熱い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」~ Gunma … (another me, yasu and The Earlier Summer in ABC Fandom)


今日は暑いですね 。。。

it’s very hot in here these days. I don’t have thermometer, but my Yahoo Home Page said today is about 35 or 36°C so i do nothing but lock my self at office and turn on the Air Conditioner into 16°C while check in on my twitter TimeLine

and found this what Mr. James May a.k.a Capt. Slow tweet_ed …..


nah, that’s what a brilliant joke and …

btw what the hell is happen with weather ne, it became so changeable like me ( ha ha ….xD ). I mean two days ago rain was fallin and today sun just shining more bright and want to burn everything down here including me.

So everything turned out to be HOT ….

especially when this Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) somehow able to made some HOT Conspiracy with The Sun to make summer come earlier this year in ABC Fandom by what else but …

Looking so HOT more HOT than Mumbay in May like this …


ohhh ho ho ho noooooooo  …. *falling down again from London Bridge*

yasu    :     why, it is already May ne …
noi       :     indeed it is a very
HOT May and thanks to you, i …
yasu    :     don’t start again …
noi       :     what …
yasu    :     i know what you are gonna say …

Anyway highway,

Recently i just love my twitter, especially since Robert Downey Junior (RDJ) you know the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a IRON MAN finally joined twitter with his first tweet  ..


and then what happened next is my Twitter Time Line is full of excitement to watch after all them who play my fave Super Heroes and villain start to talk each other on twitter from …

~    Mark Ruffalo  (The HULK/Bruce Banner)


said his welcome to twitter to his forever Science Bros pal, and not enough with that, Mark also tweet_ed him asked RDJ to post their Science Bros selfie.

I was so excited about it ne, i waited and waited, then about one hour later, via his Tumblr and Instagram acc. Mark really posted this, him and RDJ‘s Science Bros selfie photo and made a BOOM on internet.


OMG that was awesome, ne.

I always love their Science Bros thing between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, remember the after credit scene on IRON MAN? that’s my fave scene between them ne. And then with them twitter just surprised me everyday,

for example when Mark suddenly tweet_ed to Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and say  …


i was like what the hell is happen today ne,

suddenly HULK and Loki talk each other on twitter? and that i do miss him! and Tom where are you mate? really? that’s just beyond all my imagination ne.

I mean HULK, did he really missed that someone he called as Puny God …? xD

and it didn’t stop there, when instead of sayin

like how is Loki inside my brain, but it was like this something that i said as an impossible sweet reply from Loki to HULK ….


Look, he even call HULK with buddy ….?

OMG i suppose i had to fell again from London bridge, ah ya i think i’ve been thinking too much with my love Super Heroes brain ne, and OK, that was the Real Madness happeing inside me.

Indeed, i love Super Heroes movies, all of it.

Eh not all of it anyway, maybe except this new version of Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garldfield.

I dunno why i am just not that sexcited about this movie ne even i do like Emma Stone, but i still prefer the previous version with Tobey Mcguire, Kristen Dunts and James Franco as Harry Osborne

and  i am also so sexcited when i see there’s some love sparkle start to happen between Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) and Capt. Rogers on Capt. America and The Winter Soldier . Even i know they both will get marry but still it just so lovely for me to wonder what will happen between them  …

of course i also followed

~  Chris Evans (Capt. Rogers)


apparently now i am one from all his 1.02 M followers on twitter. I got more fun to see him tweet_ed this excitement of him about release Capt. America and The Winter Soldier at the same day with RDJ‘s birthday.


and sure if you are on Facebook and liked RDJ‘s Facebook Page, you must know if RDJ held his 49th birthday party this year in Marvel way by invited over than 50 kids to watch Capt. America and The Winter Soldier together at his home.

BkgXHAfIUAISuzX.jpg medium

A private screening at home ne, that’s so cool. I mean plus with the approval from The Captain himself.

Yeah,  i always think RDJ is cool ne. Who is more cool than RDJ? i say nobody. He, him self is also genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist just like Tony Stark, the character he play.

even he (read : Chris Evans/Capt. Rogers) didn’t say welcome to twitter to RDJ, and that’s good, because i know it will kinda weird for me to see it, because on the movie you know how weird is things going on between Tony Stark and Capt. Rogers ne.


some kind of rivalry i think,

so it doesn’t surprised me when Capt. Rogers didn’t even bother asked for help from Tony Stark when  all things went wrong for in inside SHIELD and The Winter Soldier, Bucky


ah, my dear Bucky …

Talking aboutThe Winter Soldier, Bucky ne, the 2nd Capt. America and The Winter Soldier added one on my Broomance List after yasu and DAIGO, so now my Broomance List is …

1.    SHERLOCK Holmes and John Watson


Ah come on, what’s more Broomance than SHERLOCK and John?

