Rainy Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo … (Another me, yasu and Feliz Cumpleaños King HYDE xD)


Again and again, ….

this is just another 1 or 2 days late birthday post for King HYDE, but still …

Happy Birthday To You King HYDE ..

I wish you all the best, may all your dreams and wish for become true. I promise i will be more loyal (than how loyal i am now) to you,
anndd …

With this vow, forever has just begun …. ~♪♪♪



HYDE    :    you are late again this year, fangirl  …
noi         :    so last year i was also late? OMG OMG … *covering her face*
HYDE    :    you said loyal?
noi         :    お待たせしました HYDE さん, and if you need anything, anything at all  you can have me …
HYDE    :    @_@ … *went away*

ha ha OK, I should have posted it yesterday on January 29th,

but i did nothing but sleeping after work that day. Ah what a messy sleeping schedule i have now. It started after last Sunday, it was my day off which i spent all day long with nothing but sleeping.

A whole day sleeping from 02:00 PM at night until about 11:30 PM the next day and sleep again from 15:00 PM until almost midnight then wake up again, had my usual midnight dinner and stayed awake until almost 03:00 AM, woke up the next morning at 05:00 AM, like a zombie walked to bus station to work …

and it continued until today, i gotta do something to deal this not good sleeping pattern. I’ll do that later ne, meanwhile look at this …


L’arc all over Shibuya …

and then what DAIGO gave to all of us makes me sexcited more than ever , on yasu‘s birthday he posted these broomance set of his picture with yasu


especially the last one, this ….


awww, if he wrote a song called so … Good Night, then that image above is just so … Broomance … !!!!

not enough with that, on HYDE‘s birthday DAIGO posted another very2 cutie Fanboys with Their Kami_sama again …

with this lovely message from DAIGO

今日は HYDE さんのバースデー(≧∇≦)♥️♥️
ゴッドフェス!!\(//∇//)\ 一生、忠誠を誓います!
笑 ということで、大好きな3人ショット! リツイート祭りや!

Today is HYDE‘s Birthday (≧∇≦)♥️♥️
Congratulation ! God Festival !! \(//∇//)\
I swear i will always be loyal to HYDE !!
So let see the lovely 3 people shoot
Welcome to retweet ~~

source and credit : Daigo’s twipple and  here for the translation

Now it seems like from 3 of them, DAIGO is the PR now to share this and that on a special occasion … xD. But also he is a very lovely PR because he also reminded to all of us (especially me, the easily to be un_loyal fangirl) to be loyal to HYDE, nah that’s brilliant ne …

and the last one is also my fave ….

totally adorable ….

Before we all Melting Alive with all those 3 cute guys up there, let’s back to 『Shangri-la』  again, this time is for this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo

This 『Shangri-la』 Meeting, i think it’s kinda special because it was held on Christmas so i think (again , i am thinking a lot this time ne …xD) if yasu was there as a Santa or at least wearing a Santa thing like this …


it would became a Christmas Meeting with yasu and maybe they will allow some very lucky audience to sit next to that Santa yasu then ask anything? then maybe ….

OMG OMG forgive me dear, but i just ….. *laughed all by herself*

yasu       :      don’t tell me you want to sit on my lap like on the movie ….
noi          :      i didn’t say that …
yasu       :      nah, you don’t have to …
noi          :      don’t worry i’ll start my diet this year so i wont be heavy for you  …
yasu      :       but the problem is you are 50 years late  to ask that …

Well then enough about that, back to the topic 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Hyogo ne …

so this Meeting  started with Public Recording with FM Kobe was held on Christmas in an open space venue (Himeji Underground Shopping Center, Grand Fiesta) directly linked from Himeji Station.

Lots of people gathered there.

yasu who arrived at the venue, standby to go to the stage immediately and it was pretty close to everyone there who was waited in a cold weather.

Worriedly waiting to the show to begin he said about how cold is the weather, amazing are everyone who would wait and wondered if everyone are OK.

The venue staff, one of them also said if there’s no one who have done an event there in Grand Fiesta yet and Acid Black Cherry is the first one to yasu who was kind of bit nervous.

they have story about Christmas and the previous day’s  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Hyogo how it was a Live on a Christmas’s eve and they put a Christmas Song in the hurry and the MC …?

so the Question Selected on The MC was ..

Christmas Present, what is the delightful thing to have/get …

and you all know what his answer was …..xD,  then he got another question

In reverse supposing it (the gift) is for a girl, what do you do …

and he said …. #eehh …

yasu      :    so what did i say ….
noi         :    that you don’t give a present for girl recently and ha ha ha …
yasu      :    and  …
noi         :    ah, i better stop reading that blog every day  …. *wipe her forehead*

after The Public Recording over, continued with a collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned a about Hyogo‘s dialect and special gourmet.

i said this 「Shangri – La 」 Meeting ~ Hyogo is special ne, not only because it was held on Christmas but for me, a fangirl who wasn’t … (ehh, should i say will never be …?) able to be there is special …

because this only in this 「Shangri – La」 Meeting when i  posted on that team_yasu group on Facebook i got a Yes answer when i asked this a must question to everyone who said they went to 「Shangri – La」 Meeting.

