Selfie Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tokushima #2 … (Another me, yasu and The Baby Stroberry タカ )


this is Part 2,  eh God even ElJay now asked me to split this post into parts …

I stood up for some minutes in front of that map of Nihonbashi area tryin to find where the hell is my hotel location.



They said it only 3 minutes walk from station ( … eeeh what station, is this the correct station ….??).

Finally i found out where my hotel location is and apparently what they said as 3 minutes walk maybe they missed 3 zeroes behind 3 , so it suppose to be 3000 minutes walkin ne because i walked like forever eh. And dragged all my luggage all around Nihonbashi area.

That was so bad, my legs were hurt so much until finally i gave up and back to the main street and lookin for taxi.


Got a taxi, and somehow i feel save.

Eh God i really love taxi ne, after even i have to wait longer for the next Season of SHERLOCK but i am still a SHERLOCKIAN who’d rather to use taxi than train or bus

I think the hotel where i stayed is not that popular and it was kinda hard to find, even for the taxi driver who kept sayin 「どこで、どこで 。。。?」 while driving.

It worried me a bit, and i was affraid if maybe i was on the wrong area ne, but i am sure the hotel location is in Nihonbashi area but where?

then i started to follow the taxi driver sayin the same「どこで、どこで 。。。?」 over and over …

Finally, we found the hotel. The taxi stop, i paid and it was only 11:00 AM.  I wanted to check – in, but the hotel staff said if check – in time is 15:00 PM so i still have to wait about 4 hours again to check-in.

They also gave me my ticket …

yes, this ticket to 「Shangri-la 」 … !!!


4 hours again eh, so  wondered what should i do now, then i decided to go to Budokan. That day was May 27th, the 1st day for 「Shangri-la 」 Live at Budokan.





Tryin to find Ningyocho St. again while takin picture surround my hotel, some turns and signs so i won’t be lost again back from Budokan. But i couldn’t find Ningyocho St. eh, but i found this Suitengu-mae station.


Apparently, the nearest station to my hotel is this Suitengu-mae station, not Ningyocho station.

Looked at my map again and looked where is Kudanshita station and the route to go there. So Kudanshita is only 3 stations from Suitengu-mae :

Mitsukoshimae  →  Otemachi  Jimbocho station then Kudanshita …

and then walked for some minutes, there you are ….


Nippon Budokan …. !!!


Ah ya talking about Nippon Budokan ne, that  Baby Stroberry  タカ …. xD


yasu     :     だれ 。。。?
noi        :     あの人、
Taka from OOOR ne
yasu     :     stroberry …
noi        :     because he is so sweet, isn’t he?

聞いてくださいよ、ya_san …

yasu      :     何 。。。?
noi         :     i think i am in love with him …
yasu      :     but he is too young for you ne noi_chan …
noi         :     はい、はい、わかった .. i am 53 years old woman, so everyone is younger than me ..

now i do have some fun following his Instagram,

and it was a bit dissapointed for me when i found out he is on Instagram, i mean why not twitter or Facebook eh? because at that time i didn’t have Instagram.

So in order to following him and his fellas i made my own Instagram acc with the same ID as most of my social networks ..

Instagram   :   noi_himura

As you know how selfie is trending everywhere now, so i suppose Instagram is a perfect tool to do selfie … xD

and i also put my LINE back again after i erased it long time ago …

LINE          :   noi_himura

LINE for me is just another device to call my boss and it’s  free, especially when he is not in Indonesia. And i also found out if this LINE is quite good to save my FC Mag full of yasu.

I know sometimes i put it on my Facebook or Tumblr but it doesn’t feel good when i tried to put the complete scans.

So i need another media and there you are i found LINE … xD

now every morning,

especially at this time when 「Shangri-la 」 Season is over and tehre’s no another update from yasu and his Team_ABC on twitter or Official Blog i kinda enjoying my time in Instagram and get lots of LOL when suddenly i found something like this on my TimeLine ..


ぜったいに おもしろい ね 。。。  *fallin from my bed*

OK, back to Budokan ne …

so during his MC on This is My Budokan DVD (which is my fave DVD from OOR) he said about how there’s so many famous artists did their performance in this Nippon Budokan

including you, guys  …


noi         :   guys, please …
yasu      :   yes, we know …
YUKI      :   OK, go on …
noi         :   so ..

all of them were callin the audience with the same BUDOKAN …!!!! . Nah baby (read : タカ, not yasu …xD) said he is not gonna call the audience that day in Budokan with the same BUDOKAN …!!!! but he will call all of them with Kudanshita,

九段下 の 皆さん

at the first time, i was wondering why did he call them with Kudanshita, i mean who the hell is Kudanshita … (@_@…xD) i had no idea if Kudanshita is a  name of one train station in Japan until Yukiko told me about it.  ..

