愛してる Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Oita …. (Another me, yasu, Niki and James )

Do you know how  many i am sorry i said today ….?

I have no idea, but surely it was a lot of sorry for one today.

But thank God, i still able to finished this week whole long Moanday and his other mean brothers Tuesday and Wednesday, even i had to be the stupid one who missed to see one zero behind on that price tag.

The correct price is USD 33,000 but in my eyes it was  USD 3,300.

Damn, i must be blinded eh …


yasu    :    go buy a new glasses …
noi       :    i have one …
yasu    :    then use it …
noi       :    do you know what i said when they said Are you blind .. ? to me …
yasu    :    what …
noi        :    i said  ….

yes, i must be blind …

to missed that one zero behind from 33,000 to only 3,300. What a shame on me.

I know i have a pair of blurry eyes, and just like how i refused to use a hearing-aid for one of my ear because i believe it will make me look stupid, i also never forced myself to use my glasses everyday

and that’s why i never mind about HQ or LQ for video or mp3 because to me, they are the same

so in this case, i don’t blame my eyes

I blamed myself and this blown away mind to somewhere that i myself have no idea where. I dunno what was on my mind at that time, but surely not 100% on that matter we were talk about on my meeting today.

It was a total chaos and indeed it will make me loose some of my points in Comissioner Vijay‘s eyes.

yes, points eh …

I know i used to say how careless i am bout any points given on my works daily since the one and only points i care about was only points that CDJapan gave me. But now i changed.

yes again, i am so CHANGEABLE … !!!

Let’s just say from now on i do care about all points that i’ve earned and just like how Niki counting how many ponts did his rival James took point on tournaments during his time in hospital, now i do count my points.

And i don’t care if people may think me as a point bitch now, it’s fine as long as it is still on the LINE,  i will do that. I still know where is the LINE, my limit and time where i have to stop tho.

This Niki and James i am talking about is The Legendary F1 World Champion Niki Lauda and James Blunt


yeah, recently i just re-watch Ron Howard’s Rush (2013), a brilliant movie about them again.

i re-watched it again about 6 times aand on the 7th time, rather than watching,  i became more listening to that movie and start to talk following what the character say.

Ha ha, yeah that’s what happen when i watch one movie too much. Maybe some of you have the same thing with me, when you tend to talk to the telly as what the movie character said and then laughed to yourself like an idiot.

Me to movie is always like a dry spons to a bucket full of water.

What i am sayin is when i watch a movie for the 1st time, i tend to be annoying. You know that kind of annoying audience on cinema ne, the one who keep talking during the movie including calling the character name or sayin

oh noooo …. !!!

complete with an idiot act when there’s something that i think totally wrong or doesn’t make any sense,

but on my 2nd time watching, i usually be a silent audience and start to change myself into a dry spons ready to take, try to find and remember everything i see and listening.

and of course i don’t do that to all movies i watch ne.

that kind of act is only for movies that really2 good and captured my eyes and heart at the first time i watch it. For sexample Saving Private Ryan, The Avengers, Pride and Prejudice …. and this movie Rush (2013)


If you know Ron Howard‘s movies,  you must know how this movie will be.

So this movie is about  ….


yasu     :     hey, can you do your homework first …?
noi        :     ah ya, but this movie is all over my mind now  ….
yasu     :     keep the movie talk later
noi        :     as you say then …

next is for ….

~    「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Oita

Project 『Shangri-la 』 landed on Kyushu district, and this time is Oita Prefecture.  After the 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 on the previous day, 「Shangri-la 」Live was held at Beacon Plaza Philharmonia Hall, Beppu City ~ Oita on April 2nd, 2014.

Geez, it was 6 month ago ….  !!!


yasu     :     it’s too late, noi_chan
noi        :     it is a very late post ですよ …!!
yasu     :     why you are so slow ..
noi        :     because i am Capt. Slow now …

and also talking about 「Shangri-la Meeting」, we already know if yasu‘s mother is from Oita. So they were also visiting some relatives, and somehow before live yasu was pretty nervous than usual.

#  The Local Gourmet corner

These local gourmet of Oita that familiar to yasu were waiting on the venue such a nice line-up ..

~   Fried shrimp,
~  Green salad,
~   Rice,
~  Tai meshi/Sea Bream rice,

A very healthy and easy dish to make, a cleaned fish with scales removed and simmered in a pot with rice, ginger and dashi stock. Well, even they say it is  a simple and easy dish to make,

still i am not gonna try to make it.

because i am sure it is not that simple as they say on internet or cooking show on telly. Yes, i do love to see cooking show on telly, but not to try it.

I even remember when my telly cable open all their channel free for a whole month for their whatsoever promo, Asian Food Channel risen up my apetite to the highest level.

Thank God that promo is over ne.

So try to make a dish based on internet?  why would i ….


yasu     :    because you can’t make it …
noi        :    だれ、  僕  。。。。 ?
yasu     :    stop sayin 「僕」  !
noi        :    but it’s fun to say ne, and   …..
yasu     :    you are not a boy, aren’t you …
noi        :    but most people who only know me by name think i am a boy …
yasu     :    ええ、本当に?

Well, It is not that i can’t cook, of course i can.

Thanks to the almost 4 years i spent stayed in my relative’s house during my college time. I spent every morning and night do nothing but cooking, cleaning, teaching and many other domestic things.

so yeah, there’s a time in my life when i was so domestic …

I am talking about the time when i only worried about what is happen at home, spent my time at class wondering is everything OK at home? is rain gonna fall today, since i left my laundry outside, are the boys OK at school,  and what’s for dinner tonight ….

And now, i never do that anymore because i don’t have to. I have a control freak and drama queen mother who never let me to do anything, but working at day and then dine together at night.

back to the topic, next line-up is …

~  yasu’s fave no. 1  :   pikcles
~  yasu’s fave no. 2  :   natto …

aaand …

Speaking of Oita,


Fried Chicken ….. !!!

everyone’s fave dish and yasu‘s ne, since i read a lot about how he loves Fried Chicken

After meal,

continued with a relaxed and full of smile talks and reading manga and they ( read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) also gave us a rare scene to see in the dressing room.

Yes, i am talking about this yasu shaving scene …


Indeed, it is a rarely scene eh, …

Because i found it is very hard to imagine yasu‘ shaving before seeing that picture above. Even i know the fact if he is a man and no matter how pretty and kawaii they look, a man do shaving ne.

People do say my imagination is wide, but imagine yasu‘ shaving is …

totally beyond all my fangirl imaginations … !!!


yasu     :     you already posted about it,  noi_chan ….
noi        :      eeh, did i …?
yasu     :     don’t you check ..
noi        :     hello, i am the Inspector ne, so i do not checking …
yasu     :     yeah right ….

And then

in the dressing room a staff gave a summary booklet of Kyushu‘s each prefecture from homemade delicacies, tourist destinations, dialect, else and then

ready to go Live  … !!!!


next is ….

#   The question selected on The Question Corner …

is …

The episode when you first made your own song …

and yasu”s answer is …

me too, it’s when i was in high school. I think it was on my 1st year of high school.

At that time there was MTR, a multiple recording device. Put the cassette, in four superimposed-record, it was possible, but i couldn’t do the instrument, i only put the main vocal.

I was think about put the song first, and then put the chorus after that (laugh).

Usually i put what i want, it takes the rhythm together and put the song at the end. I put the song first, so it will fit, the selfish (laugh). Somehow i was managed to composed on my own.

But i was worn out. I thought it was a difficult recording.

I say i made my first song, and it is the first but i guess if there were electronic organ in the house at the time of my elementary school, i had to play around with it.

then, let’s continue with …

#   The SetList

「Shangri-la 」Live 02.02. 2014.~  Philharmonia Hall

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimi ga Iru kara (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroi Taiyou

then ….

#  The Kewpie …



「温泉」/「Onsen」/「Hot Spring」

yeah, they called that almost naked (with only a towel) kewpie as Onsen. It’s because it fits with the style when you are going to enter a hot spring.

Annnd ….

やった 。。。!!!

it’s done, now le’t back to the movie again OK …. *totally sexcited*

~   RUSH (2013)


This movie is a biographical drama of 2 race car drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, their friendship and rivalry between them during 1976 Formula 1 motor racing season way to be a world champion.

Directed by Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind)  with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl (Good Bye Lenin) as Lauda.

In this movie, by leaving his hammer savely in Asgard and changed it into a Formula 1 car, Chris Hemsworth prove his ability to be another character other than what people know him as Thor and indeed, he did a good job

James Hunt and Niki Lauda started their rivalry from 1970 Formula 3 race in England when both their cars spint out and ended with Hunt as the winner. They both are a very different man.

On 1975, Niki Lauda joins Ferrari and wins his 1st championship, while James Hunt managed to join McLaren after assured them if he will do all they say to him including with sponsors.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 2.49.09 PM

James Hunt , an English youngman that even tend to vomitt before every race, but he is the real daredevil. For him, that’s the point of sport. He married to a supermodel but ended with divorced.


While Niki Lauda is a cool Austrian, with a genius calculating technical  who relies on precision and perfectionist as well. He meet Marlene, a socialite and date her.

This is my fave scene when Niki Lauda meet Marlene



something was wrong with their car, and then Marlene stopped a car of two man who is so excited to meet Niki Lauda. It’s a pleasure for them to give them a ride with one condition,

Niki is the one who drive

Inside car, the car owner is so happy about the  Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda drives his car. But Marlene who have no idea if Niki is a famous Formula 1 driver even ask who is Niki and next dialouge is so lovely ….

the car owner   :   no one will believe if Niki Lauda is driving my car now
his friend          :    Niki lauda, Niki Lauda …. !!!
Marlene             :   can someone explain to me what is happeing here, who are you, should i know you?
the car owner   :   you don’t know him …?
Marlene             :   no  …
the car owner   :   he is Niki Lauda, Formula 1 driver and he just assigned with Ferrari
Marlene             :   him? impossible
the car owner   :   why …
Marlene             :   well, Formula 1 drivers, they have a long hair, sexy … anyway, look how they way he is driving like an old man
Niki                    :   there’s no need to drive fast, we’re not in the hurry and i am not being paid, so why would i drive fast?
Marlene             :   because i am asking you to
Niki                    :   and you always get what you want
Marlene             :   usually …

and what happened is Niki drive fast like a hell ….

