@Office Post : Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!! (Another me, yasu and My Love?)


I am writing this post now, at office

so there will be no scans included since i dunno how to make screencaps using this laptop. At09:37 AM i have nothing to do now, one person cancel our meeting today so here i am now alone in front of my laptop while wondering what i am gonna do now.

With only 6,000,000 IDR left inside my wallet suddenly i feel stupid.

I mean what can i do with all those bills i need to pay. I better start to call some people and that some people better start to pay me a.s.a.p. Now it’s time to be a Debt Collector.

Actuall a Debt Collector isn’t an easy job ne, …

If you love to see HK movie, especially about the Chinese secret society called as triad,  you must know how all triad members started their career as a Debt Collector for their boss that they usually call as brother.

and My best HK triad movie is still John Woo‘s A Better Tomorrow (1986) and my fave Big Brother  is …



who ellse but Chow Yun-fat … !!!

and now when i have to be one of the Debt Collector, the probie one  i feel that  never understand people ne, especially people with he ability to speak so smooth and gently when they need money and then act very busy when the time to pay is comin.

Geez, people ….

OK, enough with the Debt Collector talk, let’s move to the main topic The L~エル~ Tour .

Today is March 10th, 2015 that is The L~エル~ Tour will start today in Hiroshima then suppose it’s the perfect time to say …

Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!!

aand talking about Acid Black Cherry Live Tour, of course we have to talk about …

~  the Tour GOODs

so they (read : team ABC )  finally allow us to see the how the venue – only look like …




Whenever yasu‘s holding a Tour and release GOODs, pamphlet is my fave among all the GOODs. That’s why this L~エル~ Tour, the very 1st time yasu broke my heart by put my fave item ( read : pamphlet) into the venue-only items

#uuu yasu, how dare you …. !!!



yasu    :    do you have to do that again …
noi       :    that’s because you did dare to …
yasu    :    to what …
noi       :    you broke my heart, and that was HURT ne …





there’s 5 of them …

OPQ set

b13 (1)

Jumping Child Hand Wireless Massager …???
What the hell is that?
so that child is gonna jumping – jumping on my hand or what …??

what kind of naughty set they have this time eh. And maybe i am too Greed or i read that OPQwrongly as QPQ set and thought it was a set of QPs, i just asked my friend to buy me that for me.

well then, this is gonna be the very 1st time of me to buy yasu‘s naughty set. I never did that anyway and also  what am i gonna do with that? after all …

i don’t need any vibrator because i already have my personal and  with no battery to change … !!!!



noi        :   eeeh, what am i talking about eh ….
yasu     :   hey noi_chan, are you …
noi       :    what, lie again ?   no i am not
yasu    :    i didn’t say that …


Incubus-kun figure



there’s 8 types all

i actually wanted to change that OPQ sex into one or maybe two Incubus-kun, but then when i posted it on team_yasu‘s group on Facebook i cancel it because all my friends there gave me a good reason why i should buy that …

At least, i can show them how that naughty set looks and works like …

These days, with the new album comin i feel how Acid Black Cherry fandom more alive than before. And i really love to be in this fandom, all the fans are great and we do share things more than before now.

For me, at this moment Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best.



yasu    :    why … ???
noi      :     allow me to tell you why …

Why Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best …??

because only in Acid Black Cherry fandom you can find something like this UNBOXING DVD+CD video like this  …



that’s a very nice fan-video from Maria Evi, FYI she is the admin of Acid Black Cherry Puerto Rico.

If you follow her YouTube, you will find another video of her UNBOXING Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album, and even PHOTOBOOK. At the 1st time i’ve seen that video i was like …


that’s awesome idea,  and also how instead of using Opening, she choose to use UNBOXING.I never think about making a  video of me UNBOXING all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs like what she did  … !!!

next is

~     L~エル~ Album with other jacket offering to order on the venue …


Like what they did for 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single where they offered 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single with a special other jacket to buy on the venue of VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party Live 2013, there will be a special offer for those who buy the new album at the venue.

L-エル-  album with a special Other Jacket like this …



Oh no yasu, noooo  …. !!!!


noi        :    those SAMPLEs hurting my eyes …!!!
yasu     :    don’t tell me you also want that …
noi        :   no, i don’t …. *cross my fingers*
yasu     :    really …??

OK, before i want that again, let’s move to …

~   The L~エル~  Truck

This is how The L~エル~  Truck looks like


cr : @junkokoko317 and @yakumo_cubic

well like Magnolia, actually i am a very simple woman eh, so yes simple thing like able to see that L~エル~  Truck on my twitter TimeLine already make me happy.

Two thumbs up to that 2 tweeps who tweet_ed that and share it with me. If the go to L~エル~  Tour, i hope they got a nice seat and maybe an opportunity to touch yasu or get something from yasu (towel, shirt, guitar pic or else).

And now this song if for all of you Acid Black Cherry fans who will go to L~エル~  Tour



if you already watch a Korean movie called Miss Granny, i am sure you must know this song. A song about a woman who really want to go to LA together with her beloved, but too bad she couldn’t.

Go to LA

.. ♪ Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
A letter full of love

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on happy days
and on lonesome days
Think of the time
you and I were together

I wish you were here with me
We would look great together
anywhere we go

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Bye, my love

Bye, my love …..

in this case because you all will go to L~エル~ Tour, let’s change the lyrics into this …

.. ♪ Write me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me  how yasu is
Tell me  how happy you are

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to.see L~エル~ Live
A Live report full of ABC
Tell me how you feel  when you get  to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me how yasu looks like
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on your happy time watching  L~エル~ Live
Think of the time you and I were together
I wish i can be there with you
We would look great together anywhere  L~エル~ Live we go

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry
Tell me how you feel after you get to see L~エル~ Live

Bye Bye, my love
Bye Bye, my love …..



yasu    :     that song, is it for the fanboy?
noi       :     no, of course not …
yasu    :     then what  …
noi      :      let’s just say this post is

a post  from a fan who couldn’t go to see you Live on stage to the other fans who will go to see you Live …. !!!

yasu    :    and that bye my love is for …



3 thoughts on “@Office Post : Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!! (Another me, yasu and My Love?)

  1. seeing that truck for the first time killed my heart, oh my gosh i wish i could ride in it!!! haha we need to get fake “staff” t shirts so we can get it ne? xD
    i love these blogs noi chan they make my day ten times happier whenever i get to read them ^ ^ i hope you are resting better though and just enjoying the fandom stuff that’s going on surrounding the tour…how is your health now? and i also hope your heart is not aching as much over this mystery man who misunderstood your fangirl role in abc world…
    you are very pretty and very charming, i believe you will find the right person for you someday, when the time is right too! even if he doesn’t understand your support of Ya-san, he will still be crazy about you! so dont give up on love if your heart wishes for it ❤ ❤ although it doesn't necessarily make life easier or fulfill oneself in every way (i mean, even the greatest lover on the planet will not understand you totally, lol), it is a special gift, so i am glad you are being wise in taking your time. ❤

    • well, i think it would be better if i find a fanboy of yasu to date ne. But the problem is to find a fanboy of yasu in here where i am livin now it’s very hard ….

      let me think about that aand thank you for the always lovely comment jenny, have a nice day < 3 …

      • hai, i agree, it would be better…ikr it’s hard to find either loves or friends who like ABC where we live…so ill say ganbatte then, anything is possible! ^ ^

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