2.   yasu and DAIGO  …


OK, not gonna say anything about it …xD, aaand last but not least is …

3.  Capt. America and The Winter Soldier …

remember what Capt. Rogers said to The Winter Soldier, Bucky when he beat/punch him over and over on his face (eh, God not the face please … !!) ? The very same line with what young Bucky said to young Steve Rogers after his parents funeral …

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

That’s so sweet and heart breakin at the same time ne, i mean how Capt. Rogers just take all Bucky‘s punches all over his face like that, OMG see the true friendship bonding between them?

That’s why for you my dear,  to add some sweet in this whatsoever i do for you in this fandom world,  allow me to say the same Line with Capt. Rogers , .from now on, …..

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

noi         :     i mean it eh ,  i really do …
yasu      :     now, it is friendship between us …
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well, OK so now can you back to the topic …

OK enough with the Super Hero talk, back to 「Shangri-la 」

i did say on my previous post about me started post for 5th Season  Project 「Shangri-la 」 after the  「Shangri-la Live」 ~ Tokyo post ne,

but then when i look again their (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) post list, i see  there’s still 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma

omo what a fool me …..

That’s why everyone, let’s finish this something that i hope will be my last post for 4th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」, with  …

~   「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma

「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma which has been postponed due to heavy snow finally was held at LABI1 Takasaki, it was such a large venue. Together with FM Gunma, 「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma started with talked about ..

#  「Shangri-la  Live 」  ~ Gunma that was held weeks ago, thoughts an impression about it …

Simply, Live performance i have, it’s always in the major cities and i think i have to visit all of you. This time (Project  『Shangri-la』),  is to go as close as possible. Comes into an interaction as much as possible and becomes fun.

It is a simple Project (laugh)

then next question is …

#   The Local gourmet that you want to eat again while you were travelling around the whole country for this Project 『Shangri-la』 …

Thinking about this tour so far, i was an (off) type which doesn’t come out at all, but i think about to go out a little this time.

It wasn’t all around country, but to Ise Jingu and Izumo Taisha shrine because it was the year of Sengu, so i was allowed to go there. I am not such a spiritual type so much, since it was only once in 20 and 60 years so i was happy to go.

The thing that i want to eat, is Tarekatsu because i ate everyday in Niigata.  タレカツは美味しいですよ!

next is

#  The BOØWY talk

Eh God, let’s skip this …


yasu   :    what the ….
noi      :    it’s the same question and answer …
yasu   :    what about your same rambling drama, you should skip that too ..
noi      :    of course not, i won’t skip any drama in my life ..
yasu   :    hee  …

then they also received some worried message about what happened on 「Shangri-la Live」~  Gunma, February 20th

At the end of Live in Beishia Hall February 20th you got hit on your knee, was it OK after that?

At the end of The Live, …

I was think about to fly/jump on a stand when i wanted to say hello to everyone, and unexpectedly there wasn’t flyin distance. It was too low and i got hit on my knee and ended up in pain (laugh).

It was a hit with a nice momentum, but i was completely OK.

next question is

When i go out to play or go to work, i go by car mostly. I like car, so yasu_san, what kind of car do you like?

I also like to go by car, but a long time ago i wanted a convoy head (he is talking about a semi trailer truck, usually it is more similar to a caravan than a military convoy),

Convoy, an old Convoy i am talking about, do you understand it… ?

I say as the part of the head of traction truck of Transformers, nah do you get it? I wanted that, and also Sylvester Stallone‘s movie 「Over The Top」, it was an arm wrestling movie . The grand price (an expensive new custom semi-truck), i thought it was so cool

FYI   :     he is talkin about Sly (Sylvester Stallone)’s old movie on 1987. Sly as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who want to rebuild his llfe again after the death of his wife and build his own truck company.

I am not that into this movie ne, because for me there’s so many wrong and fails on it and i always ended mad to Sly whenever i watch again that movie.

After all, Rocky from  the 1st Rocky (1976), Rocky II ~ Rocky V and the last Rocky Balboa (2006) are still my best Sly movies …xD

So, he loves trucks eh, i wonder …..


noi          :      i wonder have you ever drive those ABC trucks …
yasu       :      eh, what kind of question is that
noi          :      or, don’t tell me you don’t have a licence …?
yasu       :      eeeh ….
noi          :     大丈夫ですよ やーさん,  at least you have your
Murder Licence  ne …. *laugh*
yasu       :     not funny …

talking about driving eh, …

me, i say i am a very bad driver with no driving licence as well.

But i always drive fast, as fast as i can. You know how is gonna end when a bad driver is driving fast ne, it ended with me couldn’t control the wheel and then hit something, someone or got arrested by the police because i drive with no driving licence.

