寒い … Post : 「Shangri-la 」Meeting ~ Shiga … (Another me, yasu, The New Single and TBA … xD)

The Game is ON everyone …. !!!




this kind of Whatsoever Game that i joined a long time ago when i threw myself into Acid Black Cherry fandom as The Devoted Fangirl (hope i am devoted enough … xD).

and thankfully somehow until this time i managed to survived in this game.

The interesting part of being a fangirl is of course you are automatically being dramatic even you don’t want to be.

For example like me, actually i don’t want to be dramatic ne …




yasu      :     you don’t want to …?
noi          :    はい、そうです
yasu      :     look who is talking now …
noi         :     because you make jump into this whatsoever drama i am in ..
yasu      :     i say blimey now …?

especially when it started to deal with money, ah what is more drama than money eh. So like i’ve seen and did myself for a fangirl whenever their idol start to releasing something in many various things and they just can’t stop their self for being Greed.

Then they as always as surely as fungus which comes in a rainy season here will say/post/tweet this kind of things like these    ….

~   OMG OMG my money, yasu really?, or …
~   new single, next Season PHOTOBOOK comin, ah yasu please give me a mercy …
~   money, money, where the hell is my money … etc etc

many others thing you will read and see all around your Social Networks (Facebook, twitter and else). I know that’s annoying for some of you who is less dramatic but hey please bare with them because after all they just a fangirl ne and …

being dramatic is just another normal side effect of being a fangirl …




and just like SHERLOCK HOLMES after the epic and heart breakin jump off the roof on The Reichenbach Fall, fangirls no mater how annoying are their rambling post, status or tweet about their finding money misery is,

at the end of THE GAME miraculously they all will ended  Stayin Alive …. !!!


Ah, ah, ah Stayin Alive …. !!!!



yasu      :     hey noi_chan …
noi         :     what  …
yasu      :     stop using that way …
noi         :     ah ya, OK …


OK, i better stop using this 2nd person’s way of tellin about how this Greed in also still ON in me ne, so i repeat …

i just can’t stop my self of being Greed again and want all of the various kind of whatsoever yasu will offer me with the upcoming new single next March 11th

Let’s talk about the upcoming March new single, and how i had a very LOL time with that 3 letters of TBA later. Let’s say i am gonna keep that for the last of this post, because now we are move into 「Shangri-la 」 again.

and this time is for …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Shiga


meeting Shiga


The Meeting was held on e-radio studio 77 (Otsu Parco, 1 F) a privileged location, next to Lake Biwa. But it was still in the winter season so all of the audience who had waited in line, they were waiting in the cold.

Talking about yasu‘s thoughts about the last 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Shiga as well as how this 「Shangri-la 」 Project is so far. Then, the talkin moved to the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』



and he said if …

This song is about a story of a girl after got dumped by a man and then she was facing it and became more beautiful. I hope that song becomes a good woman’s rooters/cheers song (laugh).

well ….


yasu      :    what,  …
noi         :    no, nothing …
yasu      :    it is not nothing …
noi         :    yeaaa it didn’t worked for me ..
yasu      :     poor noi_chan ..

furthermore, this program was aired on FM Shiga‘s 「charge!」 program by the end of 2013 added with this they named as

「Acid Black Cherry的!2013年の重大事件簿!」/「Acid Black Cherry 2013 Serious Case Files」

and they (【Team Acid Black Cherry】) only wrote 1 (really ..?) of them on this Official Blog post …

「LIVE後のお酒」/「Alcohol after Live」

Among the rock musicians  seems like a normal thing to have a drink (alcohol) after Live, but yasu is one of the musician who is not really enjoy drinking even he is also drinking a little bit recently.

even the staffs also surprised about this and here’s the video …

and FM Shiga also posted the DJ (who looks like Q on James Bond’s Sky Fall) ‘s photo with yasu and the all audience as the background on their post on e-radio charge!   Blog


so lovely, isn’t it  …. ?

Then after The Public Recording with FM Shiga , they continued with a collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned dialect and specialties of Shiga from everyone.

At the High Five Meeting after Public Recording, all affections from everyone who have been waiting had transmitted well, but the hands of everyone was very cold and ..

yasu noted about this, even inside car after the Meeting he said

Hands of everyone (who got The High Five with yasu) are cold, i wonder if everyone’s okay? for waiting for me in the cold like that i really appreciate it …

he noted it ne, i’d say,

Whaaaaw my hands also cold now ya_san … !!!

yasu      :    then what …
noi         :    but it’s raining out there …
yasu      :    stay focus, and finish this post  noi_chan …
noi         :    aaahhh ….

that’s another awesomeness of him ne, pay attention for his fans. It remind me back to the 1st 「Shangri-la 」Meeting in Fukushima.

Where the venue was quite small indoor venue and yasu was kind of worried if the audience who was at the back row couldn’t see anything, so he suggested that it would be better if the ones who was in front row to sit (…?)

so everyone got the same view to the stage …

What a 優しい yasu さん ね 。。。


next is …

~      2nd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK update

this time is for Mie


it’s not a good ones eh, so sorry ne  but can i say enjoiii ….. ?

and then …

~     Upcoming New Single …


The single title is still TBA (To be Announced) because when 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 announced that on this post on The Official Blog post, they only put these info ..