OMG that’s so sweet, isn’t it …?


noi       :     nee, ya_san ….
yasu    :     Great, after a Fanboy now she wants  F1 Driver boyfriend …
noi       :     i didn’t say that …
yasu    :     you don’t have to …
noi       :     then go find me one ….

so Niki Lauda and Marlene,

they finally married in a private wedding and then he started to worries about the effect of his marriage for his racing career because for him

Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose …

As a perfectionist, Niki always sure there’s always 20% chance for him to dead in a race so if he is not gonna join a race if that chance is more than 20%.

Then at the German Grand Prix, Niki Lauda convinced the F1 comitee to cancel the race during the heavy rain and storm in Nürburgring, the longest and most dangerous racetrack in the world .

They voted, but no one voted to cancel the race because Hunt convinced the other if that’s just another reason from Niki to make an excuse to avoid a racing without loosing.

So he still join the race and as what he worried before, bad things happened.

On the half part of 3rd lap, a suspesion arm in Niki ‘s Ferrari breaks and sent brust the car into flame. Ended with Niki stuck about 2 minutes on 800 F degrees flame before they finally able to get him out of his car.

They took him to hospital with third-degrees burn to his face, head and some dangerous internal burns in his lungs.

He spent his recovering days in hospital while watching his rival James Hunt took all points in the tournament that he missed.

How many times i watch this movie, i still can’t stop myself to cry on the after surgery scene when he try to put a helmet on his injured head. He is totally in pain, even his wife asked him to stop.

But he said to his wife …

If you love me, then don’t say anything ….

Followed with another full of pain treatment to get what the burns left inside his lung, he also has to do a suction treatment where the doctor put a long pipe through his mouth into his lung and pump out the dirt left inside his lungs out.

It was the most painful treatment and he did that while watching Hunt racing on television and somehow it helped him a lot.

And against  all his doctors, Niki Lauda back to race after at the Italian Grand Prix only 49 days in hospital with his new face.

From all other racers there only James Hunt who said hello to Niki . Not only that, even during the press-con there’s a journalist who asked Niki about what his wife sayin when she look at his new face ..

Niki  was tryin to be nice,

by answering       :   sweetie, you don’t need a face to race. All you need is only your leg
but the journalist  :   i am serious now
Niki                      :   i am also serious and F**K you …!!!

Hunt, who feel responsible for what happened to him, say nothing but gave that journalist a lesson that he supposed to to forget.

On that race, Niki finished as fourth while Hunt fails to finish the race and all the audience were running to his car after the race is over.

They kinda celebrate the coming back of their hero .

The final season of 1976, a rain soaked Japanese Grand Prix. With Lauda‘s absence pulled Hunt into three points of him. But learning from his last accident in German, Niki Lauda return to the pits on the second lap and when his mechanics ask him

Is there something wrong with the car Niki?

he said …

No, nothing is wrong with the car. I quit …

He decided to stay with his wife Marlene rather than risk his life again on the track. Hunt finished the race and win the championship.

After that race, Hunt spent his life as a new World Champion with lots of party, fame, sex and drugs. While Lauda started to learn to flyin a private plane. He think it is good to help him more focus.

They meet again at a private airfield in Bologna where Hunt wants to go to his friend’s wedding party. Lauda suggested him to be more focus for the next season.

and this ending scene is the best scene of this movie, when he said  …


Stop thinking of it as a curse to have given an enemy in life, it can be a blessing too.

A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

and from that scene we can see how different they are, but at the same time they support each other in their own way. For Niki Lauda, James Hunt is one of few people in he respect.

James Hunt  is kinda person who feel enough with one world champion, nothing further to prove. He retired on 1979 and became a sport comentator on TV and died on 1993 at age 45.

I’d say, this movie is how a race movie should be. No offense to all you fanboys, but i’d say

rather than Fast and The Furious or any other race movie, RUSH a way more better movie to watch and learn about race.

And …

Daniel Bruhl did steal my attention at the beginning with his brilliant performance as Niki Lauda. He also on The Fifth Element with Benny ne,

i have that DVD but i haven’t watch it ….. !!! #BIGProblem


yasu      :     what ….
noi         :     do you think l i have to  re-watch again his movies  ….?
yasu      :     hee   …
noi         :      aah, you think so,   …
yasu      :     hey, i didn’t say anything  …

ah ya next is this …..

~ Whatsoever Update from me ….

this one is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK : Kagawa


Enjoii …. !!!!

aaand ….

recently i also busy with this CD & DL Data Interview ne …..


indeed, yasu talk about a lot there. So yeah there’s so many interesting there.

As what they said there, at the beginning the interview is supposed to be about the upcoming  new single 「INCUBUS」, but because it is still in the recording process so they changed the interview theme into 4 parts.

Focus 1  :  Music Production Technic


Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)


Focus 3  :  What you feel


Focus 4  :  Summer 2014 Review …


i am still doing this, and if maybe some of you wanna read it please bear with me because  unlike the girly2 magazines,

it’s a long interview from CD&DL Data ne ….

But there’s some of my fave part and i remember i read yasu also said his opinion about this on other magazine. It’s about the different between man and woman about sayin 「I love you」 .

He said …

i rarely use 「I love you」 because I think 「I love you」 is not supposed to be expressed in words …..

ああ〜〜 なるほどね、やっさん 。。。

But as what he said man tend to think we don’t have to say it, they will find out. But on the other way, woman still think if sayin 「I Love you」 is very important.

I suppose woman need something to say ne ….


yasu    :   only something to say …
noi       :   well ….
yasu    :   really, especially you who wants anything….?
noi       :   of course followed with another thing to prove ne

Especially for a bit clueless and wants anything person like me,

i do need somebody to say that 「I love You」 if he is into me.

Yes, if you ask about this 5 or 6 years ago, i will say i’d rather see your act than hear you say 「I love You」to me, but not now.  Maybe because i am just too old to do some love guessing game like a teenage do and also i don’t have time to do it.

i am practically a direct person about this kind a thing now, so say it or leave it … !!!

And since i am one of the anti N.A.T.O (No Action Talk Only) person, of course it will followed with me demand another things to prove.  Yeah boys, girls are complicated ne. Even i hate to say it but sometimes ….

i am also complicated …


noi         :     yes, very complicated ….
yasu      :     a complicated Inspector, that’s not good noi_chan …
noi         :     ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura, do you know if some people do  think i am really a police
yasu      :    after that Charles Bronson post, マジで   …?



A Very Late Post : 「Shangri-la」Live ~ Ehime … (another me, yasu and When The Trip is Over (◕‿◕))


So beautiful,
I’ve never seen that place,
When the trip is over,
I want to go with you  …. 
( -_・)



yes, the trip is over

and now it is time for me to continue all works that still all over my messy desk at office and of course my fangirl home works that i abandoned for almost a month? i think so because when i checked on my Ameblo,

i only posted 3 entries last month and that’s not good eh …

I finished my works, so now it is time to write again because here inside me now i have lots of things ( yeah, including ramblings) that i need to get it out from my head a.s.a.p. so i can be better ….

so when the trip is over, here i am back to you luv ….





yasu     :    what’s with that lots of emoji …
noi        :    何もない。 でも ね 、や ーーちゃん do you know …
yasu     :    i don’t know ..
noi        :    this time, the trip was much better than before ..
yasu     :    really …
noi        :    i only get lost 4 times thou …
yasu     :    only  …. ?

well, let’s keep the trip post for the last because it was quite long and tired trip complete with many flights i took. I say ne, it was my first one week to be far from home.

and FYI everyone, i am someone that will never like to be far away from home and my Drama Queen mother. I just never feel save and get stressed whenever i have to leave home more than 2 days.

Now let’s talk about yasu and start with this …

~    「Shangri-la」Live  ~ Ehime


The 1st Live for 5th SEASON Project 『Shangri-la』 was held at Saijo City Cultural Center after two years ago at 2012 for TOUR 『2012』 Live at Ehime.

Not different with the previous SEASON, on this 5th SEASON 1st curtain is also for great gourmet. yasu who was informed a lot about local gourmet in Ehime Prefecture on 「Shangri-la Meeting」 looking forward very much about it.

~  Stewed Hamburger,
~  Imabari fried (
chicken, i suppose?),
~  Uwajima Jakoten (
it’s a special product it Uwajima, in Southern Ehime Prefecture made from small fish that blended into a paste and the fried) , it should be eaten with soy sauce.
~  Fried seasonal vegetables,
~  salad, and …
~  rice

aaand …

as what they thought on 「Shangri-la Meeting」, there was also this STN (Saijo Teppan Neopolitan) waiting for them …


after meal, yasu talked to other support member about what they wanted to do for SHUSE‘s birthday.

yasu          :   everyone, 17th is SHUSE‘s birthday. Shall we do something on stage?

and all support members agreed with what yasu said …

yasu          :   where? i wonder if we do it at the encore part …
members   :   sounds good. For example on encore at the 「
Black Cherry」part, instead of sayin「Black Cherry」what yasu said is 「Happy Birthday」to SHUSE …?
yasu         :    that’s good …!!!
members  :    and also at the bass solo on 「
Black Cherry」, let’s bubbling something on his ears (i suppose they talkin about the ear tools) that only him will hear.
yasu        :    Let’s do it …. (

then each support members started to secretly record their voice of sayin …


only to SHUSE‘s iyamoni (an ear monitor’s tool to hear something directly from earphones) and so did yasu


and the question selected on The Question Corner is …

Do tell us why did you choose your part (instrument) now …

and yasu‘s answer is …

when i started my band, i was as what SHUSE said …


SHUSE  :    ask her what did i say …
noi         :     え〜〜っと
yasu      :     yes, what
SHUSE said …
noi         :    well, he said …. *scroll up again*
yasu      :    you didn’t read it …?
noi         :    OK, OK i will read again …

what SHUSE said is

before i start to play a musical instrument, i seemed to hear music because i like music. But at that time i had not aware about the sounds of bass. And because there’s an acoustic guitar at home and i played it, so i didn’t think about to play bass.

so he started his 1st band as a guitarist,

then i repeat again for yasu‘s answer …

when i started my bad, i was as what SHUSE said (read  : as a guitarist). Because ka-yu, Janne bassist got a guitar from his brother then he said 「 i got my gitar, you do the vocal …!!

and i was like 「うん、分かった 」…

I was awaken to rock music from Himuro Kiyosuke‘s BOOWY. And then i discovered the sound of a bad called X (JAPAN) about one and half year after it.

