Moanday Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tochigi … (another me, yasu and The Earth Goes Around The Sun)

Tochigi  …..

is the 2nd prefecture for this 4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』 around Kanto.

『Shangri-la』  Live Performance in Tochigi was held in Utsunomiya City Cultural Center last February 10th, 2014. It was six years ago when Acid Black Cherry had 2008 BLACK LIST Tour in Tochigi.

And yasu, who enjoys local gourmet in each place  and this time in Tochigi this gourmet called 「これぞ栃木 」/「Tochigi Korezo」 has greeted yasu.


Speaking about Tochigi, after all it’s also speak about gyoza/dumplings. UtsunomiyaTochigi prefecture is dumpling consumption city in Japan. With many dumpling shops in the town, a city of delicious dumplings.

This very delicious dumpling that already introduced in 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting previous day.

had a delicious meal, and then followed with the talk in the dressing room. And yasu were talking about a shampoo he use recently ..


「this is really good … 」

and about him pursued health with a healthy goods and bought some goods called 「Healing Body Distortion」 by mail order. Then the talks spread from there to what movie you want to see recently … etc etc while they entered the venue.

aand help Junji_san to put his contact lens just before the live started.


then question selected on on The Question Corner is …

Something that you’d think as troublesome and you would just skip …?

yasu‘s answer is …

now i will speak about video games. I was the type that like video games so much and play one game thoroughly since i was a little boy.

But it becomes rare for me to do it recently, even i haven’t cleared the last Monster Hunter. I am a 3流 Hunter now (laugh).

I buy a new game even now, but it was not longer to finish till the end. Is this ” become an adult ” thing ? (laugh).

I was devoted so much of doing that until now and sad when i think about doing these and become an adult.

ah when it came about Monster Hunter, he is still forever a boy ne …

aand talking about Monster Hunter ne, i have no idea why CD Japan put that Monster Hunter on my fave list. So last week i got 3 same emails about that Monster Hunter release information like this …


then i was like,

Really, did i put that Monster Hunter on my fave List ….?

noi       :    because i am an Alien Hunter, not Monster Hunter
yasu    :    still do the same hunting …
noi       :    but Monster is something that i will not hunt.

Because when i am mad, with all bad words i say to other people near me, i become a Monster.  So why would i hunt a Monster anyway …  ..

yasu    :    so now i have to hunt you  …?
noi       :    Yes please  … *wink*

now let’s see The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 10.02.2014 Utsunomiya City Cultural Center

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Prologue End (request)
15. Kono Aozora no Mukou Ni (request)
16. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ

and The Kewpie is …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s the delicious 餃子/Gyoza/Dumpling …

So cute, ne and the head it looks like a Roman soldier’s helmet or a Lama‘s hat in Tibet? …

and then

~    next chapter of  2nd SEASON ..

this time is for Nagano part,

i just love this part especially the Meeting which the called as The Dark Meeting but of course there was no Darth Vader there … xD


so enjoii again …

Today is Monday, i say …

Huff … What a Moanday …

As always Monday is a very fast day. A day when everyone, especially my boss want everything fast. Send your report fast, send the money fast, call the electric engineer … etc etc. I the best i can to be fast, but still i am not that fast enough.

And i have no idea why those machines and digital weighbridge choose to failed to start on Monday. OMG didn’t they have other day to choose? Why didn’t they choose Friday ne? I really hate went things went wrong on Monday.

so no activities today but to fix that.

Nothing to do and no money’s comin but lots of money came out. It should be both ne, i mean there is money came in and came out so i can do my job. Do you know what’s keep moving beside earth that goes around the sun …?

It’s money …

money’s keep movin everyday, and of course it’s not literally moving but you all know what kind of moving i am talking about.

Then by that move of money human see a possibility to make a profit and that’s something i say as a trading, and then eventually there will be a market.

and that market is everywhere,

including in this 「Shangri-la 」Season,

you know the ticket selling and buying thing. From the Fan Club Lottery, general seller, re – seller and of course the most wanted to ban auction seller.

With this as they say, how very hard to get tickets for Acid Black Cherry Live is plus so many Acid Black Cherry Fans out there who really want to have see yasu live on stage but they couldn’t get.

I say it created a market ne

let’s just say they didn’t win the Fan Club Lottery and general sales, went to re-seller but they didn’t find a closer to the stage seat that they want. Then last option, they checked into an auction’s site and found it of course with higher price that still they will buy/bid …

Even we all know how Acid Black Cherry banned some seats on every Live, but that site is still on ne. Why? that’s because the market still exist and about high up in the sky price than the original price (7,500 yen) …

i say that is The Collateral Damage.

Because there’s always be a Collateral Damage in every aspect of our live. And that Acid Black Cherry doing by ban all those ticket seats reported  sell in auctions,  i suppose that’s  their way to minimize The Collateral Damage so people wont buy or bid from auction’s site.

i’ve see some people posted about how they already make report about that

And it make me wonder why did people/fans especially make that kind of report, that’s something that i don’t get/understand until now.

It remind me to the last year’s Halloween Party Drama. Same things happened, someone reported about HYDE and other’s screen caps posted on Tumblr to yama_chan via twitter

i say, that’s ridiculous …

Because for myself, me even i know a person who sell his/her ticket to auction and the seat number,  i am not gonna report it. I mean what’s the point of that? Is there any particular price given by Team ABC for that report?

even there is, still i am not gonna do that because mind about other people’s shit is not my division,moreover  …

Ruined someone’s BIG dream? Heee, why would I …?

