HQ Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime … (Another me, yasu and 10 Things I ♡ about him)

Whaaa, finally, ….

While yasu already started that Encore Season

with the 1st and 2nd show in his hometown Osaka, be the lovely dovey Prince Charming in the white outfit me with his long, blond pony tail like this …


noi      :    OMG OMG …
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    nothing …
yasu   :    that’s not nothing …
noi      :    well at least they didn’t make it Green … xD

so here i am now being late again as always start my 5th Season Post tonight. After all, it is always better to be late than not doing anything eh …. xD

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) wrote this premier Meeting for 5th Season, 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime as cheerful and warm Meeting in the spring.

and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime together with FM Ehime was also held as a closed event, where only the winner who was allowed to join the Meeting.


This is 5th Season 「Shangri-la 」 Project Premier and also it 1st landing in Shikoku, so they were talked about thought of when to start 「Shangri-la 」 Project as well as the impressions of many parts of it up to The 4th Season.

First of all, this all prefectures tour i wanted to try it for a long time.

The problem was, it couldn’t be realized easily. But now finally it can be realized, on this occassion since we already did so much efforts for Live all prefectures, so i wish i could do a live event with the local people as well.

so it’s really just simply that much …

DJ’s question :  Actually, you’ve been doing it until now, how is it …

Treated me like a star, more than i thought (laugh).

Today’s event is a closed event, but i was allowed to do in an open space in some places. It surprised me to have you all say kyaa kyaa …!! everyone in Ehime (though it is a closed event) that’s great.


and then they were talking about 「少年式」 and some Mandarin Juice recipe … etc etc aand there you are finally …

i received my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ..!!!!




together with that DAM Express Magazine with that so many cool and sexy yasu ne.

I say that’s hardest magazine i even bid on auction, i mean i had to lost in 2 auctions before and then waited for another person to open a new auction for that magazine and finally i got and it still in a reasonable price for a magazine.

But that almost 3 times bid on auctions is worthy ne,

Whooo ho ho ho, now let me say, yay … !!!!

yasu     :    do you have to tell everybody about it …
noi        :    what, the Yay …!!! ?
yasu     :    no, you know what i mean …
noi        :    my dear, gomen ne but i dunno what you mean …
yasu     :    liar  ..
noi        :    ha ha yeah, the good one  …

back to 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ne,

i say for this 4th SEASON , the PHOTOBOOK is not HQ. I dunno maybe it is only me, but i don’t see the same Q (read : Quality image) like the previous Season 1, 2, and 3 PHOTOBOOK .

Take a look at this …


that image above is from Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK) and the other one is from Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) see what i see?

Both of the Meeting was held indoor, in a mall but why did the images for Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) looks more dark than the Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK)

and they made yasu‘s skin is not as pale as he was looked like on the other previous PHOTOBOOK.

And that’s not only for that page Meeting in Tochigi but also Meeting in Kanagawa and Chiba (well okay, this one is indoor) but still not HQ though, . So i wonder what the hell was happen ne?

omo  …

~   was the sun stop shining on the day they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) edited The 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK so it became darker like that, or
~   the electricity went down that day, or


~   Darth Vader was comin and made it like that …?

OMG OMG i better run now ….

yasu     :     hey, you’re not finish yet …
noi        :     i don’t want
Darth Vader say I am your father to me, run ya_san, run … !!!
yasu     :     stop sayin that, i am not
Forrest Gump
noi        :     ….. *stop running*

OK, so all i want to say is, i suppose they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) to do differently for the upcoming 5th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK.

I want HQ

a High Quality images ne, like how yasu is a HQ person as well, so it would be better if you (yes, you again, whoever you are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) give me HQ images ne because …

I am a HQ fangirl …. ajajajaja, #にゃー ーー  *dumped to Niagara Fall*


yasu    :   is that all, are you finish now …?
noi       :   not yet, there’s no rambling yet. Just bear with me ne, because tonight i just being
Chatty as HELL
yasu    :   how long this post is gonna be …
noi       :   dunno,

so now it is time for this …

~ Whatsoever Update from Me ….

this one is for Nara part …


while this one is from DAM Express


Enjoii ….. !!!

aaand, ha ha there  you are the Rambling part, this time is about …

~   The Kowai Jakarta

I’ve been in Jakarta for a whole day, spent a whole night on a night bus from my home which is one of my fave things to do.

This time i did it differently ne, i didn’t use taxi as how i always do whenever i go to Jakarta. I followed what Tekki said about this economic travelling. It worked for her, so i suppose that must be also worked for me …

Economic i say, because it cost a way more cheap than how i use to travel.