Yeah, it is always my dearest friend Yukki who gave me lots of things to know not only about yasu or Acid Black Cherry but also about Japan in general.

So baby called them all with Kudanshita because Kudanshita is the nearest station to Nippon Budokan. Wah, that’s so cool  eh …

Finally, i was there at Budokan to see yasu for the 2nd time and what i did first was nothing but tryin the MAGIC SPELL that i learned during my 1 year stay at Hogwarts to call yasu


Accio yasu …. !!!!

But it didn’t work ne, i dunno why.

~  Maybe because i didn’t spell the Accio …!!! correctly,
~  or i was on the wrong day, i mean my ticket was for
「Shangri-la 」 Live Budokan  ~ 2nd day (May 29th) or
~  because i didn’t bring my
wand … etc etc

it was a total failed, because yasu didn’t came up in front of me …. *wanna cry*


yasu   :   now you know why the kicked you out ..
noi      :   don’t worry, since i will back there again, next time that
Accio … !!! must be work …
yasu   :   for what …?
noi      :   to call you …
yasu   :   yeah, whatever  …

When i was there,  there was not much people on the area where the trucks parked.

It was only me and some 1 maybe 2 guys and 2 students with their kawaii sailor uniform who asked me to take a picture of them together in fron’t of the truck.  I also asked them to do the same thing,



and then tryin to have some talks with them while practice my Japanese because when i was there i didn’t speak much in Japanese. It was still in English because i didn’t talk much to other people. As i remember it was only to the hotel staffs, Christine, and the woman at Tokyo Station who helped me to buy Shinkansen ticket to Osaka

so i think this is a good chance, so i started to asked them  ….

me     :    hello, あの 名前 は 。。。?
they   :    …  *said their names*
me     :   あたし は ノイ です、 インドネシア からです
they   :   インドネシア、 バリ 。。。?
me     :   いや、いや、バリ はない

…. etc etc it was all about me explain things about other Indonesia beside Bali with my telly and dorama based Japanese ability.

I know Bali is very famous all over the world, even some Balinese people doesn’t have to said 「インドネシア からです」/ i am from Indonesia」 but with only バリ からです /i am from Bali」 people all around the world already know where is Bali.

For sexample me,

if i only say i am from Cental Java」 people still wondering where the hell is Cental Java position on map is, so i have to say it in complete i am from Central Java, Indonesia」 but because it’s too long i tend to say i am from Indonesia」

Enough with the talks, i went to the arena …


the line to buy GOODS was already lonng, i joined the line. I was alone there , and suddenly i feel so lonely because all of them were talking each other with their friends but me ….


noi       :     i wanna cry now …
yasu    :     again, really …
noi       :     i was so alone eh …
yasu    :     next time, you go with your friend …
noi       :    ああ〜〜 そうだね, でも  you know i don’t have friend 。。。

added with how people who starred at me then continued with talking with their friends about me. Eventhough my Japanese is based on telly and dorama but i still get what they said eh.

Some of them said …

~  that gaijin girl, what she is doin here …, or
~  see that’s one of
ABC overseas fans. I heard about some of them came to see ABC Live, now i see one of them … etc etc ..


and i was listening to all those things they said while taking that super cute yasu posted on the glass window … ,

because i think it was the same thing with Listening part on my Japanese class. But i do this one in Japan and a Live from real Japanese people. They all talked fast, faster than the recording file that my sensei sent to me to listen to.

So, my lonely time waiting to buy ABC GOODS was quite awesome …. xD


got some stuffs, and also forgot some other stuffs that i supposed to buy for my friend. I wanted to go back to the GOODIES buyin line again but i was so hungry that time. And i decided to go find some burger to eat.

