Kagerou Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma …. (Another me, yasu and Fridayさん, 私の心 の社長 )


I should make this post as Friday Post ne …

not because i start to write this post on Friday, but also because i think a lot about Mr. Friday on a Friday like that day. Can you imagine that, on a very long and sexhausting day i am still thinking about him.

About what …?

About anything ne, for example like ah he must be very busy now because April 9th, tomorrow is The Election Day. I heard some rumors about him and money for this election, then suddenly i realized how rich he is now.

Yes, as a gold digger of course i am already know if he is rich,

but with this election now i know if he is rich more than how rich he is on my imagination. Here in my country, you have to be a very rich person to go as one of the candidates on election because there’s always something called money politics happen.


yasu     :   money, Friday? what this all about noi_chan …?
noi        :   it is about the distance eh ya_san,
yasu     :   you and him …
noi        :   yes, it became more wide now ..
yasu     :   i told you ne, get over ..

get over? what the hell is that ….

i wish to do that can be so easy like sayin, but it is not. I can’t an still not able to for get, get over … bla bla bla or any other terms you might say for this situation. Even though, now i am already thinkin about to do that forget and get over about Mr. Friday seriously.

Because tomorrow is The Election Day please just for this time let me say …

Dear Friday,

I wish you all the best for tomorrow, and even if it will ended with you failed i hope you are gonna be fine because until now you are still The President of My Heart, so yes …

Fridayさん, あなたは 私の心 の社長


yasu      :     what is that …
noi         :      eeh, did i wrote it wrong?
yasu      :      but you are my fangirl  …
noi         :      well, you can be
The Vice President ne …
yasu      :      number 2, really?
noi         :     honey i am sorry, but Love Division is so confusing eh ..

so confusing …

especially when it start to reach about that forget and get over about Mr. Friday. Seriously ne, apprently i sterted to think about all Her Majesty long drama talks

Think about start find somebody and maybe start my own family that i never think about when my father still alive. At that time, even it was a miserable life but i feel secured. Secured because i still have my father, mother, our house and the belonging feeling of a family.

But now everything is changed,

Because i know it’s always impossible to turn back time, so now i want to do something to have a secure life and maybe the happy one in the future. Have a family, my own family to pass this blood inside of me. The idea to have a cute little daughter suddenly is on me. …

dunno why …

I look at all my friend, i mean my college friend. I remember how i spent my whole night like a wacky indian police to watch over their Facebook account one by one.

All of them mostly have a similar kind of Facebook, complain about how their body is not sexy anymore, how tired but happy they are taking care of their children … etc etc …

suddenly …


noi        :     well i …
YUKI     :     she’s envy …
yasu     :     hmmm …. *still playin*
noi        :     guys, please ….
YUKI     :     we’re busy right now …
yasu     :     talk later OK …

maybe yes, i am envy and i want the same thing for me. But then, the next bigger question is  …..

if i don’t have Friday, then with whom i am gonna have all of that happiness like my friends?

Surely you all already watch Bridget Jones Diary right?

and you all know how finally Bridget found and know if she really love Darcy even Darcy had to get some bitter experience of his wife cheated on him with his friend ne. So now let me ask you all who read this post ne, …..

Do tell me, Am i wrong if i want to wait a little bit longer for Mr. Friday …?

Of course i don’t want Friday, yes my Friday to have the same situation like Darcy on that movie but i just wanna wait a little bit longer ne.

Ah, forget about that and let’s change the topic. So, when i posted my previous post before this days ago, i found out if for last March i only posted 2 entries.

OMG can you imagine that?

no wonder last month felt like crazy for me ne. Because i only wrote 2 entries and spent my whole nights on March mostly to acted like an idiot. What the hell i did ne, i am just too old to acted like that.

So from now on, i promise to myself to write more to make myself better and stop being an idiot on internet. Now let’s back to  『Shangri-la』 and continue the unfinished home work.

Tonight is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma ..

From Chiba, 『Shangri-la』 Project move to Gunma and same as what happened in Chiba because of heavy snow that fell in the Kanto Region they had to postponed 『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Gunma.

And on the Live Day because of the snow was still fell quite a lot, they also discussed about postponing The Live as well, but then because the weather was calm then live can be done as it planned before.

Live in Gunma after about six years ago on BLACK LIST Tour on 2008. Even it was a clod day, but Live in Gunma it was a HOT Live. Then as always, started with …

~   the Annual Local Gourmet Introdution Corner …

aand this gourmet appetizing was waiting for yasu at the venue …


Rihei_san no Tori meshi / Rihei_san’s chicken rice …

Every members with their instrument while talking, then flew into a jam session in the dressing room.

