A Fangirl Post : Acid Black Cherry 2015 Tour L -エル- … (Another me, yasu and The Fangirl License )

The new Album hasn’t released yet,   。。。

but they already announced this upcoming tour for the new album next year and they call it as ….

                                 2015 Tour L -エル-


yes, i knew there will be another Tour for the upcoming New Album next year, but i had no idea if they will announced it by the beginning of December.

I thought they will announced it after the album release (February) or at when 2014 is over (read : The Beginning of January) so that would be great as A Surprise for New Year’s Eve on Acid Black Cherry fandom eh …

But as you know all the words already spoken, the announcement already made the i suppose it is time for us to prepare our self.

so brace yourself , as fast as Michael Fassbender …


yasu     :    really noi_chan, use Michael Fassbender again ….?
noi        :    why not, he is the young MAGNETO ne …
yasu     :    i know, but you already use it on Facebook. Go find another fast man …
noi        :    then who, FLASH ...?
yasu     :    hmmm …
noi        :    but that’s DC Comics, not Marvel and you know you are not super hero, you can not fly ne
yasu     :    still i am faster than you, Capt. Slow … *laugh*
noi        :    OK then, lemme say it again …

Brace yourself and prepare your self everyone,

because as fast as The FLASHyasu and his team now are getting fast …. !!


Yeah i am tellin you eh,

there will be a lot of things to prepare whether you (at least, me …..xD) are going to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- or not. For sexample like preparing yourself for …

1.  FanClub Ticket Lottery …


if you are Janne Da Arc FanClub Members and have a plan to go see that Incuyasu live on stage next year, prepare yourself for the FanClub lottery ticket appliction

Ticket pre-entry Period : December 10th, 2014 (Wed) 13: 00 ~ December 15th (Monday) 23:59 JST
via Uprise                   : http://upriseshop.jp/ (you have to be a VIP member to apply)

Application Result and confirmation : http://pia.jp/piajp/v/abc15fc-rslt/
Confirmation and Payment Period   : December, 22nd (Monday) 18: 00 ~ December 28th (Sunday ) 23:59 JST

Tour Schedule

March, 10th (Tuesday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 12th (Thursday) Hiroshima :  Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall

March, 18th (Wednesday) Fukuoka : Fukuoka Sunpalace

March, 21st (Saturday) Kagoshima : Kagoshima Baoshan Hall

March, 23rd (Monday) Shiga : Biwako Hall Great Hall

March, 25th (Wednesday) Hyogo :  Kobe International Conference Center International Hall

March, 29th (Sunday) Tokyo : Tokyo International Forum Hall A

April 1st (Wednesday) Kagawa : Alpha Anabuki Hall

April, 3rd (Friday) Osaka : Festival Hall

April 7th, (Tuesday) Fukui : Fukui Phoenix Plaza

April 9th (Thursday) Mie : Yokkaichi City Cultural Hall

April 13th (Monday) Shizuoka : Act Tower, Great Hall

April 16th (Thursday) Ishikawa : Honda Forest Hall

April 19th (Sunday) Nagano : Hokuto Cultural Hall

April, 21st (Tuesday) Aichi : Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall

May, 1st (Friday) Saitama : Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall

May, 7th (Thursday) Iwate : Morioka Civic Cultural Hall – Large Hall

May 11th (Monday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 13th (Wednesday) Miyagi : Sendai Sun Plaza Hall

May, 15th (Friday) Fukushima : Koriyama Civic Cultural Center, Grand Hall

May, 26th (Tuesday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

May, 28th (Thursday) Niigata : Niigata Prefectural Civic Centre

June, 3rd (Wednesday) Hokkaido : Nittori Culture Hall

June, 11th (Thursday) Okayama : Kurashiki Civic Hall

June, 15th (Monday) Ehime : Matsuyama Civic Center

and for you all who don’t have that plan still, prepare yourself for …

2.    The Upcoming Tour GOODs


i am sure you all know just like the man himself,  Acid Black Cherry‘s Live GOODs are really hard to say no and last but not least, of course  …

3.    Whatever things related and will follow it

i am talking about news, sexlist, MCs and Blog Post from team_ABC on the Official Blog so i suppose …

you all can start to find another Acid Black Cherry fellows who will go to see that 2015 Tour L -エル- on Facebook, twitter, ameblo or another social media that internet offer to stalk ..

eh no i mean to add, follow ne …. >_<

i mean, surely you all want to know what will happen there ne …

~  what will yasu say on the MC,
~  will he end topless or not or …


ah, he must be ….!!!

~  what kind of game or scenario they will came up with on that 2015 Tour L -エル- 

surely they have to think about something new to make that live more live and hopefully they don’t just repeat their scenario from 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  because that’s gonna be boring eh …

Then Oh God, what about me ….



i am talking about me, Inspector Himura ne …

yasu   :   so, you are not going …
noi      :   yes, i think so …
yasu   :   nee noi_chan, remember for the last 「Shangri – La 」 Live you said ..
noi      :   omo,  …

yes, i do remember  ….


so last year,

when they (yasu and his team) announced the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour i said to my self and everyone if i will not go to Japan with so many reasons.

But you all know what happen next …

I still go to Japan with a business class flight indeed,  and like an idiot with no shame i asked 2 kawaii Highschool students to take this picture of me did this Hail to yasu (read : image of yasu on truck, precisely) at Nippon Budokan

So what should i do now ….

Let myself to think if the same thing will happen again, i mean i will go even i already said i will not go? Or should i say i will go so i am not going to see the Incuyasu Live on 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year …

But i think no matter i say i am going or not, it will end with me not going to that 2015 Tour L -エル-  next year.