Can you imagine that, they did dare to arrest me Inspector Himura …?

that must be a joke ne, a real funny joke. So what happen next is ….   Well, remember what Jet Li‘s villain character on Lethal Weapon 3?

A high-ranked triad negotiator named Wah Sing Ku. I always love Jet Li ne, and on that movie my fave scene is when Wah Sing Ku say …


Law was made by human, so it can be fixed with money …

That was awesome ne, and that’s exactly what happened here in my country everything can be fixed by money. So i still driving with no driving licence until now.

After all i am Inspector Himura ne, why would i need a Driving License anyway, ha ha  #nyaaaa …. *dumped to Limbo forever*

I started to drive again to office since 3 months ago and say good bye  to my lovely riding bus in the morning. Yes, i got more tired than before but in the other way i arrive more earlier at office.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update from Me …

This one is for Shiga Part …

Enjoii … !!!

aand my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is already on my proxy’s home in Hokkaido and he will send it to me this weekend. Let’s take a look for the cover ne …

–   Regular

–   Fan Club ver.

i say, i am different now,

1 or 2 years ago maybe you will see me posting some mad or can’t wait rambling about 4th SEASON「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  from how i can’t wait, or  i am on fire because i’ve seen it everywhere …. etc etc while nonstop bothered my proxy with lost of questioning emails …

but not now …

now i think i became more calm about it, it’s not because i am not sexcited about it anymore because if you know how freak i am, believe me i am sexcited about it more than anybody but in a different way. So what happen now is i am still waiting in calm for it.

aand what next, ah ya look what finally came to my proxy home in Hokkaido, yeah it is always Hokkaido … xD


my ticket for FOOL COOL ROCK Documentary movie,

finally i got it, i was worried if i couldn’t get it and when i got it i still have to feel another worry because there’s something that i have to do if i want to watch that movie.

Apparently i have to come to the cinema about two days before the show day to change to tickets with another tickets from the cinema with a number seat. So there’s no number seat yet on that ticket.

I really confused about that because that tickets are for May 28th show, and two days before May 28th is May 26th ne and that’s the day i will arrive in Haneda at 11:00 PM.

So how am i suppose to change my tickets.

Nah that was something that stressed me out at the beginning of this week, But thank God, because my friend who is in Tokyo will do that for me …

Now i’d say if this Fandom World is a sailing ship and surely i am one of the passenger while yasu is The Captain. Again and again i feel myself as a lucky person this year.

From  …

~   got that FC lottery ticket,
~   a proxy who never say no to whatever i asked him (
yeah, i say my proxy is good ne, i mean compared to the previous one in Tokyo that i use this one i much better), and
~   a very nice friend in
Tokyo who gladly help me this time …

and tonight i suppose this song 風になりたい from The Boom is perfect to close this quite long post …




大きな帆を立てて あなたの手を引いて
荒れ狂う波にもまれ 今すぐ風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
沈みゆく太陽 追い越してみたい

生まれてきたことを 幸せに感じる
かっこ悪くたっていい あなたと風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
涙降らす雲を つきぬけてみたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたの手のぬくもりを 感じて風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい


ooki na ho o tatete anata no te o hiite
are kuruu nami ni mo mare ima sugu kaze ni naritai

tengoku jya nakute mo rakuen jya nakute mo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakatta kono machi ni
shizumiyuku taiyo oi koushite mitai

umarete kita koto o shiawase ni kanjiru
kakko warukutatte ii anata to kase ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakkata kono machi ni
namida furasu kumo o tsukinukete mitai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata no te no nukumori o kanjite kaze ni naritai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

English Translation

I’ll host a big sail
and take your hand
As we’re thrown to and fro by the raging waves
I want to become the wind right now

It may not be heaven
It may not be paradise
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

I’d like to overtake the setting sun
I’m glad that I was given life
I don’t care if I look uncool
but I’d like to become the wind with you

Nothing good ever happens in this town
Wanting to break through the cloud that sends tears

It may not be heaven,
it may not be paradise,
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

that’s exactly what i feel now.

My whole life isn’t perfect at all, still hard as always with there’s so many things that make me sad and wanna cry but somehow i feel so lucky with all i have now.

My family, a mother who always nonstop praying for me, a sister that i can always count on for, friends who always make me happy with their own different way and of course this fandom where i do this whatsoever do to make myself better,  i am grateful …

One more time i say …

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい …

noi         :     thanks, Capt …
yasu      :     another new drama ….
noi         :     omo, how did you know that, but this one is very good ne, ….
yasu      :     ah nothing is not good for you  …
noi         :     eh, what the  …

~ owari~



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  1. Another beautiful blog post, lovely writing and commentary on all things Yasu amazing as usual 🙂 your superhero rant kept me smiling too 😀 have a great week!!

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