Then that day, it was a DEAD END session where yasu participated as the drum player while doing make up and then tried YUKI‘s guitar after make up …


and then the question selected on …

~   The Question Corner  is …

Speaking of Maebashi, Bicycle Race is famous and talking about gambling everyone, are you do it? and what is your fist gambling …?

and yasu‘s answer is …

I like it very much, and in old days i even lived only for it.  Hey, really i was not that dumb-ass (laugh).

and followed with some Pachinko‘s talking

~   The SetList  …

『Shangri-la』 Live 20.02.2014 Beishia Cultural Hall ~ Gunma


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Aishitenai (request)
15. so…Good night (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then my fave part is …

~   The Kewpie  …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

It’s a だるま/ Daruma Doll

also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man (Dharma), vary greatly in color and design depending on region and artist.

i had one, but now i suppose it is on it way to Columbia, since i sent it there as a present for one of my dearest friend there. I said to her i dunno how long it will take to send stuff from Indonesia to Columbia but she said she will wait …

Very well , i adore people with patient though …

next is …

~    This Whatsoever Update from me …


~   Postcard Calendar


~   CD Only


3rd Season Shangri – la PHOTOBOOK

this time is for …

~  Tottori



~  Shimane



then, let’s talk about …

~  team_yasu …


yes, i am talking about that team_yasu group on Facebook.

I said i wont say anything more than i already said there but since i still got some messages i think i have to say something.

That group is still the same fun and cheerful groups as it use to be, and we are finally reach 2,500 members ne. Of course that’s make me so happy because soon we will beat team _Edward.

But one night i got a message, which is a simple message only say :

Hello Noi_san, i see something started to happen on ABC group, don’t you noticed it? If you do i hope you can do something.

then i wondered what the hell was happening? i thought everything is OK and everyone is happy. And then the following night i got another same message with quite similar content. Then that night i started to see and really watch what is really happen.

Then finally i figured it out, OMG i am so sorry ne, i was so fool because i didn’t even realized that.

What happened was there’s something that i will call as a grouping started to happen. Where certain member (who speaks/understand Japanese ) only add comment to certain post by certain same members.

It reminded me to what also happened to that group a long time ago, where members who speak/understand French, Mandarin, Italy, Spanish or even Indonesian only talked to members speak/understand the same language,

For me it was like there’s a group inside a group, that’s not good eh …

And in this case i also see how it followed with member who i know exactly he/she understand English choose to post in Japanese. OK, add a comment was fine but when it became like that i suppose that’s not fair for other members who don’t understand Japanese.

now after i put my self into their (who send me message and i am very grateful for) glasses, look at that group with their glasses i understand why did they ask me to do something. On that group description, yes i wrote that  …

Sukoshi no eigo to basuketo ..
A little bit English and Basketball …

as you know, that’s from Acid Black Cherry‘s cover song lyrics Aitai ne


I really love that cover ne even i have to hold this massive hate inside me every time i see that damn PV with yasu on a bed with a women.

But at that time, when i put that sentence as one of the group rules i had no idea if that little is gonna grow like that and followed with that tend to grouping like that.

I know i can’t force all member to add a comment to all post because there’s so many cause to make people decided to add a comment to a post in Facebook, post a comment in a blog or reply somebody’s tweet on twitter.

For sexample …

~   that post is great …
~   that post is very funny,
~   there’s something on that post that we had to answer no matter what, or
~   you like or at least have a crush to person who posted that, so you want to get her/his attention with anything including by add comment to all her/his post ….

ha ha ha yeah, blimey i’ve been so long on Facebook, twitter and blogging so i know that kind of pattern eh.

There was also a suggestion about translate it into English to make everyone understand. But still i am not sure that’s gonna stop that group inside group lead to. And also if you translate all post plus with the comments on it surely it will feel like a stalking ne …

And hello i am Inspector Himura eh, i do investigate, i don’t  stalk …


yasu    :   but noi_chan, you also do stalk ..
noi       :   you mean on my sister’s twitter, that’s watching, eh not stalking …
yasu    :   no, i didn’t talk about twitter …
noi       :   ah, that
Mr. Friday’s Facebook, ssstt ya_san that’s different … *wink*

so Mr. Friday’s Facebook eh …

Well, i have 2 Facebook account ne and i prefer to keep the other one (that sometimes i use) for my self to watch over Mr. Friday. That’s why i only have about 25 friends there and have no intention to add more. Because i don’t wanna miss Mr. Friday‘s update eh.

