Waaa, yasu …!! Post : New Single 君がいない、あの日から … (another me, yasu and this Mad/Crazy Woman)


Finally everyone, after all this time ….

Acid Black Cherry‘s New Single title and some of the covers announced … #yay

…..   君がいない、あの日から …




                                  …. Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …
You’re not here anymore, since that day

that is the new single title. Aaand this really pale yasu posted on the Official Home Page yesterday  …

pale yasu

then today they posted this frustatedly HOT of yasu that frustated me as well on some certain way that i will never understand   …


I think they  kinda playin some teasing game to us for this new single ne …

like a stingy stepmoter to more than 1,000,000 curious stepchildrens that her new husband gave her to take care of ….

share the details step by step, one by one from 

~    The Release Date,


~    then The Single Title


and  …

~    Cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition


~    Cover for The Special Price edition …


~    Cover for CD Only,


~    The 4 trading cards to hunt …


~    The various bonus from different versions …

Poster Calendar for FC version 


A for w/ DVD Limited Edition


B for CD Only Edition

Mini Clear File for Mobile FC version


Sticker if you buy from mu-mo


when i made my order for this new single, i said to my proxy  …

i don’t wanna know how, but i want all 4 differerent bonuses おねがい 。。。。!!!!

i suppose it is time for the Greed inside me to be ON ne, and i did my Greed part since i wasn’t able or never able to choose not to have one or maybe two of them.

And and also i didn’t win BAFTA (FYI there was no Bennedict on this year’s BAFTA ne ) no matter how dramatic i am, so it’s not a crime anyway for me being Greed. So what can i say next but this hooray … !!! and



noi          :     very well, i am CALM anyway ….
yasu       :     really …

noi          :     indeed i am …

~     The Recreation Track …

it will be this Forget me Not by Yutaka Ozaki

and that Forget me Not actually is the name of a flower. Not only yasu, Hongkong moviestar and singer Nicholas Tse also covered that song on 2006.

Thoose lovely images covers, i say that’s such a gloomy cover ne, and for me that cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition cover, it was like a secret box full of lot of things un_discovered if you don’t look at it closely over and over.

for example, me …

my 1st look at that gloomy cover was from my twitter Time Line, lots of nice and kind people i followed on twitter posted and RT_ed it. Aaand as you all know how wacky twitter is now about showing not the whole part image posted, i didn’t see (read : don’t wanna see)  that reflection of yasu and ….

because it was only look like this on my twitter Time Line


then when i click on The Official Home Page and see the whole image, i was like ….

Eh God, i didn’t see that girl ….


yasu        :      うそ , you didn’t say that …
noi           :      omo ya_san, how did you know …
yasu        :      go tell everyone what did you say …
noi           :      OK, actually i said  …

Thank God, i didn’t see it first ….. *heavenly happy*

yasu       :      ah, still the same you …
noi          :      blimey ….

all that things i see for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th … etc etc time i lookin at that cover image closely with blurry eyes, i believe i’ve seen some children there beside yasu and that whatsoever girl there.

that’s why i say …

What a Gloomy  cover ne …

and yasu were sit like that, lookin at some point on the water with that face that i’d say as a longing (surely it’s not a bored) face like that plus how they will released it on March 11th

aand the title is ..

君がいない、あの日から …..

i say that would be a longing song and yes a ballad maybe a song about a feeling of longing somebody (lover, family, friends … etc etc). wanna see them but they can’t because

君がいない、あの日から …..

you’re not here anymore, since that day …

That day is March 11th, the same day when earthquake happened. Suppose that’s the feelings of people who left behind, the one who survived from that disaster of mother nature. Ah, now i can’t wait to hear how this song is gonna be like and the lyrics surely …

Anyway, talking about left behind ne,

if i have to choose to be the left behind or the leaving one, i’d rather be the leaving one. Because ones who already leave, they don’t have to do anything. But ones who left behind (families, friends or lovers) have lots of things to handle.

dealing with the after situation, dwelling or other things that surely different with before. I feel this now, almost a year since my father died i start to miss him. I dunno how to explain this feeling i have now but i just want him back to live. Even with the same hard and full angry situation that would be fine.

In short, i just want him back.

I talked about this with my Islamic teacher. He is my teacher since i was a little girl, until now i still talk and ask about things that bothered me or i confused about especially for religion matters.

He said rather than dwelling about something that is 100% impossible, it would be better if i send my prays to my father everyday after my 5 times daily prays.

yeah, i do that …

because i do believe as long as that trumpet hasn’t blown by one of God‘s angel, i still able to send prays on behalf of my father. They said died peoples in after life world, all of them in some conditions based on what they did when they were livin.

Some of them may in a breathless like they are drowning or something. All they need is some air to breath and that is prays that their still livin child, husband, wife send from this mortal world. And when the end of the world comin, everything would be different. It will be his something like

Yours is yours and Mine is Mine, sharing and giving will not work.

That’s why as long as we are still alive in this mortal world i believe it would be better for us to pray on behalf of our beloved families, friend and others that leavin us behind and we do care about.  ….


yasu     :      look who is talking …
noi        :      omo, that’s too long eh, so sorry ooo
yasu     :      what is wrong with you …
noi        :      nothing, it’s just … ah i dunno what to say, but

i am in the phase where i need to do my 5 times a day pray,

unlike before where i only pray 5 times a day just because there’s this phrase of  “5 times a day praying is something mandatory and i’ll be burn in hell if i don’t do it” . Now it’s different ne, somehow i feel there’s something feels not right or missing if i haven’t mo my daily pray.

i am not gonna say i am more religious now, because i think my faith is still in the same level. But i will say if now i am in the phase of me act as a spoiled girl to my God.

I ask this, ask that … etc etc in short, i have so many things to say/ask.

perhaps i feel guilty now, since i was such a really bad bad daughter for him.  I wish i could turn back time, i would do things differently even i know that would be very hard for me to not to be mad and turned myself into a very bad daughter that a father can have.

It started on my last vacation in Singapore, Universal Studio precisely. When i was on the line to enter Transformers Ride i saw there’s a family next to me.

A father, mother and their 2 daughters.

One of the girl talked to her father about she wanted him to buy something for her, while her father kinda tease her by sayin ..

OK, l’ii buy you … as long as you ….

i didn’t get it clearly but i suppose you all  know that kind of parent way do to tease their children, and that girl (she is about 16 years old) said ..

aaah, daddy i hate you …  bla bla bla

while start to hit his father with her 2 bare hands and his father just laughed and continued to tease her like. It looks so fun ne. Then suddenly i feel envy to that girl, just like how i envy to all little girls who went to a cinema with their father.

See i am a moviegoers, love movies so much and so was my father.

