Holiday Post 1 : yasu, 8周年おめでとう …♥♥‼‼ (Another me, yasu and Her Majesty )


It might be late,


and i know it’s very late but i suppose it is better to be late than not sayin anything at all, yeah? So here’s again my belated 8th Anniversary greeting for this my one and only Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu) for his solo project …


#AcidBlackCherry :  2007.07.18 ~ 2015.07.18#8周年おめでとう …♥♥‼‼ これからも、今までも、#yasuさん  #好き だよ…‼♡♡AcidBlackCherry : 2007.07.18 ~ 2015.07.18

8周年おめでとう for your solo project Acid Black Cherry, ya_san …
aaand FYI  :  I am still and always waiting for what upcoming things you will bring to me … ♥♥



Acid Black Cherry‘s been 8 years, times really going so fast eh …


yasu      :     and you’re getting old ….
noi         :     aren’t we all getting old …?
yasu      :     btw noi_chan, with the same picture everywhere really …???
noi         :     ah ya, sorry i am being slow and lazy these days ..
yasu      :     but it’s still your holiday ne …


yes, here i am on my holiday


and as a matter of fact this holiday, the BIG holiday that i’ve been waiting for a long time is going very fast. Especially when the Eid is over, there you are i only have 3 days left to stay at home and do whatever i want to do.

and i think it will be better for me to write something here, in this space that used to make me feel better. Yes of course, i do have lots of things that i want to get rid of from my brain.

But to me, with lots of things that i wanted to write, i tend to forget it.

let’s just say all those thoughts just fly around, up and down in my mind and now i am tryin to put them (by write it in here and made you all bored with it) in here, one by one in order to make me feel better.

So let’s talking about this ….


~   Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」


btw busway, …


Q    :     what’s hot now in Acid Black Cherry ‘s Fandom other than that 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」?
A    :     yasu himself of course …. !!!!


はい、i am talking about that topless one …. >_<

The 1st Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」 already held, 2015.07.11 in Centrair ~ Aichi and from all those live reports (both fans and some website like BARKS or natalie, etc) that shows us how massive and sucess that live was, even it was held on a HOT and very HOT summer in Japan.


sourcenatalie, BARKS, okmusic, and more


My friend who went there said the temperature was about 35°C

35°C it’s fine for me because i get use to HOT temperature here in where i am livin in, but for my friend 35°C is very HOT and i remember she said how very HOT it was for her being in that WIDE outdoor venue like that.

but it didn’t stop her and everyone who was there to have fun and be happy together ejoying that once in 4 years Free Live event from their yasu. Seems like their wish to see the HOT yasu defeat all their anxiety about how HOT was the weather that day …

PS   :  for my friend, yes you my friend, i am talking about you and you know who you are . Btw i am still waitin for your Live report ne .… xDD


yasu      :     what are you doing …?
noi         :     do what …
yasu      :     that PS for your friend noi_chan, really …??
noi         :     eeeh come on, that’s only a friendly reminder ne. Nothings wrong with it …


so i spent my first holiday to read all those live reports, all of them from the Official (read : from the Official Blog) or the non-Official (read : from fans).

I’d say they all did a great job writing what fans supposed to do after they watch a Live of their idols and as an oversea fans who have a very limited chance to go to yasu‘s Live concert,

i’d say they all made me very happy.

of course it made me very sad when i read some post on twitter about how in one of L Tour Live MC, yasu said about how it’s not good to write a live reports on internet to avoid any misunderstanding and then fans started to post about how they won’t write or tweet live reports anymore on internet.

i am glad that things over even at that time i was like …


Bloody hell yasu, what the hell is that …???


yasu    :  then what …
noi       :  that’s not fair, because i think …
yasu    :  it doesn’t matter what you think noi_chan …
noi       :  yes, i know it will never matter what i think, but can i say what i think ?

even though, i am not sure that things about yasu sayin is true or not, but i still do think …

~   it’s not fair not to allow people who came to see a Live concert to write a live report, and …
~   it’s not fair more because by not allowing people to write a live report is the same with not allowing people to share their fun and experience with their friends everywhere, including their online friends that only can be reach on internet,

and then as my friend said to me …

~   that Live they are coming to see is not free, means they paid for the ticket to see their idol, so why not allow them to write live report ?
~   and if there’s any misunderstanding occurred on the internet later, there’s an Official Blog to correct it.

After all, beside to promote their artist works, to correct misunderstanding occurred also what an Official Blog was made for right?

and tbh i am more enjoying a live report from fans than from the Official Blog eh, i mean live reports from fans i’d say it’s more Live. Maybe that’s because they wrote it with all their excitements and happy feelings they have after seeing their idol Live on stage.

and of course i don’t think i have to say how different is the excitement from fans and staff only from how the way they write a live report


yasu     :    you what ….
noi        :    yeah. btw ya_san do you know what tbh is for ..
yasu     :    to be honest,
noi        :    omo, you know …
yasu     :    of course i know, and you don’t?


back to Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」 in Aichi and of course ..

the SetList

01. Kuroi taiyo
02.Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no alibi ~
03. i’m not a ghost
04. versus G
05. sins
06 .Nemuri hime
07. yes
08. 7 colors
10. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat ~
11. Pistol


13. so…Good night (acoustic ver.)
14. Sono hi ga kuru made (acoustic ver.)
15. Rakuen
16. S&M

that really surprised me and it surprised me more when Hiro’s Official Facebook posted the setlist in Romaji like this …



how sweet isn’t it …?

i know maybe it doesn’t mean anything for fans in Japan, but for overseas fans (read : at least me …xD) it is something that make me really happy.

and that that track number 13 : so…Good night (acoustic ver.) failed me to be calm. And what happened next is the usual me nostop sayin and  drolling in front of my PC like an idiot sayin …
OMG yasu、見たい …

OMG so…Good night (acoustic ver.) 聞きたい、…


then it get worst when it ended with ….


OMG Free Live 2015,  行きたい … !!!


I know myself,

i mean, i realized even i become like this, i am still the same me who wants everything. Especially for something that i really want so much i know i wouldn’t miss it for the world or anything.

That’s why since they said it would be better for me not to anywhere by airplane i keep myself not no say that  行きたい word for anything and anywhere that i want to go.

But that night, just only by reading the SetList i said that 行きたい word.


Eh God, give a mercy on me …. !!!


i think i need to pray more now before there’s a free Highway to Hell open only for me,  because look how God teased me with something simple and i failed just like that  … *prepare to be dumped to hell*


noi        :     no. no, don’t say that …
yasu     :     poor darling noi_chan  …
noi        :     why did you say that ..
yasu     :     because it’s fun ne …


and still talking about Free Live 2015, 2 days ago i read this interesting post


Acid Black Cherryのフリーライブ(2015)当選者へ!! 重要なこと
for Acid Black Cherry Free Live (2015) winner !!  Important


in here :のフリーライブ2015当選者へ重要なこと

As you all know there’s so many this Free Live ticket are available to buy in internet with high price that made this Free Live 2015 that supposed to be Free is not all Free anymore.

That post is about a call/ invitation for all Free Live 2015 winner for not to re-sale their ticket for any reason, because yasu is supposed to believe all people who come to this year’s Free Live 2015 are coming for free.


And i think we all know it will hurt yasu if when he asked



and not all the audience answer him with

「はい … !! 」

because there might be some of them who go there after pay some amount of money for the ticket. Even though we know the staff already banned some ticket are known to be sold again on internet, but that’s not enough because the seller is not stupid. They cover the ticket seat number to avoid that ticket get banned.

I believe a real fans will not do the re-sale Free Live ticket, but the problem is not everyone who applied for Free Live ticket is Acid Black Cherry fans.

Remember how there’s so many re-sale also buy GOODS at the venue or a non Acid Black Cherry fans joined FanClub just to be able to join ticket lottery then sale it again for higher price?

nah the same thing also happen for this,

especially when there’s the general/non-FanClub application opened in this year’s Free Live lottery event. so what happen is there were many people ( Acid Black Cherry fans or not) see a chance to make profit through this event by re-selling it.

These days, Acid Black Cherry known as one of Japanese Rock band who always have the Live ticket SOLD OUT no matter what.

The bigger fan-base unfortunately doesn’t make a chance to get Acid Black Cherry live ticket bigger. And a Die Hard fans will do anything to get this hard to get chance to see their idol (read : yasu) live on stage no matter what.

From apply for the ticket lottery maybe both the general and the FanClub, and when they didn’t win they think about another way, for example like tweet an announcement of their searching if there any left over ticket available … etc etc more.

And when all that things didn’t work, they see that re-sale Free Live ticket are available to solve their problem.

I’d say these people who sell this Free Live ticket really know  Die Hard fans of Acid Black Cherry who won’t let go their chance to see yasu live on stage and will do anything including pay for this Free Live ticket that supposed to be Free are exist.

and the existence of that Die Hard fans created a demand then more demand will create market.


So, now i think it is not about …

don’t sale or
how could you dare to sale this Free Live ticket, or
how selling this Free ticket will hurt yasu or not  (yes, surely it will hurt him, but i am also sure as a band-man and business-man is aware about this situation)

but what we ( read : as Acid Black Cherry fans) have to ask to our self now is …


You didn’t win the ticket lottery, are you willing to let go the chance to see yasu‘s live on stage …???


because i believe the more fans who able to let go and accept the fact that they didn’t win ticket and a chance to see yasu‘s Live will eliminate this market of re-sell Free Live ticket in the future.


yasu    :    look who is talking now …
noi       :    well …
yasu    :    now tell me are you willing to let go the chance to see me live ..?
noi       :    ah, you know what i am gonna say …
yasu    :    You won’t miss it for the world ??? …


enough with the Free Live talking, now it’s time for this very late …


~   Whatever Update for me …


Quick Japan vol. 119



L~エル~ Tour 2015 Pamphlet


The Postcard


and the very late of 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 Photobook : Kagoshima



then last but not least is this …

~  Boring Rambling of a Miserable fangirl …


I am somebody who find it is very hard to do everything that people said to me to do. In other way, i will do everything that people around me tellin me not to do,


but …

in this world, i have my mother who always right.