Why …?

that’s because now they use different way,

unlike the last 「Shangri – La 」 Tour  , now they use Uprise for the Lottery Application. It means i have to log in to Uprise or use the postcard application form they sent.

the problem is the postcard is not in my hand, and also i dunno what my password to enter that VIP Members Only – Application page on Uprise because my proxy is the one who usually deal with it.

And if i asked him, means i have to pay the fee and tickets price first no matter i will get it or not because the result, confirmation and payment period is very short, only 6 days

so at least i have to pay 2 x 7,560 yen + …. etc etc  = +/- 15,000 or 17,000 yen.

Oh no, no i am not gonna do that because i still have a lots of things to buy on my list and look at my wallet,

it’s already nothing there …


So yes, this time i really gonna pass this whatsoever lottery ticket to see yasu.

but maybe, i said maybe ne and who knows if …..

~  like the previous , 「Shangri – La 」 Tour they also add the same Arena TOUR after all those Hall Tour, and maybe again …
~  at the same week additional ARENA Tour (in Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama), L’arc_en_Ciel will back and hold another Live



One OK Rock will held another Live so at the same week i can see all HYDE, yasu and ..

this stroberry …!!!


last September, when i failed on than N-whatsoever test and can’t go to Japan with my boss,

i said to myself …

Next year, if i go to Japan again i have to watch Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu) Live on stage.

i am talking about live in a BIG Stadium Live like their last Mighty Long Fall ~ Yokohama Live. I watched it for so many times i can’t remember and this part where Stroberry (read : taka, not yasu again …. xD ) sing this song

A Thousand Miles from Vanessa Carlton


that song suddenly hit me, hit on every part of me and it kinda haunt me.

At that time, because how that song hit me very hard i really want somebody to listen and understand that song so he will get how i really miss him.

So again like an idiot,

yeah love can make you like a fool and do silly thing, like me translated that song into Japanese using my Heart to Heart Translation,

so i suppose it’s totally wrong translation …


もしも 私が、

that’s why i never send it to him, Eeeh God …

I am totally Hopeless … !!!


yasu        :      so, he really dumped you noi_chan …
noi           :      i can’t believe he really did it ne, i mean hey who did dare to dump me  ….
yasu        :      he did, and that Friday also did
noi           :      no, no, no don’t say that …
yasu        :      don’t worry, i’ll get you another super glue now  ….

but about my heart , …

i suppose i have to give my heart 1,000 standing applause ne because no matter how much and hard i got hurt by them ( both of them) i still can back to love again.

OK, i am talking about how i tried to talk again and tryn to do my best to be connected again and even i failed to re-connect and got nothing but hurt i still have to thanks to my heart

and of course to God

for givin me a good, strong and healthy heart like my heart.

ah, forget about him ne and now let’s back to this Stroberry ….


yes, i do call him (read : again and again, taka baby not yasu …. xD ) with Stroberry from The Baby Stroberry Taka ne and then suddenly one day he posted this photo of him with a stroberry on his mouth …


Eh God, ….

i almost fall from my bed when i see that ne, i mean OMG that’s a very nice thing to see.  My phone was the one that fell from bed, but i was so very happy that night.

I mean what’s more perfect than to see Baby Stroberry with a Stroberry on your Instagram at midnight …???

and i can’t stop thinking he must be a good damn in kissu ….

noi       :     ねえ〜〜、ヤッさん 。。。。???
yasu    :      he is not gonna kiss you ..
noi       :     でも …
yasu    :      dream on fangirl and you better finish this post ne …

OMG, i talked too much eh …

But i think this is better than my previous post ne. I wrote a very long full of rambling post 2 days ago and i save it but i dunno why or what the hell again happened to Eljay because when i open my Eljay this morning

It’s gone, all of it …

So i think you all have to say thank you to whoever made my long rambling post gone because thanks to them you all saved from a very long boring full of rambling post from me.

and ah ya, this one is the ….

~  Whatsoever Update from me …

a bit late, but this is

5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~  Nagasaki


Enjoiii ….. !!!!!

now, let’s talk about a Fangirl License

Today i had a very long talk on twitter with my friends, and as always they are amazing like how they always are. We talked about a lot of things started from the Over The L’arc_en_Ciel GOODs, Fangirl License and somehow

it ended with yasu

and how i open my eyes if there’s so many another yasu in Japan, not only Yasuda Shota ( eeeh, だれ だ。。。。???) and this

yasu the Blonde on My Facebook Wall


it started when one of my friend said about how she will not able to see Over The L’arc_en_Ciel in cinema next year, then suddenly i asked her …

Why can’t you go next year? is your Fangirl License got expired …???

OMG can’t believe i said something like that, i thought it was funny but now when i think about it again i feel like i was sayin something rude to my friend.

Maybe she has her own reason ne ….

So today, i got a new lesson about how i should keep my jokes (the bad and possibly hurt one) only here, not for my friends on twitter or Facebook ….  *head desk 69x*

Now last but not least is for next 2015,

which is only another 26 days and i know i will still be like me, this way as a Fangirl but i need something MAGIC to be happen.

A MAGIC that will end with …

me go to Japan not only to see yasu, but also HYDE and The Stroberry … #Amin


noi       :     please do say Amin for me …..
yasu    :     but, what if your Fangirl License is the one expired next year ..
noi       :     hello,  i am Inpector Himura ne, i do have my own stamp to renew it …
yasu    :     what the …
noi       :     fine if my Driving License expired 2 years ago, but my Fangirl License is FOREVER ….. !!!!!