The only happy moment i can remember with my father was when we all sit in front our telly watching movies or serial telly. I watched 1st Transformers movie and the 2nd with him. It was a fully jolly moment for us and when there was commercial for Universal Studio’s Transformer Ride i said …

One day, i will go there …

So last January, i was there and in front of that gate of Sci-Fi city i said to myself …


here i am now, and let’s see if i can handle MEGATRON ….

since i kept sayin how he is only a robot, so he is nothing. But the real is, that time i was beaten by him (read : MEGATRON, not yasu)  no matter how many times i say …

no, no MEGATRON i am so sorry ….


he still beat me, made me up and then smacked me down like hell. I know it was some 3D vision and shakes combination ride, but still it was extremely frightening, especially for me the one who always say bad about MEGATRON and use him to threaten others. …

for example when i UP_ed the English translated Acid Black Cherry Manga, not enough just by put a password to un_SHERLOCK_ed the file, i also put some threat on the PDF File like this …

This is  …  material,

so yes it’s only for you and if you dare to share it with others without my knowledge,  i will ask MEGATRON to kick your ass …

yeah something like that, sounds rude eh. Now the karma returned to me, because finally MEGATRON kicked my ass back that day when i was inside that full of sex ….


yasu       :      eeeh cotto ….
noi          :      eh sorry,  no i mean shakes ne
yasu       :      hei, what’s wrong with you ….
noi          :      sorry seems like my brain and fingers are a bit disconnected …

OK, i mean when i was inside of that full of shakes ride. It felt like forever for me and it won’t stop even i insanely sreamin called everybody

Pappii, mommy, Tekki …. !!!


bit embarrassing moment to tell, but yeah i called my mother, father, sister and hope all of will end soon, But it didn’t worked, so now i realized that must be the karma came to me after all those threats i posted to everyone who DL my stuffs …

i am really sorry ne,

and from now on i promise i will not do that kind of threats using MEGATRON again, so you can do whatever you want to my stuffs. Share it to your friends, … etc etc it’s fine as long as you don’t make it public for some stuffs.


So, even yeah i had so much fun there at Universal Studio but it was kinda like empty and the result is now i became hate to be in a crowded place more than i hate it before. Because now when i am in a crowded place, i feel more lonely ….

ah sorry to make you all bored with my rambling again ne, so next is this …




i won the lottery tickets for  Larc~en~Ciel Live at Tokyo National Stadium next month … !!!


I won 2 tickets for 1st and 2nd day performances. It seems like yesterday was my very lucky day because Tekki also won 2 tickets ne, so we both won 4 tickets to see L’arc on March.

That’s so confusing ne, because i had to choose between HYDE or yasu that night, it’s really hard, harder than

~   when i have to choose which one is i like more that new Benedict’s SHERLOCK or Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK.


I say i like the new version even Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK also full of surprise in a wonderful way because Jeremy Bratt, i think he is the real vampire ne …

~  or when i have to not being mad to people who said it’s OK to say/wrote L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.


I was a bit mad, when Tekki show me that posted on our L’arc group on Facebook. Tekki had to write a long comment just to make them see what and error is to say/write L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.

They said it’s OK because it’s the same thing as how we say/write ABC for Acid Black Cherry, RHCP for Red Hot Chilli Perrers, SID for Superman is Dead (this is a punk Indonesian band).



i suppose they didn’t do their search very well, because L’Arc~en~ Ciel it is one word ne, a French word that means rainbow. Even they use ~ or to separated it, it’s still one word, that you cannot make  an abbreviation from. Why didn’t they say/write L’Arc or Laruku like how Japanese fans often say.

Geez, i am so #L’Arc_ed now …

i think i need a new word of Endless for this Bahama Love Triangle


yasu      :    but noi_chan, you said
noi         :    i am so changeable ne, remember…?
yasu      :    ah ya …
noi          :   ….

at the beginning i already said my sister is the one who is going to Japan to see La’rc but that time i never imagine if we both will won 4 tickets ne.

I thought it will be only 1 or 2 tickets.

Thank God, last night my friend helped me to made up my mind, so i choose to wait for the result for Shangri – la Encore Season even it will end with i don’t get tickets, i will say …

Ah yasu lah …. XD ..

next is, ah ya …

~     The Next Part for 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK …

this one is for Niigata Part …


Enjoii …..

and talking about PHOTOBOOK, i mean the 3rd Season. Look at these cover for …

Fan Club version


TSUTAYA version ….


OMG that’s yasu on suit for TSUTAYA version …. #waaa  ほしい 。。。!

all the TSUTAYA version covers are so beautiful ne, don’t you think so?  and when i look at it,  i always say : omo, i wish i had my order for TSUTAYA version … bla bla bla then ended with lots of

#Huueee ….

damn, it’s really hard to be CALM for this man eh,

even for me as an adult fangirl that supposed to be calm on every situation. But it’s so hard to do or think about especially when he looks so HOT and allow you not to go to India on May when you want to feel some HOT Summer by lookin him like this …

HOT as HOT Mumbay on May …. *still on fire*


noi       :      熱い な 。。。。 …
yasu    :      oh not again noi_chan, もういい ね 。。。
noi       :      omo, did you just call me Moi ….
yasu    :      she is crazy again … .

Crazy Fangirl ne, talking about that ne,

today at office i start to Google_ing about finding a nice, comfy and not sexpensive hotel for my sister to say next to Tokyo National Stadium, how to reach the hotel from Haneda by bus, train … etc etc and others things to prepare. Then suddenly i saw that post, it’ was something like social network site but i never see it.

I saw my Calling for yasu In The Sky with no Diamond‘s photo posted there,

and there was some comments and because it was not in English, Japanese or Indonesian, so i have to use Google Translate to read it. And you all know how Google Translate is very good about make people lost in translation it gave me 2 options.

what they said about me as ….

~   Crazy Woman, or
~   Mad Woman …

OMG is that what they thought about me? i knew i should stop writing all these silly  things here. But if don’t write, i can’t feel better because this blog is my personal therapy, it’s free and make me happy ne

Actually  i don’t really care about that, but still i say …

Mad/crazy Woman, really ….?


yasu      :    so are you Mad now …?
noi         :    no, why would i? …
yasu      :    then crazy …?
noi         :    omo, when you are looking like that, how can i’m not crazy …?


3rd Season, Starto ! Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live&Meeting ~ Osaka … (Another me, yasu and HBD Yukkie)


But before that, let’s say …


♪♪♪ …. A Very Happy Birthday to My Android Drummer Yukihiro …. ♪♪♪

maybe it’s a late birthday wish because i might hit the post to noi_himura button after midnight or tomorrow , but at least when i write this post it’s still 2013.11.24 on my calendar.

Yukkie, as always i my fave drummer. A drummer who don’t say lots but when he started to say something,  it was like a MAGIC ne. As always i will say the same thing ..


OMG Yukihiro, he is sayin something … !!!!


i just love how greatly he looks on his throne, behind all his drums equipments and then do nothing but drumming. fast, fast and fast … then he’s kinda lost inside his own world there.