So Let me remind you all what the question is …..

did you touch yasu ….?

and one of them (ah ya his name is Daichi and FYI everyone, he is cute …. ha ha ha) answered it with …

Yes … !!!


OMG OMG he’s a very lucky boy ne, to get that High Five with yasu …. !!!

next is this what they (whoever they are) called as …

~ 「Shangri – La」 Collection

refers to yasu‘s outfit during this 「Shangri – La」 Live Season 1 and 2. Personally, me like the 1st Season outfit. I mean look at that fur thing all over yasu‘s neck, so it was something like a vest or hoody ? …

Season 1


Season 2



they also put that little skull there, that’s a very nice touch but too bad i didn’t noticed that on 2nd Season 「Shangri – La」PHOTOBOOK no matter how many times i watch it over and over, blame my blurry eyes then,

the HairDo …


next is the ….

~    The Whatever Update from me (You Know What I Mean)

this time is for Live Digest and Off Shoot Aichi ~ Gifu


no password requirements this time, so enjoii …. !!!!

Today is January 31st, it’s The Lunar New Year so …

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you who celebrate it
and as the year of the horse begins i wish you all good luck and good fortune ~ Gong Xi Fa Cai ….  ♥

then last but not least is ….

~  Thank God January is over.

As i said before, January is a quite busy time for a tangled fangirl like me with this forever on fire Bahama Love Triangle. But January this year isn’t that good for me. Not that good means by how

rain just fallin everyday and there’s flood everywhere and it kinda make me isolated here in my hometown.

I can’t go anywhere since the floods disconnected some city and highway that connected. Still i am so lucky because here in my hometown we are fine, no flood here even mud are everywhere.

I heard and read what happened to cities next here, they all drown at least 1 meter high.

And on my friend’s aunt home it got worse when there’s a local resident who said if he lost 2 of his crocodiles during this flood. OMG can you imagine that, there was 2 crocodiles out there in the middle of flood.

So it started when that man came to the police station sayin how he lost his 2 pets and he worried about them. When the police asked him …

what’s your pet? is it cat, dog or …?

he couldn’t answered it. Finally after several another questions further he said what he mean with pet was his 2 crocodiles ..

He must be crazy ne, from all animals in this world he choose to have crocodile as his pet and just put them on a pond in his backyard. None of his neighbors know about that.

Suppose he is very rich ne, with a BIG house with high fence surrounded so nobody knows what happen or what they have inside it,

like my rich next door ne.

They all (including my Her Majesty who keep sayin us and them as The Rich and The Poor) said if they have a swimming pool in their backyard but i never see it because i never go there. But i remember they did say to me if i can go there to learn how to swim.

Damn, how did they know i can’t swim …?


yasu      :    what, don’t look at me like that …
noi         :     OMG, don’t tell me you …
yasu      :    i didn’t say anything …
noi         :    OK, OK i know …

Back to the crocodile and flood story,

so that man was arrested not only because it was against the law to have 2 wild animals as pet with no special license but the police also think it would be more save for him to stay in the police station than around all his angry and scared neighbors that of course wanted to eat him alive.

Of course they were angry ne,

i imagined myself on their position busy to clean all the flood mess suddenly there is a crocodile hiding inside my home, well that’s disaster ne.

No matter how he said if all his crocodiles are not the bad one (is there any good one …? ) but stil they are wild animals ne, there’s a reason why we all put crocodile inside the wild animals category …

Eh God, a crocodile really? why didn’t he pick cows or buffalos ne …

somenone asked that to him and he said  …

because having crocodile is more easy than cows or buffalos. All you gotta do is just go to the market, but some chickens, that’s all, you don’t have to get some grass or other inconvenient things you gotta do for other animals.

Did he mean about the water system? because sure you don’t have to put an add libitum water system if you decided to have crocodile instead of cows or buffaloes. See i think he is a bit crazy ne.

Then 2 days ago i heard the police already catch one of them and shoot the other one. At least now all of them can sleep quite well with no scared feeling about 2 crocodiles out there around them again

With that Crocodile Drama is over, hope this rainy season with flood additional will stop when January is over. I am bored now, i have this lots of movies to watch in cinema and ….

God, i need a new shoes ….. !!!!

yasu     :    and if rain still fallin on February
noi        :    then i am gonna sleep ..
yasu     :    again …?
noi        :    yes, When The Rain is Over, do wake me please …

~ owari ~

Bestday Post : Terima Kashii …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE)

look what finally arrived,  I’d say all of these as my tanjoubi present ne…!!!


~ my L’arc DVD ne,

finally it came to me. And it came in a such perfect day. this DVD is my tanjoubi present , from who? from Tekki of course, because she is the one who bought it and also paid the custom tax. And now she is on the real stage of Okane Ganai

yes, it is the Honolulu version ne, I choose to buy that because of the Audio CD, you know all of them (flower, Pieces and Kasou) are my fave L’arc songs ne. and take a look at this ne …


They put MAHALO on the Audio CD‘s cover. MAHALO from Hawaiian language means thank you. That remind me to the boy on Acid Black Cherry :  Mirai Yosozu‘s PV, Sando Tatsuya_kun,


Kazuki Ono_san, is the actor who played Sando Tatsuya_kun. nah if you ever Google_d, then get lost and dumped into his Ameblo —–> http://ameblo.jp/kazukiono/  , i am sure you will fine some interesting about his way to post there ne.