♡ to ♡ Post : Acid Black Cherry CD&DL でーた Interview #3…. (Another me, yasu and The Fanboy)


Okay everyone,

this post tonight started with a question from me ….


yasu    :    let me guess, what will happen to your Capt. …?….
noi      :    no, no no, say nothing …
yasu    :    or when will he is gonna talk to you again
noi      :    eee who  .. ????
yasu    :   that fanboy  ..
noi      :    well, actually the question is ……

Have you ever pray like you never pray before …???

I did that these week  …

All this time, i never pray as hard i how i prayed for myself yesterday.  I am somebody who always feel i am a very lucky person because my mother’s pray for me heard and will be heard by God for how devoted is she.

But one day, my mother said something that really scared me to hell. She said …

Boo, why did you never pray as hard as you did long time ago …?

I didn’t annswer her because i know that’s one of her Drama Queen question that i don’t have to answer. Then she followed with this …

I always pray for you Boo, you know that.

Start from the morning you go to work i always pray until you back home save at the evening. This time i am still alive, but if i die who is gonna pray hard for you if you don’t do it for yourself  …?

and who is gonna pray for me and your father  …?

then she started to cry …

Damn, i really hate when my mother start to cry. See i love my mother more than anything and sometimes this love that i feel to her kinda drives me crazy. I love her so much and i would do anything to make her proud and stop worrying about me.

At least once, i really want to see her proud of me face and smile that i often see whenever she look at my sister or talk about my sister to anybody.

i just want her to say …

look that’s my daughter Boo, she …. bla bla bla …

but too bad, she never say it and show that face and smile to me. I guess for her, i am still the same Boo that keeps her worry and praying hard so everything will be fine for me.

i hate that look in her eyes worrying about me, keep askin am i okay, not sleepy to drive, haven’t i forget my phone and wallet … etc etc and so many questions following to make sure i am ready to go to work like i am just a 5th grader.

that day, she asked me to pray hard again.

Pray hard in here,

not only a regular 5 times a day but also together with Monday and Thursday fasting, midnight prayers, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t go anywhere for fun … and so many things followed that we as a Javanese call it as tirakat.

Tirakat is when you ask something to your God and do anything to knockin on your God‘s door and suppose that tirakat is gonna make the knocks i made louder.

I did that when i was in the middle of test to get my job after 1 year stayed at home to babysit my nephew. It was very hard, i even sleep on the floor behind our front door every night with so many prays that i read before and after sleep.

And then, last week something really bad happened to me.

It was very bad and scared me until i couldn’t tell anyone about this.  yeah, it’s worst than my previous bleeding. I thought, this is it i am going to die.  It made me less concentrate to work and made so many mistakes at office.

When i see those many X in red they put on my reports when they audit me, i became more hopeless.

Then what happen is, when i had no one to turned to ask for i turned to my God and start to do that tirakat again. Then as always this what Bimbo say is true again.

Bimbo (a 50’s Indonesian band) in their song sayin

Aku jauh, Engkau jauh
Aku dekat, Engkau dekat

I am far, then You (God) far,
I am close, then You (God) close

That day, i started to make myself close again to my God and my God came close to me. That nightmares and pain finally over , i guess i am fine and God gave me another chance  for me.

i suppose my mother the one and only person that will always say i am beautiful beside James Blunt ….



this time she is right again .

I still need to work harder, and along with how hard i am working i also have to pray harder. Because if i don’t pray for myself then who else but my mother will pray for me … ?

I have no idea what happen to me now, but all i know i feel save now.

Ok, ehough with the miserable rambling, now i better continue my previous post since instead put ~owari~ like how i ended all my posts i put ~to be continued~

so next is this ….

~   Magazine Update …

1.   MEN’S KNUCKLE Magazine …


Actually the Acid Black Cherry  interview on this magazine is quite interesting. If i am not mistaken, they talked about why men also love Acid Black Cherry. See how Acid Black Cherry (read : yasu) from a men’s point of view.

All this time, i don’t talk a lot about yasu with male fans/fanboys.


yasu    :    then what about that fanboy …
noi       :    what fanboy, who …?
yasu    :    you know i am talking about who ..
noi       :    i don’t know …
yasu    :    yes, you know
noi       :    no, i do not know and stop talking that you know i know who you are talking about …. *dizzy*
yasu    :    まさか noi_ちゃん、he really dumped you ne …. *laugh*
noi       :    please stop and lemme finish this  …

Even yeah, i do have some ABC fanboys as friend in Facebook but i don’t talk a lot with them. Mostly i only talk with the fangirls.

So sometimes, i really want to know how they (read : the fanboys) think, admire and worship yasu.

And by how  …

# did they wrote a blog like me, or
# they buy stuffs (cloth and accesories) like yasu,
# then they dressed and act like him? or …
# do drum or bass cover together withy their band …

talking about that, it reminds me about one ABC fanboy that i follow on twitter. That fanboy use to surprised me everytime he posted his photo on twitter.  So whenever i see his photo,

i was like …

~  Eeeh God, is this yasu from a new magazine or pamphlet?
~  ああ〜〜〜 why the hell i dunno about this  … etc etc, bla bla bla

Because he really look like yasu and then when i found out that’s him (read : that fanboy i follow on twitter) not yasu, what can i say but …

Oh God what a fool me, that’s not yasu …. !!!

But as time goes by, now i get use to see him ast and look like yasu. He doesn’t surprise me anymore, in fact i am getting bored with it, so i am thinkin about to un-follow him eh …


yasu       :     why ….?
noi          :      i am bored eh …
yasu      :      how can you be bored, you don’t use twitter a lot …
noi          :     and i also never talk to him anyway …
yasu       :     maybe you should try to talk with him
noi          :     heee ….

