1st 2015 Post : A Very Late Happy New Year …!!! (another me, yasu and Sergeant Masao Kadokawa)


wah it’s already 2015 everyone ….. !!!!


2015 eh, another year to come. I am getting another 1 number added for how old i am. So from now on, whenever somebody ask me about how old i am i should give them 54 years old.

and how’s your beginning of 2015 eh, minna …

~    How is your New Year’s eve …
~    How is your お年玉 this year ….???

then  ….

~    Did you get your ticket for Acid Black Cherry 2015 tour Lーエルー …???

well, congratulation for you all who got your ticket and for another you all who didn’t managed to get it via FanClub lottery and then somehow you feel lost,

do not worry eh because as this  sweet  ベビーストロベリー say …

Sometimes you’re lost, but you will be fine, … !!!!   >_<

i mean, there’s general sales comin right and if you still failed to get it from general sales you know there’s another plan C,D, E until Z that you can choose to get it  …

yasu   :   so, you didn’t get a ticket ne noi_chan …
noi      :   no, i didn’t ….  >_<
yasu   :   then what’s all about …?
noi      :   you know …
yasu   :   あああ ~~  ….

yes, it’s  a bit bothered me when i see there’s somebody who didn’t managed to get ticket for ABC Live and then posted that kind of miserable status on her Facebook almost everyday.

Nah, because she is one of my friend ( read : ex- friend since i removed her two days ago) on Facebook it made me see all her something that i will say as a useless post.

I mean, yeah it sound miserable but it turned to be annoying and i really want me to put

that annoying Miss Bunting on the comment box because i found out later if all of her rambling status was for her mother. It was about her ask (or should i say as order ) in a rude way to her mother to do something elese to get her ticket.

and i was like

Eeeh, really ….???

then  i just removed her from one of my friend on Facebook because even i do love drama, but i hate a kind of drama that involved being rude to parents.

FYI she was not the only friend that i removed from my Facebook FriendList. There’s another guy, that i will say as a very very ALAY (means : an idiot fool who just want an attention) guy   …

Actually, this guy is very interesting ne.  …

Well, his case is about how his heart got broken after his girlfriend leaved him for another guy, and then he found out if the another guy is one of his friend.

そして、あの日 から 。。。。

His Facebook status is nothing but him talking about ..

~   how bad is his girlfriend,
~   how wrong she was for deciding to leave him for another guy,
~   how their 4 years relationship ended just like that,
~   how his heart is  broken, …. etc etc  including called her as the bitch and tagged her on his every status he posted.

then the worst part is …

when he posted a picture of his hand and next to a knife with caption sayin

So, this is what you want ? you want me to die …. ??

ah ya, he also like his own status like how an ALAY do.

A post that quite worried me before, suddenly turned into a very lame post when some of his friend add a comment askin what happen etc etc like how a good friend do and he still replied it with … xD; 🙂 and smileys sign.

and then next morning, when i open my Facebook i found his 1st status was ..

so how is it, you want me die or not …???

then i had the best LOL in the morning. I mean so that suicide threat last night is only a joke ….??  because trust me, i also kinda worried if he died or ended in hospital this morning.

But …

Eh God, what a real ALAY eh …. !!!

As i know people who really want to kill themselves didn’t post any lame status like that. They just died or ended in the bathroom full of blood or a hospital for them who failed to do it …

yasu     :    like who ….
noi        :    ah come on, it was a long time ago ….
yasu     :    really …?
noi        :    yeah, i suppose  these days you’re getting pretty aren’t you ???

and by that,

the world is more pretty as well so why would i want to die anyway . 

After all killin yourself is not easy ne, it’s hurt and it’s gettin hurt when you’re failed to do that.

Just imagine how pain and shame at the same time HIT on you, how people look at you with their look like there were sayin …

hey look who is failed to die today … !!!

etc etc complete with all regrets that will following and bully you worst than how MissTrunchbull bullied Mathilda and all her classmates.


PS     :    That movie is Mathilda (1996), you all should watch that eh, …. >_<

Now i am more want to live than die, the time when i wanted to die is over a long time ago. Even sometimes now i still wondering why did i do that silly things about killin my self.

Now i think again if i really die that time, then

~   what about my mother?
~   who is gonna take care of her and help her to run this family.
~   That time, was it really hard  …??? or
~   i was the one who not strong enough to handle be in that situation with full of anger that i couldn’t manage …???

But no matter what, Thank God i am still alive.

And now, i believe as what this amazing Sergeant Masao Kadokawa (Nakaizumi Hideo) on City Life and Death (2009) say about how …

Life is Harder than Death …. !!!

City of Life and Death (2009) is another movie set in 1937 when The Imperial Japanese Army has just captured Nanjing (Nanking), capital of the Republic of China, historically known as the Nanking Massacre.

Among all movies about Nanking Massacre i already watch, i think that City of Life and Death is the best.

and that Masao Kadokawa, a sergeant in the Japanese Army, who able to speak some English (because he attend some Catholic school) catch my eyes at the very beginning of the movie .

His love for Yuriko, how war affected on him and created another war within himself, and finally when he said …

人生は死よりも難しい ….

then commits suicide to end the war within him by shoot himself. OMG that’s is so sad and suddenly brings so many ninja cutting onions around me, made me cryin like …

yasu   :   like what …
noi      :   like i was his fiance who waiting for him to go back to Japan.
yasu   :   you what …??
noi      :   heart was totally broken when he died, ホントだ よ。。。!!! …

yasu   :   but you’re not his fiance …
noi      :   ah ya, i am not

yasu   :   まさか、 now she wants a sergeant fiance …???


back to the ALAY guy, so that time i really couldn’t keep my self not to say anything, then i wrote him a message.

I said to him …

Hey, dude …

You are a man, stop acting lame by posting so many ALAY like that. It’s not that i don’t feel sorry for you, believe me i do feel very sorry for you.

That’s why i am tellin you

Act like a man, stop whining and hiding and do whatever you are doing now. Go Talk to her, ask her for the last time. She want to back with you or not. If she sad no, then move on and go get another girlfriend …. !!

after that, i removed him from my Facebook


yasu   :      now look who is talking about moving on ….
noi      :      hey, it’s different eh, he is an adult man  …
yasu   :      so an adult man can’t have a broken heart  …
noi      :      yes, but just not like that ALAY way. No wonder his girlfriend choose another guy  …
yasu   :      noi_chan … !!!
noi      :      what …..

Maybe i am old fashioned girl who nows nothing about man and how man will do or act when their heart got broken, but i do believe an adult man will not do something fool/lame like that.

enough about that, now let’s back to Acid Black Cherry start with this ….

~     Magazine Schedule Updated …


1.  CD&DLでーた
with 18 pages of Acid Black Cherry photos and interview related to the upcoming new album.

Release :  January 14th,  2015
details    :  http://www.cddata-mag.com/news/topics/2015/01/06/16/38/04
Cover 1 :  Acid Black Cherry

So Dazzling eh …. !!!!

Cover 2     :   Nogizaka46
Pre-Order  :   AmazonEbtenHMV I CDJapan
Bonus       :   B2 Poster (Acid Black Cherry/Nogizaka46)

that will look like this ….


that one is totally better than this full of SAMPLE stamped on yasu‘s face from CD&DLでーた ‘s Official twitter and amazingly they made one of the P landed right on his nose …. xD

#Ewww, what the ….. !!!!

2.   JSBN Press

It’s a free magazine/buletin for some broadcasting school, and there will be another interview with Acid Black Cherry

Release    :     January 14th, 2015
Details      :     http://jsbn.gr.jp/

3.   Flying Postman Press

It’s also another free magazine/paper, you can get it free from stores like TSUTAYA or HMV (in Japan, of course …xD) . This is the 2nd time Acid Black Cherry as the cover for Flying Postman Press after this last August 2013 edition

Release   :     January 20th, 2015
Details     :     http://flying-postman.com/

then this one is some preview from  Flying Postman Press Official Facebook

So this end of January is gonna be a very busy eh,

so many interview comin to read, at least for me. As somebody who is only learn from online and dorama i only understand what’s the point that yasu is sayin but i am still having trouble when i have to explain/forward it into a correct sentences that people will get.

That’s why there’s so many grammar mistakes on my translation.

And i am telling you eh, if makin grammar mistake is against the law, i might end forever in prison for so many grammar mistakes i made on my heart to heart translation about what is yasu sayin on magazine or videos .