He always start the blog post with ALOHA and then ended it with MAHALO.

At the first time, i think MAHALO is for bai bai because he (Kazuki Ono_san_san, not yasu) put it at the end of the post, like i always put owari on my blog posts. but then i remember Lilo (the cartoon) say that MAHALO and it means thank you

then this stunning image of HYDE, my King HYDE


~ my Fan Club magazine,


yes, this Vol. 54 is quite different from the previous one. It is bigger with bigger photos inside and on the backside …

OMG OMG, i can’t believe they actually put that username and password like that, in English ne. Because all this time i thought the password and username only distributed via mail or email to each members. But this time, the also put that on the FC magazine.

Yes, it is normal the because magazine is a FC magazine, but then i wonder if maybe they (the staffs who deal with this FC magazine) have no idea if other fans who are not a FC member also can buy this FC magazine on auctions ne. I see there’s many people sell this FC magazine there.

so yes, that’s a bit weird i think …

this volume is full of lIve reports from the last Erect Live with some lyrics of so … Good Night Christmas (or new year’s …?) version lyrics when they were in Osaka and Nagoya (if i am not mistaken), then 69 Live with some cute photos of the almost broomance yasu and DAIGO.


not only that, there’s also DAMIJAW Live report and last but not least is kiyo‘s marathon in Hawaii … #waaa, OMG he joined a marathon in Hawaii? waw that’s awesome.

eeehhh suddenly Hawaii is on the air tonight eh, L’arc Live DVD – Honolulu Audio version, ALOHA and MAHALO. on Kazuki Ono_san‘s Ameblo and then kiyo’s Hawaii Marathon, that’s soo …

Hawaii, Waikiki, Kawaiii  like this image below …


that’s perfect for the group cover photo, isn’t it?. You know the team_yasu group on Facebook. Talking about team_yasu there ne, that group already reach 1,957 members ne. Add another 43 members then it would be 2,000 members,

It’s millenium … #whoaaa ..


noi      :    now i wonder what i am gonna do/post when it reach 2,000 members ...hmm …. *thinking*
yasu   :    what, you are gonna post another whoaaa again?
noi      :    eeeh , i didn’t say that ne

you already see my stuffs arrived, now look who is comin back to me …

~~ my cat, MULYONO … !!!,

yes, his name is MULYONO,  from Javanese language means noble, glorious.

But the fact he is not that noble or glorious ne, he is a bit wild. He always go anywhere like an independent (or you may say wild?)cat. And today after almost one week’s gone. He suddenly back with some scars next to his left ear.

i think he also add some more weight, because when i tried to carry him. My hand, it feel hurt ne. OMG now i can’t even carry my cat …? That’s why i just took one of his leg and dragged him go inside with me.

back to the topic, nah topic of today is …

Terima Kashii …

actually it supposed to be Terima Kasih (means : Thank You), but i dunno why i’d like to say it that way Terima Kashii , instead of Terima Kasih. Just like what HYDE said after finish Good Luck My Way Live in Jakarta. If you already have all the Audio CD from Hongkong to Honolulu i am sure you already hear it,

HYDE’s sexy way to say Terima Kashii ..

Actually i heard/noticed about that sexy way to say Terima Kashii is from Yukiko. On one of her blog post, she put that Terima Kashii as the title. At the first time, it was a bit surprised me, but then when i tried to say that, i realized … OMG it sounds more sexy ne, and then HYDE say it in a million more sexy way on last year’s Live in Jakarta ..

yes, Terima Kashii …

that’s something that i said a lot today to all who said Happy Birthday to me. At office, social networks, bank even on my bus ride in the morning. And thanks to my boss, i missed the Birthday prank this morning because i spent my whole today at bank, dealing some payment stuffs with him.

Actually that kind of Birthday prank is not my division at all (read : if i am in some division). I think i am too old to get something like that, for example when someone flushed me with a bucket full of water. Well that’s not funny eh, it’s never funny. I almost got that on my last year’s birthday but not this year ne…

Terima Kashii, again …

for all the birthday wish for me today and when someone who posted this on my Facebook wall,  …

that image is posted by Chibby Cherry (she is the admin on ABC group in Columbia) just blown me away ne, i mean OMG ahaha i dunno what to say but enjoy this blown away moment from her …

and of course i also like to say Terima Kashii to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 for the lovely post even i haven’t read yet the last post but as always the lovely images of yasu always make me happy

in this 愛のキメ写真お願いしてもいいですか? post where this 愛のキメ写真

just turned into this photo of a shy guy …  ?

and this more mind blowing ABC宅配便 post

he read that female magazine, that’s CanCam magazine right? that photo above is my fave ne and then read all the comments. So they printed out all the comments ne …..

then answer this  「曲づくりは順調ですか?」 「Is the song making going well ?」 with …

i say Whoaaaa ….. !!!!

for that answer, that’s why my next is of course the never ending

Terima Kashii for The Mind Blowing Man, himself …

noi        :    sounds sexy ne and let me tell you how to call a taxi in a sexy way …
yasu     :    how ..?
noi        :    tekshi and how to call you in a sexy way  …
yasu     :    is …
noi        :    yashii ….
yasu     :    go away …!!!