Back to MEN’s NUCKLE magazine,

I didn’t but this magazine, not because  somebody said to me this is a host magazine but this magazine remind me to MEN’s SPIDER magazine with yasu as the cover that i bought a long time ago.


Yes, the pages with yasu are great but i just not that keen with the rest of the contain. I mean there’s so many pages of men’s underwear catalogue complete with a model of topless men lyin on the floor like that.

I have no idea where the hell is that magazine now, because all i remember how i was tryin so hard to hide it so no one will find it. I can’t even imagine what if my father or the drama queen mother found it.

Geez, they gonna kill me …

But thanks God, i still can see yasu from their site …



ya_さん、かっこいい ね 。。。 !!!!

source   :   http://mensknucklehost.jp/news_page/863.html

and from that magazine, we also found out if in this year 2014 once again yasu do a collaboration with 109 MEN’s. And they call it as …

2.  Acid Black Cherry x 109MEN’s Collaboration.



where they will put a BIG banner of yasu in front of 109 buildings and stores inside like that. This is his 2nd collaboration after 2 years ago on 2012 before releasing his 3rd Album 2012.


that’s 2 years ago Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s collaboration banner. See that scarf, that is so Pistol eh, and here’s this year Acid Black Cherry x 109 MEN’s

from  109MEN’s site



From 2012 to 2014

yasu,  seems like he doesn’t change a lot ne. Even yeah, he changes in some ways as how people are changing more mature look i say. But he is still have that radiant on him. I suppose all that kind of stretching he loves to do really works eh …

next is this …

4.      CD&DL でーた 2014年10月号 Interview #3


Focus 3 「どんな感じ」


How is yasu‘s Feeling Recently …?

This is a regular corner in this magazine, some revival. Choose one kanji letter, then together with yasu play with it.

Annnd the kanji choosen was this letter …

手  「hand」


~     握手会  「Handshake Meeting 」

On the previous Project 「Shangri – La 」 47 prefectures sequence tour, you did a lot of  High Five with so many people right …

Yes, i was so glad able to see fan’s happy face. I am grateful, but i also moved. Is this handshake really make me happy? i wanna cry. Ah no, no what the hell i am, wanna cry ..?

If only i could keep doing handshake like that.

Giving a handshake to fans, i really happy and i’d love to do it again, anytime …!!. I really received so many happiness from fans. Thank you so much.

Hand, is really a flirty part of us isn’t it  …

Women, many of them apparently love hands. But i think beside hands, cheeks also the same.

I supposed it is not a handshake then

Ha ha ha right (laugh). Then this part also the same … (laugh).

This …

~    手帳  「Notebook」

I don’t bring notebook (direct answering)

Then  what about your schedule …?

Tamura (laugh)   <—  his manager’s name

~    手をつなぐ  「Holding hands」

Holding hands, is a bit embarrasing isn’t it …?  But if, for example going to a Cabaret Club, i wonder is there anybody want to hold my hand or not ….?

yasu_san, that’s not what i mean  ….

Sorry ….  (laugh)


noi       :    me, me, me, i will hold your hand …. *raising both hands*
yasu    :    hey noi_chan, don’t answer …
noi       :    but you’re askin ..
yasu    :    i wonder eh, not askin. Be focus OK  … !!!

But for women, holding hands is more imprtant than for men. And women who holding hands look more natural than men.

maybe because there’s some different principles, when walking together then suddenly he/she give you her hand then your heart pounding.

From men’s side, that’s not something that really matter. It’s just …

eee, you want me to hold your hand …? 

But for women it is something more special. Again and again maybe, this is become an eternal theory for male and female.

For women who is not get use to holding hands, it must make her heart punding by the man who is holding her hand. But can we say is as a success?

No, but then when he/she already start to think  I really want to hold his/her hand nah, that’s  something that we can call as a love victory.

~   手もみ  「Hand Massage 」

This is actually about boobs right …?  (laugh) If i already hold it,  i am not gonna let it go

Do you prefer the lead to the top …

Ha ha ha … so this is about boobs shape …? Of course men love that, and a man who love the other way (down) would have questioned why.

~   山手線 「Yamanote Line」

Yamanote Line ….

yeah, i’ve pass through it about 1.2 years after debut. I never be on train by my own, except in other area than Tokyo.

I am only using train in Osaka or my hometown …


was there somebody recognize you …?

No. People didn’t recognize me, so everything is like ususal.  Recently i went to Monster Bomber 10th Anniversary with DAIGO and Kyan Yutaka (from Golden Bomber), but …


Isn’t this is the time for you to make music …? Do  work …

yes, but it is fine.

OK, i will continue my story. So that time, because DAIGO is so striking then finally everyone were lookin at him (laugh).

So, there’s also something not fun to be a person who often appeare on telly.



same as you, yasu.

Often seen in magazine and never recoqnized by people directly. So when people first see you on Ongaku to Higetachi festival 2014  Rock’n Roll STADIUM they just so excited posting on their twitter and other social media this is my first time to see yasu live on stage, and he is so cool ….!!!

Where’s the part of me is cool  …???


noi        :     Aaallll …. !!!!
yasu     :      stop answering noi_chan, it almost finish …
noi       :      ups sorry, that’s a reflect btw …

Previously, it was like Is he cool only because of the look …? 

no, because if i have to compare yasu that i often see in the magazine and the real yasu, I’d say the real yasu is more imppressive.  Because by seeing yasu directly, the fans even able to touch you. and that gave some different special impression .

