4th Season, Finale Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo … (Another me, yasu, mine and your Tiger)


OMG, finally here i am …

reaching this finale post for 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live while they (read : yasu and his team) are on their way to finish The 5th Season

Waaah, that’s awesome eh …


yasu       :      don’t you think that’s too late …?
noi          :      nobody’s waiting anyway  ….
yasu       :      that’s not awesome
noi          :      じゃー、  行きましょう, やーちゃん … xD
yasu       :      what is wrong with you …

~     『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo


Project  『Shangri-la』 moved from Ibaraki to Tokyo and this 4th Season ~  Live Performance finale was held at NHK Hall, Tokyo.

As we all know Acid Black Cherry has made one-man Live in Tokyo at the end of 2012 with Erect Live.

It was a large venue/arena class Live so far, but this finale Live at NHK Hall it was a Live with a very close distance with the audience. It was the first concert hall in Tokyo for Acid Black Cherry.

started with this Local Gormet Introduction Corner

With various ingredients from all over Japan, Tokyo gourmet that waited for yasu on the venue were these …


i suppose Green Salad is always on the menu.

ah ya talking about salad ne,

any salad from green, red, yellow of blue (if there’s blue version of salad …xD) actually i am not into it at all.

If i have to put myself into animal class i’d rather put myself on carnivore class with lions and tigers than into herbivore with lambs and cows.

That’s why i also never have any interesting for vegetarian life style that is becoming a trend.

I do support green peace or stop global warming, etc etc  like what Leo Di Caprio do but still that vegetarian style is something impossible for me. I remember when i saw how my friend opened her lunch box at collage and there was only raw vegetables and rice i was like …

Oh dear, what on earth is that  ….?

It still surprised me until know whenever i see people eat salad and the say yummy, oishii, delicious or good … etc etc.

I mean, what’s good about salad ne, sure it’s good for your health, but tasted delicious? really? i suppose they whoever they are sayin that, must have a very different meaning of delicious with me.

Maybe because on my childhood times when i was able eat meat or chicken in a month can be counted with my half hand. Maybe 2 times a month or max is 3 times.

Then it kinda make me love meat more than anybody. Now i eat meat everyday, it’s good and make me happy even my doctor said it’s not good for my health.

See this is why i say there’s no such thing as fair on my life, for example : how God arranged this condition of me have to eat less meat everyday now when i finally able to eat it 3 times a day.

eh God, give me a Mercy …  uupss no God, i mean Jaguar ne  …


yasu   :    are we taking about cars now …?
noi      :    冗談 だ よ 。。。。
yasu   :    not funny ….
noi      :    ah, you should know that, see i put the
M with capital … xD

back to the topic the …

so after meal, in the dressing room they all seemed to have a music discussion between yasu and support members


Member    :     yasu, right now how is your top key come out right now
yasu         :      i wonder how is it now ..
Member    :     How was the old days? Higher key so much from the beginning?

yasu         :     No, i was lower in the old days. I did desperately in order to get the high key

etc etc  all musician’s talking ,  then question selected on the Question Corner is …

Please tell us something you were in-charged on school …

and yasu‘s answer is …

On Elementary School, i was a Student Council President. Though i’d like to have an excuse one, but i was not a child that active in such an event.


noi        :      おも、やーさん 。。。
yasu     :      what …
noi        :      i never think if you …
yasu     :      it surprised you …?
noi        :      yeah it is …

yasu always surprised me in so many ways he did or things he said.

yes, i do posted, wrote things about yasu and i even did it not only on my Social Networks or blogs like this but i also make everyone around me on my real life bored with all my talks about yasu,

yasu this, yasu that, yasu said this, that … etc etc,

but i dunno much about him, or do i have to say i don’t wanna know ….? so now it made this knowing about him more just turned into one of my Guilty Pleasure, that surely i wanna know and so curious about him but on the other side i also like to keep me to know nothing about him, his personal life, thoughts  … etc etc you name it.