If i have to make a resolution, that’s what a normal people do on their birthday ne. My resolution this year is i wanna be more wise.

I mean as i mention before how my mouth is a bit dreadful, full of scary things that i will say to others when something went wrong. Last week i heard one of my office mate tellin me about my other office mate. She told me how scared she was when she made one mistake. She said :

OMG, what should i do if she (read : me) find out about this, what should i say to her? because the last time i made mistake like this she was mad at me … etc etc

at that time i was like OMG am i that scary on her mind? maybe yes, i suppose. When people say your mouth is your tiger, believe me it is true ne. But in my case my mouth is tend to be my own Pandora Box. When it open, there’s so many bad things came out from it. And most of that bad things usually hurt other people around me.

That’s why i tend to say nothing, because by saying nothing it would prevent me to open the Pandora Box. But then Mr. Poirot told me something new and heaven, i have no idea about what is the last thing inside Pandora Box. He said

When all the bad things inside Pandora Box came out, there’s one small little thing left inside it. That thing is a hope. A little hope for us to change at least reduce all the bad things came from Pandora Box.

Dakara my hope is, even just a little bit, i wanna be more wise, simple, less selfish and also maybe

a birthday text message from him …?

yasu    :   who …?
noi       :   you know who, he has my number anyway
yasu    :   forget it
noi       :    no, i’ll wait until after midnight
yasu    :    it is already after midnight, so go home Cinderella, The Party is Over …



69 Post : <BARKS News Award>Monthly Awards 2013年1月度 (Another me, yasu and Jim from IT )

hello hello everyone, hisahiburi ne ….

it’s been a while since my last post, eh. now i am thinking about to write here in my blogs a short post but daily instead of long spaghetti post that even make me (the one who wrote it ) feels dizzy, and added with how screwed is my blog’s tags, sure that is add another level up on that dizzy feelings on me.

i just open my PC, get on line and seeing this on my Ameba Page, eh God …

<BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013


the most read news that was released in January 2013 and shining in a month. in Japanese Music article is Acid BREAKERZ Cherry and  in western music was the news of Michael Jackson.

News of Acid BREAKERZ Cherry, the article’s live report to convey how was the Special Collaboration Live Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine was carried out jointly by BREAKERZ and Acid Black Cherry to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the debut of each other. It was very charming live event, from the interaction between DAIGO and yasu,


and by special surprise too that descended hyde by no means there, at once spread over the internet, the article became a monthly award winning No.1 <BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013 for Japanese Music Articles

you can read the complete Top 10 in here :  http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000087761&p=1

Sugoii ne …..

so short it would be better ne, you know what i mean. Like writing a short memo or ah ya like a self liner notes. Like this on Recreation3.com where yasu put his own self liner notes for each song on the upcoming 『Recreation 3』


from all 13 songs, they already put yasu‘s self liner notes on ne, I can’t wait to see what he is gonna say about  Furare Kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll

but since they ( read : [Team ABC] ) use some ah i dunno what should i call it eeehh i dunno since unlike The Sassy Gay Jim Moriarty you know Jim from IT on SHERLOCK ,  i am not that in to IT, but what i know is they posted images there on that 『Recreation 3』 special site, instead of wrote there like what they do on the Official Website … then  aha aha yes, minna

you (and of course me … xD ) can’t use Google Translation to read/understand what yasu said ne …


yasu    :   poor noi_chan … *laugh*
noi       :   then i say : whoaaa Bloody Hell ….
yasu    :   at least you don’t have to be lost in Google for that …
noi       :  but sometimes it can be nice ne, …
yasu    :  eeehh …

but, well i still know what yasu said there, even it took forever for me to figured it out. Because you know i can’t find some character/letter on my dorama dictionary ne … *wipe my head*

well, i am not gonna say how busy i am recently because thing that keep me busy recently is only my telly. And sure some of you will say how lame is to have a telly for a reason for being busy. So let just say i am on my winter sleep ne. Yes, like a bear who need a loong sleep on winter. so what i am gonna say is

Things happened while i was sleeping, eh …

have i told you how so movie is that sentence? see what i mean? i mean Sandra Bullock’s sweet movie with Bill Pullman : While You Were Sleeping ne, that’s one of my fave movie and i always love Sandy. For me she always my America’s Sweetheart together with Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.

what kind of things? so my next post is gonna be about things that i missed while i was sleeping and ah ya about my new interest for making a video subs, it was fun ne

and now i better sleep and i hope tomorrow i can get my 69 Live Goods ne because it took forever for me to get it, it should be at the post office now. So all this day i lost between doing video subs, scan post (i still owe promises to scan 3 full magazines for 3 different people) or update my blogs.

