Quick Post : Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 …. (Another me and yasu, The Man with Demonic Charm)

Hello everyone, 

finally today is my day off …

and just like yasu, i love to spent my day off with stay awake until late (last night i went to bed at 02:00 PM) and wake up very late at 06:00 PM annnd then  …

say hello to this Man with Demonic Charm …. !!!! *read : watch his video again*

yes, in my Blurry Eyes, yasu is always be a Brilliant Man with a Demonic Charm.

Do you all see what i see ….?

I mean,  see how that’s a Demonic Charm that totally hard to resist eh, after had so much sexcitement watching all a-nation 2014 videos …

i spent my last night forced my IDM to workin downloading all Acid Black Cherry a-nation2014 from that YT Channel

Thank God, somebody finally put that on YouTube and God Bless the person who do that  ….. #Amin


noi        :    that was my pray before sleep last night …
yasu     :    only that …
noi        :    i also pray that somebody will change his way thinking about me ….
yasu     :    what did you do last night?
noi        :    nothing, i swear to you and all my ABC collection i did nothing wrong last night …

i am a bit confuse now,

have no idea what to say and what to do and react in that situation. It is not the first time, but it happen again. I thought it was over and he already changed his way of thinking about me from that way into a way that i want to.

Even not 100% like my wish, but at least a little bit closer is fine.

But i suppose my wish is always be a silly wish that will never come true. After all, he is still the same person, with the same way thinking about me that i am not fond of. I thought with all things we had, shared and yasu’s talks will change things

but it’s not …

Now i really don’t know what to do. I am totally clueless about man, they just totally like a grey area that i don’t have a map to guide me. Yes, i am completely lost about what to do next. All things i imagined to do together sudenly start to vanished.

It always like this, ended with me as the stupid one.

Suppose i hoped to much eh, or did i misunderstood something or we both were lost in translation last night?  dunno ….

Okay, forget about that now let’s see again this  Man with a Demonic Charm

1.   「ピストル」

2.  「黒猫」

that  「黒猫」 part is my fave eh, as i say before …

a complete sexy song and sexy man singing on stage, that  is what i will say about  「黒猫」 Live version


noi       :    if somebody ask me …
yasu    :   who  …
noi       :    yeah, who is gonna ask me anyway  …

3.   「君がいない、あの日から…」


I am sure and hope you all already DL those video.

Yes, it is LQ.

But if we look for our situation in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, things are harder to get. Even for Japanese fans, they had to pay to see that channel on their tell or smartphone. So this time that LQ stuffs turned into almost HQ for me.

That’s why i always say

Do what you have to do, everyone ….!!!


to all team_yasu members of Facebook whenever there’s some rare Acid Black Cherry stuffs especially video availabe on net to DL . Among us rather than Download it, we say it as secure it ….xD

See how lovely my team_yasu members fellows are …

Ah ya, why do i say this as a A Quick post? because my post last night it wasn’t a complete post.

I forgot about this ….

~  Whatsoever Things from me …

this is 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Tokushima


Enjoii …. !!!

and back to Acid Black Cherry a-nation 2014, it will be appeared on  …

~   OUT of MUSIC Magazine vol. 13



Release date : October 1st, 2014
Acid Black Cherry ~ a-nation
CD Japan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1717061

then finally, i received my CD&DL Data Magazine ….

I haven’t do anything about it, only reading and reading but here’s some yasu’s on a-nation 2014 from it





and the poster …..


it replaced this my old and fave poster of long haired yasu

me and yasu 2

that’s a very long time ago yasu‘s poster eh, and yasu on that poster was the reason why i kept my hair long. Because at that time i wanna a long black hair like yasu, but instead of yasu black and long hair turned me into Sadako ….

in here, The Ring is still  a very popular horror movie.

So a black long haired woman it is Sadako, i remember there was a little girl who was sit next to me wishpered to her mother about me looked like a ghost …

of course i heard what she said, and then i was like ….

Eehh ……?  

I kinda blamed her mother to let that little girl said that rude things to me to hear .  I suppose nothings worked for me ne including this   ….

Acid Black Cherry 「Shangri – La」’s Cross Stitches

This Cross Stitches making is trending now at my office.

All my office mates (the female) have one on their desk. They do that when they have nothing to do. Unlike me, there’s a time on a day for them to have nothing to do. I wonder why i am the one who keep moving like a bunny with no Energizer’s backup behind me.

And one day some of them dare me to make yasu’s Cross Stitches, i said to them  …

why not?  i can do that ….

I was so full of confident  before i received the materials ( read :  papers, needle and else), but when i got it and see the pattern OMG i think i am in trouble. There’s so many different color in gradation.

i made it based on this ….


That image divided into 12 spot areas to make it easier.  And hopefully i can managed to finished it before January 27th, on yasu‘s birthday.


But look what just happened, i spent this 2 weeks doing it every night while watching telly. But until now i don’t even finish 1/2 from the 1st block ne.

1st week was full of mistakes.

I made a double stitches when it supposed to be only a single stitches. So i have to re do it again while collecting all my threads i wasted because i can’t buy this kind of color here in my village.

So rather that have to go to other city just to buy 1 green grey thread, i choose to open it again and it’s very hard, harder than when i made it.

That image if you make it into a Cross Stitches pattern with some computer program that i forget what the name is, it will give you colors that’s not usual, at least for me. I mean it is a bit difficult to me to see the different from this pearl gray and beaver gray or gay green and the other green ….

Eh, Gay Green …?


yasu      :      it’s grey green ne  ….
noi         :     OMG  …
yasu      :      you better use your glasses ….
noi         :      but i still can see you perfectly  ….



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