After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

I really miss, Sunday to arrive …
can’t imagine how i really waited for Sunday to come because this weeks, is very hard week for me. 1st week at office after holiday and lots of things to do.

The worst part is when everyone want everything to be fast after holiday by sayin …

GPL ya … !!!  (Ga Pake Lama, means a.s.a.p or as soon as possible)

why the hell they want fast, don’t they know if it is normal when people becoming more slow after holiday like me …


yasu    :    it’s not normal
noi       :   but it happened to me, and i still slow eh .. …
yasu    :   only you, btw now he is callin you what …
noi       :   who …?
yasu    :   your collage Boy BF, ポタト 。。。?
noi       :  omo, how did you know …

now i think there’s a reason why people say to not date a person who is younger than you. Because see what happen to me, only one week after holiday my weight gained about 5 kgs.

It’s only 5 kgs. eh, and he is already call me potato …?


i know it was a joke but boy, hey you boy don’t you know if  it is forever not polite and not funny to make a joke about body shape and weight to a woman, especially if that woman is a bit dramatic 53 years old woman.

That’s why i’d say,  I hate you now ….

i hate you just like i hate carrot and Skype video call   …


yasu       :   hey calm down, it’s a joke ne …
noi          :   i know but still …
YUKI       :   so what you’re gonna do ..
yasu       :   yes, what next noi_chan …
noi          :   dunno, i’ll think about that later …

because now i have to finish this first  ….

~    「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Kagawa

kagawa meeting

Project 「Shangri-la 」Shikoku finally arrived in Kagawa prefecture.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st came back to Kagawa after 2 years ago with TOUR  『2012』. And earlier, in Takamatsu-shi, Kawaramachi Station Square Underground 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 was held.

The venue for 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, it was a little bit special because Kawaramachi Station Square Underground is a basement of a station but it also a wide space there.

And they started it with a Public Recording with FM Kagawa.


first is how yasu very happy with the amazing increasing number of male fans when the DJ told him if there was lots of male fans there …

and then followed with yasu‘s impression of Kagawa that he visited many times in the past, he said if his impression about Kagawa is udon.

He knew it from watching a movie called 「UDON 」 … xD


It is a 2006 Japanese drama comedy movie about Kosuke,

a comedian who spent six years trying to become an English stand-up comedian in New York, but failed and he decided to back to his hometown Sanuki, Kagawa prefecture that famous as 「Udon Country 」 because there’s many udon shop there.

Including his family’s

Back to his hometown he work on a local magazine and started to write about udon shops in Sanuki after visit them one by one. He succed with that, the magazine become famouse and the sellin increase.

But even he visited almost all shop in town but he never visit his father’s shop. There is something going on between him and his father. But when his father got a heart attack, he finally realize what is the real meaning of udon for his family.

He started to learn how to make udon and it’s not easy ….

i’d say, this movie is good not because i am a noodle lover but how they vividly put the confilct between Kosuke his father among all things about udon matter is amazing.

I mean, i enjoyed the udon making, eating, story telling and writing but it doesn’t make me less interested to what happened and will hapen to Kosuke and his father.

OMG, again and again,

thanks to yasu i watched that movie streaming at office eh. Now it seems like not only givin me lots of 80’s Japanese songs to listen via Recreation albums, yasu also start to give me a recommendation about a movie to watch  … ?


noi      :    that’s AWESOME … !!!
yasu   :    it’s not a recommendation  …
noi      :    but you make me want to watch it eh …
yasu   :    ….

back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

next is the story talk about this Project  「Shangri-la 」 from 1st ~ 5th  SEASON and also how Kagawa prefecture is not only about udon, but also there’s many things other like islands of Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai), olive, wines, good ones  …

in Kagawa prefecture, there’s a town named Shodoshima小豆島 」 with speciality olive because the olive tree imported from Europe growing perfectly only in Shodoshima.


yasu also tried to eat bread with olive oli and salt since DAIGO told him how delicious it is and he also took a picture of  a beautiful sakura bloom (Yoko Sakura variety?) when he was out .

yasu, he loves to take a picture of things so i suppose …


yasu    :    what ….
noi       :    you should make a personal account on Instagram eh …
yasu   :    why, because you have Instagram now?
noi      :     well, i didn’t say that ..
yasu   :    but i know you are gonna say that …

Okay, enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, next …

~   Let’s talk about Hana …

recently i heard a lot of people talking about this woman, Hana.

Not only from Her Majesty ~ The Drama Queen, but also because most of my office – mate especially the womans keeps talking about her (read : Hana, not Inspector Himura … xD) .

Start from  ..

~  what happen to her,
~  why she is so sad,
~  how fool is her husband to let her go and last but not least is,
~  what kind of hijabveil 」she use last night,
~  is it already available on the shop next our office or not …

Finally i found out who the hell is Hana thanks to how on my last Ied Holiday i spent most of my night with my mother and her one and only friend ( read : her telly).

次に Hana, 誰で?


see that’s Hana,

actually she is the lead character on an Indonesian dramain here we called it as sinetron, from Sinema Elektronik (Electronic Cinema) 」. The title is Catatan Hati Seorang Istri ( means : A Wive’s heart notes) and Her Majesty following it.

She won’t leave her telly before that drama end.

And last Ied Holiday, she was a bit confused because for almost a week Hana, is gone from that drama, and they (whoever who wrote the drama’s script) didn’t tell where the hell is she but only sayin if Hana is going somewhere.

And Her Majesty asked the same question everyday …

Where is Hana? When did she’ll be back … etc etc

And when Ied Holiday is over, Hana finally came back on the drama. She said she went to Mecca for umrah and find a peace for herself. And my mother, called me that night just to tell me  …

Boo, Hana is back …!!!

see what a drama did to a Drama Queen like my mother? and it is not over there because next morning arrived at office the fist thing i heard is nothing but …

Hey Inspector, finally Hana is back … !!!

what the hell is happen with people, i never understand why they all so attched to that drama.

I personally hate when my mom, Her Majesty too atteched to a drama, because with no drama involved she is a Drama Queen already.

Especially when there’s so many over sad nonsense drama like Ied Holiday.

I dunno why during last Ied Holiday, there’s so many drama about a mother who adopted a girl, raised that girl like her own daughter and then suddenly that girl leave and forget her mother.

I saw how my mother stupidly cryin a river on the part when the mother nonstop calling and begging to her adopted daughet not to leave her

and my mother,

I know just by the look on her face and how she cryin like that, there must be a little bit of scare on her about me leaving her alone to find my real father (they said he is still alive btw).

because i remember when i was child she often ask this question

if you were adopted like that, and found out if your real parents are very rich, what would you do …?

whenever she watch that kind of adoption family drama. So before she started to ask me another stupid question, exactly like what Capt. Rogers said to Bucky,

i said to her  …

Don’t worry mommy …

then everything’s fine …

now you all see how great is Capt. Rogers eh, so next is  …

~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!
~   to be continued to Part2 ~ ….. xD

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