That’s why you became having your own that they say as cool

Thank you so much for the compliment . But actually it is not like that.

And again, to see the cool yasu in the magazine is totally cool as well.

Come on, ….

Even you are a type of person that full of compliments, i think you are not that good about receiving it right …??

I am sucks eh …

When i was young, i was so proud whenever i get compliments. But as i getting older, it turned into something embarrased for me.

But now, you are more sexy ne …

Do not lie to me …

No, i do not lie. You look so natural and sexy like this lyrics Crazy love, crazy mind, crazy days (while tryin to move like Rakuen song)

OK, OK what’s next ….

~    手紙 「Letter」

You wrote a love letter, were you …

yes, i did.

Btw, we talked about this already …?  Now i never write a love letter, but i love to read all love letters that i received. I even remember to some of those who send it. There’s some letter that’s very deep.

The word’s choise that we use on a letter is really show the soul of the writer. Yes, i really love it.

~     上手  (very good at)

yasu, in what things are you very good at …?

Now, i am really good at playin Mario Kart 8 (laugh).

then are you also good at makin love …?

How am i gonna say it ….?

I myself also do not know, but i think women are more suitable to be said good about it. Because there is women that really good at flirting. That woman, maybe she do that not in purpose or reason but it’s more because of her natural instinct, since man usually do not want to do that.

A model that’s not that pretty, but really good at this. But there’s also a very pretty women but really sucks at this.

Maybe some men even say  I am very good with women but after he is in front of that women, he become nervous and said Back Off !! Back Off !!. So sometimes it would be better for a man to be controlled by a woman.

A women who really good at takin a men’s heart. Laugh often and pay a lot of attention. Usually men love that kind od care women.

And a good listener. Yeah that’s what a charming women is …
that’s all everyone, because i skipp the next part (Focus 4 : Summer 2014 review) …



yasu      :    why ….?
noi        :    it’s the same Live reports ne, ..
yasu      :    but still …
noi        :    ah, people can read on The Official Blog
yasu      :   you, lazy fangirl …

next is …

3.   B-PASS Magazine …

there you are ….

The Radiant yasu …. !!!


Enjoii …. !!!

i think they kinda make him look pale and that whatsoever they meant with 2 little ponytail is just a little bit awkward.

Aand yasu, his hair is getting longer eh. I wonder maybe he wants to keep it longer like his previous Erect Live and re-Birth single, remember?

but this time is blonde …


OMG does he thinkin about following Thor and go to Asgard ?


YUKI    :    what she is talking about ….
yasu    :    just ignore her, she watch to much superheroes movie …
noi       :    ah come on guys, long hair and blonde ? who else but Thor …
yasu    :    and i am going to Asgard?   …
noi       :    no, of course not because i am the who will go there …
yasu    :    see YUKI-chan, she is going to marry Loki …
YUKI    :    go find a new fangirl ne, this one is getting crazy  …

~ owari~

A Very Late Post : 「Shangri-la」Live ~ Ehime … (another me, yasu and When The Trip is Over (◕‿◕))


So beautiful,
I’ve never seen that place,
When the trip is over,
I want to go with you  …. 
( -_・)



yes, the trip is over

and now it is time for me to continue all works that still all over my messy desk at office and of course my fangirl home works that i abandoned for almost a month? i think so because when i checked on my Ameblo,

i only posted 3 entries last month and that’s not good eh …

I finished my works, so now it is time to write again because here inside me now i have lots of things ( yeah, including ramblings) that i need to get it out from my head a.s.a.p. so i can be better ….

so when the trip is over, here i am back to you luv ….





yasu     :    what’s with that lots of emoji …
noi        :    何もない。 でも ね 、や ーーちゃん do you know …
yasu     :    i don’t know ..
noi        :    this time, the trip was much better than before ..
yasu     :    really …
noi        :    i only get lost 4 times thou …
yasu     :    only  …. ?

well, let’s keep the trip post for the last because it was quite long and tired trip complete with many flights i took. I say ne, it was my first one week to be far from home.

and FYI everyone, i am someone that will never like to be far away from home and my Drama Queen mother. I just never feel save and get stressed whenever i have to leave home more than 2 days.

Now let’s talk about yasu and start with this …

~    「Shangri-la」Live  ~ Ehime


The 1st Live for 5th SEASON Project 『Shangri-la』 was held at Saijo City Cultural Center after two years ago at 2012 for TOUR 『2012』 Live at Ehime.

Not different with the previous SEASON, on this 5th SEASON 1st curtain is also for great gourmet. yasu who was informed a lot about local gourmet in Ehime Prefecture on 「Shangri-la Meeting」 looking forward very much about it.

~  Stewed Hamburger,
~  Imabari fried (
chicken, i suppose?),
~  Uwajima Jakoten (
it’s a special product it Uwajima, in Southern Ehime Prefecture made from small fish that blended into a paste and the fried) , it should be eaten with soy sauce.
~  Fried seasonal vegetables,
~  salad, and …
~  rice

aaand …

as what they thought on 「Shangri-la Meeting」, there was also this STN (Saijo Teppan Neopolitan) waiting for them …


after meal, yasu talked to other support member about what they wanted to do for SHUSE‘s birthday.

yasu          :   everyone, 17th is SHUSE‘s birthday. Shall we do something on stage?

