♡ to ♡ Post : Acid Black Cherry CD&DL でーた Interview #3…. (Another me, yasu and The Fanboy)


Okay everyone,

this post tonight started with a question from me ….


yasu    :    let me guess, what will happen to your Capt. …?….
noi      :    no, no no, say nothing …
yasu    :    or when will he is gonna talk to you again
noi      :    eee who  .. ????
yasu    :   that fanboy  ..
noi      :    well, actually the question is ……

Have you ever pray like you never pray before …???

I did that these week  …

All this time, i never pray as hard i how i prayed for myself yesterday.  I am somebody who always feel i am a very lucky person because my mother’s pray for me heard and will be heard by God for how devoted is she.

But one day, my mother said something that really scared me to hell. She said …

Boo, why did you never pray as hard as you did long time ago …?

I didn’t annswer her because i know that’s one of her Drama Queen question that i don’t have to answer. Then she followed with this …

I always pray for you Boo, you know that.

Start from the morning you go to work i always pray until you back home save at the evening. This time i am still alive, but if i die who is gonna pray hard for you if you don’t do it for yourself  …?

and who is gonna pray for me and your father  …?

then she started to cry …

Damn, i really hate when my mother start to cry. See i love my mother more than anything and sometimes this love that i feel to her kinda drives me crazy. I love her so much and i would do anything to make her proud and stop worrying about me.

At least once, i really want to see her proud of me face and smile that i often see whenever she look at my sister or talk about my sister to anybody.

i just want her to say …

look that’s my daughter Boo, she …. bla bla bla …

but too bad, she never say it and show that face and smile to me. I guess for her, i am still the same Boo that keeps her worry and praying hard so everything will be fine for me.

i hate that look in her eyes worrying about me, keep askin am i okay, not sleepy to drive, haven’t i forget my phone and wallet … etc etc and so many questions following to make sure i am ready to go to work like i am just a 5th grader.

that day, she asked me to pray hard again.

Pray hard in here,

not only a regular 5 times a day but also together with Monday and Thursday fasting, midnight prayers, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t go anywhere for fun … and so many things followed that we as a Javanese call it as tirakat.

Tirakat is when you ask something to your God and do anything to knockin on your God‘s door and suppose that tirakat is gonna make the knocks i made louder.

I did that when i was in the middle of test to get my job after 1 year stayed at home to babysit my nephew. It was very hard, i even sleep on the floor behind our front door every night with so many prays that i read before and after sleep.

And then, last week something really bad happened to me.

It was very bad and scared me until i couldn’t tell anyone about this.  yeah, it’s worst than my previous bleeding. I thought, this is it i am going to die.  It made me less concentrate to work and made so many mistakes at office.

When i see those many X in red they put on my reports when they audit me, i became more hopeless.

Then what happen is, when i had no one to turned to ask for i turned to my God and start to do that tirakat again. Then as always this what Bimbo say is true again.

Bimbo (a 50’s Indonesian band) in their song sayin

Aku jauh, Engkau jauh
Aku dekat, Engkau dekat

I am far, then You (God) far,
I am close, then You (God) close

That day, i started to make myself close again to my God and my God came close to me. That nightmares and pain finally over , i guess i am fine and God gave me another chance  for me.

i suppose my mother the one and only person that will always say i am beautiful beside James Blunt ….



this time she is right again .

I still need to work harder, and along with how hard i am working i also have to pray harder. Because if i don’t pray for myself then who else but my mother will pray for me … ?

I have no idea what happen to me now, but all i know i feel save now.

Ok, ehough with the miserable rambling, now i better continue my previous post since instead put ~owari~ like how i ended all my posts i put ~to be continued~

so next is this ….

~   Magazine Update …

1.   MEN’S KNUCKLE Magazine …


Actually the Acid Black Cherry  interview on this magazine is quite interesting. If i am not mistaken, they talked about why men also love Acid Black Cherry. See how Acid Black Cherry (read : yasu) from a men’s point of view.

All this time, i don’t talk a lot about yasu with male fans/fanboys.


yasu    :    then what about that fanboy …
noi       :    what fanboy, who …?
yasu    :    you know i am talking about who ..
noi       :    i don’t know …
yasu    :    yes, you know
noi       :    no, i do not know and stop talking that you know i know who you are talking about …. *dizzy*
yasu    :    まさか noi_ちゃん、he really dumped you ne …. *laugh*
noi       :    please stop and lemme finish this  …

Even yeah, i do have some ABC fanboys as friend in Facebook but i don’t talk a lot with them. Mostly i only talk with the fangirls.

So sometimes, i really want to know how they (read : the fanboys) think, admire and worship yasu.

