Holiday Post 1 : yasu, 8周年おめでとう …♥♥‼‼ (Another me, yasu and Her Majesty )


It might be late,


and i know it’s very late but i suppose it is better to be late than not sayin anything at all, yeah? So here’s again my belated 8th Anniversary greeting for this my one and only Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu) for his solo project …


#AcidBlackCherry :  2007.07.18 ~ 2015.07.18#8周年おめでとう …♥♥‼‼ これからも、今までも、#yasuさん  #好き だよ…‼♡♡AcidBlackCherry : 2007.07.18 ~ 2015.07.18

8周年おめでとう for your solo project Acid Black Cherry, ya_san …
aaand FYI  :  I am still and always waiting for what upcoming things you will bring to me … ♥♥



Acid Black Cherry‘s been 8 years, times really going so fast eh …


yasu      :     and you’re getting old ….
noi         :     aren’t we all getting old …?
yasu      :     btw noi_chan, with the same picture everywhere really …???
noi         :     ah ya, sorry i am being slow and lazy these days ..
yasu      :     but it’s still your holiday ne …


yes, here i am on my holiday


and as a matter of fact this holiday, the BIG holiday that i’ve been waiting for a long time is going very fast. Especially when the Eid is over, there you are i only have 3 days left to stay at home and do whatever i want to do.

and i think it will be better for me to write something here, in this space that used to make me feel better. Yes of course, i do have lots of things that i want to get rid of from my brain.

But to me, with lots of things that i wanted to write, i tend to forget it.

let’s just say all those thoughts just fly around, up and down in my mind and now i am tryin to put them (by write it in here and made you all bored with it) in here, one by one in order to make me feel better.

So let’s talking about this ….


~   Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」


btw busway, …


Q    :     what’s hot now in Acid Black Cherry ‘s Fandom other than that 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」?
A    :     yasu himself of course …. !!!!


はい、i am talking about that topless one …. >_<

The 1st Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」 already held, 2015.07.11 in Centrair ~ Aichi and from all those live reports (both fans and some website like BARKS or natalie, etc) that shows us how massive and sucess that live was, even it was held on a HOT and very HOT summer in Japan.


sourcenatalie, BARKS, okmusic, and more


My friend who went there said the temperature was about 35°C

35°C it’s fine for me because i get use to HOT temperature here in where i am livin in, but for my friend 35°C is very HOT and i remember she said how very HOT it was for her being in that WIDE outdoor venue like that.

but it didn’t stop her and everyone who was there to have fun and be happy together ejoying that once in 4 years Free Live event from their yasu. Seems like their wish to see the HOT yasu defeat all their anxiety about how HOT was the weather that day …

PS   :  for my friend, yes you my friend, i am talking about you and you know who you are . Btw i am still waitin for your Live report ne .… xDD


yasu      :     what are you doing …?
noi         :     do what …
yasu      :     that PS for your friend noi_chan, really …??
noi         :     eeeh come on, that’s only a friendly reminder ne. Nothings wrong with it …


so i spent my first holiday to read all those live reports, all of them from the Official (read : from the Official Blog) or the non-Official (read : from fans).

I’d say they all did a great job writing what fans supposed to do after they watch a Live of their idols and as an oversea fans who have a very limited chance to go to yasu‘s Live concert,

i’d say they all made me very happy.

of course it made me very sad when i read some post on twitter about how in one of L Tour Live MC, yasu said about how it’s not good to write a live reports on internet to avoid any misunderstanding and then fans started to post about how they won’t write or tweet live reports anymore on internet.

i am glad that things over even at that time i was like …


Bloody hell yasu, what the hell is that …???


yasu    :  then what …
noi       :  that’s not fair, because i think …
yasu    :  it doesn’t matter what you think noi_chan …
noi       :  yes, i know it will never matter what i think, but can i say what i think ?

even though, i am not sure that things about yasu sayin is true or not, but i still do think …

~   it’s not fair not to allow people who came to see a Live concert to write a live report, and …
~   it’s not fair more because by not allowing people to write a live report is the same with not allowing people to share their fun and experience with their friends everywhere, including their online friends that only can be reach on internet,

and then as my friend said to me …

~   that Live they are coming to see is not free, means they paid for the ticket to see their idol, so why not allow them to write live report ?
~   and if there’s any misunderstanding occurred on the internet later, there’s an Official Blog to correct it.

After all, beside to promote their artist works, to correct misunderstanding occurred also what an Official Blog was made for right?

and tbh i am more enjoying a live report from fans than from the Official Blog eh, i mean live reports from fans i’d say it’s more Live. Maybe that’s because they wrote it with all their excitements and happy feelings they have after seeing their idol Live on stage.

and of course i don’t think i have to say how different is the excitement from fans and staff only from how the way they write a live report


yasu     :    you what ….
noi        :    yeah. btw ya_san do you know what tbh is for ..
yasu     :    to be honest,
noi        :    omo, you know …
yasu     :    of course i know, and you don’t?


back to Free Live 「ABC Dream CUP 2015 LOVE」 in Aichi and of course ..

the SetList

01. Kuroi taiyo
02.Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no alibi ~
03. i’m not a ghost
04. versus G
05. sins
06 .Nemuri hime
07. yes
08. 7 colors
10. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat ~
11. Pistol


13. so…Good night (acoustic ver.)
14. Sono hi ga kuru made (acoustic ver.)
15. Rakuen
16. S&M

that really surprised me and it surprised me more when Hiro’s Official Facebook posted the setlist in Romaji like this …



how sweet isn’t it …?

i know maybe it doesn’t mean anything for fans in Japan, but for overseas fans (read : at least me …xD) it is something that make me really happy.

and that that track number 13 : so…Good night (acoustic ver.) failed me to be calm. And what happened next is the usual me nostop sayin and  drolling in front of my PC like an idiot sayin …
OMG yasu、見たい …

OMG so…Good night (acoustic ver.) 聞きたい、…


then it get worst when it ended with ….


OMG Free Live 2015,  行きたい … !!!


I know myself,

i mean, i realized even i become like this, i am still the same me who wants everything. Especially for something that i really want so much i know i wouldn’t miss it for the world or anything.

That’s why since they said it would be better for me not to anywhere by airplane i keep myself not no say that  行きたい word for anything and anywhere that i want to go.

But that night, just only by reading the SetList i said that 行きたい word.


Eh God, give a mercy on me …. !!!


i think i need to pray more now before there’s a free Highway to Hell open only for me,  because look how God teased me with something simple and i failed just like that  … *prepare to be dumped to hell*


noi        :     no. no, don’t say that …
yasu     :     poor darling noi_chan  …
noi        :     why did you say that ..
yasu     :     because it’s fun ne …


and still talking about Free Live 2015, 2 days ago i read this interesting post


Acid Black Cherryのフリーライブ(2015)当選者へ!! 重要なこと
for Acid Black Cherry Free Live (2015) winner !!  Important


in here :のフリーライブ2015当選者へ重要なこと

As you all know there’s so many this Free Live ticket are available to buy in internet with high price that made this Free Live 2015 that supposed to be Free is not all Free anymore.

That post is about a call/ invitation for all Free Live 2015 winner for not to re-sale their ticket for any reason, because yasu is supposed to believe all people who come to this year’s Free Live 2015 are coming for free.


And i think we all know it will hurt yasu if when he asked



and not all the audience answer him with

「はい … !! 」

because there might be some of them who go there after pay some amount of money for the ticket. Even though we know the staff already banned some ticket are known to be sold again on internet, but that’s not enough because the seller is not stupid. They cover the ticket seat number to avoid that ticket get banned.

I believe a real fans will not do the re-sale Free Live ticket, but the problem is not everyone who applied for Free Live ticket is Acid Black Cherry fans.

Remember how there’s so many re-sale also buy GOODS at the venue or a non Acid Black Cherry fans joined FanClub just to be able to join ticket lottery then sale it again for higher price?

nah the same thing also happen for this,

especially when there’s the general/non-FanClub application opened in this year’s Free Live lottery event. so what happen is there were many people ( Acid Black Cherry fans or not) see a chance to make profit through this event by re-selling it.

These days, Acid Black Cherry known as one of Japanese Rock band who always have the Live ticket SOLD OUT no matter what.

The bigger fan-base unfortunately doesn’t make a chance to get Acid Black Cherry live ticket bigger. And a Die Hard fans will do anything to get this hard to get chance to see their idol (read : yasu) live on stage no matter what.

From apply for the ticket lottery maybe both the general and the FanClub, and when they didn’t win they think about another way, for example like tweet an announcement of their searching if there any left over ticket available … etc etc more.

And when all that things didn’t work, they see that re-sale Free Live ticket are available to solve their problem.

I’d say these people who sell this Free Live ticket really know  Die Hard fans of Acid Black Cherry who won’t let go their chance to see yasu live on stage and will do anything including pay for this Free Live ticket that supposed to be Free are exist.

and the existence of that Die Hard fans created a demand then more demand will create market.


So, now i think it is not about …

don’t sale or
how could you dare to sale this Free Live ticket, or
how selling this Free ticket will hurt yasu or not  (yes, surely it will hurt him, but i am also sure as a band-man and business-man is aware about this situation)

but what we ( read : as Acid Black Cherry fans) have to ask to our self now is …


You didn’t win the ticket lottery, are you willing to let go the chance to see yasu‘s live on stage …???


because i believe the more fans who able to let go and accept the fact that they didn’t win ticket and a chance to see yasu‘s Live will eliminate this market of re-sell Free Live ticket in the future.


yasu    :    look who is talking now …
noi       :    well …
yasu    :    now tell me are you willing to let go the chance to see me live ..?
noi       :    ah, you know what i am gonna say …
yasu    :    You won’t miss it for the world ??? …


enough with the Free Live talking, now it’s time for this very late …


~   Whatever Update for me …


Quick Japan vol. 119



L~エル~ Tour 2015 Pamphlet


The Postcard


and the very late of 5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 Photobook : Kagoshima



then last but not least is this …

~  Boring Rambling of a Miserable fangirl …


I am somebody who find it is very hard to do everything that people said to me to do. In other way, i will do everything that people around me tellin me not to do,


but …

in this world, i have my mother who always right.

No matter what she said, it is always right and became true like when she said about how too much listening music loud with earphone will make me deaf. She’s already said that like forever ago and i ignored her and keep listening music with earphone in max sound as my way to escape from the world and people who keep talking to me.

Now look what happened to me,

it’s been like forever i didn’t listen music using my earphones to escape and ignore people talking around me. God givin me this situation that made me realize how stupid i was for not understand well how

to be able to listen well is a bless …

And as always, my mother is right.

I’d say, maybe this is because she is somebody that people will say as ahli ibadah (means : the worship experts) so i think it made her more close to God and God accomplished most of her prays.

I totally agree about people sayin …

Jika kamu merasa beruntung,
Ingatlah bahwa itu adalah doa ibumu yang dikabulkan.

If you feel lucky,
remember, that is your mother’s pray granted.


and i am one of those daughter who feel lucky everyday thanks for my mother’s pray. Sometimes, i imagine my mother as Maryam, the main character on Khaleed Hossaini‘s book ….

