☂ Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shiga … (Another me, yasu, Mary and Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds)


rain fallin everyday since three days ago.

They said this is gonna last until the end of this January, after the Lunar New Year. So i am freez’n to hell these days. Even i pray every night …

God, please don’t make rain fall tomorrow morning,

but rain still fall anyway and it’s a hard and cold morning for me to drag myself out of bed to go to office.

Walking from home to the bus station on a cold and rainy day is romantic if you walk with somebody, but if you walk alone that’s nothing but freeze in hell …


Take a look at picture above, that’s how the sky looks like in here. The sun suddenly removed itself from the sky and rain fallin all day long since morning to evening, night and then back to morning again.


Now just like that  Mycroft Holmes, (read : umbrella) is my best friend.

I already lost one of my umbrella, the pink and the plastic one because i forgot and left it at the bus i rode in the morning. That’s my fave umbrella ne, not because it’s pink and plastic, but it’s because i bought it when i was in Thailand 2 years ago.

I knew, i should keep it stay at home not bring it everywhere i go.

apparently my mind’s memories still not in that good condition again. I forgot, and left my things on the bus again. First and second was my umbrellas, then my lunch box, the boxes of chocolate for my friends and the last one is today i can’t find keys to my office.

I have and brings lots of keys everywhere i go, keys to un_lock my office, my desk, my safe-deposit box, my bike, locker … etc etc i have all of it. But there’s only one key that i don’t have.

What key is? …


noi        :    A MAGIC Key to un_lock your heart dear …
yasu     :    that’s not gonna work …
noi        :    what are you doin …?
yasu     :    go away …

So what i got lost was my complete office keys including keys to my locker and desk aand  of course with one of my 『Shangri-la』 kewpies that i put there …



From all 8 『Shangri-la』 Kewpies that i have now (since i am still waiting for the others that i ordered from UpRise) they only left 3 because i sent 3 for (Freena, Vale_chan and Moni) and i lost 1 so …

8 – 3 – 1 = 4


but thank God, because look i found it today  then the calculation became

8 – 3 – 2 + 1 = 5 … ….. #yay

well maybe this brain need to be upgraded eh because i don’t want this Noi The Fangirl ended with  forget about you  ….

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)

yasu      :     that’s possible ne …
noi         :     i told you ne, after all …
yasu      :     stop there, don’t say again …
noi         :     why …
yasu      :     boring

enough about that boring opening, now let’s move to this

~   『Shangri-la』live ~ Shiga

next 『Shangri-la』 Project is Shiga prefecture. This 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Shiga was held at Biwako Hall, the same venue for last year’s 『2012』 TOUR with the great scenery of Lake Biwa in front of the venue.

i remember something about Lake Biwa is some sentence i read about during his effort to unify Japan, Hideyoshi The TAIKO held a tea ceremony with a background of beautiful scenery of Lake Biwa.

and as always, on the live day there was a local special gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue. For this time for 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Shiga one of the local gourmet waited is this …


Shiga Prefecture’s Specialty 「高島とんちゃん焼き」/「Takashima Ton-chan yaki」

it is a chicken dish seasoned with sweet soy souce or miso and it is a cuisine that has been loved since postwar period in Takashima. Chicken is main in Takashima, Shiga Prefecture but they also use pork and called as 「とんちゃん」/「Ton-chan」.

suddenly, there was cheers full of happiness backstage.

seemed like the Tour staff was building the plastic model of GUNDAM during the tour and showed all members their progress and brings the boys feeling to yasu relaxed while waiting to be on stage in front of people of Shiga


then The Question selected on The Question Corner was ..

The Ideal plan and spot for a date of you …

yasu‘s anwer  …

My ideal date is …

Dating such as manga, with a lovely girl like what Mitsuru Adachi‘ drawn in the manga walking on a park. Although i also wanted that sort of things ..

There was also a date went to bowling at the time of Junior High School .

