Busy Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi … (another me, yasu and The Mighty Long Fall)


Recently my dear brother Kenshin (yes, The Batosai Himura)  is all over my Facebook timeline …



The 2nd movie るろうに剣心 京都大火編 will hit cinemas in Japan on August 1st, 2014.

10 days more to see Takeru Sato‘s well done job as The Batosai Himura in cinemas. This is something that everyone (especially me … xD) waiting for. The2nd movie where there will ne an epic battle between my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) with the livin evil Makoto Shishio ( Fujiwara Tatsuya).

I dunno why, but i always think (or compare …?) the battle of Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio with the great battle of Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro. I am sure some of you already read about it.

Actually Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro is my fave samurai duel.

Even i’ve seen it live in some movie or doramas but none of them are close to what i have in my mind about that battle because the only one close to it was Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio anime version, you know a fast and cruel battle with the wind blows as the background.

so dramatic eh …

I just love it and wondered it must be great if they made this battle as live version. And now time when i will able to see it live will come soon …


as what Encore Cinema posted on their Facebook Page, the movie will hit Indonesiaon September 10th, 2014 in Blitzmegaplex cinemas.  ..

Ehhh Blitzmegaplex , what the hell is that ….?



yasu     :    not available in your village ..?
noi        :   you know we don’t even have cinema here ..
yasu     :    poor noi_chan … !!! *laugh*
noi        :   お兄ちゃん、見たい な …
yasu     :   お兄ちゃん ….?
noi        :   剣心 …
yasu     :   heee 剣心?,  お兄ちゃん じゃないよ … 


I will think about it later eh, now back to my dear brother Kenshin



As we all know ONE OK ROCK‘s new single Mighty Long Fall is the soundtrack for るろうに剣心 京都大火編 and we also know if my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) and Baby Stroberry (Taka) are best friend so it doesn’t surprise me when there’s a a joined interview from them in magazine ( CUTE magazine)  with Boys Talk as the theme.


On the day when Mighty Long Fall single was released on iTunesTaka on his Instagram posted a video of him singing a little bit of Mighty Long Fall and about a day later he posted a photo of him with his BBF Sato who is still on his outfit as Kenshin Himura.



and i was like …




OMG わあぁぁ、お兄ちゃんと タカ baby 。。。♪♪


because that day Taka, My Sweet Baby Stroberry with his Instagram post just complete me …



yasu   :    ちょっと ね、noiちゃん ..
noi      :    ん 。。。
yasu   :    なんでストロベリー 。。。?
noi      :   it’s the rhyme ne, from baby –> to stroberry ne ..
yasu   :   …  @_@

and about the song Mighty Long Fall itself, …



i think this song is less emo than their others song, but i like it because when i listen to the beginning of the song i got the Kyoto Inferno feelings on me especially on this part ….

get up get up get up
time to make a mess for what you’ve done
get up get up get up
running with demons in your hands ..

even i am not sure you will get the same feeling as me. You know what i mean, inferno (hell), chaos and then followed with the Mighty Long Fall. A mighty and a long fall, that must be hurt eh.

Indeed it’s hurt because now i am still my own Mighty Long Fall …

This fall is different with the forever fall that i have for yasu, but it’s the real fall. Not that i say my forever fall to yasu isn’t real, but this fall hurts me, my heart and soul litteraly.

me as a mommy girl,

someone who always depend on my mother to do it for me now have to do it all by myself since my mom got sick. Actually i never do anything at home, i even never clean my own room, because my mom is the one who did it for me. Clean my room, arrange and keep my stuffs.

My mom, is the super woman who run this house. Now she is sick and my Mighty Long Fall is comin where i have to do everything by myself including takin care of her.

Our home like a ship with no captain, so it’s mess now,

Today i took a day off because Tekki has to go out of town, and i feel like i am lost inside my own home. I dunno what to do because so many things to do. My housemaid came at 09:00 AM, that’s very late ne and still there’s no rice in the rice cooker and in the kitchen all those dirty plates and glasses nonstop callin

hey, wash me hurry … !!! 

Damn, i am so tired today i wonder how my mom managed to do everything alone ne while me at 11:00 AM i already knocked out by all nonstop house works to do.