A Thousand Splendid Suns


A person that nonstop praying for me and for everything.

especially whenever i remember 4 years ago, how the three of us drink coca cola silently in the kitchen at night so my father won’t find out, it reminded to one scene on the book where Maryam, Laila and their 2 child secretly watching Titanic at their home when their husband Rasyeed not at home.

I can’t stop smiling whenever i remember that while sayin

Eh God, really …???

then here i am now waiting for me to get better while tryin again to be a better person. It’s really hard eh, to listen more and be a better person. I hope i won’t waste my mother’s pray for me anymore but of course i still hope to be able to go to Japan again to see yasu ne  …

So my passport will expired on 2017 ne ,

and with the new policy of free visa for Indonesian e-passport holder made me thinking about to apply for e-passport, so i don’t have to go to Japan Embasy in Jakarta to apply visa whenever i want to go to Japan. Surely it will save some money ne, because 4 times flight go to and back from Jakarta is quite expensive,

even though i still think my new passport will be less pretty with no visa paper posted on it. Yes, i am one of the people who think visa paper stamped will make my passport more pretty to see … xDDD

so again,
i hope on 2017, they will let this Detective Inspector Himura to fly wherever she want to fly ….


yasu    :    2017 is still a long time to go noi_chan …
noi       :    だから、do say Amin for me please … !!!
yasu    :    why should i …?
noi       :    because i am your fans ne, don’t you want me to see you live …?
yasu    :    do i …??

~  owari~

Fangirl Post : Happy Birthday ヤッさん ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Stroberry )


Oh My Godness, now we can post a video here on ElJay …. ????



why nobody tell meee …. ????

yasu      :   and why do they have to tell you ….
noi         :   because i know nothing …
yasu      :   like John Smith …?
noi         :   eeeh ….

i just found out today eh,

well then i think that’s a very good upgrade from ElJay. I mean by that i can do/post all my things here in ElJay, after all even i had many time hated Eljay for how it easily ate my post but i only feel nice and save to start my post from here.


tomorrow January 27th is yasu‘s birthday, this post is should be a Birthday Post.

It should be quick, short and fast as fast as how fas a one night stand is for a playboy. But because it’s still plenty of time before January 27th here in Bahama, so i think i am gonna put a quite long opening first started with …

~   The New Album  「L-エル-」 Release date Postponed

as what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) wrote on the Official Blog Post,

Acid Black Cherry‘s upcoming 4th Album L release postponed to February 25th, 2015 from the original release date February 04th, 2015.

as they said the delayed release was because of production issues and i am sure yasu didn’t want to do delay things for his album because he knows how all his fans waiting.  …

but, somehow when they annouced the postponed release date for 「L-エル-」, it didn’t surprised me at all.

because they (read : yasu and his team) surprised me more when they announced about releasing 4th Album 「L-エル-」 together with the revealing of INCUBUS PV on the Secret Meeting.

At that time, i was like …

OMG a new album, really …?
isn’t it too fast ….???
bla bla bla ….

and then

yay, a New Album next year … !!!

forget all that too fast and many thoughts on my mind that time, like how i think yasu kinda little bit in a rush about this album and push himself to hard for it.

I mean, he is just finished a nation-wide TOUR right, and then suddenly a new Album …. ???

That’s too fast, i think

so when i read their announcement about the album release postponed, i am just like :  Okay, then i will wait again because what can we do  everyone, we have to wait for another 3 weeks ….

noi      :    do not worry yasu, i am fine …
yasu   :    hmmm ….
noi      :    you know i will wait forever for you, so do not worry OK  …
yasu   :    i am not …

but at least, now we all know ..

~  Track List for The New Album  「L-エル-」

here’s the TrackList, but i am sure you all already read it all over internet …
01.  Round & Round
02.  liar or LIAR ?
03.  エストエム (S and M)
04.  君がいない、あの日から…
05.  Lーエルー
06.  Greed Greed Greed
07.  7 colors
08.  〜Le Chat Noir〜
09.  黒猫〜Adult Black Cat〜
10.  versus G
11.  眠れぬ夜  (Sleepless Night)
13.  Loves
14.  & you

I’d say, this is a nice TrackList started with t hat …

~    liar or LIAR 

catch my eyes for the beginning. I mean liar or LIAR? so what, what’s the different beside the writing with capital and non-capital …??  and then  yes,

~    「L-エル-」 as a song title,

~    7 color …

7 color is raibow, 虹, OMG L’arc_en_Ciel, HYDE …. ????

OMG yasu, you better hurry, save HYDE …. !!!!

~    〜Le Chat Noir〜

〜Le Chat Noir〜 in French meaning A Black Cat ( 黒猫) , so that make there will be 2 Black Cat songs in this album.

One in French title, that i’d say this one maybe a teenage Black Cat (not Adult yet) since yasu put it before 黒猫〜Adult Black Cat〜 and one of my friend in team_yasu said maybe this 〜Le Chat Noir〜 is the instrumental version of   黒猫〜Adult Black Cat〜 but nobody say …

maybe this 〜Le Chat Noir〜 is  黒猫〜Adult Black Cat〜 in French lyrics … xDDD

noi      :     oh no, no way  ….
yasu   :     no what …??
noi      :     nothing …
yasu   :    i know what you’re gonna say …
noi      :     i didn’t mean to …

~    Loves …

This album is gonna be about Love and that song title is Loves, Love ended with s suppose that means more than one kind of Love right …?   nah i wonder what and how many kinds of Love yasu will say and tell us on this song.

Because surely, i don’t think yasu is gonna cover Nat King Cole‘s Love ….

OK, next is ….

~     Look what finally arrived …. !!!

Finally i managed to get it today from Post Office.

Actually it was already arrived last weet at the Post Office, but because i got sick and gotta bedrest last week, i just got it today. As always, CD&DL Data is never dissapointed to buy.

In this edition if i am not mistaken to read, they made it  3 parts …

1.   Album  「L-エル-」 Interview,
2.   Philosophy of Love – ABC 愛の哲学

All those interesting talk complete with so many cute and so many beyond cute yasu‘s photos like this one ….

Awww that one is my fave ….!!!!

i mean look at that smile. That’s a smile that will make all girl’s heart broken to wake up in the morning and realized that …

all they had and moan last night with yasu is only dream …. >_<

PS    :     yes, i am talking about a fangirl dream … xD

3.   「最近どんな感じ?」/「What i feel recently 」 corner

where the topic this time is L as what The New Album title is and on that corner the Ls he is talking about are  :

Love (愛); Like (好き); Live(ライブ); Liar (嘘) and then connect it with 優しい嘘; LINE (ライン); LOCAL (田舎 –  地元); LEFTY (左利き); LINK (つながり): LETTER (手紙) and LOLITA (ロリータ)

i’ll do this magazine later, since it’s gettin late here and i won’t spent my night to stay awake in front of my PC and get sick again. My health is not good lately, after started my 2015 with being sick i just can’t believe i got sick again last week.

I was like …

really God? January doesn’t even over yet and i already get sick twice …?

I’d say this 2nd time, is totally worst.

Dunno why i just fell and collapsed after get home from work. I can hear clearly how my mom cryin like hell and started to be hysteric about me but i couldn’t do anything because everything was black, a pitch black for me.

Then i found out i kinda collapsed for almost 2 days.

And after that, when i finally awake i spent my days do nothing but bedrest. Bedrest mean stay in my bed, do nothing, go nowhere and listening to all what my mother long drama about how worry she is about me …

While holding my hand and cry like i was goin to die, she begin to talk about how skinny i am now, how i suppose to leave my job and find another job, don’t sleep late, … etc etc until her idea to buy me a new car to go to work.

OMG, i suppose she really lost her mind that time eh ….

On my bedrest time, i only have my phone, didn’t even touch my PC at all only watch telly, re-watch all my fave movies and read again some of my magazine including the FanClub Magazine vol. 61 with ABC Manga

I begin to stop reading ABC Manga when it reached vol. 2 or 3 since i thought it was the same with on the DVD Documentary.

But that day, when i read this ABC manga – Black List Tour part, i found this something totally funny and surely you will never found it on the DVD ….

it was Black List Live in Budokan.

So when yasu start the Live with please tell me Jesus Christ, why i was born ?  why do i live ? well, don’t i have guilty ? suddenly the microphone accidentally fell  ….

and then when yasu,

wanted to put it on the mic stand, too bad he missed and it fell on the floor. We all know at that time, at the beginning of Black List Live , yasu was standing in a high stand, higher than the stage.

And then, he called one of the staff to lookin for that damn microphone. The staff found it and quckly gave it to yasu and then  …

the show started like there’s nothing happen. No one knows, including me, if i didn’t stay on my bed and read that ABC Manga, i might never found out about it.

Geez, that was so close eh.

But I feel sorry for the staff, because he had to look for a small thing like a microphone in the darkness like that and panic of course.

Apparently SHIT and accident does happen eh, including to our Birthday Boy yasu …. xDDD

#uuu yasu, poor bb …. !!!

and then not only read  ABC Manga, after seeing this Stroberry on his Instagram,

i suddenly

forced my phone to open PRIMAL FOOTMARK Web, log in and and then i ended in Pia with a crazy idea about join ONE OK ROCK FanClub ticket lottery then go to Japan to watch yasu and Stroberry‘s Live on June   ….

You alll remember how i was dreamin about to see yasu and Stroberry (read : Taka) together right …?

And now that dream turned into reality when ONE OK ROCK announced their Japan Tour and this schedule are all ove me now



6月03日(水) 北海道 ニトリ文化ホール
6月11日(木) 岡山 倉敷市民会館
6月15日(月) 愛媛 松山市民会館


6/4(木) 大阪城ホール
6/6(土) 大阪城ホール
6/7(日) 大阪城ホール
6/16(火) 日本ガイシホール
6/17(水) 日本ガイシホール

I choose Osaka because i also want to go to USJ again, but when i check on ABC L Tour, June live performances are only in Hokkaido, Okayama (OMG, Yukki’s home …!!!) and Ehime.

very well then let’s see if i managed to get OOR Live ticket first, it totally drives me crazy ne, and today …


i went more crazy when i see him as the cover for ROCKIN’ON JAPAN 2015年3月号.

OMG that lips, noooooo ヤッさん,  …. !!!!

noi      :    HELP ME  …. !!!
yasu   :    calm down, what’s happen with you  ….
noi      :    don’t you see that lips ??? OMG
yasu   :    hey noi_chan, today is my birthday ne …
noi      :    omo, i am sorry …
yasu   :    then go finish this post

OK enough with Stroberry, next is

~   Whatsoever Update from me …

this one is for …

7ぴあ 2014年11月号

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Fukuoka

Enjoiii … !!!!!

and last but not least, since i keep failed to try this video feature on ElJay i finally put my video on YouTube. And there you are my un_finished birthday gift for yasu

お誕生日おめでとう ヤッさん ….!!!

may all the best things happen to you on this and upcoming years to come,
i wish you all the best aand
soryy it’s not finished yet …. @_@

yasu    :    where’s my eyes …???
noi       :    i told you ne, it’s not finished yet. Sorry …
yasu    :    what kind of Birthday gif is that …
noi       :    i am a bit busy you know, but i have this nicely rhyme song for you …*start to sing*

… ♪♪  You are forthy, going on forty one
But still my only one ….♪♪

yasu    :     stop stop don’t sing and i know i am not your only one now  …
noi       :     omo, of course you are still …


FUBAR Post : さよなら Blonde …. !!! (Another me, yasu, and The ULTRON )

お久しぶりね、みんな 。。。。  !!!