No matter what she said, it is always right and became true like when she said about how too much listening music loud with earphone will make me deaf. She’s already said that like forever ago and i ignored her and keep listening music with earphone in max sound as my way to escape from the world and people who keep talking to me.

Now look what happened to me,

it’s been like forever i didn’t listen music using my earphones to escape and ignore people talking around me. God givin me this situation that made me realize how stupid i was for not understand well how

to be able to listen well is a bless …

And as always, my mother is right.

I’d say, maybe this is because she is somebody that people will say as ahli ibadah (means : the worship experts) so i think it made her more close to God and God accomplished most of her prays.

I totally agree about people sayin …

Jika kamu merasa beruntung,
Ingatlah bahwa itu adalah doa ibumu yang dikabulkan.

If you feel lucky,
remember, that is your mother’s pray granted.


and i am one of those daughter who feel lucky everyday thanks for my mother’s pray. Sometimes, i imagine my mother as Maryam, the main character on Khaleed Hossaini‘s book ….

A Thousand Splendid Suns


A person that nonstop praying for me and for everything.

especially whenever i remember 4 years ago, how the three of us drink coca cola silently in the kitchen at night so my father won’t find out, it reminded to one scene on the book where Maryam, Laila and their 2 child secretly watching Titanic at their home when their husband Rasyeed not at home.

I can’t stop smiling whenever i remember that while sayin

Eh God, really …???

then here i am now waiting for me to get better while tryin again to be a better person. It’s really hard eh, to listen more and be a better person. I hope i won’t waste my mother’s pray for me anymore but of course i still hope to be able to go to Japan again to see yasu ne  …

So my passport will expired on 2017 ne ,

and with the new policy of free visa for Indonesian e-passport holder made me thinking about to apply for e-passport, so i don’t have to go to Japan Embasy in Jakarta to apply visa whenever i want to go to Japan. Surely it will save some money ne, because 4 times flight go to and back from Jakarta is quite expensive,

even though i still think my new passport will be less pretty with no visa paper posted on it. Yes, i am one of the people who think visa paper stamped will make my passport more pretty to see … xDDD

so again,
i hope on 2017, they will let this Detective Inspector Himura to fly wherever she want to fly ….


yasu    :    2017 is still a long time to go noi_chan …
noi       :    だから、do say Amin for me please … !!!
yasu    :    why should i …?
noi       :    because i am your fans ne, don’t you want me to see you live …?
yasu    :    do i …??

~  owari~

After Holiday Post Part 2 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

Part 2 is for ….


~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!

That day, i don’t wanna do anything. I didn’t event went down for breakfast even i woke up quite early that day. All i did was nothing but stayin on my bed, eat all many kind of instant noodles i bought from 7/11 near hotel and watch telly.

For me as an instant noodles lovers,

Japan never stop amazed me with so may variety of instant noodles they have on their konbinis.  So spent my last sleepless night after a lame date on a 7/11 do nothing but choose which instant noodles i am gonna eat tonight just make me happy.

That day, i  took almost one hour in the bathroom, nothing but stayin in the bathtub enjoyed this apple smell aroma-therapy that the hotel gave me.

It turned the hot water into green, but too bad it didn’t turned my skin into green as well …. >_<

They gave that aroma-therapy free at the lobby, and a package of facial cleaning stuffs when i did my check-in. Not only that,  they also give a free coffee at the lobby start from 11:00 PM.

That hotel is quite good i say, compared to the other hotel at Shibuya where i stayed last year.

and about 15 minutes later, i am ready to go …


go where …?

I went back again to Tokyo Station to get another yen. I changed most of IDR i have and got about another 55,000 yen supposed that would be enough for my last 2 days in Japan.

I also bought Shinkansen ticket to Osaka for tomorrow morning and it was about 13,250 yen for the non-reserved ticket, who knows i might woke up late.

After that, i just stayed there next to the station gate, watching peoples and train schedule there. And suddenly my eyes caught a nice scene of a man who got a red X when he wanted to go to get his train.

I dunno what happened to me, suddenly i just laughed to him. It was so funny eh, and i had no idea if he was looked at me until i finished my LOL to him. We weren’t that far, so it’s a normal if he was aware my LOL at him.

When i saw him lookin at me,  i was like

OMG, what did i do? this is very not polite eh, so …

i said to him        :   すみません, i am sorry, really sorry …
and he replied    :    大丈夫, and you look very happy
me                      :    me  …. ?
him                     :    はい、…

then we started to talk and laughed together,

it was quite fun eh because i remember he was tryin so hard to talk to me in his English mixed with Japanese while i also tried to replied him in my Japanese mixed with English ….


yasu      :   but, who is he …?
noi         :   dunno, he is just a stranger i meet at Tokyo Station ..
yasu      :   but you said you won’t talk to stranger
noi         :   i only laughed to him ne  ..
yasu      :   then talk …

i know i should not talk to stranger like that, but he was so funny eh. I mean, if you see his Eeeh …!!! face when the bar wont open for him, it was just so hilarious in a charming way just like the person himself.

I can’t even imagine if that kind of person is exist, especially a Japanese stranger that i just meet and LOL-ed at. Instead of mad at me he talked and even got my joke and laughed 

when i asked him  :   「Platform 9¾」 どこで ?  ….
he said                  :   それは、ひみつです. i don’t tell you ..
me                         :   ah, you won’t tell …

Eh God, i love when people got/understand my movie jokes …. xD

ah ya i should ask his name ne, or at least i ask if he is on Facebook or not eh, because that’s what people ask to other new people recently.

Instead askin a phone number, the common trending question now is ..

Do you have Facebook …?
Or twitter …?
Then what is your Facebook and twitter name? …

etc etc … because now everyone are exist on their own Social Networks. No matter with what kind of purpose they have. So just like what happened with The Jane Austen Man on my 1st flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, that day i missed my chance to know that hilarious man further.

I mean, who knows if he is also on Facebook eh …

Finished with talking and LOL-ing, i went to straight to Budokan, because it was already 15:00 PM.

Arrived there, i stopped first to McD near Budokan and had some chicken burger there. Ate my burger, sit there while watching so many Acid Black Cherry fans walking around with their many Acid Black Cherry GOODS with/on them.

And i did what i always do just exactly like what i always do when i see there’s yasu‘s photo posted on someone’s blog, Facebook or Tumblr. I said to myself where’s that image originally from.

What magazine, what pamphlet, poster or even Radio’s blog.

So that day, with a chicken burger on my hand i say to my self from what Acid Black Cherry Live/event’s are thoose GOODS i’ve seen that day.

A tote bag from Re:Birth Live, a bag from 69 Live (that bag is the best, i say … xD), keychain from Halloween Party, or

this my fave 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt


well, …

i should buy another one again because that shirt is 100% perfect with a red short pants. And believe me, i have more than 6 red pants but only one that 2007 Free Live white T-Shirt.

all Acid Black Cherry fans on the road that day, what i saw most of them was wearing Acid Black Cherry hoodie ….



Finished my late lunch i went to buy some snacks and mineral water at the nearest 7/11 where i meet 5 fans who was cosplaying complete The Otaku/Nerd.


Arrived at Budokan, ….

there’s so many people already gathered in front of the venue gate, and just like on Acid Black Cherry‘s other Live, there was also 2 boxes in front of the venue’s door where fans can put their letter, fan-mail or present for yasu or the support members there.


I put a letter for yasu there, because somebody asked me to write her a letter for yasu.

Just like my simple Japanese understanding, i wrote a simple letter in Japanese for yasu on behalf of my friend. Not sure what i wrote was correct or yasu will manage to read my double disaster handwriting in Japanese .

Actually, even i am studying Japanese with all my heart but i never study how to write nicely.

Because look at that my disaster handwriting that nobody can’t read. so i know you all can imagine how worst is if i tried to write in Japanese letter …


That’s why instead of practice to read and write with pencil and paper like what people do,

i put that Simeji App. on my phone and use it for my Japanese writing and reading practice by re-write again some of things on FC Magazine, song’s lyrics or something like this ….


from DearLovingMasa’s twitter, that’s Dear Loving‘s 4th Album cover with yasu‘s comment on it …

「おい、ディアラヴィ! いい曲いっぱい入ってるやんけ!やるぅ ♡」 by yasu

and when i posted it on my Facebook, i made some mistake by wrote that 「入」 as 「大」/「dai」. But then Yukki, as always kindly correct me …. xD

back to Budokan, ….

When i was going to enter the venue and showed my ticket to one of the staff, one of them to make sure i understand, she repeated what she already say to me in English.

She said       :    no camera, no phone camera inside ….. !!!
I said to her  :    はい、わかりました …

i entered the venue and started to confused about finding my seat.

Dunno whether is Budokan, is so BIG or i am somebody who really easy to get lost and confused about finding place?

yasu        :      is that a question …?
noi           :      yes, but the rhetorical one ..
yasu        :      didn’t you ask somebody ..
noi           :      i did, but  dunno, ….

so i walked all around at 2nd Floor Budokan to find my seat.

I finally managed to find my seat at almost top of the 2nd Floor . It was a bit scary tho,…

and next to me is a 40 year’s old woman, a mother with her daughter that non-stop lookin at me finished all snacks that i bought less because i already ran out of snacks before the Live begin.

Then finally when everything was dark, the Live begin with  …

1. Greed Greed Greed


「Greed Greed Greed」 is the 1st single released during this 「Shangri – La 」Tour as one part of Project 「Shangri – La 」 itself beside the Live and Meeting nation-wide.

When yasu started this Project 「Shangri – La 」 , i said to myself …

if i am going to watch 「Shangri – La 」 Live, i have to watch the final/last Live so i can see all the 3 latest single Live on stage.