Especially on Pretty Girl and Driver’s High song, his drummin skill is totally awesome and i’ll say Sky is The Limit

Actually, i wanted to do some cover for this #HBDYukkie and i wanted to asked my friend Wolfie to do the acoustic guitar like the last one.

I went to his Facebook page and i found out if he is been a bit mellow for some reason, i said to him :  I’ll sing for you bang, hope it can make you better

then he replied me :

no thanks. Because the last time you put a video of your cover of Nemuri Hime on Youtube, i almost got sued by Akihide

and it make me said eeeehhhh …?

OK that was a very nice joke from Wolfie, even i had no idea if he is still able to make that very funny joke even he is still on mellow mode.


yasu     :    i don’t think that’s not a joke ne …
noi        :    OMG, really? i mean my voice, is that so terrible ?
yasu     :    i told you ne, don’t sing
noi        :    but i have a plan to do another cover for your bithday ne …
yasu     :    then don’t

my plan is how me and maybe some other Acid Black Cherry fans (if they want, of course) to do a cover of Acid Black Cherry song together.

You know record our own voice. One part for one person and then gathered together and mixed with the music (acoustic guitar) then upload it on Youtube, vimeo or other video channels.


I mean this is the time for yasu to listen to out voice, his fans all over the world after the last 2 years birthday gift he saw our faces. Even there’s a possiblity he is gonna say ewwww, what the hell is that? ..

well then, i think i have to save this idea after i graduate from Indonesian Idol or get Adam Levine as my coach eh, because my plan is to cover Yes, so i don’t want whoever i will asked to be the guitarist this time get sued by HIRO ….. xD. 

And i’ll think about another for what i am gonna do next January 27th, 2014.

OK, back to The Birthday BoyYukihiro again …

Even though i never listen or pay attention to his solo projects but can i say i do support him? I mean i am not a multiple person ne. A multiple person who can do/supports lots their fave musicians on their blog, mind or wallet.

I’d say what i am doin now about Yukihiro is waiting for him in this Fubar but Full of Color waiting room called The 4th Avenue Cafe, along with my waiting for HYDE, Ken, and Tet_chan.

Waiting for what? what else than waiting for him and the other to be back on the L’arc boat again and start whatever they might wanted to be started ..


The next World Tour maybe ….?

because i already voted for Jakarta ne, and i’ll still continue to vote, vote and vote again because being able to watch last year’s L’arc_en_Ciel Live in Jakarta is the best moment of my life and i want another again …

anyway Today is my holiday,

even not the Wholly Molly one. I spent my whole day stayin on my bed, tryin to think. You know a real think not just another ting ting callin for a bowl of meatball soup

yasu        :    then what did you get …
noi           :    nothing ..
yasu        :    not even a meatball soup ..?
noi           :    yeah, i got that this afternoon …

because instead of thinking, i was sleeping. A very long sleep, from 10:00 AM until 20:00 PM, so when i woke up i was like OMG OMG I am late then ran out of my room, then …

heee, it’s night …?

Thank God, because i thought it was already 08:00 AM next morning, but this sleep it’s not that long. So yeah, i didn’t do anything today. stayed in bed after turned on my PC,

didn’t pray because i am bleeding again and I didn’t go anywhere even i had plan to have some hair cut because it’s already 1 year since i had a haircut.

My hair is long now, long enough to make my nephew scare and screamin

I hate you, i hate you tante …!!

over and over to me. ha ha … i just love to act like Sadako, scared him and make him hysteric like that. That rascal boy need something to scare eh … #AVeryBadTante

But hey, i do have lots of plan ne, but i’ll say my plans at the end of this post. Now before i write another long rambling let’s back to the main topic.

Yes, it’s all about …


『Shangri-la』 aaand …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Osaka …


this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting started the premiere in Osaka, yasu‘s hometown.

And as what writen in this 3rd Season初日!地元大阪府での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog, it was held in Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka surrounded by everyone with the insanely cheerful even under the cold wheather of winter in Osaka.

The Meeting place is a bit chilly but gathered a lot of people there.

And because this time was Osaka, yasu‘s hometown everyone gave him a long echoed 「おかえり!」/「Okaeri/Welcome Back !」 to him which replied by him with 「ただいま!ありがとうございます!」


This Public Recording Premiere of 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting called as Project Osaka, started with talk about the previous 2nd, 3rd Season traveling around, 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single talks about the PV, recording, shuffle-like song and The King of Dumplings talk …xD

yasu, on the previous day before he also appeared as guest on FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 and the DJ Shota Simono_san, posted 2 photos of him with yasu  via twitter …

BZW15O4CEAAE8F6.jpg large

and as always, thanks to the wonderful loveencielmg1 you can listen to the recorded 『Shangri-la』 Meeting with FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 in here …



then let’s go to ….

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Osaka …

started with this new Adult Black Truck, supposed they have to change the truck’s image so they can load all The Black Cat … xD



The venue for this beginning of this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 was the same stage with “Q.E.D.” Tour 2009.

this is what was waiting for yasu on the venue …


A Takoyaki Tower …!!!

see, intead of fill all of that champagne glasses with wine, they filled it with takoyaki . That’s avery nice idea ne and yasu who was got an invitation to the Takoyaki Tower seemed agree with that.


not only yasu, YUKI is also from Osaka and HIRO also spent a lot of time in Osaka, so there was full of Osakan dialect in the dressing room, then the question selected …

on the Question Corner is …

How many alcohol do you drink?  ..

aand on this 3rd Season they also started again this Lookin for yasu on twitter …


ha ha ha … that’s easy …xD

OK, now is time for The SeList for 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 …

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. scar
5. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
6. Greed Greed Greed
8. Nemuri Hime
9. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord name [JUSTICE]
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Chou
15. so…Good night.
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri – la

what a nice SetList eh,

i say it was a special SetList because there’s 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on that SetList as what this a very nice Acid Black Cherry、新曲「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」をライブ初披露 article from BARKS,

about Live Debut of the New Single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」  at the Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21.

Tickets are SOLD OUT immedietly by fans who is dyin to see yasu‘s live on stage. About 3,000 peoples were attracted to Acid Black Cherry that night.

next is  The Kewpie …


cr  :   @Yasuの女

that’s a Takoyaki …

and now i am hungry, it looks so delicious ne. Next time when i go to Japan again, sure i am going to Osaka with Shinkansed and eat Takoyaki right in front of Osaka Castle eh …

yasu     :     for what …
noi       :      to get the Osaka feelin ne what else ..
yasu    :      just like that …
noi       :     ah ya, i also saw that people do on the movie ..
yasu     :     movie, again …?  

yeah, let’s deal with The Black Cat ne, because next is all about …

~  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」

finally today i can listen to this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single complete with The Recreation Track . Am i the only who who feel calm after listening to that song …?

and ..


