Holiday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Kochi .. (Another me, yasu and What a Javanese will Always Say)

Before i start this post,

which i hope this is not gonna be another long post again, let me say ….


Holiday eh, Holiday  ….

I’ve got a whole 9 days off for this year’s Ied. 9 days means a whole week plus 2 days. And i spent this Holiday to stay at home, even it’s Ied when we were usually visit relations or go somewhere but not this year.

This year’s Holiday i am stayin at home, enjoyed this my own Mighty Long Fall and my part as The Night Shift Nurse.

I am not gonna say this as my darkest Fall because i’ve been in to something harder than this, but i’d say this one is the scariest. The scariest thing in this world for me is the possibility of me to lose my mother. I know there will be a time when she will leave me, but not this time.

so even yes, i am still within my own Mighty Long Fall, but i also  managed to get some light within this Fall i am in now.

As i always says, i am a Javanese (Javanese eh, one of tribe/native in Indonesia) and one good point that a Javanese must have is …

their ability to seek and see a light even the smallest one within The Darkest Fall they got.

For sexample

1.   There’s somebody who got his home robbed and he/she/they lost everything they have, but they still say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least  they didn’t kill us …

2.   There’s somebody who got into an accident, broke almost all his bones and still in coma. If he is a Javanese, one of his family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least he is still alive ..

3.   There’s a girl, who is engaged to a man that  she love so much.

Then they found out if that man is a criminal and he ran away after asked some money from her and her family.

Yes her heart is broken and sad but if she is a Javanese i believe one of her family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo nduk (it’s OK, 大丈夫 dear) at least you are not married to him yet. 

aaand …

4    There’s a girl who is madly in love to someone for a long time, even she already know that someone is already taken and see her as nothing but as his little sister,

nah because she is a Javanese she said  …

Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least i can always wait, who knows ….. xD


yasu    :    that’s you ne noi_chan and that man is him …
noi       :    him who? i didn’t say that …
yasu    :    you don’t have to, so the waiting is ON again …?
noi       :    not really, but it’s because this Holiday ne   …
yasu    :   i told you ne, get over … !!!

in my case, i don’t have to seek harder to see the light within this my own Mighty Long Fall, because the lights now is very clear to see ,

for sexample

~    I still don’t sleep much at night, …

but unlike before, i spent my nights now watch over her, …

or listen to what she said and what she think about for some matter and sometimes joined her watch his ridiculous drama she followed on telly.  It is something that i never do because i used to spent more time at home busy with my PC with so many dramas and movie inside it.

~   I know which one is good, among all those adult diapers sold in convenient stores

~   I’d say i am more patient, and less easily mad than before ..

I did baby sitting my nephew for a year after i graduated from collage, so now  i also realized why a nurse for an adult cost more than a babysitter.

Because there’s lots of things to handle for an adult people’s nurse and of course the smell came from after use diapers is more awful than a baby diapers.

And i wonder that must be very hard for my mother who handled my father during his 3 years sickness alone. My father was not an easy man. Just like me,  he really loved to mad to everyone.

I guess even we don’t share the same blood, but he is still my father and like father like daughter share the same Anger Management problem.

~  i start to loose some weight now …

thanks to my wacky housemaid,

who keeps cooking less than more and left nothing but fruits inside my refrigerator to eat at night. So now there’s no midnight supper for me, because whenever i feel hungry at night, i eat nothing but fruits.

That’s not good eh and i feel like a King Kong now, eat nothing but fruits …

see from L size to M,  i used to be 45 kgs and now i think i am on 41 or maybe 42 kgs.  So it should be M right?

because i choose M size for ABC 2014 Event T-Shirt. I was thinkin about to choose S size but then i think M is better than S

~  i start to talk and handle a housemaid  …

I had a very hard and bad experience with my neighbor’s housemaid, who told me if i am just an adopted child when i was only 11 years old.

And from that moment i hate housemaids, all of them ….

now i finally able to get over with that, and start to talk and give orders to my housemaid. My housemaid now is an old woman, who talk less and unfortunately she is a little bit deaf like me.

So i have to talk loud to her or she will never hear me and i also told her to talk loud to me so i can hear her talking.

What a weird situation eh …. xD

~  i start to handle some house works …

and say good bye to that almost smooth hands of me. Because i spent so many UV cream and lotions to make it smooth eh.