Even i did make plan to go to 1st SEASON Live ~ Hokkaido together with Tekki but It was cancelled because my father got sick and also Tekki keep sayin no about joining me to watch yasu.

But now i think God made different plan for me so i ended going to Japan on Encore SEASON and i managed to see all 3 latest single Live on stage.

Greed Greed Greed well, it was OK


yasu      :     only OK …
noi          :    what am i supposed to say ..
yasu      :     say something else
noi          :     what …

my seat was so far behind and i lost my glasses, so i didn’t see things clearly but i know yasu was nonstop moving there and like an Energizer Bunny. I mean, he seemed like never ran out of battery …

even i know 「Greed Greed Greed」 complete lyrics, still i didn’t even understand what the hell was yasu yasu, especially on the part with an English lyrics.


yasu ….

i’d say always amused me whenever he sing a song with English lyrics because he always make me to listen it carefully to get what he was sayin no matter i already remember all the lyrics in my head, but i always ended sayin …

oh yasu, what the …. ????

That’s why, i  am not gonna say, i want yasu to learn English more so he can make a song with a full English lyrics, because he already did with JIGSAW ~ QED version that in so many ways confused me and also…

i agree with my sweet baby stroberry Taka when he said on some interview …

FM 802

Writing a song with full English lyrics doesn’t make the album/single SOLD OUT, and after all i am still a Japanese, so there’s something that i still prefer to say/write in Japanese.

so if i say yasu need to improve his English, it’s because i want him to have a better and less confusing pronunciation on some English lyrics on his songs

2. Murder License
3. Rakuen
4. Chou

this is funny eh, …..


dunno what happened, maybe he was too sexcited or nervous but he started this song earlier. Even Hiro had not finished his guitar but yasu already started sayin


and i was like

えええ〜〜〜 、yasu …???

but then as fast as how i finished sayin that えええ〜〜〜 、yasu ….??? , he (read : yasu, not taka) fixed it and everything is perfect. I even say this Chou – Live version is perfect even with a bonus of that an earlier めを ….xD

on the 1st MC, …

yasu said how grateful he is to see everyone came to his Live at Budokan that night, because that day ….

May 29th 2014 in Tokyo beside Acid Black Cherry Live at Budokan, there was also LUNA SEA Live at Yoyogi and L’arc~en~Ciel at Kokuritsu ….

but as you all know,  some of his close friends like his BBF DAIGO, Akihide, Shinpei and even ka-yu was there too

5. 1954 LOVE/HATE
6. Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~


This one,  Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  is nothing but AWESOME

I say everyone,  that was totally AWESOME and i am sure to you all Acid Black Cherry fans who ever seen this song Live on Stage agree with me. And to you all who are start to make a plan to go to Japan and see Acid Black Cherry Live,

hope you’ll be able to see this, because Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  live version is …


a perfect package of a sexy man, complete with a sexy song and voice     …

7. Kimi ga Inai, Ano hi Kara…


Live version complete with all those lightening and special effect make this song more heavenly and longing and less simple. Because this song is a simple and longing song eh, about somebody who realized now he/she isn’t here anymore …

8. Maria
9. so…Good night.


awww, ….

i really love this man and i suppose this Acid Black Cherry fever on me is  ….

いつも おわらない、よ 。。。!!!!

10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Alibi~


i am so glad finally i get a chance to see this song Live because i like this song, i mean i always adore how yasu put the idea about

~Kami-sama no Alibi~  / God’s Alibi —> an Alibi for God …

even when i listen to that song for the first time, it kinda felt weird for myself. In my whole life, until now i am somebody who never think if there’s an Alibi for God. Everyone needs an alibi, but not God

Because God is God,

the Greatest that never ever need an alibi because God never do wrong no matter how i love to blame God for whatever bad things on my life because i believe God has it own reason, that we have to figured out what is God reason for let this or that things happened to us.

So why would God need an alibi for?

that’s why  that ~Kami-sama no Alibi~ terms from yasu was a bit surprised for me.

12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri-la


14. doomsday clock (request)


that song was requested by a girl on 2nd Floor that seems like not into Acid Black Cherry that much. It was so obvious ne, because she asked Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~  while that song is already played before …

i am sure she didn’t even know which song is Kuroneko~Adult Black Cat~ or not
I dunno why but i think on this 「Shangri – La 」Tour there’s so many that not into Acid Black Cherry audience (read : people who went there just because asked by their friends to go along, or else …) their seat number got selected on the request song part.

How the hell, they were so lucky like that?

yasu     :     ah not again noi_chan …
noi        :     yes, again and again i am jealous, why not?
yasu     :     so if your seat got selected, what would you say to me …
noi        :     ah ya, i gotta say something …

why i never think about this ne …

all think about was how i have to say I want nemuri hime …!! to yasu if my seat number might got selected because i remember yasu also asked some questions like …

what’s your name,
where do you come from,
and with whom do you come tonight … etc etc

then what am i gonna say eh, because i am sure have a real talk with yasu must be really hard for me especially with my very very simple Japanese understanding

15. scar (request)


While that song,

scar was requested by a woman also on 2nd Floor and she was quite close to my seat.She is a mother who is really into Acid Black Cherry, because when yasu asked her what song would you like tonight  …. ?

with confidence she answered scar

see that is what i mean with a fans who is really into Acid Black Cherry, who knows what she wants didn’t have to again and said lots of あの 。。。-ing or えっと 。。。-ing ..

17. 20+∞Century Boys


They also did some change

where yasu was on drum, Hiro on vocal, but they with changing part didn’t play anything. I mean they only kinda make fun with the instruments and Hiro‘s FUBAR screamin acting as vocalist.

and else but maybe it was a joke or something because all the audience were laughing. so f that was really a joke then i didn’t get what kind of joke was that.



then like a dream, that live suddenly over


followed with yasu shoot various color balls (with his signature on it) to the audience with that BALL GUN (?) and my fave ending is how yasu always took his shirt off and throw it to the audience.


I had so much fun, and once again ….

yasu completed me as one of his fangirl.

But i believe, this complete feeling i have after able to see 「Shangri – La 」Live soon will turned into in-complete again when yasu releasing something new (single or album). Because 2 years ago, after finished Erect Live at Yoyogi i also said …

thank you yasu, you complete me … !!!

But look what happened ne,

i still go to Japan again, so i think that’s like a never ending circle on a Fangirl Life to be forever once again will try to go to Japan again to see yasu and turned the in-complete into complete again …

What a Fangirl eh …

The Live finished and i went back to my hotel because tomorrow morning i have to go to Osaka.

Can’t believe when the Live is over nothing left but so much happiness and tired. All over my legs was hurt, i walked so slow while lookin at all those VK bandmans who was waiting out of the venue to give their band’s flyers and CD demo …

got into my train, dunno why but the mixed feelings between too happy and too tired made me cry alone there until i fell asleep and

ended in Tokyo Sky Tree Station again … #JustWhatTheHueeell!!!

so that was a hell of a long night of me back again to my hotel. All i wanted was nothing but to be on my bed …

that’s all everyone, next part it will be on my next post as A Long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 7 ~  Day  4 (Tokyo ~ Osaka)

next is this …

~ Whatsoever things from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK because i have no idea why it take me forever to finish this PHOTOBOOK, so please bear with me.

Nah this time is for …



and moving backward for yasu‘s outfit on 「Shangri-la」 Tour , that i am sure you already see it if you are team_yasu‘s group on Facebook members.

So, this time is for …


# The costume theme for 3rd SEASON is Leopard. Not only the shirt, but the tank top under it was also leopard, and …
# they (whoever they are) put a vest that actually was the same vest that HIRO was wearing during 1st SEASON Live, while
# for the accessories, sometimes they put it simple and in other day they make it less simple ..



#  theme for 2nd SEASON is zebra, a zebra pattern transparent shirt that originally made fit to yasu

and for the shirt button …

# they (whoever they are) added a mini skull as one of it. While for the pants it’s the same leather pants that yasu was wearing on the previous SEASON 1.

So i think it is quite simple but i like this 2nd SEASON‘s costume eh  ….


because that shirt is a transparent shirt, so it made the back part look more sexy,  ah, you know what i mean …. xD . And  last but not least, to close this a very2 long post,

i am gonna talk about …


yasu     :      what, another movie …..?   *going somewhere*
noi         :     no, don’t worry because my movie talk is for next post …
yasu     :      eeh …
noi        :      i am gonna talk about …

~  My Waiting for The next Recreation Album  …


ever since i read the last post on The Official Blog, i keep wondering what the hell is yasu busy with now. Maybe preparing for the upcoming a-nation Live at the end of this month or i maybe

i say maybe eh, maybe …

as what they (whoever they are, again …) sayin if he is still doing music production each day, so it’s forever OK if i guess he is preparing something new. New single or maybe a new album.

As how Acid Black Cherry‘s single and album release sequence, and just like what Yukki said to me,if it is an album then next it’s time for Recreation 4 album …

Then he must already start to choose what songs he is going to cover.

And of course it is forever OK again for me to wondering (or posted a fubar request to whoever might read read this long and boring post) if maybe he will do cover songs that i like to hear recently.
i am talking about this song …



斉藤和義 – 歌うたいのバラッド

嗚呼 唄うことは

嗚呼 目を閉じれば



嗚呼 唄うことは



ぼくらを乗せて メロディは続く…
wow wow…

雨の夜も 冬の朝もそばにいて

ハッピーエンドの ah

i really want yasu to cover that song, even i know D-Lite (BIG BANG) already do that for his 1st single in Japan and BENI did an English cover as well,

but still i wanna hear how is yasu‘s version.



At this time, i’d say D-Lite cover version is better. I mean how that he amazed me by making that song into K-Pop. I am sure yasu‘s version (if he cover this song) is gonna be good as well …

Dunno why,

these days i just wanna listen to that kinda mellow songs. Not because i ate lots of melon at night but maybe because it is approaching the end of the year, as what people say it as a longing time

then lemme say again …

愛してる …

noi       :    愛してる よ … !!!
yasu    :   how many time you’re gonna say that …?
noi       :   for you, 1,000 times over …
yasu    :   日本語で?
noi       :   あなたのため、千倍にも 。。。? (^^♪



はなさない … Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu on A Day Like Today)

On a Day Like Today, …


I’d say it is a perfect day to write something.

