4th Season Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama … (Another me, yasu ,The yasu便り and Jim The IT )

4th Season, Finally …. #yay

1st, 2nd and 3rd Season is done ne and it is still a long way down to the end of 『Shangri-la』 Season.

Ah ya even i say (read : wrote like crazy and nobody read)  everywhere about me as The Queen of The World to avoid The Confusing Love Division that still hates me, but i think i am still a simple person ne.

A simple person that can be happy or easily just by a simple reason.

And i think by being a fangirl (hope they, whoever they are  put me in the devoted one …xD) help me to be more simple and less complicated but still dramatic about my life.

By how?

Don’t you all see ne, i mean with my up and down mood like the ocean wave behind my home it helped me though.

For example ….

グッド! just by how rain suddenly stop to fall since 3 days ago. Recently before going to office every morning i said a little pray :

Dear God, please do not allow rain to fall today, because I am on my new shoes and …


it’s pink like TETSUYA …. !!!!!

yasu     :    is there no other color than Pink?
noi        :    hey, it has to be pink ne, because it’s February ..!!! …
yasu     :    and then …
noi        :    i am happy ne, happy …

チョキ…  when finally yasu reached the 4th Season of his 『Shangri-la』 Project like now, the very long time project ne and then make me confusingly happy when he decided to add The Encore ~ Arena Season.

ホンマにね ….

i am just so fuckin happy with all the past, present and upcoming Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project that i didn’t, don’t and can’t join …

so, shall we begin this 4th Season post ne, first with this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama …

meeting saitama

This 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 project, started on this February with the 1st 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama on February 2nd, 2014.

The venue was an open space in a huge shopping mall (Aeon Lake Town 「kaze」 ~ Hikari no Hiroba). It was held on a Saturday morning, and because it was a huge open space venue so they can do this Meet and Greet with a lot of fans from 1st to 4th floor.


cr : @にょいち

While being watched by a lot of people,  『Shangri-la』 Meeting started with The Public Recording together with NACK5.

cr :  @Yasuの女

First of all in the beginning of this 4th Season, they start with talking about impression and thought about the previous 1st, 2nd and 3rd Season of  『Shangri-la』 Project.

yasu said …

This project started when he thought about to do Live Performance all over Japan a long time ago.

And if he had a nation wide Live Tour with so much efforts, then it can’t be just to do Live Performance. He wanted to to a meet and greet with the local people and fans around the country.

1st it was slightly nervous about both the place and the audience because it was the 1st Season. But i feel familiar as soon as it started. In the 2nd Season, i went to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine and went to Izumo Taisha Shrine on the 3rd Season.

It was a spiritual feeling somehow and i am blessed with this opportunity

and also about Saitama, he said …

About Saitama, i have to say whenever i come here i feel like it’s very similar to Hirakata, Osaka my hometown.

then talkin about the 1st and 2nd single released during this 「Shangri – la 」 Project : 「Greed Greed Greed」 and 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」.

A quite hard number and a jazzy upper tune number, 2 different songs like a slightly different hair color, i realized it was a total hard work.



That 2 singles were released, the base is with IKUO the music (performance) technique is difficult.




「Greed Greed Greed 」is a song that made by using great technique playing in particular, and it needed help as “some touch” in the phrase of the base line which i made. And it was something that IKUO upgraded.

When i heard the recording (even it is my own song), i thought “oh, Sugoi …!!

there’s also something about secret story and also answering questions from everyone.

This one was  aired 2月7日 (Friday) on NACK5 「BEAT SHUFFLE」, aaand now thanks to this lovely lady you all can listen to the recording here …

next is this …

~   2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK Update …

this one is for Fukui

enjoii …. !!!

and then look what i finally i know how to change  and get a ….

~    New Banner on my Ameblo ….

これ を 見て 。。。!!!


the last time i changed my Ameblo theme it was for ever go ne,

i  kept use the same theme until tonight, when somehow i just want to erased that boring couch and 2 pillows from my Ameblo. And somehow tonight i accidentally found out how to change the banner ne …

i say …


yay … !!!

yasu     :      you don’t know how to do that …
noi        :      well, i don’t …
yasu     :      really noi_chan …?
noi        :      i told you ne i am noi, not Jim The IT
yasu     :     but you don’t have to be that Jim just for that, why didn’t you ask someone …

well actually i did asked someone, but unfortunately that someone i asked to didn’t answer my question.

So that question just floating somewhere on this internet sky not answered just like my previous question about how to put a Youtube video on Ameblo that i finally found out by accidentally as well

accidentally this, accidentally that ?

seems like everything just love to come to me with accidentally ne, just like how i jumped in to this ABC fandom, thanks to this man who accidentally  came  ….


again, yay …. !!!

Anyway, me being not answered like that, somehow eeeh how am i suppose to say ne ….

it doesn’t make me hate or ill feel to that person who didn’t answer my question but it became some kind of notes or warning for me so i don’t ask again.

In short like when you knocked on someone’s door and the door still closed after your 3rd knock, you better go home and stop that knockin,

except if …

you are knockin on heaven’s door ne, indeed for this heaven’s door you have to knock it over and over …

then let’s move to this very late post of this …

~   yasu便り on The Official Blog …

as what they wrote on The Official Blog, this yasu便り (yasu News) was something that they wrote on January, where there’s no Live or Meeting.