I wish i can only say Accio rice !!! and there’s rice on my rice cooker or Accio food !!!then food just jumped out from the fryin pan, but that Accio …… !!! spell didn’t work ne …



yasu   :   look who is fall now …
noi      :   eh, what are you doin …
yasu   :   don’t you see, i am shaving ..
noi      :   omo, i never imagine if you also do shaving ne …
yasu   :    what the …

yeah, trust me i imagined lots of things that yasu do including biking even i never see a photo of him biking, but shaving is the only one thing that i never imagine him doing something manly like that.

Yes, i know even in many times he looks pretty still he is a man and man do need shaving.

OMG, what the hell is happen to me .

now it’s time for me to continue this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework.  This time is for …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi




Project 『Shangri-la』 landed to Shikoku.

Finished Live in TokushimaAcid Black Cherry moved to Kochi prefecture. Started with  「Shangri-la Meeting 」 at Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba, it’s a wide and open space in front of Kochi Station.

Just like on Tokushima, that was also the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to come toKochi.

「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi prefecture with a public recording together with FM Kochi, started with talking about the impression of the nation-wide Project 『Shangri-la』 from 1st ~ 5th Season

and then it became a talk about photograph.



DJ       :  i become nervous when i look at your pictures yasu_san

yasu :   yappari, in the photo i look so quiet, but when you are facing the camera you do only glares isn’t it?

I’ve gotten not much with smiling take, so i guess the cold images surely became such an impression.

but in many various places,

people often surprised and say 「actually, he is friendly」 and about facing camera, someone softly said 「 when you are facing camera, it’s not only glares ne *laugh* 」 to yasu …

and followed with him (read : yasu, not Taka) talked about his enthusiasm for Acid Black Cherry 1st Live Performance in Kochi and how yasu wanted to make the distance between him and the audience/fans to be closer.

After that, is about listen the story about Kochi from everyone, like at the meeting venue Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba welcomed by 3 patriots image.

They are

~  Nakaoka Shintaro,
~  Sakamoto Ryoma and
~  Takechi Hanpeita

these people are Tosa‘s born who formed Tosa Kin’no party in Edo. And not only that, the place were they allowed to use as stage, actually it was part of set ofRyomaden dorama.


Ryomaden, it’s 49th NHK Taiga drama aired start from January 28th, 2010 with a story about the life of 19th century Japanese historical figures Sakamoto Ryoma(Masaharu Fukuyama) and Iwasaki Yataro (Teruyuki Kagawa).

Takeru Sato and Ryoko Hirosue was also in this drama.


This drama also made a huge impact called as Ryoma Fever in Japan. In fact it was reported there was some tourism increase in Kochi prefecture as the birthplace ofRyoma.


Talking about Ryomaden, it remind me about last month there’s an interesting discussion in team_yasu group on Facebook (you know which group is i am talking about) when someone posted a photo of Ryoko Hirosue (who also played as Hirai KaoRyoma‘s 1st love in Ryomaden)


and mistook her as Yuka Mori, the girl on yasu‘s Kuroneko PV. If you don’t really pay attention they both look a like ne, because i was also think if Ryoko Hirosue is the one who is on Kuroneko PV.

so i kinda like …

OMG is that the girl in Ryomaden? she is on yasu‘s new PV, really?

but it’s not her because at the time when yasu released Kuroneko ~ Adult Black CatPV i heard rumors about her (Ryoko Hirosue) going out with Takeru Sato.

So there’s no way she is on Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat PV because i suppose she must be busy with Sato eh,  he he he  ……. #WhatALameDeduction

Oh great, now dear brother is dating ….. #uuu


yasu    :   someone is jealous now …
noi       :   of course not …
yasu    :   so noi_chan, what if i am the one who is dating …
noi       :   YOU WHAAAATTT ….!!!!
yasu    :   hey calm down, i say what if ne …
noi       :   well that’s easy ne, i’d say …

I don’t Ask, you Don’t Tell …

yasu    :  are you sure you are not gonna ask ..
noi       :  sure, i won’t ask but i will investigate ..

OK, back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi again, OMG this is gonna be another long post ne …


After talking about 3 patriots of Tosa, they also introduced yasu to Kochi‘s local juice called 「 リーブル」/ 「 riburu」 and 「 あくん馬路村」/「a-kun majimura」. Continued with yasu learned about dialect and specialties in Kochi prefecture


learned a lot about Tosa-ben (Tosa dialect) that he didn’t know before so it was a fun meeting, at the meeting everyone happy.  Enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kochi, next is ..