But i do enjoy eh,

enjoy or kinda addicted to this whatsoever i am doing to try to understand what the hell is yasu sayin, and it’s not easy for me. So sometimes, when i manage to arranged into a quite understand_able phrase i will posted it as a Facebook note or just write it in here.

and if i don’t, i choose to keep it for myself.

yasu      :      soon they will  catch you noi_chan …
noi         :      who …
yasu      :      the Grammar Police …
noi         :      オモ a Grammar prison for me ?  ヤッさん、どうしよ 。。。??
yasu      :      you better start to do something ….

2015 eh, New Year and a New Year card from Janne FC …

and as you (Janne FC members) all know how we always get a New Year’s card with each of Janne members drawing and signature. This year, they did it differenly by sent a very lovely card with all Janne members with a sheep hat or something that i thought as a bunny hat.

yes, a bunny ….

that’s what i thought when i log into Janne FC site (yes, an oversea members can log into Janne FC site) in the 1st morning of 2015 and said to myself ….

OMG, they gave me a bunny yasu ….. !!!!

yasu        :      2015 is sheep noi_chan,  ….
noi           :      that ears, omo am i the only one who thought it was a bunny  ….???
yasu        :      as you said  …

maybe my eyes were blurry that morning, because

I spent my New Year‘s eve watch all my drama and telly series in my PC since i DL_ed so many of them but never have time to watch. Nah that night i didn’t sleep but stay in front of my bunny screen and hurt my eyes.

not only that,

i also had a quite long talking with my dear friend Moni about things that somehow i feel comfortable to talk only with her. And Moni is always the same Moni , she is still able to give an answer for my questions even the silly one …

and then i had a huge LOL when i open my Instagram and found this that i will say as a bit drunk but cute New Year message from ストロベリー posted on his Instagram ….

the first time on that Instagram video was a toilet paper. I suppose that video was made during his New Year‘s party inside toilet. I play that video again and laughed all by myself like an idiot..

but then

i got sick in the morning and spent my days stay in bed for almost a week. Apparently, too much sweetness and LOL  not good  for my health eh and start a New Year with being sick is totally not a good idea …

but how he (read : ストロベリー, not yasu) ended it by blowed a kiss for me ( ….. xD )

Is beyond SWEET …..   !!!!

yasu     :     it wasn’t for you only  ….
noi        :     but it’s my phone i use to open
yasu     :     so is the other fans …
noi       :      but ….

aand then last but not least , i know it’s very late …

but as someone who always believe if being late (read : very late)  is much much better than not,  so here’s another late version of New Year‘s Post that i shall start it by sayin ….

Happy New Year everyone,

Let’s embrace another year to come with a full Spirit, i wish all your wishes will come true this year,

aaand …

2015, 一緒に がんばりましょう … !!!

PS     :     since i wrote this at office so, sorry there’s no scans updated for this post ….   >_<

A Very Late Post, Again : 雨は、どこ 。。。。?(Another me, yasu and A Bucket of INCUBUS )


Hello hello there November is already here …. !!!


I took a day off on Thorsday,  because Tekki was having some business trip to YK (read : Yogyakarta) aand ….

she bought me a Captain America T-Shirt …#yay …!!!!

Rather spent a whole day at office wondering whether is my mother alright to be home only with our wacky housemaid, i choose to stay home with my mother.

Not only that, i also had plans to do at banks and make deal with me and my mother’s health insurance.

Here, in my village people’s aware about having a health insurance is very low. Some of them even think by make one it’s the same way of you callin for something bad happen to you.

No health insurance, nothing bad (read : sick, accident, … etc)  will happen to you … !!!

See that’s a very absurd way of thinking ne, but it is true happen here in my village.

Well that was my today’s plan, but as always plan is only a plan since i lost my wallet (again … >_<) complete with my ID card, ATMs and many more.

Then what can i do with no wallet on me?

that’s why today i do nothing but sleep until 12:00 AM, stay in front of telly while finishing this never_ending cross stitch making


i have no idea when i will manage to finish this.

Until now, i am still doing the 4th areas from all 12 areas to make this  cute 「Shangri La  」 ~ yasu and the progress.

See what i am tryin to say is … …


とても遅いですね、あたし  。。。。>_<

Maybe i made the scale too BIG for me to finish on January ne.

Now i suppose i am gonna use it for myself if i couldn’t manage to finish it on January.  Something i just realized about ths cross stitch making is the point is not about how good is the result.

For me, the point is on the making process that somehow it help me to concentrate.

By getting myself use to counting the stitch and hole in the fabric that i have to skipp for the next color or i have to make it double stitch,  i no longer do my sexccounting job in a less_concentrate hurry.

Believe it or not i’d say it kinda help me to be more calm.

Yes as calm as a Magnolia, i’d say i am more calm now  …. !!!


yasu     :    yeah, right ….
noi        :    after all, i am The Magnolia eh …
yasu    :     as you say, noi_chan  ….
noi       :    じゃあ~、今日は ね、あたし  。。。

with more than 3 cups of coffee and so many cookies, i did that stitch while cryin like hell for Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) on Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.

And somehow just by watching Dastan and Tamina run away across the desert complete with lots of sweats on their faces, it made me feel that day is so HOT. Yeah, that day was very HOT and that movie made the weather more HOT than ever …


What a lovely couple they are, eh …

I watched again this movie twice, last night and today and still cryin like hell when Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) had to let go Tamina (Gemma Arterton)’s hand and let her fall into the fire.

OMG that was so sad …

Indeed, i am A Major Wheeper ne, i cry and cry for any movies i watch.

But what i love about this movie (read : Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time) is the brotherhood message and how The King‘s ability to see a noble soul inside of an orphanage and took him as one of his son.



And not only that, his other sons (Tus and Garsiv ) also love Dastan as their own brother.

Eh God, i totally love this kind of brotherhood movie ne, maybe because i am also adopted so this kind of movie always moove me in some mysterious way. Just like how i will always support Loki no matter how bad and evil things he do.


yasu      :     skip the movie part noi_chan …
noi         :     why..?
yasu      :     you already talked about that  …?
noi         :     really? おぼえてないよ 。。。
yasu     :      what kind of writer are you …

Very well then, i am not gonna talk about Dastan again. But one thing that i cannot forget about this movie is when The King say this to Dastan


Family, the bond between brothers, that is the sword that defends our empire; I pray that that sword stays strong …

Okay, let’s move from Dastan, The Prince of Persia and now look everyone ….

together with that B-PASS magazine …


My Bucket of INCUBUS, finally arrive  …. !!!!



yay  ….

It took almost 3 weeks for me to get that Bucket of INCUBUS.

Let just say this INCUyasu is very very busy to stop by to so many doors he promised to come to (in Japan) so it make him took some time longer to arrived here in Indonesia.

Unlike Capt. America, this INCUyasu  is not a superhero anyway, so he also get delayed because …

#ewww, he cannot fly ….  !!!


yasu     :    noi_chan, don’t you know …
noi        :    what …
yasu     :    Capt America also can’t fly …
noi        :    yeah, but   … *speechless*

OK, now let’s talk about  …

~   A Bucket of INCUBUS  ….

i have no idea why the hell i didn’t manage to get the mini clear file.

My proxy already ordered it from the Mobile Fan Club and they said the bonus is a mini clear file like that, but what happen is instead of mini clear file what i got is a regular poster like the poster that people get from CDJapan, HMV or other on-line shop.

A Regular Poster for me?  really?

that’s totally not acceptable and i hate it because i don’t pay extra just to get a regular poster.

So what the hell was happen? are they ran out of stock of the mini clear file bonus or my proxy was late when he made the order ? i don’t think that’s possible, since i got a perfect mini clear file for 「Greed Greed Greed」 , 「黒猫 〜 Adult Black Cat 」 and 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 single.

I was thinkin about to write an email to Janne FanClub about this, but ah i hate to do some complain things like this, i think that’s gonna be useless since they already send the stuffs anyway.

And  i still can find that INCUBUS mini clear file on auctions anyway,

so why bother ….


yasu    :   hey, noi_chan ….
noi       :   WHAAAT …. !!!!
yasu    :   calm down, what is wrong with you …
noi       :   i want that mini clear file eh ya_san …
yasu    :    is that how you sayin act as Magnolia …???