Things get more bussy till the end of this 2014, as you all know by the end of November ~ January (the next year) with all those Christmas and New Year celebrations is the busy time for all Inspectors in the world …

including me …

Inspector Himura ….. xD


noi          :     お久しぶりね、ダーリン  。。。。  !!!
yasu       :     is this a new joke noi_chan ….??
noi          :     what, what joke ….
yasu       :     you’re not one of them ….
noi          :     yes, of course i am. See i even put it on my Facebook like this  …


Okay, that’s a joke btw ….

But at least it will stop people to ask whether i am a real police or not.  I wonder that’s what people think about me, after read some part of this blog ne. I mean yes, there’s some part where i wrote a lot about me as ..

Inspector Himura

But i believe to those who read the whole part and also into Acid Black Cherry fandom will get if that Inspector Himura is only about how i see myself as one of yasu‘s fangirl and then …

thanks to so many Inspectors i know from my telly series (SHERLOCK, Miss Marple, POIROT, etc etc …. ) you know there’s always one Inspector complete with a Constablethere,

for example this Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and Constable Collins


then all of them ended myself with daydreamin me as

Inspector Himura

well, that’s all my explanation and hopefully it will be Quod Erat Demonstrandum enough for you all.


again and again i am just a fangirl. One among all those million fans of yasu who is still adore and feel happy by doing all things related with yasu and Acid Black Cherry

and before i start this post, allow me to say …

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone …. !!!!

noi        :   can’t believe 2014 almost over eh ヤッさん ..
yasu     :    then  …
noi        :    so, have you make your New Year’s resolution …?
yasu     :    do i have to  …?  and what about yours ..?
noi        :    people do that eh, …



yasu       :     really noi_chan …???
noi          :     ハ・ハ・ハ 、ah come on, that’s a joke eh. one of 9GAG‘s jokes

OMG what a long opening, so sorry eh.

じゃあ、ABC について話しましょう  …. !!!

from the next album 5th Album 「Lーエルー」 from cover, the Cristmas Eve‘s Secret Meeting, what yasu said and how it turned out to be a missunderstanding with lots of questions to be ask.

~  5th Album 「Lーエルー」 covers …

i know it’s a very late post, but let’s say now i am just enjoying myself to be The Capt. Slowfor this ….

1.   【CD+DVD①】  〈Project  『Shangri-la』  LIVE   ver. 〉


2.  【CD+DVD②】〈Project『Shangri-la』 Documentary ver. 〉


3.   【CD ONLY】


so, it’s a bit surprise for me how yasu didn’t put himself on the cover for his next 5th Album 「Lーエルー」. Unlike his last 4th Album  「2012」 when he put a very sexy image of him rolling2 on the floor with all those rose petals as the cover album ….


yasu     :    hey, who said i was rolling2 on the floor …
noi        :    omo, you didn’t …?
yasu     :    it was just lyin down ne …
noi        :    Oh, OK …
yasu     :    be focus noi_chan … !!!

i repeat …


Unlike his last 4th Album  「2012」 when he put a very sexy image of him lyin down the floor with all those rose petals, this time yasu choose to put an image of that little girl that he called  Lーエルー


and then all Team_ABC‘s social networks changed into this lovely yasu on that wall and another surprise for me again how he is not blond anymore.

so after about 3 years, yasu finally changed his hair color from blond to this brown or something …



Even not as drastically as how he changed his haircolor from black into red and be that Mary Jane yasu and surprised everone at 1st day of Re-Birth Live but it still surprised me because whether i want or not it’s time for me to say …

さよなら  Blonde …. !!!

noi         :    i suppose i can’t write you as The Blond my Facebook Wall anymore eh   …
yasu      :    no, you can’t  …
noi         :    and who’s wall is that you were lyin eh …???
yasu       :   surely that’s not your Facebook Wall

next is ….

~    The Christmas Eve’s Secret Meeting …

I am so glad there was no drama followed for this Secret Meeting,

after all who needs a drama on Christmas eve eh,
nobody …. !!!
Not even a Drama Queen like me …

There’s always Acid Black Christmas in this ABC Fandom, even in so many variations because the real Acid Black Christmas Live was held only once in Osaka Jo Hall

i”d say there’s always Acid Black Christmas because on the previous 2 years (2013 and 2014) , yasu always had Live on Christmas eve. 2012 Live Erect and last 2013 Shangri- La Live and whith those lucky fans who able to hear

so …  Good Night Christmas Special and Santa Claus Come to Town Live .

But this year, instead Live performance on Christmas eve, but yasu invited all of us to join hisSecret Meeting.

yasu,  he really love to do secret things eh  ….

And the Secret Meeting was started with a bit opening of so … Good Night Christmas ver. and then followed with yasu came and sit while singing Santa Claus has come to town

then say …


間違い、メリークリトリス ….. !!!  >_<

#ewwww that man, …

is still the same kawaii but also dorky and ecchi at the same time. It was a long time ago when i heard him sayin that メリークリトリス and suddenly he said it again on last Christmas eve made me almost fell off my chair ….

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000471370

then followed with him explaining all his upcoming 5th Album 「Lーエルー」 , all 3 version of it like a probie sales person.  Because i think he was a bit confused (or nervous ….???) doing it.

Especially this part, when he had some empty papers that is supposed to be the 「Lーエルー」 Storybook and The Photobook … that’s totally funny ne.

I think that must be so confusing eh and suppose he was kind a like …….

Geez, what do i have to say about these empty papers …????

and then another surprise came when yasu start to do his dorky pose and say

どうぞ …. !!!

he let us to see and listen to about 40 seconds Intro only MV of the new song  「エストエム」/「S&M」 that will be included in the New Album complete with ..

the sexy Ahh ~~~  …. !!!

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000534233

But then that 40 seconds Intro only MV from a nice Cristmas Gift turned into a cruel teaser/Major Spoiler for me when yasu suddenly stop it … !!!!

noi      :     how could you do that eh ….
yasu   :     but you said you are fine with spoiler …
noi      :     yeah, but at least you can make it longer than that …
yasu   :     ごめん ね、but Christmas is over  ….

not only that, but that Secret Meeting also leaved one BIG questions about …

~   Whether is the new song 「エストエム」 will be included in the new album or not,

i think the answer is yes

because if we look again on that intro only MV we can see they put 「エストエム」 5th Album 「Lーエルー」より on the corner that means 「エストエム」 from 5th Album 「Lーエルー」

so yeah the song will be one among the 13 songs together with 「Greed Greed Greed」, 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」「君がいない、あの日から…」and 「INCUBUS」.

then next question is …

~   Whether is the new MV of  「エストエム」 song will be included in the new album or not,


that question already answered by them via twitter and Official Blog Post

that 「S&M」 MV was produced in a hurry as a Christmas gift for us at secret meeting December 24th, 2014 and it’s only intro MV.

and because it is only intro, it is not included in the new album

but then again, that answer was followed by another question so …

Brace yourself yasu, your fans got a lots of question for you …. !!!

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000248982

noi      :    hey ….
yasu   :    hurry finish this post noi_chan …
noi      :    sorry amrâlimê, this post is still a long way to go eh …
yasu   :    what did you call me  ….

noi      :    amrâlimê ne, …

from neo-khuzdul means My Love


That’s what Kili says to Tauriel when he asked her to come with him, but then Legolas

yasu   :    stop stop noi_chan, you can write about it on your next post  ….

OK, then the next following question is …

~   there will be the Full PV of  「エストエム」 or not …..???

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000292358

when someone asked me about it, with no doubt i answer  with …

of course there will be a Full PV of 「エストエム」, because if they (yasu and his Team) really only make that intro-only MV, that would be such a waste ne, a very nice way to waste their time, money and energy.

and if they won’t inlclude it on the New Album because as i remember there’s also no new PV included on the previous 4th Album  「2012」

maybe they will only post it on their Official YouTube Channel.

But if they really do that, then what about the Offshoot … ?  How can we see the Offshoot if they will only post the full MV …?? OMG, don’t say they will make it FanClub Only by posted it only on the FanClub site …

Ehhh yasu, no

no ..

no, don’t do that …. !!!


yasu     :    hey fangirl, what make you think i am gonna do that …?
noi        :    maybe …
yasu     :    maybe what …
noi        :    aaaah, do i have to explain it ….???

see …

in this Acid Black Cherry fandom, i get use with yasu put the MV and Offshoot on their CD + DVD single version no matter how many versions he made his single into.

i thought all artist will do that,

as i remember BREAKERZ and L’arc also do that, even for L’arc they didn’t put the Offshoot. But when i bought the last One OK Rock single Mighty Long Fall, it surprised me how they don’t put the MV on the single (FYI : they only make one version single)

they only post the Official MV full on their Official Youtube and post the Offshoot/Making on their FanClub site.

Indeed it is surprised me ne because when i saw that video by log-into their FanClub Site(PRIMAL FOOTMARK) and see that video (but dunno how to DL it … xD) , i thought it will also available on their Official Youtube Channel but it’s not.

So if i didn’t join their FanClub i won’t be able to see the Offshoot PV ….

yeah, now i learned something eh

and honestly even i know i am kinda affraid if they will do things like that for full PV of new song  「エストエム」 . Not because i am affraid if i won;t managed to see it but it rather because i think that’s not a good idea ne.

This time when people love to share things on net including something that they call asFanClub Stuffs so i think i will still able to see it eventually if they want to make it that way  .. >_<

next is ….

~  This Whatsoever Update from me ….

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOOBOOK : Saga


Enjoii ….. !!!

actually this post, …..

It supposed to be a Friday Post because i started to write it on Friday, my day off btw.  Even i started a bit late, 19:45 PM when the Friday almost end ne and as always i only good to make plan but not very good (read : BAD) about to do it.

So my plan was …

I will go to sleep at 21:00 PM sharp and wake up in a very early morning and go to somewhere to get a nice breakfast, go to spa and then spend the rest of my day off with writing and pull out all things in my mind …

yasu     :   what sort of things … …. ?
noi        :   can’t tell you eh …
yasu     :   don’t tell me this is gonna be your new dorama …
noi        :   well  …
yasu     :   そして、朝ごはん …?
noi        :   Aaaah, OK OK …

Yes, i never have breakfast in all my life

and in fact i do still cry whenever people ask me to join their breakfast so i have to eat before11:00 AM because it will ruin my eat_time schedule and make me sick

my eat_time schedule is still the same like this …

Lunch     :    11:00 ~ 12:00 PM
Dinner     :     19:00  PM
Breakfast/Midninght Supper   :   11:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM (midnight)

I know it’s not normal, but thanks to how well my mother feed me and gave my snacks in add libitum way so i am perfectly fine with that.

but dunno why, recently  when see all those people gathered on town square every Sunday Morning to get some nice and yummy breakfast made think about try to do that.

