799th Post : The Beginning of 2014 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Saitama … (another me, yasu and ELJay)


so according to ELJay (read : LJ a.k.a Live Journal), this supposed to be my 799th Post …

ELJay, yeah that’s how one of my friend to say LJ and i think that’s a very cute way to say ne. A bit girly but surely catchy, don’t you think so?

Like how yasu say that ELDorado on DRAGON CARNIVAL



わかる 。。。。? xD

Nah, 798 post ne, that’s the total amount posts that i already wrote.

Now i wonder what many kind of stuffs and thoughts of mine that i already put up in here ne, all of them ….

the wacky desire of a fangirl inside me with all the dreams i had, have and will still have and then mostly all those pathetic and shameful rambling of mine … ?


Sometimes when i read some of my long time previous post accidentally (for example : when i found it on Google, while i was Google_ing something about yasu)  it always gave me  …

a very BIG #whueee, really …? 

on me and then i couldn’t stop myself to say ..

Whuut The Hell all of these ….

Who The Hell is the writer anyway …


yasu    :    not me ….
noi       :    yeah, but you are the main idea for all those …
yasu    :    well then …
noi       :     すごく ね 。。。!!!
yasu    :    that’s wrong noi_chan …
noi       :    upps sorry, i mean すごい ね 。。。!!

how a single (one man, not a band) but brilliant man can inspired me to write all those 798 post, and make me happy and enlighted all things that make me sad whenever i finished one post.

Yeah i know, even some of you might call all of it as rubbish but it still give some LOL even for me, myself as the one who wrote it.

Because i kind a forget most of those. That’s why i often say eeh, really …? when someone say : hey you wrote that on your blog … etc etc about something. And then when i wanted to check it again i couldn’t find in which post did i wrote it.

Suppose it was because how i put this messy and very not useful tags.


If in many other person’s blog tag is for direction to help you all to get some particular post as what the real use for a tag in a blog is. But blimey, because here in my blog those tags i put it’s just some kind like a garnish in a dish.

You know garnish, some cute and sweet things that chef put in a dish which sometime you can eat it, but some other time you can’t. So in here, sometime you may find those tags are useful and surely mostly is not useful at all …

Well then, let’s start this 799th post believe me this is gonna be long and boring post. Still in 『Shangri-la』 with this …


~  The Beginning of 2014 『Shangri-la』  Live ~ Saitama …

from this post on The Official Blog

Project 『Shangri-la』 which began in summer of 2013, stepped over the year and finally enters 2014. The 4th Season,  around Kanto area started at last.

The Live beginning that’s the opening Acid Black Cherry Live for this 4th Season was in Saitama.

This time, the enthusiasm was good for an opening and also there was lot of laughs and a surprise in this Live in Saitama for yasu who was thoroughly enjoyed a gourmet brought up in each place.

4th Season Kanto this time, can be like this, such a feeling  ..


As what expected, metropolitan area where all various delicious things gathered.  The menu is colorful. As for the boiled and seasoned food too.

It’s Kanto anyway.

yasu and all the support members are full after meal and then continued with some fun talks in the dressing room.

Suppose this is their 1st Live after long time absence seems to be really somewhat pleasant. One of the support member apparently start to study history. So this time they talked like …

Which time of era do you like …?

Sengoku? i like Yuwa …

etc etc …  also with motorbike talks and other various stories. It was such a fun talk.

then question selected on the Question Corner is …

Fave idol when you were young …

and yasu’s answer is

i didn’t blurred so much about idol stuff, but it was Onyanko Club after all.

Onyanko Club, i was becoming a new member by an audition for amateur. There was a program called “yukake nyan nyan” on  elementary school time. A program which everyone was watching.

I also watched Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi with Yuuyu (Yukiko Iwai) and Mamiko Takai duo. I liked Yuuyu‘s voice and Mamiko Takai‘s look

actually i don’t know anything about all he said above anyway, seems like it just far far away from my era ne …

yasu     :     don’t you do your search, ne fangirl …?
noi        :     i did ..
yasu     :     then …
noi        :     well …

this うしろゆびさされ組/Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi was a female Japanese pop music duo of Yukiko and Noi   ….. ? awww *got slapped*

ups, sorry i mean Yukiko Iwai and Mamiko Takai. Formed in 1985, they only active until 1987.

Enough with that, next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live Omiya Sonic City Hall ~ Saitama 03.02.2014 SetList

01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Maria
08. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
09. so…Good night.
10. cord name 【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori III
12. doomsday clock
13. Shangri La


14. Jigsaw (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Pistol
17. 20+∞Century Boys

After that there was the surprise from all support members that everyone is talkin about. The venue was darken suddenly and and there was a sign of


01.27 Happy Birthday yasu … !!! on the screen.

Hiro played the chorus of Happy Birthday and asked all the Saitama audience to sing together followed with this huge cake with Acid Black Cherry logo  appeared  …


What a HUGE cake ne,  and then next is my fave part …

the Kewpie ….



credit    :  @Yasuの女

It’s a 煎餅/Senbei/Rice Cracker

is that some kind of cookies with some nori taste? i think i ate something like that when i was in Japan. The hotel where i was stayin served this on each room as snack. It taste a bit salty i think. ..

next is this …

~  『Shangri-la』  Meeting Saitama @NACK5 STROBE NIGHT …




Awww, i love when she UP the video on Youtube ne, so i say ……

yay …. !!!
Eeeh cotto … history talk in the dressing room?  they did talk about history? …..



i  love history so much ne, nah talking about history. This is something interesting about me following what yasu always do and how all those muggle around me commented about that.