This is the comparation ne, let’s say it as non-Economic and Economic. non-Economic means i use 1 hour trip by plane from Semarang to Jakarta than spending a whole night by bus, and also i use taxi to go anywhere  …

1. non- Economic way

~  2 x bus ticket from my village to Semarang (city with regional airport)   :   30,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from bus terminal Semarang to Airport)  at least @70,000   :  140,000 IDR
~  2 x Flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, this is when i got cheap/promo flight   :    1,000,000 IDR
~  3 x Taxi (from airport to embassy; embasy to cinema theater; cinema theater to airport again) at least @100,000  :  300,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total   :    2,220,000 IDR

2. Economic way

~  2 x night bus ticket My hometown  to Jakarta  @170,000 :  340,000 IDR
~  1 x Busway ticket (from bus station to embassy) :  3,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from embassy to cinema theater, cinema theater back to bus station (depending on traffic)  :   200,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total     :   1,293,000 IDR

see how different is it? …

that’s why i wanted to try it and also i never try to ride busway before even i say so many By The Way Busway. I thought i will give myself a try this time.


Everything is so smooth, from bus station i took a bus to Harmoni stop and then change it to Blok M and i suppose to get off on one bus stop after Bundaran HI stop (because they closed that to build MRT).

But what happened was so far far away (as far as my relationship with Dear Brother, Kenshin ) from my imagination and what i’ve been planned from home.

from Harmoni stop i changed bus, i thought it was the correct bus. I got a seat and feel comfy a little bit and then fell asleep. I woke up when i heard so many people walking out of the bus. Then i was like,

eeeh what happened …?

i panicked and without thinking i followed all of them out from the bus and just ran out from the bus stop like somebody was after me and i dunno why. Then finally i stood there on one side of the road and looked around me and i didn’t see this Bundaran HI anywhere ..


Bundaran HI, it’s a landmark site in the center of Jakarta.

HI is for Hotel Indonesia so yes a round water splash and statue next to Hotel Indonesia and Japan Embassy is also around there. So i have to go there ne, but i don’t see any sign of it anywhere.

Appaently it was not only because i fell asleep but also because i took the wrong bus then i ended lost in Jakarta, a city that i never imagine i am gonna be lost like that. I wanted to ask somebody but i can’t, since i am still sick so it’s really hard for me to speak.

I even only use my hand or say some one or 2 words mostly.

The worst part is i didn’t see any taxi there, so i had to walk far enough then reach another street that is much bigger and finally i see a taxi came approached me. I open the door and hardly say Kedutaan Jepang (Japan Embassy) to the driver then i feel …

nothing but free …

it took me forever to reach Japan Embassy from bus terminal ne, from 08:00 AM until almost 12:00 AM. I say Jakarta is a very scary ne especially for an INK ( いなか ) people like me.

The people i saw on the bus, dunno why they seems like so careless about others.

Inside the bus, i was standing next to a pregnant woman and none of those 5 young woman sit in the seat in front of us willing to give their seat to her until the bus officer (the man who is standing next to the busway door) said to them …

hey please, this is a pregnant woman …

and then one of them with that look finally gave her seat to the pregnant woman. I wonder, eh in here there’s so many other version of Dinda ne …

Now i am really glad that i am livin in this village, where i say there’s some hospitality i see in the people. Yes, of course there’s some bad and careless people but i don’t see it often in public like that.

Maybe that’s the different between livin in the city and village.


I went to Gandaria Mall, had some that whatsoever yummy BBQ.

For 120,000 IDR that’s must be yummy ne, and actually that portion is for 2 person, but i ate it alone and everyone there just nonstop lookin at me like i am crazy or something.

Eh come on, only that 4 pieces of meat and 1 egg is for 2 person, really? that must be a joke ne or whoever made than menu must be on a hard diet because i was still hungry even i finished that …

Gandaria Mall is the place where i use to go to watch IMAX cinema. Then i went to the cinema to watch Ken Watanabe in Godzilla


ah ya, don’t tell me how the movie was, because i fell asleep in the middle of it and then woke up suddenly that monster MUTO already MAD, MAD, MAD and destroyed everything.