it ended with me only write this, i hope this post is short enough, and also how i ran after YUKI‘s  talk with my ears (he is talking so fast ne) or how yasu amazingly got me lost just by him sayin …

onna onna onna, onani ….


noi        :   nice rhyme, and i don’t even remember when did the last time i use that onani word ne, …
yasu     :   really …
noi        :   i almost forget if
onani is for handjob, then i say  ..
yasu     :   what, another
Whoaaa  .. ?
noi        :   eeeh, if you say so. But actually what i am gonna say is Waaawww


In The Harry Post : B2 – Poster Bonus for 『Recreation 3』 …. (Another me, yasu and 69)

Today is Monday, or i should say Mounday?

because i am gonna moan/moun or whatsoever words start with m,o and u all this day waiting for him to sign this something that i prepared for almost 3 days so this is gonna be a short post and short post means i don’t have to use LJ cut or do i have to?

nah, you all see the Poster bonus from mu-mo and from The Official Website and Facebook Page today ….


there you are the other B2 poster bonus for 『Recreation 3』 album, coming out March 6th for the Limited Edition and this store 【レコチョク shopping】  will give away 5 signed poster randomly for Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』 Album purchasing.

they also said if there’s some stores don’t have a poster as bonus while they still have plan for bonus for other shop, so as they said we all better stay tune for more information OK …

btw i wake up this morning and saw this video from DAI安 02/03 on my Tumblr Dashboard,

look at the blusshy host …. xD

I don’t like Tumblr recently, i mean since they changed. Somehow that change turned to be an inconvenient for me to post there, it take forever to post on Tumblr now, unlike the old Tumblr. Not only that, i am having trouble when i have to put the source, where? …

i gotta go now, but did i said too much they?, so the question now is  who the hell is this they today? not yasu, not HYDE, not DAIGO then  …

i say ….


all         :     who ……. ?
noi        :     not me …
yasu     :     then who …
noi        :     you know who …. U_U





Before The HY_day Post : so 20 + 18 is 38 …. (Another me, yasu and The S Before ex)

i waited for something from yasu yesterday, well ….

eventually there’s no post on yasu‘s birthday on The Official Blog at Ameblo like last year, but he did tweet that plus some quite nice birthday jokes from the birthday boy himself, 18? porn video? OK then as you wish ya_san, …..

you are 18 years old with 20 years life experiences following you. so yes, you can rent porn videos now  …

yasu       :     eeh ….
noi          :     nani? did i made a wrong calculation, 18 + 20 = 38 right?
yasu       :     it’s not that, but hey noi_chan you didn’t put the S ne …
noi          :     ah, the S ..

as you all know i always love to play words, even if i am not a musician, i don’t write songs or anything else that sell, but indeed i love it, That’s why not a long time ago i really having fun to follow my friend to put S on every words that started with ex, for sexample is

~     exciting        ——>   sexciting
~     experience   ——>   sexperience
~     expensive    ——>   sexpensive

and i didn’t realize if i also took this adding S to ex thing to my real life, because usually i only use it on my social networks or yeah when i wrote here, but one day when i was talking with some of my new collages that i meet on some new projects (damn, why did they have to talk to me in English ne), i can’t remember when it started but we did start to talk about ex boyfriend. and when it was my turn to talk, i said loud :

Well, my sex boyfriend ….. etc etc etc ….

then somehow everyone were in silent while lookin at me, with that face. You know that kind of face like sayin nah, there you are ….!!! I should have think before i say something ne,  Why did i have to talk about my sex boyfriends anyway, but ah whatever, what’s done is done and That day i realized i just did my first Social Suicide in front of that 6 peoples.

yasu     :     poor noi_chan ….. *laugh*
noi        :     so, no more S Before the ex OK …
yasu     :     at least, you are not dead ne ….
noi        :     but my social life is ya_san ….

yasu     :     hurry,  finish this post

ah ya back to the topic, yesterday yasu_day is very cherry ne with yasu, acid, cherry and black as number 1,2,3and 4 on the HOT words

How lovely, isn’t it? and DAIGO also make the yasu_day more cherry by posting this lovely entry on his blog

just like what yasu tweet_ed, DAIGO sent him a video of all the audiences of 4th day BREAKERZ LIve HOUSE Tour sang happy birthday together for him. Not only that, my  friend Karen also said BREAKERZ   also performed Nemuri Hime. See they put yasu‘s song on the set list at yasu‘s birthday ….. lovely and i want to see it …!!!

Today is Monday and as my promise o God a long time ago i am fasty today. Today is not that hot but there’s no rain fall yet. My friend BCL texted me in the morning sayin :  I am off today, but i am not sick. I gotta go somewhere ..!!! kinda weird eh, well that’s what she always text to me after last month i told her about how i always feel if she is sick whenever she is taking a day off from office.

She is still having some peoblem on her kidney, but not as worst as before where she had to go to hospital for more than 2 weeks. She is better now even she can’t get too tired. Human body is like a machine ne, there’s always be a out of date for everyone. Since her sickness, there’s a kidney euphoria at office now.

an euphoria where everyone is tryin to keep our kidneys healthy and drink water a lot and everyday, they said no colors in your glass in better, while i never drink something with no color in my glass. That euphoria also reach my mom, but in a good way ne.