Sit in front of my laptop screen with an empty ElJay  to write at 13:00 PM after lunch when everyone finally stop talking to me after i finally stop cryin in front of all my office mates like a sixth grader.

very well, let’s talk about …

~   The Election Day


yes, i voted ….!!!

as a good citizen, i use my right to vote and hopefully it will bring some change in a good way to my country. The Election yesterday was for House of Representative members. There was some money offering and can you believe if they only give 10,000 IDR (about 1 Dollar) for my vote?

Ah come on only 1 Dollar?

i am gonna get nothing with only 1 Dollar in CDJapan eh. That’s weird because i’ve seen other person got 50,000 IDR (5 Dollars). Nah 5 Dollars it’s more make sense to me, at least you can get a sticker on CDJapan with that.

I voted and i saw Mr. Friday‘s name there, but …


yasu     :    you didn’t vote for him …
noi        :    not gonna say anything ..
yasu     :    then what about that
President of My Heart thing …?
noi        :    well, it’s not personal eh ya_san …
yasu     :    don’t tell me if somebody gave you money …

I supppose that day is the first time in my life to really vote. Since my first vote, i never think about it like how i never care about politics.

But this time is different, i have my own choice and that choice even it based on relation and connection to my work and the upcoming work that i will do, i think i did it pretty good.

Then after that i spent my whole day with watching QED Live DVD


when did the last time i watch that DVD? i think it was forever ago. That time was the time, unlike now i really love to play my DVD on telly watch it then sing like no one will hear me. It might sounds weird to some of you but i use to watch all my DVD together with my father.

maybe because at that time we only have one telly so he had to join me watching yasu singing until finish one DVD then he can change it to telly drama that he loved to watch with his wife (read : my mother).

QED Live DVD is one of my fave except the OFFSHOOT part.

I don’t like it at all, i mean i don’t like to see yasu cried like that. I wonder why did they had to put it on DVD …? Yes i agree if they wanted to show what he is been through during finishing QED Live with that throat problem he had. For me, show him cryin like that, just make me sad in someway eventough i know he is fine now.

but still that DVD is an awesome piece especially this

愛してない ~ Accoustic ver.


This  愛してない ~ Accoustic ver. is the main erason why i bought that DVD.

At that time i didn’t buy much stuff like now because it was still a hard time for me where i am still a probie in this company i work and of course as a probie i didn’t have much money to buy stuffs like that.

That’s why i really had to choose which one that i really buy or not.

I remember how hard is for me to buy only one w/ DVD version of Re-Birth single. Even now i have all the versions but still mine is not the real original 1st Press because i bought that on Yahoo Auctions.

Aaand as always watching an Acid Black Cherry Live DVD especially with yasu looks so HOT as HOT as Mumbay on May like that of course ended with me went to Gickr and make this sexy GIF of yasu ..

Eh God, i love that site  …

Enough with drolling part, now now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 again and this time is with


~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting   ~  Ibaraki

so from Gunma, 『Shangri-la』 Project moved to Ibaraki prefecture and  『Shangri-la』 Meeting was held in an outdoor at Aeon Mall Tsukuba and it was a cold but fairy wheather with lots of people gathered.


The MC‘s name is Anthony who is a comedian also active as a reporter on a show on MUSIC ON TV called 「Countdown E.T」. A professional indeed, full of laughs moderated talks about plenty activities and music of Acid Black Cherry.

first of all is yasu’s memories about Ibaraki

Well, i am not that much. Me, i am a Kansai person so i don’t have much edge about Kanto. I came to do Live performance and if it said to be a memory, then there’s it. Said about Ibaraki, then it still got the Yankee image.

That’s because the distance that you can go to and back in a day from Tokyo to Ibaraki so there’s not much oppotunity to stay there either.

then next question is the existance of fans for yasu

it is an irreplaceable and necessary existance. Because this (『Shangri-la』 Project) can be mawareru (nationwide) like this is because there’s fans. Nothing i can say but thankful.

and then talk about music topic, it’s about the previous 2 singles, a question/opinion from the MC, Anthony

I heard all 2 of them, both PV make me think,  『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 PV in particular. Though it was my impression but it was so Burlesque or Chicago movie.

that’s a quite sharp opinion, and yasu‘s  ..

I thought about to make a world of Burlesque for this song’s PV, so i am aware about the view of that movie’s very much.

next is talking about music production

『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 can it really do for live?

I remember that song was made while i am thinking (laugh). Though the song wasn’t brief, as the music a play of the musical instrument was quite difficult and i made that music while wondering how much it can be reproduce.

It counts no less for worry, but i made it well on live even there’s also failure but the audience out so friendly excited and pleased even with such failure (laugh).

and then followed with dialect of Ibaraki that you want to teach to yasu_san,

ah that’s too long  to read  …


noi       :    why did they have to wrote it that long eh …
yasu    :    you lazy fangirl …
noi       :    i skipp that …
yasu    :    like you skipp other things …

Let’s skipp that and continue with this …

~    Whatsoever Update ..

this time is for OFFSHOOT for Osaka ~ Shimane


Enjoii …!!!

now let’s move to the boring part is this ..

~   My Long Rambling …

2 weeks ago, i had a dream.

So on my dream i was jumped into a swimming pool, i mean see that’s weird ne because everyone know if i can’t swim. But hell yeah, that’s only dream ne, which sometimes it made everything more easy. But i always believe if dream is a sign from whoever UP there for all of us in this mortal world.

And there’s a lot of sign you can read from dreams, for sexample …

~    if you had a dream there’s a snake bite you, then you will meet your soul mate soon, and ..
~    if you had a dream you lost some part of your body (
teeth, hand or leg) means you will loose someone that is important for you, i mean someone will be dead.

When my father died, i dreamed about loosing one of my hand. At that time i didn’t think about it because it was a normal for my father being sick and spent some times at hospital. But then that day that dream i ignored became true. he died just like that.

then, in my case

~    if i had a dream related with water like took a bath, shower, jump in the swimming pool it’s a sign if i am gonna get sick.

and it started this morning, i woke up with pain all over me then continued with me can’t even speak. Even i know that’s gonna come and it’s became kinda like my routine sickness where there’s a time when i can’t even speak or eat at least for 2 weeks. But still, that was and is still hurt, especially every morning.

People often say if it happen because lack of Vitamin C, but no matter how much Vitamin C i took added with another vitamin A,B,D, and even this

Vitamin y  (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday)  …

yasu      :      what the …
noi         :       it didn’t work eh, lookin at you didn’t ease my pain
yasu      :       do i look like a pain killer …
noi         :       of course not …

Doctor said if this is something hormonal, and for some hormonal issue he gave me the same hormonal pills that screwed me in another way. That’s why i don’t like doctor ne, in my eyes doctor is kinda like a disease digger. I mean they always managed to find something wrong with you.

So from today the time when i hate people started,

all people around me (in real life) who keep talking to me and nonstop sayin what’s wrong with you?  say something ….!!! to me. Damn i hate all of them, my office mate who carelessly sayin OMG, you can’t even talk? poor you and the other one make it worst by said some jokes to make me laugh.

And i can’t stop myself to laughed because his joke is so funny. I laughed a lot even it hurt me and ended with me cryin in front all of them. Why did they do that eh, i am really in pain and that’s so mean gave me joke to make me laugh.

Some people says i am a funny person, they enjoyed talking to me and share some jokes, yes i do love make jokes but not this time. This is the time when i will put my earphone on the maximal volume to lock myself alone, let nobody talk to me and hate all people who talk to me.

I wish i know how to use sign language like Gill Grissom.

If you watch CSI ~ Las Vegas, you must know him.

Gill Grissom the head of Las Vegas Crime Lab before Ray Langston and he is my fave. Grissom has a deaf mother, that’s why he can speak in sign language perfectly. He also know if there’s some kind of accent on sign language for each area.

i think sign language is perfect for me these up and coming days and all i need now is people to stay away from me, stop talkin to me and leave me alone. And me, as Javanese who always tryin to see light even on a darkest hour i still say …

Thank God, it happen now …

and it will only 2 weeks eh, i’ll hang on for that. I can’t imagine if this happen next month when i am in Japan. I mean i don’t wanna get lost just because i can’t speak just to ask direction. That would be very awful eh …

OK, enough with the long rambling, and you all can ignore that and now let’s talk about …


ONE OK ROCK is a band that i know only from the audio. I mean i never see their PV it even surprised me when i find out if they are Japanese Band. Because i remember my first time listen to their song it as a full English Lyrics song,

Notes and Words …?

i think so, nah 3 days ago on my sleepless night, i was just searching randomly and then found some site with their Live @Budokan called This is My Budokan. And i just can’t stop watching it until now especially on this part  ..

that night i was like kinda got slapped right in my face over and over by this song



ONE OK ROCK ~ カゲロウ


巻き戻してみたら この想いは見えるかな?
早送りしたら この感情は残るのかな?

そんなワケないって 笑ってみるけど





何気ない仕草でも 目だけは君だけを追っていた
君と会うと決めた日は どれだけ自分を隠しただろう?

I wander around unable to convey
My feelings for you that sparkle in my thoughts

When realization hit me, I stood here
Feelings I had no intention of embracing in my hand
Could I see my affection if I tried to rewind?
I wonder if it’ll stay if I fast-forwarded

“Yeah, right,” I try to say with a laugh
But even my smile’s strained

My feelings for you sparkle in my thoughts
I can’t be honest with myself yet
Even though I’ve realized the truth
My body’s throbbing with the words I can’t get out

I’ll fade away if I’m too aware
Why does that seem so lonely?

Why do my words spilling out with a “whatever” attitude
Make them colder than usual?