X (JAPAN) keys are really high, because there’s no way i could make out a high voice like that. High pitched voice make me shouted like crazy. Everytime i go to the studio, my voice just dead …(laugh)

and the SetList

「Shangri-la」Live 19.03.2014 ~  Saijo City General Cultural Center


01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Greed Greed Greed
04.  In the mirror
05.  Yubiwa Monogatari
06.  Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat~
07.  Aishitenai
08.  Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara …
09.  Cherry cherry
10.  Shangri – La
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


02.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
03.  Black Cherry (request)
04.  20+∞ Century boys

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

i know i am so late about this update, even i already posted some part of it on my Facebook, but i suppose here in my blogs are the perfect place to put. Because not everyone is on or love to spent his/her daily on Facebook like me.


yasu     :    don’t forget how you spam there …
noi        :    me, really …?
yasu     :    yes, you do …
noi        :    well after all ya_san, i am still the same
Facebook saiyajin so yeah my Facebook friends always get more  …. *wink*

so there you are …

OS  Shimane ~ Nara


On Stage, before Live and the rest …


and about my Japan Trip, well …

i know things been changed recently, i mean on my 1st trip to Japan 2 years ago every night i wrote a post about all what i did that day. All of it so at that time i can wrote about 5 posts about my Japan trip from the beginning till the end.

But now, ha ha ha …. !!!!

i didn’t even write one post when i was there, all i did just post it (about yasu’s Live) as a comment on team_yasu. Now i feel really sorry to someone that even wrote a message to me about it, wondering and then ended with asked to me when will i write about my  「Shangri-la」 sexperience.

yasu    :    eh noi_chan, did you …
noi       :    what ….?
yasu    :    do i have to say it …?
noi       :    you mean, ah of curse not

so there you are, but i am warning you ne this is gonna be a very long post because i have so much things kept inside my brain to get out. The Live was amazing as how amazing is yasu, but the trip was sexhausting.

I dunno why but i felt more tired than 2 years ago.

I know my health now isn’t that good as 2 years ago ne, after all this year i step into a page to be a 53 years old woman. So what can you expect for a 53 years old woman can be health as?

surely not as healthy as Hercules …. xD

FYI, i haven’t watch that ne and now there’s nothing i want but to go to cinema and watch movie. Any movie will be fine. I need something to watch in a BIG screen and DOLBY surrounded sound or maybe 3D.

OMG look what i just did ne, just another rambling opening.

so back to my Japan Trip talk, let’s start this from the beginning, and i will say this as

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 1 (The Beginning) … (^ω~)

As i always say ….

i am someone that yasu will say as an INK person. Yes, i am livin in a village so it took me forever to gop to Japan. Not just simple like took a flight and then arrived there, but for me, it is always be a long way down.

Well i think everything for me is always forever to get.

For sexample ..

~    A quite long waiting for someone that sadly is IGNORED me now …

yasu     :   don’t tell me … (笑)
noi        :   no, don’t laugh like that. This isn’t a joke   …
yasu     :   but, he dumped you again? what did you do this time?
noi        :   i dunno. Ah, guys are too complicated for me …

~    A long waiting for all my stuffs sending from Japan,
~    A long way down to go to
Japan to see yasu

Oh luv, why you are so far away ne ….?


yasu    :    still no route to go to Tokyo by bus ne, noi_chan …
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    so how’s Superman …?
noi       :    ah you know he hated me …
yasu    :    then Capt. America ?
noi       :   what the …

So let’s back to May 25th, 2014.

It was Sunday and i still had things to finished at office. So i went to office in the morning, hoped able to finish everything before 10:00 AM so i can have some times to rest at home before catch my bus to Semarang (the capital of Central Java) about 3 hours by bus from my hometown at 14:30 PM

But that day was disaster,

because at that damned day one of my driver hit and then got hit on the road. So he was hit a car, an SUV exactly so i had to deal with him, called him and make sure he is OK.

and then listen what the hell is happened from him. Apparently it was because he was a bit busy with his phone while driving.

Calling? text messaging?

no, not one of it but he was busy to post a comment/reply comments on his Facebook. When i heard it, i was like …

Whhhuut the helll ……!!!

After that, I wanted nothing but to get his phone and erase the Facebook app inside it followed with may bad things came out from my full of anger mouth. Yeah, i was mad that day. So mad, until i can’t even remember in what sort of rude/bad level words i said to him.

I was such a bitch that day.

I mean, because of Facebook? really? even i know everyone around me is into Facebook and BBM (Black Berry Messenger) recently but i never thought to hear it as the cause of an incident.

Deep in my heart, i was hope to hear another things as the cause. Calling his wife maybe, or got distracted by something passed, … etc etc that make drivers less concentrated in driving.

But it is also surprised me. Can you imagine that, Facebook ne Facebook finally reasonable enough as a cause of an accident  …

I’ve heard a lot about crimes, fallin in love, heart broken via Facebook


yasu    :   or got dumped for the 3rd time …?
noi       :   not funny eh …
yasu    :   what’s more funny than this noi_chan ?
noi       :   and FYI this is the 2nd time, not 3rd ..
yasu    :   …… (

Then finally i was able to finished it at 14:30 PM left everything to my friends complete with all notes that they might need to do my works. I also said to them if they still can call me via LINE or Yahoo Messenger if there’s anything they might not understand well.

At that time i was so worried if they couldn’t able to do all my works like me. Maybe this is what happened if you are too deep for your works. So whenever you want to get some days off or holiday …

you feel nothing but lots of worry about works you left ..

At 15:00 PM, arrived at home and still mad while in the hurry went to the terminal to catch my bus at 15:30 PM. One hour late from the schedule and i worried about me missed my 20:00 PM flight to Jakarta.

Yeah, even it only took 3 hours from my hometown to Semarang, but i still need at least another hour to go to the airport (The Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang) from the bus terminal by taxi, and traffic jam that might happen as well.

Finally i was able to arrived at the airport at 19:30 PM. Go to change another yens there, but that time they were ran out of yen. So i go check-in and waited at the boarding room while had some coffee from the coffee machine there …


yeah, you all know how coffee addict is i am. So i do always so excited to see if there’s a coffee machine around me.

Then i kinda start to have a nice conversation about Taxi in Jakarta (i will talk about this later …)  with a very nice young lady sit next to me who also wanted to go to Jakarta.

And apparently she is a K-POP lovers who have a dream to go to Seoul to see CN BLUE Live on Stage.

People say same thief will recognize each other, so in this case same fangirls also recognize each other, even from different fandom.

Well, fangirls are everywhere eh,

From her stories and way of talking about all CN BLUE members i know if she is a hard core fangirl. Because i say fangirl, the real one talk in different ways. I’d say more passion and you can feel their hope, dreams and optimistic from their stories.

Because that’s what people mostly don’t see about fangirls. What they see maybe just the kyaa kyaa … !!! and crazy girls creamin and drolling about their idols every time and everywhere, but i think they often missed to see their dream and hope as well …

We talked quite a lot ne, because my flight was delayed about half hour from the schedule. Then we said good bye when they called us to get in the plane. It was a nice talk ne, i mean for me who never talk a lot especially with stranger.

Too bad i didn’t ask for her Facebook or LINE ne. It should be fun if i had ask her because i also listen to CN BLUE ne …

I get in the plane, and it was a small plane as how a local flight will give you. The flight from Semarang to Jakarta only took about 1 hour. But inside that plane 1 hour felt forever for me.

Especially when i sit between 2 man,

~  one is a man who put his earphone on and his music into maximum volume because even me, who is a half deaf (yeah, sometimes my left ear didn’t work well) able to hear it , …

~  While the other one is a man from Germany who do nothing but watching me watching over that man with his MP3 sleeping.

Nah, can you imagine how awkward that moment was? that’s why 1 hour on that flight felt forever for me.

Finally he (the man from Germany, that i will call as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD) open his e-book and start to read. And me, who never see an e-book like that for the rest of my life changed my bored activity to see him with his e-book.

It was in German language and suddenly he asked me  …

Hey, you wanna read together? if you want i can change it to English

And i was like   :   OMG really? you can change it to English?
and him            :   i have the English version   …
me                   :   uuuu  …..  *
eat my pillow*

That’s a very stupid question ne, i mean why the hell i didn’t think if he might have an English version ne, because his English is very good. I was so ashamed, then i said no, thank you to him and do nothing but hugging my pillow and pretending to fall asleep.

After landing, i stayed on my seat waiting for another passenger getting their luggage. I never want to get rush for something like this, i better be the last person to get my luggage and out from the plane.

I took one suitcase, bag and pillow with me ….


Actually not because of that, but it was also because i might need help to get my luggage from the cabin crew thanks to how idle my left hand is after it broken last year. So it is impossible to me to get it only with one hand.

But suddenly, i heard someone asked me  …

Hey, is this yours …?

OMG that Jane Austen man again ne. I said yes and then with nothing to say more he just get all my luggage for me.  I said nothing but don’t worry everyone, i still able to say thank you.

I think i was amazed by him,

i mean among all people (Indonesian people) that no one asked to me about that, and i got use to feel nobody will ask to help me with my luggage so i will ask to one of the cabin crew to help me. Suddenly there was a man asked and helped me.

Then i wondered  …

Well, now i found out if there’s still a gentleman exist in this world, not only on Jane Austen‘s books.

Now you all know why i called him as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD

Ah you all, especially girls who read this surely know about Jane Austen ne. I mean who the hell is never read or see movie based on Jane Austen‘s book and sometimes think about …

What Jane Will Do?


like what Prudie (Emily Blunt on Jane Austen’s Book Club movie) read on the crossroad when she was thinkin about having an affair with one of her student.

Spoon and ice cream, that’s so brilliantly full of passion ….!!!

Bandara Soekarno Hatta

And at 21:30 PM i arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Terminal 1 then waited for a bus shuffle to go to Terminal 3 where my next flight to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia waited for me.

