はなさない … Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu on A Day Like Today)

On a Day Like Today, …


I’d say it is a perfect day to write something.

Sit in front of my laptop screen with an empty ElJay  to write at 13:00 PM after lunch when everyone finally stop talking to me after i finally stop cryin in front of all my office mates like a sixth grader.

very well, let’s talk about …

~   The Election Day


yes, i voted ….!!!

as a good citizen, i use my right to vote and hopefully it will bring some change in a good way to my country. The Election yesterday was for House of Representative members. There was some money offering and can you believe if they only give 10,000 IDR (about 1 Dollar) for my vote?

Ah come on only 1 Dollar?

i am gonna get nothing with only 1 Dollar in CDJapan eh. That’s weird because i’ve seen other person got 50,000 IDR (5 Dollars). Nah 5 Dollars it’s more make sense to me, at least you can get a sticker on CDJapan with that.

I voted and i saw Mr. Friday‘s name there, but …


yasu     :    you didn’t vote for him …
noi        :    not gonna say anything ..
yasu     :    then what about that
President of My Heart thing …?
noi        :    well, it’s not personal eh ya_san …
yasu     :    don’t tell me if somebody gave you money …

I supppose that day is the first time in my life to really vote. Since my first vote, i never think about it like how i never care about politics.

But this time is different, i have my own choice and that choice even it based on relation and connection to my work and the upcoming work that i will do, i think i did it pretty good.

Then after that i spent my whole day with watching QED Live DVD


when did the last time i watch that DVD? i think it was forever ago. That time was the time, unlike now i really love to play my DVD on telly watch it then sing like no one will hear me. It might sounds weird to some of you but i use to watch all my DVD together with my father.

maybe because at that time we only have one telly so he had to join me watching yasu singing until finish one DVD then he can change it to telly drama that he loved to watch with his wife (read : my mother).

QED Live DVD is one of my fave except the OFFSHOOT part.

I don’t like it at all, i mean i don’t like to see yasu cried like that. I wonder why did they had to put it on DVD …? Yes i agree if they wanted to show what he is been through during finishing QED Live with that throat problem he had. For me, show him cryin like that, just make me sad in someway eventough i know he is fine now.

but still that DVD is an awesome piece especially this

愛してない ~ Accoustic ver.


This  愛してない ~ Accoustic ver. is the main erason why i bought that DVD.

At that time i didn’t buy much stuff like now because it was still a hard time for me where i am still a probie in this company i work and of course as a probie i didn’t have much money to buy stuffs like that.

That’s why i really had to choose which one that i really buy or not.

I remember how hard is for me to buy only one w/ DVD version of Re-Birth single. Even now i have all the versions but still mine is not the real original 1st Press because i bought that on Yahoo Auctions.

Aaand as always watching an Acid Black Cherry Live DVD especially with yasu looks so HOT as HOT as Mumbay on May like that of course ended with me went to Gickr and make this sexy GIF of yasu ..

Eh God, i love that site  …

Enough with drolling part, now now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 again and this time is with


~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting   ~  Ibaraki

so from Gunma, 『Shangri-la』 Project moved to Ibaraki prefecture and  『Shangri-la』 Meeting was held in an outdoor at Aeon Mall Tsukuba and it was a cold but fairy wheather with lots of people gathered.


The MC‘s name is Anthony who is a comedian also active as a reporter on a show on MUSIC ON TV called 「Countdown E.T」. A professional indeed, full of laughs moderated talks about plenty activities and music of Acid Black Cherry.

first of all is yasu’s memories about Ibaraki

Well, i am not that much. Me, i am a Kansai person so i don’t have much edge about Kanto. I came to do Live performance and if it said to be a memory, then there’s it. Said about Ibaraki, then it still got the Yankee image.