Because now there’s lots of things to do with my hands other that eat or hit my desk when i am mad   …

Geez, i am a very bad and terrible person eh …

yasu       :      hmm ….
noi          :      am i ….?
yasu       :      i am not gonna say anything ne …
noi          :     but  ….

the best part is i am grateful for all my mother’s progress until now.

Now she can walk by herself, walk to the bathroom, start to eat by sit in the dining room all by herself, start to love and enjoy watching her telly again, spent sometimes for sunbathing every morning … etc etc all of it, it’s like a miracle that came very fast for us.

I guess Rhoma Irama (he is one of senior dangdut singer in Indonesia) was right, on one of his song he wrote  …

Semuanya tergantung pada usaha dan doa

Everything depends on our effort and pray ..

because so much efforts with no pray is nothing and in the other way, only prays is also nothing without efforts. so now i’d say nothing but a lots of  …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), for everything ….

enough with the long opening,  now let’s continue this a Very Delayed Fangirl Homework with this …

~   「Shangri-la Live」 ~  Kochi

Br6WutOCEAAGy54.jpg large

Two days after 「Shangri-la Meeting」,

「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture was held at Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall. It’s was a very long time waiting for everyone in Kochi to see Acid Black Cherry Live in Kochi.

With so many things that the audience told to yasu about Kochi’s special gourmet, made yasu really looked forward to see all of it, like these …

~   Yakiniku,
~   Sweet and Sour Chicken Katsu,
~   Miso soup with pork and vegetables,
~   as always, the fresh vegetable salad,
~   Assorted pickles (yasu’s fave …) and
~   rice ..

Aaand ….

Speaking of Kochi, this one is very famous asKochi‘s local gourmet …

Katsuo …  !!!!

received the best local gourmet in Kochi, everyone (read :  yasu and all the support members) were happy. Smiles were blooms at the backstage with so many various story.


and then continued with lookin at the questions received from fans via twitter and also from audience on the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 they will decided about what theme for this theme for MC seriously.

At the Offcial Blog post they (you know who they are), wrote it as


Such a figure,  and perfectly taken this time !

But at first time, it confused me on the 「バッチシ」 part because as always i don’t like Katanaka much but then i found out if 「バッチシ」 is a humorous way of saying 「 ばっちり」/「batchiri/bacchiri 」 means perfectly or excellently.


it is a perfect shoot because we all see how they all yasu and the support members looked so serious n the backstage before the live began.

Especially this one, and …

don’t dare to ask me where the hell is this image came from, OK  … !!!

yasu looks so cute ne, and i remember that day i was on twitter and saw one of 9GAGS tweets with a ridiculous but make sense question for a crazy fangirl (like me ….xD) and i thought that super cute yasu is totally perfect for that question,

so it became like this …

wekekekekekke ….  (笑)(笑)(笑) !!!

i know some of you did check on 9GAGS tweets to find that image because there’s somebody who really asked me tho …. xD,

but actually that image was not originally from 9GAGS eh. I only took the tweet and put it together with that super kawaii yasu and then voilà …!!!

So my dear Luv, lemme ask you again,
If i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever …?

yasu      :     you told me you love me many times  …
noi         :    so  …  *happy*
yasu      :    of course you can’t keep me forever …
noi         :    why …
yasu      :    why?  do i look like a jacket or something than you can keep on your closet noi_chan ?
noi         :    but , in my heart eh, not in a closet  …
yasu      :    go find another question to ask or finish his post hurry  …

next is …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Are there any memories about graduation ceremony?

and this is weird because for this time, at 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture yasu was OOT (read : Out of Topic).

Instead of talking about graduation ceremony, he was talking about how he started to do a band start from high school and then at 21 years old he decided to do it seriously and started to take a job in construction’s site then talking about girlfriend’s things …. #hweee

i think i know why did he was OOT like that …

yasu    :    now you tell me then …
noi       :    you were nervous …?
yasu    :    try again …
noi       :    you were drunk …?
yasu    :    I was WHATT …!!!
noi       :    Eh God, what did i say ….. *ran away*

next is, the SetList

27.03.2014 『Shangri-la』 Live Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall


01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Maria  (request)
15. DRAGON CARNIVAL (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and then The Kewpie ….


for Kochi prefecture, what else than this  「土佐犬」/「Tosa Dog」 aand

i have it …. !!!!