AtTerminal 3 where i will spent that night there, waited for 06:45 AM flight with Air Asia next morning.It was so cold there. My friend Buntal said maybe this is the newest Terminal at Soekarno – Hatta so the air conditioner is still good and able to freezed people who is not get use to air conditioner like me.


I couldn’t sleep that night even i already had my dinner, that very2 sexpensive and not good tasted noodle above. Can you imagine that i have to pay about 60,000 IDR only for that? and still i was sleepless that night.

Then i opened my laptop, go on line and start to bothered some of my Facebook friends again.

Then after midnight, i wonder again what else i can do now? Everyone was already sleep so none of my friend was online on FB Messenger. Talking about this FB Messenger ne, i just love how it made your Facebook friend’s profile picture who send you message will poop up like this.


And most of my Facebook friend’s profile picture are yasu so can you imagine how happy i am when i see lots of yasu suddenly poop off like that on my phone? …

絶対 に おもしろい な。。。

until 02:00 AM, still couldn’t sleep because it was too cold and i didn’t bring any jacket or sweater with me because i thought it will be a summer trip.

Most of my clothes are summer outfit.

And it was disaster ne, i mean i really can’t stand on cold situation. I can handle how HOT summer will give to me, but not cold. Then suddenly a nun came sit next to me. She said she is one of the missionary and they all will go to Lombok for their next mission.

I always love to talk with nun/sisters ne, they have something on their way of speaking that make you calm somehow. Dunno why i feel this way, but i suppose because i was raised by nuns in a Chatholic Institution until i was 3 years old and they allowed my pappi and mommy to take me home with them.

They said it was quite complicated adoption process they had to get us.

I spent my whole night that time on Terminal 3 –  Soekarno – Hatta listen to all her stories, including her reason why she took this path (read : to be a nun). It’s very interesting for me when she told me how she finally find the light to devoted only to her God.

Until 05:00 AM in the morning when they (read : Air Asia) opened their check- in counter. We said good bye and i did a self check- in using their machine available there and went up to the boarding room.

Waiting again for my 2nd flight that will bring me to Kuala Lumpur.

I was curious about Kuala Lumpur, because this time we wil landing to the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport. And according my friend it is so big and everything was available there.

She said like a mall inside an airport.

Well, indeed the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport is very amazing and i will tell you again on my next post for 2nd Part : Jakarta ~  KL.

So yeah, you all have to wait ne …. wekekekekeke  *who is gonna wait anyway?*

next is this …


and you can read it in other languages as well, because these amazing fans also did it in here  ..

~  French by ABC French Street Team

~  Spanish by ABC Spanish Street Team, and 

~  Mandarin by Erica Lai

Recently i don’t listen to Acid Black Cherry songs much, not because i get bored with it. I maybe someone who will bored everyone around me with things i said, but here’s no way Acid Black Cherry songs will bored me.

It just because now i kinda busy with my new research about this non Visual Kei band (you know what band i am talking about) for my self. I mean, somehow their songs are similar to what i feel, had and happened with me and all these things i feel about him (read : not yasu, not Mr. Friday, then who …. xD)

now i listen to their songs everyday on my way to office, yeah now my driving skill upgraded very well so i can drive while listen to my MP3 on one ear of course. Then followed with watching all their Live DVDs one by one.

so now if you see me posted lots of their songs lyrics, actually it is just this personal feelings that i want to get rid off. I did everything, but i still ended back there like a fool.



noi        :    and now he put his back right to me …
yasu     :    can you be less dramatic about it ..?
noi        :    i can’t, because it drives me crazy
yasu     :    stop it  …. *walked away*

but still …

i enjoyed a lot for listening and reading all what yasu said and  his way of thinking. Even though after reading it make me confused sometimes because of course there is always parts that i don’t wanna know but it always ended me smiled even laughed like an idiot

because yasu is somehow always have an answer that will surprise you (read : at least me) on every interviews he had or MCs on his Live performances.

So for me now, i’d say …

reading and listening what yasu’s said or will say is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you are gonna get,

but don’t worry  because it is always amusing …xD

noi       :    いつもありがとう ね、 や〜〜さん
yasu    :    did you just watch
Forrest Gump …?
noi       :    omo, how did you know …
yasu    :    boring noi_chan, boring, no wonder he dumped you again …
noi       :    but i never talk about movie with him ne ..


HQ Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime … (Another me, yasu and 10 Things I ♡ about him)

Whaaa, finally, ….

While yasu already started that Encore Season

with the 1st and 2nd show in his hometown Osaka, be the lovely dovey Prince Charming in the white outfit me with his long, blond pony tail like this …


noi      :    OMG OMG …
yasu   :    what …
noi      :    nothing …
yasu   :    that’s not nothing …
noi      :    well at least they didn’t make it Green … xD

so here i am now being late again as always start my 5th Season Post tonight. After all, it is always better to be late than not doing anything eh …. xD

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Ehime

They (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) wrote this premier Meeting for 5th Season, 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime as cheerful and warm Meeting in the spring.

and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Ehime together with FM Ehime was also held as a closed event, where only the winner who was allowed to join the Meeting.


This is 5th Season 「Shangri-la 」 Project Premier and also it 1st landing in Shikoku, so they were talked about thought of when to start 「Shangri-la 」 Project as well as the impressions of many parts of it up to The 4th Season.

First of all, this all prefectures tour i wanted to try it for a long time.

The problem was, it couldn’t be realized easily. But now finally it can be realized, on this occassion since we already did so much efforts for Live all prefectures, so i wish i could do a live event with the local people as well.

so it’s really just simply that much …

DJ’s question :  Actually, you’ve been doing it until now, how is it …

Treated me like a star, more than i thought (laugh).

Today’s event is a closed event, but i was allowed to do in an open space in some places. It surprised me to have you all say kyaa kyaa …!! everyone in Ehime (though it is a closed event) that’s great.


and then they were talking about 「少年式」 and some Mandarin Juice recipe … etc etc aand there you are finally …

i received my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ..!!!!




together with that DAM Express Magazine with that so many cool and sexy yasu ne.

I say that’s hardest magazine i even bid on auction, i mean i had to lost in 2 auctions before and then waited for another person to open a new auction for that magazine and finally i got and it still in a reasonable price for a magazine.

But that almost 3 times bid on auctions is worthy ne,

Whooo ho ho ho, now let me say, yay … !!!!

yasu     :    do you have to tell everybody about it …
noi        :    what, the Yay …!!! ?
yasu     :    no, you know what i mean …
noi        :    my dear, gomen ne but i dunno what you mean …
yasu     :    liar  ..
noi        :    ha ha yeah, the good one  …

back to 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK ne,

i say for this 4th SEASON , the PHOTOBOOK is not HQ. I dunno maybe it is only me, but i don’t see the same Q (read : Quality image) like the previous Season 1, 2, and 3 PHOTOBOOK .

Take a look at this …


that image above is from Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK) and the other one is from Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) see what i see?

Both of the Meeting was held indoor, in a mall but why did the images for Meeting in Tochigi (from 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK) looks more dark than the Meeting in Nara (from 3rd SEASON PHOTOBOOK)

and they made yasu‘s skin is not as pale as he was looked like on the other previous PHOTOBOOK.

And that’s not only for that page Meeting in Tochigi but also Meeting in Kanagawa and Chiba (well okay, this one is indoor) but still not HQ though, . So i wonder what the hell was happen ne?

omo  …

~   was the sun stop shining on the day they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) edited The 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK so it became darker like that, or
~   the electricity went down that day, or


~   Darth Vader was comin and made it like that …?

OMG OMG i better run now ….

yasu     :     hey, you’re not finish yet …
noi        :     i don’t want
Darth Vader say I am your father to me, run ya_san, run … !!!
yasu     :     stop sayin that, i am not
Forrest Gump
noi        :     ….. *stop running*

OK, so all i want to say is, i suppose they (whoever they are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) to do differently for the upcoming 5th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK.

I want HQ

a High Quality images ne, like how yasu is a HQ person as well, so it would be better if you (yes, you again, whoever you are in charge for 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK) give me HQ images ne because …

I am a HQ fangirl …. ajajajaja, #にゃー ーー  *dumped to Niagara Fall*


yasu    :   is that all, are you finish now …?
noi       :   not yet, there’s no rambling yet. Just bear with me ne, because tonight i just being
Chatty as HELL
yasu    :   how long this post is gonna be …
noi       :   dunno,

so now it is time for this …

~ Whatsoever Update from Me ….

this one is for Nara part …


while this one is from DAM Express


Enjoii ….. !!!

aaand, ha ha there  you are the Rambling part, this time is about …

~   The Kowai Jakarta

I’ve been in Jakarta for a whole day, spent a whole night on a night bus from my home which is one of my fave things to do.

This time i did it differently ne, i didn’t use taxi as how i always do whenever i go to Jakarta. I followed what Tekki said about this economic travelling. It worked for her, so i suppose that must be also worked for me …

Economic i say, because it cost a way more cheap than how i use to travel.

This is the comparation ne, let’s say it as non-Economic and Economic. non-Economic means i use 1 hour trip by plane from Semarang to Jakarta than spending a whole night by bus, and also i use taxi to go anywhere  …

1. non- Economic way

~  2 x bus ticket from my village to Semarang (city with regional airport)   :   30,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from bus terminal Semarang to Airport)  at least @70,000   :  140,000 IDR
~  2 x Flight Semarang ~ Jakarta, this is when i got cheap/promo flight   :    1,000,000 IDR
~  3 x Taxi (from airport to embassy; embasy to cinema theater; cinema theater to airport again) at least @100,000  :  300,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total   :    2,220,000 IDR

2. Economic way

~  2 x night bus ticket My hometown  to Jakarta  @170,000 :  340,000 IDR
~  1 x Busway ticket (from bus station to embassy) :  3,000 IDR
~  2 x Taxi (from embassy to cinema theater, cinema theater back to bus station (depending on traffic)  :   200,000 IDR
~  My lunch, cinema, snacks, … etc etc   :  750,000 IDR

total     :   1,293,000 IDR

see how different is it? …

that’s why i wanted to try it and also i never try to ride busway before even i say so many By The Way Busway. I thought i will give myself a try this time.


