A Bit Stupid Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and 「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」.. ♪)


I am totally lazy/stupid for these recent weeks …

It’s not because i had nothing to do, trust me still do have lots of things to do but with all those lots of things i had, have and still have to do just make me lazy to do anything.

Me, back at the same me last year.

Do the same thing everyday, being a night person by go to bed after midnight and wake up in the morning go to work with a face and walk like a zombie.


Can you all imagine that?

i said how i hate zombies because zombie is dummy, i don’t even watch or at least get in to the euphoria of The Walking Dead and whenever i am mad or a little bit stressed, i let it go by killing zombies on my games …

Now i became one of the zombie every morning … ?


yasu     :     you do now ….?
noi        :     yes, look at me …
yasu     :     hmm, is this gonna be a long post …?
noi        :     i think so  …

so let’s start this post this A Little bit (read : 6 Days) Late to say ….

~   Hello there September …. !!!


After a very busy August with lots of works that almost buried me alive now finally September is coming complete with lots of wonderful things that i wanna do.  As what Vina Panduwinata (she is a legend Indonesian singer) always say with her song

September Ceria

about how wonderful and lovely is September, indeed September this year should be wonderful and lovely as well because …

#    Ruroni Kenshin : Kyoto Inferno in Indonesia’s cinemas …


of course i want to see it as well even it means i have to go to Jakarta because it only available on Blitz Cinemas.


not only because i want to see My Dear Brother Kenshin on a BIG cinema screen, but  i also want to hear Mighty Long Fall played in a HD Sound in a cinema theater.

wah, that must be awesome eh ….

and then …

~     A Tired but must be a very Nice Trip to Osaka next week …

Commisioner Vijay wants to go to Osaka next week to deal with something and a family trip as well.

And at the first moment i hear about his plan i raised my both hand as high as i can ask him to let me go with him …

Bnc0LByCcAAWB_B.jpg large

yasu     :      like this ….?
noi        :      no, that’s raising hands, not waving eh or counting ….?
yasu     :      then like what …
noi        :      i raised my hands higher than all Titanic passenger’s SOS for help …
yasu    :       what the …

while sayin, take me with you sir,  i’ll be a good girl and be your free translator … etc etc with all the good things i promised will do there so he wouldn’t do anything but relax and have fun trip with his family after …

At the beginning,

he said   :    no, no Moi. This is Osaka, not Tokyo
me          :    then what with Osaka ..?
him         :    there’s no yasu in Osaka
me          :    OMG, did i ever tell you if yasu is from Osaka …?

so apparently from all things about yasu ramblings i said to him was not included the fact that yasu is from Osaka ….. xD

Okay, okay you all can say i just had my biggest failed as someone who declared herself as A Fulltime Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry but forgot to put the fact if yasu is from Osaka in all my ABC invasion (read : crazy woman’s rambling) ..

I feel like i just got a massive slap from the whole fandom ….


BwSQBs6CYAAFIBU.jpg large

noi      :    sorry luv, mission not accomplished …
yasu   :    what kind of Fulltime Famgirl are you ?
noi      :    but almost full like : 4/5 time, is it OK …?
yasu   :    no, not OK

Me, i always like do things like that.

Not only on make the non-ABC fans friends on my Facebook bored with all my things about yasu but in fact, i also do that in my real life.

Aaand believe me,  i love when in the middle of conversation (especially, the boring one …xD) i suddenly say something like this  …

Btw guys, do you know if  yasu also watch Discovery Channel ….. ?

and many else more until they all sayin, OK OK and then leave me alone then they all look at me with their  kind of “ええ〜〜 what the ..? “ face like this  …. xD



I just love to do that, because  there’s time when i feel that my rambling about yasu this and that kinda became my secret weapon to make people that bothered me to leave me alone.

Ah ya, back to the topic eh ….

So i waited and hoped to able to do that 2 wonderful things on this Wonderful September, because i also had plan about going to ONE OK ROCK Live at Yokohama Stadium to see this

Baby Stroberry Taka   …xD


omo, what with that face …..

but still God said no again to me. Just like how God said BIG NO to me September last year when i made a trip to Hokkaido.

Just like that, things happened again this year. I had to cancel all of it because i don’t have time to do it and also now Her Majesty needs me more than before. So what can i do but make this kinda

Note to myself …

Stay home, work hard, lock yourself at home and don’t make any plans to do on September again, because it is gonna fail anyway.

And yasu, please do wake me up when September is over  …


yasu      :    how old you are noi_chan …?
noi         :     53 years, very old eh
yasu      :    and do i look like your nanny …
noi         :    of course not
yasu      :    just finish this post hurry …

OK now, let’s continue this whatsoever Fangirl Homework for myself. And this time is for …

~    「Shangri-la 」 Live  ~ Kagawa

Kagawa is the last prefecture of Shikoku block in this 5th SEASON Acid Black Cherry ‘s Project 『Shangri-la』 and on the previous day, 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Kagawa was held.

