FUBAR Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu, The Visual and non Visual Kei)


Now, let me tell you about Michael 

of course this Michael is not Michael Corleone from The Godfather, sure you all already see that movie ne and if you haven’t then watch it and you have to.


yasu     :     why ….
noi        :     ah come on, who the hell haven’t seen 
The Godfather …
yasu     :     not everyone crazy about movie like you
noi        :     but still, it’s 
The Godfather eh, Don VitoMichael …
yasu     :     noi_chan, もういいね 。。。

very well, back to Michael ne and I’d say if i have to put myself on The Godfathermovie i think i am gonna be Tom Hagen.


as you know he was an orphanage child who spent his entire winter in New York‘s street, and then he meet Sonny who brought him home with him.

Don Vito took him in the family even he is still use Hagen as his last name, and the we all know him as Don Vito‘s consigliere.

 The epic scene i remember about him of course is when Don Vito sent him toHollywoodCalifornia to convince a movie studio-head named Jack Woltz to giveJohnny Fontane a lead role on his new movie. And it ended with a horse head complete with blood on Jack Woltz‘s clean sheet with him only able to say

Who you were with? I didn’t know who you were with …

yes, that’s how my situation is now. Worked for the father and then for the son. Not Like father like son, this Michael with his way of driving me crazy to figure out how his way of thinking exactly is. What he wants, what did i do wrong while everything i do seems wrong for him.

sometimes when things get hard i always ended cryin in the bathroom, or post some this childish post of I HATE YOU MICHAEL on my Facebook status or twitter. But yesterday he did something that i never imagine. He did all the talks in our last meeting, i mean it feels like a bless for me especially in this time where i couldn’t speak well.

Now think he is not that bad/evil at all, there’s some good things about him in my eyes now. I also found out if he is kinda wise in some way, unlike me who always mad and couldn’t control myself to say bad things to others when i mad.

For example,

days ago when i totally forgot if i was logged out from my Facebook account then using my other account i open one of my friend’s Facebook and shocked when i see i am not one of his friends.

Then i was like

Whuut, did he un_friend me? … bla bla bla …

and then with not bother to think again, i sent him message with my messy Japanese and then deleted a long conversation we had there. I can’t even remember what did i wrote to him, but i am sure that must be really rude in some way.

Then after that, i was like …

omo what did i do ….?


yasu       :      what did you say …
noi          :      can’t remember ne, omo now what am i gonna do now  …
yasu       :      don’t ask me
noi          :       Eh god, he asked me 
what is wrong with you …? now i asked to myself  ….

What is wrong with me …?

yasu      :      why did you do that  …?
noi         :      i dunno. I don’t even dare to turn on my FB chat now. 

I just feel so bad, i suppose everything is wrong with me now and i think i better lock myself inside Limbo forever.

that’s why Michael is ways more better than me.

Even If he acted like an evil to me, that’s because he had to do that as part of his part time job as an evil. So from now on, just like i how i promise i wont call Scarlet Johansson with ScarJo again,


As Black Widow (Agent Natasha Romanov) she is totally awesome, isn’t she?

Recently in an interview with Glamours magazine, she said she can’t stand about how everyone call her ScarJo because for her it sounds tacky, lazy and there some insulting on it.

Then i also promise i won’t say anything bad about Michael again, even maybe i will still cry in the bathroom if he screwed my day.

OK, enough about that, and now let’s continue this fangirl homework first  …

~    「Shangri-la」 Live ~  Ibaraki …

「Shangri-la」Project in Ibaraki started with 「Shangri-la」 Meeting and the followed with Live after 8 years since BLACK LIST TOUR in 2008.

The Live, it was held in Ibaraki Prefectural Center Main Hall.

as for yasu, he also thought about how from all venues for Kanto Tour, Ibaraki venueis the smallest but somehow the voices of the audience sounded really big.

as always, started with this …

~   Local Gourmet Introduction Corner 

Ibarakii’s gourmets that greeted yasu with 「おかえり♡」 for his comin to  Ibaraki after 8 years ago are Salmon cheese grilled and vegetables, green salad, Mito special ramen, potato miso soup and speaking of Ibaraki,

not forget also this yasu‘s favourite …


「水戸納豆」/「Mito Natto」

the previous day on  「Shangri-la」 Meeting yasu was told by the audience to eat that. Some says Kansai people not into natto, but in fact yasu loves natto, he eat it almost everyday.