With that hairband, why did he looks like Yukihiro …. *a confused fangirl*

i have no idea maybe it’s because of how that song started with a very soft piano/keyboard or it’s because of yasu‘s voice singing that song? because sure i know nothing about the original singer Matsutoiya Yumi.

BZv9HAiCAAAQIqL.jpg large

Well if there’s some of you there need to be calm tonight, while lookin at that very cute Adult Black Cat why don’t you all sing together with me …?

Acid Black Cherry ~ Recreation Track :  青春のリグレット [Seishun no regret]



私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて


私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

だってせいいっぱい愛した あなたを愛した


Waratte hanaseru ne
Sonouchi ni tte akushu shita
Kare no shatsu no iro ga magireta hitogomi
Basu wa kemuri nokoshi
Chiisaku seki kondara
Me no mae ga nijinda tasogare

Anata ga honki de mita yume wo
Hagura kashita no ga kurushii no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Hon’no mitsuki mae wa
Yubi karameta kousaten
Ima mo yoko wo aruku kiga suru

Natsu no bakansu wo mune ni hime
Futsuu ni kekkon shite yuku no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima demo anata dake ga seishun no riguretto

Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Waratte hanaseru no
Sore wa nante kanashii
Datte sei ippai aishita anata wo aishita

and for this  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 The recording artists are

Vo.   —->   yasu
G.    —->   HIRO
B.    —->   IKUO
Dr.   —->   Kei Yamazaki
Key. —->  Yasunori Hayashi
Piano.  —->  Rose Takano
Trp.  —->  Koji Nishimura
Trb.  —->  Eijiro Nakagawa
Sax.  —->Takuo Yamamoto

hoo ..

there’s no Junji there, but this Kei Yamazaki

Kuroneko OS.avi_000052452

おもおおおお …  he is one of The Juicy Bananas ……..!!!  *drolling*

Ok, i am calm now and Eh God, today is a real Drummer Day ne … *holding on to Yukihiro’s hand* …

then, what i am gonna ask this for you all, especially to all Acid Black Cherry fans who might read this post. Do You know about this

Acid Black Cinema? …


well if you are one of the latino or especially from Peru, i am sure you already know about this, because this is a Mini Project held by Acid Black Cherry Peru on Facebook

and you can go to the Facebook Event Page in here and it’s in Spanish btw ..

correct me if i am wrong but what i got is that even is some live viewing held by them, you know to watch live videos with subtitle even there’s no info about what video they will show but i think this is a very interesting event ne.

Just like Acid Black Cherry Indonesia’s event, this is their 2nd event because they also did that last year. So while waiting for Acid Black Cherry to hold a Live Outside Japan, they hold their own event of Live Viewing or some other event.

and now my question is go for yasu and all Acid Black Cherry staff there in 『Shangri-la』

Instead of waiting for invitation to hold a Live Outside Japan, why don’t you try to hold an Official Live Viewing first in cinemas all over Asia, Europe, US and Latin America? ….

Maybe for this 『Shangri-la』 Live … ?

because i think that’s a very nice way to test and see how is the fans reaction and sexcitement about Acid Black Cherry ~ Live Outside Japan,

Let’s say this as a market viewing ne because L’arc_en_Ciel and VAMPS also did that before they hold a Live Concert here in Indonesia.

Talking about VAMPS



finally the day is comin eh, where i am gonna see HYDE‘s Live on Stage again. Not only that, VAMPS also will be in Bukan 4 Mata, it’s a local Indonesian Telly show with the host named Tukul.

you can see HYDE‘s message about him will see Tukul_san in Bukan 4 Mata here


Tukul, his complete name is Tukul Arwana is someone that here in Indonesia sayin as wong ndeso (from Javanese language mean vilager/countryman) which yasu will say as INK

so Tukul on his show guided by a laptop, that’s why he will say Kembali ke Laptop (Back to Laptop) a lot because that’s where they wrote what is the next question to ask to the guest and he also speak in javanese oftenly.

So sometimes his jokes will only understood by Javanese people or people who understand Javanese language.

What happened then is many fans are tryin so hard to get the invitation to Bukan 4 Mata or just gathering in Trans7 Studio.

While me, ah i … what should i say ne this is very terrible ..

i can’t even see it on telly because that show will be aired on November, 28th 22:00 PM and at that night i will be on my bus on the way to Jakarta. Eh, God, whould i change this bus tickets with an airplane tickets?

That’s impossible ne because i will use plane on my way home from Jakarta and sure i can’t handle another flight with plane because i am just too sick this week ..

But still i am glad, HYDE will be only in Bukan 4 Mata. As long as not DAHSYAT, that’s gonna be fine. I think Tukul is not gonna say lot of jokes to HYDE and KAZ. so …

watch your self ne oldman (read : Tukul), just don’t anything wrong with my HYDE …!!!


noi       :    my HYDE?  wekekeke ..
yasu    :    hello there, your HYDE? are you OK?
noi       :    yeah, my HYDE that’s what i told to all my office_mates ..
yasu    :    so this is …

yeah, this is my revenge for all of them who dared to mock me. I said to them :

see you all don’t have to collect 1,000,000,000 IDR charity for me because HYDE, my HYDE will come here for me …

for me ….. !!!!  * kicked to Africa* ..

and they all said to me they will watch that show to see how exactly is my HYDE. Even miss BCL said : i’ll tell everyone to see this your HYDE hei Himura, i am so curious what’s from this man that you really love about and i was gladly replied her with :  sure you will see it L … .

ah OMG this is already became a long post ne, so sorry oooo …

but there you are everyone 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Akita scans ..

PS   :

~     just click on link and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Agent Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password later and …
~     enjoiii …. xD

man, November is gonna end soon ne and as always this next December is gonna be a very Long and Lonely December because Her Majesty will go to Mecca for her umrah about 2 weeks while Tekki will go to Bali for a New Year’s vacation.

Leave me alone at home. Home Alone on Cristmas, that’s what gonna happen to me, just me and my weird housemaid The Iron Lady. I never talk to her if she doesn’t ask me first. Not because i don’t want to, it’s because i am scare to her. Sometimes she can be very scary, the way she talks and her voice, ah …

but don’t get me wrong ne, because …

i am already make plan for January. Next January i am gonna do my own trip as a single backpacker to Singapore. Well actually this is a group with only 12 peoples going. So i dunno who and what they all look like.

That’s what make me so excited about this because ..

i hope, ah never mind …   ha ha ha …  *wink*

yasu      :    a cute guy sit next to you on the bus …?
noi         :    i didn’t say that eh, ya_san …
yasu      :    you don’t have to …
noi         :    aish ….  *go home*

Black Post : Project 『Shangri-la』 5th Season … (Another me, yasu,HYDE and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013)


5th Season, The Finale Season of Project 『Shangri-la』  …!!!