Everything is so smooth, from bus station i took a bus to Harmoni stop and then change it to Blok M and i suppose to get off on one bus stop after Bundaran HI stop (because they closed that to build MRT).

But what happened was so far far away (as far as my relationship with Dear Brother, Kenshin ) from my imagination and what i’ve been planned from home.

from Harmoni stop i changed bus, i thought it was the correct bus. I got a seat and feel comfy a little bit and then fell asleep. I woke up when i heard so many people walking out of the bus. Then i was like,

eeeh what happened …?

i panicked and without thinking i followed all of them out from the bus and just ran out from the bus stop like somebody was after me and i dunno why. Then finally i stood there on one side of the road and looked around me and i didn’t see this Bundaran HI anywhere ..


Bundaran HI, it’s a landmark site in the center of Jakarta.

HI is for Hotel Indonesia so yes a round water splash and statue next to Hotel Indonesia and Japan Embassy is also around there. So i have to go there ne, but i don’t see any sign of it anywhere.

Appaently it was not only because i fell asleep but also because i took the wrong bus then i ended lost in Jakarta, a city that i never imagine i am gonna be lost like that. I wanted to ask somebody but i can’t, since i am still sick so it’s really hard for me to speak.

I even only use my hand or say some one or 2 words mostly.

The worst part is i didn’t see any taxi there, so i had to walk far enough then reach another street that is much bigger and finally i see a taxi came approached me. I open the door and hardly say Kedutaan Jepang (Japan Embassy) to the driver then i feel …

nothing but free …

it took me forever to reach Japan Embassy from bus terminal ne, from 08:00 AM until almost 12:00 AM. I say Jakarta is a very scary ne especially for an INK ( いなか ) people like me.

The people i saw on the bus, dunno why they seems like so careless about others.

Inside the bus, i was standing next to a pregnant woman and none of those 5 young woman sit in the seat in front of us willing to give their seat to her until the bus officer (the man who is standing next to the busway door) said to them …

hey please, this is a pregnant woman …

and then one of them with that look finally gave her seat to the pregnant woman. I wonder, eh in here there’s so many other version of Dinda ne …

Now i am really glad that i am livin in this village, where i say there’s some hospitality i see in the people. Yes, of course there’s some bad and careless people but i don’t see it often in public like that.

Maybe that’s the different between livin in the city and village.


I went to Gandaria Mall, had some that whatsoever yummy BBQ.

For 120,000 IDR that’s must be yummy ne, and actually that portion is for 2 person, but i ate it alone and everyone there just nonstop lookin at me like i am crazy or something.

Eh come on, only that 4 pieces of meat and 1 egg is for 2 person, really? that must be a joke ne or whoever made than menu must be on a hard diet because i was still hungry even i finished that …

Gandaria Mall is the place where i use to go to watch IMAX cinema. Then i went to the cinema to watch Ken Watanabe in Godzilla


ah ya, don’t tell me how the movie was, because i fell asleep in the middle of it and then woke up suddenly that monster MUTO already MAD, MAD, MAD and destroyed everything.


I couldn’t ask to people next to me, because there was only 5 people including me in that theater and we all sat very far each other. I feel like i just had a private movie playin ne and for a movigoers like me …

That’s HEAVEN … !!!


yasu    :    but you were sleep …
noi       :    too bad eh, i have to watch that movie again …
yasu    :    why did you always sleep everywhere …
noi       :    OMG ya_san, that’s because
i am Nemuri Hime ne ..
yasu    :    i shouldn’t ask …

well even Jakarta is Kowai, but i still had some fun there. I ate a lot and had my own version of Solitary Gourmet, you know there’s so many food there on bus terminal from meatball soup, sweet and sour mango, … etc etc i ate them all


you know that live action drama adaptation from manga where there’s a man named Inogashira Goro (Matsushige Yutaka) with his solitary lifestyle and a very healthy appetite (like me … xD) who travel to different places and try some food and figured out how the best way to enjoyed it.

and now  …

look at this new Blog Widget i got today. Actually i saw this on 闇Rodemさん‘s blog and i just love it and try to make one for my self  …

It is a generated widget, so it just easily generated by put your name and what things you want to put on your Blog Widget. I made one, and because you all know how dreamer i am so i put Fangirl, DayDreamer and this is what they gave me  …

yes, everyone now meet the new me

ノイ 緋村, a Fangirl and Daydreamer …..  (^_^)♡

but then the problem is even i already copied and pasted it to my ameblo, it just didn’t work. I dunno why maybe there’s something wrong and i just don’t get it. So i just post it here on this post ne, after all i am not Jim The IT ne, so things like are confused me …

last but not least is this Fangirl Meme,

i know i made this before a long time ago, now after i watched again for how many times i forgot Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger‘s 10 Things I Hate About You, i think i have to re_new it again …

OK 行きましょう 皆さん …

~  10 Things  I ♡ about yasu …

1.   I ♡ when yasu fall like this …


2.  I ♡ when yasu start to count like this …

3.  I ♡ when yasu serious like this …

4.  I ♡ when yasu is on suit like this …


5.  I ♡ when yasu sayin ほんまに ね … over and over on every MC

6.  I ♡ how yasu sayin もういい もういいよ on Yes song …

because in my ears it sounds like he is callin me …

Noi, Noi, come here yo …. !!! #wekekekeke


yasu     :     i never call you on that part …
noi        :     but …
yasu     :     no, still no
noi        :     and stil, for me it sounded like that … *wink*

7.  I ♡ when yasu make a peace like this

or …

8. Being Dorky like this …


then last  but not least is ….

10.  I ♡ when yasu is smiling like this  …

that’s all everyone, i just upgraded my Fangirl meme, now i am going to sleep because tomorrow, it’s Monday

and you all know what Monday is, a full day of works to do because my boss Comissioner Vijay (yes, i am The Inspector, so Mr. Vijay must be a Police Commissioner …. xD) make me work really hard this month.

So tomorrow is gonna be a very long Moanday at office,

i still not able to talk perfectly and just got a terrible flu yesterday, and that make me wipe my nose a lot, almost ran out of tissue and these days, that Chou ver. Tissue Box is my bestfriend everywhere.

so my dear ya_san, i will do my best and hopefully i will able to talk again at the end of this month …

Oyachuumii Luv …

noi       :  what are you doing?
yasu    :   but noi_chan, that’s not 10 …
noi       :   really …?
yasu    :   yes, count it …
noi       :   ah, stop counting it’s almost midnight ne. I’ll do that tomorrow …


☂ Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Shiga … (Another me, yasu, Mary and Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds)


rain fallin everyday since three days ago.

They said this is gonna last until the end of this January, after the Lunar New Year. So i am freez’n to hell these days. Even i pray every night …

God, please don’t make rain fall tomorrow morning,

but rain still fall anyway and it’s a hard and cold morning for me to drag myself out of bed to go to office.

Walking from home to the bus station on a cold and rainy day is romantic if you walk with somebody, but if you walk alone that’s nothing but freeze in hell …


Take a look at picture above, that’s how the sky looks like in here. The sun suddenly removed itself from the sky and rain fallin all day long since morning to evening, night and then back to morning again.


Now just like that  Mycroft Holmes, (read : umbrella) is my best friend.

I already lost one of my umbrella, the pink and the plastic one because i forgot and left it at the bus i rode in the morning. That’s my fave umbrella ne, not because it’s pink and plastic, but it’s because i bought it when i was in Thailand 2 years ago.

I knew, i should keep it stay at home not bring it everywhere i go.

apparently my mind’s memories still not in that good condition again. I forgot, and left my things on the bus again. First and second was my umbrellas, then my lunch box, the boxes of chocolate for my friends and the last one is today i can’t find keys to my office.

I have and brings lots of keys everywhere i go, keys to un_lock my office, my desk, my safe-deposit box, my bike, locker … etc etc i have all of it. But there’s only one key that i don’t have.

What key is? …


noi        :    A MAGIC Key to un_lock your heart dear …
yasu     :    that’s not gonna work …
noi        :    what are you doin …?
yasu     :    go away …

So what i got lost was my complete office keys including keys to my locker and desk aand  of course with one of my 『Shangri-la』 kewpies that i put there …



From all 8 『Shangri-la』 Kewpies that i have now (since i am still waiting for the others that i ordered from UpRise) they only left 3 because i sent 3 for (Freena, Vale_chan and Moni) and i lost 1 so …

8 – 3 – 1 = 4


but thank God, because look i found it today  then the calculation became

8 – 3 – 2 + 1 = 5 … ….. #yay

well maybe this brain need to be upgraded eh because i don’t want this Noi The Fangirl ended with  forget about you  ….

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)

yasu      :     that’s possible ne …
noi         :     i told you ne, after all …
yasu      :     stop there, don’t say again …
noi         :     why …
yasu      :     boring

enough about that boring opening, now let’s move to this

~   『Shangri-la』live ~ Shiga

next 『Shangri-la』 Project is Shiga prefecture. This 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Shiga was held at Biwako Hall, the same venue for last year’s 『2012』 TOUR with the great scenery of Lake Biwa in front of the venue.

i remember something about Lake Biwa is some sentence i read about during his effort to unify Japan, Hideyoshi The TAIKO held a tea ceremony with a background of beautiful scenery of Lake Biwa.

and as always, on the live day there was a local special gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue. For this time for 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Shiga one of the local gourmet waited is this …


Shiga Prefecture’s Specialty 「高島とんちゃん焼き」/「Takashima Ton-chan yaki」

it is a chicken dish seasoned with sweet soy souce or miso and it is a cuisine that has been loved since postwar period in Takashima. Chicken is main in Takashima, Shiga Prefecture but they also use pork and called as 「とんちゃん」/「Ton-chan」.

suddenly, there was cheers full of happiness backstage.

seemed like the Tour staff was building the plastic model of GUNDAM during the tour and showed all members their progress and brings the boys feeling to yasu relaxed while waiting to be on stage in front of people of Shiga


then The Question selected on The Question Corner was ..

The Ideal plan and spot for a date of you …

yasu‘s anwer  …

My ideal date is …

Dating such as manga, with a lovely girl like what Mitsuru Adachi‘ drawn in the manga walking on a park. Although i also wanted that sort of things ..

There was also a date went to bowling at the time of Junior High School .

