Sunday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Meeting Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu, Jane and Henry …?)


Now it’s  still so cold here …

after more than 2 hours rolling2 on my bed but my eyes still openly wide like this, i think it would be better for me if i continue workin on this my fangirl homework 「Shangri-la」 again ne.

See they already start to post the 4th Season entry ne, while me still in the 3rd Season so i better finish this hurry .

Just another 2 post left to read and write here to make me feel better, both are the Nara Prefecture part. The Live and this ….

~   「Shangri-la」  Meeting ~  Nara

ah ya, of course i am talking about this post on the Official Blog ne. So finally 「Shangri-la 」 Project has arrived to the final point, it is Nara Prefecture.


that image above is from this blog,

i suppose that’s the MC for「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Nara‘s blog. His name is Hideki Kobayakawa and yes, he is also on twitter btw, as how  everyone is on twitter now … xD.

So when i checked to his twitter, i saw he tweet_ed one photo that day and it was RT_ed by many of people that i follow on twitter but then it was deleted? …

nah, that’s weird ne … xD

so this  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting and Public Recording with 「Music Japan TV」 was held on December 26th in Aeon Mall Kashihara 1 F .

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s fist come to Nara, and unfortunately it was rainy.

The Meeting started with memories about Nara, the last prefecture on this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project. And yasu said about his memories of visiting Nara when he was Elementary School?

He is 39 now, so … eh God, it was forever ago then … xD


yasu     :      so …
noi        :      nothing …
yasu     :      go on, say it
noi        :      i wont …

i think he also said about that previously ne, on the previous city’s live MC the question selected was about school trip or something like that.  Then continued with this question …

「犬派?猫派?」/「Dog Group ?Cat Group ?」

eh, what kind of question is that?

yasu‘s answer is he feels he wants to be in a cat group  but he’s still in a dog group somehow.

and then next question is about 「Shangri-la」Project itself and the next day Live, which is the last Live of this 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」  Project.

he said …

Live this time, including such event like this Meeting and High Five Touch with all fans including the local fans. Just really simple. Because it is a Rock Band Live, he wanted to let everyone to look at the cool Live of ABC and think it was fun after watching it.


and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 closed that post as they close this 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting with this めっちゃくちゃ美味しい looks cake …


so cute with all the kewpies all around the cake suppose that must be a forêt noire (Black Forest cake),


yasu      :     really ….
noi         :     everyone choose forêt noire now and ABC? well …
yasu      :     don’t you see it’s white like that
noi         :     Black Forest, it doesn’t has to be black colored.

Ah ya, talking about Black Forest i remember when Koyurugi Sota (Matsu Jun) he made a Black Forest as a bundle of his passion for his forever love Saeko_san (Satomi Ishihara),

you know this Jun_chan’s new dorama …


失恋ショコラティエ/ Heartbroken Chocolatier

Love and Chocolate yes, Valentine is comin everyone ….

and that drama is perfect for this February. I started to watch that drama yesterday and today watch the 2nd episode with no English Subtitle. Damn, that’s so confusing ne …

confused between all that めっちゃくちゃ美味しい chocolates there, how cute is Jun_chan now and what the hell is he sayin? i only get about 50 % of all he said.

One thing about Jun_chan is on my first time seeing  him on a dorama, my impression about him is …


ah, if that somebody will put that wild boy Teppei Uesugi on Boy Action manga into a live action movie, Jun_chan is perfect as Teppei. Just take a look at his eyes, then you will get what i mean.


After played as an apprentice chef in Italian restaurant on his forever ago dorama Bambino which is my fave dorama ne, because i love spaghetti and Jun_chan as the chef make it more yummy …xD.

If i have to choose between pizza and spaghetti i choose spaghetti, yeah for A Professional Eater like me (…. @_@) that’s a bit hard choice ne even not as hard as if i have to choose between yasu or HYDE … xD


noi        :     please HYDE_san, don’t ask me to choose …
HYDE   :     what are you doing ….?
noi        :     that’s gonna be very hard for my heart …
yasu     :    ignore her, she is hungry now  ….

now Jun_chan’s new character is Koyurugi Sota,

a young man who traveled to Paris and stayed 6 years there to be a Chocolatier after being broken_hearted by someone that he thought as his girlfriend but too bad, that someone never think about him as her boyfriend.

When he came back from Paris and decided to open his own chocolate store, his heart that apparently still in love to Saeko_san gets hurt  again, badly this time  after he found out if she is gonna marry to another man. not enough with that, Saeko_san also asked him to make her wedding cake.

Unable to bear another hurt to see Saeko_san on her wedding day with another man, he didn’t go to her wedding. He fell asleep after stayin all night long to finish her wedding cake. On his tired sleep he had a dream, on his dream he is giving speech on the wedding, said all he think about her and then suddenly …

he said ….

the cake that everyone is eating right now, this cake called forêt noire is the ashes of my love for Saeko-san.