Then in the dressing room after meal, it was became a Tropical talk because it was still winter like i want to do banana boat or snorkling and then it turned out to be winter sport talk and Ozaki Yutaka somehow.


and then,

~   question selected on the Question Corner is

Members, do you have car? and what was your first car …?

yasu‘s answer is …

though i also wanted the same cars as SHUSE on my younger time, but unfortunately it takes money which i wasn’t able to have.

so in my case i came out after in Tokyo i have got into a car. I bought a used red wine color 「Fairlady Z」 that i longed for that time. It was pretty tattered because it’s used (laugh). I got in the swing, and i also custom plenty too. When i entered gas station i didn’t go diagonally, i rubbed it)

there’s such a memory when i picked up SHUSE and drove in high speed, somehow i felt fun and young.

next is

~   The SetList 

『Shangri-la』 Live 24.02.2014 ~ Ibaraki Cultural Center Hall 

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Murder Licence (request)
15. Aishitenai (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and surely is my fave part …

~   The Kewpie


ibaraki QP

credit  :  @Yasuの女

just like what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry) wrote as yasu‘s fave food, so yes it is a

納豆/Natto …

aand, fu fu fu everyone because i have it …


that’s so adorable baby, isn’t it?

Talking about natto ne, i heard and read a lot about it but still i never eat natto in my whole life so maybe on my next Japan trip this time i am gonna try it ….

next is for the …

~    Whatsoever Update ..

these two images below are for Kyoto Live part, and as you know there’s 2 part Live(Day 1 and Day 2) so here is

Day 1


while this one is not for Day 2, but this is for

B-PASS May, 2014 


Enjoii …. !!! 

and next is …

~  yasu on Radio, Telly and web ..

as i always say i am a fangirl, and i love being a fangirl.

Especially on this kind of Season like this 「Shangri-la」  Season where i can see and listen to yasu all over radio and telly in Japan that of course i wouldn’t never able to do that if there’s no very kind person like

闇Rodem さん with her lovely blog.

I actually kinda follow her blog even i never add comment, because my Japaneseisn’t that good. And also she is not Yukki who often talk to me and always get what i said even i wrote it wrongly.

So i was afraid if maybe said it wrongly and i don’t want that to be happen. But finally i added a comment to one of her post and it was only a simple おめでとう …but she replied me nicely and in English.

That is just make me so happy ne ….

I always love to read people’s blog ne, especially now when i started to learnJapanese seriously (for who ….?) . Not only 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】’s Official Blog, but also Yukki‘s blog or even other people’s blog that’s not ABC related to.

So i when i have nothing to do at office i start to read people’ that i follow in Ameba while tryin to understand what they actually wanted to say and share. Sometimes, i got stuck on one person’s blog for long time because i didn’t get what he/she said.

and when i finally get it, i laughed like idiot alone …

Well, back to radio and telly as we know how everyone is on internet with their various social networks or blogs, nah for me that’s the interesting part. Where i searching on the radio web for the DJ or staff’s blog while hoping they will put some photo of yasu there.

Here some of it  …

1.  from FM Fukuoka’s BLOG 


i love how they wrote …


2.  From TOS TV ~ Oita’s BLOG 


Tomohiko Tanabe, the host of that Spark Wave Show who wrote that said about how he was so excited to interviewed yasu since he is already listen to yasu‘s songs since he was in high school.

3.  「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Saga report 



source   :   http://www.saga-s.co.jp/news/saga.0.2663876.article.html

aaand let’s talk about this  …

~     my next Japan Trip that i am so sexcited about.

This time, my sexcitement is bigger than the previous trip not only because i i made lots of plans to do there but also finally i decided to visit Osaka.