How am i gonna say eh …

Maybe some of you will think it is something ridiculous to post and rambling but it is a Big Problem for me. Because i know i will now stop thinkin about how to get it until i really get it. Yes, i know me and this is the very bad side of me to want everything complete.

not only that,

again and again, just like what happen on 「Greed Greed Greed」 , 「黒猫 〜 Adult Black Cat 」 and 「君がいない、あの日から 。。。」 single, i failed again to get all the complete trading cards.


i only have these 3 trading cards




so all i need is the other one standing yasu with a white backgroud. But it’s okay now, since i already find a person to trade with.

Geez i love this time eh, …

a time when a trading card is finally to be trade is AWESOME … !!!

Now i say this is the first time for me to open and watch an Acid Black Cherry single (w/ DVD) just to watch the Offshoot.


I never do that ne, because all this time, i never do anything to all my Acid Black Cherry single or DVDs except open, took a photo and then posted in to my Facebook ( or Instagram now)  at the day i received it from post office.

All i do is put all my ABC CDs from single to single in sequence one by one then watch it and say …

PERFECT … !!!!

maybe it’s started since i always be the the last person to get my stuffs arrived thanks to how far is my hometown from the capital.  So usually i already have the video (yeah DL_ed it) from some people who really kind to share their stuffs.

And for this INCUBUS Offshoot until now …

i couldn’t find someone who shared his/her stuffs in a reasonable size. The only place i know who shared, is sharing their 2 GB files. Eh God, i am not that crazy to force my internet connection for 2 GB files just for a DVD of a video, offshoot and 4 songs in a Live.

so finally today is the time when whether i want it or not, i had to open my DVD because i really want to see INCUBUS Offshoot .




I saw some screen caps from fans who already get their INCUBUS before me like that, and thought if they (whoever they are) put Japanese subtitles on the Offshoot DVD .

At that time, i was thinking …

Wah, this is great eh …

But now i found out if it was only them explaining some important parts/facts like how many musician in the orchestra, or how long they made this video shoot. I suppose i was hoping too much again.

But there’s another interesting thing from this INCUBUS Offshoot like ..

1.   when yasu sayin this …


Time is Money … !!!

when they said how they managed to finished the PV Shoot on-time. As i remember yasu also said that Time is Money on 「黒猫 〜 Adult Black Cat 」  Offshoot eh. So i suppose now it is time for me to say ….

はい はい ya_さん、わかりました.  …

yasu    :   ん ….?
noi       :   Time is Money
yasu    :   Good …
noi       :   eeh, only that …?

or when ….

2.  We can see how he is so addicted with doing streching now  …

i’ve seen many pictures of yasu doing that streching activity on stage alone  …




or together with Junji


but i never imagine if he also do it wherever he is,  even when he is on recording like this  …..


and this ….

whatsoever he did in Saga Prefecture with his manager about tryin how flexible his shoulder is. And yes i suppose thanks to all those strecting, yasu has a very flexible shoulders.

Checked by his manager already  …


Eh God,  that’s almost 180 ° …..????

so yeah, as always there’s lots of interesting to watch in every Acid Black Cherry Offshoot video including this INCUBUS.

I’ll make an English subbed for this , maybe next week. So please bear with me, since recenlty i have so many things i want to do including update this blog daily, but i keep having less time to do it …

and for this time there you are ….

My Bucket of INCUBUS …



Calendar  ~  A



The Calendar ~  B



Let’s just say i am being mean now, so yeah it is password protected … xD

But i suppose you all already know what the password is, but if there’s some of you do not know what is the password feel free to ask me or ask members of team_yasu ….

Enjoii then …. !!!!

next is ….


winter is comin and yasu knows that, so while looking at yasu sit and act totally kawaii under that ABC umbrella, there you are everyone ….

~   Online Only Acid Black Cherry 2014 Original Winter GOODS ..


1. Volume Neck Parker : 15,000 yen
2.  ABC Original knit cap (black and grey) : 7,500 yen
3. Original vinyl umbrella : 1,500 yen


Pre-order period :  2014年11月5日(水)12:00~11月12日(水) 23:59 JST
via here              :  http://upriseshop.jp/acidblackcherry/2014winter.php

They only open the pre-order for 3 days more eh, so if you want one of those ABC Winter GOODS you better hurry call your proxy to help buy it since as we all know they (read : UpRise ) do not ship items to overseas.

I will skip those 15,000 yen parker because that’s too expensive, but it does make sense because they said it’s 100% wool. But still, it’s a free size so it won’t fit on me and i don’t think i am gonna able to use it in this forever summer hometown i am livin in.

でも、 i surely want this

1,500 yen ABC umbrella  that is more reasonable for me to buy even i am still not sure when rain will fall in here. But just in case it will fall on January, i suppose i already have this to go to office on a rainy day  …

Sounds amazing eh ….


for that vinyl ABC umbrella,

they said they will close the pre-order after they reach the planned number sales. Limited order is 2 pieces for each person aaand  ….



FYI everyone,  i did mine  …. !!!!

Well, i mean i already make sure if my proxy ordered it for me. I don’t want be left away again, didn’t get stuff that i want because i was late, like what happen to the previous ABC uniform.



Until now, i don’t have it and i don’t want it again … >_<

So,  it’s been a long time since the last rain fall in here. Everyday is summer in here, a very hot summer. So what i am doing now is just hope when that umbrella is comin to me, the rain will also come to my village.

But even if rain won’t fall until January,

i can stil use it and ask somebody to make rain fall for me. That’s easy ne, all i gotta do is go to a car wash and they will make  rain for me …


yasu     :     you what …
noi        :     aand not only that, they also have snow if you want to …
yasu     :     be serious noi_chan …
noi        :     in here, rain just stop fallin. なぜかな。。。
yasu     :     maybe because you hate it …

~to be continued~

甘い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokyo … (another me, yasu and The Cute Meet)


Acid Black Cherry ….

finished their 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with the last performance in Okinawa. And yasu wrapped it up by posted ありやす via their Official mobile site and then Twitter.

so yeah 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over and 5 Seasons Live in all 47 Prefectures nation-wide was a very long way down to go ne, but you did it. So allow me to say …

お疲れ様でした … !!!

yasu      :    hmm you are late, again …
noi         :    then, next it would be my turn ne …
yasu      :    for what …
noi         :  
Encore Season, it’s my turn to see you …
yasu      :    not yet, you’ll be the last …
noi         :    OK …

and here’s some images and reports bout the final live …

source    :    here and here

so now i am gonna start this my first post for 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」~  Tokyo

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo was held two days after Live, in Lalaport TOYOSU, one of the largest shopping mall in Tokyo.

This time, with a collaboration with Tokyo FM with a program called 「 Project『Shangri-la』への思い」「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」and of course they had various talks about it.

First of all, from 「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」 was ..

Go around 47 prefectures, not only for Live but also with a little interaction with everyone. Only just like that, and the distance is very close today. So close, and i am embarrassed (laugh)

aaah, he was shy …. xD


noi        :   really …?
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   i dunno if you could be a shy guy …
yasu     :   stop talking  …

OK, then next question : to come across the country, so far how did it go …?

I’d say by myself at the local area, i was treated like a star. I thought that i was used to all of you in such an event like this, but when i came a little towards a district they did the kyaa kyaa … !!! like crazy (laugh)

It may be a faulty expression to refer this, but (compared to Tokyo) it wasn’t like this. So, i thought that was the real kyaa kyaa … !!! because everybody makes noises even people who don’t know asked who is coming …?

It was great …

then question about Tokyo :   How is Tokyo for you, yasu_san …?

When i came to Tokyo for the fist time, i thought  i wonder are they doing a festival …?.   Didn’t you think so everyone, why so many people at this time ..

so my first time came to Tokyo i went to a studio in Shibaura and was going to return home via Roppongi after midnight around 03:00 AM, and there was traffic jam, The car didn’t move at all. I thought, traffic jam at 03:00 AM in the morning, why ?

somehow i got angry and thought Tokyo is Kowai … !!

That was a terrible impression, and to say more because now i got use with it now and i will surprised if i go back home with nothing happen.

then talked about Live that took place in NHK Hall 2 days before

DJ         :   The Live was really cool, your generous feeling from the first track,  It was amazing.
yasu     :    is it so, thank you .

DJ         :   aren’t  you nervous yasu_san …?
yasu     :    yes, because i am not the type that can do kyaa kyaa … !! out into public.