~   This Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la  」 PHOTOBOOK , this is for …

Live Digest Saitama ~ Tochigi




while this one is from 「Shangri-la  」 ARENA LIVE Pamphlet ~ 5th SEASON Part 


as they (whoever they are) theme for this 5th SEASON costume is 「事」/ 「koto」.


they ( you know who, not me) also said if this 5th SEASON costume is about to dare to added/combined the costume with a little blue color on it.

They combined a sleeveless vest, a long arm three 7 (kind a hand warmer) and a boot-cut pants.

and FYI everyone ..

~  the blue things on the waist was attached to the tank top
~  and that look like a tatto on yasu‘s back is some lace part of the tank top ..

so it created a nice and refreshing silhouette like that.

The fun part is when i posted that on team_yasu group on Facebook, one of them said a joke about the next release from Acid Black Cherry is a fashion magazine.

That’s so amusing and geez i love my team_yasu friends,

and i laughed more about that brilliant comment because until now when there’s no official tweet or blog post about what’s for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

do tell me  ….. !!!


yasu    :    still i am not gonna tell you ..
noi       :    heeeh …
yasu    :    go to sleep now ..
noi       :    …

and next is this …

Erect Live :  so … Good Night + MC English Subbed 


actually, i still have 2 videos to subbed but with how live is getting busy recently i can’t do it on time again like usually. And also my sexcitement to do video sub just a little bit low recently so let’s continue my Japan Trip report ne ….

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 4 (still, Tokyo ~ Day 1 …. xD)

hope i am still remember everything eh ….

so finished Acid Black Cherry shopping in Budokan i decided to go back to my hotel, because it’s already close to check – in time. I  also felt a bit tired, need a hot water bath, another complete meal and lay on bed for a while.

I need to land my back need to soft and comfy things like bed after had 3 night sleep on chair.

Walked back to Kudanshita station while lookin all people there started to get a line to enter the venue. I am happy because the day after tomorrow is my turn ne,

my turn to see yasu Live on Stage again.


It was like a dream ne, how me able to be back again to Japan to see yasu for the2nd time. I know for all of you  who go to see more than 5 times, it is something easy for you, especially when you are in Japan. But trust me, it is really hard for me, because i barely couldn’t get a week day off from office to see yasu.

So, i’d say i was lucky enough …


according to that map, my route back to my hotel near Suitengumae Station is …

Kudanshita —> Jimbocho —-> Otemachi  —>  Mitsukoshimae —> Suitengumae (final)

but, maybe because i was a bit tired that day so i fell asleep on my way back to hotel. I woke up because the train stop, everyone is out and no one was left. I just followed everyone walking out of station with bag full of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

I am pretty sure i was look like hell that day.

Out of station, i walked and walked but i don’t see the same scenery when i left my hotel. I said to my self omo, am i lost again? and where the hell is this. Unlike inside station where i can find sign in Hiragana to read, outside station everything is inKanji or Katanaka.

I am not good reading Katanaka ne, because the all like a bump of hays together and make fun of me because i can’t read them. I walked again for a while and finally decided to find a station.

Found station and read the sign, it was …

Oshiage (SKY TREE) …. ???


yasu    :   you did sleep until the last station …?
noi       :   i think so ..
yasu    :   how could you ..
noi       :   i was tired eh ya_san …

Arrived at my hotel, gave my passport to check – in but suddenly the hotel staff asked me are you waiting for somebody else? hee, of course not, i said to her i am alone then she gave me key to my room.

Room number 99 on 9th floor.


Great ne, now i have to take elevator or i will broke this my feels almost broken legs if i insisted to take stairs to go to 9th floor.

I don’t like to be inside elevator, in fact i don’t like to be inside a small and closed place like elevator or a public toilet especially an airplane toilet.