That’s because the distance that you can go to and back in a day from Tokyo to Ibaraki so there’s not much oppotunity to stay there either.

then next question is the existance of fans for yasu

it is an irreplaceable and necessary existance. Because this (『Shangri-la』 Project) can be mawareru (nationwide) like this is because there’s fans. Nothing i can say but thankful.

and then talk about music topic, it’s about the previous 2 singles, a question/opinion from the MC, Anthony

I heard all 2 of them, both PV make me think,  『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 PV in particular. Though it was my impression but it was so Burlesque or Chicago movie.

that’s a quite sharp opinion, and yasu‘s  ..

I thought about to make a world of Burlesque for this song’s PV, so i am aware about the view of that movie’s very much.

next is talking about music production

『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 can it really do for live?

I remember that song was made while i am thinking (laugh). Though the song wasn’t brief, as the music a play of the musical instrument was quite difficult and i made that music while wondering how much it can be reproduce.

It counts no less for worry, but i made it well on live even there’s also failure but the audience out so friendly excited and pleased even with such failure (laugh).

and then followed with dialect of Ibaraki that you want to teach to yasu_san,

ah that’s too long  to read  …


noi       :    why did they have to wrote it that long eh …
yasu    :    you lazy fangirl …
noi       :    i skipp that …
yasu    :    like you skipp other things …

Let’s skipp that and continue with this …

~    Whatsoever Update ..

this time is for OFFSHOOT for Osaka ~ Shimane


Enjoii …!!!

now let’s move to the boring part is this ..

~   My Long Rambling …

2 weeks ago, i had a dream.

So on my dream i was jumped into a swimming pool, i mean see that’s weird ne because everyone know if i can’t swim. But hell yeah, that’s only dream ne, which sometimes it made everything more easy. But i always believe if dream is a sign from whoever UP there for all of us in this mortal world.

And there’s a lot of sign you can read from dreams, for sexample …

~    if you had a dream there’s a snake bite you, then you will meet your soul mate soon, and ..
~    if you had a dream you lost some part of your body (
teeth, hand or leg) means you will loose someone that is important for you, i mean someone will be dead.

When my father died, i dreamed about loosing one of my hand. At that time i didn’t think about it because it was a normal for my father being sick and spent some times at hospital. But then that day that dream i ignored became true. he died just like that.

then, in my case

~    if i had a dream related with water like took a bath, shower, jump in the swimming pool it’s a sign if i am gonna get sick.

and it started this morning, i woke up with pain all over me then continued with me can’t even speak. Even i know that’s gonna come and it’s became kinda like my routine sickness where there’s a time when i can’t even speak or eat at least for 2 weeks. But still, that was and is still hurt, especially every morning.

People often say if it happen because lack of Vitamin C, but no matter how much Vitamin C i took added with another vitamin A,B,D, and even this

Vitamin y  (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday)  …

yasu      :      what the …
noi         :       it didn’t work eh, lookin at you didn’t ease my pain
yasu      :       do i look like a pain killer …
noi         :       of course not …

Doctor said if this is something hormonal, and for some hormonal issue he gave me the same hormonal pills that screwed me in another way. That’s why i don’t like doctor ne, in my eyes doctor is kinda like a disease digger. I mean they always managed to find something wrong with you.

So from today the time when i hate people started,

all people around me (in real life) who keep talking to me and nonstop sayin what’s wrong with you?  say something ….!!! to me. Damn i hate all of them, my office mate who carelessly sayin OMG, you can’t even talk? poor you and the other one make it worst by said some jokes to make me laugh.

And i can’t stop myself to laughed because his joke is so funny. I laughed a lot even it hurt me and ended with me cryin in front all of them. Why did they do that eh, i am really in pain and that’s so mean gave me joke to make me laugh.

Some people says i am a funny person, they enjoyed talking to me and share some jokes, yes i do love make jokes but not this time. This is the time when i will put my earphone on the maximal volume to lock myself alone, let nobody talk to me and hate all people who talk to me.

I wish i know how to use sign language like Gill Grissom.

If you watch CSI ~ Las Vegas, you must know him.