■【CD+DVD】〈Limited Edition〉
Item Number :AVCD-32234/B ¥1,600+tax
2 songs
music clip、OFF SHOT Recording(Approximately 15 minutes)
■【CD ONLY】〈Regular Edition〉
Item Number :AVCD-32235 ¥1,000+tax
2 songs, (same contents with AVCD-32234/B’s CD)
【Privilege inclusion (only for AVCD-32235 )】 :  Mini Photobook
■Special Price Edition (1song)
【CD ONLY】〈Limited Edition〉
Item NUmber :AVCD-32236 ¥375+tax
1 song
【Privilage Inclusion】 :  1 ABC Trading Cards(from all 4 series)Pre – Order Period   :  2014年1月23日 (Thursday) 12:00 〜 2014年3月20日 (Thursday) 5:00 (JST)

aaanddd …….


noi         :      go on ….
yasu      :      me, you want me to continue it   …
noi         :      you are the artist honey, not me …
yasu      :      …. *start to talk*


There will be 4 different bonuses again this time …

~  Regular Stores/Online Stores   : B2-size poster
~  mu-mo  : 1 Original sticker (Height 105mm × Side 160mm)
~  FC version : Postcards Calendar A and B version … ‪
~  Mobile FC version : mini clear file …

…..  you aren’t a devoted fangirl, do you hear me   …?

noi        :        ha ha ha ….

PS     :    CD Japan confirmed about that B2 – sized Poster bonus

i say #whaaa …..

for this new Upcoming Single ne, because see, they don’t even let us know what the single title is but still they announced it. Nah, that’s  totally a nice way to add another level of doki doki for all Acid Black Cherry fans ne …

surely fans are wondering ne, not only for what is the sigle title but also for why the hell is the single title is TBA …?

Ah ya, talking about TBA ….

i had some funny moment with one of ABC fan who asked me what the new upcoming single title is. At that time because i was still at office i just answered him/her with …

The New Single Title is TBA …

and at the afternoon after i was at home, suddenly i saw her/him posted on his/her social network’s status/tweet like this ….

Acid Black Cherry’s New Single Title is TBA … !!!
Released on March 11th …

then i was like

Whuut The Hell ….. ?

so when i said the new single title is TBA to her/him, apparently she/he got only that 3 letters T,B and A as the single title not literally the To Be Announced (TBA). so that night like crazy i sent her/him message full of no no no with sexplanation of what the hell TBA is.

my mistake ne,

because i should wrote to her/him The New Single is still TBA, not only The New Single is TBA. So yes, yes it’s always my mistake

back to the wondering fans like me who is still askin why is still TBA?

well, maybe …

~   yasu or one of them who made that announcement was drunk?  …  Awww *got slapped*, or ….
~   yasu is still in the middle of nowhere to decide because he has more than one or two option for this new single title and he ended with TBA? … oh nooo *dumped to Limbo forever*  …
~    then what …. ?   *ask to the blue sky*

well then even the single title is still TBA, but our Regular OnLine Stores already open their pre-order for this still TBA upcoming New Single of Acid Black Cherry here ….

CD Japan I HVM  I mu-mo I UpRise VIP Members Only (read : FC) I Yes Asia (w/DVD I CD Only I Special Price)

nah see what i mean? that’s awesome ne …

next is …

~      3rd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  cover


so it’s Red for 3rd Season ne, and but still green dominan for FC Version additional cover and here’s an updated for 3rd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK pre-order

CD Japan I HMV

and look at this lovely TSUTAYA version additional cover …. !!!


TSUTAYA‘s covers are lovely ne ….

~     4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK pre- order opening …


Pre – Order Period  :   2014年1月31日 (Mr. Friday) 13:00 ~ 2014年3月14日 (Mr. Friday) 23:59 (JST)

finally everyone, we are reaching for the 4th SEASON (to buy) ne, and just another 1 PHOTOBOOK left (the last 5th SEASON) them we all gonna get the complete 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK series. And then another chapter of getting the Special BOX Set to join, ah i can’t wait to see how is the looks for FC version Special BOX Set .

last but not least, let’s talk about Facebook ….


Last night i deactivated my Facebook,

yes from now on until when i am still not sure there will be no that Noi Himura on Facebook. Even yeah i have another Facebook account but let’s just say that one with Noi Himura name is the prime one.

i think i spent too much time of mine there on Facebook

with that account and did what ever things i did there, and what i did recently on Facebook is nothing than annoyed some people there. Yes, that’s what i am, an annoying wacky person.

someone told me about how wacky i am as a person, and that’s true ne.

I am so wacky until i have this time where i hate everyone and everything and then like a MAGIC everything and everyone hate me back.

see how wakcy i am now and in fact, recently everything stressed me out and make me so tired like this nonstop rain fallin everyday complete with how totally cold everywhere for me now …


So from now on i will be on Facebook as my other Facebook account, and don’t worry i am still manage that team_yasu group on Facebook, will do share things like i always do there and contact you Helen …. xD.

so nobody have to add that account OK (who is gonna add it anyway … xD). With only 10 friends i have somehow i feel more fresh than ever  ….


while tryin to finish that 2014 Resolution for a Bad Girl like me from King HYDE and enjoy myself being locked inside this Limbo as The Queen of The World with this …


King of The World Leo Di Caprio …. !!!

Oh God, i really want to see The Wolf of The Wallstreet now, and so many movies are on my list waiting for me to watch in cinema. But what can i do floods are everywhere and i can’t go anywhere …

so Stayin Alive in Limbo is the best option now …


yasu        :      until when …
noi           :      maybe until the election is over …
yasu        :      でも noiちゃん、i heard that King of The world is dating someone now ..
noi           :      no way ….
yasu        :      yes way, i’ll get another super glue for your heart   …

~ owari ~


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