Friday Post : 『 Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Kanagawa … (another me, yasu and 1hyde …xD)


Look how messy is my Winamp Play List …

as messed up as what i feel now …


it was forever ago since i fix it. I should fix it again make some proper PlayList ne, maybe that’s because i am listening to song depends on my mood so i don’t have any particular PlayList arranged well both on my PC or mobile phone MP3 Player.

And since yesterday after watching some local telly show that my mom always watch every night, suddenly i listen to this song a lot. It’s some local Indonesian band that i never listen to, but suddenly after that show last night i can’t stop listening to it …

Well see how changable i am …?

enough about that, now let’s back to 『 Shangri-la 』 ne, i suppose i have to finish the 4th Season ne because The 5th Season is already ON … !!!

so there you are …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa  …

Two days after the interaction event  『Shangri-la』 Meeting, the Live was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa after two years ago’s TOUR 『2012』.

and as always, they started the blog post with Local Gourmet corner.

This time, Kanagawa‘s local gourmet that welcomed yasu in the venue was 「カツの卵とじ」/「Katsu no Tamagotoji」/「Flip egg cutlet 」; green salad, some fish cake and deep fried tofu.

and this …


Shiumai of Kiyoken ….

in this special gourmet, this 「シュウマイ」/「shūmai」/pork dumpling is referred as 「シウマイ」/「Siumai」. What a nice word changing ne, and with that notation, that must be very delicious (ウマイ), as a traditional taste that begun to sell since 1928.


Then the question selected on the Question Corner was …

Because it’s Valentine tomorrow, please tell your Valentine legend episode from the begining band acitivity …

and yasu said

he received his first chocolate on his 5th Grade on Elementary School.

well, he must be popular boy at school ne.

Talking about Valentine and chocolate ne,  maybe because in my country (especially my village) there’s no such things as Valentine to celebrate.

Even of course when i was on high school, there was some of my friends who got into that Valentine euphoria and did that sending chocolate for boys they have a crush on to, but somehow i always got skipped by that Valentine euphoria every year

so in my whole life i never give or receive any chocolate …

yasu      :     poor noi_chan …
noi         :     i suppose Love and Valentine are not my division since a long time ago ne …
yasu      :     don’t say now you want a chocolate …
noi         :     yes, i want one most delicious Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar
yasu      :    you’re late, Valentine is over …

ha ha ha yeah, this is a very late post ne aaand …

ah ya, on last Valentine i read about this something that i call as The Modern SPELL MAGIC. How girls in cook chocolate that they will give to someone that they in love to and insanely they put their hair or menstruation blood to the chocolate, and the worst part is …

it became a trend … ?  @_@  #JustWhuutTheHell …

OMG so that kind of thing also happened to a modern world ne, and on a Valentine Day euphoria? I thought that’s only happen here in my village.

But the different is in here they don’t put it on the chocolate they made but in to a coffee.

It’s a common things that a woman (the wicked/bitch/u_appropiate woman) do, mostly they are some mistress or a whore who is in love to a married man, and she already did everything to make that man leave his family to be with her but nothing’s worked.

Then she choose the last option to use what God gave her every month as powerfull SPELL MAGIC.

As what i heard, it’s always worked because one of my best friend told me how her father leave her mother and her for another woman after that woman that she often called as Sundal (bicth) did that to her father.

so i know that’s a very powerful SPELL MAGIC to get a man, but of course i am not gonna do that to Mr. Friday ne. I mean how am i gonna do that and also it’s an action followed with very BIG SIN and sure i don’t wont another Kick to Hell because of that.

OK, back to the topic, now is  The Set List ..

『Shangri-la』 Live 13.02.2014 : Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Kanagawa SetList

01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kmisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. CRISIS (request)
15. Pistol (request)
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and the kewpies

OMG this one is my fave



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a Marine chan …. !!!

that’s so adorable eh, i think that’s the most adorable kewpie from all and i luv it. I hope i am gonna get that ne. Because i asked to somebody who went to the previous 『Shangri-la』 Live  in NHK Hall.

then next is this …

~ Whatsoever Update …

this time is for Toyama, …


and  Live Digest & Offshoot nagano ~ Toyama


i can’t believe i have to do that twice since i did that last week but i couldn’t find the files in my PC. I dunno why, maybe it was erased accidentally ne because i left my files in one PC the to other PC like a whore  …

Just enjoiiii it anyway …

and finally this …

~    Secret Live and Free Live Interview from Erect Pamphlet


just click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note

and then,

look finally they revealed the B2 Regular Poster bonus for the upcoming New Single 君がいない、あの日から・・・

eh God, what am i suppose to say about this ne. Now i have nothing left to say about that yasu looks like that. I suppose now i need another new phrase of Kawaii for him because when he looks like that,

That’s beyond Kawaiii ….. @_@

talking about poster ne, …

Today, the 6th day of March ne and it’s still a long way from the election day on April 9th 2014 but the euphoria is already ON … !!! since the beginning of February, aaand ….

Friday, Friday, Mr. Friday is everywhere ….!!!

Campaigns are everyday, and posters from different candidates are posted everywhere, including Mr. Friday. And 3 days ago my mother gave me a poster sticker of Mr. Friday. She said it was given by his mother so we can put it on our wall.

OMG can you all imagine ne …

Now i have a sticker poster of Mr. Friday …. #Whaaaa


yasu        :      really noi_chan, a new single from Friday …?
noi           :      no, this is a campaign poster because Mr. Friday, he runs for election this year …
yasu        :      for what, a president …?
noi           :      yes, as the President of My Heart …
yasu        :      go away …

Her Majesty is the only one in our home who is so excited about this upcoming election, she told me if there’s a money offer from some candidate if we want to choose him.

Normally they will give 30,000 ~  50,000 IDR for each vote depend on how rich/how much money the candidates have. In our home, Her Majesty could only sell 2 votes (mine and her) since my sister is a government officer.

Then let just say they will buy for 50,000 IDR she will get …

2 vote x 3 times voting (regional, province and national) x 50,000 = 300,000

OMG no wonder she talks a lot about election recently,

Don’t be surprised everyone, this kind of selling vote is normal in my country. I don’t say to all the candidates but i see most of them are doing the same thing, but i haven’t heard anything about money offering from Mr. Friday. Ah, maybe not yet ….

enough about Mr. Friday, now let’s continue to this

King HYDE‘s first tweet on twitter …

from this

i wonder why poeple there sayin how being on twitter and post something there will turned HYDE into BAKA HYDE? and how twitter will only give bad effect on him. I wish they would see it in other point of view.

After all that’s VAMPS account ne not HYDE‘s personal account.

What if these recent time HYDE want to bemore close to his fans, and make them possible to say maybe a simple HelloHYDE, I Love You HYDE or Good Night HYDE without them have to log in to HYDE’s Room?

As you all know to be able to log in to HYDE’s Room then you can type something to HYDE we have join FanClubs (VampsAddict or Le-Ciel) and that’s not free …

But the most interesting part of that blog post is about this …


1hyde = 156

that’s not for how tall is HYDE (since i heard about him sayin he is 160 or something on The HYDE Book) but that’s a new standart of counting/measurement since 156 is probihited to say, then they (who ever they are) changed it into 1hyde .

So if 1hyde = 156, then i should be ….

1hyde minus 1 or 0,993 hyde …?

yasu    :   minus 1 …?
noi       :   ah just 0,007 hyde less ne, nobody is gonna put that on HISTORY ..
yasu    :   you don’t even erach 1hyde …?
noi       :   OK yes, i am short ..
yasu    :   eeh, i didn’t say that …

and then the best part (or the worst part … xD) of this blog is …

~   My Rambling …

so this March started with ….

#  Me, being broken_heart_ed because there’s no Oscar for Leo again this year …


Yes, i am sad and broken heart_ed and dramatic about this , so what ….?

my heart was broken than night just by looking at this Leo came after and hug Matthew Mac.

I dunno why, maybe because every year, i always wait and hope there will be at least one Oscar for Leo. just like how i use to waited for an Oscar for Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and when she got it in 2010, i was never so happy watching Oscar.

Leo. ne, you  all know he nominated often but always came back home with nothing.

Yeah, that was sad ne but i still hope maybe next year the time when Leo will hold Oscar on his hand will finally come. Because he is a brilliant actor ne, and he deserve that.

#  Me, couldn’t control my anger to other,

so started this March, there was a merger in this company so now i have to handle 2 factories. And the first week was like hell, everyone did nothing but complain to me, They want me to approve everything fast, while on the other hand my boss want details for everything.

It’s very far than my imagination when i said OK to do this .

yes, of course 1 is will be forever different from 2, but the problem in here is the people. Some new people to handle and talk to that i don’t know much about most of them.

They also know nothing about me. so there’s some miss understanding happen between us when i want it with my way they want it with they way …

and me, as always i was mad and said some bad things to them without bother to ask before. Eeeh, what is wrong with me? i know all this changing are stressed me but it was never be a reason to justified my badmouthing for them …

what a very bad Noi i was …


noi         :    nee ya_san, let me ask you again ….
yasu     :     what …?
noi         :     do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    stop ask the same question, the answer is still the same …
noi         :     ahh …

not only end with that, my boss suddenly turned into a very evil one, he check and check everything in details. My phone nonstrop rang yesterday because of him calling and tell about so many wrongs in my reports.

I had to make it all over again.

He said he trust me to handle 2 factories now, so i have to give him my best and tryin to get along with his way of thinking. Somehow i feel like there’s someone put something very huge on my shoulders.

I feel like  i am the foolish person in this universe. I really wanna cry, but i can’t because the clock is ticking and i’d be ran out of time if if cried …

and tomorrow is Friday, ah Mr. Friday come all over me again then suddenly i feel …

人生、大変ですね ….


yasu      :     hmm since he never see you …
noi         :     what …?
yasu      :     that’s not gonna go anywhere ne …
noi         :     ah, そうだね …


Rainy Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo … (Another me, yasu and Feliz Cumpleaños King HYDE xD)


Again and again, ….

this is just another 1 or 2 days late birthday post for King HYDE, but still …

Happy Birthday To You King HYDE ..

I wish you all the best, may all your dreams and wish for become true. I promise i will be more loyal (than how loyal i am now) to you,
anndd …

With this vow, forever has just begun …. ~♪♪♪



HYDE    :    you are late again this year, fangirl  …
noi         :    so last year i was also late? OMG OMG … *covering her face*
HYDE    :    you said loyal?
noi         :    お待たせしました HYDE さん, and if you need anything, anything at all  you can have me …
HYDE    :    @_@ … *went away*

ha ha OK, I should have posted it yesterday on January 29th,

but i did nothing but sleeping after work that day. Ah what a messy sleeping schedule i have now. It started after last Sunday, it was my day off which i spent all day long with nothing but sleeping.