Remember what happened to Prof. Langdon when he had to use elevator in Musée du Louvre, France to go the crime scene where the curator who was also the Priory of Sion Grand Master Jacques Saunière killed by Silas on The Da Vinci Code?

remember how scared he is …

nah same thing also happened to me.  So maybe if i go to a psychiatrist about my condition i am sure he/she will say i have something called Claustrophobia   …

That’s also another reason why i am happy and grateful to live in my village because even there’s no cinema her, at least there’s no buildings with elevator as well. So in one year, i can count how many time i use elevator with my hands.

When i was inside elevator, it felt like forever ne. I can breath well when the door open in 9th floor. I open my room and then i knew why the hotel staff asked me if i am waiting for someone or not.

because my room was a double and smoking room … !!!


OMG i must be drunk when i made my hotel reservation ne, surely it’s not the hotel’s fault but it’s my fault. So there’s 2 pajamas, 2 slippers, ashtray and a razor blade in the bathroom, but at least the bed is bigger ne so i won’t fall from bed at night. …


took some times to watch telly while eat the left over onigiri inside my bag with thatYOSHIKO cola. I want to sleep but i can’t, i came a long way down from Indonesia to Japan not for sleep eh, so i think i need some hot water bath before going somewhere else tonight.

i open the bathroom and ….


i see the same bathroom with the previous hotel i stayed on my 2012 Japan Trip.

With a bathtub and a toilet next to it, this is something wacky ne. At my home, we use a traditional bathroom where the bathroom and toilet are separated. And seeing a toilet next to the bathtub made me had to clean that bathroom again before i use. yeah, i always do clean whenever i use public or hotel’s bathroom.

Don’t ask me why, because sometimes when i feel sad and desperate at office, i go to the bathroom and clean it to make me feel better of course while cryin eh …

there’s 2 type of a modern bathroom that a hotel have. One is with a bathtub like that while the other is no bathtub but only shower. And both of it (bathtub or shower) give me different sensation ne.

~   Bathtub make me feel i am doing a porn movie shoot myself ne.

I mean me, alone there lyin inside that tube do nothing but cleaning my self only with water soap and the worst part is i can see my whole body clearly while lyin down there.

Sometimes i also think what if there’s a hidden camera in the bathroom, and when you wake up in the morning your bath scene alone already all over RedTube …?

on the other way …

~   A shower scared me,

and think about what if there’s somebody suddenly come in, open the curtain and stab me in my back while i was on my shower like that horror movie Pshyco …

きゃあああ 〜〜〜〜   !!!!


yasu    :    what this all about noi_chan …?
noi       :    a hidden camera ne …
yasu    :    are you hungry now,
noi       :    but it is possible to be happen ne …
yasu    :    just go away …
noi       :    OK, i’ll finish my post ..

had a bath, washed my hair and while blow dry it i was wondering where should i go tonight.  My plan is go to Shinjuku to find Wald 9 cinema where i will go to see ONE OK ROCK’s Documentary movie : FOOL COOL ROCK.

Finished with the blow dry, i look at the mirror and surprised how my hair looked more shinny than before, i went back to the bathroom just to see what kind of shampoo they gave me.

it was SISHEIDO ..

Talking about SISHEIDO ne, actually i had no idea if SISHEIDO is a brand for cosmetics/shampoo. I thought it was some Japanese martial arts like Kendo, Judo or Aikido. So when my friend told me about one of her Japanese friend gave her SISHEIDO for her birthday present …

i said to her   :   omo, he gave you a free SISHEIDO lesson ….
my friend       :   no noi_chan, it’s a cosmetic set

at that time i think i was the only one in this Japan Lover/fangirl who think SISHEIDOas one of Japanese martial arts not cosmetic brand.

Why nobody tell me eh.

wah that shampoo must be expensive ne, because it can make my hair looks flawless. So i was ready to go, and because it was almost 18:00 PM i need to put my glasses on so i can see anything more clear. But i couldn’t find it

Apparently yeah, after my Queen Elizabeth hat i also lost glasses …

so that night i went to Shinjuku with no glasses. It’s not that i can’t see anything with no glasses, i still can see but it a blurry mode. So whenever i need to read a sign or something, i have to look at it closer.

And it get worst at night.

Walking again to Suitengumae Station, this time my route is with Hanzomon Line toOtemachi then changed to Marunouchi Line to Shinjuku Shachome Station, as the nearest station to Wald 9 cinema.