Let’s just say there’s something that i’d call it as My EgoBitch (my Ego as A Bitch) to avoid myself to know more about yasu and keep everything about him i know is only about his music, his opinions and of course his dirty way of thinking.

so, I’d say

if people say there’s only a very Tiny LINE between love and hate then in my case there should be a BIG Great Wall of China between me (as the fangirl) and yasu (as the artist) …

but as always it make me so curiously wanna know if i read something juicy about yasu and his personal life matters  and no matter hard i tried to ignored it, i still click on the link and read it ….


Geeeez, who’s gonna able to ignore someone like him anyway  …

and recently i kinda jumped into this some site i accidentally jumped in to when i tried to find something on Google.

You all must know about this from what he said on last 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Miyazaki MC about Cherry Cherry song,

he gave his statement for rumor that spread on twitter about Cherry Cherry song was written based on his thought about 「さくりな」—> Sakurai Rina (a model, you can see lots of her on Ageha magazine).

and yasu said that’s not true because that song Cherry Cherry was wrote before he (read yasu) meet her (さくりな). Not only that yasu added if he is not gonna tell lie …

ass you all know she 「さくりな」 on 2009 posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog about her shopping together in Osaka and then people kinda said it as The Osaka date ? …


and then 2 years later on 2011 they both had a shoot together for Ageha Magazine and she posted 3 images of her on a fancy kimono with yasu on this blog post.




She also wrote about there was some misunderstanding related to her previous post with yasu.

Ah i think i kinda like her way of writing on her blog  … xD

Eh God, i supposed this all getting more juicy ne, because not only her, i also read about yasu with a woman named 「ミレイ」—> Miray also rumored to be dating.  It was around 2010 ~ 2012 when this 「ミレイ」 were floated all around.

then who is this 「ミレイ」 …?

there was a talk about that 「ミレイ」 is for 桐谷美玲さん , and actress and model ( heee, model again ….?)  .

There was a rumor said they both shopping together plus and somebody witnessed them (yasu and 「ミレイ」) were shopping together at goa (a fashion brand shop in Shibuya 109) .

At that day, yasu actually visited goa Shibuya 109 man’s .


and there was photo of yasu on a guy named Yuki Aoi‘s blog.

nah, that is weird ne, because i do remember i could open that blog post and now it became a member entry post?, eeh what happened ….?

omo, is it ….  ah やーさん , do tell me 。。。

yasu    :    what …
noi       :    if one day i might meet you and asked to take a photo with you, then if i want to post it on my blog, do i have to make it as a member entry?
yasu   :     what, a picture with me? dream on, you fangirl …
noi      :    well, sure i will because  …

i am a Day Dreamer ne, so i still able to dream with my eyes OPEN … !!!

yasu   :     what the ….

But however there was no such post in 「ミレイ」‘s blog. So society, society and rumors inside it  … .

でも ね、a model eh …

i suppose that’s would be a normal when a JRock Star dating a model or actress/idol ne, i’d say it kinda how that’s supposed to be, for sexample like ….

#  a doctor usually date with a nurse or one of his patient,
#  a movie star with a director or singer,
#  a restaurant owner with chef … etc etc , so i suppose it also might happen between
#  a fangirl with fanboy …..? ho ho ho

because they all livin in the same world, same activity and that bring them into same interest and passion.

omo i should get a Fanboy Boyfriend ne  … wekekekeke *make a note*

yasu      :    what this all about noi _chan, rumors about me post  …?
noi         :    ah come on, this is too good to ignored …
yasu      :    what happened to
Inspector Himura don’t do rumors  …
noi         :  
Inspector Himura is OFF now …
yasu      :    why …
noi         :  
Mr. Friday need her

OK, enough with the rumors talk, now back to 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tokyo  next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 27.02.2014 NHK Hall


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Maria
08. so…Good night.
09. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
10. Pistol11. Shojo no Inori III
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


14. 20+∞Century Boys (request)
15. Kono aozora no Mukou ni (request)

and then as always, next is this lovely dovey kewpie  …

credit to   :   @Yasuの女

that’s a  提灯!/ Lantern  …

what a cute red baby ne, aand he is perfectly red. Too bad, i didn’t get it.