My feelings for you sparkle in my thoughts
I can’t be honest with myself yet
Even though I’ve realized the truth
I’m still just here with the words I can’t get out

Maybe I was nonchalant, but you’re the only one my eyes were chasing
When I think about it, I might have already fallen for you
How far away did I hide my true self the day I decided to meet you?
When I think how much being hated scared me, I was in love

i think i kinda started something that i don’t even sure what it is.

More i think about it more i feel like a fool. I mean i know for sure it is impossible to happen even i read and heard so many wonderful things said to me. I was flattered yeah, blame me i am still an ordinary girl who love to talk and sometimes tease in the same way.

I was confused, but now i know there’s something called line in here that i have to aware and think about. So i think what i am gonna do now is moove backward for everything before it gets deeper and i can’t fix it. I don’t wanna hurt anybody especially me i also don’t wanna get hurt.

After all, my heart now isn’t in a good condition to get hurt so everything has to be end ..

Last but not least, people say you have to make a wish on your birthday ne. Actually i don’t want anything but if i have to make a wish, what i want is i want to be healthy again as me 3 years ago and …

i also want my father back …


yasu     :    that’s impossible ….
noi        :    then i want you …
yasu     :    sorry that’s also impossible, remember there’s a LINE ne ..
noi        :    okay
yasu     :    人生 は、大変 です ね noi_chan, you can’t get everything you want …

~ owari~

Waaa, yasu …!! Post : New Single 君がいない、あの日から … (another me, yasu and this Mad/Crazy Woman)


Finally everyone, after all this time ….

Acid Black Cherry‘s New Single title and some of the covers announced … #yay

…..   君がいない、あの日から …




                                  …. Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …
You’re not here anymore, since that day

that is the new single title. Aaand this really pale yasu posted on the Official Home Page yesterday  …

pale yasu

then today they posted this frustatedly HOT of yasu that frustated me as well on some certain way that i will never understand   …


I think they  kinda playin some teasing game to us for this new single ne …

like a stingy stepmoter to more than 1,000,000 curious stepchildrens that her new husband gave her to take care of ….

share the details step by step, one by one from 

~    The Release Date,


~    then The Single Title


and  …

~    Cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition


~    Cover for The Special Price edition …


~    Cover for CD Only,


~    The 4 trading cards to hunt …


~    The various bonus from different versions …

Poster Calendar for FC version 


A for w/ DVD Limited Edition


B for CD Only Edition

Mini Clear File for Mobile FC version


Sticker if you buy from mu-mo


when i made my order for this new single, i said to my proxy  …

i don’t wanna know how, but i want all 4 differerent bonuses おねがい 。。。。!!!!

i suppose it is time for the Greed inside me to be ON ne, and i did my Greed part since i wasn’t able or never able to choose not to have one or maybe two of them.

And and also i didn’t win BAFTA (FYI there was no Bennedict on this year’s BAFTA ne ) no matter how dramatic i am, so it’s not a crime anyway for me being Greed. So what can i say next but this hooray … !!! and



noi          :     very well, i am CALM anyway ….
yasu       :     really …

noi          :     indeed i am …

~     The Recreation Track …

it will be this Forget me Not by Yutaka Ozaki

and that Forget me Not actually is the name of a flower. Not only yasu, Hongkong moviestar and singer Nicholas Tse also covered that song on 2006.

Thoose lovely images covers, i say that’s such a gloomy cover ne, and for me that cover for w/ DVD Limited Edition cover, it was like a secret box full of lot of things un_discovered if you don’t look at it closely over and over.

for example, me …

my 1st look at that gloomy cover was from my twitter Time Line, lots of nice and kind people i followed on twitter posted and RT_ed it. Aaand as you all know how wacky twitter is now about showing not the whole part image posted, i didn’t see (read : don’t wanna see)  that reflection of yasu and ….

because it was only look like this on my twitter Time Line


then when i click on The Official Home Page and see the whole image, i was like ….

Eh God, i didn’t see that girl ….


yasu        :      うそ , you didn’t say that …
noi           :      omo ya_san, how did you know …
yasu        :      go tell everyone what did you say …
noi           :      OK, actually i said  …

Thank God, i didn’t see it first ….. *heavenly happy*

yasu       :      ah, still the same you …
noi          :      blimey ….

all that things i see for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th … etc etc time i lookin at that cover image closely with blurry eyes, i believe i’ve seen some children there beside yasu and that whatsoever girl there.

that’s why i say …

What a Gloomy  cover ne …

and yasu were sit like that, lookin at some point on the water with that face that i’d say as a longing (surely it’s not a bored) face like that plus how they will released it on March 11th

aand the title is ..

君がいない、あの日から …..

i say that would be a longing song and yes a ballad maybe a song about a feeling of longing somebody (lover, family, friends … etc etc). wanna see them but they can’t because

君がいない、あの日から …..

you’re not here anymore, since that day …

That day is March 11th, the same day when earthquake happened. Suppose that’s the feelings of people who left behind, the one who survived from that disaster of mother nature. Ah, now i can’t wait to hear how this song is gonna be like and the lyrics surely …

Anyway, talking about left behind ne,

if i have to choose to be the left behind or the leaving one, i’d rather be the leaving one. Because ones who already leave, they don’t have to do anything. But ones who left behind (families, friends or lovers) have lots of things to handle.

dealing with the after situation, dwelling or other things that surely different with before. I feel this now, almost a year since my father died i start to miss him. I dunno how to explain this feeling i have now but i just want him back to live. Even with the same hard and full angry situation that would be fine.

In short, i just want him back.

I talked about this with my Islamic teacher. He is my teacher since i was a little girl, until now i still talk and ask about things that bothered me or i confused about especially for religion matters.

He said rather than dwelling about something that is 100% impossible, it would be better if i send my prays to my father everyday after my 5 times daily prays.

yeah, i do that …

because i do believe as long as that trumpet hasn’t blown by one of God‘s angel, i still able to send prays on behalf of my father. They said died peoples in after life world, all of them in some conditions based on what they did when they were livin.

Some of them may in a breathless like they are drowning or something. All they need is some air to breath and that is prays that their still livin child, husband, wife send from this mortal world. And when the end of the world comin, everything would be different. It will be his something like

Yours is yours and Mine is Mine, sharing and giving will not work.

That’s why as long as we are still alive in this mortal world i believe it would be better for us to pray on behalf of our beloved families, friend and others that leavin us behind and we do care about.  ….


yasu     :      look who is talking …
noi        :      omo, that’s too long eh, so sorry ooo
yasu     :      what is wrong with you …
noi        :      nothing, it’s just … ah i dunno what to say, but

i am in the phase where i need to do my 5 times a day pray,

unlike before where i only pray 5 times a day just because there’s this phrase of  “5 times a day praying is something mandatory and i’ll be burn in hell if i don’t do it” . Now it’s different ne, somehow i feel there’s something feels not right or missing if i haven’t mo my daily pray.

i am not gonna say i am more religious now, because i think my faith is still in the same level. But i will say if now i am in the phase of me act as a spoiled girl to my God.

I ask this, ask that … etc etc in short, i have so many things to say/ask.

perhaps i feel guilty now, since i was such a really bad bad daughter for him.  I wish i could turn back time, i would do things differently even i know that would be very hard for me to not to be mad and turned myself into a very bad daughter that a father can have.

It started on my last vacation in Singapore, Universal Studio precisely. When i was on the line to enter Transformers Ride i saw there’s a family next to me.

A father, mother and their 2 daughters.

One of the girl talked to her father about she wanted him to buy something for her, while her father kinda tease her by sayin ..

OK, l’ii buy you … as long as you ….

i didn’t get it clearly but i suppose you all  know that kind of parent way do to tease their children, and that girl (she is about 16 years old) said ..

aaah, daddy i hate you …  bla bla bla

while start to hit his father with her 2 bare hands and his father just laughed and continued to tease her like. It looks so fun ne. Then suddenly i feel envy to that girl, just like how i envy to all little girls who went to a cinema with their father.

See i am a moviegoers, love movies so much and so was my father.

The only happy moment i can remember with my father was when we all sit in front our telly watching movies or serial telly. I watched 1st Transformers movie and the 2nd with him. It was a fully jolly moment for us and when there was commercial for Universal Studio’s Transformer Ride i said …

One day, i will go there …

So last January, i was there and in front of that gate of Sci-Fi city i said to myself …


here i am now, and let’s see if i can handle MEGATRON ….

since i kept sayin how he is only a robot, so he is nothing. But the real is, that time i was beaten by him (read : MEGATRON, not yasu)  no matter how many times i say …

no, no MEGATRON i am so sorry ….


he still beat me, made me up and then smacked me down like hell. I know it was some 3D vision and shakes combination ride, but still it was extremely frightening, especially for me the one who always say bad about MEGATRON and use him to threaten others. …

for example when i UP_ed the English translated Acid Black Cherry Manga, not enough just by put a password to un_SHERLOCK_ed the file, i also put some threat on the PDF File like this …

This is  …  material,

so yes it’s only for you and if you dare to share it with others without my knowledge,  i will ask MEGATRON to kick your ass …

yeah something like that, sounds rude eh. Now the karma returned to me, because finally MEGATRON kicked my ass back that day when i was inside that full of sex ….


yasu       :      eeeh cotto ….
noi          :      eh sorry,  no i mean shakes ne
yasu       :      hei, what’s wrong with you ….
noi          :      sorry seems like my brain and fingers are a bit disconnected …

OK, i mean when i was inside of that full of shakes ride. It felt like forever for me and it won’t stop even i insanely sreamin called everybody

Pappii, mommy, Tekki …. !!!


bit embarrassing moment to tell, but yeah i called my mother, father, sister and hope all of will end soon, But it didn’t worked, so now i realized that must be the karma came to me after all those threats i posted to everyone who DL my stuffs …

i am really sorry ne,

and from now on i promise i will not do that kind of threats using MEGATRON again, so you can do whatever you want to my stuffs. Share it to your friends, … etc etc it’s fine as long as you don’t make it public for some stuffs.