So if there’s some of you added me there and still no answer i am really sorry while for some of you who listed as my friend on my both Facebook account, i’d say …

~ you’re adorable,
~ i like you so much,
~ i am curious about you, or
~ i am stalking you …. !!!!

it’s nice when i don’t have to scroll down to see some more post,

so it was like when i open my Facebook Home and there you are i see Friday. Actually this watching Friday becomin my guilty pleasure. I love to do that because it make me happy but at the same time there’s always something called guilty followed,

hit me  and then put a big BITCH sign on my face …

noi       :   well, that’s hurt …
yasu    :   then stop …
noi       :   do i have to …
yasu    :   you know you have to ..

eeeh look what i am talkin about now, open my stalk activity to public?. Before i talk too much i better back to team_yasu talk eh, so …

That’s why i decided to allow English Only both for post and comment on that group and will let my MAGIC Eraser to erase automatically all non English post and comment.

Since my Japanese isn’t that good i even had to asked my friend to translate what i said into Japanese because i believe she can make it as polite as possible like how polite she is.

Thanks again, dear …xD

After all from the beginning that group is an International Group so it’s better if we use English Only. And i am really sorry if i offended some of you, but i have to do this and trust me there’s nothing personal on this matter. I just do my job to make sure everyone get the same thing.

i’d say,

even there’s only a Thin Line between Love and Hate but for this matter i’d say there’s always a Great Wall of China lining between Business and Personal

now everyone,

let’s continue to have fun, sharing, learn for each other, be a fool and happy at the same time, and support yasu together, because i believe one day we will beat that team_Edward.

Go, Go, team_yasu …. !!!!


and for you (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) ….

How am i gonna say about this eh, i mean recently things just get hard.

I know life is hard, and my life is already hard but now i feel it is harder than before. Now at the beginning of April i already sick again, even it’s not the same sick or bleeding like 2 months ago but i just feel something is not right with me.

Maybe it’s just because how weather’s changing recently but i feel lots of pain and hurts on me. My head dizzy, i throat’s hurt to swallow, my back’s hurt every night and also my heart beat fast, too fast.

It’s been 2 days i managed myself to avoid 6 cups of coffee. I only have one cup coffee for a day and it drives me crazy.

But regardless for what i feel now i am glad there’s still something that can make me happy and how i finally found yasu again inside my brain.

I even cut my long hair and asked the stylist to make it look like yasu, look  …


i think it’s kinda worked eh, even yeah i am not blond as yasu but the important thing is nobody call me Dora The Explorer with No Monkey this time. So i guess it worked, and then when 【TEAM ABC】 updated the Official Blog and posted this yasu eat some BIG Burger


what happen next is i smiled like an idiot in front of my PC … #WhatAFangirl

it took me forever to make the stylish do this after her rambling saying, don’t you feel sorry to cut it? your hair it’s a quite long hair; what if we only cut it 5 cm? …. bla bla bla many more.

Then i said to her,

stop talking and just cut it … !!

Even i say to everyone how i want to cut my hair like yasu, but the real is by cut my head off i kinda like wanted to let go all this feelings inside me no. All those feelings like scare, fool, un_secure and also the kinda silly things that i feel now, i don’t like all of it.

That’s why i cut my hair and somehow it worked eh.

Now feel much better. I start to write again like now and yeah fangirl is a quite simple but still complicated in some way. That’s why i will say for everything that you might not aware you already gave to me ya_san,

thank you so much and I will stay with you until the end of the line …


yasu      :     OK, then …
noi         :     not gonna say anything more …
yasu      :     why,
Google didn’t work …?
noi         :     sorry, it’s
Captain’s order
yasu      :     oh not movie again noi_chan, that’s boring
noi         :     OMG ya_san,
Steve Rogers he is soo ….  bla bla bla … *film talking*


2 thoughts on “Kagerou Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Gunma …. (Another me, yasu and Fridayさん, 私の心 の社長 )

  1. Ahhh Noi take care of yourself!!! Maybe try yoga or something relaxing?? Take vitamin too if you don’t! Haha, sorry, but anyway, I love your blogposts, they make me so happy every time I get one in my inbox in the morning. You are an amazing writer!!!! And your hair is lovely 🙂 Thank you for the updates!

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