~  Whatsoever Updated from me …

this one is for Kyoto ~  Day 2

Enjoii ….. !!!

aand by the way bus way everyone,

last night i deactivated my Facebook again so yeah all the links i posted before this entries are DEAD … xD. So sorry ooo for the inconvenient but i have to do this because Friday need me

yeah, i think so.

he need me ne, because last night i saw something happened on his page and even i dunno what the hell is that but that’s a sign when i have to start to focus on following him ….

yasu     :     you mean stalk him …
noi        :     no, no follow ne, follow just like i follow you on twitter ..
yasu     :     yeah, what ever
noi        :     what happen eh …
yasu     :     don’t ask me

And the only one way to do it is by kill that Inspector Himura FB acc. So if maybe some of you haven’t save the previous part before that Kyoto Day 2 above please do tell me and i will give you another link ..

then let’s move to another juicy is this …

~   Q&A on the latest JUNON Magazine

this latest JUNON edition is kinda surprised me,

because i though it will be only one page with yasu like the previous edition with yasu in it. But this time is different ne, i’ve seen there’s at least 4 pages with so many yasu in it. And of course the Q&A part that gave me a very HUGE LOL and sexcitement last night.

especially this part,

Q :   What would you like to challenge for 2014 ?
A :   i guess, a collaboration

wah, collaboration? with who? surely it won’t be with Dr. Who ne,  ….

then with who ….?

HYDE    :     hey fangirl, why am i here now …
noi         :     to tell me who …
HYDE    :     who, who is who …
noi         :     is that you …
HYDE    :     what this all about …? *leaving*

OMG i hope if that would be came true it will be a collaboration with HYDE no matter HYDE with VAMPS, L’arc or even just HYDE. And i guess that’s must be the most awesome collaboration ever ne …

and then more juicy is …

Q : If you could make a wish to God, what would you ask ..?
A : make
Japan to allow polygamy

when i read it, i was like …

nyaaaa ….. !!!!

What the hell is that? OMG he must be drunk or his head must got HIT by something very hard … etc etc while falling dawn together with London Bridge. But then when i see the other fans comment about that especially fangirl i think i know why yasu said that.

Well, don’t take serious ne, this is just my fangirl deduction ne …

So, i suppose he really know how crazy his fans are about him (fangirls, especially) so it’s kinda joke or something from him so we all can have him … wekekekekeke …. *dumped to hell*

Next Saturday April 26th, will be the last Live for 5th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live,

and then Encore Season will started and they (whoever they are) already make all of us want to have ll the Encore and Final Season GOODS by posted this photo of their Official Model with the Pink Muffle Towel

even with all that SAMPLE posted there, still i can see that I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME CUM and then it became an euphoria where everybody, especially fangirls (yeah, it always girls ne … ) share it and added something like this

*  It’s OK yasu, i’ll do that …
*  sure ..
*  fine, i will … etc etc

and many other various way posting, and it was VERY FUNNY ne untill i saw on my Facebook Home Page there’s 2 girls who posted that and one of them is only 14 while the other is 15 years old said if it is fine and OK to make yasu CUM

then suddenly that CUM jokes turned to be NOT FUNNY anymore, sure it is FUNNY when it was said by an adult. But when 2 minors/under 18 said/wrote it on their Facebook like that,

what can i say but following Loki of Asgard sayin

geeez …. #ItIsMadness

I think they don’t even understand what the hell is the meaning of CUM or they get it without understand the whole idea about orgasm things after searching it on Google.

They just posted it and i wonder how is their friend, parents if they found out about this even i am sure they will not allow their parents to look at their Facebook account like what my nephew did when he kicked his mother and me out from his Friend on Facebook.

14 years old is the same age with my nephew KEMOD who is so Social on Internet with his Facebook and Twitter ne. When i look at him i always think that’s what gadget and technology effect on him.

Ah ya, talking about Social Networks ne, ast but not least, let’s talk about this woman named …

~    Dinda and her TIGER

So recently this woman, named Dinda a career woman who is currently living in Jakarta were all over internet thanks to her shocking post on her personal Path.

And that might something be simple and nothing (but her way to let/throw away her anger by posting it on her Path) at the first time turned into something BIG and ended with lots of internet bullying to her from everyone all over Indonesia. It even posted on national newspaper in here.