I used to ask/say to my self

Why the  hell people love to go out on Sunday Morning, just for walking and having breakfast …?
Can’t they do that at home …???

then i found out if they all gong out every Sunday Morning like that, not only for the breakfast together, but also to have fun together with their family and friends every Sunday Morning.

Nah, that’s something that i never do.

Every Sunday Morning, there’s always 2 place that i belong to. My Office or my Bed. My Office because i still have lots of things to do or prepare for next Monday Morning and my Bedbecause i am too tired or get sick to go anywhere.

i think i will try to do that eh, try to be normal like other people is on my New Year’s Resolution


yasu    :     other than 1920 x 1080 …??
noi       :     i told you ne, it’s a joke …
yasu    :     then what else ….
noi       :     not many, but …

there you are ….

1.   Be more normal, by start to do what a normal people do …
2.   Buy a new DVD Player …

i still have that L’arc Live in  Kokuritsu and Fool Cool Rock Documentary DVD to play on my telly.

Yeah, i played them with my PC but i didn’t get the same feeling with when i watch Live DVDon my telly and also the upcoming ONE OK ROCK Album 35, there will be a DVD bonus ne  …

And i don’t have a proper DVD Player to play it.

So my DVD player was broken about last year maybe, and i keep buyin all those DVD but never think about to but a new DVD player.

maybe because i never play my DVD‘s especially Acid Black Cherry DVD. I only did once forINCUBUS single and that’s something i regret so much.

So next year for the next Acid Black Cherry New Album, i will wait patiently to download it so i don’t have to ruin my DVDs  …. #Amin

next resolution will be …

3.   Be more healthy, since i get sick often in this cruel 2014 …

Dunno what happen, this 2014 is the worst year for my health. I get sick lots than 2013. Maybe yeah, i am getting older but

it doesn’t mean by getting older i also have to get sick more right … ??

Simple things like rain and eat too much easily knocked me out. Can you imagine that?


yasu    :    aren’t you too old for that noi_chan  ….
noi       :    i know, i suppose i am the only adult who got sick because eat too much …
yasu    :    what about diet …?
noi       :    heeee ….

there’s no way i put diet as one of my new year’s resolution …

4.   make my mother happy …

as time goes by, it turned out to be so difficult to make her happy.

There’s always things that make her sad and cry. Mostly it’s all because of me and all her worries about what will happen to me if i don’t get marry soon.  …


Dear God,
Do i have to get marry just to make her happy …..???

next is ….

5.   Find another new hobby ….

i spent my time recently just watching all my telly series and managed to re-watch again allNCIS, CSI Las Vegas and Miami again. In one of the early episode of CSI Las Vegas,Grissom said about …

how people need to have a hobby for them to go to after they finished their job.

i never think this whatsoever i do in this blog and Acid Black Cherry fandom as a hobby. Rather than hobby, i kinda think about it as my obsession or works and theraphy maybe?

ah come on, people allowed to have obsession in their live right …???

so i agree with Grissom and recently found this Cross Stitching as my new hobby and

look everyone ….!!!


it’s almost done eh, now i just can’t wait to see the eyes and hair to be done, that means another 5 areas to do ne.

This is fun ne,

aah ya for all of you my friend in Instagram and Facebook must know how i love to upload my progress of making that. Actually i did that to try how my chance about joining this Cross Stich Competition next January if i my schedule not too busy …

and  ..

posted in your personal Facebook and get many likes is one of the criteria to  join,

so i am really sorry to make you all boring and annoyed with all of that e, but i also have another plan to make covers into Cross Stich like that then make it into a pillow case,

i think it would be nice to do while waiting until the album release.

So when the album release on February 2015, it would be perfect to put it together with a pillow with the same design case. If there’s some of you intersted, do tell me i will give you the pattern and floss color code  …

my last resolution will be …

6.   I want my heart to be free ….

free as free as The ULTRON with no strings attached …


i am getting tired of waiting and watching, and it’s getting worst when that day he managed to make Facebook as something that will hurt for me me to open. With all that post and ignore that really hurts me …

even i had no idea that’s gonna be hurt like that,  so this time i am gonna say as what Taurielsayin about love…

If this is love I do not want it. Take it from me Please, ….
Why does it hurt so much?

Acid Black Cherry『プチ密会~yasuより、ニューアルバム「L-エル-」制作経過.mp4_000237704

yasu     :     no, no not again ….
noi        :     please, just say it ….
yasu     :     now i have to be Thranduil and say ” because it’s real ” …???
noi        :     only tonight, please …  *cryin*
yasu     :     but you can talk about my new album with him ..
noi        :    omo, really ya_san …..???  *stop cryin*




A Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour L -エル- … (Another me, yasu and The Fangirl License )

The new Album hasn’t released yet,   。。。

but they already announced this upcoming tour for the new album next year and they call it as ….

                                 2015 Tour L -エル-


yes, i knew there will be another Tour for the upcoming New Album next year, but i had no idea if they will announced it by the beginning of December.

I thought they will announced it after the album release (February) or at when 2014 is over (read : The Beginning of January) so that would be great as A Surprise for New Year’s Eve on Acid Black Cherry fandom eh …

But as you know all the words already spoken, the announcement already made the i suppose it is time for us to prepare our self.

so brace yourself , as fast as Michael Fassbender …


yasu     :    really noi_chan, use Michael Fassbender again ….?
noi        :    why not, he is the young MAGNETO ne …
yasu     :    i know, but you already use it on Facebook. Go find another fast man …
noi        :    then who, FLASH ...?
yasu     :    hmmm …
noi        :    but that’s DC Comics, not Marvel and you know you are not super hero, you can not fly ne
yasu     :    still i am faster than you, Capt. Slow … *laugh*
noi        :    OK then, lemme say it again …

Brace yourself and prepare your self everyone,

because as fast as The FLASHyasu and his team now are getting fast …. !!


Yeah i am tellin you eh,

there will be a lot of things to prepare whether you (at least, me …..xD) are going to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- or not. For sexample like preparing yourself for …

1.  FanClub Ticket Lottery …


if you are Janne Da Arc FanClub Members and have a plan to go see that Incuyasu live on stage next year, prepare yourself for the FanClub lottery ticket appliction

Ticket pre-entry Period : December 10th, 2014 (Wed) 13: 00 ~ December 15th (Monday) 23:59 JST
via Uprise                   : (you have to be a VIP member to apply)

Application Result and confirmation :
Confirmation and Payment Period   : December, 22nd (Monday) 18: 00 ~ December 28th (Sunday ) 23:59 JST

Tour Schedule

March, 10th (Tuesday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 12th (Thursday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 18th (Wednesday) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sunpalace

March, 21st (Saturday) Kagoshima : Kagoshima Baoshan Hall

March, 23rd (Monday) Shiga : Biwako Hall Great Hall

March, 25th (Wednesday) Hyogo :  Kobe International Conference Center International Hall

March, 29th (Sunday) Tokyo : Tokyo International Forum Hall A

April 1st (Wednesday) Kagawa : Alpha Anabuki Hall

April, 3rd (Friday) Osaka : Festival Hall

April 7th, (Tuesday) Fukui : Fukui Phoenix Plaza

April 9th (Thursday) Mie : Yokkaichi City Cultural Hall

April 13th (Monday) Shizuoka : Act Tower, Great Hall

April 16th (Thursday) Ishikawa : Honda Forest Hall

April 19th (Sunday) Nagano : Hokuto Cultural Hall

April, 21st (Tuesday) Aichi : Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

May, 1st (Friday) Saitama : Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall

May, 7th (Thursday) Iwate : Morioka Civic Cultural Hall – Large Hall

May 11th (Monday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 13th (Wednesday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 15th (Friday) Fukushima : Koriyama Civic Cultural Center, Grand Hall

May, 26th (Tuesday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

May, 28th (Thursday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

June, 3rd (Wednesday) Hokkaido : Nittori Culture Hall

June, 11th (Thursday) Okayama : Kurashiki Civic Hall

June, 15th (Monday) Ehime : Matsuyama Civic Center

and for you all who don’t have that plan still, prepare yourself for …

2.    The Upcoming Tour GOODs


i am sure you all know just like the man himself,  Acid Black Cherry‘s Live GOODs are really hard to say no and last but not least, of course  …

3.    Whatever things related and will follow it

i am talking about news, sexlist, MCs and Blog Post from team_ABC on the Official Blog so i suppose …

you all can start to find another Acid Black Cherry fellows who will go to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- on Facebook, twitter, ameblo or another social media that internet offer to stalk ..

eh no i mean to add, follow ne …. >_<

i mean, surely you all want to know what will happen there ne …

~  what will yasu say on the MC,
~  will he end topless or not or …


ah, he must be ….!!!

~  what kind of game or scenario they will came up with on that 2015 Tour L -エル- 

surely they have to think about something new to make that live more live and hopefully they don’t just repeat their scenario from 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  because that’s gonna be boring eh …

Then Oh God, what about me ….



i am talking about me, Inspector Himura ne …

yasu   :   so, you are not going …
noi      :   yes, i think so …
yasu   :   nee noi_chan, remember for the last 「Shangri – La 」 Live you said ..
noi      :   omo,  …

yes, i do remember  ….


so last year,

when they (yasu and his team) announced the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour i said to my self and everyone if i will not go to Japan with so many reasons.

But you all know what happen next …

I still go to Japan with a business class flight indeed,  and like an idiot with no shame i asked 2 kawaii Highschool students to take this picture of me did this Hail to yasu (read : image of yasu on truck, precisely) at Nippon Budokan

So what should i do now ….

Let myself to think if the same thing will happen again, i mean i will go even i already said i will not go? Or should i say i will go so i am not going to see the Incuyasu Live on 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year …

But i think no matter i say i am going or not, it will end with me not going to that 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year.

Why …?

that’s because now they use different way,

unlike the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  , now they use Uprise for the Lottery Application. It means i have to log in to Uprise or use the postcard application form they sent.

the problem is the postcard is not in my hand, and also i dunno what my password to enter that VIP Members Only – Application page on Uprise because my proxy is the one who usually deal with it.

And if i asked him, means i have to pay the fee and tickets price first no matter i will get it or not because the result, confirmation and payment period is very short, only 6 days

so at least i have to pay 2 x 7,560 yen + …. etc etc  = +/- 15,000 or 17,000 yen.

Oh no, no i am not gonna do that because i still have a lots of things to buy on my list and look at my wallet,

it’s already nothing there …


So yes, this time i really gonna pass this whatsoever lottery ticket to see yasu.

but maybe, i said maybe ne and who knows if …..

