     :     it’s not OK
noi        :     well then, while me Inspector Himura ….  *fallin*
yasu     :     ah, not that Inspector again …
noi        :     just bear with me honey ..

so while me, Inspector Himura ask the What is Weekend question because i don’t have lots of weekend, day off, holiday … etc etc you name it and i don’t have it.

Mostly i spent my Saturday and Sunday at office workin on this whatsoever things i do with all these Excel sheets on my laptop that sometimes turned into shits when i made some stupid mistake calculations

so yes somebody, …

What is Weekend ….?

Driving to office this morning. It was almost 07:00 AM i didn’t see an empty road with less traffic like i always get every Sunday Morning. But it there was so many people on the road beside me.

Usually it’s always only me on the road, and i can say …


I am The King off The Road …. !!!

to myself while driving, but this morning i was so nervous with so many other drivers on the road beside me like, then i was like  …

eeh, it’s not Sunday …?


yasu     :    don’t you have any calendar at home …?
noi        :    i have yours
yasu     :    hello fangirl, that’s 2013 calendar …
noi        :    ah ya this is an expired calendar then …

yeah, i only have that calendar on my desk and it is sexpired 7 days ago when 2013 is over. I wonder why there’s no Official Calendar for 『Shangri-la』 Tour GOODS ne.

They should add a calendar when they opened again pre_order for 『Shangri-la』 GOODS, let’s just say as a surprise for fans on New Year.

ehh, bad idea  ..?


talking about 『Shangri-la』 GOODS, ah ya reminder everyone ….!!!!

there’s only left one day (tomorrow) until January 8th, 2013 18:00 JST for you to get all of them. So if you really want to have some of it, then go ask your proxy to do your order ..

『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』 and 『Shangri-la』, this time is for …

~ 『Shangri-la』  Meeting ~ Kyoto

after finished the 1st Day Kyoto Live Performance on the previous day, it’s time for the Meeting. 『Shangri-la』  Meeting  in Kyoto which took place at KBS Hall with the largest event winner participants among all the 『Shangri-la』  Meeting held.

anyway, that kinda full colored glass wall as background remind me to Re-birth Live, like a church or something like that  …?

on the Public Recording with KBS,

there was a talking about the 1st Live Performance on the previous day and yasu said about how the venue is smaller and make a smaller distance between hims and the audience. He would be nervous if it became too close, but he wasn’t

and for the MC’s question about how the age group is really wide on ABC Live ..

yasu said

the age group of the audiences who came to see Live in past 1-2 years spreads very much, from the lower one to the upper one. He also said some indecent topics/jokes, but when he see there is child face among the audience he will choose words/language for a moment.

but still,  he is glad …

then next question about 「黒猫」’s subtitle 「~Adult Black Cat~」

when he make a demo, it was just “私は黒猫 ” (I am a Black Cat) . Because Acid Black Cherry in short is ABC so if that made into English, it supposed to be something with A attached next to the Black Cat .

that’s how he thought for Adult Black Cat ….

Waw, that was a brilliant way of thinking eh.

Because if i were yasu, i would never think Adult word for the A next to Black Cat  …


yasu    :     then what ….
noi       :     Apple …
yasu    :     why Apple …
noi       :     because as my English teacher say, A is for Apple ..
yasu    :     and B is for ..
noi       :     Brownies …
yasu    :    are you ….

yes, i am hungry now ….

KBS Radio Kyoto, also posted a photo of their DJ with yasu on their blog


then is …

~   the next part of 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK …

my net is very slow recently it’s already slow and now it’s more slow than ever, so it took me forever to put up these things on Facebook , so enjoii … !!!



Offsoot Iwate ~ Obihiro


This morning i gotta surprise call from my sensei when i was in college, so i spent my morning alone inside my own chamber at office talking with him. Today is my first time since last December when i spent much time outside.

We talked a lot and it was a nice talk since our last talk forever ago.

There was no academical or statistic talk like we used to do at lab, but it was just an ordinary talk. I remember how lucky i was to got him as my tutor for my final thesis.

He was a bit eccentric old man, a very Japan minded  (he named our lab as Takeshi Castle and our class building as Osaka Castle …xD) with the same eccentric wife, a very old car but his daughter is a very modern and energetic girl.

He was the one who make me love Japan more not just because all the mangas i read but by so many other things about Japan he told me. He lived 5 years in Hokkaido for his research.

so there was always be Hokkaido, especially Hakodate in our talks. Hakodate in June, Hakodate in Jully, ….. etc etc till Hakodate in December the end of the year.

That’s why when the 1st 『Shangri-la』 Tour reached Hakodate on the 1st Season, i really wanted to go there. Made a lovely September plan for me and Tekki in Hakodate then meet my very kind friend that i always want meet then watch yasu together … etc etc.

But too bad, something came up, my father got sick and then he died one month later.

so this morning is the first time i have a very long talk about my father, and it was with him. I dunno how he could managed to get my phone number because i am sure there was no phone number on my page inside the class memoir book.

then he asked me …

so Dayu, are you happy now …?

yes, he is always and still call me with Dayu. Dayu from Yoshino Dayu. For all of you who read Eiji Yoshikawa‘s MUSASHI i am sure you must know this Yoshino Dayu, the courtesan of Ogiya.


my fave part is when Musashi somehow feel uncomfortable to be just alone with her …  xD

then when i read again my MUSASHI‘s novel i think i understand why Miyamoto Musashi feel that. Because i suppose i am gonna feel the same uncomfortable feelin if i have to be alone with …

this courtesan HYDE … !!!

BX50I60CEAAm4Eg.jpg large
i mean what can i do than rollin2 on the floor and feelin fail as a girl deeply and then nonstop askin …

God why i did you make me adore a man that is away more beautiful than me …?

so now thinkin again about how my former tutor called me with Dayu based on Yoshino Dayu gave me so much LOL this afternoon.

I mean how the hell on earth is that …?

i didn’t  answer his question because i dunno how. All my life i just want to be happy, but being happy is not as simple as said for me. There so many things around me that suddenly make me un_happy. Then i asked to my self …

Am i happy now …?

i’d say i am quite happy now even not the jolly fully happy one, but yeah, with everything i have and not having, thing that i failed and accomplished, … etc etc yeah, i think i am happy now.

So now  ta ra ra  …

It’s a perfect time for me to get a HAPPY SONG ….. !!!

yasu      :     did you talk to me …?
noi         :     yes, i want a HAPPY SONG like  シャングリラ
yasu      :     i thought it was a monologue …
noi         :      ….    ♪♪   シャングリラ よみがえれ 光と命のユートピア
シャングリラ 輝いて 奇跡の風が吹く島へ … ♪♪

yasu      :     something is very wrong with her …



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