Hoo just walking ne, that’s easy. I can do that …


yasu      :   do what ….
noi        :    walking, what else ..
yasu      :   do you know what date is …
noi        :    today? it’s January 23rd ..
yasu     :    put your earphone off … *went away*

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Biwako Hall 22.12.2013 SetList

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroi Taiyo
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri-la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. DRAGON CARNIVAL (request)
15. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. 20+∞Century Boys

then kewpie



credit   : @Yasuの女

it’s 琵琶湖 / Lake Biwa  …!!!

so cute, isn’t it? and i love how they made that bridge like that because if you don’t see the water and fish there, it looks like a blue frying pan eh …


yasu        :     don’t be silly …
noi           :     i am not
yasu        :     blue frying pan, don’t say you are hungry now  …
noi           :     well ….

next is …

~    2nd SEASON 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK …

this one is the 1st Part, …



enjoi ….!!!

i spent my last night do nothing but sleeping from 18:30 PM ~ 05:00 AM in the morning. Waw that was such a relieved for me ne, i mean finally i’m able to get a long time sleep. I woke up once at 21:00 PM then went to sleep again after asked to my sister is it already morning or not …?

while the other night before last night it was a very boring night. It was boring everywhere ne,

~  my telly went boring after i finished that 13 Going on 30 again for how many times i forgot,
Facebook also boring, nah that’s is a surprise …
~ Twitter …? ah it always boring with no crazy talks with my friends
~  maintenance in Ameba, aand …
~  with no new post on the Official Blog

noi       :    do something, i am boring now …
yasu    :    i am busy now …
noi       :    but …
yasu    :    don’t you see how busy i am …?

so i spent that night by watching movie, this movie.

The Floating Castle (2012) BluRay 720p BRRip 950MB  Hnmovies

The Floating Castle (のぼうの城 Nobo no Shiro)

It is a film based on the Siege of Oshi and depicts the struggle of Oshi‘s villagers in defending their fortress against Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s campaign against the Hojo clan.

Against insurmountable odds, Narita Nagachika, the fortress’s castellan, leads a group of 500 against Hideyoshi‘s army of 20,000.

one of my Facebook friend posted some video about that movie on his Facebook.

I think it’s a good movie, even for some person who aren’t in to a war and historical epic movie (like me) will think it’s a bit boring movie for. I just love how they described each character in this movie with some funny but understandable at the same time.

first,  i got it wrongly because i watched that movie with no English Sub first and then watch it again with the English Sub. That’s how i watch movies specially Japanese movies btw and then get Lost in a Quite confusing Translation as always …

I thought Hideyoshi as the side who defend the castle against the invaders with only 500. It was wrong, because Hideyoshi‘s army was the 20.000 invanders …

Owhh i am so sorry …. *drowned to lake Biwa*

then next continued with …

~   SHERLOCK Season 3, Lats Episode :  His Last Vow


Finally i watch that last episode of BBC SHERLOCK Season 3 after kept the video inside my PC for almost a week. As always the last  episode/chapter/part of every telly series or movie is like a Cherry on Top of a Cake or The Biggest Meatball in My Meatball Soup  …

all i want to do is nothing but delay to watch it, i waited and waited until the perfect time is comin to watch. The perfect time is a time where i totally concentrate to watch, enjoy and ready to get dragged away by it stories then cry like a river.

so that night was The Perfect Time for it.



The last episode of SHERLOCK Season 3 :  His Last Vow, it’s all about Mary, Mary Morstan after that lovely wedding …


Who Mary is, the real Mary and how Mary now is the weak point for John then John is the weak point for SHERLOCK and SHERLOCK is the weak point for his brother Mycroft.


and as you all know Mycroft is The UK Government it self


and one man named Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen, FYI : he is Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)’s brother).


it started when that woman Lady Smalwood got threatened by Magnussen for her husband’s unappropriate letter to an underage girl. She asked help SHERLOCK for that.

And apparently this Magnussen is not an ordinary blackmailer, he read, analyze and looking for the weak points of everyone he meet and see, including Our Famous SHERLOCK HOLMES.

SHERLOCK did his job including how he use Janine with the brilliant reason of Human Error called Love?


Remember Janine, …?

the bride’s maid on John and Mary‘s wedding, she is Magnussen‘s personal assistant anyway. It shocked me when she came out from SHERLOCK‘s bedroom called him with Sherl …? and just jump inside the bathroom and then all the lovely images of SHERLOCK is in love and have a relationship with a woman …


and the a proposal? really Sherl …?

But thank God,

it was not real ne. OK,  i feel sorry for Janine to get used by SHERLOCK like that but this time i feel so GLAD knowing that all of the romance scene blinded me away was nothing.

But SHERLOCK was not the only one who use Janine, because Mary already did that before him, she be friend_ed with her just because she is Magnussen‘s PA.

Mary (actually is a full blooded woman, i think she kind of an assasin who did some dirty jobs for CIA or else) who knows if Magnussen has all of her secrets and affraid if John will find out take her own move alone, face to face with Magnussen himself .


SHERLOCK thought it was Lady Smalwood from the parfune he smelled, surprised when he saw Mary was there with a gun pointed to Magnussen‘s head. Then she shoot him just like that …


after a long way of pain travelling, tryin to open lots of chambers that hopefully will make him less pain but he ended inside a chamber with Jim Moriarty and then died for some times, and miraculously back to live again after hear there might be something bad, very bad will happen to John.

he ended up in hospital, between sleep and awake he heard how Mary tell him not to say anything to John, but when he wakin up he saw Janine was in front of her with so many newspaper about her and she told him her disappointment to SHERLOCK

this one is my fave scene …


Janine            :  Just once would have been nice.
SHERLOCK   :   Oh, I was waiting till we got married.

oh, he said he was waiting ne (i don’t have to tell you what they were talkin about) so he is still …. #OwwSHERLOCK … !!!

After that, SHERLOCK called Mary to The Empty House and made Mary said things about her and what she did without knowing if John was also there. John, Oh dear John what can i say about him ne …

They went back to Baker Street 221B i  know John was hurt just by how he told Mary to sit on a chair and start to talk like she was their regular client who come to get a help from SHERLOCK HOLMES.

but for this one i love how yasu ….


yasu     :    me, what …
noi        :    just get out of my head, i am busy …!!!
yasu     :    don’t yell at me …
noi        :    sorry,  but i just can’t stop this you comin to my head …
yasu     :    blame me …

back to the topic ….

i mean i love how SHERLOCK say Marry is the one who saved him by callin an ambulance before John and then they all went to SHERLOCK and Mycroft home for Christmas and we all see mummy and daddy Holmes call Mycroft with Mike at home.

John who is always sweet as John Watson is finally able to take Mary for whatever she was and she is now, by sayin …

The problems of your past,
are your business.
The problems of your future,
are my privilege ..

that’s so sweet eh, since i have so many secrets i wish someone said that to me like John Watson.

Then everything’s back to how they find the voults inside The Applesdore (Magnussen‘s mansion).

SHERLOCK made an arragement bey tellin he is gonna give his brother for a visit to Magnussen‘s vault with hope he will find Lady Smallwood‘s husband’s letter and Mary‘s file.

But the fact is there’s no such thing as a vault inside The Applesdore, because the vault that they all talking about and lookin for is inside Magnussen‘s mind himslef. So not only SHERLOCK who has a mind palace inside his mind ne …

So SHERLOCK as a high-functioning sociopath did what he had to do. Ah you have to watch this brilliant episode by yourslef ne and trust me, you’ll get the same sexcitement as me soon you finished watching it  …


When ….

John said to SHERLOCK :  The game is over,
he replied him                 :  The game is never over, John, but there may be some new players now.

then he is right, the game is never over, but this time is not a new player. The same old player now, because Jim Moriarty is Back …!!


and now i have to wait for another year for that ….?

finished with SHERLOCK but still mesmerized by all the scene and also hoped for SHERLOCK will ended with Molly. Yes Molly, because her engagement with Tom is over.

Then i listened to this song …

Lucy in The Sky With Diamons by The Beatles



sudenly …

この青空の向こうに, i am lookin for yasu In The Sky With Diamonds

pp jl

but hey, no diamonds?

I was calling that far far away to the blue sky and just like that with no diamonds? not even a single one …? What the, now somebody do tell me ..

where is the diamonds … ?



yasu     :    what diamonds? …
noi        :    that diamonds ne …
yasu     :    but i am not Lucy ..
noi        :    hee …
yasu     :    just be a good girl, go brush you teeth and go to bed now …


Oh What A Day Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Kyoto Day 2 … (Another me, yasu and when L’Arc is Back)

yes, Day 2  ne Day 2  ….

it’s very nice how they put the Meeting between 2 Live Performances,  —-> live Day 1, Meeting and Live Day 2 … that’s perfectoo …!!!

And this another Kyoto gourmet was waiting for yasu in the venue …




「京都の漬物」/「Kyoto no Tsukimono 」


eeh a pickled vegetables, again …?

but still like the 1st Day, this 2nd Day is full of smile blooming in the dressing room  while talking. From the talking about motorbike, music and live the also about 「BOOWY」 the band that influenced yasu and various other story  …



that’s a very nice blooming smile ne.

Actually recently i’ve been listening a lot of yasu‘s talking from Live MC‘s, Offshoot talking … etc etc you name it i have it on my MP3 player. It might sounds weird but yes,  there’s not much song  in my playlist but there’s plenty of yasu‘s talking there.

So whenever i am watcing or listening to his MC on Erect Live, especially on the MC in Live DVD part i am laughing a lot when he said who is gonna watch people talking on a Live DVD and if you wanna see people talking, go get a comedy DVD.

then i kinda replied him (the one who is on PC)  hey, i am the one who is gonna see you talking. Listening, maybe, watching? sure but understand what are you sayin? …

aah chotto mate, it takes times for me … xD

my fave is when he laugh, even sometimes i think it’s kinda weird how he start to laugh before he finished his talking/jokes.

Eeeh, am i get it wrong?

because sometimes i can’t even understand whatever he was sayin if i listen to it on my bus, not in a full concentration way like i am doing nothing but sit and listen to yasu‘s talking in front of my laptop. So finally i managed to finish this …




enjoii  … !!!

