Addicted Post : 3rd Season 「Shangri-la」Live Finale ~ Nara … (another me, yasu and Encore Season )


Today at 09:25 AM, i am already on my 3rd cup of coffee …. #yay

for me, it is really hard to say no to coffee and sure it doesn’t surprise me how high is my blood pressure and so easily to get mad recently. Even just by a very simple reason i can get mad so easy to anyone next to me like how a fire burned anything next to gasoline.

Hufff, …..

I am really sorry for everyone who was not lucky enough to be close to me and got some of my anger flare, especially that boy yesterday. He is a new excavator operator, and somehow whenever i get mad or want to be mad he is always around me and have something to ask to me.

Then what he got from me was nothing but some mean part of me.

i know i should have say sorry today when i meet him today, but instead of sayin sorry what i did was just : hey you, bla bla bla ….. talkin and asked him to do something like there was nothing happen yesterday.

What a mean me, ne …

yasu      :    did you hungry ….?
noi         :    no, i was angry ne, angry not hungry …
yasu      :    why don’t you just hungry, so you don’t have to be mean …
noi         :    nee ya_san, do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    you tell me …

finally at the end of today,

i called him to my office and tryin as good as i can to listen all what he wanted to say. Then i found out if what he wanted to say is how he wanted to borrow some money because his father call him yesterday if his uncle is sick and ask him to go home and bring some money.

OMG i was so mean ne, OK i think i need to start my Monday and Thursday fasting again,

as always that way is the most efficient way to keep my anger inside me. By eat and drink nothing form dawn to dusk, no lunch, let myself hungry at noon so i have no energy to waste for nothing important like getting mad.

And also there will be no coffee morning for me, hope my blood pressure will be less high than now.

Well now everyone, let’s start to be calm and relax tonight with this Yamanashi Part of 2nd SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK


that Yamanashi part is my fave ne, because i think yasu looks more fresh on that part than the other part especially this one …


is so UNYUUUUU …..!!!!

now i better finish the last part of 3rd Season「Shangri-la」Project, which is …

~   3rd Season「Shangri-la」 Live Finale ~ Nara

This 「Shangri-la」Project that begun last summer, pass several season and now in this winter, close to New Year‘s eve 3rd Season ~ Kansai Chugoku Tour ~ landed in the last point.

It’s Nara prefecture and Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live in Nara was held in Nara Centennial Hall last month 27.12.2013. Nara‘ special gourmets that already waited for yasu on the venue were …

「かしわのすき焼き」/ 「Kashiwa no Sukiyaki」/ 「Sukiyaki with chicken」

in Nara prefecture, in the mid of October there’s some like an Autumn Festival in memory of Sugaware Michizane on his death day in the end of October at the shrine in his honor.

He is known as the protector of the cattle, so instead of using beef for the dish they use chicken (kashiwa) to eat together.

There’s a lot of special gourmet in Nara, even they also have yasu‘s fave pickled. It is

「奈良漬け」/「Naradzuke」/「Picked seasoned with sake lees」

and talking about Nara, something that should not be forgotten is this


「柿の葉すし」/ 「Kaki no ha sushi」/「Persimmon Leaf Sushi」

sushi with salted mackerel, salmon or conger eel or other as topping wrapped with persimmon leaf which has anti-bacterial properties, wrapped around the rice and then they all pressed.

You’re not supposed to eat the persimmon leaf, but they said because it wrapped around and pressed like that it has more full-bodied flavor.

ah, i get that….


in here  i also love to eat rice (plus meat or noodles) wrapped with that teak (in here we call it as Jati) leaf. Somehow it added some special flavor to the dish. In Javanese culinary world especially, we use teak leaf use to wrap the rice.

Yes, we also use banana leaf to wrap for other dishes, but for me teak (jati) leaf is more flavorful.

back to the Persimmon Leaf Sushi, yasu seemed to like it so much until on the MC he was sayin  …

i eat too much persimmon leaf sushi, my throat thirsty …

and the question selected on The Question Corner is

What is your New Year‘s eve memories that you’re still remember until now, and what is your ideal New Year‘s eve …?

and yasu‘s anwer is …

talking on the phone with DAIGO while cleaning his room and when the night came he watched anime, the erotic anime … xD

erotic anime?

