Resolution Post : to be 1280 x 720 …. (Another me, yasu and The Cloudy 2016 )


Since this is kinda 久しぶり Post, then the best way to open it is by sayin  …..

Oohh Hello,  everyone …. !!!

i write this during my sleepless night, from last night until the morning, while thinking how am i suppose to make my New Year‘s resolution this year better than the only 640 x 480, and i think i need to improve it to 1280 x 720 because surely with a better resolution i can see and hear yasu better

yasu     :    noi_chan, is there something happened with your ..
noi        :    my PC is fine …
yasu     :    then why this resolution talk …
noi        :    i am talking about my resolution eh …
yasu     :    still, people will think  ….
noi        :    just let me finish this OK, aaand …

      since when i care about what people think …??

yasu     :    you do, you always do …

so, i need a better resolution next year eh, ….

but in order to improve it to 1280 x 720 i need to be more healthy than i am now. Thanks to this unhealthy eating, living, sleeping pattern and my overly addicted to coffee, makes a LOT of things HIT my body in a BAD way.

I think my body is not READY for 2016. It is not READY yet, i think it is gonna be hard to make it READY ….

I had a very BAD dream last week, that dream is about me meet an old woman, and that old woman said (or yell at me) ..


It scared me like hell until now, the more i think about it i became more stressed. I did all things to get rid of that scared and stress from cleaning bathrooms at office, eat ramen, hold my mother hands and cry …

but nothing from all worked to get rid all of it except one thing that i thought it last. I pray, and thank God it is worked. Even not 100% erased all, but at least it became less harder than before.

So i finally i can walk properly, unlike that boy on Charles Dickens book anymmore, but then one by one, bad things come to me from blood pressure, a nonstop headache, sleppless almost everynight (that surely will be BAD for my career as Cinderella) …

I think right now, i am being punished. I know why, but ….  *not gonna discuss it btw*

I spent a LOT of time to FIX myself while nonstop listening to people around me talking what i have to do, what i shouldn’t do … etc etc just drives me crazy and made me more stressed than i was before.

I think because my body is mine, then nobody can FIX this whole bad things all over me but me and myself. So, for Inspector Himura, the New Year‘s resolution it has to be …

being HEALTHY …. !!!

It’s not that i am gonna do it drastically like on strict diet or be a vegetarian, but i am gonna start it by a simple thing like drink a LOT of water. Hopefully it will help my kidneys that always workin hard because how addicted to coffee i am  …

Then it became L'arCoffee、 and it tasted good eh …😘😘 Of course it"s not because of the Jar, since i am one of those  #CoffeeAddict i"d say any coffee is good 👍👍Put some marshmallow into my coffee tonight, saw it on some movies …But the taste isn"t good as i imagined before. So i suppose this marshmallow just turned into marshmellow with me, mellowing for the whole night …😖😖 #eww #CoffeeAddict #mellow

My addiction to coffee is gettin worst than ever, i can drink like 5 or 6 CUPs of coffee every day HOT or with ice and i am not gonna lie how that two things above made this addiction is more fun and addicted than before.

And the worsxt thing is, i am more good about makin a lie to my self by sayin …

Ah, there’s something wrong with this CUP/Jar, it always empty before i know it …. !!!

then i go to kitchen and make another refill. On and on like that everynight. See i even lie to my own self eh.

But then one day, when my grumpy nephew Ipank who is gettin more grumpy than Doc Martin each day, broke that L’arcCasino Jar. Somehow i feel GLAD and some part of me said to the other part of me how i should be thankful this L’arcCasino Jar is broken …

this is what happened when you put a jar of water into a freezer Oh my heart, my head …‼ *having heartache and headache at the same time* 😭😭 #ewww #BigProblem

hopefully, this a simple start of drink a LOT of water is a good start and make this pain in my left waist gone forever.

Let’s forward to the next part.

Actually i still have one meme about my A.B.C. tagged by my friend. She is not one of the fellow Acid Black Cherry fans, but i always bother her about my Acid Black Cherry talks, that’s not something that i can be proud of, but indeed it never failed to make me happy … #yay!!

About meme,

for me meme is always add some fun in our Social Live interaction with our online friends. I think because we don’t know much about them in real, so perhaps by reading their meme and make your own version if they asked you to,  will make you to know more about online friends and they know more about you, even just a little bit.

Of course i am not sayin you have to be honest about yourself in your meme, but just like how a salesperson think there will be at least 1 or 2 purchase made from all 100 offers i made everyday,

i also think

there will be 1, 2 or maybe 3 truth inside of 10,000 words of meme post.

