800th Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Tochigi … (Another me, yasu and This Very Late V-Day Post)

still in  「Shangri-la 」for this 800th post, it is Togichi Prefecture this time …

and as what they (who else but 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) wrote on this post on The Official Blog, this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi was held in a heavy snow.

Must be very cold ne …

I read about all those storm snow happened in Tokyo and  areas in Japan recently, and all those delayed flights and re-book again … etc etc and many other things followed.

then i remember about my dear friend Christine ne …

because today is her leaving to Japan, Tokyo precisely. A long way to Japan from German. She will work there in Tokyo, start on this March.

Two years ago in 2012, when the 3 of us (me, Christine and Steffie) visited the Meiji Shrine next to Yoyogi Stadium ..

i remember i saw her prayed really hard for this dream of her livin in Japan.

yasu        :       what about you …
noi           :       me, i did nothing but watch her prayin
yasu        :       why …
noi           :       well if  i did pray, my pray surely is nothing but  : I want yasu, i want yasu onegaiii …!!!

それはとてもありえない ね 。。。

yasu       :        eeh, that’s you having delusion ne not praying  …
noi          :        yeah, i know …

and now 2 years later her dream came to be true ne. Of course it is not an easy dream ne to have a live in Japan and get a job there. But my dear Christine worked so hard and she made her dream came true.

Nah, i’ll say again no matter how much and hurt people say how impossible your dreams are, just ignore them because eventually …

Nothing is Impossible  …

Look at Christine, she had a dream, worked hard for it and in the end it came to be true. I think now it is a very perfect time to listen to this very inspiring song.

my fave line is this part …


More than not having dreams at all
It’s much better to cry and be hurt for the sake of dreaming…
that’s what I think for sure
even if I were to die, the world wouldn’t change at all
But, you see…
by continuing to live, I’ll change the future for sureyasu surely pointed how it’s forever OK for having dreams, no matter what and also continue living rather than choose to die.  Now i feel there’s a BIG sign of …SHAME on YOU … !!!

hit me since i had my times when all i want is nothing wanna die. But that time, it was a very hard and full of stress for me ne.

And i admit versus all of that miserable things happened i was lost.

Then as always, me whenever bad or terrible things happen i will do nothing but run or wanted to die and kill myself.

Eh God, i was too coward until i failed twice killing myself with 2 different methods. I told you ne, it’s really hard to kill yourself and don’t forget there’s so much pain followed after.

Especially when you failed,  it will hurt more than anything and i remember how all those bloods all over me, that’s was very scary especially for a coward like me.

But thank God, it changed somehow. Now i don’t wanna die anymore, not because i am already dying but now i prefer to quoted from what yasu wrote on 20+∞ Century Boys lyrics ..

僕が死んでも世界は変わりはしない …

noi         :     then i shall continue to live …
yasu      :     and also kill your Facebook is not gonna bring him back again …
noi         :     どういう こと 。。。?
yasu      :     i guess he doesn’t even know  …
noi         :     awww, that’s hurt …

rather than hurt by thinking about that i think i better continue this 「Shangri-la 」 post, this time is …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Tochigi

It was heavy snow nationwide including in Tochigi prefecture,  they still held this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting  with a lot of people gathered.

The Meeting was held in 1st Floor  of Carillon Plaza, Bell Mall, Tochigi. They say it’s a modern super mall ne, now i wonder how modern is a super mall can be …


As they say the venue of this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Togichi  is 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 and it’s just not a name ne, because there is that BIG Bells tree on that mall and make it as wonderful place where you can hear bell’s sound every hour.

So 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 ne, it’s so funny because at first i read it as  …..

「Beer Mall」, then sayin OMG did they sellin beer there ? aha ha ha  … awww  *slapped by MEGATRON*

Because i mistook  this 「ベル 」 for 「Bell 」 with this 「ビール 」 for 「Beer」 …. #eww .  I suppose reading Katanaka, that full of straws letter  is not my division anyway …


yasu       :   stop it noi_chan …
noi          :   stop what …?
yasu       :   make an excuse for your mistake ..
noi          :   but it really not my division  …
yasu      :    because nothing is your division …

This 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi started with Public Recording with Radio BERRY along with their program called 「yasu & ●●」 that they have planned. They had various talks …

First is 「yasu & Radio」

In Project 「Shangri-la 」 i do this collaboration with radios around the country.   I have taken care by the Radio stations,  the DJs and the staffs many oft hem sayin “I was fan all the way from the old days

I was glad and also embarrased. Thank you, or i rather say i am sorry … (laugh)

next is  「yasu & song writing 」

I do various way to write a song, in this case i also write a song from me, from this intro inside my head. But mostly, i swell or tend to make one scene and then wonder what kind of song along with it and then make it.

I can write during the day, but  i tend to make it at night overwhelmingly. Various things became open to human at night, isn’t it? so, if time is placed  you take a look at (the lyrics that i wrote at night), there are plenty “fu fu …

then it’s like “what this guy sayin” (laugh)

It’s not only by me sayin OK, but in my case i also have staffs to look at this something i made. As for 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』, that i was making while thinking all the way wondering whether if this song can be good as shuffle song.

This song is completely different from what i thought. About the title, the temporary title was 「Black Cat」. Then it came out as 『 Adult Black Cat 』 because it was an easy to remember Adult after the temporary title 「Black Cat」.

in addition,

there was also  「yasu & The Audience 」

as what the title called, that’s when yasu answered some questions from the audience who came to the venue.