For this live in Kagawa, was the first live performance after the previous two years ago at the same venue. Doing a live performance at the same venue (at Sunport Hall Takamatsu) of course it revived some memories for yasu.


that day, when they did 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kagawa it was also Junji‘s birthday and they were able to celebrate it with the audience in Kagawa.

Talking about Junji, i’d say he is yasu‘s stretching mate.


i believe you all see how often they did that whatsoever stretching toghether on DVD offshoots …

And back to 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kagawa post, as always, they (you know who …) started with …

♪  the annual Local Gourmet Introduction corner

With so many local gourmet tought in the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」yasu had waiting for all of it. And these were waiting for yasu at the Kagawa Live venue …

~   「豚の冷しゃぶ 野菜添え」/ 「Pork Reishabu/ Cold Pork Shabu Shabu, served with vegetables」
~   「チンジャオロース」/「Chinjaoroosu」/「Green Pepper Steak」,

it is a stir-fried Chinese American dish of sliced beef steak ( flank, sirloin, etc) cooked with sliced green or red bell peppers and other seasonings such as soy sauce and ginger, and usually thickened with cornstarch.

Sliced onions and bean sprouts are also usually added.

~  「ほうれん草のゴマ和え」/「Hōrensō no goma-ae」/「Cold Spinach Salad」
~  Vegetable salad,
~  Miso soup with pork and vegetables …


of course speaking of Kagawa


it’s Udon, the unique stifness of Sanuki Udon

after meal, everyone (yasu and the support members) are full of smiles from the dressing room to the stage.

Btw yasu also did some check at the backstage in Kagawa.


Eh God,

i love when he did that kind of checking eh,

but too bad i dunno why they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t purt some picture of yasu do checking at the backstage like what they used to do when they started to post all those 「Shangri-la 」 Live reports/post on The Official Blog.


yasu      :    hey fangirl, are you sure i did that checking after meal?
noi         :    i dunno …
yasu      :    you don’t know …?
noi         :    yeah ya_san, because there’s no before or after meal description on the magazine about it …
yasu      :    what did they say …
noi         :    they only say ….


香川で の LIVE日! 楽屋からステージまで、 笑顔あふれる   四国ラスト公演でした!


yasu       :    did you copy paste that …?
noi          :    no ya_san, this time i really read that magazine. I told you ne, i am so CHANGEABLE  ….!!!
yasu       :   本当に?
noi          :   本当だよ 。。。!!

and they (read : yasu and the support members) also did some …


♪  talks in the dressing room


This time they were talking about this Kagawa‘s gourmet …

「鳥の骨付き肉」/ 「bird version of bone-in meat」

that apparently served by the catering when they did Live in Kagawa last year.  And then, for some reason the topic changed into talk about Potato and croquettes ….

ええ〜〜、ポテト …..?


yasu     :     ジャガイモ …
noi        :    ah ya that’s what i mean, nah talking about ポテト ね …
yasu     :     どう …
noi        :     じゃ、「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」 聞いて ください 。。。
yasu     :     ノイ_ちゃん、 もういい ね…. *bored*


i am sure you all know about this Love Story between Potato and Tomato from 9GAG



so let me write the drama version of mine for you all …

On a bright and sunny summer 2012, a potato meet a tomato online  and they both feel something that a human will call it as Love at The First Sight.

They have a crush each other but they also aware about how different they are. But it didn’t let them down, so potato ask tomato to wait while she is going somewhere and back as a nice hot and crispy french fries.

And while waiting for potato to came back, tomato also thinkin about what he can do so they can be together. Then when potato back to him as a nice hot and crispy french fries, he had an idea to turn himself into a handy and easy to use tomato sauce


then there you are as you all see now they are as a perfect couple so they can join burger together.

Just like what they wrote there, there’s no perfect couple at the beginning, so there’s things that they (and all of us) have to do to make us and our someone as a perfect couple be together with the burger

Why do i am talking about this now?


Not because how i love to see yasu eat that BIG burger like that,  because the fact is i love to see yasu eating anything

including eat me if he want to …xD


yasu       :       i am not gonna eat you  ….
noi          :       calm down, 冗談だ よ 。。。!!!
yasu       :       not funny …
noi          :       well …

It’s because there’s somebody who call me potato, and i suppose (read :  i hope …. xD) he also call himself as tomato. So in this case i am the potato and he is the tomato.

But as you know, i never take anything seriously.

Including this whatsoever thing i have with that Tomato Boy now. But dunno why suddenly our always bluffing and not serious conversation we always do, changed into serious.

It started when …

i said to him     :     i wish you are not a Japanese
him                    :     and i also wish you are a Japanese …

then i was like fallin on my bed like this …..

after that,

instead took us into DEAD END, it made everything changed into more serious now. He doesn’t have to say, but thanks to so many dorama i watch, i know the different.

I mean how he start to talk to me in a different way, from a boy’s talk into a man’s way talk to a woman ….

ah you know what i mean and somehow it bothered me.

I wonder is it okay? i mean if i still continue to follow whatever things he is on to me now. Because honestly i prefer if we both back to what we were both before unlike now.