Hoo just walking ne, that’s easy. I can do that …


yasu      :   do what ….
noi        :    walking, what else ..
yasu      :   do you know what date is …
noi        :    today? it’s January 23rd ..
yasu     :    put your earphone off … *went away*

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Biwako Hall 22.12.2013 SetList

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroi Taiyo
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri-la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. DRAGON CARNIVAL (request)
15. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. 20+∞Century Boys

then kewpie



credit   : @Yasuの女

it’s 琵琶湖 / Lake Biwa  …!!!

so cute, isn’t it? and i love how they made that bridge like that because if you don’t see the water and fish there, it looks like a blue frying pan eh …


yasu        :     don’t be silly …
noi           :     i am not
yasu        :     blue frying pan, don’t say you are hungry now  …
noi           :     well ….

next is …

~    2nd SEASON 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK …

this one is the 1st Part, …



enjoi ….!!!

i spent my last night do nothing but sleeping from 18:30 PM ~ 05:00 AM in the morning. Waw that was such a relieved for me ne, i mean finally i’m able to get a long time sleep. I woke up once at 21:00 PM then went to sleep again after asked to my sister is it already morning or not …?

while the other night before last night it was a very boring night. It was boring everywhere ne,

~  my telly went boring after i finished that 13 Going on 30 again for how many times i forgot,
Facebook also boring, nah that’s is a surprise …
~ Twitter …? ah it always boring with no crazy talks with my friends
~  maintenance in Ameba, aand …
~  with no new post on the Official Blog

noi       :    do something, i am boring now …
yasu    :    i am busy now …
noi       :    but …
yasu    :    don’t you see how busy i am …?

so i spent that night by watching movie, this movie.

The Floating Castle (2012) BluRay 720p BRRip 950MB  Hnmovies

The Floating Castle (のぼうの城 Nobo no Shiro)

It is a film based on the Siege of Oshi and depicts the struggle of Oshi‘s villagers in defending their fortress against Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s campaign against the Hojo clan.

Against insurmountable odds, Narita Nagachika, the fortress’s castellan, leads a group of 500 against Hideyoshi‘s army of 20,000.

one of my Facebook friend posted some video about that movie on his Facebook.

I think it’s a good movie, even for some person who aren’t in to a war and historical epic movie (like me) will think it’s a bit boring movie for. I just love how they described each character in this movie with some funny but understandable at the same time.

first,  i got it wrongly because i watched that movie with no English Sub first and then watch it again with the English Sub. That’s how i watch movies specially Japanese movies btw and then get Lost in a Quite confusing Translation as always …

I thought Hideyoshi as the side who defend the castle against the invaders with only 500. It was wrong, because Hideyoshi‘s army was the 20.000 invanders …

Owhh i am so sorry …. *drowned to lake Biwa*

then next continued with …

~   SHERLOCK Season 3, Lats Episode :  His Last Vow


Finally i watch that last episode of BBC SHERLOCK Season 3 after kept the video inside my PC for almost a week. As always the last  episode/chapter/part of every telly series or movie is like a Cherry on Top of a Cake or The Biggest Meatball in My Meatball Soup  …

all i want to do is nothing but delay to watch it, i waited and waited until the perfect time is comin to watch. The perfect time is a time where i totally concentrate to watch, enjoy and ready to get dragged away by it stories then cry like a river.

so that night was The Perfect Time for it.



The last episode of SHERLOCK Season 3 :  His Last Vow, it’s all about Mary, Mary Morstan after that lovely wedding …


Who Mary is, the real Mary and how Mary now is the weak point for John then John is the weak point for SHERLOCK and SHERLOCK is the weak point for his brother Mycroft.


and as you all know Mycroft is The UK Government it self


and one man named Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen, FYI : he is Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)’s brother).


it started when that woman Lady Smalwood got threatened by Magnussen for her husband’s unappropriate letter to an underage girl. She asked help SHERLOCK for that.

And apparently this Magnussen is not an ordinary blackmailer, he read, analyze and looking for the weak points of everyone he meet and see, including Our Famous SHERLOCK HOLMES.

SHERLOCK did his job including how he use Janine with the brilliant reason of Human Error called Love?


Remember Janine, …?

the bride’s maid on John and Mary‘s wedding, she is Magnussen‘s personal assistant anyway. It shocked me when she came out from SHERLOCK‘s bedroom called him with Sherl …? and just jump inside the bathroom and then all the lovely images of SHERLOCK is in love and have a relationship with a woman …


and the a proposal? really Sherl …?