Because i  put myself as the person who bought that very expensive ticket. Let’s say 35,000 yen like that, it’s not a small amount of money ne. Sure that person worked very hard to get it.

Maybe he/she saved it for months.

by gave up his/her 35,000 yen for ABC Live ticket, that person must really love yasu, dyin about see him live on stage. He/she surely have a dream and that’s not a crime. Nah, if he/she ended up not able to enter the venue because the ticket is banned,

Aww ….  that must be really hard and heart_breakin ne.

Loosing 35,000 yen + shipping fee and other fees followed and also the dream of watching yasu‘s Live vanished at the same time. That’s why now by i’d say …

i am not gonna say “don’t buy” or “do buy” auction tickets …

because with or without sayin it, the market will still going on as the earth around the sun. In this case for  Acid Black Cherry fandom


yasu is the sun and fans are the earth that will goes around it. Some of them might do anything to be around the sun (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday).


yasu      :     boring noi_chan, boring …
noi         :     but i am not finish yet …
yasu      :     then finish it hurry …
noi         :     OK …

related with that ticket rambling, now let’s talk about the Fan Club Lottery ne ….


I said before ne, i will join this lottery for 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour. For 2 year’s ago Erect Live ticket, i didn’t do it by myself, my proxy was the one who applied for me.

Nah, i asked the same thing for the last 4th Season 「Shangri-la 」 ~Kanto Tour ~. But it surprised me how my proxy asked me to the ticket price (7,500 yen) first only to apply.

I was like,

eeeh i have to pay first? it still not clear whether if i won the ticket or not.

Even i know for sure she will send my money back if i didn’t win, but still 7,500 yen is not a small amount of money to let go ne and also at that time i still have lots of things to pay.


Surely, it’s something #eeehh … for me ne,

because as i remember she didn’t asked that for Erect Live ticket. Maybe now there’s some new rules on my proxy ne. That’s why for this 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour i decided to do the application by myself,

I wanted to apply on the 1st day, February 14th. But that day i was so busy, works won’t leave me alone, my boss came that day and sit next to me the whole day. So i didn’t open any site than Yahoo Mail and Messenger on my browser.

I finally managed to apply last night, aand …

ha ha yeah, it took forever for me to finish it ne …

yasu     :     why …
noi        :      because i put my name wrongly ne …
yasu     :     eeh, you don’t know ?  …
noi        :     that’s why i asked  Kenshin

but i learned a lot by that, so now let me tell you the story of me being lost in that confusing site that kept giving me lots of 。。。。 ください in red tellin me that i made some mistake and have to go back and check it again.

Nah tonight i made this entry because i think maybe some of you might try this since the application period is from February 14th ~ February 19th. So it’s still 2 days left.

and FYI  everyone,

i use a proxy (middle person in Japan) for my FC membership,

so not only 6 digit FC ID number, i also have 7 digits Japan postal code (as my address in Japan, Hokkaido precisely) which is required if you want to join Fan Club ticket lottery or buy all those VIP stuffs on UpRise Official Shop.

so let’s start this step by step OK …

1.   Click on this 

and then click to that sign that will bring you …

2.  to the next step, where they inform …

~   1 application for each member,
~   when there’s several times application, the last application will becomes effective.
~   It is possible to add up to 6 performance for one application ..


click that sign so you can …

3.    start your application.

~   put your 6 digits of your FanClub ID number, followed with
~   7 digits of your Japan postal code, then

click that sign to …

4.   continue to the next step to put your name, phone number and e-mail  …

do find or ask your proxy how they put your name on your Fan Club membership.

For example me,

even they always put this Noi Himura (in romanji) on the FanClub magazine envelopes that i always receive, but it failed when i put it there like that.

Then i had to ask my cousin Kenshin (since we shared the same last name Himura) how to write Himura on Kanji.

Ah my dear cousin Kenshin, かっこいい な 。。。。 !!!

yasu     :     your cousin? yeah right
noi        :     that last name Himura on me, it’s not for nothing ne …
yasu     :     but he is too far for you ne fangirl ..
noi        :     that’s why i call him my far far away cousin Kenshin Himura
yasu     :     yeah, whatever

so he (Kenshin, not yasu) told me and then voilà, there’s how i supposed to write Noi Himura

then click to that sign so …

5.  you can choose which live performance that you want, then click that  same orange sign on the bottom then you will get this …

you may start it over again if you want to add another live performance, or if you feel that would be enough …

5.  you can continue to the payment part …

and don’t forget ask your proxy first which way of payment that they prefer to do ..

~   via Seven Eleven (the 1st) or
~   ATM payment (2nd one).

Then click on the same orange sign on the bottom …

6.  and you will get this

just fill the numbers on the box and there you are, your application is complete. Then go check your email, when you got this kind of email from Pia

then your application is 100% complete and all you have to do next is just waiting until 2014年02月26日(Wedbesday)18:00 (JST) to find out whether you won the tickets or not,

via this URL  —> 

and remember like the 1st one, that URL is also required your FC ID number and postal code.

so everyone, i hope that maybe useful for you, aand

if there’s some part that you don’t understand feel free to ask me because i think i missed to put details on some part. And i will glad to help you.

And now it’s time for me to say ….

Would you mind to cross your fingers for me …?

yasu     :    me too?
noi        :    why not …
yasu     :    my fingers are busy right now, see how many posters i have to sign ….
noi        :    but …
yasu     :    go get your neighbor’s finger to cross …



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