What this pure white whipped cream is hiding is, dark bittersweet biscuit chocolate. Nestled inside that is ruby colored griotte cherries, the crystallization of my tender feelings.

That’s right. In other words, this cake is, a bundle of my passion for Saeko-san.


even that scene is only exist on Sota‘s dream, but i think he is a full passionate young man ne.

Went to Paris for 6 years to be a Chocolatier alone even with a silly but reasonable reason like that is awesome ne. Now let see how is this dorama is gonna turn into a dorama that good at the beginning and then ended flat like Last Cinderella or sweet and full of tears like Rich Man Poor Woman ?

who knows, OK next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update

     PHOTOBUCKET  is a bit of pain in the arse tonight, but there you are and this time is for Shizuoka


and …

~     ABC French Street Team Project Update …

      remember about this project? well if you don’t let me remind you all ne.

so about a while ago, this Acid Black Cherry French Street Team announced their project, about sending a booklet with everyone’s photo or others stuffs to yasu. And i thought it was a great idea of this year’s project are gathered in France,

because this year 2014 will be Acid Black Cherry‘s 6th Anniversary.

on the previous 5th Anniversary, E (5th alphabet, E) is for Erect, then this year’s 6th Anniversary, French Street Team took the 6th alphabet as French.


yasu      :      what about you …?
noi         :      i took the F word
yasu      :     which word
noi         :      yeah, that F word …

maybe, i say maybe ne for the next 7th Anniversary is German Street Team‘s turn and then 8th Anniversary is Indonesia Street Team‘s turn … ?  everything is in alphabetic line just like this  Agatha Christie‘s ABC Murders case …

abc murders



Well OK, you can ignore that anyway because finally the video is up to show all of us how is the booklet looks like, there you are everyone, for all of you who already sent your stuffs go find youself there because i did find myself ne  ….

OMG that’s me on the 1st Page of International Fans …!!!  #waaaa *so fuckin happy*


here    :    Vidéo de présentation de la brochure du projet ABC France !

that’s a very nice video ne and the booklet itself is very detailed and of course Audrey (she is the admin, so pretty isn’t she?)’s sweet French accent just lovely to listen.

Aaand ah ya especially that Marco Polo Resident (Audrey’s home) what can i say but …

touché …. !!!!

Hope someone will show that booklet to Hiro The Marco Polo …xD


anyway, ….

yesterday was totally a very cold Sunday, even 11:30 PM it just very cold and there was no sun last Sunday morning when i went to office at 06:30 AM. It was a bit dark ne, and there was no one but me driving on the street on a very early Sunday morning.

I asked to myself ….

Where the hell is everyone ….?

suppose they all choose to stay at home this morning and who is gonna choose to go out in a very cold Sunday Morning like this anyway ….

And for work?

i guess nobody. Nah if something like this happen, i always feel i am the only one who still have to work everyday no matter sunny or rainy day is the day.

I know some of you maybe think i am a bit over mellodramatic about this because i know there’s also so many people out there who go to work on Sunday and any other holidays like me.

But here in my neighborhood most of the people are teacher, housewives or a government officer like Tekki, so nobody is go to work on Sunday. Sometimes i can hear some of them sayin to other talking about me whenever i am going to office at Sunday

Ah, she must have a lot of money right? by working everyday like that … etc etc

and then continued to another some personal matter about me, for example how i am still not married, why did i say no to Mr. R‘s oldest son and how my mother think about that a lot.

That’s annoying ne, because i didn’t say no. I didn’t even know if at that time he had other purpose than be my friend …

OK, maybe i am the one who is not aware, but how am i supposed to to do? no one told me that, not even him. See this is why now i really hate everyone because everyone just never ending hates me.

But whatever happened it’s already happen ne, so what can i say but

Society, society, ah yasu lah ….  xD

see this is what happen if you livin in a village like me. What everyone doing is nothing but talking, talking about anybody they see, they hate, they envy to … etc etc.

Just like what Jane said to Henry, I wish i can say to them …

The reason why i am still single is because all the good man out there are fictions … ?

yasu      :   but noi_chan, Friday he is real …
noi         :   i am not talking about Friday ne and please do stop talking about him
yasu      :   then who …
noi         :   i am talking about all these man in my mind, mostly they all just fiction
yasu      :   hold on fangirl, i am real OK …
noi         :   but honey, you are still my fantasy …

~ owari~

PS   :

~       Henry is another British gentleman with a very cute accent.
~       He is a History Professor (awww, i love History … ❤) that i just found on a very charming and sweet movie 2 days ago anyway, aaand …
~       Don’t worry girls,i’ll share about this Henry Nobley later ne ….. *wink*

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