A whole day sleeping from 02:00 PM at night until about 11:30 PM the next day and sleep again from 15:00 PM until almost midnight then wake up again, had my usual midnight dinner and stayed awake until almost 03:00 AM, woke up the next morning at 05:00 AM, like a zombie walked to bus station to work …

and it continued until today, i gotta do something to deal this not good sleeping pattern. I’ll do that later ne, meanwhile look at this …


L’arc all over Shibuya …

and then what DAIGO gave to all of us makes me sexcited more than ever , on yasu‘s birthday he posted these broomance set of his picture with yasu


especially the last one, this ….


awww, if he wrote a song called so … Good Night, then that image above is just so … Broomance … !!!!

not enough with that, on HYDE‘s birthday DAIGO posted another very2 cutie Fanboys with Their Kami_sama again …

with this lovely message from DAIGO

今日は HYDE さんのバースデー(≧∇≦)♥️♥️
ゴッドフェス!!\(//∇//)\ 一生、忠誠を誓います!
笑 ということで、大好きな3人ショット! リツイート祭りや!

Today is HYDE‘s Birthday (≧∇≦)♥️♥️
Congratulation ! God Festival !! \(//∇//)\
I swear i will always be loyal to HYDE !!
So let see the lovely 3 people shoot
Welcome to retweet ~~

source and credit : Daigo’s twipple and  here for the translation

Now it seems like from 3 of them, DAIGO is the PR now to share this and that on a special occasion … xD. But also he is a very lovely PR because he also reminded to all of us (especially me, the easily to be un_loyal fangirl) to be loyal to HYDE, nah that’s brilliant ne …

and the last one is also my fave ….

totally adorable ….

Before we all Melting Alive with all those 3 cute guys up there, let’s back to 『Shangri-la』  again, this time is for this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Hyogo

This 『Shangri-la』 Meeting, i think it’s kinda special because it was held on Christmas so i think (again , i am thinking a lot this time ne …xD) if yasu was there as a Santa or at least wearing a Santa thing like this …


it would became a Christmas Meeting with yasu and maybe they will allow some very lucky audience to sit next to that Santa yasu then ask anything? then maybe ….

OMG OMG forgive me dear, but i just ….. *laughed all by herself*

yasu       :      don’t tell me you want to sit on my lap like on the movie ….
noi          :      i didn’t say that …
yasu       :      nah, you don’t have to …
noi          :      don’t worry i’ll start my diet this year so i wont be heavy for you  …
yasu      :       but the problem is you are 50 years late  to ask that …

Well then enough about that, back to the topic 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~  Hyogo ne …

so this Meeting  started with Public Recording with FM Kobe was held on Christmas in an open space venue (Himeji Underground Shopping Center, Grand Fiesta) directly linked from Himeji Station.

Lots of people gathered there.

yasu who arrived at the venue, standby to go to the stage immediately and it was pretty close to everyone there who was waited in a cold weather.

Worriedly waiting to the show to begin he said about how cold is the weather, amazing are everyone who would wait and wondered if everyone are OK.

The venue staff, one of them also said if there’s no one who have done an event there in Grand Fiesta yet and Acid Black Cherry is the first one to yasu who was kind of bit nervous.

they have story about Christmas and the previous day’s  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Hyogo how it was a Live on a Christmas’s eve and they put a Christmas Song in the hurry and the MC …?

so the Question Selected on The MC was ..

Christmas Present, what is the delightful thing to have/get …

and you all know what his answer was …..xD,  then he got another question

In reverse supposing it (the gift) is for a girl, what do you do …

and he said …. #eehh …

yasu      :    so what did i say ….
noi         :    that you don’t give a present for girl recently and ha ha ha …
yasu      :    and  …
noi         :    ah, i better stop reading that blog every day  …. *wipe her forehead*

after The Public Recording over, continued with a collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limited F」 where yasu learned a about Hyogo‘s dialect and special gourmet.

i said this 「Shangri – La 」 Meeting ~ Hyogo is special ne, not only because it was held on Christmas but for me, a fangirl who wasn’t … (ehh, should i say will never be …?) able to be there is special …

because this only in this 「Shangri – La」 Meeting when i  posted on that team_yasu group on Facebook i got a Yes answer when i asked this a must question to everyone who said they went to 「Shangri – La」 Meeting.

So Let me remind you all what the question is …..

did you touch yasu ….?

and one of them (ah ya his name is Daichi and FYI everyone, he is cute …. ha ha ha) answered it with …

Yes … !!!


OMG OMG he’s a very lucky boy ne, to get that High Five with yasu …. !!!

next is this what they (whoever they are) called as …

~ 「Shangri – La」 Collection

refers to yasu‘s outfit during this 「Shangri – La」 Live Season 1 and 2. Personally, me like the 1st Season outfit. I mean look at that fur thing all over yasu‘s neck, so it was something like a vest or hoody ? …

Season 1


Season 2



they also put that little skull there, that’s a very nice touch but too bad i didn’t noticed that on 2nd Season 「Shangri – La」PHOTOBOOK no matter how many times i watch it over and over, blame my blurry eyes then,

the HairDo …


next is the ….

~    The Whatever Update from me (You Know What I Mean)

this time is for Live Digest and Off Shoot Aichi ~ Gifu


no password requirements this time, so enjoii …. !!!!

Today is January 31st, it’s The Lunar New Year so …

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you who celebrate it
and as the year of the horse begins i wish you all good luck and good fortune ~ Gong Xi Fa Cai ….  ♥

then last but not least is ….

~  Thank God January is over.

As i said before, January is a quite busy time for a tangled fangirl like me with this forever on fire Bahama Love Triangle. But January this year isn’t that good for me. Not that good means by how

rain just fallin everyday and there’s flood everywhere and it kinda make me isolated here in my hometown.

I can’t go anywhere since the floods disconnected some city and highway that connected. Still i am so lucky because here in my hometown we are fine, no flood here even mud are everywhere.

I heard and read what happened to cities next here, they all drown at least 1 meter high.

And on my friend’s aunt home it got worse when there’s a local resident who said if he lost 2 of his crocodiles during this flood. OMG can you imagine that, there was 2 crocodiles out there in the middle of flood.

So it started when that man came to the police station sayin how he lost his 2 pets and he worried about them. When the police asked him …

what’s your pet? is it cat, dog or …?

he couldn’t answered it. Finally after several another questions further he said what he mean with pet was his 2 crocodiles ..

He must be crazy ne, from all animals in this world he choose to have crocodile as his pet and just put them on a pond in his backyard. None of his neighbors know about that.

Suppose he is very rich ne, with a BIG house with high fence surrounded so nobody knows what happen or what they have inside it,

like my rich next door ne.

They all (including my Her Majesty who keep sayin us and them as The Rich and The Poor) said if they have a swimming pool in their backyard but i never see it because i never go there. But i remember they did say to me if i can go there to learn how to swim.

Damn, how did they know i can’t swim …?


yasu      :    what, don’t look at me like that …
noi         :     OMG, don’t tell me you …
yasu      :    i didn’t say anything …
noi         :    OK, OK i know …

Back to the crocodile and flood story,

so that man was arrested not only because it was against the law to have 2 wild animals as pet with no special license but the police also think it would be more save for him to stay in the police station than around all his angry and scared neighbors that of course wanted to eat him alive.

Of course they were angry ne,

i imagined myself on their position busy to clean all the flood mess suddenly there is a crocodile hiding inside my home, well that’s disaster ne.

No matter how he said if all his crocodiles are not the bad one (is there any good one …? ) but stil they are wild animals ne, there’s a reason why we all put crocodile inside the wild animals category …

Eh God, a crocodile really? why didn’t he pick cows or buffalos ne …

somenone asked that to him and he said  …

because having crocodile is more easy than cows or buffalos. All you gotta do is just go to the market, but some chickens, that’s all, you don’t have to get some grass or other inconvenient things you gotta do for other animals.

Did he mean about the water system? because sure you don’t have to put an add libitum water system if you decided to have crocodile instead of cows or buffaloes. See i think he is a bit crazy ne.

Then 2 days ago i heard the police already catch one of them and shoot the other one. At least now all of them can sleep quite well with no scared feeling about 2 crocodiles out there around them again

With that Crocodile Drama is over, hope this rainy season with flood additional will stop when January is over. I am bored now, i have this lots of movies to watch in cinema and ….

God, i need a new shoes ….. !!!!

yasu     :    and if rain still fallin on February
noi        :    then i am gonna sleep ..
yasu     :    again …?
noi        :    yes, When The Rain is Over, do wake me please …

~ owari ~

WTH Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Mr. Friday, really … ? )

Wakayama, Wakayama, ….

I dunno exactly where it is with no Google Map and i never go there, but i put  that Wakayama prefecture very well in my mind because it is special ne. So what makes Wakayama special?

because this King HYDE was born there …. !!!



noi        :    HYDEさん, stop being cute like that …
HYDE   :    can’t hear you ….
noi        :    awww ….

and also there was another fan proposal on stage then how HYDE sent a flower for yasu on 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Wakayama  make me so fuckin happy ne.

I mean i love how HYDE‘s giving attention for his fanboys, not only yasu but for others too like Mao, DAIGO, Aki … etc etc.

Aaaand this some boy named Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS just arisen …




everyone talks about that boy. I’ve seen that boy on some dorama ne …

My twitter TimeLine full of how this boy be friend_ed with HYDE (or in this case i’d rather say he is been taken by HYDE?) and he said ..

Recently I ate together with L’arc~en~Ciel‘s hyde. We have a rule of taking turns in deciding restaurant, and this time hyde took me to a restaurant with food boiled in water. So, next time I will decide.

To me, hyde is like a big brother. Last year we went snowboarding together

source  : here

so while you were busy doing your  『Shangri-la』 Tour, look he found another new fanboy eh …


yasu       :      now what, is that a …
noi          :      no, you’re not Loki and i am not Thor …  of course it’s not a mockery ..
yasu       :      then what …
noi          :      nothing, just sayin …

OK, enough about that, now i better back to  『Shangri-la』 ne, this time is …

~     『Shangri-la』Live  ~    Wakayama

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama , it was the Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live  in Wakayama.