But still, even they said it as the nearest station it still confused me to find the cinema among all the buildings in Shinjuku at night. Completed with their neon lights they all kind a ask and make fun of me

Hey, what the hell are you doin here …

I am tryin to find a cinema eh, why is so hard ne maybe i took the wrong exit or something. I walked following people that mostly are young and stylish people hang out there.

I wanted to ask but to who?

then finally i saw a girl who was busy tweeting with her phone looked at me and smile. We talked a little bit before the light turned into green and she kindly showed me where Wald 9 cinema is.

She said   ..

Look, that’s Wald 9 cinema …!!!


i must be really blind not to see that green neon up in that building. I walked over that buildings twice ne. I read on the cinema site and know if it’s inside a building but what building is confused to find it.


Wald 9 cinema is on 9th floor of a mall, went up to 9th floor and finally i was on the right place, yeah this is the place i found it so tomorrow i don’t have to be go around to find it again ne.

I spent that night shopping in the mall down, buy things for my office_mates and hope to find the same hat like my lost Queen Elizabeth hat at UNIQLO.


But because it was summer, so instead of Queen Elizabeth hat, what i found was thisHYDE like hat. i know it’s not exactly same like what HYDE wear, because HYDE‘s hat is more wide and of course it’s better than this,


but i like it so i bought it for Tekki with a hope she will not mad when i told her if i lost Queen Elizabeth hat.

Mostly what people (especially rich people) say about shopping is SHOP TILL YOU DROP, but because i am not one of that rich people there so i stop shopping after my wallet drop (read there’s only 5,000 yen left inside it).

so it is is bad eh,

because it was only 1st day and i already dropped my wallet ran out of cash. So on my way back to hotel at 09:00 PM walking alone in Shinjuku i was thinking what am i gonna do tomorrow. I haven’t buy Shinkansen ticket to OsakaUSJ ticket, haven’t go to Shibuya, and of course where can i find money exchange here.

This is my first time to go travel alone and ran out of money on the 1st day and it make me feel more lonely than before even i was there among all lots of people inShinjuku, ….

Walked walked suddenly i entered some place. I thought it was a cafe because i need to sit.and think but it wasn’t a cafe (you know the cute girly caffee) but it was a bar, with people play billiards and there was a band performing on a little stage.

OMG i landed in the wrong place again …!!

i wanted to get out of there, but everyone there looked at me and the bartender say welcome or something and i took a seat and ask him to give me a glass of cola and spent about one hour there listen to the band performing while Google-ing to find a place to change yen.

with only 2,000 yen left in my wallet i left that place and back to my hotel. Only a sandwich and cola cost 3,000 yen,  ah really …?

arrived at hotel i was like a Probie Gambler who went home after lost in a game withThe God of Gambler and have nothing. I dunno what to do, so i went to bed while watch telly and eat another onigiri i bought from FamiMart next to my hotel.

That night i fell asleep after said to myself not to worry because the hotel will give me breakfast tomorrow ne, so i’ll think about money after breakfast.

That’s all for this part everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

why there’s no break on me when it’s about shopping? …


yasu   :    i dunno ..
noi      :    ooh no, i wanna …
yasu   :    no, no don’t cry nobody is cutting onions now ..
noi      :    omo, have you talk to the ninja …?
yasu   :    what is wrong with you and ninja … 




2 thoughts on “Busy Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi … (another me, yasu and The Mighty Long Fall)

  1. Wow haha this post is a very busy post indeed but never boring 😀 i love that photo of yasu wearing the hearts and spades shirt…i hope i can find one like that somewhere online. his fashion sense never ceases to amaze me 🙂 so im guessing ABC doesn’t do meet and greets before/after their concerts? i suppose that would be very hard to do as there are so many fans in Japan…hopefully someday if he braves the overseas trek that will be more possible. well i hope you and your mama are doing okay with all the hospital and house stuff going on. we support you and love you noi-chan, so feel refreshed even when you’re stressed at work and just have fun being a fangirl as always 🙂 ❤

    • yes, they didn’t do it before but until this Shangri-La project

      because yasu thought if we already do so far for this whole nation Live, why wouldn’t we do a meeting as well? …

      and the audience was chosen from fans who sent their application, they also ask very simple question about how big is your love for ABC and you have to live in or will come to the Meeting area

      have a great Friday … ❤

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