When it compared to reading class in Elementary School, i am the type who practice around two days (laugh). Though that i seem to do kyaa kyaa … !!! ,  but i really nervous.

I always write characters (i suppose their name?)  of people in backstage and drink before Live begins (laugh)

and then something aboutTokyo is train,

so apparently yasu also received this question  : yasu_san, do you take train …?

I have Suica,

ICOCA is Kansai, isn’t it?  I live in Tokyo, so i have Suica. Though i don’t get on train for these past several years, there’s sometimes on bus.

Bus is good, isn’t it …? Because there’s bus stop anywhere to ride from and you should go to station to get on train, and there’s so much bus stop unexpectedly. Even i wouldn’t ride on bus so much (laugh).

As for me, when i came to Tokyo i didn’t know how to ride on train. I think Tokyo is very convenient,

Anyway i like this entry ne, i mean not only because i read it when i am going to Tokyo but somehow yasu with that post kinda say to me if …

It’s OK to get confused with trains and get lost when you go to Tokyo for the 1st time … #ho ho ho


yasu     :    hey, i didn’t say OK to get lost …
noi        :    でも 。。。。
yasu     :    and this is also not your first time to go to
Tokyo ..
noi        :    but still …
yasu     :    don’t say anything …

very well, next is this …

~  Whatsoever Update from me  …

this one is for Wakayama part

Enjoiii …. !!!

it took me for ever to put it on PHOTOBUCKET, that site isn’t my fave but i still use it anyway. Even i think about to move it to another site that’s never did resized images but i am who i am ne, too lazy to do that …

Maybe one day when this all  Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over i will make something like a summary post for all of it, if you know what i am talking about. Somebody told me to do that ne, and i think that’s not a bad idea. OK then, …. *make a note*

じゃ みんな 、

noi     :   Mr. Friday についてお話しましょう  。。。 xD
yasu  :   again ..?, oh no that’s boring noi_chan …
noi     :   i am sorry, but  …
yasu  :   why don’t you talk about your plan ..
noi     :   ah, i don’t wanna talk about it ne

Because that plan is a mess plan ne. I booked the wrong hotel, they (Universal Studio Japan) will open that Harry Potter theme park on July, my phone act crazy again,   … etc etc and many other things that confused me.

Now seems like the whole world betrayed me together with Harry Potter, all of them except my instant noodle, movie and this blog writing/rambling.

Anyway, i will be fine ne.

Even the whole world turned their back to me, i still have my movie, instant noodle and yasu to adore. So i think i have to rest my brain for not thinking about that and let whatsoever will happen is happen.

So back to Friday ne, …

Today i see him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) posted something very sad on his page. I suppose he is really failed on the last election and he must be very sad ne.

I see on telly for someone to run on an election, nation-wide especially like Friday at least they have to prepared at least 500 millions ~ 1 billion IDR.

And then now he lost,  then at least he lost 500 millions?

OMG he must be very sad ne, even i think that’s not gonna affected on his live because i think he is still rich anyway. But why did he posted something miserable like that in Arabic?

Eeeh i never know if he is in to Middle East like that.

Most of his posts there are in Arabic,  so i have to use Google Translation to read it. Even though i can read Qur’an but it’s only reading and understand the meaning. Plus i also never pay attention much on my Arabic language class so yeah my Arabic is very lame …

I really want to say something ne, i mean add a comment and maybe say it’s OK everything is gonna be alright,

But i think that’s gonna be very not fair for … (you know who), so here i am now dumped myself forever again in this Limbo watching that full of Arabic letters page like an idiot over and over while wondering

Dear Friday, こころ 曇り わなぜ 。。。?

yasu   :     is that a song lyrics …?
noi      :     omo, how did you know …. ajajajaja
yasu   :     and stop beng idiot like that   …
noi      :     i am still back like this …
yasu   :     that’s because you don’t want to

Why do i have to do this anyway, do i want to be an idiot like this?

of course i don’t want to. I even ashamed to say this stupid feeling inside me on my real life. Because hello everyone, he is already TAKEN ne and this is so WRONG

and a long time ago, this movie gave me something and 2 nights ago i watched it again  …


yes, The Holiday

it is an American 2006 Christmas romantic comedy. I watched this movie so many times until i lost my count,

because indeed, it is a very sweet movie with Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins, Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods, Jack Black as Miles and last but not least is Jude Law as Iris‘s brother Graham (eh God, what’s more sweet and British than him ..?)

This movie is about two woman from 2 different country Iris and Amanda, decided to do a home swap for their Christmas holiday. They both are broken hearted and want to go away far to forget and hope be better.

Iris a  column editor in London, with her 3 years full in and devoted in love to a man named Jesper Bloom (Rufus Sewel) and the found out if he is engaged to other woman.

While Amanda a workaholic California girl who own a movie trailers company in Los Angeles found out if his boyfriend is cheated with her 24 years old secretary.

They both meet in some site where Irish offered her quaint cottage in Surrey and then Amanda contacted her and they agree to swap house for two weeks.


Comin to Los Angeles, Iris enjoy Amanda‘s luxury home while Amanda is dissapointed about the life in Surrey. Soon it became so boring for her until Graham knocked on her door at night while drunk.


Maybe Amanda was too bored so she said to Graham if it would be nice if for them to have sex, after all they both will never meet again. So that night ended with them sleeping together.


OMG ….. !!!! *drooling*

But in the morning, everything changed because they both aware if there’s something went on between them. So they continued to see each other, had drinks together, lunch where Amanda told him about her life and divorced parents.

But she also worried if this relationship with Graham become more complicated, so she keep tryin to keep Graham at arm’s length.


Different with Amanda that is so open to tell all about her, Graham seems to keep his personal life except about his job as an editor. But then accidentally Amanda found out about it. Ah, he is a full time father for his 2 lovely daughters.

But that doesn’t change their feelings, so yeah another sex again …

While in Los Angeles, Iris meet Miles (Jack Black) with his girlfriend Maggie. She also meet an old man named Arthur Abbots who is a script writer during The Golden Age of Hollywood.

The 3 of them become close and Iris kindly help her neighbor Arthur to prepare his coming to Screenwriters’ Guild celebration.

When Miles got dumped by her girlfriend Maggie for another man, Irish stay next to him and they both ended tellin each other about the bitter love experience they had.

i always cry on the scene where she told Miles how she really know how it feels to get dumped like that.  How she explain when everything is back to her, it is all her faults the misunderstanding feeling …. etc etc,

ah that’s so me …. *Drama Queen mode on*


Jack Black is totally adorable in this movie ne, eventhough he is also funny on The School of Rock or Shallow Hall but my fave Jack Black‘s character is this Miles, a moviegoers who can talk about movie a whole day and funny as well.

I love when there’s Dustin Hoffman as cameo on when Iris and Miles went to DVD store, that’s lovely.

But my fave character in this movie is of course Iris, she is a very lovely lady. I mean from the way she talk or say anything just lovely. I wish i can be like him, polite but funny as well.

You know the funny but the polite version and …


of course i also hope i can be like Iris who suddenly lost all her miserable love for Jesper and said ENOUGH to him and kicked him out from the house. That’s what i want to get on my next holiday, where i will be far away from home and hopefully this heart can be far away from all crazy thinkin about Friday stuffs.

and i’d be OK if God also add a Cute Meet as a bonus …

Cute Meet eh, nah it is something what Arthur use to described his lovely meeting with his late wife. So

Cute Meet is when a man and woman go to a store to buy pijama. They both come to the seller and say …

Man         :    i only need the BOTTOM
Woman    :    i only need the TOP

then they both look each other and smiling, ….

nah that’s what CUTE MEET is and i surely want that …

yasu       :    but Christmas is over ne …
noi          :    ほしい や~さん、ほしい 。。。。
yasu       :    great,
Friday talk then ended with movie …
noi          :   sorry, but let me tell you about me and movie ne …

So when i was 10 years old, i was in love with movie for the 1rst time and i knew it is gonna be a LONG Affair

yasu       :    as you say then …


800th Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Tochigi … (Another me, yasu and This Very Late V-Day Post)

still in  「Shangri-la 」for this 800th post, it is Togichi Prefecture this time …

and as what they (who else but 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) wrote on this post on The Official Blog, this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi was held in a heavy snow.