Actually it is not because how lazy i am recently so it took me forever to finish this one, but i also kinda get lost a little this time on the part when he said  …

じつわ , then bla bla bla  ….


Kuroneko OS.avi_000129562
i was lost but then Yukiko and Helen helped me with that, so i can continue workin on this.

じつわ ….

i really love to do this, because in some way it help me to learn more and get what yasu said.

じつわ , じつわ ….

i dunno why but i feel the way he was sayin it like he was going to tell us (or me, in my imagination) something very secret. I did think about this bit deeply untill i had a weird dream.

In my dream i was watching yasu‘s talking in some live telly station, i suppose it was an interview. But the weird part is (i told you ne, this is a weird dream) how he only say ..

じつわ , じつわ , じつわ ….

over and over while i was still patiently waiting ne. It surprised me how i have that thing called patient in Dreamland because patient surely is not my division. Then after long time waiting i lost my patient and i just said to him



yasu    :   hey, don’t yell at me …
noi       :   i am not …
yasu    :   you just did ..
noi       :   that’s just a dream ne, …
yasu    :   weird ..

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto again, and question selected on the Question Corner is ….

Memories of school trip which was fun/pleasant no. 1 for all of you ..

and yasu‘s answer is …

he went to Hiroshima when he was Elementary School, Junior High school he went to Nagano, then on High School he went to Goto Island and Glover Garden in Nagasaki .

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 15.12.2013 ~ Kyoto 2nd Day

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Prologue End ( request )
15. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni ( request )
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. 20+∞Century Boys

then because it was the 2nd day Live Performance in Kyoto, so Kyoto also got the additional kewpie just like Hokkaido (who got 3 additional Kewpie) on the 1st Season.

so let’s say a BIG HELLO to this cute little fella ….




cr    :   @Yasuの女

on this 2nd day, they dressed the Maiko_chan properly. Look that pink proper kimono is better than the red underwear (or short, swimsuit … or whatsoever they name it with)  right? ..

let’s get out from 『Shangri-la』 for a moment, because hell yeah it is time for RAMBLINGGG ….. !!!!


yasu      :      boring, boring, boring noi_chan …
noi         :      sorry but i have to ….
yasu      :      can you be less dramatic about this …
noi          :     about what …?
yasu      :      do i have to say it …?

last night was a bit blue for me, i mean nothing is interesting for me to go online. I can’t write all the details in here but let just say last night this Inspector Himura was just not in mood.

so i spent my whole night watching SHERLOCK Season 3, Part 2 again for the 3rd time.



yes, i am talking about The Sign of Three episode with John Hamish Watson and Mary Elizabeth Watson‘s wedding.

It was a very lovely episode with a very lovely SHERLOCK as the best man, his long time speech that full of deductions and how his interaction with the Bridesmaid Janine.



I love how SHERLOCK‘s way to accept Mary as his best friend (read : broomance)’s wife and say if the wedding is an opening for a new chapter for them.

On the other way, Mary (played very well by Amanda Abbington) also tried to make SHERLOCK feel that there will be nothing change after the wedding.

My fave is when SHERLOCK played a song that he composed by himself for the wedding with violin while John and Marry did their 1st dancing, the he start to say his vow  …

today we saw two people make vows
I’ve never made a vow in my life
and after tonight
I never will again.

So, here in front of you all,
my first and last vow.

Mary and John,
whatever it takes,whatever happens,
from now on,

I swear I will always be there.
Always For all three of you.

Erm… Sorry, I mean…
I mean two of you.

plus this “should be a Happy Song” from The four Season – December 1963 (Oh What a Night !) at the end …



Oh, what a night
Late December, back in ’63
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a night

Oh, what a night
You know, I didn’t even know her name
But I was never gonna be the same
What a lady, what a night

Oh, I
I got a funny feeling when she walked in the room
Hey, my
As I recall, it ended much too soon

Oh, what a night
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
She was everything I dreamed she’d be
Sweet surrender, what a night

And I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder
Spinning my head around and taking my body under
Oh, what a night …

from the lyrics that song tellin about a one night stand, yes, it should be a happy song ne, yeah bit kinky as well …


but when i see how SHERLOCK walked out from the wedding reception while wearing his coat that song suddenly sounds sad ne.

I’d say Oh What a Night for SHERLOCK because he …

~  managed to do his best as a best man on his best friend wedding,  …
~  managed to get along with other at the wedding,but too bad …
~  didn’t managed to get a dance …

Poor darling SHERLOCK, i’ll dance with him if i could ….

and this morning, while still listen to that song with my up and down feeling since this very early morning suddenly Tekki tagged me with this link for BARKS on Facebook


L’Arc~en~Ciel Live 3月21日および22日に東京・国立競技場


OMG, L’Arc is Back …. !!!


suddenly it was all over mt twitter TL by callin/mentioned all my L’Arc_ed friend on twitter. All this time i think they (all my L’arcoholic fella) kinda doin their own way whenever L’arc hiatus. Some of them with Gazzette, SPYAIR, Bennedict  … etc etc just like me in this ABC fandom.

some of you might not know about this, but yes i am a L’Arc based fangirl …

even there’s no official statement from L’Arc Official Home Page about that (some says it because the OHP is still under construction),


but today i feel like i am one of the Darth Eater who is confused about what the hell is she supposed to do when Lord Voldermorth is calling. So if i am the Death Eater, then Lord Voldermort is :



Who else than Leader_sama TETSUYA …. !!!  *blended alive with Banana*

What should i do ne, should i go there on March? ah no let’s just not talk or make a plan yet because sure it will be another fail.

Money, money, where i can download money? somebody do tell me.

March, that’s too soon and sudden for me to get the money annd Eh God, why the hell i have to go to Singapore this weekend? ….

Oh What a Day eh …


HYDE      :     what is wrong with her …
yasu       :      i think somebody just dumped her …
HYDE      :      really, again …? poor noi_chan … *laugh*
noi           :      no, that’s not true ….
yasu        :      yes it’s official tonight, ah look she is gonna cry …


Bloody Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi … (Another me, yasu and Richard Parker)

Air Mail, Air Mail it’s always forever with Air Mail but there you are  …


♪♪~  私の黒猫 ~♪♪

that Special Price 394 yen ~ Limited edition arrived 3 days ago.

nah, that’s weird ne because CD Japan sent it together with all my magazines package but this one got one week delayed.

for the trading cards, like the last 「Greed Greed Greed」 single i didn’t get the complete one . I only got these 3 cards …

Theeennn …

after one week being held by custom, it finally came to me yesterday.


as always, they opened it first …. xD

and my proxy also added that 7 Pia Magazine for me. I thought she couldn’t get it for me since she is pretty busy recently.

Talking about my proxy ne, i just found out if her home is in Asahikawa ne …



Asahikawa ne, i mean yasu was there right? i should’ve asked her to buy me some kewpies, maybe she could get the Hokkaido special one for me.

Why did i never read anything?

i mean all this time she’s been my proxy with a very nice service i only know she is in Hokkaido, never further like which part of Hokkaido she’s livin in or is she married or not or she is female or male?

yasu      :   you don’t know that?
noi         :   i think i’d rather stay like this, thinking she is female …
yasu      :   why …
noi         :   i dunno, it just more comfy for me …

so there you are,

enjoy this  「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 , CD Only and w/ DVD version …

now for me The Matsu Wa Season of 「黒 猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~」 is over with me have to fine another one Trading Card. Ah that’s fine, i’ll fine it somewhere so what else i can say than …

Yay, and Hope i will get The Complete Trading Cards for the next Single …. #yosh …!!!

Anyway, let’s back to 「Shangri-la」 ne,

because again and again this became another very late post. Should i tell you all what is my reason? ah i’ll keep that for the llast ne, because ha ha yeah that will be a very long and boring rambling of me …

so let’s talk about this, eh i hope i made it correctly ne because i don’t wanna missed/skipped/jumped one post or two …

~   『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Yamaguchi

This was the 1st Live ever  for Acid Black Cherry in Yamaguchi and tickets were sold out for this Live held in Yamaguchi Civic Center Hall.

Waw, see how BIG is Acid Black Cherry effect ne …

as we know this 「Shangri-la」 Tour also kinda like a Nation Wide Culinary Journey for yasu and his team, then they will shared it with us, so in this Yamaguchi gourmet waited for yasu on the venue …


Barisoba …

Yamaguchi ‘s old speciality, Barisoba made in reference to Taiwan‘s noodle dish after World War II. Crunchy Chinese fried noodles with plenty of vegetables, large-sized cabbage, Shitake musrooms … and else ..

Full of smile in the dressing room, while reading all questions sent from fans  …


and question selected on The Question Corner is …

「Memories of a car,  first time driving 」

yasu was the one who picked that theme and his answer was ….  ah, i’ll skip this one …


yasu     :     hei, hei, what’s that …?
noi        :     that’s too long to read and tell ne …
yasu     :     so you just skip like that …
noi        :     ha ha ..

next …

The SetList  

2.   Pistol
4.   in the Mirror
5.   sins
6.   Kuroi Taiyou
7.   yes
8.   Re.birth
9.   Shagri – la
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry Cherry
12. Black Cherry
14. 黒猫 Adult Black Cat  (request)
15. doomsday clock (request)
16. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
17. 20+∞century boys
then …
The Kewpies  



cr  :   @Yasuの女

ふぐ /Fugu/Puffer Fish

It can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin. Therefore, it must be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating meat.

even restaurant’s preparation of Fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with it.

~  wikipedia ~

I remember i saw on one episode of CSI (i think it was CSI Miami or NY) there was a victim killed after he joined some kinf of Russian Roullete game that instead use a revolver, they use fresh/raw Fugu to eat and the rule was …

you eat, you died then it means you lost and good bye …

that’s so scary ne, i wonder why people still play that Russian Roullete, well maybe they forced by some evil villain or they just love to dare death like that …

OK, enough with Russian Roullete and Fugu, now yasu is already on 3rd Season for his 「Shangri-la」 Tour. Nah now let’s take a look for his outfit for each season …

~  Season 1


~  Season 2


~  Season 3


at this time, my fave is still Season 1 ne.