Held in Wakayama Shimin Kaikan Hall, [TEAM Acid Black Cherry] wrote it as an ultra-over-super crazy live …. xD

On every Live there’s always some local gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue.  This time in Wakayama, one of them were waiting was this …



「梅干し」/「Umeboshi」/「pickled – plum」

Umeboshi also is yasu‘s most favourite food, then continued with reading all messaged sent from fans and had some times playin instrument …



This time is YUKI‘s guitar, he is been practiced much last year. Apparently yasu‘s often play other support member’s instrument. A musician, after all figure toward instruments seriously.

on the opening MC,

he was sayin about how this is the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to have Live in Wakayama and also as personal this is also his (read : yasu) 1st time came to Wakayama. It’s not a 1st Live in a Live House, but suddenly it’s a Hall Live.

Live in the land of God ( HYDE さん) was born.


Live in Wakayama today, i will do my best … !!

sent that message to HYDE and moreover he got a flower from HYDE




he said, that was frustating for him,

since it was placed at the entrance of the venue so everyone who watch that 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama that day seen that flower before him …

poor darling, ha ha ha …..




yasu      :     nah, that another one …
noi         :     another what …
yasu      :     so you happy now ….?
noi         :     ha ha ha …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Is there any memories in a department store .. ?

and yasu answered it by tellin a story about his teeny-weeny memories ..

about him and his brother went to a department store with their mother and passed along in front of a toy shop, after that they will slipped from their mother who was still on shopping back to the toy shop and lookin at the toy sayin this is what i want

But at the end he was cryin because he didn’t get to buy it.

ah, so there’s that kind of memories on yasu ne.

I thought i was the only one who have that creepy childhood memories of toy shop. Because we were poor and livin in a small village so on my childhood we didn’t go to a department store often. just 1, 2 or 3 times in a year.

next is The SetList

Shangri-la』 Live 20.12.2013 Wakayama SetList
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pistol
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. Black Cherry (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri-laOMG


i love when they put Nemuri Hime on The SetList, somehow it always make me feel …

ahh, they still put Nemuri Hime on The SetList so there’s still a chance for me to see yasu performing Nemuri Hime Live on Stage.

then, the Kewpie is …




credit  : @Yasuの女


yasuさんの大・大・大好物の「梅干し」/ yasu’s most fave 「plum」!

looks like a Red Ninja eh …. xD

so what next ….? ah ya, the PHOTOBOOK update ne.

Anyway, before i continue with the 2nd season PHOTOBOOK i think it would be better if i finished the 1st Season because i did share it partly each live in every prefecture.

yeah, there’s some parts that i skipped like the opening and cover, After Live on stage, w/ members before Live and in front of the most wanted to see and take a picture with  『Shangri-la』 Truck, now there you are …




and as a bonus, there you are with HYDE images, …


well that one is my fave ne,

because i remember how all of us (especially me) in team_yasu’s Group on Facebook talked about how we all wanted to touch that yasu‘s fake boops ne. Now i am so glad because HYDE is already did that (let’s just say for us …. xD) ne, i mean look that image above,

it was like HYDE‘s testing it, was it good enough or what ….. xD

and then say hello to this …



Wacky Sisterhood ….!!!

HYDE amazed me as La Calavera Catrina a famous image of Death in Mexico, that’s why all Mexican fans was very happy when they see HYDE as Catrina.

They said HYDE is The Best Catrina ever.

For me, i mean i am not Mexican so the only Catrina i ever see is on a cartoon or animation on telly. Then suddenly on last year’s Halloween Party, HYDE came up as Catrina …?

i’d also say HYDE is The Best Catrina i even seen ….

PS    :    don’t ask me where all of them came from, but i am sure you all already know …

now, let’s begin this my S’Pore trip memories ne. I think i better start to write it here before i forget much than before. The fact is, i started to forget a lot again recently.

What’s wrong with me …?



yasu         :     you are just getting old ne granny …
noi            :      what old? 52 is not that old ne ya_chan ..
yasu         :     then what, you need a new brain? …
noi            :     at least, that’s sounds better …

talking about old and age,

i remember there was some funny moment when i was on Universal Studio. That time me and my companion Ayu, we were still in line to wait for our turn to get that Dinosaurs Ride in the Jurassic Park.





There was a group of teacher from Tamil, India and one of them talked to us. Her name is Gita Laksmi, she is a Tamil language teacher in Tamil.

Tamil, litterally The Land of Tamils or Tamil Country is one of 28 states of India. It lies in the southernmost part of Indian Peninsula. It official language is Tamil, which holds a status of being a classical language.

We talked about lots of things, she explained to us where is Tamil, in which part of India Tamil is, their school, students, teacher fellows and Tamil language it self, … etc etc and then …

she asked    :    how old you are, Noi …?
me                :    i am 52 …
she               :    reallky? i thought you were only 19 or at least 22 years old ..
me                :    OMG OMG …. *couldn’t stop laughing*

then i was like  ….

OMG this cream that i put on my face is so good or it’s time for her to change/upgrade her eyeglasses?

i mean 19, 20 … 22 really ….?



yasu           :      uso, there’s no way she is gonna say that …
noi              :      but she did ya_san, trust me …
yasu           :      then something is wrong with the eyeglasses …
noi              :      yeah, whatever but It was a very nice talks btw,

i mean she is a teacher ne,

so you all imagine yourself how was it to talk to a teacher, even she is not my teacher still i feel the same feeling that i always have when i am talking to my teacher. so yeah, i keep my language and choose words that i am gonna say carefully …

eeeh, i should back to the beginning ne, OK, let’s move back and there you are …


~     My S’Pore Trip Report ~  Part 1


It started on January 10th, i just accidentally joined it on some travelling blog i found on internet.

my mom was still in Mecca.

I don’t understand very well what happened, but she is the one who supposed to be at home on January 2nd but she said she will stay there longer  and will be back on January 11th. So i just sent her a text message

Ma, I am going to Singapore tomorrow with my friends. Bye …

Somehow it seemed so wrong at the beginning and now it feels so right, because she didn’t say anything to make me cancel my trip with 1,000,000 reason in her mind?

that’s AWESOME …!!!

I ran away from office at 13:00 PM and start my journey with a bus to Semarang at 15:00 PM to catch my night flight to Jakarta at 20:40 PM.

Arrived at Semarang bus terminal at 17:30 PM and went to airport with a taxi.

There was a very bad traffic jam that day. So it change the regular 15 minutes ride with taxi from bus terminal to airport became 1 hour and 10 minutes ride. What a very long and expensive ne, because i paid almost 100,000 IDR (10 USD) for my taxi.

At the airport,

looked for money changer to change money first. That day I got 9,850 IDR for 1 SGD, so for 300 SGD i paid about 3,005,000 IDR to the seller.

That’s was such a pain in my wallet ass ne …

Checked – in, got my boarding pass and again and again i have to wait another 1 and a half hour for my flight to Jakarta, because they (the woman who announced it) said that they had to delay my flight for some bad weather reason.

On the waiting room,

i waited in some cafe and ordered some snacks because i was hungry that time, ah ya i always hungry ne and especially when i had to wait like that time situation i feel more hungry than how i use to feel hungry.

Ordered some snacks,




and then suddenly there was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old with a hair like Dora The Explorer suddenly hug me and nonstop callin me auntie, auntie.

I was like  …

eeh, what the hell is happen, who are you and where is your mother …?

she didn’t listen to my question and still hugging me while open her mouth and said

look auntie, i eat chicken nugget …. !!!

ewww that’s not good ne, i really want to say to her …

hello child, don’t you see i am eating now? stop doing that ….

but suddenly she ran away to her babysitter and then 1 minute later came back to me, hug me and open her mouth again while sayin

look auntie, i eat sausage …. !!!

she did that about 4 times, so can you imagine that i have to watch her open her mouth and see all she had for dinner that day from chicken, tofu, sausage and spinach …  #ewww .

Then i looked around to find where the hell is her mother, i see a woman who call Nay, Nay, come here but still nonstop do whatever she did with her Blackberry while in the other direction i see her babysitter was busy with her dinner pack

What just happened here?

i mean why did they just let a little child running away there and there like that in a public place like an airport waiting room? don’t they scare if they might lost their child , and also …

that child just annoyed me ne.

What am i supposed to say to a 3 or 4 years old little girl who suddenly gave me a hug and show me all her dinner inside her mouth, all i can say was nothing but …

Good child, Good  …

and smiling like she was something that will stick on me and i will never able to make her go away from me. See i am not good with children, the fact is i dunno what do i have to do with children.

I love baby, yes baby is adorable but children …..?

Finally they called me to boarding because my plane is ready to take me to Jakarta. I’d say saved by the announcement eh, i said bye bye to her but she kept askin me

auntie, where do you want to go? stay with me … etc etc

she said another more that i can’t understand. I feel sorry for her, because she looked like she wanted to cry, so i came near her and said to her …

Good bye child, do come to me when you are over 10 years old OK ….. !!!

then i can’t believe how she smiled after i said that and say

bye auntieeee …..

in a very loud voice. Ah, there must be some vitamins or special formulas on her dinner or milk ne because she is a very energetic little girl that i ever meet …

One hour flight, then i arrived in Jakarta International Airport ~  Soekarno Hatta, and as always i had to spent one night here in this terminal building because my flight to S’Pore was scheduled in the next 07:00 AM in the morning.

The team leader for this trip, Boma he was kind worried about me being alone and have to spent a whole night inside the terminal building. He offered to wait together.

But when i told him  i am OK like this, because spent a whole night in the terminal before leaving abroad is a must for me, he leaved me and go to Terminal 3 where his flight is gonna be

Apparently i am the only one person from all 8 peoples in this tour who had to be in the different flight. All of them were in Terminal 3 while me in The Terminal 2.

What the hell is that …?

A whole night in Terminal 2 was hell, i couldn’t even get some short sleep ne. There is no comfort seat like in Terminal 3 where i can sleep quite well. I bring my pillow, but that was useless ….




At 05:00 AM in the morning they finally open the gate to go to the waiting room. Walked like a zombie to the waiting room,

yes, that’s me The Zombie …. !!!

i can’t even open my eyes ne it feels like there’s someone put a super glue there. All i want just go inside the plane and get some sleep until arrive in Singapore.

Got inside the plane, i put on my pillow and then fell asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes before landing ne, then i loved how it was so fast process. Smooth boarding, weather, me sleeping on a jet plane and then a very smooth landing.

