甘い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokyo … (another me, yasu and The Cute Meet)


Acid Black Cherry ….

finished their 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with the last performance in Okinawa. And yasu wrapped it up by posted ありやす via their Official mobile site and then Twitter.

so yeah 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over and 5 Seasons Live in all 47 Prefectures nation-wide was a very long way down to go ne, but you did it. So allow me to say …

お疲れ様でした … !!!

yasu      :    hmm you are late, again …
noi         :    then, next it would be my turn ne …
yasu      :    for what …
noi         :  
Encore Season, it’s my turn to see you …
yasu      :    not yet, you’ll be the last …
noi         :    OK …

and here’s some images and reports bout the final live …

source    :    here and here

so now i am gonna start this my first post for 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」~  Tokyo

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo was held two days after Live, in Lalaport TOYOSU, one of the largest shopping mall in Tokyo.

This time, with a collaboration with Tokyo FM with a program called 「 Project『Shangri-la』への思い」「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」and of course they had various talks about it.

First of all, from 「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」 was ..

Go around 47 prefectures, not only for Live but also with a little interaction with everyone. Only just like that, and the distance is very close today. So close, and i am embarrassed (laugh)

aaah, he was shy …. xD


noi        :   really …?
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   i dunno if you could be a shy guy …
yasu     :   stop talking  …

OK, then next question : to come across the country, so far how did it go …?

I’d say by myself at the local area, i was treated like a star. I thought that i was used to all of you in such an event like this, but when i came a little towards a district they did the kyaa kyaa … !!! like crazy (laugh)

It may be a faulty expression to refer this, but (compared to Tokyo) it wasn’t like this. So, i thought that was the real kyaa kyaa … !!! because everybody makes noises even people who don’t know asked who is coming …?

It was great …

then question about Tokyo :   How is Tokyo for you, yasu_san …?

When i came to Tokyo for the fist time, i thought  i wonder are they doing a festival …?.   Didn’t you think so everyone, why so many people at this time ..

so my first time came to Tokyo i went to a studio in Shibaura and was going to return home via Roppongi after midnight around 03:00 AM, and there was traffic jam, The car didn’t move at all. I thought, traffic jam at 03:00 AM in the morning, why ?

somehow i got angry and thought Tokyo is Kowai … !!

That was a terrible impression, and to say more because now i got use with it now and i will surprised if i go back home with nothing happen.

then talked about Live that took place in NHK Hall 2 days before

DJ         :   The Live was really cool, your generous feeling from the first track,  It was amazing.
yasu     :    is it so, thank you .

DJ         :   aren’t  you nervous yasu_san …?
yasu     :    yes, because i am not the type that can do kyaa kyaa … !! out into public.

When it compared to reading class in Elementary School, i am the type who practice around two days (laugh). Though that i seem to do kyaa kyaa … !!! ,  but i really nervous.

I always write characters (i suppose their name?)  of people in backstage and drink before Live begins (laugh)

and then something aboutTokyo is train,

so apparently yasu also received this question  : yasu_san, do you take train …?

I have Suica,

ICOCA is Kansai, isn’t it?  I live in Tokyo, so i have Suica. Though i don’t get on train for these past several years, there’s sometimes on bus.

Bus is good, isn’t it …? Because there’s bus stop anywhere to ride from and you should go to station to get on train, and there’s so much bus stop unexpectedly. Even i wouldn’t ride on bus so much (laugh).

As for me, when i came to Tokyo i didn’t know how to ride on train. I think Tokyo is very convenient,

Anyway i like this entry ne, i mean not only because i read it when i am going to Tokyo but somehow yasu with that post kinda say to me if …

It’s OK to get confused with trains and get lost when you go to Tokyo for the 1st time … #ho ho ho


yasu     :    hey, i didn’t say OK to get lost …
noi        :    でも 。。。。
yasu     :    and this is also not your first time to go to
Tokyo ..
noi        :    but still …
yasu     :    don’t say anything …

very well, next is this …

~  Whatsoever Update from me  …

this one is for Wakayama part

Enjoiii …. !!!

it took me for ever to put it on PHOTOBUCKET, that site isn’t my fave but i still use it anyway. Even i think about to move it to another site that’s never did resized images but i am who i am ne, too lazy to do that …

Maybe one day when this all  Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over i will make something like a summary post for all of it, if you know what i am talking about. Somebody told me to do that ne, and i think that’s not a bad idea. OK then, …. *make a note*

じゃ みんな 、

noi     :   Mr. Friday についてお話しましょう  。。。 xD
yasu  :   again ..?, oh no that’s boring noi_chan …
noi     :   i am sorry, but  …
yasu  :   why don’t you talk about your plan ..
noi     :   ah, i don’t wanna talk about it ne

Because that plan is a mess plan ne. I booked the wrong hotel, they (Universal Studio Japan) will open that Harry Potter theme park on July, my phone act crazy again,   … etc etc and many other things that confused me.

Now seems like the whole world betrayed me together with Harry Potter, all of them except my instant noodle, movie and this blog writing/rambling.

Anyway, i will be fine ne.

Even the whole world turned their back to me, i still have my movie, instant noodle and yasu to adore. So i think i have to rest my brain for not thinking about that and let whatsoever will happen is happen.

So back to Friday ne, …

Today i see him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) posted something very sad on his page. I suppose he is really failed on the last election and he must be very sad ne.