That meme my friend asked me to write, i didn’t do it correctly on Facebook at all, and it made me feel very sorry for her i think it would be better if i do it in here. I can write it in a longer post eh, you all know how i love to write a long even sometimes it ended far away from the topic.

yasu      :   sometimes ….?
noi         :   sorry, i don’t follow. 何?
yasu      :   you always write off the topic eh …
noi         :   well, my mistake then …

that’s why i’ll posted it on the next post, so the next part of course is always about ABC (read : Acid Black Cherry) …


Because we (or i …? xDD) do have a LOT of things to talk about  Acid Black Cherry eh, especially about what’s on 2016. Let’s start with the …

Live CD for 2015 arena tour L-エル- release decision,

2015 arena tour L-エル- LIVE CD

Release date : January 27th, 2016
Label :motorod
Price :1,800 yen +tax
No. : AVCD-32246〜7 (2 DISC)
Recorded from Yokohama Arena Live on October 29, 2015


Regular stores :   AmazonJpCDJApanHMVJapanYesAsiaRegular UpRise (with B2 Poster as bonus)
FanClub Members :  UpRise (with Postcard ver.A as bonus)
FanClub Mobile Members : (with Postcard ver. B as bonus)
Mumo    : (with Postcard ver. C as bonus)

Suppose you all already well informed about this, and  one thing about Live CD for 2015 arena tour L-エル- is how they decided to release it on yasu‘s 41st birthday …

That’s so cool eh.

i mean, what’s more cool than celebrate yasu‘s brithday by complete my bucket of  Acid Black Cherry 4rd Album : L-エル- …?? because yes everyone, as a bonus minded fan, i ordered all verisons with Postcard as bonus.

source : here

and because we all already know what songs are in the SetList like that, so next question is of course about the cover ne. How is the cover will be like …?  look again to the previous 2012 – Live CD

is it gonna be like this?

for some reason, i always love to see yasu from back (read : his back).


PS   :  click on the image for the bigger Resolution … *wink*

even when he is flyin like this, my eyes still catch that back perfectly  …

All of that and more i saved on my PC, are one of my fave thing to see, but it is not that i am gonna refuse to see him from the front, of course not. It just there’s something about seeing a man (not only yasu)’s back that makes me very happy.

Maybe it is something that people will say as fettish .. ??



what did i say ….!!!

i better continue to this ….

Live DVD for both arena tour L-エル- finale Live in Budokan

I’d say ….

Thank God, they made this Live CD for 2015 arena tour L-エル-  in a proper way …..!!!

I say,

thank God they didn’t decided to make it like the previous Shangri-La Tour. I just feel like they should make that Shangri-La Tour into a proper DVD, means into a one DVD, 2 or 3 discs complete with the OFFSHOOT video. Not by put it as an album bonus and divived it into different part, put it into a different version of album and made fans to choose which one to buy …

~  Buy the Green ver. and left the MC part or
~  Buy the Red ver. and left the Live part …

even yes, there’s still another way to get both of it by DL it but still it became an option to choose and …


yasu     :    stop complaining, you didn’t choose anyway …
noi        :    omo, i didn’t …
yasu     :    yeah you didn’t  ….
noi        :    well then …

they also said about to make a Live DVD for …

~  the members only livehouse tour S -エス-

Members only means, you have to be Janne Da Arc FanClub members to see that live. And as what it sounds from the Members only terms, this live is an exclusive live. You need to be fast about to know announcement for ticket lottery, join it, and pay for your ticket if you won. That is gonna be a problem,

especially for an oversea fans like me …

yes, i admit how at that time the Greed ver. of me teased me like hell to go to Japan for this Live no matter what. Started changed the name that i use for my FanClub membership into my real name …

From Noi Himura to Inspector Himura

then made a plan about going in Tokyo soon after i joined the lottery, so at the time they informed me i won my ticket, i can be there to pay my ticket and more.

It sounds like a crazy plan ne, because who am i dare to make that kind of plan. But i just want to be one of those audience of a sexclusive Live of Acid Black Cherry and hear yasu reffered me as マドモアゼル, not just the regular 皆さん.

マドモアゼル noi ….

noi      :     sounds pretty eh  …. xDDD
yasu   :     but noi_chan,  what if you didn’t win …?
noi      :     heeh …
yasu   :     yeah, yoou need to think about that …

Ah ya, what if i didn’t win?

i can’t always count on my LUCK about Acid Black Cherry related to eh. Yeah, it is always good until the last Free Live 2015 but what if by the end of 2015 i start to ran out of my luck of everything?

including related to Acid Black Cherry …?

I have feeling about this after i didn’t win a Meet and Greed ticket for ONE OK ROCK Live in Singapore next January 23rd.

I thought unlike The Backstreet Boys, ONE OK ROCK won’t skipp Indonesia for their upcoming Asian Tour, but hell they did … !!!  So i decided to go to Singapore to see them. After all a single flight from Indonesia to Singapore is only for 3 hours, so i am gonna be fine.