I am talking about this ne, these with the V sign pose of yasu




That V – for Victory/Peace sign pose which yasu, many artists other than him and even ordinary person like me also do that.

In my case maybe because i don’t know any other pose than that V – for Victory/Peace sign pose that i only can do whenever someone took a photo of me.

That’s why i see that  same pose of me on all my last Singapore travelling photo album.

I received all of my photos via regular mail about 2 weeks after the vacation. My friend who have the digital camera sent it to me on a CD wrapped in a brown envelope.

So old fashioned ne, it remind me to one of Maria Von Trapp‘s few of fave things …

remember this song  …?



…. ♪♪♪ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things ♪♪♪ ….

nah a brown paper package tied up with string, that’s what i received from my lovely travelling companion. I feel like i kind a bothered her, i mean she had to burn it into a CD and then send it to me by mail.

So i  told her to upload it via Mediafire or other site and then give me the link so i can download it. I explained to her how to do that before our leave from Singapore, but apparently she had no idea about sending stuffs via Up and Download like that.

In the end i said to her OK, we’ll do as you say, after all i love that kind of old fashioned way of sending letter.

so FYI ne darling, i prefer to receive a letter than email … xD


noi       :    OMG OMG …
yasu    :    what …
noi       :    don’t tell me, are you ..
yasu    :    write a letter for you? dream on fangirl … !!

well the, back to my travelling companion, at that point i realized how not everyone is familiar with the same stuffs.

Me, i always think myself as a person who’s very old fashioned about gadget ot computer technology and i don’t even use WhatsUp, BLackBerryMessenger, Instagram, Path … etc etc  all pople use recently with their phone, you name it and i don’t use it.

My phone is just like a usual phone installed at home, i only use it to call, receive a call, send a text message and receive it. I remember about this a bit shameful moment when somebody asked me about WhatsUp application for me.

He asked  :  Do you have WA …?
Me            :  of course we have, what do you prefer to use Komatsu WA 380, WA 350 or WA 450 ..?
Him           :  ….   *while starring at me*

That’s my fast respond as a heavy equipments rental person, but then he said that he wasn’t talking about the Komatsu WA, but the WA he was talking about is an application on a mobile phone called WhatsUp.

OMG whenever i remember that conversation i had with that man, i feel like everyone i just left me away again inside this dungeon on some hiding place in Diagon Alley

So when i heard my traveling companion said how she have no idea about UP and Down Load stuffs, it felf like a bless for me. Suppose like someone just gave me a very fresh water on my thirsty throat then i laughed all by my myself alone at Terminal 2 Changi Airport while nsayin ….



so I was like Jim The IT in her eyes, really?  … ah ha ha ha …


yasu     :     but you are not …
noi        :     ah come one, do make me happy and laugh with me ne  …
yasu     :     just because of that …?
noi        :     it wasn’t just that ne,  because for me it was something #Whaaaa …..
yasu     :     yeah, whatever. Now tell me what’s the point …?

ah ya, the point ne .

Back to the with V sign pose ne, i think i watch too much photos of yasu did this with V sign pose everywhere and surely he looks めちゃくちゃ かっこいいな 。。!! xD so i kinda followed him acted like that.

Then of course it wasn’t a surprise if i see me do the same pose on most of my last vacation photos ..


di mrt st





see even when i get confused with the map, i still did that V sign pose when my friend called me and suddenly took a photo of me. That’s because i took the wrong map on the front gate ne.

Instead of the in English Map i took The in Mandarin Map … #WTH


so when my office mates look at that my vacation photo album, they said to me …

~  OMG you are following yasu, doing that pose,
~  don’t you have another pose beside that ?

etc etc … many other muggle talk. Then suddenly i remember my sister told me something about that pose with V sign pose , so i look at them and say

eh, do you know … bla bla bla

and make them totally boring with my long speech about Winston Churchill with V-for victory sign trade mark, World War II , … etc etc and many more as i wanted to talk.

Then one by one say nothing and left me alone.  So everyone, next time whenever somebody tell you about how fool you are because you have only V-for victory sign pose on your photo album, do tell them if …

the most famous British Prime Minister also did that.

Apparently Sir Winston Churchill made that V-for victory sign as his trademark during and after The World War II. If you Google about him, you will find lots of photo of him with V-for victory sign.

And this one is the most characteristic pose of him …


omo, don’t you think i should write this post as ….

another me, yasu and Mr. Churchill ? …. xD


yasu     :    this is too long ne,  …
noi        :    i know, because even ELJay made me cut it into 2 part ..
yasu     :    boring …
noi        :    well since boring is caring then …
yasu    :     since when boring is caring …

~to be continued to the 800th Post~


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