~  like the previous , 「Shangri – La 」 Tour they also add the same Arena TOUR after all those Hall Tour, and maybe again …
~  at the same week additional ARENA Tour (in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama), L’arc_en_Ciel will back and hold another Live



One OK Rock will held another Live so at the same week i can see all HYDE, yasu and ..

this stroberry …!!!


last September, when i failed on than N-whatsoever test and can’t go to Japan with my boss,

i said to myself …

Next year, if i go to Japan again i have to watch Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu) Live on stage.

i am talking about live in a BIG Stadium Live like their last Mighty Long Fall ~ Yokohama Live. I watched it for so many times i can’t remember and this part where Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu again …. xD ) sing this song

A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton


that song suddenly hit me, hit on every part of me and it kinda haunt me.

At that time, because how that song hit me very hard i really want somebody to listen and understand that song so he will get how i really miss him.

So again like an idiot,

yeah love can make you like a fool and do silly thing, like me translated that song into Japanese using my Heart to Heart Translation,

so i suppose it’s totally wrong translation …


もしも 私が、

that’s why i never send it to him, Eeeh God …

I am totally Hopeless … !!!


yasu        :      so, he really dumped you noi_chan …
noi           :      i can’t believe he really did it ne, i mean hey who did dare to dump me  ….
yasu        :      he did, and that Friday also did
noi           :      no, no, no don’t say that …
yasu        :      don’t worry, i’ll get you another super glue now  ….

but about my heart , …

i suppose i have to give my heart 1,000 standing applause ne because no matter how much and hard i got hurt by them ( both of them) i still can back to love again.

OK, i am talking about how i tried to talk again and tryn to do my best to be connected again and even i failed to re-connect and got nothing but hurt i still have to thanks to my heart

and of course to God

for givin me a good, strong and healthy heart like my heart.

ah, forget about him ne and now let’s back to this Stroberry ….


yes, i do call him (read : again and again, taka baby not yasu …. xD ) with Stroberry from The Baby Stroberry Taka ne and then suddenly one day he posted this photo of him with a stroberry on his mouth …


Eh God, ….

i almost fall from my bed when i see that ne, i mean OMG that’s a very nice thing to see.  My phone was the one that fell from bed, but i was so very happy that night.

I mean what’s more perfect than to see Baby Stroberry with a Stroberry on your Instagram at midnight …???

and i can’t stop thinking he must be a good damn in kissu ….

noi       :     ねえ〜〜、ヤッさん 。。。。???
yasu    :      he is not gonna kiss you ..
noi       :     でも …
yasu    :      dream on fangirl and you better finish this post ne …

OMG, i talked too much eh …

But i think this is better than my previous post ne. I wrote a very long full of rambling post 2 days ago and i save it but i dunno why or what the hell again happened to Eljay because when i open my Eljay this morning

It’s gone, all of it …

So i think you all have to say thank you to whoever made my long rambling post gone because thanks to them you all saved from a very long boring full of rambling post from me.

and ah ya, this one is the ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

a bit late, but this is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~  Nagasaki


Enjoiii ….. !!!!!

now, let’s talk about a Fangirl License

Today i had a very long talk on twitter with my friends, and as always they are amazing like how they always are. We talked about a lot of things started from the Over The L’arc_en_Ciel GOODs, Fangirl License and somehow

it ended with yasu

and how i open my eyes if there’s so many another yasu in Japan, not only Yasuda Shota ( eeeh, だれ だ。。。。???) and this

yasu the Blonde on My Facebook Wall


it started when one of my friend said about how she will not able to see Over The L’arc_en_Ciel in cinema next year, then suddenly i asked her …

Why can’t you go next year? is your Fangirl License got expired …???

OMG can’t believe i said something like that, i thought it was funny but now when i think about it again i feel like i was sayin something rude to my friend.

Maybe she has her own reason ne ….

So today, i got a new lesson about how i should keep my jokes (the bad and possibly hurt one) only here, not for my friends on twitter or Facebook ….  *head desk 69x*

Now last but not least is for next 2015,

which is only another 26 days and i know i will still be like me, this way as a Fangirl but i need something MAGIC to be happen.

A MAGIC that will end with …

me go to Japan not only to see yasu, but also HYDE and The Stroberry … #Amin


noi       :     please do say Amin for me …..
yasu    :     but, what if your Fangirl License is the one expired next year ..
noi       :     hello,  i am Inpector Himura ne, i do have my own stamp to renew it …
yasu    :     what the …
noi       :     fine if my Driving License expired 2 years ago, but my Fangirl License is FOREVER ….. !!!!!



A Boring Rambling Post : 「Shangri-la Museum」 … (Another me, yasu, Tony and Capt. Rogers)

Well everyone ….


after the ABC Displays, INCUBUS Costume Exhibition at Tower Records in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku now they have this what they call as …

Acid Black Cherry 「Shangri-la Museum」



Started from Nagoya on November 22nd (Saturday) until February 08th, 2015 in Osaka.

Admission  : Free
Time           : 11:00 to 19:00 (last admission 18:30)

This  「Shangri-la Museum」 is all about the previous nation-wide Project 『Shangri-la 』 that mobilized 180,000 fans with SOLD OUT ticket in all prefectures venue, so in that Acid Black Cherry ~  「Shangri-la Museum」

there will be …

1. Six costumes that actually worn by yasu during Project 『Shangri-la』 Live performances from these …..

1st ~  5th Season Costumes


they were displyaed on the Final Season‘s venue complete with the yasu‘s scent that apparently is  Dolce and Gabbana ~ Light Blue and also …

Encore and Final costume


They (read : yasu and his team) never display this one btw, i suppose they kinda save the best for the last.

For that Encore and Final costume that i personally love to say as The Prince Charming costume, actually has it own theme. And the theme is …



「「白」/ 「Shiroi/White」, in this case for yasu is a Prince charming in a White Outfit …xD.

from 2007 Free Live until the last 5th Season 「Shangri-la 」Live, that Encore and Finale Season was the 1st time for yasu with a  white outfit




yasu    :   only that noi_chan, i think there’s another more they wrote about that costume
noi       :   yeah, but there’s some Kanji that i dunno ..
yasu    :   do tell me, until now how many Kanji you know …?
noi       :   i suppose too many eh …
yasu    :   うそ 。。。!!
noi       :   yeah, too many until i can’t remember all …
yasu    :   OK, i better leave you now ..


back to the topic,


so beside that Encore and Final costume, they also will display very sexy and transparent costume from ..

2014 a-nation Live stadium fes.0829




ok, next ….

2. Costumes from all 3 singles that released during Project 『Shangri-la』 :

「Greed Greed Greed」,


「Kuroneko〜Adult Black Cat〜」


「Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara …」,


and then …

3. Costume from the latest single INCUBUS,


As you know

4. Live photograph panel of all prefecture live, other patterns of interaction events 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

where you’ll see live photographs panel of Encore and Final Season which are not released as a Documentary PHOTOBOOK.

5. A mini stage corner with some equipment that is actually used in the stage set on corner was actually used in 「Shangri-la 」,

It’s gonna be a gorgeous museum …

so if you are in Japan or have plan to go to Japan someday between end of November  ~  February 08th, 2015 make sure you put this going to see Acid Black Cherry ~  「Shangri-la Museum」 on your schedule  …

more info in here  :

i think started from last summer yasu was very generous, not only gave that 2014 a-nation Live stadium fes.0829 as a bonus on his previous single INCUBUS DVD, but before that he also allowed all of us to see that *****

ah you all know what i mean … *wink*

now i wonder, whether if …

Acid Black Cherry『INCUBUS』MUSIC VIDEO.mp4_000127919

yasu loves his fans so much or all these they (he and his Team_ABC) did, do and will do are all about promotion activities for that upcoming 3rd Album, but   ….


i think i will say,

yasu do love his fans and now he is kinda enjoy himself spoiling all his fans with all of that. Ah ya, of course i am talking about fans who are in Japan,

they all who get all that access opened for them …


yasu    :    now what noi_chan ….
noi       :    what …
yasu    :    don’t start again, i know you’re just mad about that mini clear file  …
noi       :    i am just sayin eh …

because that’s the fact,

in this fandom you need to be in Japan to get all access to all they offered to us.

For example like mobile FanClub,  with many rare photos of yasu to see, items to buy, birthday message to get from yasu and yasu sayin ariyasu as ringtone to listen. but you must use a Japanese mobile number to access that mobile site

And that’s mean you have to be in Japan.

FYI everyone,

i am not talking about Japanese and overseas (or what they said as gaijin fans …??) eh, because i believe there’s many gaijin ABC fans in Japan that for them i always give my two thumbs UP for what they did to go and got job/school and do their livin alone there.

In this case i am talking about fans who are in Japan and aren’t, with a lots of differents between them. It surprised me a lot when somebody send a message to me, ask this question


why do people keep sayin Japanese and overseas fans are different? It has to be no difference right since we all love and support yasu …. etc etc

When i read her message that until now i haven’t reply, since i was a bit confused about how to answer and give a nice sexplanation to her without ruining her ABC dreams, like what i always do whenever i reply to them about how  …

~  i never see and talk in person with yasu or,
yasu doesn’t speak English and many more …

now here i am tryin to answer that question …

i say there’s a BIG differences between fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) and fans who aren’t in Japan (overseas fans).

not only about all that things that they can access to but also about both have principle, way of thinking, how to see and understand things differently as how different is the sky above them.


yasu     :     how is it ….
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     your sky …
noi        :     it’s a very HOT sky, as HOT as me …
yasu     :     ewww ….

Ok, for example,

fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) with all rules and law like strings attached to them.

While overseas fans with their careless and don’t wanna know because they are livin outside Japan so it kinda feel there are no strings attched to them.

FYI again everyone,

i am not sayin all oversea fans are careless and don’t wanna know like me …

How am i gonna explain it eh, i think i am not good in explaining since the more i explaining something, all i said just become far from what i want to say.

So let me make it short, and again and again  … >_<


noi      :     i will explain it with a movie  …
yasu   :     no, not again …
noi      :     i am so sorry, but what can i do …
yasu   :     there’s so many things other than movie …
noi      :     i am jus so movie だから、。。。


Well, i am sure you all watch The Avengers right …

and surely you know they both (Tony and Steve) are very different person, and they even has some conflict at the beginning of the movie.

So just like how different is Steve Rogers (Capt. America) and Tony Stark (IRON MAN), i think that’s how the different between fans who are in Japan (both Japanese and non-Japanese fans) and fans who aren’t in Japan (overseas fans).

And hopefully …

no matter how different we are in so many ways,

we still can go along, have fun and support yasu together just like how they (read : Capt. and Tony) work along together to beat Loki and his army on The Avengers movie  …


enough with the movie and question’s answering, next is  …

~   Whatsoever Things from me …

this one is the very late of CD & DLでーた


enjoii  ….  !!!!

and about the  「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK eh,

suppose i haven’t finish the 5th SEASON right. OMG i am totally forget about that PHOTOBOOK. If not because one of my friend asked me to find some PHOTOBOOK related stuffs maybe i will forget it.

In fact, now i just found out if i lost my  「2012」 PHOTOBOOK, i just couldn’t find it and of course i also couldn’t remember where the hell i put that. Hey, thatPHOTOBOOK is  4 years ago,

then it’s almost  forever ago eh.

right now added with that loosing PHOTOBOOK, there’s many things bothered me and it’s really hard for me to not think about it.