FYI i never watch that kind of erotic anime ne, some erotic things but as an anime? i just don’t get that, because for me something real like this …

is more …. *you fill it yourself …xD*

OMG a simple New Year‘s eve, so simple like that?, even i know and read somewhere how yasu doesn’t like to go out often and choose to stay home while playin video game or watching anime,

but still until now it’s kinda hard to believe ne.

i mean he is a rock star ne, somebody must invited him to one or two New Year‘s eve party or something. Eh maybe, i said maybe ne …

maybe nobody invited him ….. ?   #nyaaa *dumped to Lion cage*


noi        :     eeh, no no i didn’t mean to say that  …….
yasu     :     yes you did. And noi_chan, tell me do i look like you …?
noi        :     like me what …
yasu     :     a fangirl that no one invite for a fan project …
noi        :     aww that’s hurt  ….
*fallin apart*

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.12.2013 ~ Nara Centennial Hall SetList

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Maria (request)
15. Nemuri Hime (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the kewpies



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a シカ/Deer,

aaand look,  i have one  ..  !!!


my friend said if she got that deer on Christmas Live, nah that’s so perfect ne, a deer on Christmas eve’s Live.

Then that 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Nara closed 3rd Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project and yeah, i know it’s very late but i don’t care if they use persimmon leaf, teak leaf or banana leaf still i’d like to say …

3rd Season 「Shangri-la」 Project is a Wrapped …!!!


3 Seasons over, another 2 Seasons?

Surprise, surprise … it is still 3 Seasons to come everyone. Apparently this 「Shangri-la」  Party is still going on longer than before,  because they added this …


Project 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

05月13日(Tuesday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall        Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月15日(Thursday)Osaka ~ Osaka Jo Hall       Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月20日(Tuesday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall   Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月22日(Thursday)Aichi ~ Nippon Gaisin Hall  Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月27日(Tuesday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan     Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30
05月29日(Thursday)Tokyo ~ Nippon Budokan    Open 17:30  Curtain :  18:30

OMG when i saw there’s Acid Black Cherry sign on my email inbox, i was so sexcited because i thought it was an email about the TBA new single title announcement. But it is not,  heee …

It’s about the additional season which they called as

Encore Season ~ Arena Tour

maybe because there is so many other fans who didn’t managed/lucky enough to get tickets for the previous Season 1, 2,3, and 4.

As you know and what everyone sayin and rambling about it is so hard to get Acid Black Cherry Live ticket ne. Even it doesn’t effect on me because i am not gonna go and watch it anyway but still i can feel how they all who fight to get the ticket ne.


yes, i feel all what you all feel ne …

How hard is to get that damn paper to see that Mind Blowing Man Live on Stage. All tryin from FC ticket lottery, general sales, re- seller with an upgraded price higher up in the sky and then of course as always ….

The Most Wanted to Bann and Talked about Yahoo Auction tickets.


[Entry acceptance period]   :   2014年2月14日(Friday) 13:00 ~ 2月19日(Wednesday) 23:59 JST

[Sign up URL]                      :
**  You will need 6 digits number of your FC ID number and 7 digits of your postal code

[Announcement Period]       :    2014年2月26日(Wednesday) 18:00 ~ 3月2日(Sunday) 23:59 JST

and for you all Fan Club members, as you see the battle is gonna be start on February 14th, 2014 means on Valentine Day this year ….

The Battle is ON … !!!

so tempting ne, that’s why when i read that Acid Black Cherry email  i said to my self …

OK, let’s give this a try ne.

Who knows if i managed to get one maybe 2 tickets for Tekki. Because i am not sure if my proxy will managed to get 2 tickets for L’arc Live at National Stadium next March 2014.

So  ….

~   if we managed to get L’arc Live tickets then i’ll go for this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season,
~   if we didin’t get L’arc tickets then she’s gonna go to this 「Shangri-la」 Encore Season and ….
~   if we didn’t managed to get both L’arc or this then none of us go to Japan.

The important thing is sister mine go to Japan this year, because that’s what i promised to her 2 years ago. Promise is still a promise ne, like a debt soon there will be time to pay.

So yes, …

i will join this battle … *cross all mine and all my neighbors fingers*


yasu      :     but noi_chan, you said to him if you won’t go to Japan this year …
noi         :     blimey then, because who knows you’re gonna add this Encore Season ..
yasu      :     what if he know ….
noi         :     ah he dumped me anyway and sure he’ll never know …
yasu      :     aah is this,  … …


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