Selfie Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tokushima #1 … (Another me, yasu and The Baby Stroberry タカ )


It’s July now, everyone  … !!!



and Ramadhan is also here now … !!!

can’t believe how time running so fast eh, because last year on this Holy Month of Ramadhan like this my father died after spent a whole week at hospital. It came so sudden, and none of us thought about that will happen.

Even me, the old version me last year who hated him so much.

Now i do miss my father.

In fact i always miss him whenever i go to cinema or after watching movie. But what can i do, his time in this world already expired so now this year’s Ramadhan on my way of tryin my best to be a better person, pray as much as i can for him and maybe get myself closer to my God.

Today is the 6th day of Ramadhan, i am still fasting.

「fasting」 →   「danjiki」/ 「 断食 」 /「だんじき 」 or 「saikai」/ 「斎戒 」 /「さいかい 」

Actually, the hardest part of fasting is not the part when you are not allowed to eat or drink from down to dusk (about 04:30 AM ~ 15:45 PM here in my village) …

but the hardest part is not to be MAD part.

Because fasting isn’t about not eating or drink but also how you can handle/beat your own devil inside of you, your anger or emotion. And that’s not easy for a person with an Anger Management Problem like me.

But no worry everybody i am still do my best not to get MAD today   …


noi        :     あの ねぇ ya_san, it is very hard eh not to get MAD  …
yasu     :     then you know what to do ..
noi        :     but still, i wonder why they keep makes me MAD eh. I mean, what the hell  …
yasu     :     hey, CALM DOWN … !!!

i am CALM now, and tryin to finish this post started with this …

~  「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Tokushima 


at the other day 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was also done in Tokushima prefecture with a warm welcome. Then continued with the first ever Acid Black Cherry Live at Tokushima prefecture was held at Naruto Cultural Center.

That Live in Tokushima was for the fist time, made yasu spirited enough to come to the venue earlier than usual.

And as usual, started with

~   the local gourmet of Tokushima already waiting for yasu in the venue.

He was looking forward for it since he’s been told a lot during the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 .

In a line up like this

~  Ginger Grilled Pork,
~  Sasami and Ponzu Naruto seaweed  … (?)
~  Squid rings and fried shrimps,
~  Kin-Pira Gobo (
Braised Burdock Root),
~  a very fresh vegetable salad,
~  Rice, and
~  Miso soup


Speaking of Tokushima, this is a very well known as the local gourmet is this …

Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima Ramen …. !!!!

yasu who usually doesn’t eat ramen much, reached his hand for this, so this place’s ramen it is amazing.

continued with in the dressing room talk after meal …

between this Tokushima and the previous Ehime Live was close, so there was only a little free/vacant time for all and seemed to be a lot of hard work for all of them. So their talking was about ..

work movement using highway …

yasu        :    so how long did it take to Nagoya …?
member   :    about 7 hours …
yasu        :    7 hours? that much …?
member   :    7 hours using
Shintona, 4 hours with Gotemba (Shintona and Gotemba are some highway route’s name in Japan)
yasu        :    me, long time ago, it took 8 hours to
Nagoya. At the time of Obon
member  :    traffic jam in holidays, are you using Shintona?

then topic changed into bike, i suppose it was full of LOL talks since they put this image of  「eeeh he he he ….!! 」 laugh of yasu


well, talking about yasu‘s laugh ne.

I see he is somebody who always smile and laugh in a quite many way, for example is …

1.   That 「eeeh he he he ….!! 」, like that image above…

2.   This Yao Ming laugh


as you know there is some Yao Ming memes made from that, and that was something LOL.

Welcome to internet eh, where people do things like that and you can find anything you want to find except a place to download money . Even i believe there’s something about it but of course they (whoever they are) won’t easily tell you how  …  xD

3.    this 「Super Kawaii 」 laugh ,  …


I luv when he is laughing like that ….

or this ….