This pilot from TigerAir must be very good ne …

Arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore, got my self on  a line of immigration check then i realized that there was something different of me with other people around me. I saw them with a white paper with Welcome to Singapore written there …

OMG that’s the Immigration Paper … !!!

I didn’t have that, nobody gave me on the airplane. Eh, or is that because i was sleeping for the whole flight from Jakarta – Singapore so i missed the time when they gave an immigration paper to all the passenger …?

I almost reach my turn, then i slipped out from the line to find an immigration paper for myself. Why the hell i was sleeping ne, i mean all that 1 hour and 20 minutes flight i did nothing but sleeping …?

waw, that’s a record ne …. #yay …!!!!

finally i got my self an immigration paper then smoothly checked by a not sweet and kind immigration officer. I suppose they have to be that way right.

I mean as what Dr. Lightman (you know on Lie to Me , the telly series) it’s a normal people who works in custom immigration … etc etc to act like that since that’s how a livin Lie Detector is …

Then done with immigration checking,

i waited and couldn’t wait to see who and how are my travelling companions. I had to wait until Boma came to find me because me and them were landing in the same Terminal 2 but different immigration check point. …

i waited and waited, then finally i meet them all, there they are …




two of them are from Palu, then one from Bengkulu and there’s also a nice and sweet couple from Jakarta plus me the Alien from Mars, i think that’s a quite nice combination for a Group Travelling.

We introduced our self each other  and go to the Sky Train station than will bring us to Terminal 3 ~ Changi Airport because we were going to get some meal time together on a food court there.

Then after that continued with all of us bought an Ez Link card like this …



that will help us to be more mobile … xD

that card is the same as Suica card in Japan, which you can use it to pay whenever you go with train, bus or even pay your meal or snack in 7/11.

Boma, also teach how to top up the card to all tour member because …

Actually the main purpose of this tour is to teach all the member that taveling aboard is not that scary, and we can have some fun, even yeah there’s a change for us to get lost but the important thing is how to make the tour member know how to survive traveling alone and able to be a guide for their own family/friend if they might want to come to Singapore again.


Finished with that,

we all went to MRT station , learning how to read Singapore MRT System map and find a way to our hotel in Geylang Avenue. According to the map, this is the route that we had to take.

Follow the green line from  …

Changi Airport —> Expo —> Tanah Merah (change train there) continued to  —>  Bedok —> Kembangan —> Paya Lebar —> Aljuneid (we stop here)

and continued it by walking almost 4 bloks from station to the hotel.

Eh God, that’s quite a long walking eh, my legs hurt so bad and all i want to do is nothing but jump of to my bed and get some sleep. It was a really long and tiresome trip ne, but finally we’re all arrived in Singapore

well, i’ll continue with the 2nd part on the next post ne …

These day, seems like everyone around me bought something new. For example  …

~    Teki with her new phone, that keeps her busy dealing with LINE, BBM and other things inside it that i don’t even get what that all for, …
~    One of my office_mate with her new tractor for her land. She is the land_lady btw, so yeah this year she upgraded her 2 cows with one brand new tractor, …
~    My boss with his new cars and phone and 2 days ago, for me  it was like  …

him      :    look, that’s our new car …
me       :    shit …
him      :    hey, new phone …
me       :    bloody hell …

sorry about my language,

but hey that phone is the same Samsung GALAXY Note that Diego Bunuel (from Don’t Tell My Mother on Nat Geo Adventure) use ne, you know they put the ad. on telly and i want that.

But then i said to him …




Look, my new photo with HYDE …. !!!!

then nothing but silence, ha ha i love when i made them in silence like that.

Helen helped me with that. She is good, isn’t she?

As you know i know nothing about Photoshop, Sotoshop or any other things ended with … shop (but i know shopping and and i am really good at shopping ne … xD).

yeah, it is fake but it makes me so fuckin happy ne.


because i do have lots of photo of HYDE, but photo of me? i don’t have it a lot because i am not that good in the camera.  That’s why i feel weird when there was someone who wanted to see more photos of me …


yasu      :     no way, that’s impossible …
noi         :     but that’s true ne ya_san, somebody did …
yasu      :     the one who dumped you and made you cried like a river  …
noi         :     no, it wasn’t like that
yasu      :     as you say then …

Then whenever i made or have a quite nice and photo of me that i can do (read : ask someone to do) with it, then i will start to find any photo of HYDE that will match to put next to me, like that. So yeah …

I am So fuckin happy ….. !!!

but something happened yesterday, it seems like not only Jim Moriarty who announced his came back at the end of SHERLOCK Season 3, Eps 3 but look who is suddenly came back here and hit me again …

It’s Mr. Friday, he runs for member of House of Representatives this year …. !!!

can you imagine that, now there is a poster with his photo everywhere in here. Every morning i will see 4 poster of him on every crossing i pass on my walking in the morning to the bus terminal.

What the hell is this, why nobody tell me about this?

I really dunno anything about him, i never thought that he is in politics like this, but look now he runs for House of Representatives members this year with some campaign for his run? The election will be held on April 9th, OMG that’s my birthday and his poster will be everywhere from now on ….

What should i do now …..




yasu       :      hey, that’s not the perfect question ne …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      you should ask :  Will you vote for him or not …?
noi          :      ah ya, i’ll think about that later. Nee ya_san do tell me why i am so miserable like this …?

教えてください …. !!!

yasu      :       i don’t know …


Solo as Han Solo Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting Shimane … (another me, yasu and Her Majesty)

December 2nd, today is Mother’s Day (Hari Ibu)

so i’d like to say …

A very Happy Mother Day for my Dear Mommy, Theodora Misgina Retno Windarsineta …

~  May you have a save trip to Mecca,
~  do lots of pray for me there …
~  buy me lots of Arabic chocolatte and
~  come back to me savely, and
~  Luv you mom …

There was so many people comin to our home this afternoon.

They all wanted to say goodbye to mo mother who is leavin on a jet plane tomorrow to Mecca for Umrah.

Some of them asked to her to pray for their son who is gonna do a final exam, looking for a job or  ask for a husband for their single daughter (sure that’s what my mom will pray for me …xD) … etc etc

She dreamed about going to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah a long time ago. Her dream about prayin in the House of God.

I told you ne, Her Majesty is so religious and a very good prayer.

Here in my village people go abroad only to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah, so when my mom told them about me going to Japan only to watch a live concert they all kinda like …

Eeeeehhh ….?

while sayin other fubar things followed. I wish i can go together with her, indeed i had plan to do that because i was worried about letting her alone there.

Yes, it’s The House of God and Allah will guard her, but i am still worry.

I cancel that plan because it’s very hard for me to get days off end of this year and also i am so scare what possibility will happen to me there.

As i know in Mecca, what will happen for us after life might happen to us when we there ans we are still alive.

It’s kinda forwarded/direct 罪と罰 ….?

Good person will get a rewards/kindness while bad person will get punishment ..

I am totally bad person ne, and hell yeah i have so many sins on me because i did and said so many wrong things for the whole of my life. So i am afraid if i go there i will get my punishment faster. ..

so it is better for this bad person to stay here at home and delay all punishment that i might get.

But someday i know there will be my turn to go there to Mecca, to knockin on My God‘s door. I think i have to be a better person first before i decided to go there.

Ah, today seem like 罪と罰 ~神様のアリバイ~ is a very perfect song for me ne and surely a for me …

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 with this

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Shimane

this time The Meeting was held at Shimane Prefectural Civic Hall, Entrance Lobby side special stage.


Not in the hall but there was a special stage made just for this 『Shangri-la』Meeting in the entrance lobby. Held on Sunday, on such a special stage with a free views to everyone it was a great deal of excitement same as what the had in Tottori.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st time to come to Shimane and there was a tremendous cheers soon as yasu appeared on stage and they even scream .

They must be so over sexcited eh …

On The Public Recording, they talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』


this 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 is a song that i made very well before, and when 『2012』 album was made this song was already existed.

I wanted to make a shuffle-tone, i made once, but the result it becomes different with the idea. Moreover,  i re_create it. It was a song that completed while i think it is still different.

This song is a song that seem, shall i say the arrangement has improved, resemble from  level of 5 musical instrument of drum, bass, guitar, brass and piano has been up.

after Public Recording with FM Sanin, continued with learning dialect and specialties of Tottori and Shimane from everyone in Sannin area this time.

Their 1st introduction to 「とうふちくわ」/「tofu chikuwa」/「tofu fish paste」, it is the one that was waiting for yasu on the venue at the time they were in Tottori.

He even said …


「I ate this at Tottori. I love fish paste, it was delicious and i ate a lot」!

Speaking of Shimane, it’s Izumo Shrine which celebrate 60th year of it’s Sengu (?) this year and yasu wanted to go there by all means.

About a dialect they learned if this 「だんだん」/「dandan」is a special dialect of Tteyuu means 「ありがとう」/「Thank you」

#whoo 「だんだん」 eh …


yasu     :   what ….
noi        :    …
だんだん 私 どんどん 綺麗になるの
yasu     :   no that’s different ….
noi        :    *singing * …

私は黒猫 ウェーオ   ウェーオ   ウェーオ ウェーオ

yasu     :   what the  ….

OK next is …..

~      2nd Season PHOTOBOOK cover

on my last post, it was 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK original cover from CD Japan which mean without the additional cover. Now there you are the additional cover for …

FC Edition …


while this one is for …

TSUTAYA edition


i think for this 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK i love the TSUTAYA version cover, some how it looks more glamorous.

And then of course there you are the  next chapter for 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ Aomori ….


enjoii   ….

then let’s meet with …

~    Boys That Will be Boys …

last week i could stop myself for a BIG LOL when i see this photo on my twitter Time Line


Nick Carter posted that photo on his Instagram 4 days ago sayin

Now i am ready for the show …!!! … #what the?

I say Nick Carter is The real Boy in The Backstreetboys, even i see he is more matured now but ah,  i think he is still The Real Boy in The Backstreetboys ne …

see what i mean?

then suddenly i remember to someone that far away from USA, in Japan precisely also did the same thing with a Pistol last year …

awwww ……

Seems like no matter where you are, in Japan or USA the Boys Will Be Boys does happen ne. There will always a boy hiding somewhere inside a matured man and that boy showed off often when they acted silly like that ..

