Late Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Wakayama …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

This is a very late post eh, ha ha  …

Then i shall start to do this something that i personally call as my own fangirl home works ne.

Actually i have lots of things to write here (yeah, most of them are my very boring rambling, as always …. xD) that i think i have to put/write all of them in here so i can feel better and let my self to be blown away again by this Mind Blowing Man

さんによろしく yasu さん、The One and Only Mind Blowing Man …. ドキドキ

yasu       :    ah, again …?
noi          :    so sorry eh …
yasu       :    ……
noi          :    でも、心配しないで 。。。。

because first, let’s talk again about this ..

~ 『Shangri-la』 Meeting _ Wakayama …

After the 2nd Day Live Performance in Kyoto, Project 『Shangri-la』  headed to Wakayama prefecture which is Acid Black Cherry‘s first landing there.

The 「Shangri-la Meeting」 this time was held on a live house so only the winner who won the invitation joined the Meeting. It was raining all over the country also in Wakayama prefecture. So everyone was there waiting in cold until the doors are open.

yasu is from Osaka, and it was his 1st comin to Wakayama. About this 1st time comin, he said …

There was no chance to come to Wakayama until now and hear that could come this time i was looking forward to it .

and he was also very happy came to Wakayama at last. In the Public Recording with WBS, Wakayamahoso talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 ..


there was also a story about a song’s lyrics for the previous single 「Greed Greed Greed」 released last August 2013

It is the very last step/process to write the lyrics. it also happen how lyrics were not easily begun unless the song is done.

When writing the lyrics or plot (story)  if a plot already written, unexpectedly lyrics can relieve what kind of person is the main character in the lyrics.

then a further question from the MC

(after you have decided the plot), fine words … etc,  is there any kind of words will be use …?

yasu‘s answer is  …

how he also happen to never being aware of words so much,  he focused to the content of the lyrics that fits in (for songs and the lyrics).

then also the story of the Selection of Musicians, yasu said …

if say it simply as getting a various writers/various singers to sing one person’s song. Such as phrase of the drums that you have made, such as a bassline, such as a guitar riffs and then like i think it would be better to have this person to play


enough with that  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Wakayama, now let’s move to this …

~  Look What Finally Arrived …. !!!


All of them came after being held by custom for almost a week, and it came when i was still in Singapore. So as always, Tekki was the one who went to Post Office and got it …

My dear friend Levy is very kind ne,

she gave me that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bag and flyer added to my package of kewpies. Since she is one of the 「Shangri-la 」 Travelers (you know that’s how i call people who went to more than 2 「Shangri-la 」 Live in this 「Shangri-la 」 season ) so she have lots of that and….

gave one of her to me that’s AWESOME ne …

because i’ve seen people put that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bags and flyers on Yahoo Auctions to sell. So yeah i’d say i am very lucky to have her as my kindest friend of me  …  he he he

aand these kewpies just so cute on my bag like this …


The 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is awesome, too much cuteness inside that one book. I suppose if that book is a human it will be a diabetic soon, thanks to this person …

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, who else but you …
yasu     :    it’s not a crime to be cute …
noi        :    oohh …..

then continued with this …

~   Some Magazine Update …. xD

This one is from Mnavi12月号 ~  Acid Black Cherry Interview …. 叫び叫び




you can read the e-book and DL it in here :

and this

~  Acid Black Cherry Special on MJTV …


~  The boring parts …

i should write about my last trip to S’pore this time because one of my dearest friends want to read it in here. I’ll write that trip later ne …

and not only that i also got a lot of things from that trip.

That was my 1st trip as a group, i mean a real traveling group. Not the regular watching Live Concert companion that i always have. So for me this trip is kinda make me excited ne.


I mean my excitements of ..

~    Whom i will be going together, who are they and where they all come from…
~    How i will be interact with them and of course
~    Can i be a good traveling companion for them … etc etc

if i go somewhere far from home, i use to be alone because i think i am a really bad traveling companion.

Me, as always gonna be a weird person who wander all around city i came to alone and do whatever things i wanted to do (ex : eat lots of Street Foods and do lots of selfie with my phone … etc etc) with no worries about what other people will say or think about me

nah what i wanted to change ne, at least even just for a small parts i want to change ne. After this trip i learned how to me a better traveling companion such

~  as always listen to your team_leader, anything he/she say it’s always important to listen to ..
~  got the point of a group traveling is not only about you, but also about your other companion wanted and …

meet my one of my traveling companion and my room_mate Ayu.


She is from Bengkulu btw (OMG the same island with Zoni …. 目) and she is a very kind and funny person. We had so much fun and LOL girls talk every night ..

~  i think now i am not that selfish as i use to be …

yasu      :     really …. ?
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well let’s see …
noi         :     don’t you trust me, …?

and last but not least is how that trip officially changed me from Inspector Himura to The Queen of The World and who is The King of The World ….?

Who else but Leo Di Caprio …. !!!  *kicked to Limbo*

so everyone, you all can say Bai Bai to Inspector Himura for a moment,  all the police investigation talks (that i never write …xD) and Inspector Himura と Officer Hayashi pairing because …

これからも 。。。。


I’m The Queen of The World …. !!! ….. *dumped to Marina Bay*

i have enough being Inspector Himura and somehow had to involved again into that Love Division that totally is not my division. I always get hurt in that division, i suppose that division hates me …?

so as The Queen of The World i don’t have to deal with that love division since i already have this

King of The World …!!!

i hate to have this feeling again, i mean the same hurt feeling that i had from Mr. Friday. I am just such a fool think that it’s gonna be OK and he is gonna be back to me again. But the real is  how here i am alone and ignored like an idiot …

plus how i can’t stop listening this song …

My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,
Now I know what a fool I’ve been

that part of  lyrics kinda slap me on my face for what a fool i am.

It started on Last year’s Christmas and ended after this New Year. I mean all this one year recently  i am learning Japanese so hard for who …?

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)
yasu        :      me ….?
noi           :      i am sorry but not you …
yasu        :      eeeh, …
noi           :      look how screwed i am now ..

i thought having some trip would make be better and forget, but it’s not i think now i am starting over again this phase of my heart being broken again.

Moni was right when she said how fragile i am and surely i am not a Wonder Woman because i do cry for something like this . and yesterday it got worst when i read this Astology Online said …

Aries  :

This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today.

The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out.

If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for.

Find that friend to help you through.

i do have friends who is always kind to me,

how they are stayin with me with their different but not judging me opinion. But still i am not feelin better yet. And look what happened to me now and i have no idea what should i do now ….

All i want is just a move on ne  …….

yasu      :     move on yes noi_chan 次第だよ, but not with some   ….
noi         :     some what  ….?
yasu      :     but you still have that super glue ne …
noi         :     for what …
yasu      :     for your heart …
noi         :     what the …



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