4. 「A Bit Shy」 laugh but indeed kawaii ..


aaand i can’t remember the rest of it, maybe some of you can add it and make it to at least 10 so it can be perfect as …

10 Different Smile of yasu, that sounds more better than 4 Different Smile of yasu, isn’t it … ?


yasu   :   now you ask other people to find the other …?
noi      :   yeah, who knows someone might want to add
yasu   :   but it is your blog ne …
noi      :   but ya_san, …

i think i made more than 6 different smile of yasu ne. I wrote it somewhere, can’t remember it. Maybe on my other computer. See this is what happen when you use more than one computer like me.

Normally everyday i use 3 different computer. My laptop when i have to be out of office, my PC at home (which is my main PC where i put all my scans) and my other PC at office. Plus i also use my own personal laptop that i only use when i am on traveling far from home.

So it’s a bit confusing sometimes,

especially because how i love to spent my waiting time to write something and then i forgot where the hell did i put it. I mean, on which PC. That’s why i rather to write directly on ElJay than save it on some files, but sometimes eh no, i’d say many times ElJay also love to eat my post.

back to , next is …

~   Question selected on The Question Corner is …

the theme was 「初めて」/「The 1st Time」, and the question was ..
What is your 1st part-time job …?


and yasu‘s answer is …

It was ramen shop named 「Sugakiya」 on a restaurant area at the top of a local Department Shop, there where i was working for the 1st time.

I was really made ramen (laugh). Though i am not good with ramen (laughs). It was 550 yen per hour. Didn’t do what chief do, but i was doing anything else.

By the way, the longest part time job that i did was on the construction site. It felt like a professional part-time job since i license for something such as crane

But for a normal part time job was me as the konbibi no nii_chan (convenience store’s man), but i looked more like nee_chan (laugh)

Ah, i think i can imagine how he looked like and understand why they mistaken him as nee_chan instead of nii_chan …xD

then next is …

~   The SetList

24.03.2014 「Shangri-la」  Live  ~ Naruto Cultural Center


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence

03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Kuroneko  ~Adult Black Cat~

07. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
08. Maria
09. so…Good night.

10. Black Cherry
11. cord name【JUSTICE】
12. Pistol
13. Shangri – La


14. Yes (request)
15. sins (request)
16. Shojo no Inori III

~   The Kewpie

this time, the ABC x Obitsu Kewpies「Tokushima version 」 is this …


「阿波踊り」/「Awa Odori」/「Awa Dancing」

Speaking of Tokushima, this 「Awa Odori」is also famous, even the airport where 「Shangri – La Meeting 」 was held name is also 「Awa Odori Airport」, aaanndd ….

I don’t have it ….. !!!


noi        :      ….   *wanna cry*
yasu    :       i told you ne, you can’t get everything you want …
noi        :      but, i just want that …
yasu     :      you want everything …

Beside this Anger Management problem i have now, want everything is my other problem.


I want this, i want that, …. etc etc many thing my eyes captured and internet connection make it bigger.

That’s why i love when my internet went slow like on rainy day, especially when i am on my surfing on some auction site or any other on-line shop i open.

So i won’t go further …

And the worst part is sometime, eh no i mean many times ….

all those things i blindly bought  are things that i don’t even need and i can’t even remember where the hell is i put  that things. Usually my mom is the one who keep all my stuffs, not only my collection but also my other stuffs like clothes or bags.

But i am not gonna say i am one of the shoppaholic, no i am not. I do still have my own limit for that eh.

Because i still have a house to run complete with the bills to pay every month and a dramatic mother who really love to talk about how high price for our daily needs now. Sometimes, she is very very annoying …

next is the Chapter 3 for my very late Trip to Japan report …xD

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 3 (Tokyo ~ Day 1)


So after spent another night at Haneda,

i woke up in the morning about 07:00 JST. And because at that time i had not st my clock into JST when i saw it was only 03:00 AM (actually, it was already 05:00 AM) i went to sleep again.