5th Season ~ Shikoku and Kyusu – Okinawa tour~

Ehime ~ Saijo-shi General Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Tokushima ~  Naruto Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall – Orange Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain18:30

Kagawa ~ Sunport Hall Takamatsu – Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Oita ~ Beppu B-Con Plaza Philharmonia Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain18:30

Nagasaki ~ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
Open 17:00 /Curtain 18:00

Saga ~ Saga-shi City Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Fukuoka ~ Fukuoka Sun Palace
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Kumamoto ~ City Center, Sojo University Hall
Open 17:30 /Curtain 18:30

Miyazaki ~  Medikit Cultural Center – Theatre Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kagoshima ~ Baoshan Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

By the end of April, Project 『Shangri-la』 is gonna end. What a long time project eh, and …

then what next after this project ….?

yasu       :    why should i tell you, who are you …?
noi          :    I am Inspector Himura now …
yasu       :    so this is an interrogation? …

noi          :    yes, you do answer me now ..
yasu       :     eeh chotto you’re the Inpector while me ..
noi          :    you are Officer Hayashi, see new pairing —>
Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi …#SoSweet
yasu       :    Ok, that’s funny … *leavin*

well, i think i better stop wondering too much now. I better enjoy this Project 『Shangri-la』 , waiting for the new singles to come and a free trip to all over Japan via yasu and his team there …

Let’s talking about 『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』, and 『Shangri-la』  and  now you all better look at this ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Photobook (Cover?) Posted on CDJapan

CDJapan posted that on their pre-order site for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Photobook. The release date is getting closer eh …..



I can’t wait mine to arrive, and look at that cover, that dark green color there with some blurry green image of yasu standing there on stage. I say, that’s totally awesome ne.

And as always yasu, my one and only Mind Blowing Man blown me away. This time he is blown me away to Asgard with  ….

Who else but LOKI ….?

as what my friend Levvy said to me, i watch LOKI too much recently then get LOK_ed. I can’t stop laughed when i see Tom Hiddleston on this SNL Korea video

I can’t believe he can dance like that, and say Hello my name is Tom Hiddleston and i play LOKI ….  and before he finished that, that granny scream ROKII …. !!! … ect etc and grab his nipples like that…

what a wacky granny eh … xD .

Anyway, he was in Korea to for Thor 2 …  And talking about Thor 2, i made me scream LOKIIIIII… !!! like a wacky person inside cinema when i saw this Thor 2 Trailer  ..

on the BIG screen together with Tekki. The couple sit behind me said shhttt, be quiet …!!! to me. Then i have to say sorry to them, but then i did it again when Thor 2 Trailer was on my telly screen.

it shoud be a movie marathon last Sunday.

1st is Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips then Sandra Bullock and George Clooney‘s Gravity. But too bad because i spent too much time in the salon do something with my hair i skipped Tom Hanks so i only watch Gravity.

can’t you believe that? OMG i skipped Tom Hanks ne.

Gravity is a great lost in space movie,

i mean how they can compose a simple/not complicated story, make us stay and watch a movie with only 2 and maybe 3 person there involved, and make us happy and sad then say …

Heee, he really died …?

when Dr. Stone (Bullock) is awake from her short sleep inside the Rusian space ship after confused how to operate that ship to go back to earth.


As always, Sandy did her great job ( Sandra Bullock, I always admire her as one of my America’s Sweetheart together with Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts) as Dr. Ryan Stone a brilliant NASA specialist who choose to be up there because how quite is there.

Somehow Sandy is always perfect for a role like this. Remember how she is on SPEED as Annie with Keau Reeves?. Sure you will see some similar thing between Annie and Dr. Stone‘s character now.

a woman who is forced to do something on an SOS situation while no one around her to help. So whether she want it or not, she has to deal with her fear, sadness and panic all gather inside her …


then George Clooney, ah ….

what should i say about him but awesome and adorable. Ah yes just like how i love 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, i love grown up man … ha ha ha ..xD

eeh should i say adult here  … ?

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, the commander of the team. A veteran astronaut who love to tell a story about him to all people next to him no matter they want to listen it or not.

With this movie, with his character Clooney show me how brilliant is a NASA astronout should be ne. Be calm in no matter what situation and always have B,C,D, …. till Z plan just in case anything goes wrong on the mission and able to find a way to back to earth…

yasu     :     noi_chan …
noi        :     ups sorry, too movie eh …
yasu     :     then hurry finish this post
noi        :     OK, OK …

so what next, ah  …

~   「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」

that’s a flyer of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, posted by BUZZROCK Radio on their Twitter two days ago.

Looks glamorous isn’t it ..?

and finally 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 revealed all the bonuses for this single on this Official Ameblo post

1.  w/ The Original Other Jacket for Halloween Party Venue Only ..

Halloween Cover

they said it as venue only so you can only buy this at the venue of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Then since there’s no ABC’s HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year, they only posted this hair accessory with a new image with yasu


i suppose the w/ The Original Other Jacket Edition of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」  is the HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year and i am sure that’s already up on some auctions … xD

2.  B2 Poster for nation wide CD stores bonus  ….

shop poster

CD Japan added that poster to give as a bonus on their pre_order site for 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」, so …. #yay …!!!

3.  B3 Poster for FanClub Edition   ….

~  Original Clear Poster A (B3 size) for CD + DVD edition

w dvd poster

and ..

~  Original Clear Poster B (B3 size) for CD Only edition

cd only poster

4.  Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Edition   ….

mini clear file

5.  Sticker bonus for mu-mo edition    ….


Sticker and Mini Clear File, that’s what i am gonna get. Now here i am stuggling here to say no to that dazzing poster from FC editions there. It’s really hard and then all of those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s pretty face make it harder …

Oh God,

i can’t believe how dare they did that ne. I mean put all those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s face like that. It hurt for me as a fangirl to hee how it seems like all those SAMPLE words slapped yasu‘s pretty face …

Poor ya_san, that must be hurt eh …


yasu     :    what did you say …
noi        :    and i am sorry i can’t do any photoshop or sotoshop to erase it ..
yasu     :    then what can you do …?
noi        :    all i can do is eat the soto … (PS :
soto is a popular traditional dish from Indonesia )
yasu     :    …. *taking breath*

then after the flyer, bonuses and poster,  for all of you who share the same sexcited about this 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 song, there you are the ..

