So, Sorry Ooo … Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Chiba … (Another me, yasu and 公開ゲネプロ )


ええー 。。 still 4th SEASON ….?




OMG, i thought the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma is gonna be the last for the 4th SEASON but then look what happened,

i guess i was wrong again ne,

because there’s still this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Chiba left. I didn’t even remember if they also canceled  「Shangri-la Meeting」 for Chiba Prefecture just like what they they did to Gunma.


Geez, this 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 feels endless …

yeah as always i am wrong, i guess in everything. I mean i never make anything correctly. Like yesterday, i made mistakes. See mistakes, ended with s means that’s more than one mistake i made these days,

and my boss, Commissioner Vijay is so MAD to me.

Over and over, sayin the same thing to me via phone, text messages and LINE. It surprised me when he called me using that LINE video call, i mean  …

eeh am i the only one who didn’t know if we can call people using LINE …?


yasu       :     you didn’t know …?
noi          :     why didn’t you tell me, i thought it was some
yasu       :     the world is moving fast ne noi_chan, so move faster ..
noi          :     but you know i am
Capt. Slow
yasu       :     where’s
Inspector Himura ?
noi          :     ……………

So i spent my last two days at office with nothing but listening to him talking while fixed all mistakes i made. People do mistakes ne, but this mistakes i made are pissed him off and i make it worst by sayin i am so SORRY,  when he asked me

How can you be wrong …?

i totally forgot how he really hate that SORRY word, for him sayin SORRY is just another excuse to refuse to learn from your mistake and then make another mistake in the future. that’s why i tried to not to say i’am SORRY whenever i made mistake, on my works matter …

But don’t get me wrong,

in my personal life, with my friends or people that i love i say countless SORRY, for everything. Maybe i offended someone with what i did, said or acted as how freak i am i know i have countless reason for me to say i am SORRY ..

but i learned a lot that day, so let’s finish this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Chiba


4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』 back to Chiba again, this  「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Chiba Prefecture which became the last event for the 4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』, supposed to be held on February 14th, on Valentine Day.

But it was postponed because of the heavy snow.

But then somehow like a miracle they finally allowed to held  「Shangri-la Meeting」 on March 14th, on White Day together with bayfm. They held it as closed event, where winners only allowed to join the Meeting. and bayfm, 「ON8」 program for this event, made a special program called

「bayfm ON8 Special  Shangri-la Meeting in Chiba Acid Black Cherry and ABC on White Day !」

meeting chiba

Like the previous bayfm in Gunma, this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Chiba also started with yasu‘s thoughts about Project 『Shangri-la』‘s question …

It’s that i wanted to do all 47 prefectures Live, and if i only do Live with so much effort all over, how cannot be anything else to do ? Felt about to prepare such an oppotunity on the place to get in touch and having all of you to gather.

The very 1st Project 『Shangri-la』 was 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Fukushima. At that time there, it was a place like a technical school. One floor and the distance, compared to this (hall in Chiba), it was narrower and i was nervous.

DJ’s question …

All that events and get along with the TOUR as well, you must be very busy yasu_san …

Because there’s smile from fans, i can do my best

yasu also mentioned about that on some interview, i mean the phrase about how everyone (fans)’s smile is the source of energy for him, to do his best, … etc etc ….

yasu      :    did i …?
noi         :    yes, you did say it before that meeting in
yasu      :    when …
noi         :    can’t remember it ne, でも、大好きです

I just love when he say that, and for me that’s one of his way to blow my mind. After all he is still the Mind Blowing Mind for me …

next is talk about the Live from the DJ who came to see The 4th Season Live in Omiya about questions that received from everyone across country via Twitter

The question that day, it was often serious question

expected some dirty question, and got to know some of it on this tour (laugh). I say there are many sort of (erotic question) thing at first but it was avoided. It was a little more ordinary question or serious one was done, it became mere dirty talks (laugh)

and then as the venue limited plan, is …

「yasuさん sokomadeitte ii no??!!bayfm ON8 Treasure Talk SPECIAL!」

It was 8 yearns and 10 months ago, when 「ON8」 Treasure Talk with yasu were introduced. 「ON8」 Treasure Talk, November 20th, 2008 :

「I got a letter from HYDEさん Story 」


back to 2008, ABC hosted an event called SWAPPING ROCK PARTY and at that time, on the previous day VAMPS had their Live Performance in Nagoya.

After that VAMPS Live, HYDEさん wrote a letter for yasu.

so that show is about how delighted yasu got a letter from HYDEさん for the first time. They (so was yasu) listened again that show, said it was a joyful voice of yas and feel happy about it.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update …

this one is for Hyogo Part


and  TVNavi Smile 2014年5月号


What a full of boyband and dorama magazine ne, but there is Sato Takeru there with his new Dorama called ビター・ブラッド/Bitter Blood.

That’s a good drama anyway,


What’s more AWESOME than to see Sato with a gun after a while we often see him with as Himura Batosai with samurai?

Sato  as a probie detective at Ginza Police Departement, First Division. First Division ne, that means a Homicide Division, you know dealing with murder and maybe a serial killer …..?

i’d say …

おもーー 。。。  叫び叫び after all blood is bitter than water ne, see  ….

sato 1

my dearest and far far away cousin Kenshin (read : Sato), finally joined Ginza Police Departement, First Division following his dearest and far far away cousin noi_chan to be a Police Investigator

Wah, that’s brilliant ….. !!!


yasu     :     it’s just a drama ne, there’s nothing connected with you …
noi        :     really? but still i am happy ne …
yasu     :     and also stop that tellin everyone he is your
Far Far Away Cousin
noi        :     but i am really Far Far Away from him ne …

backt to magazine  …

I know each magazine has their own theme and spesification, so  me who always buy full of VK artist magazine like FOOL’S MATE, CD&DL DATA, B~ PASS … etc always surprised while sayin ….