Sometimes, i just sit and do nothing but sayin to my self …

So what am i gonna do now ….????


yasu    :    what bother you now …
noi       :    a lot of things in my mind now
yasu    :    your TV series …?
noi       :    and others, so would you listen to me …
yasu    :    go talk to your Facebook friends …
noi       :    just tonight please,  …

yes, i can’t stop thinkin about …
~   what will happen to Captain Rogers and what did Tony do, and how i have to wait until May 2015 to see it.



See what i mean, i am dying in waiting to see that right now, especially when Idris Elba said if there will be him and Tom Hiddleston there  …

~     Just like Lady Mary, i don’t want to say goodbye to Tom Branson,


he said about move to Boston with Sybie after Christmas.

Oh no … !!!!

and especially this one,

I think i need to release some of them, and somebody that will say what i did is right.

so about last week, there’s one of my friend call me and said if there’s a man who wants me. Want me in here mean he wants to marry me. My friend said that man kinda really want to marry soon.

next year he said.

Dunno where, when did and what part of me he saw that make him decided that desire of him to marry me.

I said no to him, since i don’t want marry somebody that i dunno anything about it. Even yeah, here in my country we don’t do date like what some of you do, but we do date with a man that we are married to,

after the wedding.

but still, i think i need to know him more before i say any agreement to tied myself into someone, because if i marry to him, then that person is someone that i will spent the rest of my life with.

In sort, i just say to my friend like that

then the next bad thing is he told my mother about this, so that afternoon my mother made another drama again. She was cryin like hell while keep askin me why i said no to that person that my friend say as a very good man and i will be very lucky if i choose him.

I said to her, about how i want to know him more and don’t want to decide to marry in the hurry.

Eh God, double hell she was cryin again.

I really hate to made her cry like that, but i think i said what i want and if he didn’t want what i want, then what can i do …?

I don’t wanna be selfish but after all this is my life eh, so the decision is on me not my mother.

It really bother me, i wanna cry but i don’t want my mom hear me cryin about this my BIG regret about me disappointed her again.

and of course i don’t want to pick someone whom i will spent the rest of my life just like picking a cat from inside box.

I mean, fine and Thank God if he is nice, good as they said but

what if he is ….

yasu      :       what, a serial killer ….?
noi         :       well …
yasu      :       now tell me, what did you say to him …?
noi         :       i said sorry, and then no …
yasu      :       no how …
noi         :       stop askin and just tell me i did right eh ya_san …. *wanna cry*



♡ to ♡ Post : Acid Black Cherry CD&DL でーた Interview #3…. (Another me, yasu and The Fanboy)


Okay everyone,

this post tonight started with a question from me ….


yasu    :    let me guess, what will happen to your Capt. …?….
noi      :    no, no no, say nothing …
yasu    :    or when will he is gonna talk to you again
noi      :    eee who  .. ????
yasu    :   that fanboy  ..
noi      :    well, actually the question is ……

Have you ever pray like you never pray before …???

I did that these week  …

All this time, i never pray as hard i how i prayed for myself yesterday.  I am somebody who always feel i am a very lucky person because my mother’s pray for me heard and will be heard by God for how devoted is she.

But one day, my mother said something that really scared me to hell. She said …

Boo, why did you never pray as hard as you did long time ago …?

I didn’t annswer her because i know that’s one of her Drama Queen question that i don’t have to answer. Then she followed with this …

I always pray for you Boo, you know that.

Start from the morning you go to work i always pray until you back home save at the evening. This time i am still alive, but if i die who is gonna pray hard for you if you don’t do it for yourself  …?

and who is gonna pray for me and your father  …?

then she started to cry …

Damn, i really hate when my mother start to cry. See i love my mother more than anything and sometimes this love that i feel to her kinda drives me crazy. I love her so much and i would do anything to make her proud and stop worrying about me.

At least once, i really want to see her proud of me face and smile that i often see whenever she look at my sister or talk about my sister to anybody.

i just want her to say …

look that’s my daughter Boo, she …. bla bla bla …

but too bad, she never say it and show that face and smile to me. I guess for her, i am still the same Boo that keeps her worry and praying hard so everything will be fine for me.

i hate that look in her eyes worrying about me, keep askin am i okay, not sleepy to drive, haven’t i forget my phone and wallet … etc etc and so many questions following to make sure i am ready to go to work like i am just a 5th grader.

that day, she asked me to pray hard again.

Pray hard in here,

not only a regular 5 times a day but also together with Monday and Thursday fasting, midnight prayers, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t go anywhere for fun … and so many things followed that we as a Javanese call it as tirakat.

Tirakat is when you ask something to your God and do anything to knockin on your God‘s door and suppose that tirakat is gonna make the knocks i made louder.

I did that when i was in the middle of test to get my job after 1 year stayed at home to babysit my nephew. It was very hard, i even sleep on the floor behind our front door every night with so many prays that i read before and after sleep.

And then, last week something really bad happened to me.

It was very bad and scared me until i couldn’t tell anyone about this.  yeah, it’s worst than my previous bleeding. I thought, this is it i am going to die.  It made me less concentrate to work and made so many mistakes at office.

When i see those many X in red they put on my reports when they audit me, i became more hopeless.

Then what happen is, when i had no one to turned to ask for i turned to my God and start to do that tirakat again. Then as always this what Bimbo say is true again.

Bimbo (a 50’s Indonesian band) in their song sayin

Aku jauh, Engkau jauh
Aku dekat, Engkau dekat

I am far, then You (God) far,
I am close, then You (God) close

That day, i started to make myself close again to my God and my God came close to me. That nightmares and pain finally over , i guess i am fine and God gave me another chance  for me.

i suppose my mother the one and only person that will always say i am beautiful beside James Blunt ….



this time she is right again .

I still need to work harder, and along with how hard i am working i also have to pray harder. Because if i don’t pray for myself then who else but my mother will pray for me … ?

I have no idea what happen to me now, but all i know i feel save now.

Ok, ehough with the miserable rambling, now i better continue my previous post since instead put ~owari~ like how i ended all my posts i put ~to be continued~

so next is this ….

~   Magazine Update …

1.   MEN’S KNUCKLE Magazine …


Actually the Acid Black Cherry  interview on this magazine is quite interesting. If i am not mistaken, they talked about why men also love Acid Black Cherry. See how Acid Black Cherry (read : yasu) from a men’s point of view.

All this time, i don’t talk a lot about yasu with male fans/fanboys.


yasu    :    then what about that fanboy …
noi       :    what fanboy, who …?
yasu    :    you know i am talking about who ..
noi       :    i don’t know …
yasu    :    yes, you know
noi       :    no, i do not know and stop talking that you know i know who you are talking about …. *dizzy*
yasu    :    まさか noi_ちゃん、he really dumped you ne …. *laugh*
noi       :    please stop and lemme finish this  …

Even yeah, i do have some ABC fanboys as friend in Facebook but i don’t talk a lot with them. Mostly i only talk with the fangirls.

So sometimes, i really want to know how they (read : the fanboys) think, admire and worship yasu.

And by how  …

# did they wrote a blog like me, or
# they buy stuffs (cloth and accesories) like yasu,
# then they dressed and act like him? or …
# do drum or bass cover together withy their band …

talking about that, it reminds me about one ABC fanboy that i follow on twitter. That fanboy use to surprised me everytime he posted his photo on twitter.  So whenever i see his photo,

i was like …

~  Eeeh God, is this yasu from a new magazine or pamphlet?
~  ああ〜〜〜 why the hell i dunno about this  … etc etc, bla bla bla

Because he really look like yasu and then when i found out that’s him (read : that fanboy i follow on twitter) not yasu, what can i say but …

Oh God what a fool me, that’s not yasu …. !!!

But as time goes by, now i get use to see him ast and look like yasu. He doesn’t surprise me anymore, in fact i am getting bored with it, so i am thinkin about to un-follow him eh …


yasu       :     why ….?
noi          :      i am bored eh …
yasu      :      how can you be bored, you don’t use twitter a lot …
noi          :     and i also never talk to him anyway …
yasu       :     maybe you should try to talk with him
noi          :     heee ….

Back to MEN’s NUCKLE magazine,

I didn’t but this magazine, not because  somebody said to me this is a host magazine but this magazine remind me to MEN’s SPIDER magazine with yasu as the cover that i bought a long time ago.


Yes, the pages with yasu are great but i just not that keen with the rest of the contain. I mean there’s so many pages of men’s underwear catalogue complete with a model of topless men lyin on the floor like that.

I have no idea where the hell is that magazine now, because all i remember how i was tryin so hard to hide it so no one will find it. I can’t even imagine what if my father or the drama queen mother found it.

Geez, they gonna kill me …

But thanks God, i still can see yasu from their site …



ya_さん、かっこいい ね 。。。 !!!!

source   :

and from that magazine, we also found out if in this year 2014 once again yasu do a collaboration with 109 MEN’s. And they call it as …

2.  Acid Black Cherry x 109MEN’s Collaboration.



where they will put a BIG banner of yasu in front of 109 buildings and stores inside like that. This is his 2nd collaboration after 2 years ago on 2012 before releasing his 3rd Album 2012.


that’s 2 years ago Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s collaboration banner. See that scarf, that is so Pistol eh, and here’s this year Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s

from  109MEN’s site



From 2012 to 2014

yasu,  seems like he doesn’t change a lot ne. Even yeah, he changes in some ways as how people are changing more mature look i say. But he is still have that radiant on him. I suppose all that kind of stretching he loves to do really works eh …

next is this …

4.      CD&DL でーた 2014年10月号 Interview #3


Focus 3 「どんな感じ」


How is yasu‘s Feeling Recently …?

This is a regular corner in this magazine, some revival. Choose one kanji letter, then together with yasu play with it.

Annnd the kanji choosen was this letter …

手  「hand」


~     握手会  「Handshake Meeting 」

On the previous Project 「Shangri – La 」 47 prefectures sequence tour, you did a lot of  High Five with so many people right …

Yes, i was so glad able to see fan’s happy face. I am grateful, but i also moved. Is this handshake really make me happy? i wanna cry. Ah no, no what the hell i am, wanna cry ..?

If only i could keep doing handshake like that.

Giving a handshake to fans, i really happy and i’d love to do it again, anytime …!!. I really received so many happiness from fans. Thank you so much.

Hand, is really a flirty part of us isn’t it  …

Women, many of them apparently love hands. But i think beside hands, cheeks also the same.

I supposed it is not a handshake then

Ha ha ha right (laugh). Then this part also the same … (laugh).

This …

~    手帳  「Notebook」

I don’t bring notebook (direct answering)

Then  what about your schedule …?

Tamura (laugh)   <—  his manager’s name

~    手をつなぐ  「Holding hands」

Holding hands, is a bit embarrasing isn’t it …?  But if, for example going to a Cabaret Club, i wonder is there anybody want to hold my hand or not ….?

yasu_san, that’s not what i mean  ….