~  From Listening Lyrics of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 …
黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ Acid Black Cherry

目を細めて um チェリーにkiss

仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

あんたなんかキライ!× ∞
捨てられたって 噛み締めた
そのおかげ 私 今があるの


許しはしないけど 謝んなさい


仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

credit to : 闇Rodem@meblo

Otoko mo neon mo furikaeru
Uwasa no neko tte watashinokoto
Aitsu shikomi no kuchibiru de
Watashi wa yoru o teniireta

Nagai kami o kakiagete
Sukoshi uwamedzukai
Me o hosomete um cherī ni kiss
Madamada koe dasanaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no kasū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan machi wa
DonDon watashi o someru

Anta nanka kirai ra rai rai !
Sōitte naiteita 6-nen (roku-nen) mae
Furufurare mata sasowa re
Suterareta tte kamishimeta
Yoru no machi ga mabushikute
Mahō ga toketa mitai
Gokai shinaide
Urande nankanai
Sono okage watashi ima ga aru no

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō awarena sute neko nante yoba senai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Mite yo mabushiidesho
Nigashita sakana wa nanida kke?
Yurushi wa shinaikedo ayaman nasai
Yada bakane
Hon kinishinaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō kainarasa reta neko nanka janai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no sū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan watashi
DonDon kireininaru no

What a Splendid song, isn’t it ….?

a song that’s a bit hard for me to ignore, especially when yasu start to sing the

ウェーオ♪ウェーオ♪ ….. eh God, what should i say but ..
OKE OKE you are The Black Cat,  ….. xD

noi       :     but ya_san,  you are still Blonde ne ….
yasu    :     then what …?
noi       :    nothing ..
yasu    :     don’t start again noi_chan …
noi       :    i won’t

and …

PS :  thank you for some of team_yasu members (you all know who you are) for the corrections, and if you want some early translation you can go

here <—  to check English translation there because Shido Tennouji Nck-cm (from Acid Black Cherry Philipines) already did that … and
here <—  for French translation by Acid Black Cherry Frech Street Team

So yes,

it’s not the Official Lyrics yet but since i am over way sexcited about this song, it makes me busy until today tryin to sing it and keep my self from left away behind from yasu‘s fast and flirty way of singing this song …

next it …

~   yasu on 「夢チカ18」/「yumechika 18」

it’s a show on a local telly in Hokkaido, he looks pretty ne with that Union Jack shirt …

~    HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 – Day 2

for the 2nd day of HALLOWEEN PARTY , HYDE was cosplaying with a Mexican Costume which is make all the Mexican fans totally happy …


while DAIGO as AMA_CHAN, ..


as he posted on his Instagram , anis as The HUGE Red Riddinghood


then yasu, after show his sexy shoulder …


yasu was so pretty in that lolita costume and sure complete with the boops . Finally there was no another yasu as Dracula on HALLOWEEN PARTY again …. #haha.

and thanks to Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club i can see the video ne in here …


then on The after Live



PS   :    just click the images and it will bring you to the Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club Facebook video

and of course a very HUGE credit for all Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club staffs for the GREAT job they did because i know it is not easy to record videos from nico nico

and then the day before yesterday, anis posted this photo from his Instagram

My buddies! 楽しかったわよー。 #‎vamps‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎party‬ ‪#‎Yasu‬ ‪#‎Aki

OMG i never immagine if anis is that tall ne, …

now i can’t wait for her, eh i mean him (why did i always want to write anis as her ..? xD) to post a photo of him, HYDE and yasu with their costume of  the 2nd Day HALLOWEEN PARTY, a more clear version than this ..


Sure, That would be a Wacky Sisterhood Picture ….xD

now my BIG question of today :  Why the hell i am so lazy these days …. ?

it felt like i lost all my energy, everday after works i won’t do anything but sleep, like last night. I wanted to finish subbing video Erect Live MCs but i was too sleepy then fell asleep in seconds.

Because i only finished this Part 1, …

I’ll finish this as soon as i can …. *crossfingers*.

Then at 09:00 PM my boss call me to ask some stupid question, eh why can’t he leave me alone …? suddenly  thanks to this CNBLUE song ~ Monday, i got an idea, maybe i can stop being lazy if i can get a time machine,…

…♪♪ … I wanna make a time machine
So I can go anywhere I wanna go, I’ll never be lazy
I wanna make a time machine
And I do anything I wanna do, I’ll never be lazy

All the time …. …♪♪ …


noi       :    a time machine, OK …
yasu    :    why me …?
noi       :    you are the idol ne, not me …
yasu    :    and that’s not gonna work on you ne  ..


Oh God, .. Post : ~ Adult Black Cat ~ Cover … (Another me, yasu and Moulin Rouge)


There you are finally they let us see ~ Adult Black Cat ~  Cover   ….!!!


covers for

【CD+DVD】 Limited Edition

【CD ONLY】 Edition

CD only
【Special Price 394 yen (1 song) 】 Limited Edition

394 yen
the ~ Adult Black Cat ~ is the sexy Black Cat ladies (or should i say groupies …?)

around him like that on the 【CD+DVD】 Limited Edition cover. So after DAIGO chose bunnies for his Bunny Love w/ BREAKERZ single, yasu chose sexy  ~ Adult Black Cat ~ for this single …

Note for Myself :

Next time when you read Cat and Bunny especially from a band who sing lots of ecchi songs, it will never end with a literally Cat and Bunny … xD

there is the other members appeared there on the 【CD ONLY】 Edition jacket and  on the Official Home Page and Website

and sure the changed the profile photo with this jazzy and classy yasu like this …

and also the same photo for their Facebook cover …

According to this Barks Article,

this is the 1st time ever for yasu to put the other members on the jacket cover in which represents the big-band arrangements on this song.

can’t wait to listen for this song ne, jazzy ….?  #whaaaa

Look at this, he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) is still blonde and also that glamorous stage with ~ Adult Black Cat ~ lamps on stage,  sexy girls w/ mask dancing, and he use that kind of 80’s white and black classy shoes (like Mr. Poirot’s shoes) and with feather outfit. Where did all that images blown you to …?

…. ♪♪ …. Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada (Hey hey hey) …
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here (here) …  ♪♪ ….

for me it blown me away to Paris, France because …

it’s so Moulin Rouge ….!!!

noi          :      blimey cos i am too movie …
yasu       :      just don’t start …
noi          :     no, no don’t worry.  i can’t  do that kind of dancing with pole  ..
yasu       :     good ..
noi          :     but i’ll learn if you want …
yasu       :     eeeh …



New Post : New Single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』, … (Another me, yasu and Capt. America)

This Season, ABC is for Adult Black Cat …!!!


as we know, there’s 3 pieces of   『Shangri-la』 Project :

~  nation-wide  『Shangri-la』 Tour around 47 prefectures in Japan,
~  new single release during 『Shangri-la』 Tour
~  public Recording and High Five Meeting and

and now when The 1st Season of  『Shangri-la』 Tour is over, there you are yasu give us another thing to wait and pay for ….  …

a New Single on November 20th everyone …. !!!

after sounds of full attack you all feel on the previous single 『Greed Greed Greed』 released on last August 7th, 2013, an upper lock tunes is released. Although yasu said  …

i have chosen the music which is not like a single at all,

the result a self highest initial shock number as a new single with a cover of Yumi Matsutouya’s 青春のリグレット/Seisun no Regret (1985) as Coupling Track


『黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~』

Release   :   2013.11.20
[ CD + DVD ] Limited Edition
AVCD-32230 / B / ¥ 1,680 ( tax included )