Since she doesn’t want there’s something bad happen to my kidney, she think it would be better for me if i get my own coffee from home, inside this Acid Black Cherry 2012 coffee can

at least i finally i can use it instead of put it on my racks next to my CDs and DVDs like a trophy of whatsoever award that i might won. Ah ya, talking about award, i tell you ne me, i mean this noi_himura finally is nominated for 2 categories,

What category? i am not gonna tell you ne, because this nomination comes from a secret community that i joined about 3 years ago. And for their 3 anniversary they nominated me. I dunno yet whether if i win or not, but let just say that above is my trophy of whatsoever award that i might won for me from them if i win

yasu       :      you won, really?
noi          :      maybe, because i won last year ..
yasu       :      for what, for how drama queen you are?
noi          :      of course not …

Tomorrow is HY_day ne. So i better think about something for My King HYDE ne, i dunno what to do maybe i am gonna join to make some hashtag related to HYDE‘s birthday tomorrow on twitter and put HYDE as trending topic on twitter.

I better go now because while i am tryin to keep my promise to my God to do this fasty every Monday and Thursday to help me to be more calm and happy, my friends keep put this jumbo glass of iced tea on my desk and make me doing endless moaning duo with my desk (read : headdesk)

Oh God, i know this is only another way of you testing me ne, i am dizzy now but don’t worry i can deal with that. It is only 3 hours left until dawn where i am gonna be able to drink the same jumbo glass of iced tea, or maybe double ne? yes, i make it double for sure  …

time is running so fast ne, i remember it is not a long time ago when i put my Erect Calendar on my desk while having /enjoying my own time of feel if yasu is watching me working, and look at his look, i think he is sayin

Hey, i am not a stalker and i am watching you ….!!!

then somehow it makes me think ah ya he is watching me, and then i started to do my job again instead of put my head on my desk, sleep and put another delay on my works, This is why i think yasu is brilliant for so many reasons …

Yesterday is yasu_day, today is Mounday,  tomorrow is HY_day and ….

yasu       :       and you are still left away again …
noi          :       ooh no, sorry my darling you are wrong this time, because the answer is i am still busy again …
yasu       :       what …
noi          :       yes busy, because you and HYDE_san always make me busy and i love how you both make me busy …. *yay*


yasu Day Post : 誕生日おめでとう、yasuさん…. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Apple)

well, i suppose it is already January 27th in Japan.

header wp

since i really love The BIG Apple (read : New York), there you are i made this video below , yasu all over The BIG Apple …. It would be nice ne to see him all over NY like that, even for this time it is only on a fanvideo like this  …. ahahaha


i wish all the best things happen to you this year and years after. You are brilliant, and here i am still here waiting for another brilliant songs and performances from you.

Go ya_さん, go write another songs and blow my mind worldwide because me and my mind are always READY …!!!


let’s just say that video above as my way of hoping his plans about having a live performances outside Japan (Asia, America and Europe) are coming true. If it’s not this year, then it would be year after and after …

so i spent this day at office doing that, you know making that video. After a little bit lost on Google for searching the right program (should i say software or an application for something like this?) i was gracefully dumped there on some site where i finally manage to do that. Blimey, Google was lke a wide and wild rain forest for me today ne ….. *fuuuuiiihhh …

As you all know i am not that good with computer stuffs, so me able to do something like this is already make say Whoaaaa ….. continued with ahahahahaha (read : laughed a lot with my desk) all this day while edit the video and figured out what song to put it there.

While i was busy by getting lost with Google my dear friend Karen kindly informed me things related to Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69- SixNine Liv ne, and of course with so many lovely images of both Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ.

~   from Only Star Magazine


just enjoy and ignore the blank spot btw … wwww
~    from EMTG MUSIC 



Have i told you how devoted she is as BREAKERZ fangirl ? indeed she is, and i am nothing to compare to her. That’s why i said Notes and Words are all i have to give, What do i have anyway? don’t much but

how i spent many evenings stay in front of my laptop watching lots of video of yasu without understand anything he said there

BBiwPATCAAIlLY0.jpg large

yasu     :   you don’t understand, really?
noi        :   yeah sometimes. I get use to it, so it is OK for me,
yasu     :   OK? it is not OK ne, you said  …
noi        :   my Japanese class? yes, i am still on the way …
yasu     :   what the ..

after that, i get home and spent my another time after work with my telly. Have i told you if now i am on this end_less movie marathon with my telly. At least until the day when my cable operator will end this month promo. Let’s see who is the winner of this end_less movie marathon ne, me or my telly and DVDs,

Never mind about that, because it is already yasu_day, so you all better :

~  Have Fun, lots of funs,
~  Say/Wrote/Post/Tweet Happy Birthday to yasu on your Social Networks,
~  Listen to Acid Black Cherry Songs, Say A lot of 愛してる愛してるよ yasu …..!!!

and last but not least ….

Free Black Apple for everyone here in Bahama 221 …. yay,!!