and all support members agreed with what yasu said …

yasu          :   where? i wonder if we do it at the encore part …
members   :   sounds good. For example on encore at the 「
Black Cherry」part, instead of sayin「Black Cherry」what yasu said is 「Happy Birthday」to SHUSE …?
yasu         :    that’s good …!!!
members  :    and also at the bass solo on 「
Black Cherry」, let’s bubbling something on his ears (i suppose they talkin about the ear tools) that only him will hear.
yasu        :    Let’s do it …. (

then each support members started to secretly record their voice of sayin …


only to SHUSE‘s iyamoni (an ear monitor’s tool to hear something directly from earphones) and so did yasu


and the question selected on The Question Corner is …

Do tell us why did you choose your part (instrument) now …

and yasu‘s answer is …

when i started my band, i was as what SHUSE said …


SHUSE  :    ask her what did i say …
noi         :     え〜〜っと
yasu      :     yes, what
SHUSE said …
noi         :    well, he said …. *scroll up again*
yasu      :    you didn’t read it …?
noi         :    OK, OK i will read again …

what SHUSE said is

before i start to play a musical instrument, i seemed to hear music because i like music. But at that time i had not aware about the sounds of bass. And because there’s an acoustic guitar at home and i played it, so i didn’t think about to play bass.

so he started his 1st band as a guitarist,

then i repeat again for yasu‘s answer …

when i started my bad, i was as what SHUSE said (read  : as a guitarist). Because ka-yu, Janne bassist got a guitar from his brother then he said 「 i got my gitar, you do the vocal …!!

and i was like 「うん、分かった 」…

I was awaken to rock music from Himuro Kiyosuke‘s BOOWY. And then i discovered the sound of a bad called X (JAPAN) about one and half year after it.

X (JAPAN) keys are really high, because there’s no way i could make out a high voice like that. High pitched voice make me shouted like crazy. Everytime i go to the studio, my voice just dead …(laugh)

and the SetList

「Shangri-la」Live 19.03.2014 ~  Saijo City General Cultural Center


01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Greed Greed Greed
04.  In the mirror
05.  Yubiwa Monogatari
06.  Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat~
07.  Aishitenai
08.  Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara …
09.  Cherry cherry
10.  Shangri – La
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


02.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
03.  Black Cherry (request)
04.  20+∞ Century boys

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

i know i am so late about this update, even i already posted some part of it on my Facebook, but i suppose here in my blogs are the perfect place to put. Because not everyone is on or love to spent his/her daily on Facebook like me.


yasu     :    don’t forget how you spam there …
noi        :    me, really …?
yasu     :    yes, you do …
noi        :    well after all ya_san, i am still the same
Facebook saiyajin so yeah my Facebook friends always get more  …. *wink*

so there you are …

OS  Shimane ~ Nara


On Stage, before Live and the rest …


and about my Japan Trip, well …

i know things been changed recently, i mean on my 1st trip to Japan 2 years ago every night i wrote a post about all what i did that day. All of it so at that time i can wrote about 5 posts about my Japan trip from the beginning till the end.

But now, ha ha ha …. !!!!

i didn’t even write one post when i was there, all i did just post it (about yasu’s Live) as a comment on team_yasu. Now i feel really sorry to someone that even wrote a message to me about it, wondering and then ended with asked to me when will i write about my  「Shangri-la」 sexperience.

yasu    :    eh noi_chan, did you …
noi       :    what ….?
yasu    :    do i have to say it …?
noi       :    you mean, ah of curse not

so there you are, but i am warning you ne this is gonna be a very long post because i have so much things kept inside my brain to get out. The Live was amazing as how amazing is yasu, but the trip was sexhausting.

I dunno why but i felt more tired than 2 years ago.

I know my health now isn’t that good as 2 years ago ne, after all this year i step into a page to be a 53 years old woman. So what can you expect for a 53 years old woman can be health as?

surely not as healthy as Hercules …. xD

FYI, i haven’t watch that ne and now there’s nothing i want but to go to cinema and watch movie. Any movie will be fine. I need something to watch in a BIG screen and DOLBY surrounded sound or maybe 3D.

OMG look what i just did ne, just another rambling opening.

so back to my Japan Trip talk, let’s start this from the beginning, and i will say this as

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 1 (The Beginning) … (^ω~)

As i always say ….

i am someone that yasu will say as an INK person. Yes, i am livin in a village so it took me forever to gop to Japan. Not just simple like took a flight and then arrived there, but for me, it is always be a long way down.

Well i think everything for me is always forever to get.

For sexample ..

~    A quite long waiting for someone that sadly is IGNORED me now …

yasu     :   don’t tell me … (笑)
noi        :   no, don’t laugh like that. This isn’t a joke   …
yasu     :   but, he dumped you again? what did you do this time?
noi        :   i dunno. Ah, guys are too complicated for me …

~    A long waiting for all my stuffs sending from Japan,
~    A long way down to go to
Japan to see yasu

Oh luv, why you are so far away ne ….?


yasu    :    still no route to go to Tokyo by bus ne, noi_chan …
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    so how’s Superman …?
noi       :    ah you know he hated me …
yasu    :    then Capt. America ?
noi       :   what the …

So let’s back to May 25th, 2014.

It was Sunday and i still had things to finished at office. So i went to office in the morning, hoped able to finish everything before 10:00 AM so i can have some times to rest at home before catch my bus to Semarang (the capital of Central Java) about 3 hours by bus from my hometown at 14:30 PM

But that day was disaster,

because at that damned day one of my driver hit and then got hit on the road. So he was hit a car, an SUV exactly so i had to deal with him, called him and make sure he is OK.

and then listen what the hell is happened from him. Apparently it was because he was a bit busy with his phone while driving.

Calling? text messaging?

no, not one of it but he was busy to post a comment/reply comments on his Facebook. When i heard it, i was like …

Whhhuut the helll ……!!!