It started on a day when Dinda posted this her anger post to pregnant woman on train via her Path, like this …


it’s in Indonesian if i may translated it into English like this …

I really hate to pregnant woman who suddenly came and ask for a seat (on a train). Yes, i know you are pregnant, but please came early or go to farther station so you can get a seat. I have to go early in the morning to get a seat. You don’t want to try hard but bother other people.

If you don’t want try hard to get a seat, then don’t go to work, just stay at home. Just because you are a pregnant woman, you want everyone to understand you but you don’t want to try do anything …

and then continued with hastag #notetomyselfdontbotherpeople

and then too bad for Path one of her follower/friend maybe captured that and imported it to another Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter … etc etc then it became some trending. People talked and bullied her everywhere, especially woman.

i also mad when i read her post even i am not pregnant woman, but i just can’t believe it that kind of rude, very rude way of sayin an anger was sayin by a woman. I am sure she is single and never pregnant, but has she ever think if her mother also was a pregnant woman who carried her on her belly for nine month?

i know Jakarta is a hard city to livin in,  whenever i go to  Jakarta, it made me dizzy.

That’s too hard for me who get use to live in a village. All of it start from the hot weather, traffic jam, and people that seems more careless to other. But i suppose every people/woman who live in Jakarta also feel the same way in the morning on their way to work.

But why she had to say something like that? Did she skipped all the Social Subjects on her school? , because surely there is lot of parts that keep tellin us to give out seat on bus/train to older people than you or pregnant woman ne …

and then Dinda didn’t stop just like that, because

seeing the effect of her path post became nationally like that, she post another statement about the reason why she said that from her legs became limp because so many time standing on train everyday, her home that far away from her office … etc etc and all her miserable life as one of commuter in Jakarta.

and it made the internet bullying to her much bigger than before also see there’s some people even posted her perosonal data like her full name, address and work place followed with many internet bullying like this …

Good Morning Dinda, did you get a seat on train this morning?,
This train is woman only, except Dinda … etc etc many more

I feel sorry for Dinda,

i mean i can imagine she must be feel un_secure to go everywhere now, even she finally made an apology post.

But i think that’s something that she has to learn that in this world we are livin with many other people other than us, and how we have to be careful about what we’re gonna post/tweet/ on our Social Networks.

yes, true it’s our account and we free to post anything on it, but remember ne if there’s something called as Social Punishment. See what happen to Dinda, that’s an example when Social Punishment did their job to punish people.

I remember there’s an Indonesian phrase like this

Mulutmu, Harimaumu
Your mouth is your Tiger

nah in this Dinda case, with her gadget i suppose it became

Akun Sosialmu, Harimaumu
Your Social Networks are your Tiger

so beware everyone, think again at least 10 times if you want to put some part of your anger into your social networks. Think again and look at what happened to Dinda, surely you don’t want a whole nation to bully you on internet right …

That case also make me think what the hell is happen with this world, i mean people start to be careless about everything and others? Is that what all gadgets, internet and technology gave us, a modern classy people but careless and mean to other?

Suddenly, this song Where’s The Love by The Black Eyed Pease really fit on this situation …

What’s wrong with the world mamma,
Poeple livin like they ain’t got no mama
I think the whole world addicted to drama,
only attractive to things that’ll brings to trauma …

People killin’, people dyin’
Children hurt and you hear them cryin’
Can you practise what you preach
And would you turn the other cheek

Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above’
Cause people got me, got me questionin’
Where is the love (Love)

complete lyrics in here

Me as one of former MTV Junkies (when you do nothing a whole day but watching MTV) ,

sure know The Black Eyed Pease, and  for me they are genius, with their rap lyrics always able to put something to us to listen and then look arround and think. I listened to that song forever ago on my childhood and then now i finally understand what is Will I Am wanted to show me with that song.

And to all of you who want to learn English and add your vocab and some slang words, i suppose you should listen more into rap songs like The Black Eyed Peace, Linkin Park, Jay-Z or Kanye West.

Now surely something is wrong with the world, nah the question is …

Where’s the Love, and …

what i am gonna do when the world addicted to drama ….

yasu      :    i know what you are gonna do …
noi         :    really, then do tell me …
yasu      :    what else than you will make another drama …..
noi         :    heee ….




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