Sorry ….  (laugh)


noi       :    me, me, me, i will hold your hand …. *raising both hands*
yasu    :    hey noi_chan, don’t answer …
noi       :    but you’re askin ..
yasu    :    i wonder eh, not askin. Be focus OK  … !!!

But for women, holding hands is more imprtant than for men. And women who holding hands look more natural than men.

maybe because there’s some different principles, when walking together then suddenly he/she give you her hand then your heart pounding.

From men’s side, that’s not something that really matter. It’s just …

eee, you want me to hold your hand …? 

But for women it is something more special. Again and again maybe, this is become an eternal theory for male and female.

For women who is not get use to holding hands, it must make her heart punding by the man who is holding her hand. But can we say is as a success?

No, but then when he/she already start to think  I really want to hold his/her hand nah, that’s  something that we can call as a love victory.

~   手もみ  「Hand Massage 」

This is actually about boobs right …?  (laugh) If i already hold it,  i am not gonna let it go

Do you prefer the lead to the top …

Ha ha ha … so this is about boobs shape …? Of course men love that, and a man who love the other way (down) would have questioned why.

~   山手線 「Yamanote Line」

Yamanote Line ….

yeah, i’ve pass through it about 1.2 years after debut. I never be on train by my own, except in other area than Tokyo.

I am only using train in Osaka or my hometown …


was there somebody recognize you …?

No. People didn’t recognize me, so everything is like ususal.  Recently i went to Monster Bomber 10th Anniversary with DAIGO and Kyan Yutaka (from Golden Bomber), but …


Isn’t this is the time for you to make music …? Do  work …

yes, but it is fine.

OK, i will continue my story. So that time, because DAIGO is so striking then finally everyone were lookin at him (laugh).

So, there’s also something not fun to be a person who often appeare on telly.



same as you, yasu.

Often seen in magazine and never recoqnized by people directly. So when people first see you on Ongaku to Higetachi festival 2014  Rock’n Roll STADIUM they just so excited posting on their twitter and other social media this is my first time to see yasu live on stage, and he is so cool ….!!!

Where’s the part of me is cool  …???


noi        :     Aaallll …. !!!!
yasu     :      stop answering noi_chan, it almost finish …
noi       :      ups sorry, that’s a reflect btw …

Previously, it was like Is he cool only because of the look …? 

no, because if i have to compare yasu that i often see in the magazine and the real yasu, I’d say the real yasu is more imppressive.  Because by seeing yasu directly, the fans even able to touch you. and that gave some different special impression .

That’s why you became having your own that they say as cool

Thank you so much for the compliment . But actually it is not like that.

And again, to see the cool yasu in the magazine is totally cool as well.

Come on, ….

Even you are a type of person that full of compliments, i think you are not that good about receiving it right …??

I am sucks eh …

When i was young, i was so proud whenever i get compliments. But as i getting older, it turned into something embarrased for me.

But now, you are more sexy ne …

Do not lie to me …

No, i do not lie. You look so natural and sexy like this lyrics Crazy love, crazy mind, crazy days (while tryin to move like Rakuen song)

OK, OK what’s next ….

~    手紙 「Letter」

You wrote a love letter, were you …

yes, i did.

Btw, we talked about this already …?  Now i never write a love letter, but i love to read all love letters that i received. I even remember to some of those who send it. There’s some letter that’s very deep.

The word’s choise that we use on a letter is really show the soul of the writer. Yes, i really love it.

~     上手  (very good at)

yasu, in what things are you very good at …?

Now, i am really good at playin Mario Kart 8 (laugh).

then are you also good at makin love …?

How am i gonna say it ….?

I myself also do not know, but i think women are more suitable to be said good about it. Because there is women that really good at flirting. That woman, maybe she do that not in purpose or reason but it’s more because of her natural instinct, since man usually do not want to do that.

A model that’s not that pretty, but really good at this. But there’s also a very pretty women but really sucks at this.

Maybe some men even say  I am very good with women but after he is in front of that women, he become nervous and said Back Off !! Back Off !!. So sometimes it would be better for a man to be controlled by a woman.

A women who really good at takin a men’s heart. Laugh often and pay a lot of attention. Usually men love that kind od care women.

And a good listener. Yeah that’s what a charming women is …
that’s all everyone, because i skipp the next part (Focus 4 : Summer 2014 review) …



yasu      :    why ….?
noi        :    it’s the same Live reports ne, ..
yasu      :    but still …
noi        :    ah, people can read on The Official Blog
yasu      :   you, lazy fangirl …

next is …

3.   B-PASS Magazine …

there you are ….

The Radiant yasu …. !!!


Enjoii …. !!!

i think they kinda make him look pale and that whatsoever they meant with 2 little ponytail is just a little bit awkward.

Aand yasu, his hair is getting longer eh. I wonder maybe he wants to keep it longer like his previous Erect Live and re-Birth single, remember?

but this time is blonde …


OMG does he thinkin about following Thor and go to Asgard ?


YUKI    :    what she is talking about ….
yasu    :    just ignore her, she watch to much superheroes movie …
noi       :    ah come on guys, long hair and blonde ? who else but Thor …
yasu    :    and i am going to Asgard?   …
noi       :    no, of course not because i am the who will go there …
yasu    :    see YUKI-chan, she is going to marry Loki …
YUKI    :    go find a new fangirl ne, this one is getting crazy  …

~ owari~

愛してる Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Oita …. (Another me, yasu, Niki and James )

Do you know how  many i am sorry i said today ….?

I have no idea, but surely it was a lot of sorry for one today.

But thank God, i still able to finished this week whole long Moanday and his other mean brothers Tuesday and Wednesday, even i had to be the stupid one who missed to see one zero behind on that price tag.

The correct price is USD 33,000 but in my eyes it was  USD 3,300.

Damn, i must be blinded eh …


yasu    :    go buy a new glasses …
noi       :    i have one …
yasu    :    then use it …
noi       :    do you know what i said when they said Are you blind .. ? to me …
yasu    :    what …
noi        :    i said  ….

yes, i must be blind …

to missed that one zero behind from 33,000 to only 3,300. What a shame on me.

I know i have a pair of blurry eyes, and just like how i refused to use a hearing-aid for one of my ear because i believe it will make me look stupid, i also never forced myself to use my glasses everyday

and that’s why i never mind about HQ or LQ for video or mp3 because to me, they are the same

so in this case, i don’t blame my eyes

I blamed myself and this blown away mind to somewhere that i myself have no idea where. I dunno what was on my mind at that time, but surely not 100% on that matter we were talk about on my meeting today.

It was a total chaos and indeed it will make me loose some of my points in Comissioner Vijay‘s eyes.

yes, points eh …

I know i used to say how careless i am bout any points given on my works daily since the one and only points i care about was only points that CDJapan gave me. But now i changed.

yes again, i am so CHANGEABLE … !!!

Let’s just say from now on i do care about all points that i’ve earned and just like how Niki counting how many ponts did his rival James took point on tournaments during his time in hospital, now i do count my points.

And i don’t care if people may think me as a point bitch now, it’s fine as long as it is still on the LINE,  i will do that. I still know where is the LINE, my limit and time where i have to stop tho.

This Niki and James i am talking about is The Legendary F1 World Champion Niki Lauda and James Blunt


yeah, recently i just re-watch Ron Howard’s Rush (2013), a brilliant movie about them again.

i re-watched it again about 6 times aand on the 7th time, rather than watching,  i became more listening to that movie and start to talk following what the character say.

Ha ha, yeah that’s what happen when i watch one movie too much. Maybe some of you have the same thing with me, when you tend to talk to the telly as what the movie character said and then laughed to yourself like an idiot.

Me to movie is always like a dry spons to a bucket full of water.

What i am sayin is when i watch a movie for the 1st time, i tend to be annoying. You know that kind of annoying audience on cinema ne, the one who keep talking during the movie including calling the character name or sayin

oh noooo …. !!!

complete with an idiot act when there’s something that i think totally wrong or doesn’t make any sense,

but on my 2nd time watching, i usually be a silent audience and start to change myself into a dry spons ready to take, try to find and remember everything i see and listening.

and of course i don’t do that to all movies i watch ne.

that kind of act is only for movies that really2 good and captured my eyes and heart at the first time i watch it. For sexample Saving Private Ryan, The Avengers, Pride and Prejudice …. and this movie Rush (2013)


If you know Ron Howard‘s movies,  you must know how this movie will be.

So this movie is about  ….


yasu     :     hey, can you do your homework first …?
noi        :     ah ya, but this movie is all over my mind now  ….
yasu     :     keep the movie talk later
noi        :     as you say then …

next is for ….

~    「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Oita

Project 『Shangri-la 』 landed on Kyushu district, and this time is Oita Prefecture.  After the 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 on the previous day, 「Shangri-la 」Live was held at Beacon Plaza Philharmonia Hall, Beppu City ~ Oita on April 2nd, 2014.

Geez, it was 6 month ago ….  !!!


yasu     :     it’s too late, noi_chan
noi        :     it is a very late post ですよ …!!
yasu     :     why you are so slow ..
noi        :     because i am Capt. Slow now …

and also talking about 「Shangri-la Meeting」, we already know if yasu‘s mother is from Oita. So they were also visiting some relatives, and somehow before live yasu was pretty nervous than usual.

#  The Local Gourmet corner

These local gourmet of Oita that familiar to yasu were waiting on the venue such a nice line-up ..

~   Fried shrimp,
~  Green salad,
~   Rice,
~  Tai meshi/Sea Bream rice,

A very healthy and easy dish to make, a cleaned fish with scales removed and simmered in a pot with rice, ginger and dashi stock. Well, even they say it is  a simple and easy dish to make,

still i am not gonna try to make it.

because i am sure it is not that simple as they say on internet or cooking show on telly. Yes, i do love to see cooking show on telly, but not to try it.

I even remember when my telly cable open all their channel free for a whole month for their whatsoever promo, Asian Food Channel risen up my apetite to the highest level.

Thank God that promo is over ne.

So try to make a dish based on internet?  why would i ….


yasu     :    because you can’t make it …
noi        :    だれ、  僕  。。。。 ?
yasu     :    stop sayin 「僕」  !
noi        :    but it’s fun to say ne, and   …..
yasu     :    you are not a boy, aren’t you …
noi        :    but most people who only know me by name think i am a boy …
yasu     :    ええ、本当に?

Well, It is not that i can’t cook, of course i can.

Thanks to the almost 4 years i spent stayed in my relative’s house during my college time. I spent every morning and night do nothing but cooking, cleaning, teaching and many other domestic things.

so yeah, there’s a time in my life when i was so domestic …

I am talking about the time when i only worried about what is happen at home, spent my time at class wondering is everything OK at home? is rain gonna fall today, since i left my laundry outside, are the boys OK at school,  and what’s for dinner tonight ….