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for



Live Digest Kanagawa ~ Chiba




talking about this 4th SEASON outfit eh …


here’s something interesting …

#    the concept for SEASON 4 outfit is a Jacket on top of naked/topless yasu.
#    and it’s not 100% topless because if you watch on your 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK, started from Kanagawa Live, they put a mini tank top, so only in Saitama and Tochigi, yasu was topless under the jacket,

but we all can still can see yasu‘s perfect six packs right? ‪xD


#    Actually the tank top, they (whoever they are, not me) said it was sold as one of 2009 QED Tour GOODS (yasu said that on one of his MC on 4th SEASON Live, but can’t remember which Live was exactly),
#    then i think they kind a modified it and add those many necklaces.
#    while the trousers/pants is the same pants that he use in 「Kuroneko – Adult Black Cat 」 PV.


that’s so interesting eh,

btw i was thinking about to post for the previous SEASON 3,2 and 1 outfit but then i think i won’t be interesting anymore since SEASON 1,2,3 already over long time ago … …

~   now let’s talk about HYDE ne …

it’s been a while since my last talk about HYDE ne.


i saw this posted on L’arc~en~Ciel America‘s post about how HYDE comparing himself with animal and he said

My lower body is a beast,
the upper body is a panda.
I enjoy such kind of myself,
I do  (laugh)

source and credit :  L’arc~en~Ciel America

OMG OMG that’s so cute, isn’t it  …?

then my next question is what would i do with a such cute man like that?  then answer is very easy ne, of course …

I will HUG his upper body panda and
let his lover body beast bite me,
if you know what i mean ….  ajajajaja  *laugh with Panda*


noi        :    you do know what i mean right?
yasu     :    sure,
noi        :    good then … *laugh*
yasu     :    but …

last but not least is this ….

~   A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

so i was finally able to sleep at 03:00 AM in the morning, and when i woke up it was already 10:00 AM.

I went to bathroom tryin to get a quick ducky bath and in the hurry go to the dinning room. But when i was there, they already close it, because they only open breakfast service until 10:30 AM yeah again and i again my mom is always right ..

I missed that day’s sunrise in the morning and now i missed my breakfast …!!!


the worst part is i was hungry and have not much money eh.

So i walked to the 7/11 next to my hotel, bought another onigiri, cola and some toriyaki there. I think i ate almost all kind of onigiri they have there.


Because it’s cheap, and make my stomach full.

Finished breakfast, i went back to my hotel and call Christine about when and where we should meet today since she will give me my ticket to see FOOL COOL ROCK at cinema today. Since she was busy and couldn’t join me, i call my friend who was in Tokyo that day.

He is from Yokohama ne and spent some holiday in Tokyo and he agreed to meet me at the cinema

I started that day by looking for a money changer to change this IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i have into Japanese yen. I followed the map that the hotel gave me and there is a sign with money changer on it. I arrived there and too bad, they said they only buy dollar not other currency.

Then somehow i was thinkin about to find Tokyo Station, who knows i might find another money changer there who accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)


there you are, The Mighty Tokyo Station …. !!!

It is a very BIG station, even i am not sure about which one is bigger between Tokyo Station or Shibuya Station, but for me it is a very BIG station eh. I walked around and when i tried to go inside the station using my Pasmo card,

suddenly it showed a BIG X sign to me.

well, that was so perfect timing for ran out my Pasmo balance ne. So i went to re-fill it again with only 1,000 yen because i am gonna be in Tokyo only tomorrow ne and the next day i will be in Osaka. As i know, my route in Osaka they use JRLine, not subway train and i supposed i cannot use Pasmo there.

When i found money changer and they said they accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i was so glad,

Super GLAD because i only have 1,000 yen left in my wallet eh. Then i told them if i will back there tomorrow since i didn’t bring the money with me that day.

I thought that would be very danger eh, to bring a pretty much money with you while you were wandering all over Tokyo and in the other way i was also affraid if i might spent most of it to shopping again that day.

Not only found the money changer, i also went to the Shinkansen ticket reservation in Tokyo Station.

I read on internet how people kinda made How To Buy Shinkansen Ticket as something very hard to do for a person who never go to Japan.

I’d say that’s too dramatic eh, because i found it very easy to do. I mean just go to the ticket reservation, there’s a sign for it (in English as well) and then tell to the officer (they speak English as well) ..