So, even yeah i had so much fun there at Universal Studio but it was kinda like empty and the result is now i became hate to be in a crowded place more than i hate it before. Because now when i am in a crowded place, i feel more lonely ….

ah sorry to make you all bored with my rambling again ne, so next is this …




i won the lottery tickets for  Larc~en~Ciel Live at Tokyo National Stadium next month … !!!


I won 2 tickets for 1st and 2nd day performances. It seems like yesterday was my very lucky day because Tekki also won 2 tickets ne, so we both won 4 tickets to see L’arc on March.

That’s so confusing ne, because i had to choose between HYDE or yasu that night, it’s really hard, harder than

~   when i have to choose which one is i like more that new Benedict’s SHERLOCK or Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK.


I say i like the new version even Jeremy Bratt’s SHERLOCK also full of surprise in a wonderful way because Jeremy Bratt, i think he is the real vampire ne …

~  or when i have to not being mad to people who said it’s OK to say/wrote L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.


I was a bit mad, when Tekki show me that posted on our L’arc group on Facebook. Tekki had to write a long comment just to make them see what and error is to say/write L’Arc~en~ Ciel as LEC.

They said it’s OK because it’s the same thing as how we say/write ABC for Acid Black Cherry, RHCP for Red Hot Chilli Perrers, SID for Superman is Dead (this is a punk Indonesian band).



i suppose they didn’t do their search very well, because L’Arc~en~ Ciel it is one word ne, a French word that means rainbow. Even they use ~ or to separated it, it’s still one word, that you cannot make  an abbreviation from. Why didn’t they say/write L’Arc or Laruku like how Japanese fans often say.

Geez, i am so #L’Arc_ed now …

i think i need a new word of Endless for this Bahama Love Triangle


yasu      :    but noi_chan, you said
noi         :    i am so changeable ne, remember…?
yasu      :    ah ya …
noi          :   ….

at the beginning i already said my sister is the one who is going to Japan to see La’rc but that time i never imagine if we both will won 4 tickets ne.

I thought it will be only 1 or 2 tickets.

Thank God, last night my friend helped me to made up my mind, so i choose to wait for the result for Shangri – la Encore Season even it will end with i don’t get tickets, i will say …

Ah yasu lah …. XD ..

next is, ah ya …

~     The Next Part for 2nd Season PHOTOBOOK …

this one is for Niigata Part …


Enjoii …..

and talking about PHOTOBOOK, i mean the 3rd Season. Look at these cover for …

Fan Club version


TSUTAYA version ….


OMG that’s yasu on suit for TSUTAYA version …. #waaa  ほしい 。。。!

all the TSUTAYA version covers are so beautiful ne, don’t you think so?  and when i look at it,  i always say : omo, i wish i had my order for TSUTAYA version … bla bla bla then ended with lots of

#Huueee ….

damn, it’s really hard to be CALM for this man eh,

even for me as an adult fangirl that supposed to be calm on every situation. But it’s so hard to do or think about especially when he looks so HOT and allow you not to go to India on May when you want to feel some HOT Summer by lookin him like this …

HOT as HOT Mumbay on May …. *still on fire*


noi       :      熱い な 。。。。 …
yasu    :      oh not again noi_chan, もういい ね 。。。
noi       :      omo, did you just call me Moi ….
yasu    :      she is crazy again … .

Crazy Fangirl ne, talking about that ne,

today at office i start to Google_ing about finding a nice, comfy and not sexpensive hotel for my sister to say next to Tokyo National Stadium, how to reach the hotel from Haneda by bus, train … etc etc and others things to prepare. Then suddenly i saw that post, it’ was something like social network site but i never see it.

I saw my Calling for yasu In The Sky with no Diamond‘s photo posted there,

and there was some comments and because it was not in English, Japanese or Indonesian, so i have to use Google Translate to read it. And you all know how Google Translate is very good about make people lost in translation it gave me 2 options.

what they said about me as ….

~   Crazy Woman, or
~   Mad Woman …

OMG is that what they thought about me? i knew i should stop writing all these silly  things here. But if don’t write, i can’t feel better because this blog is my personal therapy, it’s free and make me happy ne

Actually  i don’t really care about that, but still i say …

Mad/crazy Woman, really ….?


yasu      :    so are you Mad now …?
noi         :    no, why would i? …
yasu      :    then crazy …?
noi         :    omo, when you are looking like that, how can i’m not crazy …?


Moanday Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tochigi … (another me, yasu and The Earth Goes Around The Sun)

Tochigi  …..

is the 2nd prefecture for this 4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』 around Kanto.

『Shangri-la』  Live Performance in Tochigi was held in Utsunomiya City Cultural Center last February 10th, 2014. It was six years ago when Acid Black Cherry had 2008 BLACK LIST Tour in Tochigi.

And yasu, who enjoys local gourmet in each place  and this time in Tochigi this gourmet called 「これぞ栃木 」/「Tochigi Korezo」 has greeted yasu.


Speaking about Tochigi, after all it’s also speak about gyoza/dumplings. UtsunomiyaTochigi prefecture is dumpling consumption city in Japan. With many dumpling shops in the town, a city of delicious dumplings.

This very delicious dumpling that already introduced in 「Shangri-la 」  Meeting previous day.

had a delicious meal, and then followed with the talk in the dressing room. And yasu were talking about a shampoo he use recently ..


「this is really good … 」

and about him pursued health with a healthy goods and bought some goods called 「Healing Body Distortion」 by mail order. Then the talks spread from there to what movie you want to see recently … etc etc while they entered the venue.

aand help Junji_san to put his contact lens just before the live started.


then question selected on on The Question Corner is …

Something that you’d think as troublesome and you would just skip …?

yasu‘s answer is …

now i will speak about video games. I was the type that like video games so much and play one game thoroughly since i was a little boy.

But it becomes rare for me to do it recently, even i haven’t cleared the last Monster Hunter. I am a 3流 Hunter now (laugh).

I buy a new game even now, but it was not longer to finish till the end. Is this ” become an adult ” thing ? (laugh).

I was devoted so much of doing that until now and sad when i think about doing these and become an adult.

ah when it came about Monster Hunter, he is still forever a boy ne …

aand talking about Monster Hunter ne, i have no idea why CD Japan put that Monster Hunter on my fave list. So last week i got 3 same emails about that Monster Hunter release information like this …


then i was like,

Really, did i put that Monster Hunter on my fave List ….?

noi       :    because i am an Alien Hunter, not Monster Hunter
yasu    :    still do the same hunting …
noi       :    but Monster is something that i will not hunt.

Because when i am mad, with all bad words i say to other people near me, i become a Monster.  So why would i hunt a Monster anyway …  ..

yasu    :    so now i have to hunt you  …?
noi       :    Yes please  … *wink*

now let’s see The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 10.02.2014 Utsunomiya City Cultural Center

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Prologue End (request)
15. Kono Aozora no Mukou Ni (request)
16. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ

and The Kewpie is …



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s the delicious 餃子/Gyoza/Dumpling …

So cute, ne and the head it looks like a Roman soldier’s helmet or a Lama‘s hat in Tibet? …

and then

~    next chapter of  2nd SEASON ..

this time is for Nagano part,

i just love this part especially the Meeting which the called as The Dark Meeting but of course there was no Darth Vader there … xD


so enjoii again …

Today is Monday, i say …

Huff … What a Moanday …

As always Monday is a very fast day. A day when everyone, especially my boss want everything fast. Send your report fast, send the money fast, call the electric engineer … etc etc. I the best i can to be fast, but still i am not that fast enough.

And i have no idea why those machines and digital weighbridge choose to failed to start on Monday. OMG didn’t they have other day to choose? Why didn’t they choose Friday ne? I really hate went things went wrong on Monday.

so no activities today but to fix that.

Nothing to do and no money’s comin but lots of money came out. It should be both ne, i mean there is money came in and came out so i can do my job. Do you know what’s keep moving beside earth that goes around the sun …?

It’s money …

money’s keep movin everyday, and of course it’s not literally moving but you all know what kind of moving i am talking about.

Then by that move of money human see a possibility to make a profit and that’s something i say as a trading, and then eventually there will be a market.

and that market is everywhere,

including in this 「Shangri-la 」Season,

you know the ticket selling and buying thing. From the Fan Club Lottery, general seller, re – seller and of course the most wanted to ban auction seller.

With this as they say, how very hard to get tickets for Acid Black Cherry Live is plus so many Acid Black Cherry Fans out there who really want to have see yasu live on stage but they couldn’t get.

I say it created a market ne

let’s just say they didn’t win the Fan Club Lottery and general sales, went to re-seller but they didn’t find a closer to the stage seat that they want. Then last option, they checked into an auction’s site and found it of course with higher price that still they will buy/bid …

Even we all know how Acid Black Cherry banned some seats on every Live, but that site is still on ne. Why? that’s because the market still exist and about high up in the sky price than the original price (7,500 yen) …

i say that is The Collateral Damage.

Because there’s always be a Collateral Damage in every aspect of our live. And that Acid Black Cherry doing by ban all those ticket seats reported  sell in auctions,  i suppose that’s  their way to minimize The Collateral Damage so people wont buy or bid from auction’s site.

i’ve see some people posted about how they already make report about that

And it make me wonder why did people/fans especially make that kind of report, that’s something that i don’t get/understand until now.

It remind me to the last year’s Halloween Party Drama. Same things happened, someone reported about HYDE and other’s screen caps posted on Tumblr to yama_chan via twitter

i say, that’s ridiculous …

Because for myself, me even i know a person who sell his/her ticket to auction and the seat number,  i am not gonna report it. I mean what’s the point of that? Is there any particular price given by Team ABC for that report?

even there is, still i am not gonna do that because mind about other people’s shit is not my division,moreover  …

Ruined someone’s BIG dream? Heee, why would I …?