Talking about mature, now i remember what HYDE said about how mature is yasu and DAIGO now on The HYDE book chapter PAL.


you can read the complete PAL part here in L’Arc~en~Ciel Canada note on Facebook and also the other parts as well.

then next is let’s talk about

~  A Little  Fan Project  …


December is gonna end soon and i am sure like me, you all in this Acid Black Cherry fandom are waiting ne.

waiting for what?

of course waiting for a Fan Project invitation like we all always received on the previous 2 years behind. I’ve been asked about wheter if i am gonna do something for yasu‘s bithday this year.

And OMG it surprised me ne, because i don’t see my self as a host who can do a gathering event like that because i also waited for someone to invite me.

Maybe if this Acid Black Cherry Fan Project is a Journey to Mordor like The Lord of The Ring trilogy of course i will be Samwise Gamgee who follow his Master Frodo. There’s no way i can see myself as Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn or Gimli

But i want to be with Legolass …..!!!!!


back to Birthday Fan Project ..

but this year there will be no Fan Project invitation because, our annual Host Fan Project already posted on her Tumblr blog said that there’s no plan from her to arrange a Birthday Fan Project for yasu‘s birthday this year …

so you better stop waiting for an invitation and start to think about things you can do this year ne,

maybe you can make a fanvideo together with your palls, group on Facebook or Street Team for each country or do a solo by send a birthday greeting card to yasu himself via Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club address like this

To   :   yasu

Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club – Save us! –
Poste Restante Shibuya Dogenzaka Post Office
Namiki 2F, 1-19-13 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 154-0043

Just like yasu who do a solo project, maybe this year is the time for all us us to do a solo Birthday FanProject for yasu.

Solo ne, as solo as Han Solo. …..

1480736_10201201723507446_653037008_n (1)

noi         :     maybe put a photo with a cyberlight  ……
yasu      :     not funny, then what about you …?
noi         :     i dunno …
yasu      :     you what …?
noi         :     i am Sam ne, not Frodo so i was only wait  …


Bite Post : 「Shangri – la 」Meeting ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and VAMPS Live JKT 2013)


I close my November …

with so much fun with my friends enjoyed Vamps Live Jakarta @Hyper Festival 2013 and then i ended here with a BIGGER (BIGGER than BIG MAC) Love for my one and only King HYDE


credit and source : @RadioA967

sooo ho ho  …

this is gonna be a very long and boring post as always and this is officially my 2nd Live Report.


yasu     :    after Erect Live ?
noi        :   report by me? that’s impossible
yasu     :    why ..?
noi        :   ah you now why ne. I didn’t even understand what did you say because i finally got it after reading all fan reports by Japanese fans, still ..
yasu     :   still what, you were lazy …
noi        :   yes i was, but if i made a Live Report based on other’s that’s not a Live Report ne …

one thing i am gonna say about Live Report is how Live Report as one of the points of livin as a fangirl/boy in this Fandom world.

I mean you as a fangirl/boy you do ..

~  support your idol,
~  buy their stuffs no matter it ended with you tellin everyone how you survived after your idol sucked all your money …
~  write/post/tweet/re_blog things about them on all your Social Networks
~  Have some kyaaa kyaaa by going to their Live concerts and then
~  make a Live Report after it ..

Well my 1st Live Report was for L’arc_en_Ciel Live Jakarta 2012 then the 2nd one is this for Vamps Live Jakarta 2013. ..

so, let’s start it with this

~   Vamps in Bukan 4 Mata ~ Trans7

see i had to watch that on YouTube,

because i was on my way to Jakarta by bus then the worst part is there was no telly station available on bus. They only played some fubar songs from DVD, the same songs over and over .

On 10:00 PM my office_mate called me just to ask which one is my HYDE ? that just made me more upset that night even finally i was able to watch it after we arrived in Jakarta.

I knew, it’s gonna be like this and it’s always like this.

The talks, blaming, protest … etc etc followed after HYDE appeared on that show. As you see there’s so many things that they should’nt do to HYDE and K.A.Z on that show but they did it.

All those things didn’t happen in other countries that Vamps visited and sure will never happen in Japan but it was happened in Indonesia. But what can i say ne because that’s how that show Bukan 4 Mata.

And that’s the way they do the show.

Even I might be more surprised and say what the hell …? if suddenly Bukan 4 Mata decided to change their concept special only for HYDE and K.A.Z.

I know HYDE has so many fans all around the world who will I, myself would say something when they see their HYDE being treated like that. But at this point i’ll say this Indonesian terms will fit to this situation ….

Lain ladang lain belalang, lain kolam lain ikannya
Other fields other grasshoppers, another pond another fish


see, she is the real Lucky Bastard … #eww

on that show i see how humble is HYDE, ah indeed he is ….xD


i mean how he really wanted to get along, tried to understand what Tukul said and do things with his very cute and adorable face while K.A.Z didn’t say much untill Tukul said to him …

ngomong to, ayo kowe ngomong
say something, come on you say something

about 3 times to him then called him as Paijo …. xD.

i think the translator was a bit confused about how she supposed to translate what Tukul said about that Paijo joke. It’s some kind of joke, i also do that ne. How we call people who’s a bit silly or in K.A.Z case, it was because Tukul just so gemes to him

how i should gemes in English? well you can check it in here —->

As i said before, Tukul one of his style on this show is he says lot’s thing in Javanese. But i am glad with that because by that they can ignore Tukul‘s joke ..

but whatever happened this time i hope this can be a something to learn for all of them who was innvolved in this event so if there will be another one next year they can do it way more better than this time.

Maybe they will chose another telly show that’s less jokes than this time and sure there will be nobody touch both HYDE and K.A.Z. over and over as they wanted to like that.

~   Vamps Live ~ Hyper Festival 2013


I feel so lucky with their comin to Indonesia ne, because there are still in their Europe and US Tour and there’s no Asia on the list. But, finished the Europe Tour, Vamps drooped by in Jakarta for Hyper Wave Festival 2013 by Honda.

yes, because it was a festival so there’s another band performed as opening act and i had to wait longer ne. I was rain that day. After stading almost one hour on a pouring rain, finally thei started the festival with DJ kaya from Japan. i was like :

Eh God, now  i am clubbing now …

then followed with 2 indie bands and the vocalist of the last band performed PW Gaskin, suddenly slipped and fell on the stage.

It was because the stage was wet thanks to the rain. I know it sounds awful but they got my attention after their vocalist fallin …xD

after that i had to wait about one hour before Vamps performance while seeing Vamps crews mop the floor stage (to make sure no single Vampire fall on stage) and singing Honda‘s song …

ONE LOVE ONE LOVE … aw aww ….!!!

At that time, my legs was hurt so much. I wanted to sit but there’s no seat and i can’t just sit on the ground because it was wet and full of mud.

But then when Vamps finally came on stage all my miseries and hurts all over me just gone somewhere i had no idea. What happened next i did nothing but jump, jump and jumping while did the kyaa kyaaa waaaa ..!!!..

The SexList are …

1.   Life on Mars?
8.   AHEAD



this song is one of my fave, i even use this song as my ringtone. Now i saw HYDE performed this song Live on stage, move his body in a very sexy way like that and let us all see his XIII abs …


i was confused where did i supposed to lookin at. His cute and flirty face or his abs so it was an UP then DOWN, UP then DOWN for me, yeaaaa he’s just so damn HOT


this part is my fave, HYDE started to say ..


「saya lapar, saya mau makan penonton yang paling seru
Dimana ya ….?」
「I am hungry, i want to eat the most sexciting audience,
Where is it …? 」

and i was like ..

EAT MEEE ….!!!!!!

then HYDE jus kept sayin :   Where’s my Lambs …?

10. ANGEL TRIP (English ver.)





this part, when they performed this song is so epicly glamorous. I wanted to cry but i didn’t want to because i also wanted to sing along ne …



at the beginning, i saw Juken changed his bass with the classic one, i knew they will give me Sweet Dreams even i also wished for them to give me Glamorous Sky as well ..

and i also stared to see how cool and HOT is Juken. I was in the middle in front of HYDE but i can see Juken as well. When i joined everyone else calling his name …

Juken, Juken, Juken …..  !!! etc etc

there he was throwing a bottle of cold mineral water, I got it on my face and hell yeah that’s so cold ne, then followed by HYDE. Honestly that night was my 1st time where i got a holly water spray/throw from artists that i watch Live on stage.


yasu      :     you never …?
noi         :     never, because usually it always from the security or fire fighter truck around the venue.
yasu      :     OK, that’s funny
noi         :     that’s why i consider myself as Lucky ne ..
yasu      :     as you say … *laugh*

next is …

15. MEMORIES (English ver.)

i wanted to sing along with HYDE this song, but too bad it was the English version. I only memorized the original Japanese lyrics, I only remember is only this part

When I was a young kid, running everywhere carefree
with a smug look on my face then
my own way, my own way, in my way there’s nothing

i dunno why but when i listened to that song, Memories ~ English version with no lyrics in my ear that when i was a young kid sounded like when i was a junkiestxD #WTH

Eh God, am i drunk?


I thought they will end it with HUNTING ne, but they ended it with SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ ROLL see that’s perfect. That’s why i wrote as SexList instead of SetList … ha ha  …

.~   Interviews  ~ After Live


There’s so much things to make me happy and bring me such doki doki feelin as well from the quick MC Live and interviews like ..

~   They will come again to Indonesia …
~   How HYDE said he missed nasi goreng …
~   And Indonesia and Chile are countries that they visited with many enthusiastic fans, aand
~   He wants girlfriend from Indonesia .. #Eeeh he he he  *rolling on the floor*

ooohhhhh …..

Don’t do that HYDE_san, now what am i supposed to say to my Lady? ….

ah, i’ll think about that later ne ..

now i think by watching Vamps Live on stage, it changed me from how i am not into Vamps became Whaaa into Vamps . I am glad they sucked my blood/money … etc etc and whatsoever else they probably can sucked from me … xD

Kaz, Juken was so great on stage. Too bad i didn’t see Ari and Jin much clearly and HYDE ….

as always he is still the same stunning and Glamorous HYDE. It’s so hard to push my self in believin about the fact he will be 45 years old next year …

HYDE made me so busy tavelling there and there in Jakarta and confused by the traffic jam.