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . 青春のリグレット/Seishun no Regret  【Recreation Track】


1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . OFF SHOT ( 15 minutes video )

[ CD ONLY ] Edition
AVCD-32231 / ¥ 1,050 ( tax included )
Bonus : single photo booklet 12P

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~
2 . 青春のリグレット/Seishun no Regret 【Recreation Track】<

[ Special price ¥ 394 board ( 1 songs ) ] Limited Edition
AVCD-32232 / ¥ 394 ( tax included )
Bonus   :   1 sheet ABC original trading card ( all four )

[ Track List ]

1 . 黒猫/Kuro Neko/Black Cat ~Adult Black Cat~

【Sale Period 】 September 9th, 2013 (Thursday)12:00 ~ November 28th, (Thursday) 5:00 JST


~  Janne Da Arc FanClub

UpRise Shop              :  http://upriseshop.jp/
【Smartphone/Mobile】 :  http://jannedaarc.jp/
Bonus  :
CD + DVD Edition  : 1 Original Clear B3 size Poster (A)
CD only                 : 1 Original Clear B3 size Poster (B)

~  Janne Da Arc Mobile FanClub

【Smartphone/Mobile】  : http://jannedaarc.jp/
Bonus :   1 Mini Clear File

i think i am gonna get that mini clear file , since now i also joine FC Mobile , so yeah maybe evetually i am still Greed …. xD new

~  mu-mo Shop

[ PC / smartphone ]  :   http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1/?artist_id=ACIDB
[Mobile ]                  :   http://m-shop.mu-mo.net/a/list1?artist_id=ACIDB

~  mu-mo Shop Overseas Sales Site

>”>Bonus  :  1 Original sticker (Size: length 105mm × side 160mm)

source   :   here

~  CD Japan   :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition
~  HMV          :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition
~  Yesasia      :  w/DVD I CD Only I Limited Low Price Edition

so …

Adult Black Cat ——> ABC ….. #whoaaa

even my cat isn’t black but he is adult enough to join me listen to all ABC songs ne so now i am so curious about this ne, trus me i have so many questions in me right now like

~  why did he put that Adult terms there …?

maybe this one is another ecchi and drty song with a clear ecchi lyrics so he had to put that Adult word there, or it’s just some phrase to put so it can fixed as ABC next to Black and Cat …?

~  why Cat …?

Black is sure i get that ne, the part that only change one time on last Acid BREAKERZ Cherry joint live . But mostly on ABC is B for Black. This is the first time A is not for Acid. For C , there’s so many change on C ne, remember Acid Black Curry or Acid Black Christmas…?

This time C is for Cat, an adult cat with black color …

~  is there will be any miaww moan ….?


noi       :     OMG OMG  kyaaaa …. *over sexcited*
yasu    :     is that a good fangirl thinking …?
noi       :     i dunno, i dunno i can’t think another …
yasu    :     go figure another again …

ha ha ha this is very interesting ne, because this morning i just had a very nice talk on team_yasu group on Facebook.

One of the members there Charlie (ah, you all maybe remember her ne because i mentioned about her  …), nahshe did tell us there about her dream of watching yasu on some movie or telly series? ..

i don’t remember well, but what i do remember is she also mentioned about Agent Coulson, you know on The Avengers who died killed by Loki.

Ah ya Loki is the one who killed him and sure, he regret nothing about that. It also surprised me ne how he suddenly kill Agent Coulson from back like that no matter how many times i watch this movie, and please …

don’t hate Loki …,


noi      :   after all he is just kinda lost in the wrong direction ..
yasu   :   why should i
noi      :   well just in case …
yasu   :   and why now you are on his side ..?
noi      :   i’ll tell you later ne ..

I think that part is the sad part is he died before he manage to ask Capt. America to sign his vintage Capt. America Trading Cards collection, Sure he wait forever to get it and how it was a very honor for him to meet Capt. America in person ne …

even yeah i know that’s only another drama added by put all the trading cards with some of Agent Coulson ‘s blood in front Capt. America (apparently, he is a bt dramatic ne) so he finally agree about the mission to catch Loki ne …

nah somehow today after reading again that new single Adult Black Cat and found out there will be a special 394 yen Limited Edition with 4 different Trading Cards again that randomly put inside each 394 yen Limited Edition single  now i imagine myself as Agent Coulson,

Ok now you all can call me Agent Himura from … #eh


yasu      :    from . …?
noi         :    still NYPD ..
yasu      :    no way noi_chan, it has to be an agency
noi        :     what agency en … *thinkin hard*

Agent Himura who is still waiting to see her forever Capt. yasu to sign her almost complete Acid Black Cherry Trading Cards and will still collect another upcoming Trading Cards before she die ..

Eh, is it too Dramatic …?

But don’t worry ne, because this Agent Himura is not like Agent Coulson ne. I’m already make an agreement with Loki so there’s no way Loki is gonna kill me (but possibly marry me …. #nyaaa *got slapped) so it’s save ne.

now ya_san  listen to this …

I’d rather die if 100 years later i am still not able to make you sign all my ABC Trading Cards …


yasu    :    yeah right,
noi       :    but that’s true ne, from the bottom of my heart …
yasu    :    do i look like a fool …? you already died 100 years again …
noi       :    #eww … he knows this joke  …


暑い Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Hokkaido … (Another me, The So Sweet So Lonely and yasu xD )


As HOT as yasu, today is very hot ….


While HYDE burning an embryo with Hiro on DEAD END tribute album, the sun it seems like want to burn anything under the sky. On a HOT day like today, older people (like my late grandmother) use to say .

only sun in this world is already burning HOT like this, imagine how HOT is in hell …

while i am now imagine how HOT is hell, then waiting for 16:00 PM to come i stayed inside my chamber, turn on the air conditioner, put my earphone on and ignored and cut myself from all people around me ….

It feels bit weird for me to read 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 recent  「Shangri-la 」 post from Live Report 1st, then Meeting after that, even i know they wrote it like the schedule after Aomori Live then Otaru Live, no Meeting between that 2 Lives.

Let’s start this post ne …

They wrote it as 約束の地、北海道での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!,

yasu who finished Otaru Live, now start to visiting Radio and Telly stations in Hokkaido start from August 30th, 2013. He apparently didn’t sleep well on the previous day but wake up at 04:30 AM in the morning


then eat, move to the venue ..

ABC ファクトリー 公開録音 風景 cr pichiのブログ

Photo credit  :   pichiのブログ

SAPPORO Factory Atrium. It’s a mall ne, so look everyone on 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor can see yasu even not close like people inside the invited area , then eat there before the Meeting started (eeeh ….xD)

then stretching after meal,


since he traveling to many cities all around japan and eat many various special food each city i wish i would see him gained some weight after this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour end  ….

is it possible?

because he also work hard ne, so i am not sure about it but still i he is not gonna get more skinny like the last 「2012 」 Tour. I think that tour exhausted him  …


In public recording of AIR-G ‘s ,  talk  about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 released last August,  the story of this 「Shangri-la 」 Project , the Hokkaido Tour promise that come true and also talk about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 lyrics …

I want to continue this post with Shangri – La Live 2013.09.02 @Nittori Bunka Hall Live, but this one just came to me so i’ll do that tomorrow.