I mean look at that fur vest or something added. I love it and i know yasu is already cute but that fur addition just make it more classy and don’t forget how that Season 1 outfit let us all see his beautiful shoulders eeeh … …

so what next, ah …

My Magazines  

sorry to make you wait (who is waiting anyway …xD) but there you are B-PASS and WHAT’s IN? with yasu in it



and as always just click on the image and it will bring you to Asgard aaannddd …

when you already there you can say hello to me because i’ll be standing next to Loki as The New Queen of Asgard …  ajajajaja …. *dumped to Richard Parker’s cage*

noi      :    don’t forget in Asgard, you do call me Her Majesty, OK
yasu   :    ah, stop it ..
noi      :    btw ya_san, do you know who is Richard Parker?
yasu   :    no, i don’t wanna know …
noi      :    he is a tiger ne, a Bengal Tiger there you are …


nah, that’s Richard Parker

if you already watch Ang Lee‘s Life of Pi you must know him. He is Pi‘s Tiger from their family zoo and with him Pi survived after their ship crashed …

I just watch this movie again two days ago twice because my telly re-run it the next day. I think this movie is brilliant. I love how at the end, the old Pi gave all of us 2 options about which stories that he told us. Which one is our fave …

it remind me to some book that i read when i was a little. At that time there was some trend for a book where you can choose what is the ending as you like. So on this book there was some kind of option like ..

~   if you want to go to the witch house to save the princess go to page … or
~   if you want to go back to the palace and seduce the prince charming while the princess is away, go to page …

yeah, something like that and this movie Life of Pi kinda remind me of that. Me, of course i choose the 1st story about him there on boat survived together with Richard Parker.

I am so sorry for Pi ne, because i can see how he is tryin so hard thinkin about how to feed and make Richard Parker stay full or he will eat Pi after he ate hyna that ate the zebra and Orange Juice the Orang Utan.

the 2nd story?

ah i won’t tell you ne, i don’t wanna people call me as The Spoiler Brat because for me, this is the twist part.

So if you wanna know what is the 2nd story you should watch this movie and trust me you’ll never regret it because Ang Lee will spoiled your eyes with so many great views


and i think you’ll end to be in love to Richard Parker, the Tiger feel sorry about him rather than to Pi.

Eh God, here i am loosing my grip again. Stay focus in one topic is really hard to do ne. Okay, now let’s back to magazine, now is

Magazine Schedule Updated  


don’t forget ne, because i think just like for the previous 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, we will able to see video, read and download it as PDF file of  the interviews in here …


now you all better bookmark that page and make some reminder for December 20th, 2013

That’s all, it almost midnight now and i think i am gonna sleep now. I’ve been start to bleed out again this week. it started after my trip to Jakarta. I dunno what happen with me again this time.

I am so scared now, i mean what if i …

ah no, that’s too scary ne. I can’t even think about that. I am tryin to calm now, thinkin about it’s fine because i didn’t feel anything hurts in me. Maybe i am just too tired like the last time so yeah positive thinking i am gonna be OK …

because i don’t wanna bleeding out to dead ne. I mean ….

if i have to die i want to die gracefully, like Grace Kelly ..

yasu    :   but noi_chan, she died in a car accident ne …
noi       :   yeah i know but at that time she was The Queen of Monaco ..
yasu    :   so now you as The New Queen of Asgard ?
noi       :   yeah, why not …?
yasu    :   you better end this post and go away now ….

~ owari~

waa .. Post : 5th 「Shangri-la」 Project : Meeting & Live ~ Aomori (another me, yasu and The Mirror)






can’t believe how last night i have to drink water, just water ne. I went dizzy, because i am somebody who never drink water. I always have coffee, tea, chocolate milk, yogurt … etc etc anything with color.

Even if there’s none of that available, i will add something to make it with color like syrup or vitamin A,B,C … etc but not this vitamin y that will never dissolve in water …

whaaa ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*


noi       :      ah don’t give me that look, it’s a joke ne …
yasu    :      not funny …
noi       :      i’ll get another then …

how i love meat and hate vegetables, in the middle of this vegetarian way of livin euphoria these days, you may say i have this what people say as a Not Healthy Way of Eat and Drink That’s why i was so scared when my friend BCL got a kidney problem.

I thought i am gonna be next because she said :  drink water, Himura …!!!  over and over to me in a very scary way.

but i hate if i have drink only water. For me, it has to be colored, no matter there’s many people tellin me how this my way of drink it down is not a healthy way. But i think water, just water it is not complete and boring.

no water, vegetable, any kind of it  especially carrot, damn i hate it a lot.

so it’s like this …

やさい  —>   だい きらい

yasu    —>  だいすき

yasshooiii  —->    is yasu, eh ….xD

and finally i did my 1st Japanese test after 3 times leaved it because it’s never easy for me to join a formal class. I have to go to another city to did that and skip some hours from office.

But it’s worthy ne. It was yesterday and i spent a whole night to print all of it to some handy and small pieces of papers that fit inside my pocket  . …



yasu      :    you cheated ….?
noi         :    i didn’t say that
yasu      :    oh yes, you just did
noi         :    ah come on, i am too old for that ..

now i realized how a formal class is necessary, even only a basic.

I mean, i am not gonna reach the highest level but at least by do a formal class, now i get how to use this correctly and why Yukiko put that on her username and many other things that will never sexplained on my Endless Episodes of Dorama Classes .

It doesn’t matter what the result next because what important is how i had the fun feeling of doin all the sheets yesterday.

Well then enough with the Rambling, now let’s start this  「Shangri-la」 Project post …

~     High Five Meeting and Public Recording  ..

posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on The Official Blog as 本州最北端、青森での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!

Moved by car from Sendai to Yamagata, then headed by Shinkansen to Aomori. Arrived at the venue of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting. Had some snacks, then self checking on the waiting room before the event started …



Oh guys (yeah, all of you 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 ), thank you so much for that back image of yasu ne.

By any means it’s so beautiful …!!!

The Public Recording with FM Aomori, talking about the idea of  i will come to your city and sing for you all over Japan” on this 「Shangri-la」 Project ,


and talking about new single 「Greed Greed Greed 」, the slap bass (Ikuo did in a cool way on the PV) and yasu bought an instructional DVD and practice to play bass all the way for a whole year.

i think you all already read about that previously, somewhere ….


some of  the question is

「Did you eat The ENGLISH TOAST ?」

yasu   :   yes, i ate it a little while ago in the waiting room

this raisin toast ..

Tekki should go to Aomori eat that ne, who know it might help to add up The British level on her blood.

OK so the clue for Aomori is Nebuta Apple, tuna and that ENGLISH TOAST …..

~     Live @Link Station Hall Aomori   ..


yasu‘s arrive on the venue announcement on twitter and followed with tour truck parking info, questions for MC, and my fave part is  …

The Finding yasu’s tweet


they hide him under The Light, eh. OK that’s tricky enough guys, but i can still see him  …. xD.

Next was yasu and the blurry kewpie tweet …



and posted the answer on this 1年ぶりの青森 ♡ [Aomori, for The 1st Time in a year ] post on The Official Blog. But i think they ended the previous Aomori Meeting Post with some clues, sure you all already know what exactly the kewpie is ..

yes, it’s an Apple ….


noi      :      but someone already bite it ne ..
yasu   :      hee ..
noi      :      did you …
yasu   :      don’t start it …

According to that post, once inside the venue yasu eat immediately this …



some local product, then serious meeting again with staff,


continued with checking everything from lightnings, sounds … etc, then collecting questions from twitter for MC . For this Aomori Live, the theme was childhood talk.

There was a lot of replies, so it ended as Q and A session in the dressing room with lots of LOLs between yasu and the support members.



The question for MC was : thing that was popular on your childhood and were collected desperately, while

~     Set List  is  ..

Shojo no Inori

Kuroi Taiyo
in the Mirror
Yubiwa Monogatari
Black Cherry


Fuyu no Maboroshi


Shangri la
Cherry Cherry
I’m not a ghost
Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi~

Yes (request)
Greed Greed Greed (request)
cord name 【JUSTICE】
cord name 【JUSTICE】 for closing, really ….?

Oh God,

Like a random serial killer they (yasu and his team) really make the Set List for this 「Shangri-la」 Tour totally random. So random, FUBAR because until now i  still not able get the pattern yet.

And without a pattern, this noi_himura from NYPD will never catch this serial killer ne, i wish Officer Hayashi stop dancing and start to do somethin ….


yasu      :     NYPD …?
noi         :     blimey, i watch
Blue Bloods too much ….xD
yasu      :     and stop call me with Officer Hayashi ..
noi         :     heee ….

that GIF,

haha sorry i think that’s not fast enough isn’t it? . Eventually 3 second is pretty slow for a GIF image. Maybe i’ll make another one later, but there you are the complete 「Shangri-la」 Tour Pamphlet



just click the image, enjoii and you may make some cute GIF with all of that …. xD

sure i like this pamphlet, but not much as how i love Free Live 2011 pamphlet. Yes, yasu is totally adorable, but they (whoever did the shoot and edit that) did a very good job to make him look bitchy like that.

yes, bitchy instead of sexy ….

Last but not least, is this latest post from 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  : 裏ワザ伝授!? . No images of yasu, but it’s like sums of all their August 「Shangri-la」 Tour post  from

~    questions for MC request on twitter,
~    sum of MC’s from Fukushima to Aomori …

Fukushima  :  How did they start to play their instrument
Akita           :  Type of woman …. <—— that’s a very jolly question ne
Miyagi         :  Dream of future as a child ..
Yamagata   :  Lunch school fave menu …
Aomori        :  thing that was popular on childhood and collected desperately

~    「Shangri-la」 Yale from Janne FC mobile, and

and they will joyfully close this August by announce The 4th Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project on this Friday August 30th, 2013, so stay tune everyone …!!!

btw everyone, look at this again …


look at him, look how he laughed like that in front a Mirror. In this case, Mirror is the keyword …

so he spent too much time with Mirror ne, make up in Front of Mirror for many many times plus wrote singing In The Mirror, so i think he sould not eat much Apple ne.

Because you know what happen at the end of that story …

yabai ne …..!!!

yasu      :   what story …?
noi        :    you know with
Apple, Mirror and wicked stepmother involved …?
yasu     :    you mean i will …
noi        :    just stay away from
Apple OK …!!!