There was one time i was on taxi and it was a long and boring traffic jam. I saw something, then in order to make it sure i asked to the taxi driver

me    :    sir, is that Monas …?
him   :    no miss, that’s Senayan

ewww that’s embarassing …

see i don’t even know where is Monas is, that day even i know limited places in Jakarta such as Senayan, Japan Embassy, Gandaria Mall (my face cinema is there), bus terminal and airport

but my mission accomplished eh, because i managed to pick Pampai and Linz from our rental apato in Sudirman to their travel agent office in somewhere i can’t remember by train ne,

train, not taxi. it felt like we both joined The Amazing Race ne …

well that’s all, i was so busy that time and now someone just turned that busy into lazy in me. I still have to do things to all these magazines arrived last week …


i only did one, Songs magazine you can see it here …


no password required this time,

while this one is i found it posted by w\someone on Tumblr and it really make me happy ne. When i didn’t get this magazine then suddenly someone posted on Tumblr just like that …


That’s a BLESS ne …

PS  :

~  just click the image and you’ll see the whole.
~  you can see credit and source for the 2nd image there as well

now what’s left for me to do is …

~  make Off Shoot 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 subbed video,
~  one page interview from CD&DL on my PC they all still raw in Indonesian aaaand
~  say hello to this lovely man …

uuuuu …..

Hello my darling, how are you today …?

yasu     :   as you see  …
noi        :   still awesome, eh …
yasu     :   hmmm …
noi        :   awww …

OK, let’s go to 「Shangri – la 」 for a moment and refresh my love with this  ….

~   「Shangri – la 」 Meeting ~ Yamaguchi

from this 3rd Season3本目、山口県での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog


that was Acid Black Cherry 1st landing in Yamaguchi prefecture after the 3rd Live at Okayama,. The Meeting was held at Sea Mall Shimonoseki.

FM yamaguchi 2

It was an open space and it surprised yasu by so many people who gathered there. The Public Recording, talked about new single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~, about the jacket album.

he said …

This kind of a melody in a big band arrangement this time and I thought it would be nice if people can see, feel/understand the song only by lookin at the jacket.

It’s a big band  with numbers of people isn’t it?

so he asked us to look at the jacket (with big band, support members and dancers ) and what are we gonna think,  about what kind of song is this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 .

The Public Recording with FM Yamaguchi was on air 3 days ago on 「yama_chan’s Radian Limited F」 and as always thanks to this lovely person, you all can listen to it in here


yasu was also a s a guest on FM Yamaguchi‘s 「Daytime Street」

FM yamaguchi 1
FM yamaguchi 3

and of course with some lovely photos with yasuyasu posted on their Daytime Street BLOG. Now i just love all Japanese Radio Blog, i mean sure because with yasu inside but also how they wrote their post ne.

I’d say full of spirit and inspire at the same time …?

now ….

after almost 3 days dragged into this Vamps comin to Jakarta, enjoyed so much fun with my friends, stayed on an 38th floor apato, eat nothing but from delivery and then being sucked by Vamps now here i am ….

back to the reality …

back to my village with no 7/11 and Surplee machine that we (me, Tekki and Pampaii) crazy about. My real life, sit behind my desk at office while lookin at rain fall out there after being burried alive again with all those Excel shits on my PC.

Last, just for tonight i’ll show you me as a hater.

ah ya, i realized how i can be one of the haters ne. See i don’t do/talk/interact to haters but i can be one of them. I mean, people always have 1 thing/person to hate and i also have that ne ..

actually i don’t like them at all, i never listen to their songs, never read anything about them ..etc etc in short i don’t wanna know about them. But somehow when it related to HYDE came to Indonesia (with Vamps or L’arc) they always came up, ..

i remember how last year one of the member started something ridicilous on twitter that a public figure shouldn’t do with their Social Networks account.

I understand how he is only human, he is mad or pissed of but by re_tweet_ed one of the tweet that he is upset at and then by that, what happened next was all his fans kinda defended him and reply the person who tweet that in so many ways …

really? is that a public figure do?

for me that’s ridiculous and this time i read about them wanted to get a photo together with HYDE backstage before Bukan 4 Mata show and got rejected by the manager. When heard that i just couldn’t stop laughed while sayin …

Thank God ne,

The band i am talking about is a local Indonesian band called JRocks but i often say it as jeruk?   Anyway i ‘m just glad until this time there’s no photo of them with HYDE and K.A.Z. everywhere  ….

Whaaa ha ha ha ha ……*laughed like a vampire*


yasu    :   what are you doin ..?
noi       :   nothing …
yasu    :   is that nothing?
noi       :   ah, i am just a human being ne. Sometimes i can be a hater   …
yasu    :   where’s Inspector Himura?
noi       :   she is retired now, because you didn’t like her






3rd Season, Starto ! Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live&Meeting ~ Osaka … (Another me, yasu and HBD Yukkie)


But before that, let’s say …


♪♪♪ …. A Very Happy Birthday to My Android Drummer Yukihiro …. ♪♪♪

maybe it’s a late birthday wish because i might hit the post to noi_himura button after midnight or tomorrow , but at least when i write this post it’s still 2013.11.24 on my calendar.

Yukkie, as always i my fave drummer. A drummer who don’t say lots but when he started to say something,  it was like a MAGIC ne. As always i will say the same thing ..


OMG Yukihiro, he is sayin something … !!!!


i just love how greatly he looks on his throne, behind all his drums equipments and then do nothing but drumming. fast, fast and fast … then he’s kinda lost inside his own world there.

Especially on Pretty Girl and Driver’s High song, his drummin skill is totally awesome and i’ll say Sky is The Limit

Actually, i wanted to do some cover for this #HBDYukkie and i wanted to asked my friend Wolfie to do the acoustic guitar like the last one.

I went to his Facebook page and i found out if he is been a bit mellow for some reason, i said to him :  I’ll sing for you bang, hope it can make you better

then he replied me :

no thanks. Because the last time you put a video of your cover of Nemuri Hime on Youtube, i almost got sued by Akihide

and it make me said eeeehhhh …?

OK that was a very nice joke from Wolfie, even i had no idea if he is still able to make that very funny joke even he is still on mellow mode.


yasu     :    i don’t think that’s not a joke ne …
noi        :    OMG, really? i mean my voice, is that so terrible ?
yasu     :    i told you ne, don’t sing
noi        :    but i have a plan to do another cover for your bithday ne …
yasu     :    then don’t

my plan is how me and maybe some other Acid Black Cherry fans (if they want, of course) to do a cover of Acid Black Cherry song together.

You know record our own voice. One part for one person and then gathered together and mixed with the music (acoustic guitar) then upload it on Youtube, vimeo or other video channels.


I mean this is the time for yasu to listen to out voice, his fans all over the world after the last 2 years birthday gift he saw our faces. Even there’s a possiblity he is gonna say ewwww, what the hell is that? ..

well then, i think i have to save this idea after i graduate from Indonesian Idol or get Adam Levine as my coach eh, because my plan is to cover Yes, so i don’t want whoever i will asked to be the guitarist this time get sued by HIRO ….. xD. 

And i’ll think about another for what i am gonna do next January 27th, 2014.

OK, back to The Birthday BoyYukihiro again …

Even though i never listen or pay attention to his solo projects but can i say i do support him? I mean i am not a multiple person ne. A multiple person who can do/supports lots their fave musicians on their blog, mind or wallet.

I’d say what i am doin now about Yukihiro is waiting for him in this Fubar but Full of Color waiting room called The 4th Avenue Cafe, along with my waiting for HYDE, Ken, and Tet_chan.

Waiting for what? what else than waiting for him and the other to be back on the L’arc boat again and start whatever they might wanted to be started ..


The next World Tour maybe ….?

because i already voted for Jakarta ne, and i’ll still continue to vote, vote and vote again because being able to watch last year’s L’arc_en_Ciel Live in Jakarta is the best moment of my life and i want another again …

anyway Today is my holiday,

even not the Wholly Molly one. I spent my whole day stayin on my bed, tryin to think. You know a real think not just another ting ting callin for a bowl of meatball soup

yasu        :    then what did you get …
noi           :    nothing ..
yasu        :    not even a meatball soup ..?
noi           :    yeah, i got that this afternoon …

because instead of thinking, i was sleeping. A very long sleep, from 10:00 AM until 20:00 PM, so when i woke up i was like OMG OMG I am late then ran out of my room, then …

heee, it’s night …?

Thank God, because i thought it was already 08:00 AM next morning, but this sleep it’s not that long. So yeah, i didn’t do anything today. stayed in bed after turned on my PC,

didn’t pray because i am bleeding again and I didn’t go anywhere even i had plan to have some hair cut because it’s already 1 year since i had a haircut.

My hair is long now, long enough to make my nephew scare and screamin

I hate you, i hate you tante …!!

over and over to me. ha ha … i just love to act like Sadako, scared him and make him hysteric like that. That rascal boy need something to scare eh … #AVeryBadTante

But hey, i do have lots of plan ne, but i’ll say my plans at the end of this post. Now before i write another long rambling let’s back to the main topic.

Yes, it’s all about …


『Shangri-la』 aaand …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Osaka …


this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting started the premiere in Osaka, yasu‘s hometown.

And as what writen in this 3rd Season初日!地元大阪府での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了! post on The Official Blog, it was held in Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka surrounded by everyone with the insanely cheerful even under the cold wheather of winter in Osaka.

The Meeting place is a bit chilly but gathered a lot of people there.

And because this time was Osaka, yasu‘s hometown everyone gave him a long echoed 「おかえり!」/「Okaeri/Welcome Back !」 to him which replied by him with 「ただいま!ありがとうございます!」


This Public Recording Premiere of 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Meeting called as Project Osaka, started with talk about the previous 2nd, 3rd Season traveling around, 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single talks about the PV, recording, shuffle-like song and The King of Dumplings talk …xD

yasu, on the previous day before he also appeared as guest on FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 and the DJ Shota Simono_san, posted 2 photos of him with yasu  via twitter …

BZW15O4CEAAE8F6.jpg large

and as always, thanks to the wonderful loveencielmg1 you can listen to the recorded 『Shangri-la』 Meeting with FM OSAKA 「BUZZ ROCK」 in here …



then let’s go to ….