And by how  …

# did they wrote a blog like me, or
# they buy stuffs (cloth and accesories) like yasu,
# then they dressed and act like him? or …
# do drum or bass cover together withy their band …

talking about that, it reminds me about one ABC fanboy that i follow on twitter. That fanboy use to surprised me everytime he posted his photo on twitter.  So whenever i see his photo,

i was like …

~  Eeeh God, is this yasu from a new magazine or pamphlet?
~  ああ〜〜〜 why the hell i dunno about this  … etc etc, bla bla bla

Because he really look like yasu and then when i found out that’s him (read : that fanboy i follow on twitter) not yasu, what can i say but …

Oh God what a fool me, that’s not yasu …. !!!

But as time goes by, now i get use to see him ast and look like yasu. He doesn’t surprise me anymore, in fact i am getting bored with it, so i am thinkin about to un-follow him eh …


yasu       :     why ….?
noi          :      i am bored eh …
yasu      :      how can you be bored, you don’t use twitter a lot …
noi          :     and i also never talk to him anyway …
yasu       :     maybe you should try to talk with him
noi          :     heee ….

Back to MEN’s NUCKLE magazine,

I didn’t but this magazine, not because  somebody said to me this is a host magazine but this magazine remind me to MEN’s SPIDER magazine with yasu as the cover that i bought a long time ago.


Yes, the pages with yasu are great but i just not that keen with the rest of the contain. I mean there’s so many pages of men’s underwear catalogue complete with a model of topless men lyin on the floor like that.

I have no idea where the hell is that magazine now, because all i remember how i was tryin so hard to hide it so no one will find it. I can’t even imagine what if my father or the drama queen mother found it.

Geez, they gonna kill me …

But thanks God, i still can see yasu from their site …



ya_さん、かっこいい ね 。。。 !!!!

source   :   http://mensknucklehost.jp/news_page/863.html

and from that magazine, we also found out if in this year 2014 once again yasu do a collaboration with 109 MEN’s. And they call it as …

2.  Acid Black Cherry x 109MEN’s Collaboration.



where they will put a BIG banner of yasu in front of 109 buildings and stores inside like that. This is his 2nd collaboration after 2 years ago on 2012 before releasing his 3rd Album 2012.


that’s 2 years ago Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s collaboration banner. See that scarf, that is so Pistol eh, and here’s this year Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s

from  109MEN’s site



From 2012 to 2014

yasu,  seems like he doesn’t change a lot ne. Even yeah, he changes in some ways as how people are changing more mature look i say. But he is still have that radiant on him. I suppose all that kind of stretching he loves to do really works eh …

next is this …

4.      CD&DL でーた 2014年10月号 Interview #3


Focus 3 「どんな感じ」


How is yasu‘s Feeling Recently …?

This is a regular corner in this magazine, some revival. Choose one kanji letter, then together with yasu play with it.

Annnd the kanji choosen was this letter …

手  「hand」


~     握手会  「Handshake Meeting 」

On the previous Project 「Shangri – La 」 47 prefectures sequence tour, you did a lot of  High Five with so many people right …

Yes, i was so glad able to see fan’s happy face. I am grateful, but i also moved. Is this handshake really make me happy? i wanna cry. Ah no, no what the hell i am, wanna cry ..?

If only i could keep doing handshake like that.

Giving a handshake to fans, i really happy and i’d love to do it again, anytime …!!. I really received so many happiness from fans. Thank you so much.

Hand, is really a flirty part of us isn’t it  …

Women, many of them apparently love hands. But i think beside hands, cheeks also the same.

I supposed it is not a handshake then

Ha ha ha right (laugh). Then this part also the same … (laugh).

This …

~    手帳  「Notebook」

I don’t bring notebook (direct answering)

Then  what about your schedule …?

Tamura (laugh)   <—  his manager’s name

~    手をつなぐ  「Holding hands」

Holding hands, is a bit embarrasing isn’t it …?  But if, for example going to a Cabaret Club, i wonder is there anybody want to hold my hand or not ….?

yasu_san, that’s not what i mean  ….

Sorry ….  (laugh)


noi       :    me, me, me, i will hold your hand …. *raising both hands*
yasu    :    hey noi_chan, don’t answer …
noi       :    but you’re askin ..
yasu    :    i wonder eh, not askin. Be focus OK  … !!!

But for women, holding hands is more imprtant than for men. And women who holding hands look more natural than men.

maybe because there’s some different principles, when walking together then suddenly he/she give you her hand then your heart pounding.

From men’s side, that’s not something that really matter. It’s just …

eee, you want me to hold your hand …? 

But for women it is something more special. Again and again maybe, this is become an eternal theory for male and female.

For women who is not get use to holding hands, it must make her heart punding by the man who is holding her hand. But can we say is as a success?

No, but then when he/she already start to think  I really want to hold his/her hand nah, that’s  something that we can call as a love victory.

~   手もみ  「Hand Massage 」

This is actually about boobs right …?  (laugh) If i already hold it,  i am not gonna let it go

Do you prefer the lead to the top …

Ha ha ha … so this is about boobs shape …? Of course men love that, and a man who love the other way (down) would have questioned why.