Must be very cold ne …

I read about all those storm snow happened in Tokyo and  areas in Japan recently, and all those delayed flights and re-book again … etc etc and many other things followed.

then i remember about my dear friend Christine ne …

because today is her leaving to Japan, Tokyo precisely. A long way to Japan from German. She will work there in Tokyo, start on this March.

Two years ago in 2012, when the 3 of us (me, Christine and Steffie) visited the Meiji Shrine next to Yoyogi Stadium ..

i remember i saw her prayed really hard for this dream of her livin in Japan.

yasu        :       what about you …
noi           :       me, i did nothing but watch her prayin
yasu        :       why …
noi           :       well if  i did pray, my pray surely is nothing but  : I want yasu, i want yasu onegaiii …!!!

それはとてもありえない ね 。。。

yasu       :        eeh, that’s you having delusion ne not praying  …
noi          :        yeah, i know …

and now 2 years later her dream came to be true ne. Of course it is not an easy dream ne to have a live in Japan and get a job there. But my dear Christine worked so hard and she made her dream came true.

Nah, i’ll say again no matter how much and hurt people say how impossible your dreams are, just ignore them because eventually …

Nothing is Impossible  …

Look at Christine, she had a dream, worked hard for it and in the end it came to be true. I think now it is a very perfect time to listen to this very inspiring song.

my fave line is this part …


More than not having dreams at all
It’s much better to cry and be hurt for the sake of dreaming…
that’s what I think for sure
even if I were to die, the world wouldn’t change at all
But, you see…
by continuing to live, I’ll change the future for sureyasu surely pointed how it’s forever OK for having dreams, no matter what and also continue living rather than choose to die.  Now i feel there’s a BIG sign of …SHAME on YOU … !!!

hit me since i had my times when all i want is nothing wanna die. But that time, it was a very hard and full of stress for me ne.

And i admit versus all of that miserable things happened i was lost.

Then as always, me whenever bad or terrible things happen i will do nothing but run or wanted to die and kill myself.

Eh God, i was too coward until i failed twice killing myself with 2 different methods. I told you ne, it’s really hard to kill yourself and don’t forget there’s so much pain followed after.

Especially when you failed,  it will hurt more than anything and i remember how all those bloods all over me, that’s was very scary especially for a coward like me.

But thank God, it changed somehow. Now i don’t wanna die anymore, not because i am already dying but now i prefer to quoted from what yasu wrote on 20+∞ Century Boys lyrics ..

僕が死んでも世界は変わりはしない …

noi         :     then i shall continue to live …
yasu      :     and also kill your Facebook is not gonna bring him back again …
noi         :     どういう こと 。。。?
yasu      :     i guess he doesn’t even know  …
noi         :     awww, that’s hurt …

rather than hurt by thinking about that i think i better continue this 「Shangri-la 」 post, this time is …

~   「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Tochigi

It was heavy snow nationwide including in Tochigi prefecture,  they still held this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting  with a lot of people gathered.

The Meeting was held in 1st Floor  of Carillon Plaza, Bell Mall, Tochigi. They say it’s a modern super mall ne, now i wonder how modern is a super mall can be …


As they say the venue of this 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~  Togichi  is 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 and it’s just not a name ne, because there is that BIG Bells tree on that mall and make it as wonderful place where you can hear bell’s sound every hour.

So 「ベルモール」/「Bell Mall」 ne, it’s so funny because at first i read it as  …..

「Beer Mall」, then sayin OMG did they sellin beer there ? aha ha ha  … awww  *slapped by MEGATRON*

Because i mistook  this 「ベル 」 for 「Bell 」 with this 「ビール 」 for 「Beer」 …. #eww .  I suppose reading Katanaka, that full of straws letter  is not my division anyway …


yasu       :   stop it noi_chan …
noi          :   stop what …?
yasu       :   make an excuse for your mistake ..
noi          :   but it really not my division  …
yasu      :    because nothing is your division …

This 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi started with Public Recording with Radio BERRY along with their program called 「yasu & ●●」 that they have planned. They had various talks …

First is 「yasu & Radio」

In Project 「Shangri-la 」 i do this collaboration with radios around the country.   I have taken care by the Radio stations,  the DJs and the staffs many oft hem sayin “I was fan all the way from the old days

I was glad and also embarrased. Thank you, or i rather say i am sorry … (laugh)

next is  「yasu & song writing 」

I do various way to write a song, in this case i also write a song from me, from this intro inside my head. But mostly, i swell or tend to make one scene and then wonder what kind of song along with it and then make it.

I can write during the day, but  i tend to make it at night overwhelmingly. Various things became open to human at night, isn’t it? so, if time is placed  you take a look at (the lyrics that i wrote at night), there are plenty “fu fu …

then it’s like “what this guy sayin” (laugh)

It’s not only by me sayin OK, but in my case i also have staffs to look at this something i made. As for 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』, that i was making while thinking all the way wondering whether if this song can be good as shuffle song.

This song is completely different from what i thought. About the title, the temporary title was 「Black Cat」. Then it came out as 『 Adult Black Cat 』 because it was an easy to remember Adult after the temporary title 「Black Cat」.

in addition,

there was also  「yasu & The Audience 」

as what the title called, that’s when yasu answered some questions from the audience who came to the venue.

And it will be broad cast at Radio BERRY on 2月23日 (Sunday) night 06:00 PM (JST).


then the 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting in Tochigi continued with collaboration with Hisashi Yamada‘s 「Radian Limitted F」 where yasu learned about dialect and specialties of Tochigi.

First, it’s dumplings of course and then they introduced what’s recently popular in Tochigi

「レモン牛乳」/「Lemon Milk」

the yellow colored with a scent of lemon milk, and FYI there’s raw and non fat for this lemon milk.

Lemon Milk ne, i suppose here in hometown we also have that. One man with a bike sell that every morning, but still i prefer Chocolate Milk than fruit flavored milk or raw.

i always hate the taste raw milk anyway, maybe because my real mother (not Her Majesty) already died before breast feeding me. They said it was because of some internal bleeding

you know like Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan)’s wife Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Somethings Happen) .

It’s a Bollywood movie ne.

I remember on that movie, Tina (Rani Mukerjhee) died after gave a birth for their daughter because of a serious internal bleeding, and before she died she named her daughter Anjeli,

the same name as her husband’s love and best friend on collage (Kajol) then she left her 6 letters to be read every year on her birthday  …


That’s a very sweet and sour movie ne, i cried when Tina died and then laughed seeing how Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) acted when he see his longtime best friend Anjeli (Kajol) again after many years they didn’t meet each other,

and then ah yeah love is everywhere.

Do you know why every woman love Shah Rukh Khan ? i believe  that’s because he knows how to treat a woman very well and make them feel special.

Anyway, you all should watch that movie because that’s the most sweet and epic Bollywood movies i ever seen. I watched many Bollywood movie, but nothing like this Karan Johar‘s 1998 ~ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

OK next, it will be this …

~  yasu便り 2 from The Official Blog

if the last yasu便り is for The 1st SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK, then this yasu便り 2 is for The 2nd 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK

行きましょう, 皆さん … !!!

ーーSo yasuさん, now we will continue with the story we had done previously

yasu   :   2nd Season ne

ーーThat’s right,  the very beginning  of 2nd Season. Let’s start with what everyday you did during your 12 consecutive nights in Nagoya (laugh)

yasu   :   ha ha ha … it was amazing, seriously (laugh). I was quite detail in Aichi prefecture (laugh).

ーーThe hotel, it already feel like home. From Mie, you went to Gifu then came to Nagoya i think.

yasu :   i did so. I also went to Ise Shrine from Nagoya (laugh)

ーーWent to Ise Shrine, it was nice to be able to go there in that timing


yasu   :   yes, it was the day before the big ceremony of Shikinen Sengu. Since the timing was good, i just couldn’t stand not to go. I am really glad.

ーーAnd then in Ishikawa prefecture, you also stayed long in Kanazawa. 7 days.

yasu :   Rain in Kanazawa.  it was difficult to stay in a long period of time. But it was fresh

ーー That’s right, if you stayin for a long time in one place with one short of feeling it becomes not easily to walk around the area.

yasu   :   That’s right, but for the event i came, everyone welcomed me very well and it felt very great.