That day i was so ready with 300 USD in my paypall acc, with a faster internet connection at office hoped that i will get that package of Meet and Greed ticket. But weird thing happened when they said they will open the pre-order at 12:00 Singapore time (means 13:00 my time) but the pre-order already open at 12:00 my time …

and not only that because whenever i open the site, the one and only thing i see was the SOLD OUT sign even Amuse Official Facebook said it is not SOLD OUT yet, it was just some trouble o the site … etc etc and ask us to keep tryin and an hour later it is really SOLD OUT.

disappointed? but i get the message and also from the beginning, my intention was already wrong ..

yasu    :   and that was …
noi       :   i just wanted to squezz his hand, very hard …
yasu    :   who’s hand …?
noi       :   of course The Stroberry ne …

so it didn’t surprise me if i didn’t get it and i didn’t think i need to upset or delivered my upset to Amuse by writing on their Facebook because i know  …

No matter how hardcore fan you are,
No matter how
BIG is your love for your fave band or
No matter how much your money …

You still need something called LUCK

and my LUCK is never work for things related to ONE OK ROCK and i think about me started to ran out of LUCK related to Acid Black Cherry too, so it would be better for me to keep this my less and less LUCK for Acid Black Cherry for next whatever thing come related to yasu.

And yes, i am GLAD and feel lucky about their decision to make that livehouse tour S -エス- into DVD. Let’s wait for their further announcement about this. Maybe they will make it into a bonus for the Live CD or the Live DVD , who knows …

why … ?

because the TRUTH is STILL OUT THERE …. !!! hiding among those lot of things they (read : yasu and his army) need to annonced to us. so let’s wait OK …!!

and next is another FanClub Only activity that they called as  ….

Trip together to Guam for FanClub members ….

that traveling together will be held for 4 days and 3 nights in Guam (an island somewhere in Pasific there, that is very popular among Japanese for traveling).

There will be a party, a Special Mini Live (while watching sunset ..?) and some activities together with yasu and support members (playin volley ball together maybe?)

when i read about this talk on a Rehearsal Live for FanClub members before Shangri-La Encore and Finale Live they (read : yasu and his army) at Makuhari messe, i have hope if they really do this, hopefully they will make it to Bali.

so at that live, just like how Acid Black Cherry Live now, there was also a Q&A session and yasu asked to the audience about ..

what kind of activity that the audience want to do together as FanClub Members ….?

and their answer was about traveling together, to anywhere with yasu

and at that time i was like …

OMG a traveling together for FanClub members?

where to go?

Bali like GACKT or Hawaii …??

and of course i hoped they will make it to Bali, because even i know they will make the starting point from Japan, so if they made that trip together to Bali and i can join, i still need to fly to JJapan to go together with the other FanClub members.

But if they made it to Bali instead Guam even if i don’t join that something that i will call as a sexpensive  traveling with yasu (yes, yasu is sexy so traveling with him must be very sexpensive), i still can wait for them at the airport ne ….


yasu       :    did she really think …
YUKI       :    to see us at the airport?
yasu       :    is it possible …
YUKI       :    NO WAY … !!
yasu       :    hear that noi_chan ,,,??
noi          :    a little hope won’t hurt eh …

Whenever HYDE come to Indonesia, my friends always gathered at the airport to welcome him. And i never do that, not because my home is far from Jakarta, but i just don’t want to do that.

But when it is about yasu, i wouldn’t missed that for the world.

Well then, tonight i am team_Stark …‼‼ #teamStark #rdj #TheCoolestManOnEarth

i think i have this something that will put me as one of those fangirls who will hang around STARK Tower everyday (if  STARK Tower is real and i am livin in NY) while hoping for a chance to see Tony Stark, exactly like Agent Coulson said.

so if i am livin in Tokyo i suppose i will hang around Avex Office building while hoping for a chance to see yasu, even just a glance.

yasu     :    but you are not livin in Tokyo
noi        :    yeah  ….
yasu     :    you are not even in Japan
noi        :    too bad,  eh …
yasu     :    think about stalking me …?

No, I am not gonna say that as stalking, no it is NOT. I’d say it just some Looking for a Chance activity. Just like that, looking and waiting  for a chance, because stalking is too complicated for someone like me.

But we know, a decision already made, and they decided to go to Guam, an island that i don’t even familiar with. So i said Good Bye for my chance to see a glance of yasu at the airport  …. !!!

Okay, i am CALM and i will continue with the next part, and the next part is this …

~   The Whatsoever Update from me …

started with a very late update for  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 Photobook, this one is for …

~  Okinawa part

~  Arena Live 2015年10月号

aand …

~     2015 arena tour L—エルー  Postcards

Enjoii …. !!!

Eh God, this post is getting long than what i planned before. So let’s end this in here and keep the talk about the juicy rumors about Janne and  ABC later.

and back to the BE HEALTHY, actually i didn’t think about it before until my current crush said  ….

Don’t be sick, that’s the prettiest thing for me
Being healthy is the sexiest … !!

noi         :    woohohoho  。。。。!!! *fallin down*
yasu      :    your what …
noi         :    omo, did i say that ?  let’s pretend i never said that  …!
yasu      :    but i heard that …
noi         :    that’s why i say,  let’s pretend eh, pretend OK …!!

~ owari ~

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