~   山手線 「Yamanote Line」

Yamanote Line ….

yeah, i’ve pass through it about 1.2 years after debut. I never be on train by my own, except in other area than Tokyo.

I am only using train in Osaka or my hometown …


was there somebody recognize you …?

No. People didn’t recognize me, so everything is like ususal.  Recently i went to Monster Bomber 10th Anniversary with DAIGO and Kyan Yutaka (from Golden Bomber), but …


Isn’t this is the time for you to make music …? Do  work …

yes, but it is fine.

OK, i will continue my story. So that time, because DAIGO is so striking then finally everyone were lookin at him (laugh).

So, there’s also something not fun to be a person who often appeare on telly.



same as you, yasu.

Often seen in magazine and never recoqnized by people directly. So when people first see you on Ongaku to Higetachi festival 2014  Rock’n Roll STADIUM they just so excited posting on their twitter and other social media this is my first time to see yasu live on stage, and he is so cool ….!!!

Where’s the part of me is cool  …???


noi        :     Aaallll …. !!!!
yasu     :      stop answering noi_chan, it almost finish …
noi       :      ups sorry, that’s a reflect btw …

Previously, it was like Is he cool only because of the look …? 

no, because if i have to compare yasu that i often see in the magazine and the real yasu, I’d say the real yasu is more imppressive.  Because by seeing yasu directly, the fans even able to touch you. and that gave some different special impression .

That’s why you became having your own that they say as cool

Thank you so much for the compliment . But actually it is not like that.

And again, to see the cool yasu in the magazine is totally cool as well.

Come on, ….

Even you are a type of person that full of compliments, i think you are not that good about receiving it right …??

I am sucks eh …

When i was young, i was so proud whenever i get compliments. But as i getting older, it turned into something embarrased for me.

But now, you are more sexy ne …

Do not lie to me …

No, i do not lie. You look so natural and sexy like this lyrics Crazy love, crazy mind, crazy days (while tryin to move like Rakuen song)

OK, OK what’s next ….

~    手紙 「Letter」

You wrote a love letter, were you …

yes, i did.

Btw, we talked about this already …?  Now i never write a love letter, but i love to read all love letters that i received. I even remember to some of those who send it. There’s some letter that’s very deep.

The word’s choise that we use on a letter is really show the soul of the writer. Yes, i really love it.

~     上手  (very good at)

yasu, in what things are you very good at …?

Now, i am really good at playin Mario Kart 8 (laugh).

then are you also good at makin love …?

How am i gonna say it ….?

I myself also do not know, but i think women are more suitable to be said good about it. Because there is women that really good at flirting. That woman, maybe she do that not in purpose or reason but it’s more because of her natural instinct, since man usually do not want to do that.

A model that’s not that pretty, but really good at this. But there’s also a very pretty women but really sucks at this.

Maybe some men even say  I am very good with women but after he is in front of that women, he become nervous and said Back Off !! Back Off !!. So sometimes it would be better for a man to be controlled by a woman.

A women who really good at takin a men’s heart. Laugh often and pay a lot of attention. Usually men love that kind od care women.

And a good listener. Yeah that’s what a charming women is …
that’s all everyone, because i skipp the next part (Focus 4 : Summer 2014 review) …



yasu      :    why ….?
noi        :    it’s the same Live reports ne, ..
yasu      :    but still …
noi        :    ah, people can read on The Official Blog
yasu      :   you, lazy fangirl …

next is …

3.   B-PASS Magazine …

there you are ….

The Radiant yasu …. !!!


Enjoii …. !!!

i think they kinda make him look pale and that whatsoever they meant with 2 little ponytail is just a little bit awkward.

Aand yasu, his hair is getting longer eh. I wonder maybe he wants to keep it longer like his previous Erect Live and re-Birth single, remember?

but this time is blonde …


OMG does he thinkin about following Thor and go to Asgard ?


YUKI    :    what she is talking about ….
yasu    :    just ignore her, she watch to much superheroes movie …
noi       :    ah come on guys, long hair and blonde ? who else but Thor …
yasu    :    and i am going to Asgard?   …
noi       :    no, of course not because i am the who will go there …
yasu    :    see YUKI-chan, she is going to marry Loki …
YUKI    :    go find a new fangirl ne, this one is getting crazy  …

~ owari~


2 thoughts on “♡ to ♡ Post : Acid Black Cherry CD&DL でーた Interview #3…. (Another me, yasu and The Fanboy)

  1. Heyyouuu!
    I stumbled upon your blog last weekend when I was browsing around the internet, in other words killing time in fever-flu. ehh. This particular post touched me, the way you talked about things been troubling you …
    since I have been bumping into this
    “Come near to God and he will come near to you”
    a lot lately, I felt like I had to return to wish you well.
    God won’t let go of us, as long as we keep drawing ourselves near to God.
    Hope you’re feeling better now, I will sure remember you in my prayers as well.
    ps。lovely yasu! (;

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