ーーIt was amazing all over, but in Toyama prefecture the audience in particular was an enormous.

yasu   :   ne (laugh). I had kindly welcomed (laugh)

ーーThere are lot of memories of the place and there are lot of memoris of the food too. Sosu-Katsudon in Fukui and Tare- Katsudon in Niigata

yasu   :   i really ate Tare-Katsudon everyday. Whenever I ate, Tare-Katsu

ーーso that specialty in Niigata about to changed much yasuさん,  I ate the messed Tare-katsu of Niigata (laugh)

yasu   :   usually, it was only hegi soba, from now on it’s Tare-Katsu

ーーI looked back to 2nd Season quickly, but for the Live Performance aspect, what was changed or something unussual/different from 1st Season?

yasu   :   for Live, not to mention the audience,  everywhere the atmosphere was good.

Things eventually accumulated. With all members and staff were I accustomed to, I feel like I reach a degree of perfection.The events as in the PHOTOBOOK shows,  the atmosphere in the venue.

It was fun everywhere.

ーーWas there some impressive thing afterward?

yasu :   Caught a cold and waited? I was sorry to have caused everyone at that point. To have overcome cold and do till the end, I am glad.

ーーAnd last, a word for everyone please …

yasu   :   to everyone who attended to 2nd Season ~ Hokuri. Toshin. Tokai ~ thank you very much. see you again


i’ll post the next yasu便り 3 after i received my 3rd SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK because now it’s still in Hokkaido anyway and if my proxy send it tomorrow then i shall get it about 2 weeks again.

But take a look at the cover ne …

that’s so cool ne, i just love how that silhouette back of yasu like that, and how i saw some of Japanese fans received it today is, eh no i mean yesterday on a Valentine Day it’s just so sweet.

For me, what can i do than do things that i always do ne but waiting, and updated this …

~   Whatsoever Updated from me

this one is for Shizuoka ~ Fukui Live Digest and Off Shoot

enjoiii … !!!

it’s already February 15th ne as you all see how Tumblr put that red heart beating next to it. For you all who have an account on Tumblr i believe you have seen how that red heart beat next to Tumblr sign on Valentine Day.

I think that just so cute ne …

aand believe it or not (sure you are not …xD), my heart also beat fast because it’s a very very  late to post this


PS     :    Sorry, but you have to Click on the image and it will bring you to my Animoto video, because too bad when i upload it on Youtube, they erased the sound and it became a muted video  … #eww

and let me say

Happy Valentine Everyone, and for you my dear …

noi      :    I knew i love you before i meet you, uuuu …
yasu   :    but noi_chan, you did see me on your TV and PC  …
noi      :    still i didn’t go to  「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ne …
yasu   :    just find another song OK
noi      :    but why …


2014 Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto, Day 1 … (Another me, yasu and Resolution …?)


we’re in 2014 now and ….

Happy New Year, everyone !!!!


Today is my first day at office on 2014 ne, and today is also my first time to put 2014 behind all my signatures.

Yeah, i always put a complete date, month and year under my signature every time i sign on anything. I dunno that way just make me feel sure about what i do.

finally it is already 2014 ne, and somehow 2013 just went away ne. It was not fast for me and sure i feel 2013, sweet and sour i feel all of it.

Resolution ….?

i am done for makin resolution for every year’s changing,

because all my resolutions are screwed up. I did make plans about i wanted to do this, i wanted to do that, then i have to do/reach this, do that … etc etc and none of them was accomplished.

Instead of resolution, now i have this something …. eh, should i call this a confident or sure? because somehow when woke up this morning i said to myself

yes Inspector Himura, you are gonna do great this year …

maybe i am just a very and totally bad planner, so this year there’s no resolution for me. But still here i am, in this new year, with a new spirit and ….

yasu     :    a new brain …
noi        :    no, where do i have to get it?
yasu     :    then a new ….
noi        :    …  fresh love for you, love …. xD
yasu     :    eeh …

and look at this new year card from Janne, …

cute, isn’t it …?

I hope this next 2014 is gonna be smooth for me, even if i have to work harder it would be fine for me as long as i am healthy i’ll kick my ass harder than last year.  I still have a target and goal to accomplished by the end of 2014 because i promised my mom for that.

so when everything smooth for me, by the end of 2014 i could say …

I am better at everything … !!” instead of “I am worst at everything … !!” ..

like what i said at the end of this year, so

My wish for 2014 is i want to be healthy, that’s all ..


yasu      :     i thought you want a boyfriend this year …
noi         :     why should i ? i already have eh …
yasu      :     that HULK? he is always mad ne noi_chan …
noi         :     and i also have you,  hu hu …
yasu     :      ha ha,  not funny …

anyway, let’s continue my fangirl homework, this time is for

~    Next Part of 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK

still Hokkaido, but this time is …



Aomori ~ Asahikawa Offshoot






then next is …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto, Day 1

Day 1 ….. ?

yes, because in this 3rd Season 『Shangri-la』 Tour, there was 2 Live Performances in Kyoto and from this ただいま♡関西!!yasuさんの思い出のある街・京都ライブpost on The Official Blog , this post below is about the 1st day performance …

finished  live performance in Shimane, Project 『Shangri-la』 came back again to Kansai from Chugoku region. This time is Kyoto, for yasu it is a very familiar city among Osaka because it’s close to his hometown Hirakata.

Taste of Kyoto which already waited for yasu in the venue is …

「丹後のばら寿司」/「Tango no Barazushi」/「Tango’s Scattered sushi」

in Kansai, even 「ちらし寿司」/「chirasi sushi 」also called as 「ばら寿司」/「bara sushi」/「scatteed sushi 」 and this Tango‘s scattered sushi is the most familiar feast to people on Tango region. A taste of happiness to eat with family.

And speaking of Kyoto, there was also yasu‘s fave …


「京都の漬け物」/「Kyoto’s Pickles」

it’s a vegetables pickle of Kyoto with high quality vegetables. yasu was delighted by that by ate rice, pickles, rice, pickles … gotten lot of taste of Kyoto.

filled with happiness and full of smile then continued with talks with a fun atmosphere. Talkin about bike, about Izumo Shrine that they visited and prayed to on the other day.


and also read question sent from everyone.

Because that day Kyoto Live ~ Day 1 is on Friday 13th, so the question selected on the Question Corner was ….

What is your scary, difficult things to do ….?

yasu‘s answer is ..

In my childhood i was afraid to the long-horned beetle …

and instead of running up_stair, he was cryin …. so i suppose his difficult thing to do when he was child is running from a long – horned beetle ….? xD

noi       :     eww, what the …
yasu    :     what ….?
noi       :     no, nothing but i think you shouldn’t ride Bumblebee  … *laugh*
yasu    :     then what about you ….?.
noi       :     i am scare of you ….

OK, next is The Set List ….

01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder License
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Black Cherry
07. Yasashii Uso
08. Maria
09. so…Good night
10. doomsday crock
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. code name 【JUSTICE】
13. Shangri – la


01. Nemuri Hime (request)
02. Kimiga iru kara
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Pistol

OMG they ended it with Pistol, why …?

i never think Pistol is good for a closing song. Not bad, but i prefer SPELL MAGIC, Shangri – la or DRAGON CARNIVAL as closing.

So if a Live Performance is a door, let’s just say when it closed by Pistol the door (Acid Black Cherry Door) it won’t close perfectly … xD

Opening maybe OK, but i prefer Pistol in the middle ne. But who the hell i am anyway, after all i am just a fangirl ne, who did and wrote silly things like this to somewhere over the rainbow …

Eh God, i want a red shoes now  ….

as red as this cute little darling in red kewpie



cr   :  @Yasuの女

舞子/ Maiko

i am sure you all know what Maiko is, it’s an apprentice geisha. And remember this Maiko_yasu …?



I remember i’ve seen a movie (ha ha yeah, it’s always about movie for me eh ..xD)

about an effort from one girl to be a geisha in Kyoto, started from be a geisha‘s maid, then a maiko and then finally she is an official geisha.

i can’t remember what’s the title of the movie exactly, but it was a Japanese movie (or short drama? but sure it’s not The Memoir of Geisha ..) and eh God, it was a very sad movie ne because at the end of her finally as geisha, somethin was wrong with the her work place involving a huge debt from her God Mother.

that place was near to be close down.

so she had to so anything she can do to save her place, her forever home since she was sold by her parents there when she was 10 years old.