So drum roll please, because  …..

Osaka, I am coming …. !!!

Actually this Osaka visit is 100% coincidence thanks to Air Asia. When i booked my flight, the price for Jakarta ~ HanedaHaneda ~ Jakarta was more expensive thanJakarta ~ Kansai KIXKansai KIX ~ Jakarta.

Then i also think about tryin for a ride on Shinkansen, and because the price forJakarta ~ Haneda and Jakarta ~ Kansai KIX‘s ticket price on May 26th my leaving is the same so i decided to make my flight like this …

BlBWcujCAAAjoQa.jpg large

without bother to see again for the boarding time.

I thought it was May 30th11:00 PM not 11:00 AM. But maybe because i don’t want anybody know about that fool mistake i made,  i still think hard how to make me arrive to Kansai KIX at 11:00 AM from Tokyo.

Google_ed and asked and then it ended with it’s impossible to me to do that no matter how fast and earlier Shinkansen (from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station) andLimited Express Haruka (from Shin-Osaka Station to Kansai KIX)  i took.

Not only that,

don’t forget about how i always be the Idiot Abroad, surely it will took me forever to find where is my platform, train both in Tokyo Grand and Shin-Osaka Station and ended with me missed my flight and acted like this …


then what am i supposed to do if that’s really happen ….?

i can do nothing but buy another ticket back to home and that is not gonna cheap surely . But rather than do that, i finally changed my flight schedule into this …


now i’ll try to make a simple itinerary for my next visa application that i haven’t prepare at all. My last visit to Japan fo the itinerary i only copy and change some parts from my friend because 2 years ago i didn’t want to do anything but to seeyasu.

I even got lost when i wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, what i did was back to my hotel and on my way to my hotel i went to some food bazaar in front of Shibuya Crossand ate all food sample there then spent my last eve in Japan watch a movie inToho Cinema.

It was James Bond movie with Japanese subtitle of course

but thank god it wasn’t dubbed to Japanese so i still able to enjoy the movie. In fact i was kinda bother people who sat next to me because i said almost Mr. Bond‘s line like i was at home and nobody but me watch that movie.

Then i stopped talking following Mr. Bond when a girl next to me say something iJapanese that i didn’t get the whole meaning but it was her polite way to say SHUT UP … !!! to me.

let’s start  …

1.  Day One (Tokyo) 

Arrived at hotel, get some rest. I will just hang around Tokyo while start to do my search how to go to Budokan from Ginza. Yes, i am gonna stay in hotel aroundGinza and don’t ask me why

because i dunno why the hell i choose that hotel …


yasu     :     stop sayin that i dunno …
noi        :     but i really dunno eh …
yasu     :     then …
noi        :     i dunno ..

then because May 27th is the 1st Day of 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan, so i suppose when i finally got there i can buy the GOODS as well eh, so on May 29th i don’t have to go on line to buy GOODS again. And after that maybe i will only sit there listening to sounds from inside …

Talking about 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS ne, …

Actually i never think if there will be this 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS. I thought even they call it as 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final Live but there will be no new GOODS to buy again.

So i made some stuffs list to buy (non ABC stuffs) like Sailor Moon T-ShirtDVDs;Akihide’s new Album and of course L’arc~en~Ciel new single 「Everlasting」.

But then when i see all of that, i am just who i am ne, the same greed and want everything.

And also because this time i am gonna go there so i think i will do this thing that i always do. Hopefully this upcoming 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan May 29th is gonna be my Dream Come True ABC Live i ever see because everything is OK from …

~   i go alone,
~   there’s kewpie on the 
GOODS list and i hope
~   there will be 
Nemuri Hime on the Set List …

nah if that happen then my Dream Live of Acid Black Cherry will came true and i’ll be completed again by yasu.

2. Day 2 (Tokyo) 

The 2nd day, May 28th i think i will find again Tokyo Tower because i didn’t find the correct way to go there and i was too tired that time, and then go to cinema to see this

i asked for two tickets btw so i am gonna ask my friend to join me.