PS   :    if you can find that address btw ……. ahahahaha ….


yasu      :     that’s a fake address, nobody can find it …
noi         :     there you are the birthday boy
愛してる愛してるよ  …!!!
yasu      :     stop it ….!!!
noi         :     eventually ya_san, i am still drawn at you ….
yasu      :     how deep …?
noi         :     very deep and i can’t swim …




Ame Post : Welcome Rain To My Life …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE again)

Great, LJ eat my saved post again, eh

there’s one thing that i am still confusing about LJ is how to find your draft post when you can’t find it on the update page. Usually when you wrote something and you haven’t published it and the next day you continue your post, you will see the Restore Draft option on the corner, but today i can’t find it, so i have to write again?

really LJ, are you so hungry nowadays? ….. ajajajaja … *kicked out from LJ*


OK, well since it is an Ame post, so let’s talk about rain ne, but hey this is not the famous RAIN from Korea who recently is dating the same fellow artist Kim Tae Hee, ah i always think he will be waiting for Song Hye Gyoo ne, maybe this is because i watch Full House too much ne (until there’s so many strech on the DVD) and bedazzled by their funny chemistry there.


nah what i am talking about is rain the literally rain ne. see that’s an image taken from Bundaran HI in Jakarta from above . Yes, Jakarta is drowning, rain falls everyday and it ended like that. I know there’s always flood annually in Jakarta during this season, even it is the main issue of the capital city of Indonesia, but i think this year is worst.

i saw some #PrayForJakarta hashtag on twitter, and even i got a message from miss_rain via Facebook, ask : Noi, is everything OK? i answered her : yes, there’s flood in Jakarta, but everything is OK here at my hometown even rain is also falls everyday.

and then i realize this is really BIG eh, not the regular flood that Jakarta always get from their next door city Bogor. and then somehow i read about HYDE talking about environment. yes, HYDE is talking about it. Is this a coincidence? if it is, so it’s a really nice coincidence ne.


He said

“It scares me that people don’t have a sense of danger about our situation. I just feel like why are people (and even countries) feeling so complacent? This is like the situation where you don’t go to the hospital unless you’re really sick. Until the symptoms actually appear . . like you don’t know you have a cavity until your teeth start hurting . . but you can fix a cavity, and environmental devastation can’t be rolled back once it happens.”

source and credit : L’Arc-en-Ciel‘s status on Facebook

see what i mean or the connection to what i am talking about?, nah if you haven’t see it, or the connection is still blurry on you then read again and try to find the connection just like you all able to find the connection between these

Acid Black Cherry – A.B.C. Murders – Murder License – yasu – Noi Himura …. @_@

yasu          :       there’s no connection ne …
noi             :       really, try again …
yasu          :       don’t you see i am busy now
noi             :       but i can see it ne ya_san
yasu          :       ah you …
noi             :       and know i remember very well who did the
A.B.C. Murders, it wasn’t you
yasu          :       of course not, i told you ne i only wrote
Murder Licence

i never think HYDE will say something about that, well of course he is thinking about that, but say it on some interview like that and how i read it this time when flood is in the capital city of my country, wow that’s sugoi ne. He is kinda like tellin me to do everything before too late like

~  do a medical check-up before i get sick,
~  go to dentist before i get a cavity on my teeth … <—– this is very hard, eh
~  and put the garbage in the place and keep your surround clean and avoid an environmental devastation.

so it’s kinda like i finally see the green side of HYDE from him as one of the man who can make stadiums rocks without him has to change himself into HULK and tear off all his cloths like what Dr. Bruce Banner always do, and

That’s brilliant ….!!!

HYDE     :    me, HULK what the, see this isn’t HULK ne yasu_kun
yasu      :    no, you are not HYDE_san …
HYDE    :    so why did she …
yasu      :    never mind, she watch too much movies
noi         :    but HYDE_san you can be HULK on This year’s HALOOWEEN PARTY ne …
HYDE    :    ah, and you will be ….
noi         :    i’ll tell you later guys

so i made a promise with my friend to watch this year’s HALLOWEEN PARTY ne, but now she is moving to another place which is very very far from her place, it make me wonder really, can we do that? Now my Ameba’s home (or whatever you name it) like empty with no post from my friend. But i hope we still can do it ne, because October is still a very long long way to go …..

talking about HYDE, of course i am gonna talk about L’arc_en_Ciel ne,  and look what arrived yesterday ….

Whoaaaa ….

finally My L’arc MSG DVD arrived eh. They (read : Cd Japan, not yasu) sent it on December 25th. Yes at Christmas and it arrived here at January 17th OMG i waited for a long time ne,  ehe he he he he …

together with that ARENA37℃ 2013年2月 , as what @arena37cofficial replied to my yasu … tweet


there’s 3 pages of December 13th Erect Live report at Yoyogi. You all can see it all in here at my PB again and still with the same password.

so i spent my last night moving from NY to London watching that L’arc MSG DVD and listen carefully of what HYDE said n English, ah My dear King HYDE‘s English is improved now, he speaks better than before ne, well done HYDE_san, now i can’t wait for him to make his plan about full album in English to be true

not only that, i also notice at Driver’s High part there’s a couple who was there. I think they are husband and wife ne, and somehow at the middle of the song the man suddenly kiss his wife. Oh heavens,  what a sweet momentooo ….