Not only that, that movie also put a little bit one_handed love story between her and her God Mother‘s son that never see her as a woman even she is now a gesha. In his eyes, she is still the same 10 years old little girl that her mother introduced to him as his new little sister …

OMG, that’s so me and Mr. Friday ne …


yasu     :     did anyone ever tell you …
noi        :     tell what ..
yasu     :     if you watch too much movie …
noi        :     i dunno …

maybe because that’s how i am.

Yeah i watch movie all the time. Even when i am on a very bad mood, there’s only this 4 things that can brings my mood back to be good ..

~   A cup of cold Vanilla Latte with 4 ice blocks (yes, it has to be 4 blocks),
~   A bowl of a very spicy instant noodle (i prefer meatball soup flavour recently), ..
~   A bottle of Diet Coca Cola (the 3 liters one)
~   Lots of DVD to watch …

and maybe some snacks if i am not forget to buy after work.  Then, everyone that’s what exactly i did on yesterday’s New Year’s Eve.

Everything ready and there was only me and my housemaid had so much LOL with my mom’s telly out there while me stay on my room start my own MOVIE MARATHON ….!!!

even it was not a marathon because before midnight, my friend with her family came asked me to go out and watch fireworks together. Then after midnight the marathon is on again until i fell asleep at 04:00 AM in the morning …

I remember the last movie i watched was this Johnny Deep and Christina Ricci‘s Sleepy Hollow ..

that movie is my fave movie, well i think i love all Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaboration works. But this one is special and i am not gonna tell you because if i do this post is gonna get longer that it should be long enough.

I just love how the chemistry between Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel gradually changed from strange to each other, then became friend and the fall in love.

They say Love is Friendship on Fire, isn’t it …?

suppose that’s what was happen between them, and this scene after Katrina‘s love dead is my fave …

Katrina   :  I have shed my tears for Brom… and yet my heart is not broken. Do you think me wicked?
Ichabod  :  No… but perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina.
Katrina   :  Why do you say that?
Ichabod  : Because you have bewitched me.

that’s a very sweet way to say everyone have their own witch side of them hiding somewhere  …

As i said before, Sleepy Hollow is my fave movie but still i am not into the serial telly because i think that just ruined all childhood dreams about livin in Sleepy Hollow happily …

so i’ve seen that movie so many times, but last night i just realized something that i never noticed before. That is the fact that Ichabod Crane is just a Constable from New York.

A constable eh, can you imagine that?

So Ichabod, he is a constable while me Inspector Himura .. !!!

noi      :    and you my dear, still Officer Hayashi ….xD
yasu   :    what the  …
noi      :    eh, what are you doin ..?
yasu   :    don’t you see, do something …
noi      :    sorry, i am bit busy. SHERLOCK is all over me now …. *leave*


Rainy Day Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane .. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday )

I couldn’t sleep yesterday …

so yeah i went online, went crazy with my friends on my twitter aaand my friends on twitter are hilarious.


I mean how they catch all my jokes and replied it with theirs perfectly and then arranged it as a long pink lined tree tweet history (you all know how twitter is now) with a dirty scenario of fangirling to read.

it was fun ne and somehow last night is the 1st time for me when twitter is became more fun than Facebook.

I love Facebook ne, i even consider myself as a Facebook Saiyajin. Everyone know how much i love Facebook but not last night.

I am not sure what happened, but thank God it’s over and here i am now, this morning my love for Facebook come back again to me, let me say this for all of you …

Hello everyone, have you vote for Acid Black Cherry …?

i am talking about this vote for

~ JpopAsia Music Award 2013 …


i am sure you all already voted, but if you haven’t then go to this link ….


and vote, vote as much as you can, use your Facebook and twitter because i see this is already The final Vote.

let’s make Acid Black Cherry arise this year, so in the future we all can say this to yasu

Your name has arisen, dear yasu ….

yasu    :    that’s from what …?
noi       :    what …?
yasu    :    you must seen it on your TV …
noi        :   well okay, that’s from SHERLOCK HOLMES ne, because …
yasu     :   no, no stop don’t tell me …
noi        :   but i have to …

because …

i am so sexcited about the next Sherlock Season 3 …!!!!!

sexcited to know how did SHERLOCK survived from that fall and many other things followed by that since i’ve been waiting for this long enough



Plus that lovely photo of John Watson and Marry‘s wedding and SHERLOCK as the best men just upgraded my sexcitement into a higher level. They said SHERLOCK played a song with his violin for John and Marry

it must be very beautiful eh …..


and the sweet fact is how Martin Freeman (John Watson) is married to his love Amanda Abbington (Marry) in the movie even in their real life they aren’t married yet ..

Enough with The SHERLOCK sexcitement, because now it is time for me to finish my homework, my fangirl homework.

Again and again I am left away to go, so better start to do it again. Since the previous post is 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Shimane then next it should be  …

~  『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shimane …

from this とにかく最高♡ABC初となる島根県ライブ!post on by on The Official Blog

this  is the 1st Live of Acid Black Cherry in Shimane, The Kingdom of God . it was held in Izumo Shimin Kaikan Hall, Shimane.  One day before Shimane ~ Live begin they all visited Izumo Shrine to pray ..

and as always, there was a local gourmet that waited for yasu in the venue. In Shimane, the local gourmet is …

しじみ汁 / Shijimijiru / Miso with corbula clams

a freshwater clam, from Shinji Lake over Matsue and Izumo is number 1 in the country with a good effect for our liver function.

And yasu who just had a bit liquor recently was so happy to have this …


「出雲そば」/「Izumo Soba」

surrounded with the best soba, and all Shimane gourmet, it became the best lunch in the dressing room while watching video from a smart phone app (「ロードムービーズ」/「RoadMovie」 that’s popular among members recently.

Look back on memories of Shimane tourism.


and also read questions sent by everyone, and the question selected on The Question Corner was …

On what kind of edge are you, support members, engaged in ABC?

Junji :     he started to joined ABC since the 1st time ABC started with The Secret Live. Also the chief manager of Acid Black Cherry knows Junji‘s manager and yasu who love SIAM SHADE and Junji‘s drumming ask Junji to help him on the recording …


YUKI   :     it started on a birthday party of a writer where yasu, Shuse and YUKI was attended. Drinking and eat together for a while and then yasu start to asked YUKI and he said …

I will do it if the shedule suited.

And it was surpised then how the connection came perfectly since their talkin was with an alcohol (he was a bit drunk …?)

Hiro    :     it started from YUKI, when he was overlapped with another tour so he couldn’t join ABC (suppose it was Re-Birth Live?) so yasu had to find another guitarist.

He like Hiro‘s guitar playin and he also like La’cryma Cristi


Shuse :   with Shuse it was already about 15 years, with an aquintance to a same person and when the person was sent to hospital, yasu visited and Shuse was there. That’s their first meeting …

then when he was starting ABC he remembered Shuse and invited him via Monster Hunter Chat ….?

yasu        :   i am doing solo this time
SHUSE    :   really ..?
yasu       :   will you help me
SHUSE    :   yaru yaru …

ok, next is ….

the SetList

01. Jigsaw
02. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. sins
06. Kuroi Taiyou
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimiga iru kara (request)
15. cord name 【JUSTICE】 (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~

then the Kewpie ….



cr   :   @Yasuの女

It is   出雲の神様/Izumo no Kamisama ..

Eh God, that’s totally cute, especially the hair rolling like that and the moustache …. xD

ah ya, i should continue this 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK ne, the previous post is Aomori so the next one is

~   Hokkaido (Otaru)


~   Hokkaido (Nitori)


i’ll finish all of it tomorrow, hope i will able to finish it before 2013 is over. But i dunno why i am just not in a full me now.

Let’s just say i am not good in anything now. I got sick again yesterday, the bleeding came out again after it stopped for only a week. Plus how i am alone now at home, only with my housemaid that i don’t talk much with.

She didn’t see me a lot just like i didn’t see her a lot since i am not often at home.

The first time i meet her on one afternoon she mistaken me as a guest who would come to see my mother, at that time my father was still alive and he is the one who told her who i am while laughed. Then i was like

Eee, pappa what was that ….? 

so now even i am with my housemaid it’s still i am alone.

My mom, she is still in Mecca (or Madina? not sure about it). I don’t want to call her everyday because i don’t want her to get panic by her phone ringing while she is still on praying.

I heard handphone was not allowed inside mosque there, especially in Madina the police is more strict.