~   Where do you wanna go,
~   how many person,
~   What kind of train you want to ride (Shinkansen or the other like Kodama or else)

The wacky part i remember is when i wanted to say Kodama to the ticket officer, but instead of Kodama what i said to him was Kodomo … ? then he was like givin me his eeeh look …

then asked me   :   is it Kodama?
and i was like    :   ah ya, Kodama …. xD


yasu    :   really noi_chan,
noi       :   nee ya_san, it was like Kodama and Kodomo were run all over my brain and Kodomo was the winner …
yasu    :   why didn’t you say Komodo to him …?
noi       :   that’s not funny eh …

so i said Kodomo not Kodama to a ticket reservation officer in Tokyo Station. OMG that was so embarrassing eh. Ok, what you have to say to the ticket reservation officer is …

~   From which station you want to ride
~   Reserved of non-reserved ticket you want.

#   Reserved ticket means you will get a ticket on a certain date and hour with a seat number there, while
#   non-Reserved ticket means there’s no certain hour and seat number on your ticket so you can ride your train as you want. But of course following the train schedule itself.

finished with askin just like to the money changer officer, i also said to him (read : the ticket reservation officer) if i will be back there tomorrow.

i went inside the station and went to Jiyugaoka Station to meet Christine. At the first time, i kinda afraid to go there because this Jiyugaoka Station is so far so i asked her to meet in Shibuya Station.


It took me a while to find it the corner of my Tokyo Railway Map.

But because Christine is very busy so i don’t want to bother her so i think it would be better if i am the one who go to Jiyugaoka Station, next to Christine‘s area.

Arrived in Jiyugaoka Station, it was 16:00 PM and i promised to Christine to meet there at 17:00 PM. It’s still another hour so i decided to go around Meguro-ku. It’s a nice and clean neighborhood  with so many cafe and stores around complete with so many kawaii and stylish people walking around.

I felt like i was on one of my dorama setting.





i went to one of cafe ther and as a coffee addict, i got myself a cappuchino.

I say myself is not a person who love and able to sit and talk in a cafe because in my case, when i eat or drink i can’t do anything else but eat and drink.

So there’s no such thing as drink while talking in me. I even amaze  people who can drink their coffee slowly while talking. But still,  the cafe is i’d say as a very comfy cafe complete with a place to hang in and talk with your friend there.

Too bad the cappuchino is not good at all

Finished my cappuchino, i went back to seat in front of Jiyugaoka Station waiting for Christine then i called her and told her i am already in front of Station sit next to public phone. She said …

i will be there soon noi_chan …

I waited, waited while exciting to meet Christine again. Our last meet was 2 years ago when we were watching Erect Live on Yoyogi together.

Me, Christine and Stefifie we had a very amazing time fangirling about yasu.


Then it must be because i was sit there long enough plus with a confused face i had that time, made a police came to me.

He asked …

~  my name,
~  where did i came from,
~  what was i doing there and
~  asked me to show him my passport

i showed him my passport and told him 私は  今、 友だち 待て います …. etc etc many more with my very not good Japanese ability  because he didn’t speak in English.

So my first long talk with a Japanese person in Japan was with a police in front of Jiyugaoka Station.

But somehow with my limited Japanese i have, i managed to answer all his questions in Japanese. I was like OMG MG i made it eh, he even ask if there something he can do to help me.

Wah, that’s a very nice of him eh …


noi        :    you better be nice like him ne Officer Hayashi ….
yasu     :    you said this is over noi_chan …
noi        :    what’s over   …?
yasu     :    this Officer thing …
noi        :    well, i told you ne i am so CHANGEABLE …!!!

so everyone here’s some things that you might want to remember,

if you go to Japan

~   it is very important to you to bring your passport wherever you go because who knows you will get the same sexperience with me,
~   neer give up on learning Japanese language because in Japan everyone including yasu,

they don’t walk around with subtitles …


~   and never let yourself ran out of money, and last but not least,
~   don’t ever hesitate to ask, because as what everybody sayin in Indonesia

malu bertanya, sesat di jalan
hesitate to ask, then you will get lost on your way

so, finished with the police i panicked call Christine again, asked her where is she?  She said she is already inf ront of Station and could not find me.

Then finally we found out if we were in think about a different station. I went to Jiyugaoka Station while Christine waited for me in Shibuya Station.

It was my fault because i didn’t tell to her if i will go to Jiyugaoka Station on the phone. I only write it on Facebook Messenger and let her waiting for me there in Shibuya Station for nothing.