Because i  put myself as the person who bought that very expensive ticket. Let’s say 35,000 yen like that, it’s not a small amount of money ne. Sure that person worked very hard to get it.

Maybe he/she saved it for months.

by gave up his/her 35,000 yen for ABC Live ticket, that person must really love yasu, dyin about see him live on stage. He/she surely have a dream and that’s not a crime. Nah, if he/she ended up not able to enter the venue because the ticket is banned,

Aww ….  that must be really hard and heart_breakin ne.

Loosing 35,000 yen + shipping fee and other fees followed and also the dream of watching yasu‘s Live vanished at the same time. That’s why now by i’d say …

i am not gonna say “don’t buy” or “do buy” auction tickets …

because with or without sayin it, the market will still going on as the earth around the sun. In this case for  Acid Black Cherry fandom


yasu is the sun and fans are the earth that will goes around it. Some of them might do anything to be around the sun (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday).


yasu      :     boring noi_chan, boring …
noi         :     but i am not finish yet …
yasu      :     then finish it hurry …
noi         :     OK …

related with that ticket rambling, now let’s talk about the Fan Club Lottery ne ….


I said before ne, i will join this lottery for 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour. For 2 year’s ago Erect Live ticket, i didn’t do it by myself, my proxy was the one who applied for me.

Nah, i asked the same thing for the last 4th Season 「Shangri-la 」 ~Kanto Tour ~. But it surprised me how my proxy asked me to the ticket price (7,500 yen) first only to apply.

I was like,

eeeh i have to pay first? it still not clear whether if i won the ticket or not.

Even i know for sure she will send my money back if i didn’t win, but still 7,500 yen is not a small amount of money to let go ne and also at that time i still have lots of things to pay.


Surely, it’s something #eeehh … for me ne,

because as i remember she didn’t asked that for Erect Live ticket. Maybe now there’s some new rules on my proxy ne. That’s why for this 「Shangri-la 」 Encore Season ~ Arena Tour i decided to do the application by myself,

I wanted to apply on the 1st day, February 14th. But that day i was so busy, works won’t leave me alone, my boss came that day and sit next to me the whole day. So i didn’t open any site than Yahoo Mail and Messenger on my browser.

I finally managed to apply last night, aand …

ha ha yeah, it took forever for me to finish it ne …

yasu     :     why …
noi        :      because i put my name wrongly ne …
yasu     :     eeh, you don’t know ?  …
noi        :     that’s why i asked  Kenshin

but i learned a lot by that, so now let me tell you the story of me being lost in that confusing site that kept giving me lots of 。。。。 ください in red tellin me that i made some mistake and have to go back and check it again.

Nah tonight i made this entry because i think maybe some of you might try this since the application period is from February 14th ~ February 19th. So it’s still 2 days left.

and FYI  everyone,

i use a proxy (middle person in Japan) for my FC membership,

so not only 6 digit FC ID number, i also have 7 digits Japan postal code (as my address in Japan, Hokkaido precisely) which is required if you want to join Fan Club ticket lottery or buy all those VIP stuffs on UpRise Official Shop.

so let’s start this step by step OK …

1.   Click on this 

and then click to that sign that will bring you …

2.  to the next step, where they inform …

~   1 application for each member,
~   when there’s several times application, the last application will becomes effective.
~   It is possible to add up to 6 performance for one application ..


click that sign so you can …

3.    start your application.

~   put your 6 digits of your FanClub ID number, followed with
~   7 digits of your Japan postal code, then

click that sign to …

4.   continue to the next step to put your name, phone number and e-mail  …

do find or ask your proxy how they put your name on your Fan Club membership.

For example me,

even they always put this Noi Himura (in romanji) on the FanClub magazine envelopes that i always receive, but it failed when i put it there like that.

Then i had to ask my cousin Kenshin (since we shared the same last name Himura) how to write Himura on Kanji.

Ah my dear cousin Kenshin, かっこいい な 。。。。 !!!

yasu     :     your cousin? yeah right
noi        :     that last name Himura on me, it’s not for nothing ne …
yasu     :     but he is too far for you ne fangirl ..
noi        :     that’s why i call him my far far away cousin Kenshin Himura
yasu     :     yeah, whatever

so he (Kenshin, not yasu) told me and then voilà, there’s how i supposed to write Noi Himura

then click to that sign so …

5.  you can choose which live performance that you want, then click that  same orange sign on the bottom then you will get this …

you may start it over again if you want to add another live performance, or if you feel that would be enough …

5.  you can continue to the payment part …

and don’t forget ask your proxy first which way of payment that they prefer to do ..

~   via Seven Eleven (the 1st) or
~   ATM payment (2nd one).

Then click on the same orange sign on the bottom …

6.  and you will get this

just fill the numbers on the box and there you are, your application is complete. Then go check your email, when you got this kind of email from Pia

then your application is 100% complete and all you have to do next is just waiting until 2014年02月26日(Wedbesday)18:00 (JST) to find out whether you won the tickets or not,

via this URL  —> 

and remember like the 1st one, that URL is also required your FC ID number and postal code.

so everyone, i hope that maybe useful for you, aand

if there’s some part that you don’t understand feel free to ask me because i think i missed to put details on some part. And i will glad to help you.

And now it’s time for me to say ….

Would you mind to cross your fingers for me …?

yasu     :    me too?
noi        :    why not …
yasu     :    my fingers are busy right now, see how many posters i have to sign ….
noi        :    but …
yasu     :    go get your neighbor’s finger to cross …


Late Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Wakayama …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

This is a very late post eh, ha ha  …

Then i shall start to do this something that i personally call as my own fangirl home works ne.

Actually i have lots of things to write here (yeah, most of them are my very boring rambling, as always …. xD) that i think i have to put/write all of them in here so i can feel better and let my self to be blown away again by this Mind Blowing Man

さんによろしく yasu さん、The One and Only Mind Blowing Man …. ドキドキ

yasu       :    ah, again …?
noi          :    so sorry eh …
yasu       :    ……
noi          :    でも、心配しないで 。。。。

because first, let’s talk again about this ..

~ 『Shangri-la』 Meeting _ Wakayama …

After the 2nd Day Live Performance in Kyoto, Project 『Shangri-la』  headed to Wakayama prefecture which is Acid Black Cherry‘s first landing there.

The 「Shangri-la Meeting」 this time was held on a live house so only the winner who won the invitation joined the Meeting. It was raining all over the country also in Wakayama prefecture. So everyone was there waiting in cold until the doors are open.

yasu is from Osaka, and it was his 1st comin to Wakayama. About this 1st time comin, he said …

There was no chance to come to Wakayama until now and hear that could come this time i was looking forward to it .

and he was also very happy came to Wakayama at last. In the Public Recording with WBS, Wakayamahoso talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 ..


there was also a story about a song’s lyrics for the previous single 「Greed Greed Greed」 released last August 2013

It is the very last step/process to write the lyrics. it also happen how lyrics were not easily begun unless the song is done.

When writing the lyrics or plot (story)  if a plot already written, unexpectedly lyrics can relieve what kind of person is the main character in the lyrics.

then a further question from the MC

(after you have decided the plot), fine words … etc,  is there any kind of words will be use …?

yasu‘s answer is  …

how he also happen to never being aware of words so much,  he focused to the content of the lyrics that fits in (for songs and the lyrics).

then also the story of the Selection of Musicians, yasu said …

if say it simply as getting a various writers/various singers to sing one person’s song. Such as phrase of the drums that you have made, such as a bassline, such as a guitar riffs and then like i think it would be better to have this person to play


enough with that  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Wakayama, now let’s move to this …

~  Look What Finally Arrived …. !!!


All of them came after being held by custom for almost a week, and it came when i was still in Singapore. So as always, Tekki was the one who went to Post Office and got it …

My dear friend Levy is very kind ne,

she gave me that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bag and flyer added to my package of kewpies. Since she is one of the 「Shangri-la 」 Travelers (you know that’s how i call people who went to more than 2 「Shangri-la 」 Live in this 「Shangri-la 」 season ) so she have lots of that and….

gave one of her to me that’s AWESOME ne …

because i’ve seen people put that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bags and flyers on Yahoo Auctions to sell. So yeah i’d say i am very lucky to have her as my kindest friend of me  …  he he he

aand these kewpies just so cute on my bag like this …


The 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is awesome, too much cuteness inside that one book. I suppose if that book is a human it will be a diabetic soon, thanks to this person …

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, who else but you …
yasu     :    it’s not a crime to be cute …
noi        :    oohh …..

then continued with this …

~   Some Magazine Update …. xD

This one is from Mnavi12月号 ~  Acid Black Cherry Interview …. 叫び叫び




you can read the e-book and DL it in here :

and this

~  Acid Black Cherry Special on MJTV …


~  The boring parts …

i should write about my last trip to S’pore this time because one of my dearest friends want to read it in here. I’ll write that trip later ne …

and not only that i also got a lot of things from that trip.

That was my 1st trip as a group, i mean a real traveling group. Not the regular watching Live Concert companion that i always have. So for me this trip is kinda make me excited ne.


I mean my excitements of ..

~    Whom i will be going together, who are they and where they all come from…
~    How i will be interact with them and of course
~    Can i be a good traveling companion for them … etc etc

if i go somewhere far from home, i use to be alone because i think i am a really bad traveling companion.

Me, as always gonna be a weird person who wander all around city i came to alone and do whatever things i wanted to do (ex : eat lots of Street Foods and do lots of selfie with my phone … etc etc) with no worries about what other people will say or think about me

nah what i wanted to change ne, at least even just for a small parts i want to change ne. After this trip i learned how to me a better traveling companion such

~  as always listen to your team_leader, anything he/she say it’s always important to listen to ..
~  got the point of a group traveling is not only about you, but also about your other companion wanted and …

meet my one of my traveling companion and my room_mate Ayu.


She is from Bengkulu btw (OMG the same island with Zoni …. 目) and she is a very kind and funny person. We had so much fun and LOL girls talk every night ..