They will check all the bag and elsewhere to make sure there is no un_allowed things such as camera, foods, drinks and handphone inside mosque. After all they are there to pray ne so why should they have to bring all of that …?

While tekki, she is in Bali now for New Year with all his office_mates. And why the hell on earth she let her phone off? i can’t call her since this  morning. with no phone sure will never reply my tweet …

everyone leaving me now, just me here now listening my mp3 put it on the max volume and then rain is fall again, so perfect eh …

雨が 。。。。 だいきらい

I don’t like rain, i dislike rain, …. etc etc i just hate rain.

Rain was fallin for days until this tonight and i had a hell lot of freeze nights, sleepless and maybe because i am listening to this song a lot tonight …..

for me that song is the best cover that ever done, because they did it perfectly and that the lyrics of that song keeps givin me a hope of something that i know it will never become true …
…… ♪♪  I give you my word,
I give you my heart,
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun … ♪♪

and always, that song is my song and Mr. Friday. I remember how i often sang this song and believe it or not, wherever he came to my home to buy something it always when i sang thing song ….

perfect timing eh,

yasu     :    so you sing that song for him …
noi        :    yes, and that was the happiest moment in my life
yasu     :    poor Mr. Friday …. *laughed*
noi        :    ah, come on don’t do that …

and then he will sit and listen and then when i finished he will laugh while lookin at me. And me, at that time i was in heaven. So yes, tonight suddenly  ..

I missed Mr. Friday so much  …… xD

yasu    :     you must not  …
noi       :     but what can i do, after all i am just  …
yasu    :     a fangirl? i told you ne, that’s boring
noi       :     no, what i mean is ….

.….  ♪♪ I am just a woman, fallin love, …
darling  …  

yasu   :     stop it  …


…. xD Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Tottori … (Another me, yasu and The Truth that I can’t Handle)

From this 6年半ぶり!盛り上げ上手な鳥取県!post on The Official Blog …

there you are ….

~ 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Tottori  …

『Shangri-la』 Project finally reached Tottori Prefecture.

As what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) wrote there, for Acid Black Cherry that’s their comin to Tottori after six and a half years ago they came for the Secret Live at Yonago Live House with a very different venue  …..

For this 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Tottori the venue is Torigin Bunka Kaikan Hall ~ Rika Hall, the same large venue as they had for the previous live in Hiroshima

I repeat, six and half years ago Acid Black Cherry came to Tottori for the Secretly Secret Live and they had memories of all of them eat sushi together. This time, this special that waited for yasu in the dressing room is ….

「鳥取県産サバの塩焼き」/「Tottori Grilled Mackerel 」


「鳥取とうふちくわ」/「Tottori tofu chikuwa」/ 「Tottori tofu fish paste」

then it’s a special product from Eastern of Tottori Prefecture since Edo periode, a very healthy dish they said and yasu‘s fave fish paste.

and Tottori gourmet’s knobs ….


「かに汁」/「Kani-jiru 」..

Warm soup with lots of taste of winter 「かに」/「kani」/「crab」, of course yasu also enjoyed this. It was a happy moment followed with a full of happiness in the dressing room.

with talks of memories of the time when they visited Tottori six and half a years ago, like “I went to Mizuki Shigeru road” or “I was also at the sea” …. etc etc memories talkin while reading questions sent from twitter or blogs.

followed with stretching carefully ….


noi       :    eh chotto stretching ….?
yasu    :    yes ….
noi       :    is that stretching?  OMG i thought you were doing a pose ne.
yasu    :    pose, for what  ….?
noi       :   since when stretching can be sexy like that?  annnd …


really  …?

because i think they should wrote it as stretching sexyfully because yasu look so sexy  … nyaaaaa *got hit with an English dictionary*

PS    :   don’t try to find that sexyfully word in your English dictionary because it will hit you when you try to do that ..

Eh God ….

seems like by reading all post on The Official Blog i feel like 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 totally spoiled me a lot recently ne, by posted that yasu and his beautiful shoulders,

and also many other photos like that on 『Shangri-la』PHOTOBOOK  1st Season especially yasu in this red shirt.

I am so sorry but i have to do that in here even i did it already on my Tumblr …xD

After all this Inspector Himura is still a fangirl ne, so sometimes (read : many times) i can’t help myself not to do any sexcited things like than.

So please bear with me …

ah ya, there you are 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK  1st Season ~  Yamagata part, you can see it in below …


don’t worry like the last time, no password required because am just too lazy to make a locked post now. Plus how i kinda get lost on my own Photobucket albums these days. I told you ne, i hate this new version of Photobucket .

i need to fix that and surely it will take forever for me to arrange and fix all of it again especially with this very slow internet sonnection i have now.
Back to 『Shangri-la』  Live ~ Tottori story, on the MC yasu also said about …

When he came to Tottori six and a half years ago, there was no convenience store and also the Elementary School students (girls ..?) who came to watched their Secret Live at Yonago Live House that time, they must be already an adult now …

ha ha ha ….

that’s very funny and obviously yasu, he did his counting very well. Then the question selected on The Question Corner is ….

December 6th, today it seems to be The Sound Day (?). So what is the song that you all play and recorded for the first time?

and yasu‘s answer is ….

Song that i recorded for the first time, It was recorded from electronic organ that i have when i was at elementary school.  But i recorded original song of me it was on high school.  Well, it was embarrassing song (laugh).

At the time, there is no instrument in the house,next is The SetList ..
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pisto
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi ~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. SPELL MAGIC (request)
15. Yasashii Uso (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri – la

then the Kewpie




credit : @Yasuの女


waaah, so yellow ne …

well today at 10:37 AM started to write this post since nothing left to do anymore until now. Yeah, i am miss delay now. I delay this, i delay that …. etc etc many things got delayed by me except my dinner, lunch or midnight supper …xD

Rain, a quite heavy rain fell all over night since yesterday afternoon.

As always, since we are workin on an open space so whenever rain is fall or after fall there will be nothing to do at office after 10:30 AM. Nothing to do but wait until the land is dried enough for us to start the  machines.

Actually I do love this situation, but of course not with the complains followed after delaying. But the bad news (or should i say good news?)  is at this time …

I am on my 6th cup of coffee  …. #yay


yasu     :     yay? that’s not something yay ….
noi        :     but …
yasu     :     you’ll be coffee addict
noi        :      no, it’s only 6 ne and that’s because something very wrong with the cup eh, it always empty after 10 minutes so i have to refill it again …
yasu     :     ah, you already an addict …
noi        :     as you say …

yeah, indeed i am a coffee addict.

It’s not something that i can be proud of especially as someone with quite high blood pressure and this forever Anger Management problem like me, being a coffee addict just make me worst ..

you all see Jack Nicholson‘s movie Anger Management right?

in there you’ll seen how hard is not to be mad for a person with an Anger Management problem. Me, myself i always try to be nice and calm but trust me, that’s pretty hard to do ne.

Somehow there’s always something that pulled this whatsoever Trigger of Madness inside me, even that’s only a simple things …

Jack Nicholson, for me he’s brilliant, as well as scary sometimes.

I mean just like how Hugh Grant doesn’t have to act as a lovely charming man because indeed he is already charming, for Jack Nicholson he doesn’t have to act scary because he is scary sometimes ..


I never forget how scared i was when i watch him on A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise, Demi More and Kevin Bacon. I mean who would forget the emotionally epic trial scene between him as Col. Nathan R. Jessup and Tom Cruise as Kaffee

Col. Jessup    :  You want answers?
Kaffee             :  I think I’m entitled to.
Col. Jessup:   :  You want answers?
Kaffee             :  I want the truth !!

Col. Jessup    : You can’t handle the truth …..!!!!

geeez, ….

that’s was so scary ne, because that movie sure it is not a thrilled movie, but on that scene i got thrilled by him.

By writing this post and remember again abaout that movie, tonight with the sounds of rain fallin out there i realized what is  the cause of this Anger Management problem i have now and how i get mad so easily.

Col. Nathan R. Jessup is right,  it’s because  …

I can’t handle the truth …. !!!!

yasu     :    Truth about what ….?
noi       :     About anything that finally revealed like The Truth that i Love You
yasu    :     i know that …
noi       :    and Love HYDE at the same time …
yasu    :    i also know that, so calm down fangirl …
noi       :    omoooo ….

~  owari ~