That day, my 2nd day in Tokyo was the first day in my life where i really want to eat McD‘s burger so much. Normally i never go to McD ne, but this time is different because at least i don’t have to explain what do i want or how i don’t eat pork because i only have to show them what menu i want. And it is chicken burger or french fries …

But i couldn’t find it, maybe i was blinded with my hunger stomach so i didn’t even see there is McD around Kudanshita.


so i went to FamiMart and bought lots of  おにぎり to eat with cola. I ate about 6 おにぎり from 10 おにぎり i bought while waiting for some time to go back to buy another ABC GOODS that i forgot to buy …

apparently this …

一石二鳥 」 /「isseki ni chou /killing two birds with one stone

never work to me, because i always have to use one stone to kill one bird or maybe 2 stones to kill one bird. Look at what happen that day ne, i had to stand up on the line twice to get the same ABC GOODS ..


yasu    :    why bird …
noi       :    of course it has to be a bird ne …
yasu    :    i mean, why killin bird noi_chan ..
noi       :    that’s because i only have stone eh ya_san, there’s no way i can kill a lion or tiger only with stones ..
yasu    :    no, it’s not about that, but  …. ah forget it ..
noi       :    eeh ….

Talking about cola, i also bough so many cola hoping to get at least one YASU cola for myself. But that day, instead of YASU or HAYASHI cola what i got was this


i do have some friends who is totally madly in love for GACKT so i thought that GAKU cola bottle is a prefect 「おみやげ」 for them. Of course it’s bottle only because i already drink the cola tho …

finished with the GOODS buying, i back to my hotel because it was almost 4:00 PM already passed the check – in time. Then …

I will continue it on my next post as A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 4 (still, Tokyo ~ Day 1) … xD because this post is already long and my 1st day in Tokyo was a hell long day as well to tell. I don’t want somebody’s getting dizzy because reading all of this long rambling on me …

so let’s continue with this  …

~   Whatsoever UpDate from Me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La」 PHOTOBOOK, which mean you all still have to do the 1,2,3,4,5,6 counting for yasu‘s sex pack wether if you want it or not …

Told you ne, being one of Acid Black Cherry fangirl is not easy ne. Since there’s a time when yasu let all of us to see his perfect sex pack, then you all gotta do the 1,2,3,4,5,6 counting no matter what.

this one is for Tochigi


while this one is from Encore SEASON Pamphlet for …

~   3rd Season


~   4th Season


while this one is URABON

as you know URABON is one of the 2011 Free Live GOODS and this one is my fave. This URABON is some kind of OFFSHOOT for 2011 Free Live PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet that i am sure you all already see it.

yes, i am talking about the Pamphlet that full of yasu still with his red hair, and it’s so beautiful ne indeed 2011 Free Live PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet is my fave from all Acid Black Cherry‘s PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet.

somebody asked me for it,  so there you are




Enjoii ….. !!!!

i’d say in this URABON you can see many yasu with many different emo and if you love to make a meme, you can do lots of meme with this book.

Nah i wonder why they (read : yasu and his team) didn’t think about to make the same URABON for this Encore SEASON Pamphlet


even that Pamphlet is GOOD already, but i think if they made the URABON version for it that would AWESOME ne ….

i gotta go now, because tonight i have this movie waiting for me to re-watch it again.

The Palace, also known as Palace: Lock Sinensis

That movie is a 2013 Chinese movie and it’s an awesome movie full of beautiful view about livin inside The Forbiddden City complete with some friendship, brotherhood, greed and Cinderella/Forbidden Love between a palace servant with one of the Emperor‘s son.

If you miss something like Princess Huan Zu story, you gotta wath this movie. Because the Love Story, especially is so heart-broken and i cried a lot during this movie.

Btw recently i also cried a lot, for anything not just for a sad movie i see but for many other things that hurt and make me   …


This is My Budokan (Indo Hard Sub).mp4_001380514

~    When my boss mad at me and nonstop callin me in the morning, while baby (read : タカ again, not yasu …xD) already post another selfie on his Instagram, …
~    When somebody gave me
1 with 9 zeroes behind as a delayed cheque and i dunno it was delayed cheque until the bank told me, …
~    When i feel too tired with all many things i have to do, and …
~    When
Her Majesty un-happy and start to cryin  …

It took my forever to make my mother happy and not to think about what happened or what will happen to us too much.

Believe me,  i did and will do anything to make her happy and that was no easy because how dramatic she is, but when suddenly someone came and bothered her and make het think about it again, then cried, …

I wanna cry as well,  …


yasu     :    not good noi_chan, too much cryin in this post ..
noi        :    i am so sorry ..
yasu     :    why …
noi        :    i dunno, maybe because recently
there’s too many ninjas cutting ONION around me ..
yasu     :    what, ninja
noi        :    do something ya_san, ask them to stop cutting ONIONS around me ..
yasu     :    noi_chan, you do know if ninja, they don’t do talk …



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