~  i think now i am not that selfish as i use to be …

yasu      :     really …. ?
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well let’s see …
noi         :     don’t you trust me, …?

and last but not least is how that trip officially changed me from Inspector Himura to The Queen of The World and who is The King of The World ….?

Who else but Leo Di Caprio …. !!!  *kicked to Limbo*

so everyone, you all can say Bai Bai to Inspector Himura for a moment,  all the police investigation talks (that i never write …xD) and Inspector Himura と Officer Hayashi pairing because …

これからも 。。。。


I’m The Queen of The World …. !!! ….. *dumped to Marina Bay*

i have enough being Inspector Himura and somehow had to involved again into that Love Division that totally is not my division. I always get hurt in that division, i suppose that division hates me …?

so as The Queen of The World i don’t have to deal with that love division since i already have this

King of The World …!!!

i hate to have this feeling again, i mean the same hurt feeling that i had from Mr. Friday. I am just such a fool think that it’s gonna be OK and he is gonna be back to me again. But the real is  how here i am alone and ignored like an idiot …

plus how i can’t stop listening this song …

My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,
Now I know what a fool I’ve been

that part of  lyrics kinda slap me on my face for what a fool i am.

It started on Last year’s Christmas and ended after this New Year. I mean all this one year recently  i am learning Japanese so hard for who …?

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)
yasu        :      me ….?
noi           :      i am sorry but not you …
yasu        :      eeeh, …
noi           :      look how screwed i am now ..

i thought having some trip would make be better and forget, but it’s not i think now i am starting over again this phase of my heart being broken again.

Moni was right when she said how fragile i am and surely i am not a Wonder Woman because i do cry for something like this . and yesterday it got worst when i read this Astology Online said …

Aries  :

This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today.

The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out.

If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for.

Find that friend to help you through.

i do have friends who is always kind to me,

how they are stayin with me with their different but not judging me opinion. But still i am not feelin better yet. And look what happened to me now and i have no idea what should i do now ….

All i want is just a move on ne  …….

yasu      :     move on yes noi_chan 次第だよ, but not with some   ….
noi         :     some what  ….?
yasu      :     but you still have that super glue ne …
noi         :     for what …
yasu      :     for your heart …
noi         :     what the …


Haiaaa … Post : Adiós, 『Shangri-la』 ….!!! (Another me, yasu, Benni and Tony)

from a very short post on the Official Blog today


omo, that’s a really short post ne. See i even can do that ne, moving the post here  … ha ha ha … *laugh*.

So they said about the second phase information『Shangri-la』 project is scheduled for Friday, April 26 at 18:00 JST.

nah, talking about 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, i did skipp this 1st Season. Because the entry period of acceptance for 『Shangri-la』 1st Season is  2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 and today is 4月22日, so ….

yes,  Adiós is what i’d say to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season and my September Ceria with Tekki Perry. I knew that would happen if i make some plan, it will ended like that. Now i have no idea what i am supposed to say to Tekki, when she ask :

so Boo, when will we go to Japan …?

yasu    :   when ……?
noi       :   chotto ne, i’ll ask to the wind blows …
yasu    :   eeeh ….
noi       :   ah, the wind didn’t say anything ne ..
yasu    :   but ..

i think from now on, i am not gonna make such a detail plan again, just following whatever flowing in my life ne, just like that. At least, that will not ended with me disappointed like now with no one to blame but my self and the wrong timing.

But at least Tekki never failed to plan something, she already make plans for our weekends, This weekend …

~   is for Tony ..


The premier date for Indonesia is on April 25th, which is next Thursday, so Sunday April 28th is a perfect day to enjoy the dandy and brilliant Tony Stark and whatever he will do so yes, i can’t wait for this, what this brilliant industrialist Tony Stark will do ne, … ?

btw i watch again The Avengers last night again, and then i found this scene is very scenegasm. You know when Dr. Banner arrived last, and all they need now is him to be angry

then i get if even i do have some anger management problem, still i am not that Hulk enough ne. Because there’s a different between me and Bruce Banner. The difference is when he said I’am always angry,

i’d say i am always hungry  …..  aha aha aha ha ha ha …


yasu      :    is that make you happy?
noi         :    indeed, it is. So do you think i should join The Hunger Games?
yasu      :    no don’t, you will loose anyway ..
noi         :    really?

i also read about IRON MAN 3 in 4D. OMG can you imagine that,  in 4D, with a smoke effect … etc etc ?. When i posted how i wondering about IRON MAN 3 in 4D in Japan on my Facebook status, i got a nice and very funny reply from one of my friend on Facebook. He said

if there is an explosion, you also will explode …

nah, that’s a very nice and  funny answer ne. I dunno if i have one friend with a nice sense of humor like him on my Facebook Friend List. I don’t talk to him much ne, maybe because i don’t talk a lot about movies again there on Facebook and kicked myself out from one movies community i joined a long time ago ..


so for this RDJ i’ll make sure i am not gonna fall asleep in cinema for this. Because if i do that, i am sleeping in the cinema with Tony Stark on the screen saving the world? that’s not a good idea ne,

and then the worst part is if maybe i would sleep more than 10 minutes, you know it will end with me wake up and get nothing about the movie? Oh God, what a shame on me if that’s really happen.

ah ya, talking about sleeping and since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping ..


yasu     :     what about Wonder Woman …
noi        :     she is takin days off ne, and i am just following where the wind blows btw
yasu     :     OK, but don’t say i am the Prince Charming ..
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know i am gonna say that ?
yasu     :     i know ..

OK, i repeat, since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping. I did say ne, if my fave comfy place to sleep (short one, not the all night long sleep) is inside theater  while the movie’s playin and a bus moving. And then the best part of it is the after sleeping. So when you wake up and

~     if you are sleeping in theater, you still able to follow the story of the movie you watch till the end or
~     if you are sleeping inside bus, you know where you are now and not missing your stop …

nah that means your brain and your self is still on a Ready, Steady Go …!!! phase, nah see how  sugoooiii is that?

you should try that, ne go find how Ready, Steady Go …!!! are you brain and your self


~     Next month weekend is for my future brother in law, Benni

so for my darling Tekki Perry, i am gonna join Indonesian Star Trek Community to watch this movie together in IMAX theater next May 19th in Jakarta.

Tekki , who will do anything for Benni already arranged everything from bus, schedule, tickets, luncheon plan with adrio_nevralka after the party and also a costume for both of us.

they ( read : the Star Trek community, not 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) ask us to wear anything with Star Trek logo on it, because there will be some after party and cosplay after the movie.

Can you imagine that ne, me who proclaimed myself as a private fangirl and not involved too much with some gathering activity now have to do that for Benni

no only that, i also start to think about writing a letter for Benni, OMG i think Tekki Perry is already brainwashed me with him ne. see i don’t even join the Live Screening of Acid Black Cherry last month in Jakarta ne, but then eventually i will do that kind of stuffs for Benni.

Then what am i supposed to do on the after party and cosplay? because until now i still don’t get what is the point of watching cosplay festival. It is not the same thing with you watch a fashion show ne?

i’ll think about that ne, but look what The BIG Brother Mycroft tweet today ..


aha aha, OK  ….

back to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season i’d say Adiós because until the last day for acceptance, i can’t talk to my sachou about my plan this year. Somehow i feel it was like there’s no spot for me in his mind right now, maybe until at least for next 2 months.

I get that ne, because i know his mind full with the upcoming baby next few weeks and his dearest Osaka son’s graduation day

that’s fine, because i’ll catch the next season then, or at least the season with Tokyo on it. And i better forget about Hokkaido and Masumi Hayami. i’ll just wait for my turn to come and there’s some spot for me on his mind (read : my sachou, not yasu)  …

so what do i missed ne,

~   Re-Birth  as CM song for SUZUKI SWIFT Taiwan

~ then  another 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post, this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post?

yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り)
「yasu’s letter encore service (day trip)」


「Medicine from everyone」


「It came as suddenness」


「It is different」


元気でた ♥ yasu
「and i am fine ♥ yasu」

i love this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post btw, i mean for me it is always thrilling to find out what the hell is yasu‘s wrote ne, and i feel they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) kinda put that last image with half yasu‘s smiling face as a bonus for me to get what yasu wrote there.

nah, that’s a nice bonus ne 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

this midnight  is the last night for me to be on line ne, because i forgot to pay my net and my cable bills. Nah i think they will disconnect me tomorrow maybe so i better finish this post in a hurry with this


i just finished the 1st MC and you can see it here :

there’s 3 videos part ne, and too bad what i have for the last video is not the good one. There is delay between the video and sounds. The sound is about half minute faster than the video. Maybe that’s because i did something wrong with that video file ne, so it became like that. So now i think i will find another place to download it

and the funny thing is when i upload that on my YouTube, it blocked world wide ne. and it feels like i am join Loki to destroy the universe, then The Avengers catch me and i can’t say anything but a long …


Haiaaaaa …….. **

I was like OMG, really? i mean it was fine when i uploaded [2012] live MC, but not fine for this Free Live 2011? Well OK then, i still can put that on my Facebook anyway …

i think i started to love doing this ne, and find things that i don’t get on my early days as a fangirl, and more things he say. But then one of my friend said if what i do now is useless.

He said this whatever i do with all my videos with yasu‘s talking will never improve my Japanese. It would like me who is tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket. It’s impossible, that’s what he said ..

then you all know what i said to him?

i said nothing is impossible, it is hard to do yes, but not impossible. OK if you said i am tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket, but at least among all waters that spilled around the bottle, some of them may fall inside the bottle ne.

Nah that’s sure possible, and then suddenly  …

my fangirl – idol relationship with yasu feels like a bucket full of water with an empty bottle and whatever they may do 


yasu     :     i am what, a bottle?  …
noi        :     no, i am the bottle, you are the bucket
yasu     :     full of water  ..?
noi        :     yes …
yasu     :     ah, what this all about ?