And now, i never do that anymore because i don’t have to. I have a control freak and drama queen mother who never let me to do anything, but working at day and then dine together at night.

back to the topic, next line-up is …

~  yasu’s fave no. 1  :   pikcles
~  yasu’s fave no. 2  :   natto …

aaand …

Speaking of Oita,


Fried Chicken ….. !!!

everyone’s fave dish and yasu‘s ne, since i read a lot about how he loves Fried Chicken

After meal,

continued with a relaxed and full of smile talks and reading manga and they ( read :  【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) also gave us a rare scene to see in the dressing room.

Yes, i am talking about this yasu shaving scene …


Indeed, it is a rarely scene eh, …

Because i found it is very hard to imagine yasu‘ shaving before seeing that picture above. Even i know the fact if he is a man and no matter how pretty and kawaii they look, a man do shaving ne.

People do say my imagination is wide, but imagine yasu‘ shaving is …

totally beyond all my fangirl imaginations … !!!


yasu     :     you already posted about it,  noi_chan ….
noi        :      eeh, did i …?
yasu     :     don’t you check ..
noi        :     hello, i am the Inspector ne, so i do not checking …
yasu     :     yeah right ….

And then

in the dressing room a staff gave a summary booklet of Kyushu‘s each prefecture from homemade delicacies, tourist destinations, dialect, else and then

ready to go Live  … !!!!


next is ….

#   The question selected on The Question Corner …

is …

The episode when you first made your own song …

and yasu”s answer is …

me too, it’s when i was in high school. I think it was on my 1st year of high school.

At that time there was MTR, a multiple recording device. Put the cassette, in four superimposed-record, it was possible, but i couldn’t do the instrument, i only put the main vocal.

I was think about put the song first, and then put the chorus after that (laugh).

Usually i put what i want, it takes the rhythm together and put the song at the end. I put the song first, so it will fit, the selfish (laugh). Somehow i was managed to composed on my own.

But i was worn out. I thought it was a difficult recording.

I say i made my first song, and it is the first but i guess if there were electronic organ in the house at the time of my elementary school, i had to play around with it.

then, let’s continue with …

#   The SetList

「Shangri-la 」Live 02.02. 2014.~  Philharmonia Hall

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Kimi ga Iru kara (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroi Taiyou

then ….

#  The Kewpie …



「温泉」/「Onsen」/「Hot Spring」

yeah, they called that almost naked (with only a towel) kewpie as Onsen. It’s because it fits with the style when you are going to enter a hot spring.

Annnd ….

やった 。。。!!!

it’s done, now le’t back to the movie again OK …. *totally sexcited*

~   RUSH (2013)


This movie is a biographical drama of 2 race car drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, their friendship and rivalry between them during 1976 Formula 1 motor racing season way to be a world champion.

Directed by Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind)  with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as Hunt and Daniel Bruhl (Good Bye Lenin) as Lauda.

In this movie, by leaving his hammer savely in Asgard and changed it into a Formula 1 car, Chris Hemsworth prove his ability to be another character other than what people know him as Thor and indeed, he did a good job

James Hunt and Niki Lauda started their rivalry from 1970 Formula 3 race in England when both their cars spint out and ended with Hunt as the winner. They both are a very different man.

On 1975, Niki Lauda joins Ferrari and wins his 1st championship, while James Hunt managed to join McLaren after assured them if he will do all they say to him including with sponsors.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 2.49.09 PM

James Hunt , an English youngman that even tend to vomitt before every race, but he is the real daredevil. For him, that’s the point of sport. He married to a supermodel but ended with divorced.


While Niki Lauda is a cool Austrian, with a genius calculating technical  who relies on precision and perfectionist as well. He meet Marlene, a socialite and date her.

This is my fave scene when Niki Lauda meet Marlene



something was wrong with their car, and then Marlene stopped a car of two man who is so excited to meet Niki Lauda. It’s a pleasure for them to give them a ride with one condition,

Niki is the one who drive

Inside car, the car owner is so happy about the  Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda drives his car. But Marlene who have no idea if Niki is a famous Formula 1 driver even ask who is Niki and next dialouge is so lovely ….

the car owner   :   no one will believe if Niki Lauda is driving my car now
his friend          :    Niki lauda, Niki Lauda …. !!!
Marlene             :   can someone explain to me what is happeing here, who are you, should i know you?
the car owner   :   you don’t know him …?
Marlene             :   no  …
the car owner   :   he is Niki Lauda, Formula 1 driver and he just assigned with Ferrari
Marlene             :   him? impossible
the car owner   :   why …
Marlene             :   well, Formula 1 drivers, they have a long hair, sexy … anyway, look how they way he is driving like an old man
Niki                    :   there’s no need to drive fast, we’re not in the hurry and i am not being paid, so why would i drive fast?
Marlene             :   because i am asking you to
Niki                    :   and you always get what you want
Marlene             :   usually …

and what happened is Niki drive fast like a hell ….

OMG that’s so sweet, isn’t it …?


noi       :     nee, ya_san ….
yasu    :     Great, after a Fanboy now she wants  F1 Driver boyfriend …
noi       :     i didn’t say that …
yasu    :     you don’t have to …
noi       :     then go find me one ….

so Niki Lauda and Marlene,

they finally married in a private wedding and then he started to worries about the effect of his marriage for his racing career because for him

Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose …

As a perfectionist, Niki always sure there’s always 20% chance for him to dead in a race so if he is not gonna join a race if that chance is more than 20%.

Then at the German Grand Prix, Niki Lauda convinced the F1 comitee to cancel the race during the heavy rain and storm in Nürburgring, the longest and most dangerous racetrack in the world .

They voted, but no one voted to cancel the race because Hunt convinced the other if that’s just another reason from Niki to make an excuse to avoid a racing without loosing.

So he still join the race and as what he worried before, bad things happened.

On the half part of 3rd lap, a suspesion arm in Niki ‘s Ferrari breaks and sent brust the car into flame. Ended with Niki stuck about 2 minutes on 800 F degrees flame before they finally able to get him out of his car.

They took him to hospital with third-degrees burn to his face, head and some dangerous internal burns in his lungs.

He spent his recovering days in hospital while watching his rival James Hunt took all points in the tournament that he missed.

How many times i watch this movie, i still can’t stop myself to cry on the after surgery scene when he try to put a helmet on his injured head. He is totally in pain, even his wife asked him to stop.

But he said to his wife …

If you love me, then don’t say anything ….

Followed with another full of pain treatment to get what the burns left inside his lung, he also has to do a suction treatment where the doctor put a long pipe through his mouth into his lung and pump out the dirt left inside his lungs out.

It was the most painful treatment and he did that while watching Hunt racing on television and somehow it helped him a lot.

And against  all his doctors, Niki Lauda back to race after at the Italian Grand Prix only 49 days in hospital with his new face.

From all other racers there only James Hunt who said hello to Niki . Not only that, even during the press-con there’s a journalist who asked Niki about what his wife sayin when she look at his new face ..

Niki  was tryin to be nice,

by answering       :   sweetie, you don’t need a face to race. All you need is only your leg
but the journalist  :   i am serious now
Niki                      :   i am also serious and F**K you …!!!

Hunt, who feel responsible for what happened to him, say nothing but gave that journalist a lesson that he supposed to to forget.

On that race, Niki finished as fourth while Hunt fails to finish the race and all the audience were running to his car after the race is over.

They kinda celebrate the coming back of their hero .

The final season of 1976, a rain soaked Japanese Grand Prix. With Lauda‘s absence pulled Hunt into three points of him. But learning from his last accident in German, Niki Lauda return to the pits on the second lap and when his mechanics ask him

Is there something wrong with the car Niki?

he said …

No, nothing is wrong with the car. I quit …

He decided to stay with his wife Marlene rather than risk his life again on the track. Hunt finished the race and win the championship.

After that race, Hunt spent his life as a new World Champion with lots of party, fame, sex and drugs. While Lauda started to learn to flyin a private plane. He think it is good to help him more focus.

They meet again at a private airfield in Bologna where Hunt wants to go to his friend’s wedding party. Lauda suggested him to be more focus for the next season.

and this ending scene is the best scene of this movie, when he said  …


Stop thinking of it as a curse to have given an enemy in life, it can be a blessing too.

A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

and from that scene we can see how different they are, but at the same time they support each other in their own way. For Niki Lauda, James Hunt is one of few people in he respect.

James Hunt  is kinda person who feel enough with one world champion, nothing further to prove. He retired on 1979 and became a sport comentator on TV and died on 1993 at age 45.

I’d say, this movie is how a race movie should be. No offense to all you fanboys, but i’d say

rather than Fast and The Furious or any other race movie, RUSH a way more better movie to watch and learn about race.

And …

Daniel Bruhl did steal my attention at the beginning with his brilliant performance as Niki Lauda. He also on The Fifth Element with Benny ne,

i have that DVD but i haven’t watch it ….. !!! #BIGProblem


yasu      :     what ….
noi         :     do you think l i have to  re-watch again his movies  ….?
yasu      :     hee   …
noi         :      aah, you think so,   …
yasu      :     hey, i didn’t say anything  …

ah ya next is this …..

~ Whatsoever Update from me ….

this one is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK : Kagawa


Enjoii …. !!!!

aaand ….

recently i also busy with this CD & DL Data Interview ne …..


indeed, yasu talk about a lot there. So yeah there’s so many interesting there.

As what they said there, at the beginning the interview is supposed to be about the upcoming  new single 「INCUBUS」, but because it is still in the recording process so they changed the interview theme into 4 parts.

Focus 1  :  Music Production Technic


Focus 2  :  Statement Collection (yasu’s)


Focus 3  :  What you feel


Focus 4  :  Summer 2014 Review …


i am still doing this, and if maybe some of you wanna read it please bear with me because  unlike the girly2 magazines,

it’s a long interview from CD&DL Data ne ….

But there’s some of my fave part and i remember i read yasu also said his opinion about this on other magazine. It’s about the different between man and woman about sayin 「I love you」 .

He said …

i rarely use 「I love you」 because I think 「I love you」 is not supposed to be expressed in words …..

ああ〜〜 なるほどね、やっさん 。。。

But as what he said man tend to think we don’t have to say it, they will find out. But on the other way, woman still think if sayin 「I Love you」 is very important.

I suppose woman need something to say ne ….


yasu    :   only something to say …
noi       :   well ….
yasu    :   really, especially you who wants anything….?
noi       :   of course followed with another thing to prove ne

Especially for a bit clueless and wants anything person like me,

i do need somebody to say that 「I love You」 if he is into me.

Yes, if you ask about this 5 or 6 years ago, i will say i’d rather see your act than hear you say 「I love You」to me, but not now.  Maybe because i am just too old to do some love guessing game like a teenage do and also i don’t have time to do it.

i am practically a direct person about this kind a thing now, so say it or leave it … !!!

And since i am one of the anti N.A.T.O (No Action Talk Only) person, of course it will followed with me demand another things to prove.  Yeah boys, girls are complicated ne. Even i hate to say it but sometimes ….

i am also complicated …


noi         :     yes, very complicated ….
yasu      :     a complicated Inspector, that’s not good noi_chan …
noi         :     ah ya, talking about Inspector Himura, do you know if some people do  think i am really a police
yasu      :    after that Charles Bronson post, マジで   …?