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Osaka …

started with this new Adult Black Truck, supposed they have to change the truck’s image so they can load all The Black Cat … xD



The venue for this beginning of this 3rd Season of 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 was the same stage with “Q.E.D.” Tour 2009.

this is what was waiting for yasu on the venue …


A Takoyaki Tower …!!!

see, intead of fill all of that champagne glasses with wine, they filled it with takoyaki . That’s avery nice idea ne and yasu who was got an invitation to the Takoyaki Tower seemed agree with that.


not only yasu, YUKI is also from Osaka and HIRO also spent a lot of time in Osaka, so there was full of Osakan dialect in the dressing room, then the question selected …

on the Question Corner is …

How many alcohol do you drink?  ..

aand on this 3rd Season they also started again this Lookin for yasu on twitter …


ha ha ha … that’s easy …xD

OK, now is time for The SeList for 『Shangri-la』 Live , Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21 …

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. scar
5. Tsumi to batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
6. Greed Greed Greed
8. Nemuri Hime
9. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord name [JUSTICE]
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Chou
15. so…Good night.
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri – la

what a nice SetList eh,

i say it was a special SetList because there’s 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 on that SetList as what this a very nice Acid Black Cherry、新曲「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」をライブ初披露 article from BARKS,

about Live Debut of the New Single 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」  at the Osaka International Convention Hall, 2013.11.21.

Tickets are SOLD OUT immedietly by fans who is dyin to see yasu‘s live on stage. About 3,000 peoples were attracted to Acid Black Cherry that night.

next is  The Kewpie …


cr  :   @Yasuの女

that’s a Takoyaki …

and now i am hungry, it looks so delicious ne. Next time when i go to Japan again, sure i am going to Osaka with Shinkansed and eat Takoyaki right in front of Osaka Castle eh …

yasu     :     for what …
noi       :      to get the Osaka feelin ne what else ..
yasu    :      just like that …
noi       :     ah ya, i also saw that people do on the movie ..
yasu     :     movie, again …?  

yeah, let’s deal with The Black Cat ne, because next is all about …

~  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」

finally today i can listen to this 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single complete with The Recreation Track . Am i the only who who feel calm after listening to that song …?

and ..


With that hairband, why did he looks like Yukihiro …. *a confused fangirl*

i have no idea maybe it’s because of how that song started with a very soft piano/keyboard or it’s because of yasu‘s voice singing that song? because sure i know nothing about the original singer Matsutoiya Yumi.

BZv9HAiCAAAQIqL.jpg large

Well if there’s some of you there need to be calm tonight, while lookin at that very cute Adult Black Cat why don’t you all sing together with me …?

Acid Black Cherry ~ Recreation Track :  青春のリグレット [Seishun no regret]



私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて


私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

私を許さないで 憎んでも覚えてて

だってせいいっぱい愛した あなたを愛した


Waratte hanaseru ne
Sonouchi ni tte akushu shita
Kare no shatsu no iro ga magireta hitogomi
Basu wa kemuri nokoshi
Chiisaku seki kondara
Me no mae ga nijinda tasogare

Anata ga honki de mita yume wo
Hagura kashita no ga kurushii no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Hon’no mitsuki mae wa
Yubi karameta kousaten
Ima mo yoko wo aruku kiga suru

Natsu no bakansu wo mune ni hime
Futsuu ni kekkon shite yuku no
Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima demo anata dake ga seishun no riguretto

Watashi wo yurusanai de nikunde mo oboetete
Ima dewa itami dake ga magokoro no shiruetto

Waratte hanaseru no
Sore wa nante kanashii
Datte sei ippai aishita anata wo aishita

and for this  「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 The recording artists are

Vo.   —->   yasu
G.    —->   HIRO
B.    —->   IKUO
Dr.   —->   Kei Yamazaki
Key. —->  Yasunori Hayashi
Piano.  —->  Rose Takano
Trp.  —->  Koji Nishimura
Trb.  —->  Eijiro Nakagawa
Sax.  —->Takuo Yamamoto

hoo ..

there’s no Junji there, but this Kei Yamazaki

Kuroneko OS.avi_000052452

おもおおおお …  he is one of The Juicy Bananas ……..!!!  *drolling*

Ok, i am calm now and Eh God, today is a real Drummer Day ne … *holding on to Yukihiro’s hand* …

then, what i am gonna ask this for you all, especially to all Acid Black Cherry fans who might read this post. Do You know about this

Acid Black Cinema? …


well if you are one of the latino or especially from Peru, i am sure you already know about this, because this is a Mini Project held by Acid Black Cherry Peru on Facebook

and you can go to the Facebook Event Page in here and it’s in Spanish btw ..

correct me if i am wrong but what i got is that even is some live viewing held by them, you know to watch live videos with subtitle even there’s no info about what video they will show but i think this is a very interesting event ne.

Just like Acid Black Cherry Indonesia’s event, this is their 2nd event because they also did that last year. So while waiting for Acid Black Cherry to hold a Live Outside Japan, they hold their own event of Live Viewing or some other event.

and now my question is go for yasu and all Acid Black Cherry staff there in 『Shangri-la』

Instead of waiting for invitation to hold a Live Outside Japan, why don’t you try to hold an Official Live Viewing first in cinemas all over Asia, Europe, US and Latin America? ….

Maybe for this 『Shangri-la』 Live … ?

because i think that’s a very nice way to test and see how is the fans reaction and sexcitement about Acid Black Cherry ~ Live Outside Japan,

Let’s say this as a market viewing ne because L’arc_en_Ciel and VAMPS also did that before they hold a Live Concert here in Indonesia.

Talking about VAMPS



finally the day is comin eh, where i am gonna see HYDE‘s Live on Stage again. Not only that, VAMPS also will be in Bukan 4 Mata, it’s a local Indonesian Telly show with the host named Tukul.

you can see HYDE‘s message about him will see Tukul_san in Bukan 4 Mata here


Tukul, his complete name is Tukul Arwana is someone that here in Indonesia sayin as wong ndeso (from Javanese language mean vilager/countryman) which yasu will say as INK

so Tukul on his show guided by a laptop, that’s why he will say Kembali ke Laptop (Back to Laptop) a lot because that’s where they wrote what is the next question to ask to the guest and he also speak in javanese oftenly.

So sometimes his jokes will only understood by Javanese people or people who understand Javanese language.

What happened then is many fans are tryin so hard to get the invitation to Bukan 4 Mata or just gathering in Trans7 Studio.

While me, ah i … what should i say ne this is very terrible ..

i can’t even see it on telly because that show will be aired on November, 28th 22:00 PM and at that night i will be on my bus on the way to Jakarta. Eh, God, whould i change this bus tickets with an airplane tickets?

That’s impossible ne because i will use plane on my way home from Jakarta and sure i can’t handle another flight with plane because i am just too sick this week ..

But still i am glad, HYDE will be only in Bukan 4 Mata. As long as not DAHSYAT, that’s gonna be fine. I think Tukul is not gonna say lot of jokes to HYDE and KAZ. so …

watch your self ne oldman (read : Tukul), just don’t anything wrong with my HYDE …!!!


noi       :    my HYDE?  wekekeke ..
yasu    :    hello there, your HYDE? are you OK?
noi       :    yeah, my HYDE that’s what i told to all my office_mates ..
yasu    :    so this is …

yeah, this is my revenge for all of them who dared to mock me. I said to them :

see you all don’t have to collect 1,000,000,000 IDR charity for me because HYDE, my HYDE will come here for me …

for me ….. !!!!  * kicked to Africa* ..

and they all said to me they will watch that show to see how exactly is my HYDE. Even miss BCL said : i’ll tell everyone to see this your HYDE hei Himura, i am so curious what’s from this man that you really love about and i was gladly replied her with :  sure you will see it L … .

ah OMG this is already became a long post ne, so sorry oooo …

but there you are everyone 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Akita scans ..

PS   :

~     just click on link and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Agent Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password later and …
~     enjoiii …. xD

man, November is gonna end soon ne and as always this next December is gonna be a very Long and Lonely December because Her Majesty will go to Mecca for her umrah about 2 weeks while Tekki will go to Bali for a New Year’s vacation.

Leave me alone at home. Home Alone on Cristmas, that’s what gonna happen to me, just me and my weird housemaid The Iron Lady. I never talk to her if she doesn’t ask me first. Not because i don’t want to, it’s because i am scare to her. Sometimes she can be very scary, the way she talks and her voice, ah …

but don’t get me wrong ne, because …

i am already make plan for January. Next January i am gonna do my own trip as a single backpacker to Singapore. Well actually this is a group with only 12 peoples going. So i dunno who and what they all look like.

That’s what make me so excited about this because ..

i hope, ah never mind …   ha ha ha …  *wink*

yasu      :    a cute guy sit next to you on the bus …?
noi         :    i didn’t say that eh, ya_san …
yasu      :    you don’t have to …
noi         :    aish ….  *go home*

Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live & Meeting ~ Ishikawa … (Another me, yasu, 3rd Seasons and HYDE)


At this bloody moment, I just don’t wanna go anywhere …

so today while everyone goes out of town, here i am now at home alone on Sunday writing this post. It’s all about 3rd Season (PHOTOBOOK and Meeting) update, yasu on Magazines, Live and Meeting ~  Ishikawa aand ha ha ha ….  *wink*

~  『Shangri-la』 Live ~  Ishikawa

They said it as a hot and full of enthusiasm Live as what written in this 実はとても深い思い出がある石川県! post on The Official Blog.

After had Live in Niigata, yasu headed to Ishikawa the next day to appeared on a radio show called HELLO FIVE with FM Ishikawa. In the radio show he said ..

I want to make Live in Ishikawa a good live together with fans

and the DJ, Chiaki Miura posted a photo of her with yasu on her blog


which i can’t read because it turned into some fubar letters on my PC …

For Acid Black Cherry, it was 3rd time to had Live in Ishikawa after BLACK LIST and Secret Tour 5 years ago. In fact at theSecret Live there was a memorable event happened there.

and this specialties of Ishikawa was waiting for yasu on the venue ..


a Grilled Yellowtail …

continued with talks with others while did the hair and make up. A musician’s talks like demos, composer and composition methods …


while reading messages and questions received from fans, and then on the stage yasu‘s talking about what memorable about Ishikawa

Everyone in Ishikawa , Long time no see ! Ishikawa, a lot of rain, isn’t it ? It is raining today , but i came back for the first time in five years !

Last time I was a live house called Kanazawa AZ !