I couldn’t ask to people next to me, because there was only 5 people including me in that theater and we all sat very far each other. I feel like i just had a private movie playin ne and for a movigoers like me …

That’s HEAVEN … !!!


yasu    :    but you were sleep …
noi       :    too bad eh, i have to watch that movie again …
yasu    :    why did you always sleep everywhere …
noi       :    OMG ya_san, that’s because
i am Nemuri Hime ne ..
yasu    :    i shouldn’t ask …

well even Jakarta is Kowai, but i still had some fun there. I ate a lot and had my own version of Solitary Gourmet, you know there’s so many food there on bus terminal from meatball soup, sweet and sour mango, … etc etc i ate them all


you know that live action drama adaptation from manga where there’s a man named Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) with his solitary lifestyle and a very healthy appetite (like me … xD) who travel to different places and try some food and figured out how the best way to enjoyed it.

and now  …

look at this new Blog Widget i got today. Actually i saw this on 闇Rodemさん‘s blog and i just love it and try to make one for my self  …

It is a generated widget, so it just easily generated by put your name and what things you want to put on your Blog Widget. I made one, and because you all know how dreamer i am so i put Fangirl, DayDreamer and this is what they gave me  …

yes, everyone now meet the new me

ノイ 緋村, a Fangirl and Daydreamer …..  (^_^)♡

but then the problem is even i already copied and pasted it to my ameblo, it just didn’t work. I dunno why maybe there’s something wrong and i just don’t get it. So i just post it here on this post ne, after all i am not Jim The IT ne, so things like are confused me …

last but not least is this Fangirl Meme,

i know i made this before a long time ago, now after i watched again for how many times i forgot Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger‘s 10 Things I Hate About You, i think i have to re_new it again …

OK 行きましょう 皆さん …

~  10 Things  I ♡ about yasu …

1.   I ♡ when yasu fall like this …


2.  I ♡ when yasu start to count like this …

3.  I ♡ when yasu serious like this …

4.  I ♡ when yasu is on suit like this …


5.  I ♡ when yasu sayin ほんまに ね … over and over on every MC

6.  I ♡ how yasu sayin もういい もういいよ on Yes song …

because in my ears it sounds like he is callin me …

Noi, Noi, come here yo …. !!! #wekekekeke


yasu     :     i never call you on that part …
noi        :     but …
yasu     :     no, still no
noi        :     and stil, for me it sounded like that … *wink*

7.  I ♡ when yasu make a peace like this

or …

8. Being Dorky like this …


then last  but not least is ….

10.  I ♡ when yasu is smiling like this  …

that’s all everyone, i just upgraded my Fangirl meme, now i am going to sleep because tomorrow, it’s Monday

and you all know what Monday is, a full day of works to do because my boss Comissioner Vijay (yes, i am The Inspector, so Mr. Vijay must be a Police Commissioner …. xD) make me work really hard this month.

So tomorrow is gonna be a very long Moanday at office,

i still not able to talk perfectly and just got a terrible flu yesterday, and that make me wipe my nose a lot, almost ran out of tissue and these days, that Chou ver. Tissue Box is my bestfriend everywhere.

so my dear ya_san, i will do my best and hopefully i will able to talk again at the end of this month …

Oyachuumii Luv …

noi       :  what are you doing?
yasu    :   but noi_chan, that’s not 10 …
noi       :   really …?
yasu    :   yes, count it …
noi       :   ah, stop counting it’s almost midnight ne. I’ll do that tomorrow …



2 thoughts on “HQ Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime … (Another me, yasu and 10 Things I ♡ about him)

  1. oh my gosh, i thoroughly loved reading this update, you are the only blogger who writes so endearingly and makes me laugh/smile so hard 😀 i got up this morning to read it and my hubman was like, ‘why are you smiling so much, its morning and you hate mornings!’ and i was like, ‘noi-chan wrote to us this morning!’ and he was like, ‘noi-chan, that yasu-girl?’ haha. yes, the yasu-girl 😉 your darth vader/forrest gump reference made me LOL and i love learning about your little strange things, like sleeping and getting lost all the time, and eating a lot. the top 10s at the end were perfect. do you have a blog about how you first fell in love with yasu/hyde ?? i will go back and look for it if you do in case i missed one…otherwise i hope someday when u are not too busy you can write that, but only if you want to haha 🙂 thanks again noi-chan for making my day start amazing. love! kiri

  2. my 1st in luv with HYDE and yasu ? it was forever ago ne can’t remember exactly whether i wrote about it or not, but i’d say for yasu it was accidentally thanks to HYDE … xD

    well, maybe i’ll write about that again, but surely it would be so dramatically boring . 🙂 ,

    thanks again for reading and have a wonderful day Jenny … ❤

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