Gill Grissom the head of Las Vegas Crime Lab before Ray Langston and he is my fave. Grissom has a deaf mother, that’s why he can speak in sign language perfectly. He also know if there’s some kind of accent on sign language for each area.

i think sign language is perfect for me these up and coming days and all i need now is people to stay away from me, stop talkin to me and leave me alone. And me, as Javanese who always tryin to see light even on a darkest hour i still say …

Thank God, it happen now …

and it will only 2 weeks eh, i’ll hang on for that. I can’t imagine if this happen next month when i am in Japan. I mean i don’t wanna get lost just because i can’t speak just to ask direction. That would be very awful eh …

OK, enough with the long rambling, and you all can ignore that and now let’s talk about …


ONE OK ROCK is a band that i know only from the audio. I mean i never see their PV it even surprised me when i find out if they are Japanese Band. Because i remember my first time listen to their song it as a full English Lyrics song,

Notes and Words …?

i think so, nah 3 days ago on my sleepless night, i was just searching randomly and then found some site with their Live @Budokan called This is My Budokan. And i just can’t stop watching it until now especially on this part  ..

that night i was like kinda got slapped right in my face over and over by this song



ONE OK ROCK ~ カゲロウ


巻き戻してみたら この想いは見えるかな?
早送りしたら この感情は残るのかな?

そんなワケないって 笑ってみるけど





何気ない仕草でも 目だけは君だけを追っていた
君と会うと決めた日は どれだけ自分を隠しただろう?

I wander around unable to convey
My feelings for you that sparkle in my thoughts

When realization hit me, I stood here
Feelings I had no intention of embracing in my hand
Could I see my affection if I tried to rewind?
I wonder if it’ll stay if I fast-forwarded

“Yeah, right,” I try to say with a laugh
But even my smile’s strained

My feelings for you sparkle in my thoughts
I can’t be honest with myself yet
Even though I’ve realized the truth
My body’s throbbing with the words I can’t get out

I’ll fade away if I’m too aware
Why does that seem so lonely?

Why do my words spilling out with a “whatever” attitude
Make them colder than usual?

My feelings for you sparkle in my thoughts
I can’t be honest with myself yet
Even though I’ve realized the truth
I’m still just here with the words I can’t get out

Maybe I was nonchalant, but you’re the only one my eyes were chasing
When I think about it, I might have already fallen for you
How far away did I hide my true self the day I decided to meet you?
When I think how much being hated scared me, I was in love

i think i kinda started something that i don’t even sure what it is.

More i think about it more i feel like a fool. I mean i know for sure it is impossible to happen even i read and heard so many wonderful things said to me. I was flattered yeah, blame me i am still an ordinary girl who love to talk and sometimes tease in the same way.

I was confused, but now i know there’s something called line in here that i have to aware and think about. So i think what i am gonna do now is moove backward for everything before it gets deeper and i can’t fix it. I don’t wanna hurt anybody especially me i also don’t wanna get hurt.

After all, my heart now isn’t in a good condition to get hurt so everything has to be end ..

Last but not least, people say you have to make a wish on your birthday ne. Actually i don’t want anything but if i have to make a wish, what i want is i want to be healthy again as me 3 years ago and …

i also want my father back …


yasu     :    that’s impossible ….
noi        :    then i want you …
yasu     :    sorry that’s also impossible, remember there’s a LINE ne ..
noi        :    okay
yasu     :    人生 は、大変 です ね noi_chan, you can’t get everything you want …

~ owari~


2 thoughts on “はなさない … Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu on A Day Like Today)

  1. Noi dear, so sorry you are feeling crappy 😦 But even though you are sick you still make me laugh with your funny bits in this blog, and maybe make me cry a little too at times, which are both good things for me I think! I wonder if Yasu has ever seen your blog? He is busy I am sure but maybe someday he will come across it if he hasn’t already 🙂 I bet he would smile so warmly!! Thank you as always for your humor and honesty about life here, and of course for keeping us in touch with Yasu’s ventures! Love ❤

    • it’s OK, i get use with this condition and after all it only 2 weeks anyway … and yasu, i suppose he is too busy to go searching around net and read some stuffs like this .. ha ha …

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