And if you  allowed me to carry out a short story suddenly here, the story 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV, released last August is just the episode of The Secret Live in Kanazawa.

still made debut as ABC, I appeared for an opening act of a local band, Is said in a glance in various ways very much from the top towards the local band (smile)

I was talking to SHUSE after listeing to YUKI‘s gutar on the rehearsal …

that episode became a basic story of 「Greed Greed Greed」 PV.  So if there is no Secret Live in Ishikawa, that PV that could not be done. It was a very memorable episode! But I would want to return by make more memories today!

then on The Question Corner, question selected was …

「The Feeling of Futton and pajamas of all of you …?」

yasu‘s answer  is …

I am basic pajamas.  I have made ABC pajamas and wear it … etc etc

then he also use a T-shirt under pajama and how he doesn’t use pillow recently …

weird question eh …


yasu      :    no, it’s not …
noi         :    i still think it is …
yasu      :    that’s because you read it wrongry …
noi         :    did i …?

next is The Set List for Ishikawa ~ Live

1.    Shangri-la
2.    Jigsaw
3.    Doomsday   clock
4.    CRISIS
5.    in the Mirror
6.    Re:birth
7.    Yes
8.    Mother
9.    Bit Stupid
10.  Cherry Cherry
11.  Black Cherry
12.  Pistol


14.  Aishitenai (request)
15.  I’m not a ghost (request)


16.  Greed Greed Greed

and my fave part is The Kewpie ..


it’s a lantern (灯籠 /tourou)

what a poor grey little darling eh, i mean why did they made all of them have to carry things on their head like that …?

ah, just ignore this question anyway because next is …

~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ishikawa

The Meeting was held at Korinbo Yamato, an open space as well.  Even it was said on the Live yesterday how Ishikawa Prefecture have lots of rain, but the weather was fine on the Meeting day


on the Public Recording, the talking was about Project 『Shangri-la』 of course then how yasu‘s feel similarity of Kanazawa and his hometown Hirakata, some episodes of Secret Live in Kanazawa and the new upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 with question from fans abou PV shoot ..

and talking about the upcoming single 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 look at this …


that’s the complete set of Trading Cards for 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 single, the Special Price 394 yen editions. Ok, let see if i managed to get all the complete set ne.

The last 『Greed Greed Greed』 single, i didn’t get 1 card,


the White yasu w/ skull

but then somebody sent me his/her double white yasu w/ skull card to me, just like that, no further tellin me what should i return her/him with what. I can’t write her/him a reply because there was no address attached on the letter sent to me.

and now, with hope he /she read this …

i’d like to say 1,000,000 galeon thank you, very much thank you dear. Don’t worry i didn’t scan it ne  and next time can you be less anonymous …?   xD


yasu     :       he/she’s not gonna send you again ne …
noi        :       yeah, whatever but now i realy feel the essence of Sharing is Caring ne  .. ..
yasu     :       really  ..
noi        :      
and i do care about you ne …

OK next is they already updated ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 Meeting …


11月19日(Tuesday) 19:00 starts   ~   Abeno Q’s Mall, Osaka (FM OSAKA Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11 月22日(Friday) 19:00 starts ~ Okayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet, (Radio Momo Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

11月27日(Wednesday)18:15 starts ~  Sea Mall Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (FM Yamaguchi Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月01日(Sunday)15 : 00 starts ~ Motomachi Credo Pasela, Hiroshima (Hiroshima FM Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月07日(Saturday)13 : 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Tottori Kita – 1F Central Court, Tottori (Nihonkai TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月08日(Sunday)15 : 30 starts ~ Shimane Civic Central Hall – side central lobby special stage, Shimane (FM Sanin Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月14日(Saturday) Start time TBA ~ Kyoto

12 月18日(Wednesday) 19:00 starts ~ Wakayama City, the Meeting place hasn’t decided yet (Wakayamahoso Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

12月23日(Monday) Start time TBA ~ Shiga

12月25日(Wednesday) Start time TBA ~ Hyogo

12月26日(Thursday)17: 00 starts ~ Aeon Mall Kashihara – Suth Mall 1F Sunshine Court, Nara (Music Japan TV Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

see there some Public Recording and will be held by telly stations so they will aired it right? nah i suppose now it’s time for me to hope for someone to record it and share for aaauulll of us   …. *wish*

aaand when they said it as Public Recording and High Five Meeting it means if you get the invitation to be inside The Invitation Area, you will get a High Five with yasu after the Meeting ….


see,  a real High Five ne ….!!!

so if maybe there’s some of you who still want to try your luck to get an invitation, all you gotta do is still the same,

~   you go to this to apply …
~   you have to live in the 3rd Meeting area or be there then  ..
~   tell them how helpless is your love to Acid Black Cherry and don’t forget ..
~   the event application period is 2013 11月15日(Friday)17:00 〜 2013 11月22日(Friday)17:00 (JST)

PS   :   They already close the application for 11/19 Osaka, 11/22 Okayama and 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting, so if you still interested you may choose after 11/27 Yamaguchi Meeting.

and ….

~  3rd Season  『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK

3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK

Pre-order Period : November 21st, 2013 13:00 ~ January 15th, 2014 23:59 (JST)

via Uprise (FC members) :

and don’t worry there will be another per_order opening from your fave shop like CD Japan or HMV just calm down and wait OK . Even i will say i do agree when my dear Cherryl Hall posted this ..


on team_yasu, and i totally totally agree how CALM is very hard to do for fangirls especially when something like this ..

~  Lot’s of Maggazines Preview with yasu …

came out, started with this …

*  from WHAT’s IN? Magazine

source  :

while the others from

* Gekkan Songs Magazine

source   :

made the is more hard to do because they added some sneak peak interview there and delightly ended it with please see Gekkan Songs, December  to continue … after this By the way yasu_san, for you what’s a “good woman” …?   question ..

Eh God, what the hell is that and where the hell is my magazines …?

i did my order for all those magazines with yasu in it together as one order. And it shocked me when i saw how sexpensive is i have to pay only for shipping.

For 3 magazines (B_PASS; Songs and WHAT’s IN) because i ordered the CD&DL Data from HMV ,  i have to pay about 5,000 yen for EMS and 3,500 yen for Air Mail.



that’s lots way more sexpensive than the magazine price itself ne. It’s gonna be more sexpensive if you do it in a separated order, means you have to pay the shipping cost differently for each magazine.

I used to do that way because i couldn’t wait any longer until there is a pre_order link available for the last scheduled magazine. But not now, ha ha ha because now i am changed ne and this is a good way of changing …

this time i have to wait longer ne,

for my magazines and 『黒猫~Adult Black Cat~』 Special Price single from CD Japan to come because i use Air Mail shipping for all of them because i can’t pay for another EMS shipping because there’s another 3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 DOCUMENTARY PHOTOBOOK comin ..

What the hell is happen too me, this time i think i was too Greed for order by let my fingers did this and that order and ended me with 2 FC version (w/DVD and CD Only); 1 Mobile FC, 1 mu-mo version, CDJ (4 Special Price).

There was another BIG Hole on my wally, and too bad that BIG Hole that instead turned into a Key Hole that BIG Hole turned into a Black Hole and swallowed me with lots of should’a could’a would’a over and over again.

Even yeah i feel guilty to my wally but what can i do ne after all i am just a fangirl, with this idol that’s so hard to say no to  …


this recent weeks i’d say as a Bloody Week for me. Because suddenly i am bleeding for almost 3 weeks till today. At the first time i thought it was a normal hormonal confuse because my period started one week early than it usually.

but then i keep bleeding and it’s a lot of blood came out of me, and it scare me whenever i go to bathroom and see bloods still drops out of me like that. I even can smell bloods all over me.

OMG, am i having a miscarriage …?


yasu     :    don’t tell me, are you pregnant noi_chan ..?
noi        :    eh me, with who …?
yasu     :    don’t ask me back ..
noi        :    of course not, i swear to you ya_san, i never do things like that ..
yasu     :    really …?

I didn’t want to go to doctor, especially for this kind of problem. I know for you all who live in a BIG City you will never have this problem i have. I live in a small city and in here there’s only one obstetrician to go. The doctor, nurse know me, know my mom, dad, and entire family then sure there will be a talk ne ..

remember what happen in Miss Marple’s village St. Mary Mead?

what people in a village do? They do talk ne. The same thing will happen to me ne, in here people do talk and news spreading faster than if you posted on Facebook or twitter.  What a single and un_married woman like me do when seeng an obstetrician ? What’s wrong with her? Did she  … etc etc ..

not only that, but because the doctor is a male and i can’t even i magine how i will have to let him check my …. that no one i allow no one to see it and i make me dreadfully scare.

But finally i went to see the doctor, and the good news is he didn’t check my …. #ThankGod.

He only said how i am too tired and had stress too much then make the hormons inside me didn’t worked very well. He gave me some hormon pills to eat, it’s quite sexpensive pills ne. And …

Did you know i paid him 175,000 IDR just for 15 minutes talk …?

i magine ne, let’s say on 1 day he has 10 patients to talk x 175,000 = 1,750,000 then x  30 days = …. eh, how much? then …  x 12 months = … etc etc ..

OMG i should go to medical school eh, that’s a lot of money ne ..

But now i realized all the doctors that i avoid to comin to weren’t go to medical school for nothing. They knows lots of things ne, including this things happened to me because this morning when i went to bathroom and checked i see the blood is not as much as yesterday again and those sexpensive pills worked  …

anyway that above is totally a Girls Talk  … ne,

but if there’s some boys/man read this just remember don’t stress your girl, mom, older sister, younger sister OK because now you see ..

What a Stress can do to girls

Now i am really glad ne, because i am not gonna bleed out to death while my King HYDE just tellin me how thirsty he is now …

saya HYDE dari Vamps, saya haus darah …
I am HYDE from Vamps and i am thirsty for blood …

i  couldn’t stop my self to laughed a lot, especially when he said that “saya haus darah”, in my ear it sounds like saya haus dala … so because the day is comin closer, i better prepare something …

but ah ya, there you are you can see the 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ~ OS and Live Fukushima ..


PS   :

~     just click on the image and it will bring you to my Photobucket album and
~     yeah it’s password protected that i am sure all of you already know what is the password is, but …
~     if you don’t you can ask others who knows, Master Yoda or Inspector Himura, or  …
~     if you are one of my friends on Facebook you might not need any password … *wink*

i did my scan for this  one by one, each prefecture because i don’t want to ruin the whatsoever party is happening now. So please bear with me. This is so hard to keep it for my self ne, trust me ..

Now i know the reason why all the girls who had a pleasure one night stand with yasu and many other JRock artist couldn’t stand to write that things like what i read on that damn Tanuki‘s Blog.

because you my dear, your’e just too GOOD to be true and Keeping you for myself, indeed it’s very hard to do …


noi       :    bye ya_san, o … yasu .. mi
yasu    :    at this time ..
noi       :    i have to prepare myself and my neck ne ..
yasu    :    for what …
noi       :    King HYDE, don’t you see he is thirsty for blood who knows he might want to bite me …
yasu    :    yeah, right …