And now let’s talk about this album, not the whole because i listened for part with the man i adore (HYDE, Leader and yasu) first ne … …


PS  :  click the image for the album

this album release is tomorrow but as you know how internet is so fast now with it MAGIC (i’d rather to call it as MAGIC) so it’s already up there before the release day ..

~  HYDE and Hiro’s part ~ Embryo Burning,

and i got whoaaaa _ed by that.



As always, HYDE did a very great job with his SEXY VOICE even for a cover. I am shivering on the part HYDE scream

Embryo Burning, ya ya ya ya ya …!!!! and how he ended it with the last ya ….

Sounds like he is running out of ya ne …. xD

who’s embryo he’s burning now with Hiro anyway ? and about Hiro, i can say anything but awesome especially the 1st intro …..

ha ha ha OK now i get why yasu said him as Hiro, The Hero …!!!

they should make a live concert for this tribute album ne, just like the last Buck Tick Tribute, remember there was a live held for it. Now i really wanna see HYDE and Hiro live on stage together perform that song.

Sure that will be awesome isn’t it …

~  tetsuya’s part ~ Night Song


until now, tet_chan is the best bassist i ever know,

so yes i prefer to see/listen for him play his bass rather than singing. It’s not that i don’t like his solo sure i love it but i love him more if he is in L’arc as the Leader, write an epic song for HYDE to sing …

that kind of song like Hitomi no Jyuunin, i always believe if this song was created by Leader_sama only for his vocalist HYDE. No one should cover this song for any reason, even for a tribute.

they can choose any song from L’arc to cover and i will say awesome, but not that song. Not even yasu, i don’t even imagine how it is gonna be like if  he might decided to cover that song one day .

I believe i am not gonna say Whoaaa or awesome, maybe i will only say  ..

ehhhh  …….  


noi      :     then continued with in silence for 10 or maybe 20 minutes ..
yasu   :     for what …
noi      :     thinking, because i have no idea to say to you if you do cover that song
yasu   :     then don’t say anything ..

just like what yasu said about there’s some part that you feel it belong to you on a song, i do have parts on Hitomi no Jyuunin as mine, that i feel no one will sing it perfect as HYDE .

so …  #ehmm  … 

since i dunno what to say, i better say nothing and continue to the next song on that album i listen to is …

~   yasu’s part ~ So Sweet So Lonely …

i like this song and i never think if there’s some gentle song like this on DEAD END. In my mind there’s only hard songs on DEAD END. Yes, DEAD END is totally beyond my musical listen to list band.

even this cover didn’t make me say Whoaaa at the 1st time i listen to like what he did with Otoko cover, but it gives me some feeling of calm. Maybe because i am lonely these days, so tonight i will listen to this DEAD END full album in a calm way as calm as ..

The Magnolia, that’s so Sweet So Lonely …

yasu      :     Is this LOL Show …?
noi         :     no, but i am bit lonely now …
yasu      :     maybe lonely, but sweet, you  …?
noi         :     i’ll add sugar if you want …
yasu      :     hee …

~ owari~

Still, Holiday Post : ABC Cover – 輝きながら・・・ (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday … xD)


i think i am totally full of everything today.



yasu‘s comment for  「Greed Greed Greed」 (sure i haven’t receive mine yet), full of foods and hand shake i did this whole day, fooled myself anually by Mr. Friday again and full of laugh by thinking of this …..


The yasu vs yasu’s More Than a Broomance  Scene …




my heart, that’s too much for my heart .

Even i do watch that kind of thing in so many SHERLOCK fanfic all over my Tumblr dash where they show me many variations of SHERLOCK and John do things like that or tied each other … etc etc many more.


But this one is different ne, it’s yasu.  and with himself like that, what i said first when i saw that images is none other than this …

OMG yasu, he is tryin to f **ck himself  …..  #Awww again for the 4th time ..

now i wonder were there any idea to make a story about yasu do whatever with the other side of him like that on a fanfic in the fanfic division. If there’s somebody who will or already write it i wanna read it ne.

I mean not just the f *** kin idea ne but maybe by do a monolog or yasu tryin to terminate his own devil – side with no terminator …?

talking about fanfics, i am sure yasu just like every other artists is aware about all the fanfics about him.


Even i don’t see or read about him sayin that yet, just like how i’ve seen Benendict Cumberbatch said about his awareness for all fanfics about him an John in TOP GEAR in a very charming way …

then i am also full by listening to this …

Acid Black Cherry  Cover – 輝きながら・・・



Don’t Say Good-Bye


Don’t Say Good-Bye


Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

Hitomi wo tojite mo komorebi ga
Te wo furu kimi wo tera shiteru
Kisetsu ha itsumo owari dake iru dzukeru keredo

Kimi dake no yume wo kizamu no sa
Omoide wo tsumeta shoujo no egao no mama de

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Kirameku jikan ga bokutachi no
Itsu datte kinenbi datta
Hashaideta ano hi

Sayonara ga uta ni narunonara
Omoide no naka de futari ha meguri aeru sa

Kake dasu kimi no bamen wo mimamoru kara
Kagayaki nagara ashita no DOOR wo akete

Sugao ni MELODY yakitsukete kimi ha ima
Kagayaki nagara otona no DOOR wo akete

regardless the meaning of the song 輝きながら・・・ itself, somehow when i heard this song for tghe 1st time i feel the same feeling with when i hear yasu‘s voice on Koi ni Ochite – cover on Recreation 3 album. .

and for myself aaaa …..

i blame that site to share that song so early then i nonstop listening to that song in this Holly Molly Holiday, my annually holiday when i suppose to meet Mr. Friday once a year.

yasu    :    then you blame me now  …
noi       :    no, it just see this part 
yasu    :    what’s wrong with that part   …  .?
noi       :    change the
少女 with , ah noooo that’s too much for me, and i haven’t meet him anyway
yasu    :     hee

nah now the biggest question is :

Am i gonna meet him this year ….? or not? ….

that just make my heart beat fast ne, there’s 1/3 part or me sayin it would be better if i don’t see/meet him, but the rest 2/3 part of me sayin 会いたい in a loud and clear voices on a choir together .

yes, it made me dizzy but as a person who live in a democratic country i have to choose the majority right …?

then yeah, i wanna see you Mr. Friday …. #whaaaa 

yasu      :     what a fool …
noi         :     yes, the happy one. now please call my boyfriend to save me ..
yasu      :     but you don’t have one …
noi         :     i do have now …
yasu      :     that HULK? but he is still angry now noi_chan ..