I see on telly for someone to run on an election, nation-wide especially like Friday at least they have to prepared at least 500 millions ~ 1 billion IDR.

And then now he lost,  then at least he lost 500 millions?

OMG he must be very sad ne, even i think that’s not gonna affected on his live because i think he is still rich anyway. But why did he posted something miserable like that in Arabic?

Eeeh i never know if he is in to Middle East like that.

Most of his posts there are in Arabic,  so i have to use Google Translation to read it. Even though i can read Qur’an but it’s only reading and understand the meaning. Plus i also never pay attention much on my Arabic language class so yeah my Arabic is very lame …

I really want to say something ne, i mean add a comment and maybe say it’s OK everything is gonna be alright,

But i think that’s gonna be very not fair for … (you know who), so here i am now dumped myself forever again in this Limbo watching that full of Arabic letters page like an idiot over and over while wondering

Dear Friday, こころ 曇り わなぜ 。。。?

yasu   :     is that a song lyrics …?
noi      :     omo, how did you know …. ajajajaja
yasu   :     and stop beng idiot like that   …
noi      :     i am still back like this …
yasu   :     that’s because you don’t want to

Why do i have to do this anyway, do i want to be an idiot like this?

of course i don’t want to. I even ashamed to say this stupid feeling inside me on my real life. Because hello everyone, he is already TAKEN ne and this is so WRONG

and a long time ago, this movie gave me something and 2 nights ago i watched it again  …


yes, The Holiday

it is an American 2006 Christmas romantic comedy. I watched this movie so many times until i lost my count,

because indeed, it is a very sweet movie with Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins, Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods, Jack Black as Miles and last but not least is Jude Law as Iris‘s brother Graham (eh God, what’s more sweet and British than him ..?)

This movie is about two woman from 2 different country Iris and Amanda, decided to do a home swap for their Christmas holiday. They both are broken hearted and want to go away far to forget and hope be better.

Iris a  column editor in London, with her 3 years full in and devoted in love to a man named Jesper Bloom (Rufus Sewel) and the found out if he is engaged to other woman.

While Amanda a workaholic California girl who own a movie trailers company in Los Angeles found out if his boyfriend is cheated with her 24 years old secretary.

They both meet in some site where Irish offered her quaint cottage in Surrey and then Amanda contacted her and they agree to swap house for two weeks.


Comin to Los Angeles, Iris enjoy Amanda‘s luxury home while Amanda is dissapointed about the life in Surrey. Soon it became so boring for her until Graham knocked on her door at night while drunk.


Maybe Amanda was too bored so she said to Graham if it would be nice if for them to have sex, after all they both will never meet again. So that night ended with them sleeping together.


OMG ….. !!!! *drooling*

But in the morning, everything changed because they both aware if there’s something went on between them. So they continued to see each other, had drinks together, lunch where Amanda told him about her life and divorced parents.

But she also worried if this relationship with Graham become more complicated, so she keep tryin to keep Graham at arm’s length.


Different with Amanda that is so open to tell all about her, Graham seems to keep his personal life except about his job as an editor. But then accidentally Amanda found out about it. Ah, he is a full time father for his 2 lovely daughters.

But that doesn’t change their feelings, so yeah another sex again …

While in Los Angeles, Iris meet Miles (Jack Black) with his girlfriend Maggie. She also meet an old man named Arthur Abbots who is a script writer during The Golden Age of Hollywood.

The 3 of them become close and Iris kindly help her neighbor Arthur to prepare his coming to Screenwriters’ Guild celebration.

When Miles got dumped by her girlfriend Maggie for another man, Irish stay next to him and they both ended tellin each other about the bitter love experience they had.

i always cry on the scene where she told Miles how she really know how it feels to get dumped like that.  How she explain when everything is back to her, it is all her faults the misunderstanding feeling …. etc etc,

ah that’s so me …. *Drama Queen mode on*


Jack Black is totally adorable in this movie ne, eventhough he is also funny on The School of Rock or Shallow Hall but my fave Jack Black‘s character is this Miles, a moviegoers who can talk about movie a whole day and funny as well.

I love when there’s Dustin Hoffman as cameo on when Iris and Miles went to DVD store, that’s lovely.

But my fave character in this movie is of course Iris, she is a very lovely lady. I mean from the way she talk or say anything just lovely. I wish i can be like him, polite but funny as well.

You know the funny but the polite version and …


of course i also hope i can be like Iris who suddenly lost all her miserable love for Jesper and said ENOUGH to him and kicked him out from the house. That’s what i want to get on my next holiday, where i will be far away from home and hopefully this heart can be far away from all crazy thinkin about Friday stuffs.

and i’d be OK if God also add a Cute Meet as a bonus …

Cute Meet eh, nah it is something what Arthur use to described his lovely meeting with his late wife. So

Cute Meet is when a man and woman go to a store to buy pijama. They both come to the seller and say …

Man         :    i only need the BOTTOM
Woman    :    i only need the TOP

then they both look each other and smiling, ….

nah that’s what CUTE MEET is and i surely want that …

yasu       :    but Christmas is over ne …
noi          :    ほしい や~さん、ほしい 。。。。
yasu       :    great,
Friday talk then ended with movie …
noi          :   sorry, but let me tell you about me and movie ne …

So when i was 10 years old, i was in love with movie for the 1rst time and i knew it is gonna be a LONG Affair

yasu       :    as you say then …



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