But i think this is something like a story of the 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK it self from yasu.

and this one is the 1st part, means for for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK , and it would be better if you open and take a look again your PHOTOBOOK while reading this …



PS   :   as always, this isn’t the perfect translation, sure there must be some mistakes somewhere … *wink*

ーーyasuさん、Happy New Year ! Well then, please do say a New Year greeting for everyone who read this

yasu     :     Happy New Year ! everyone, thank you for all your support for this year in advance

ーーAkemashita ne yasuさん、 Project 『Shangri-la』 started in 2013. It was a year where you able to meet with everyone in many various places. And it has been variously tell in this blog, but i also want to tell the story of  yasu as well as the story of  『Shangri-la』.

yasu    :     うんうん …

ーーwe also haven’t tell about everything happened in that various cities. So let’s back to 1st Season.

yasu     :     そうしよかー。

ーーProject 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, the season that time was summer ! It was still short sleeves

yasu    :     (while looking at 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」) it is …



ーー『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Fukushima, where the project begun, you really meet with so many people and gone to many places

yasu     :     Indeed, that lots of audience came to us, i am really thankful

ーーGreat success in any city thankfully …

yasu     :     I am glad, in Aomori, which was doubled (recruitment). The live itself, has raised into a good feeling. Then children and mother, father generation has become more diverse insanely in this tour. happy, b ut there was also place which was hard to do (laugh).

ーーThe thing with children is, their excitement was also big

yasu    :     yeah … (laugh)

ーーIn this project, it’s all around prefectures to visit and also enjoyed some sighseeing in various places. Went to Tohoku Safari Park in Fukushima, the 1st prefecture . It was a bit surprising when yasuさん told “there seems to be a Safari Park



yasu     :     “there seems to be a Safari Park“, it was recommended by a friend (laugh). I didn’t intent to go to a Safari Park, but it was fun after a while. It was smaller than i thought (laugh). And summer, so it’s not odd with the lack motivation of the animals (laugh).


ーーThey didn’t move and didn’t even look at here (laugh). And also, in this blog we’re often introduced lot of delicious food we eat in each place. In Miyagi Live Performance, we brought you grilled beef tongue outside the dressing room.

yasu     :     Right, and there’s one thing understood. beef tongue isn’t a “thing” but it became about “arms/skill“. I fully understood that all layed in the grilling skills. But i am delighted.

ーーand in the 1st Season, you achieved the promised tour to Hokkaido.

yasu     :      I wanted to do the Hokkaido Tour, although there were many difficultied and it’s also something that other artists don’t do oftenly.

At this time, even if i don’t know if The Hokkaido Tour would ne possible again after this, i had a valuable experience. That it is not so difficult to be around Hokkaido.

ーーThe Live excitement was extraordinary, feel like everyone were eagerly awaited. It was wonderful.

yasu     :     yeah, it was a really great experience. But this time i did only about a quarter of Hokkaido. Because i don’t go to the West part yet. I want to perform in the place that i can’t go to someday.

ーーAnd speaking about highlight in Hokkaido, yappari there’s something? yasuさん, tehre you are we’re still talking about it …

yasu     :     aah … (wry smile) I guess this is the Butadon (laugh)

ーーYou spent some times to find a Butadon restaurant, and arrived at the restaurant … it was the closing day. Then you saw “Butadon” was written to the ramen restaurant nearby, and out of  spite, you walked in to the restaurant.

yasu     :     but you know, i ate lots of various Butadon, but the Butadon in the restaurant that i had no choice to come in is delicious. The best (laugh)

ーーEee, really? It wasn’t because you already walked a long way down there …?

yasu     :     no, that restaurant was completely delicious ! Oh, it was good to get a good restaurant tough that was a situation that i hesitated to see map. It was a good learning.

I wonder if because of this tour now i am keenly aware if Hokkaido is really BIG (laugh).


aah, he must be hungry ne ….

ーーIn Hokkaido afterward, you bought crap by going to the morning market in Hakodate. Then  went to Goryokaku port and boat paddling with YUKI

yasu    :     we did it. That’s it ! (pointing to 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」). This just looks like a summer vacation memories (laugh).

ーーIt is (laugh) … and the crab, that’s  BIG

yasu     :     yes, and then i was told if one of the seller’s brother is a fan, i was so surprised (laugh). To remember this meeting, i decided to buy a crap (laugh).

ーーit was fun, isn’t it? The from Hokkaido move to Honsu. Moved to the last city of 1st Season, Iwate. Once arrived, you went to buy Monster Hunter

yasu     :      ah, that’s true. And the truth is the day we arrived to Iwate, it was the release date of Monster Hunter.



Indeed, i was thinking about to try Monster Hunter soon after the 1st Season ended. But when i heard it was the release date, i couldn’t stand not to have it (laugh).

ーーYou haven’t forgotten your child soul (laugh). Then on the return Live event in Iwate ended with smile.

yasu    :     there was a thypoon, and the Shinkansen arrival was delayed.

ーーyes, there are many topics to talk about, but we have only lillte time to talk (laugh)

yasu    :     that’s true (laugh). It was fun everywhere and i was happy with a lot of people comin there. I don’t know the feed back yet for the 1st Season.

I think it was good to start this Project  『Shangri-la』 from Fukushima. Because it was important, i think.

ーーSo we stop here for now. And last, do you have message for everyone in the 1St Season ~ Hokkaido . Tohoku ~ …?

yasu     :     to all of you who came in the last 1st Season, thank you very much. I’ll see you again by all means.


i’ll continued with the next yasu便り 2 and yasu便り 3 tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow (read : not sure …xD )

so somebody was lost ne, poor ya_chan …. @_@

noi        :    why didn’t you call me …?
yasu     :    for what …
noi        :    so i can join you, i am a very good traveling compannion ne …
yasu     :    to get lost? no thank you ….



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