Wake up again 2 hours later at 05:00 AM according to my clock, almost fell on the floor because you all know how is the waiting room’s chair at Haneda ne. Plus me doing the kind of thing i always do whenever i wake up in the morning like this ….



but still lyin on the waiting room chair, so the chance for me to fall down to the floor was quite BIG.

But thank God i didn’t fall eh.

Can’t imagine if i were really fell of my chair that day. It will be very embarrased because i looked around and i see so many people already stat their activity.

Then i realize if i am now in Japan and there’s 2 hours time different between Japan and Indonesia and i wake up very late for Her Majesty‘s standard. For Her Majesty (read : my mother04:30 AM is the latest for a girl to wake up in the morning.

Wake up earlier so you won’t missed the sunrise.

In Javanese culture, missed the sunrise in the morning means there will be a chance for you to not get a really good opportunity that might happen today. Anything, maybe a new project, a good chance to deal with something really good, … etc etc including a good chance to find a good husband.

Then i wondered what am i gonna missed today,

a cute guy that might sit next to me in the limousin bus  …?


noi       :   that’s also a good opportunity eh ya_san …
yasu    :   a cute guy noi_chan, for you too looking at him ..
noi       :   well maybe i can do some talks ..
yasu    :   ha ha … that’s impossible, i know you ..

yeah right, that’s impossible ne ….

So i  went to the public bathroom and put my luggage into one of those locker. After that suddenly i when was looking at my face in the mirror i didn’t see my hat, my Queen Elizabeth hat …



omo, where did i left it ….?

i went to look for it after shower, but i couldn’t find it. Then i tried to remember it while having breakfast but still i didn’t remember anything. maybe i left it in KL ne, as i remember i was running in the hurry to my gate.


That hat is my fave hat ne, because it fits with my orange and some dress i have at home. I bought it on my previous trip to Japan, at UNIQLO – Shibuya.

If i am not mistaken, that hat was 7,500 yen and now i lost it?

ざんねん ですね 。。。

because i survived to take it back home on my trip to Singapore after i left it on a restaurant. I took me for ever to find out in which restaurant did i left it. But now, i lost it again and had no idea where the hell is it.

I mean why did i always like this, i forget a lot and everything. Whenever i go somewhere, i must left something behind. For sexample is my precious Capt. America pillow that i left somewhere at Haneda 2 years ago when i was going back home.

and because i know Her Majesty will mad at me if she found out about that so i was thinking about to going to UNIQLO and get another hat and buy limousin bus ticket to go to my hotel.

According to the hotel’s website where i stay, the hotel is very close if i go there by limousin bus. But again and again i couldn’t get the bus a.k.a left behind. aha yeah, i always left away to go ….!!!

See …  Her Majesty is always right ne.

I woke up late and now i lost my Queen Elizabeth hat and missed my bus to go to my hotel  …  #ewww



then because i don’t want to pay another 820 yen for another bus ticket, i decided to take train from Haneda.

Yeah, that was my 1st time took a subway train in Japan because on my last trip i avoided subway train and only use taxi or JR Line. But this time is totally different because there’s no JR Line on all the route that i planned for.



Only subway train to go everywhere,

so it keep me lookin at that map whenever i am on the train like an idiot. I knew people were lookin at me, not because i am the only gaijin on the train but maybe because i was nonstop counting station and read the station’s name quite loud whenever the train stop.   …

Based on the hotel address, i assumed the nearest station to my hotel was Ningyocho St. I got there, and after climbed many stairs i reached Ningyocho St‘s gate/door. It surprised me how small is the station’s gate/door ne.

If i didn’t see the station sign in front of it, i may think it’s just a little shop or some restaurant ne. Maybe because at that time in my mind all train station in Japan have the same gate/door  like Shibuya Station (the main one) … xD


yasu    :    and they all have Hachiko in front of it …?
noi       :    well …
yasu    :    you said you do your research but what …
noi       :    i am a bit busy that time eh ..

~  continued to Part 2 ~

PS  : So sorry ooo ….


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