And it will be broad cast at Radio BERRY on 2月23日 (Sunday) night 06:00 PM (JST).


then the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi continued with collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limitted F」 where yasu learned about dialect and specialties of Tochigi.

First, it’s dumplings of course and then they introduced what’s recently popular in Tochigi

「レモン牛乳」/「Lemon Milk」

the yellow colored with a scent of lemon milk, and FYI there’s raw and non fat for this lemon milk.

Lemon Milk ne, i suppose here in hometown we also have that. One man with a bike sell that every morning, but still i prefer Chocolate Milk than fruit flavored milk or raw.

i always hate the taste raw milk anyway, maybe because my real mother (not Her Majesty) already died before breast feeding me. They said it was because of some internal bleeding

you know like Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan)’s wife Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Somethings Happen) .

It’s a Bollywood movie ne.

I remember on that movie, Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) died after gave a birth for their daughter because of a serious internal bleeding, and before she died she named her daughter Anjeli,

the same name as her husband’s love and best friend on collage (Kajol) then she left her 6 letters to be read every year on her birthday  …


That’s a very sweet and sour movie ne, i cried when Tina died and then laughed seeing how Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) acted when he see his longtime best friend Anjeli (Kajol) again after many years they didn’t meet each other,

and then ah yeah love is everywhere.

Do you know why every woman love Shah Rukh Khan ? i believe  that’s because he knows how to treat a woman very well and make them feel special.

Anyway, you all should watch that movie because that’s the most sweet and epic Bollywood movies i ever seen. I watched many Bollywood movie, but nothing like this Karan Johar‘s 1998 ~ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

OK next, it will be this …

~  yasu便り 2 from The Official Blog

if the last yasu便り is for The 1st SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK, then this yasu便り 2 is for The 2nd 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK

行きましょう, 皆さん … !!!

ーーSo yasuさん, now we will continue with the story we had done previously

yasu   :   2nd Season ne

ーーThat’s right,  the very beginning  of 2nd Season. Let’s start with what everyday you did during your 12 consecutive nights in Nagoya (laugh)

yasu   :   ha ha ha … it was amazing, seriously (laugh). I was quite detail in Aichi prefecture (laugh).

ーーThe hotel, it already feel like home. From Mie, you went to Gifu then came to Nagoya i think.

yasu :   i did so. I also went to Ise Shrine from Nagoya (laugh)

ーーWent to Ise Shrine, it was nice to be able to go there in that timing


yasu   :   yes, it was the day before the big ceremony of Shikinen Sengu. Since the timing was good, i just couldn’t stand not to go. I am really glad.

ーーAnd then in Ishikawa prefecture, you also stayed long in Kanazawa. 7 days.

yasu :   Rain in Kanazawa.  it was difficult to stay in a long period of time. But it was fresh

ーー That’s right, if you stayin for a long time in one place with one short of feeling it becomes not easily to walk around the area.

yasu   :   That’s right, but for the event i came, everyone welcomed me very well and it felt very great.

ーーIt was amazing all over, but in Toyama prefecture the audience in particular was an enormous.

yasu   :   ne (laugh). I had kindly welcomed (laugh)

ーーThere are lot of memories of the place and there are lot of memoris of the food too. Sosu-Katsudon in Fukui and Tare- Katsudon in Niigata

yasu   :   i really ate Tare-Katsudon everyday. Whenever I ate, Tare-Katsu

ーーso that specialty in Niigata about to changed much yasuさん,  I ate the messed Tare-katsu of Niigata (laugh)

yasu   :   usually, it was only hegi soba, from now on it’s Tare-Katsu

ーーI looked back to 2nd Season quickly, but for the Live Performance aspect, what was changed or something unussual/different from 1st Season?

yasu   :   for Live, not to mention the audience,  everywhere the atmosphere was good.

Things eventually accumulated. With all members and staff were I accustomed to, I feel like I reach a degree of perfection.The events as in the PHOTOBOOK shows,  the atmosphere in the venue.

It was fun everywhere.

ーーWas there some impressive thing afterward?

yasu :   Caught a cold and waited? I was sorry to have caused everyone at that point. To have overcome cold and do till the end, I am glad.

ーーAnd last, a word for everyone please …

yasu   :   to everyone who attended to 2nd Season ~ Hokuri. Toshin. Tokai ~ thank you very much. see you again


i’ll post the next yasu便り 3 after i received my 3rd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK because now it’s still in Hokkaido anyway and if my proxy send it tomorrow then i shall get it about 2 weeks again.

But take a look at the cover ne …

that’s so cool ne, i just love how that silhouette back of yasu like that, and how i saw some of Japanese fans received it today is, eh no i mean yesterday on a Valentine Day it’s just so sweet.

For me, what can i do than do things that i always do ne but waiting, and updated this …

~   Whatsoever Updated from me

this one is for Shizuoka ~ Fukui Live Digest and Off Shoot

enjoiii … !!!

it’s already February 15th ne as you all see how Tumblr put that red heart beating next to it. For you all who have an account on Tumblr i believe you have seen how that red heart beat next to Tumblr sign on Valentine Day.

I think that just so cute ne …

aand believe it or not (sure you are not …xD), my heart also beat fast because it’s a very very  late to post this


PS     :    Sorry, but you have to Click on the image and it will bring you to my Animoto video, because too bad when i upload it on Youtube, they erased the sound and it became a muted video  … #eww

and let me say

Happy Valentine Everyone, and for you my dear …

noi      :    I knew i love you before i meet you, uuuu …
yasu   :    but noi_chan, you did see me on your TV and PC  …
noi      :    still i didn’t go to  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ne …
yasu   :    just find another song OK
noi      :    but why …


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