We used to have lots of fun together ne, there’s no some silly fight followed with lots of interrogations that sometimes confused me and make ask to God

eh God, why he is younger than me …..?

I know there’s lots of love story like that happened on my dramas, but it’s a real life ne not a drama. And of course it’s forever okay for him to ask me what i did to day as part of his curious

but i am very bad to take part on things like this, and don’t ask me why.

And surely i gave them both (read : Potato and Tomato) 2 thumbs UP for what they did so they can be together. But it’s a very hard to do eh. Imagine ne, to slice myself and then jump into a frying pan like that.

of course it’s not i literally will slice myself into pieces and jump into a frying pan … xD

what i am sayin is there’s lots of things to do and think about if i want to be with him, together next to the burger as a perfect package on a McD table

see what i mean, it’s not easy ne.

that’s why i want both of us back to be as comfy as we were before and if there’s a chance for us to join burger on a McD table in the future,

at least there’s no strings attached between us   ….

BvtdATZCYAACxdd.jpg large

yasu       :      eh noi_chan, don’t tell me …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      バーガーは、だれ 。。。。?
noi          :      あなたです… ….

yasu       :       WHAATT ….!!!
noi          :       ah come on ya_san, i am the potato, he is the tomato, you are the burger and McD is Japan  …
yasu       :       how could you …
noi          :       yes, i  can because who knows we can go to see ABC Live together.

一緒に eh, together …

yasu      :       but you said he is not ABC Fan
noi         :       it doesn’t have to be an ABC Fan to go to see ABC Live with me ne
yasu      :       A burger, really noi_chan ….??

and then the question selected on ….


♪  the Question Corner is …


An episode of your 1st meet with a musician that you are longed-for, を教えてください … !!!

and yasu‘s answer is …

Of course HYDE and also Kyosuke Himuro, but he also said i haven’t meet Kyosuke Himuro_san yet.

So yasu‘s first meet with HYDE was in ASAKASA Blitz live when he started his solo. First said hello in ther dressing room there and he gave HYDE his own CD and HYDE said to him   Thank you, i’ve seen you on TV …

And also MORRIE because DEAD END is the band that inspired him. They even had interview together on magazine and telly  …


And now sohow i feel this something what people say about  ..

There’s always another sky beyond that blue sky we all see everyday.

How a musician that we all adore and long for also have their own sky (read : their own longed for musician). That’s so sweet eh, imagine about how yasu also might feel the same happy and doki doki like we all do feel whenever meet his fave inspired musician.

But i wonder does he feel the same can’t wait on this time like this ?

On a time when he is gonna release a new single and i am totally curious and can’t wait about what the person (read : yasu) that i adore will have for me for his upcoming single for me. What’s the title, how is gonna be like  …. etc etc so many things that i can’t wait to find out

enough about that, then next is ….

♪  the SexList …

03/30 Tour  『Shangri-la』 Sunport Hall Takamatsu


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen

03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu  ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed

07. Nemuri Hime
08. KImi ga Inai、ano hi kara…

10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Black Cherry (request)
15. SPELL MAGIC (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then next is my fave part ….

♪  the Kewpie …


credit  : @Yasuの女


aaand ….

I don’t have it …. xD

Well because of that a quite long 「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」 , i think i have to delay the next episode of my Japan trip report.  It’s a bit boring anyway because full of my complain about the hotel i stayed there and how cold was Osaka.

so next it will be only  ….

~   This Whatsoever Update for me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this time is for …

Live Digest Gunma – Tokyo




from ARENA LIVE 2014年8月号 …

Acid Black Cherry :  Project 『Shangri-la』 Final Season06.15 国立代々木競技場第一体育館




and last is from

7 ぴあ 2014年8月号


so enjoiii ….!!!

Last but not least is ….

This is kinda embarrassing eh, but thanks to her know i found out if i know nothing about something called love and relationship stuffs. That’s why i always choose to be a listener than be someone who will say something or give an opinion about it.

I usualy talk about this with my Cherry Sista, about stuffs like this, especially Moni. Because as i said before Moni always know what to say to me and in some way open my eyes.

But last week suddenly a fellow Acid Black Cherry fans asked me something about relationship and how to move on from somebody.

OMG can you believe that?


~   call somebody who knows nothing about love and relationship like me as senpai,
~   she also ask for one Acid Black Cherry song that perfect to ask somebody to back to her again.

and i answer her  …

what about this song, Aitai …?


she replied me …

but senpai, on that song story he is dead isn’t he …?



i totally forget if the anata on that song is missed because he is dead, not leavin her for someone else.

Then not only that …

~  she also asked about how to move on from lovin someone to me, a person who is still like this (you all know what i mean),

Then what should i say ne, because i know nothing and i am still on my way to move-on ne.

So i hope no one ask me about something about that again. I prefer people to ask me about yasu or Acid Black Cherry stuffs or join my crazy worshiping about him because for me ….

Define 「かわいい 。。。」?


noi       :    あなたです… ….
yasu    :    Define 「Love  。。。」?
noi       :    nah, now you tell me …
yasu    :    ehh ….

~ owari~


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