I hope there will be a chance for me and my beloved (whoever he is going to be) to watch L’arc_en_Ciel live together ne

and continue my unfinished POIROT marathon that i started it on new years eve. Actually i don’t want to finish it, ne because i just wanna keep it like that watching it step by step and enjoy the France moment with Mr. Poirot and Capt. Hastings.

【Team Acid Black Cherry】 also updated their official blog at Ameba with their own 1/9 Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” live at Nippon Budokan post with some amazing photos of both  Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ a.k.a. Acid BREAKERZ Cherry


they said about the sliding stage so all of them can see all the audience 360 degrees and how yasu said if he wanted to make it like a TV program.

Today is January 19th ne, yesterday was the latest day where you can make an order for “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-” GOODS, so my question is you make your order, didn’t you?

BAk5mCBCAAAq59v.jpg large

They said they will start to send the items at the beginning of February. I can’t wait for mine to arrives ne. Well eventually with this“Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine-”GOODS to wait next February is not gonna be boring. I mean look at that yasu doing DAIGO’s WISH pose …. kyaaaa …. *drolling*

Not only that, the Official Website also updated with the upcoming magazine, i think this is for another live report. This time is for Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine live report.

01/25発売「Ori ☆ suta」(Live Report)

02/07発売「POTATO」(Live Report)※series in corner

02/10発売「ARENA37℃」(Live Report)

02/14発売「WHAT’S IN?」(Live Report)

02/15発売「SONGS」(LIfe Report)

i think what i am gonna get is that POTATO and ARENA37℃. now let’s talk about rain again ne.

January, hujan sehari – hari

That’s what people usually say at January. From Indonesian language means : January, rain falls everyday. Yes, rain falls everyday. It started about 4 days after new years with only rain at afternoon. And now it turned into a whole day, also in the morning.

it make me feel very hard to get my ass off from bed and get ready to work. In such a clod morning with rain fall as the OST i’d rather pull up my blanket all over my body and be lazy. But then my mom’s start yellin at me : Boo wake up, you have to work …. etc etc many more. Ah ya i have to work ne.

Have i told you about how rain in the morning if only for rich peoples? where they can stay at home and don’t have to work, do their work from home, or even if they still have to go out that morning, they have  a car to avoid the rain. While me i still have to walk to my bus station. Somehow on a rainy day it became far far away as far as my relationship with my far away cousin Kenshin Himura.

damn, i wish i don’t have to work ne


yasu      :   somebody is envy ne ….
noi         :   eh hemm ….
yasu      :   and still selfish ..
noi         :   maybe

and rain fall in the morning make me unable to do my move like HYDE. Let me tell you how to move like HYDE. . Remember how HYDE.’s walking? i think i got a move like HYDE. ne, see here’s what you have to do

1. Use a long coat like SHERLOCK and a pair of highheels (for girls)
2. Put your earphone, isolate your self from others around you play BLESS and put it on the max. volume
3. Start to walk following the song …

there you are you will have amove like HYDE., ah ya it must be in the morning ne

HYDE    :     move like me …?
noi        :     sure, like you
HYDE    :     yeah, right ..
noi        :     well even if nobody will notice it, at least you can feel it. You can try it ne HYDE_san …. ahahaha

HYDE    :     what the  ..

At this rainy January, i also realized if not only flight can get a delay but also a sickness, in this case is my sickness. As i remember i always get sick between Ocktober ~ December. But last October ~ December i was fine, perfectly healthy. I thought that must because how sexcited i was about seeing yasu live on stage and then ah i can skip my sickness part at 2012.

but i was wrong ne, i didn’t skip it because it only delayed to this January and rain make it worst. It just come again, my weird condition where i am perfectly OK at night and then barely can do anything at day. I always call this as my vampire sickness.

Have i told you if i am a vampire, the vegetarian one? so yes, i don’t drink blood but i drink a lot and addicted to coffee especially Vanilla Latte.


yasu     :    a vegetarian vampire?
noi        :    me me …. *raise my hands*
yasu     :    that’s impossible
noi        :    HYDE_san did bite me, nee HYDE_san, oboete iru ?
HYDE    :   hmmm oboetenai ….

Thank God, it is January ne, and there’s not much project/work that i have to do. and now i am in the part of my life where i don’t want to go anywhere. All i want to do is satyin at home and enjoy my own time with my DVD and books

Maybe i’ll start to get out again when the rain is over because i hate to get wet, i hate to walk all over the mud and make my heels stuck in the mud. i am not a mud blood ne, so why do i have to get mud all over my shoes?

i hate rain, i hate wet, i hate mud, i hate my telly’s off …. etc etc


yasu       :     you hate everything ne …
noi          :     but i don’t hate you, i never do because for me you are
someone that people (like me) will say amazing ….!!!! to in any languages
yasu       :     where did you get it from, a movie?
noi          :     no, of course not …