Dear, i  am really sorry eh

and Christine is still the same nice Christine as always, came as fast as she can to find me in Jiyugaoka Station. She found me, and i never feel so happy to finally meet someone that i’ve been waiting for like that day when i finally able to meet Christine at Jiyugaoka Station.

We went to some cafe again, she bought me a cappuchino and we talked, but we didn’t talk much because it was almost late to see the movie. She gave me the tickets and she also help me to find the fastest train to go to Shinjuku.

Too bad, we didn’t took a photo together that time.


Got into my train to Shinjuku and arrived to the cinema 30 minutes before 08:00 PM (where the movie started) and my friend alerady there waiting in the 9th floor. OMG that day i let my 2 friends waiting for me, …

and also is the longest time i had inside elevator. Together with 2 boys (eh no, i should say them as a man) who looked at me while sayin to his mate something that i didn’t even understand. I think because at that time i was in a wrong outfit.

It’s weird and i feel not comfortable to use a short pants at 08:00 PM in Shibuya. My friend said it’s OK, because it’s already summer anyway. Ah he was just wanna make me feel better.

We finally inside the cinema and the movie itself FOOL COOL ROCK as what is a Documentary Movie is, it showed they trip/journey on their last World Tour from Europe to Asia. Of course with some scene and very funny footage happened during the show …


Like how Taka nostop bullying Tomoya and somehow Ryota joined him, how the audience asked Taka to naked on their Live in Paris, what happened in Malaysia and in Indonesia Ryota seemed to a bit dissappointed because no one write his name on the banner they received from fans .

But he sang our National Anthem, Indonesia Raya on stage tho …xD


my fave part is at the end of the movie, they played Decision song which is the OST for FOOL COOL ROCK movie it self. It is a very good song, i mean they did brilliant with that song.

I got goosebumps all over me, because i listen to it inside the cinema complete with HD sounds.

And now when i finally able to listen to that song on my MP3, i know Decision is my fave one among 3 songs inside OOR new single Mighty Long Fall/Decision

After movie, my friend asked me to have dinner together. I said OK, but then i found out if he took me to another 7/11 to eat some instant noodle/food  there together while listening together again Decision that he managed to record.

I also never imagine about a date like in drama where the couple go to to some cute cafe or restaurant have a candle light dinner, that would be too absurd for me to do. I think that one fast and cheap date was better for a freak like me.

But i said to him  :   can we go to McD?
he said                :   no, we cannot because i don’t have much now.
I said to him         :   me too.

So that day we both were as somebody who came to Tokyo and got less money.

My friend, he is a college student who wanted to have some fun in Tokyo and he was already about 2 weeks in Tokyo. While me a fangirl who went to Tokyo to see the man on her dream  (read : yasu) Live performance.



And after many years we’ve been a friend on line, what a nice coincidence if that day we finally managed to meet and wet to cinema together and completed it as a date by close it with dinner.

yasu     :   so now you’re dating a collage boy …?
noi        :   no, it wasn’t that kind of date eh, it’s more to a friend-date …
yasu     :   there’s no such thing as a friend-date …
noi        :   でもね、や〜〜ちゃん, i think

his parent educated him well, because even he had less money that time, he won’t let me pay or at least share the dinner cost, because that’s a gentleman will do. I think age never determine whether a man is a gentleman or not.

He is younger than me, but i always think in many ways he is more grown/mature than me, i mean in his way of thinking. They, whoever they are was right about

Don’t Judge Book by It Cover ….


We end that night sayin goodbye at the station where he will back to Yokohama and me back to my hotel. Okay, it was totally lame date but it was fun eh and i also got myself that Takahiro cola … !!!!

That’s all everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)

yasu     :    ま、ま、ま、noi ちゃん , really ….?
noi         :    i told you ne, it’s a friend-date
HYDE    :    hey, what happen …
yasu     :     noi ちゃん , she is dating a college boy …
HYDE    :     まさか、noi ちゃん really …
noi         :    OK, i am leaving you both …



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  2. Awww I love this blogpost so much, it took me a while to get to it because I was so busy last week…but then it’s all the sweeter to read as I get to binge on a bunch of ABC and such news 😀 I love the subtitles comment. That is hilarious and sooo true. It encouraged me to keep working hard on my Japanese studies 🙂 Thank you again for you hard work as always, I will try my best to get something in for the fan project if my busy next couple of days allow. ❤ ❤

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