But thank God,

it was not real ne. OK,  i feel sorry for Janine to get used by SHERLOCK like that but this time i feel so GLAD knowing that all of the romance scene blinded me away was nothing.

But SHERLOCK was not the only one who use Janine, because Mary already did that before him, she be friend_ed with her just because she is Magnussen‘s PA.

Mary (actually is a full blooded woman, i think she kind of an assasin who did some dirty jobs for CIA or else) who knows if Magnussen has all of her secrets and affraid if John will find out take her own move alone, face to face with Magnussen himself .


SHERLOCK thought it was Lady Smalwood from the parfune he smelled, surprised when he saw Mary was there with a gun pointed to Magnussen‘s head. Then she shoot him just like that …


after a long way of pain travelling, tryin to open lots of chambers that hopefully will make him less pain but he ended inside a chamber with Jim Moriarty and then died for some times, and miraculously back to live again after hear there might be something bad, very bad will happen to John.

he ended up in hospital, between sleep and awake he heard how Mary tell him not to say anything to John, but when he wakin up he saw Janine was in front of her with so many newspaper about her and she told him her disappointment to SHERLOCK

this one is my fave scene …


Janine            :  Just once would have been nice.
SHERLOCK   :   Oh, I was waiting till we got married.

oh, he said he was waiting ne (i don’t have to tell you what they were talkin about) so he is still …. #OwwSHERLOCK … !!!

After that, SHERLOCK called Mary to The Empty House and made Mary said things about her and what she did without knowing if John was also there. John, Oh dear John what can i say about him ne …

They went back to Baker Street 221B i  know John was hurt just by how he told Mary to sit on a chair and start to talk like she was their regular client who come to get a help from SHERLOCK HOLMES.

but for this one i love how yasu ….


yasu     :    me, what …
noi        :    just get out of my head, i am busy …!!!
yasu     :    don’t yell at me …
noi        :    sorry,  but i just can’t stop this you comin to my head …
yasu     :    blame me …

back to the topic ….

i mean i love how SHERLOCK say Marry is the one who saved him by callin an ambulance before John and then they all went to SHERLOCK and Mycroft home for Christmas and we all see mummy and daddy Holmes call Mycroft with Mike at home.

John who is always sweet as John Watson is finally able to take Mary for whatever she was and she is now, by sayin …

The problems of your past,
are your business.
The problems of your future,
are my privilege ..

that’s so sweet eh, since i have so many secrets i wish someone said that to me like John Watson.

Then everything’s back to how they find the voults inside The Applesdore (Magnussen‘s mansion).

SHERLOCK made an arragement bey tellin he is gonna give his brother for a visit to Magnussen‘s vault with hope he will find Lady Smallwood‘s husband’s letter and Mary‘s file.

But the fact is there’s no such thing as a vault inside The Applesdore, because the vault that they all talking about and lookin for is inside Magnussen‘s mind himslef. So not only SHERLOCK who has a mind palace inside his mind ne …

So SHERLOCK as a high-functioning sociopath did what he had to do. Ah you have to watch this brilliant episode by yourslef ne and trust me, you’ll get the same sexcitement as me soon you finished watching it  …


When ….

John said to SHERLOCK :  The game is over,
he replied him                 :  The game is never over, John, but there may be some new players now.

then he is right, the game is never over, but this time is not a new player. The same old player now, because Jim Moriarty is Back …!!


and now i have to wait for another year for that ….?

finished with SHERLOCK but still mesmerized by all the scene and also hoped for SHERLOCK will ended with Molly. Yes Molly, because her engagement with Tom is over.

Then i listened to this song …

Lucy in The Sky With Diamons by The Beatles



sudenly …

この青空の向こうに, i am lookin for yasu In The Sky With Diamonds

pp jl

but hey, no diamonds?

I was calling that far far away to the blue sky and just like that with no diamonds? not even a single one …? What the, now somebody do tell me ..

where is the diamonds … ?



yasu     :    what diamonds? …
noi        :    that diamonds ne …
yasu     :    but i am not Lucy ..
noi        :    hee …
yasu     :    just be a good girl, go brush you teeth and go to bed now …



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