Actually it’s been almost a week i watch all ONE OK ROCK Live DVDs and then now i know for sure why people say Acid Black Cherry or L’arc~en~Ciel as Visual-Keiband no matter what. I remember i read about HYDE sayin how L’arc~en~Ciel is still considered as Visual-Kei band because they use some outfit and make up on stage.

Watching ONE OK ROCK Live DVD surprised me for the first time, all this time i only listen to them without bother to watch their DVD or Live Performance even i have their last Live in Yokohama Arena as MP3 file.

Then on my fist time got ONE OK ROCK visually i was like

heee, they will only like that ….?

i mean with only simple jeans and shirt with no special outfit or Visual-Kei make up. That’s kinda new for me with my limited band/artist to watch Live on Stage.

compared to that Acid Black Cherry who even had a Visual-Kei secret make talk up on Erect Live MC. That’s so way far differently.

But again Visual-Kei or not, it is still the same Acid Black Cherry for me.

because my 1st time found out about Acid Black Cherry was not by DVD or Live Performances btw (i am not talking about Janne’s Live DVD ne). It was also from only sounds first because i didn’t have much access to internet to get

yasu      :     get ….
noi         :     get the access ne …
yasu      :     in other way is ..
noi        :      Okay, DL … 

and then when i start to searched and finally able to watch Acid Black Cherryvisually i love yasu more and i’d say the visual was some additional (but THE BIG one) bonus for me.

The important is still the music.

Now, when i see people/fans who doesn’t like about seeing Acid Black Cherry called as Visual Kei band i just hope they will let it go because it is still Visual Kei anyway no matter how less are the fanservis on Acid Black Cherry Live recently. …

Back to ONE OK ROCK ne,

when i watch their Live DVD i was busy to see the drummer Tomoya who is very busy with all his stuffs and sometimes kinda bothered by his hair but then when he lookUP and smilin, i was like  ….

きゃー ….. !!!  *falling down with London Brigde*

And also i love how the vocalist Taka move his hand when he is singing like this …

back to the itinerary next is …

3.  Day 3 (Tokyo) 

May 29th, is the Live Day so i will be in Budokan.

But because i already bought the GOODS on May 27th so i suppose i am not gonna be there in the morning like the previous Erect Live i went to Yoyogi at 08:00 AMwhile the Live started at 18:00 PM 

not this time,

I will go around Shinjuku in the morning,

to find  the scene where Jacky Chan did his 1st murder in the movie on Shinjuku Incident. Dun worry i did some research about that and wish me luck to go be able go back to Budokan straight from Shinjuku …

Ah ya, i have to find out the route go to Budokan from that Jacky scene in Shinjukune …. *noted*

yasu     :     not again noi_chan,
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you said you already forgive him
noi        :     yes, i forgive but not forget …

then Day 4 i suppose this is my last day in Tokyo and then move to Osaka. I’ll think about this again and write it on the next post.

Aaand by the way busway everyone …

blimey, maybe i watch too much ONE OK ROCK DVD then suddenly 3 days ago i wanna hair like Taka ne. Like this one on This is My Budokan Live  

I suppose if i don’t brush my hair about a week i think my hair is gonna look like that, but Yukki said that’s not a good idea. She said …

Hair like Yasunori is good but like Taka is not a good idea. Ah i always love whenYukki wrote yasu complete as Yasunori … xD

でも ね、, Taka he is kinda cute  …. ha ha ha 

yasu     :    every guy is cute in your eyes now …
noi        :    hee of course not …
yasu     :    so why don’t you have a hair like your 
Captain he is also cute
noi        :   heee like 
Captain Rogers ? ,,, 

~  owari~

2 thoughts on “FUBAR Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu, The Visual and non Visual Kei)

  1. I was the same way…loved ABC music, but once I saw them visually…I nearly died of happiness. Yasu is such an amazing performer. i hope so much he comes to the US someday 😦 Your bit about this Michael person and FB ranting made me laugh so hard…I hope it was supposed to be funny haha. Awesome post Noi-chan (if I may call you that), very articulate and entertaining. Have a great weekend! Love, Kiri

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