Ehhh, what the ….

when i received other magazines that full girly stuffs or boyband talks like JUNON or that TVNavi Smile.

So apparently i already reach my bandwith for free account on Photobucket, and what happened was they blocked some of images that i posted there. I have no idea how many yasu did i posted there in one month but it reached 1.9 GB.


nah because i have to pay 2.99 USD a month to make all yasu posted there alive, so from now on everyone please use them wisely …  ドキドキドキドキ

then next is about this …

~    The Fan Club Member Only Public Generalprobe …

公開ゲネプロ a.k.a. Public Generalprobe. From German language Generalprobe in theater or figuratively means dress rehearsal, but commonly it described as final rehearsal.

it was held twice (May 05th and 07th) at Makuhari Messe.

Because it was Fan Club event member only, so yeah it was special ne because all of them got this bracelet in different colors


credit   :   @はんな

#  1st Day

『Shangri-la』 Public Generalprobe 05.05.2014 in Makuhari Messe


01. sins
03. I’m not a ghost
04. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. Kimi ga Inai、Ano hi Kara …
09. Kuroi Taiyo
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori


14. Black Cherry
15. cord name 【JUSTICE】
16. Prologue End
17. Pistol
18. Shangri – La

there was also some special Q&A session there, where the audience who was lucky ( if i wasn’t mistaken, they were chosen based on their seat randomly) allowed to ask question to yasu and the support members.

Lots of interesting questions like

~    What you see 1st time when you see a woman,
~    The boobs question/talk, small, BIG size …


Okay yasu, we all know how you like boobs …xD

~    How should it be as a bandman’s girlfriend, and Junji answered that question with

『Don’t say /tell ・Don’t Listen to ・Don’t Look into 』

Ok, i get the what his point is about how if ….

If i Mademoiselle Noi,  ….

someday,  somehow suddenly able to date a bandsman then be his girlfried … ? xDDD


yasu     :    OK, that’s funny … *laugh*
noi        :     …. waaa ha ha, really?
Junji      :    でも、 だれ と  … ?
yasu     :     はい、 noi_chan だれ  …?
noi        :     hmm, だれ かな 。。 *thinking hard*

I’ll think about that later ne,

so about that  『言わない・聞かない・覗かない』 things ne,

i suppose if i were a bandsman’s girlfriend i have to believe in him no matter what. Don’t tell (private oriented), don’t listen (to so many rumors might came up about him) and don’t look into ( it more deep).

Eeeh, that’s so easy to say but surely must be hard to do ne, even if i will trust nothing but what he (my whoever bandsman BF to be) will say to me but of course it will be so hard to me to keep myself not to do my search ne,


Not only because i am Inspector Himura – The Investigator,  but also because i am a SHERLOCKIAN. And as a good SHERLOCKIAN i follow SHERLOCK to …


it’s not that i will lower the IQ for the whole block if i didn’t do that, but i believe surely it will lower my own IQ that’s already not that HIGH (read : not that HIGH to join NYPD or HAWAII Five O) .

After all Anderson is already do his SEARCH now, so why wouldn’t i …?

OK, enough about that i got HIT and SHERLOCKED moment, and back to the Generalprobe Live questions this one is something really #whoaa … !!_ed me …

yasu   :   i want to do something with FanClub, what is it ….
fans    :   travel, Hawaii …
yasu   :   seriously …?

i was like OMG really? …

even if that’s only some talks, but OMG OMG what if they really wanted to do that ne? i mean you all know some artist already did that like

~   L’arc also with their last World Tour 2012 Live in Honolulu ne, it was a Le~Ciel  Members Only, and  …
~   GACKT ~ Dears Members Only trip to Bali …

Eh God ….

#  2nd Day

『Shangri-la』 Public Generalprobe 07.05.2014 in Makuhari Messe


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Kimi ga Inai、Ano hi Kara …
08. Maria
09. so … Good Night
10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri – La


14. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
15.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni
16. Yubiwa Monogatari (request)
17. Cherry cherry

some questions on the 2nd day that is ay as full of doki doki question

~    Have you ever come to like a man …?

yasu    :   i have come to like in the meaning of respect,
Q        :   is it
HYDEさん …?


おもーー 。。。  叫び叫び

~    What is your underwear color today …?

we all saw one of his underwear ne, remember that one with blue color on Secret Live Documentary DVD when he suddenly jumped off from inside a car and then laughed ha ha ha …  with a blue underwear ?

well, you all fangirl, go watch your Black List Album again and find it … …. *wink*

While me, i will close this post while thinkin about a lot of WHY , WHY, WHY THE HELL i can’t swim …? and say lots of …

Hawaii, Waikiki, Kawaii, yashiii …. !!!


yasu     :    they said Hawaii, it doesn’t mean swimming …
noi        :    ah come one, of course it does
yasu     :    then do something …
noi        :    ah, that’s hard to do ne, if it easy sure i already join
Hawaii Five O ….. *goin home*
yasu     :    what happen with her, did somebody dumped her again  …?



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