After that, I wanted nothing but to get his phone and erase the Facebook app inside it followed with may bad things came out from my full of anger mouth. Yeah, i was mad that day. So mad, until i can’t even remember in what sort of rude/bad level words i said to him.

I was such a bitch that day.

I mean, because of Facebook? really? even i know everyone around me is into Facebook and BBM (Black Berry Messenger) recently but i never thought to hear it as the cause of an incident.

Deep in my heart, i was hope to hear another things as the cause. Calling his wife maybe, or got distracted by something passed, … etc etc that make drivers less concentrated in driving.

But it is also surprised me. Can you imagine that, Facebook ne Facebook finally reasonable enough as a cause of an accident  …

I’ve heard a lot about crimes, fallin in love, heart broken via Facebook


yasu    :   or got dumped for the 3rd time …?
noi       :   not funny eh …
yasu    :   what’s more funny than this noi_chan ?
noi       :   and FYI this is the 2nd time, not 3rd ..
yasu    :   …… (

Then finally i was able to finished it at 14:30 PM left everything to my friends complete with all notes that they might need to do my works. I also said to them if they still can call me via LINE or Yahoo Messenger if there’s anything they might not understand well.

At that time i was so worried if they couldn’t able to do all my works like me. Maybe this is what happened if you are too deep for your works. So whenever you want to get some days off or holiday …

you feel nothing but lots of worry about works you left ..

At 15:00 PM, arrived at home and still mad while in the hurry went to the terminal to catch my bus at 15:30 PM. One hour late from the schedule and i worried about me missed my 20:00 PM flight to Jakarta.

Yeah, even it only took 3 hours from my hometown to Semarang, but i still need at least another hour to go to the airport (The Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang) from the bus terminal by taxi, and traffic jam that might happen as well.

Finally i was able to arrived at the airport at 19:30 PM. Go to change another yens there, but that time they were ran out of yen. So i go check-in and waited at the boarding room while had some coffee from the coffee machine there …


yeah, you all know how coffee addict is i am. So i do always so excited to see if there’s a coffee machine around me.

Then i kinda start to have a nice conversation about Taxi in Jakarta (i will talk about this later …)  with a very nice young lady sit next to me who also wanted to go to Jakarta.

And apparently she is a K-POP lovers who have a dream to go to Seoul to see CN BLUE Live on Stage.

People say same thief will recognize each other, so in this case same fangirls also recognize each other, even from different fandom.

Well, fangirls are everywhere eh,

From her stories and way of talking about all CN BLUE members i know if she is a hard core fangirl. Because i say fangirl, the real one talk in different ways. I’d say more passion and you can feel their hope, dreams and optimistic from their stories.

Because that’s what people mostly don’t see about fangirls. What they see maybe just the kyaa kyaa … !!! and crazy girls creamin and drolling about their idols every time and everywhere, but i think they often missed to see their dream and hope as well …

We talked quite a lot ne, because my flight was delayed about half hour from the schedule. Then we said good bye when they called us to get in the plane. It was a nice talk ne, i mean for me who never talk a lot especially with stranger.

Too bad i didn’t ask for her Facebook or LINE ne. It should be fun if i had ask her because i also listen to CN BLUE ne …

I get in the plane, and it was a small plane as how a local flight will give you. The flight from Semarang to Jakarta only took about 1 hour. But inside that plane 1 hour felt forever for me.

Especially when i sit between 2 man,

~  one is a man who put his earphone on and his music into maximum volume because even me, who is a half deaf (yeah, sometimes my left ear didn’t work well) able to hear it , …

~  While the other one is a man from Germany who do nothing but watching me watching over that man with his MP3 sleeping.

Nah, can you imagine how awkward that moment was? that’s why 1 hour on that flight felt forever for me.

Finally he (the man from Germany, that i will call as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD) open his e-book and start to read. And me, who never see an e-book like that for the rest of my life changed my bored activity to see him with his e-book.

It was in German language and suddenly he asked me  …

Hey, you wanna read together? if you want i can change it to English

And i was like   :   OMG really? you can change it to English?
and him            :   i have the English version   …
me                   :   uuuu  …..  *
eat my pillow*

That’s a very stupid question ne, i mean why the hell i didn’t think if he might have an English version ne, because his English is very good. I was so ashamed, then i said no, thank you to him and do nothing but hugging my pillow and pretending to fall asleep.

After landing, i stayed on my seat waiting for another passenger getting their luggage. I never want to get rush for something like this, i better be the last person to get my luggage and out from the plane.

I took one suitcase, bag and pillow with me ….


Actually not because of that, but it was also because i might need help to get my luggage from the cabin crew thanks to how idle my left hand is after it broken last year. So it is impossible to me to get it only with one hand.

But suddenly, i heard someone asked me  …

Hey, is this yours …?

OMG that Jane Austen man again ne. I said yes and then with nothing to say more he just get all my luggage for me.  I said nothing but don’t worry everyone, i still able to say thank you.

I think i was amazed by him,

i mean among all people (Indonesian people) that no one asked to me about that, and i got use to feel nobody will ask to help me with my luggage so i will ask to one of the cabin crew to help me. Suddenly there was a man asked and helped me.

Then i wondered  …

Well, now i found out if there’s still a gentleman exist in this world, not only on Jane Austen‘s books.

Now you all know why i called him as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD

Ah you all, especially girls who read this surely know about Jane Austen ne. I mean who the hell is never read or see movie based on Jane Austen‘s book and sometimes think about …

What Jane Will Do?


like what Prudie (Emily Blunt on Jane Austen’s Book Club movie) read on the crossroad when she was thinkin about having an affair with one of her student.

