GREED Post : ABC 7th Anniversary FanProject …. (Another me yasu and LetThe GREED ON!)

so everyone,

i know i must write this on July (last month) when we decided to do this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject, but because i was a bit busy so i just able to post this in here right now.

But i am sure some of you already see it in Tumblr or in this team_yasu group on Facebook


but it would be fine if i also post it in here as well eh ….


yasu    :    is this gonna be a long post noi_chan …?
noi       :    no,
yasu    :    hmmm …
noi       :    it won’t i promise you

OK back to the topic now.  so the topic now is this year’s Acid Black Cherry FanProject, and this year we named it as …

Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary :  GREED FanProject !

it was started when …

~  one of team_yasu group on Facebook‘s member posted some of her collections in the group.
~  Then there’s other member who posted a comment about how she wanted to see everyone’s Acid Black Cherry stuffs, and …
~  Then again, followed with dear maru_chan who said to me  it would be a good idea if we made that as our next FanProject by let everyone (All Acid Black Cherry fans) to show some of their collection of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.
~  About why we put GREED on it, it’s simply because  …


This year is Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ne and 7 in alphabet is G and we all know what’s more G in this Acid Black Cherry fandom than that 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, so …

why didn’t we let the Greed ON this year?

that’s why everyone, let’s have some fun together again for this year’s Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary : GREED FanProject.


all you have to do is ….

~    Take a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection you have like CD,DVD, Official Merchandise, or maybe some handmade things you made by yourself.
~    try to make as less photos possible.
~    Photos need to be at least 600px high
~    send your photos via e-mail to

#,  and/or
#, with
# Subject: ABC 7th anniversary GREED Fan Project, and
# Content: your (nick)name, country and a message if you want.

~    DEAD LINE is  Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1
~    And if you can’t send a photo of your Acid Black Cherry collection maybe because you don’t have it or you are still in vacation, you can always send a fan-art or a fanmail message.

I’d say this FanProject is a bit different from the previous we had, because this time we can show each other (among fans) what kind of Acid Black Cherry collection we have.

And i am sure by knowing that there might be something like Q&A following, for sexample

~   OMG you have that PHOTOBOOOK, i couldn’t find it anymore,
~   Where did you find it …?
~   in auction? for how much did you bought it …?  etc etc etc

and  because as what it’s written there  …

nagashiwadesign will create a special design video and PDF file and send it to yasu and his team_ABC to let them know if yasu also did sell his stuffs oversea …

as we all know they don’t put how many single’s sold in oversea to Oricon chart, even i am sure yasu has his own staffs do search about this matter but still,  it would be nice if we show him directly …. xD

not only that,

because as what the man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) said on the latest Official Blog Post ….



There’s nothing in particular for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

well, the man is already said whis words eh, even it kinda make me say eeeh, what the hell ….. (wich i tend to say, anytime …xD) but at least they posted something there on the Official Blog Post and let us know what yasu is doing recenltly



including how he loves to wear that whatsoever toe pad is.  They (whoever they are) said yasu use the Pro ver, like that …

Actually it is a healthy device that said recommended for people who is in diet because good to loose weight and also gain a proper posture by simply walking. Price is 1,667 yen (before tax) so with tax i suppose it will be around 1,800 yen.

Now, i see lots of people (especially who is Acid Black Cherry fans) also bought it. And just like what happened to Light Blue Dolce&Gabbana (one that they said as yasu’s scent) i am sure there will be increasing selling for that Pro ver. toe pad in Japan,  thanks to yasu .

gain a proper posture by simply walking ….?

sounds good eh,

And of course i want it as well eh, but how can but that online?  maybe i should check it on for that. Anyway for me, by reading if he is still busy with song production things day by day gave me another hope for something else to waiting for,

for sexample like what i talked it with Yukiko and Mari_san on Facebook , we were kinda like eeeh …

~    a new single, or maybe …
~    the next Recreation 4 Album, or if he night think about to skip Recreation 4 album then …
~    a new album for next winter …?

i mean by only wondering what yasu is busy with right now we talked so far until new album and Recreation 4 eh? … Oh Dear God, I love my Facebook friend eh, i really do.

And also my waiting for something for Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary is over …


yasu     :    tell me, you were waiting for what?
noi        :    another free event maybe, or …
yasu    :     or what …
noi        :    another free things to DownLoad, ah ya maybe for this song

この青空の向こうに  …



or ….

yasu     :     why you always want something free …
noi        :     geez ya_san, nothing is better than a free stuffs eh he he he ….. *got another mass kick*

OK, back to the FanProject,

so why didn’t we do something by ourself as fans to celebrate as well as having fun together for this Acid Black Cherry’s 7th Anniversary ? …


but as what i already wrote on my Tumblr (because i read that un-fair comment is on Tumblr eh, …)

it surprised me and broke my hearts as well when i read about some people sayin how un-fair is this Acid Black Cherry 7th Anniversary GREED FanProject, especially for fans who don’t have any Acid Black Cherry Stuffs (read : CD, DVD, or other official merchandise … )

Un-fair for some fans who don’t have Acid Black Cherry stuffs? …

even  it’s written there  you can make a fanart or something else (ex : your photo maybe) for yasu to see, if you don’t have any CD/DVD or merchandise . Because i always think if fanart or other handmade Acid Black Cherry things that fans made is also Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

because i’ve seen many fans made their own beautiful handmade of Acid Black Cherry stuffs, for sexample like this amazing things that Audrey sent me …



So official stuffs or not, you still can join this project and now it is time for you to show it to yasu.

and about this project is only for the real fans?

OMG …..  i think everyone should know if in this fandom especially this Acid Black Cherry division there’s no things such things as

# real fan or non-real fan, …

omo, what am i supposed to say about this, a fake fans?


that’s ridiculous ne, i am aware about a fake boobs because yasu wear it on many occasions like that, but a fake fans?  Ah come on everyone  …

this is a fandom ne not FBI or MI6, let James Bod, the 007 do the fake and undercover things.

because what are doing is nothing but having fun by worshiping or sometimes whooring …? wekekekekeke  *dumped to hell*

and last but not least is  …

# senior or junior fans


even i did say about Acid Black Cherry gakuen, but it’s just because that LICK ME /SUCK YOU uniform eh, still it’s not a real gakuen/school where there’s such thing as senior and junior exist,

so please do read again, and don’t say things about fair and un-fair.

I know sometimes life is un-fair in someways, but for this Fan-Project we try to make everything is fair to everyone.

So no matter if you have much, less or do not have any Acid Black Cherry CD/DVD or merchandise, you still can join this project and have fun together ….

the point is we have fun together and also make yasu to look at us once in a year because i think sometimes he needs to be reminded if he also have us (read : overseas fans here)

and once in a year reminder is quite enough …. xD so everyone, …

Let’s remind him again, and remember …
DEADLINE is Sunday, August 10th, 2014 (2014/08/09) 14:00 GMT+1, so
よろしくお願いします、皆さん 。。。。。!!! *bounce*


yasu       :    once a year reminder for me, what this all about …?
noi          :    well, sometimes i do think you kinda forget   …
yasu       :    i forget who, you  … ?
noi          :    your oversea fans eh, not only me  …
yasu       :   what the  …




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