Spoon and ice cream, that’s so brilliantly full of passion ….!!!

Bandara Soekarno Hatta

And at 21:30 PM i arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Terminal 1 then waited for a bus shuffle to go to Terminal 3 where my next flight to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia waited for me.

AtTerminal 3 where i will spent that night there, waited for 06:45 AM flight with Air Asia next morning.It was so cold there. My friend Buntal said maybe this is the newest Terminal at Soekarno – Hatta so the air conditioner is still good and able to freezed people who is not get use to air conditioner like me.


I couldn’t sleep that night even i already had my dinner, that very2 sexpensive and not good tasted noodle above. Can you imagine that i have to pay about 60,000 IDR only for that? and still i was sleepless that night.

Then i opened my laptop, go on line and start to bothered some of my Facebook friends again.

Then after midnight, i wonder again what else i can do now? Everyone was already sleep so none of my friend was online on FB Messenger. Talking about this FB Messenger ne, i just love how it made your Facebook friend’s profile picture who send you message will poop up like this.


And most of my Facebook friend’s profile picture are yasu so can you imagine how happy i am when i see lots of yasu suddenly poop off like that on my phone? …

絶対 に おもしろい な。。。

until 02:00 AM, still couldn’t sleep because it was too cold and i didn’t bring any jacket or sweater with me because i thought it will be a summer trip.

Most of my clothes are summer outfit.

And it was disaster ne, i mean i really can’t stand on cold situation. I can handle how HOT summer will give to me, but not cold. Then suddenly a nun came sit next to me. She said she is one of the missionary and they all will go to Lombok for their next mission.

I always love to talk with nun/sisters ne, they have something on their way of speaking that make you calm somehow. Dunno why i feel this way, but i suppose because i was raised by nuns in a Chatholic Institution until i was 3 years old and they allowed my pappi and mommy to take me home with them.

They said it was quite complicated adoption process they had to get us.

I spent my whole night that time on Terminal 3 –  Soekarno – Hatta listen to all her stories, including her reason why she took this path (read : to be a nun). It’s very interesting for me when she told me how she finally find the light to devoted only to her God.

Until 05:00 AM in the morning when they (read : Air Asia) opened their check- in counter. We said good bye and i did a self check- in using their machine available there and went up to the boarding room.

Waiting again for my 2nd flight that will bring me to Kuala Lumpur.

I was curious about Kuala Lumpur, because this time we wil landing to the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport. And according my friend it is so big and everything was available there.

She said like a mall inside an airport.

Well, indeed the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport is very amazing and i will tell you again on my next post for 2nd Part : Jakarta ~  KL.

So yeah, you all have to wait ne …. wekekekekeke  *who is gonna wait anyway?*

next is this …


and you can read it in other languages as well, because these amazing fans also did it in here  ..

~  French by ABC French Street Team

~  Spanish by ABC Spanish Street Team, and 

~  Mandarin by Erica Lai

Recently i don’t listen to Acid Black Cherry songs much, not because i get bored with it. I maybe someone who will bored everyone around me with things i said, but here’s no way Acid Black Cherry songs will bored me.

It just because now i kinda busy with my new research about this non Visual Kei band (you know what band i am talking about) for my self. I mean, somehow their songs are similar to what i feel, had and happened with me and all these things i feel about him (read : not yasu, not Mr. Friday, then who …. xD)

now i listen to their songs everyday on my way to office, yeah now my driving skill upgraded very well so i can drive while listen to my MP3 on one ear of course. Then followed with watching all their Live DVDs one by one.

so now if you see me posted lots of their songs lyrics, actually it is just this personal feelings that i want to get rid off. I did everything, but i still ended back there like a fool.



noi        :    and now he put his back right to me …
yasu     :    can you be less dramatic about it ..?
noi        :    i can’t, because it drives me crazy
yasu     :    stop it  …. *walked away*

but still …

i enjoyed a lot for listening and reading all what yasu said and  his way of thinking. Even though after reading it make me confused sometimes because of course there is always parts that i don’t wanna know but it always ended me smiled even laughed like an idiot

because yasu is somehow always have an answer that will surprise you (read : at least me) on every interviews he had or MCs on his Live performances.

So for me now, i’d say …

reading and listening what yasu’s said or will say is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you are gonna get,

but don’t worry  because it is always amusing …xD

noi       :    いつもありがとう ね、 や〜〜さん
yasu    :    did you just watch
Forrest Gump …?
noi       :    omo, how did you know …
yasu    :    boring noi_chan, boring, no wonder he dumped you again …
noi       :    but i never talk about movie with him ne ..


Fools Day Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Chiba … (another me, yasu, 眠り姫 and The Perfect SetList )


Finally it is already April ne,

and as you know there’s something named April Fools Day exist with so many pranks followed. I suppose we all kinda like fool anybody next to us is allowed today.

And 2 night ago i was fooled so easily …


yasu        :      you, The Inspector? really …?
noi           :      yes, how dare they fooled
Inspector Himura, can you believe that …
yasu        :      but they did, so who is the fool now, …
noi           :      that’s because they use
Leader_sama ne …

yes, they used Leader_sama, TETSUYA to fool me.


Actually i’d say that’s some quite brilliant idea ne, i dunno how they did that but that worked for me, who adore Leader_sama TETSUYA so much no matter what  his color hair is.

And Last night i was so happy when i saw this on my twitter TimeLine …


followed with this …


Then i was like ….



Wasshoiii ….. !!!!

Finally tet_chan learned how to use twitter ne. I mean just by lookin at that simple お元気ー? question already made me su fu***n happy. As you all know, tet_chan often say that on stage.

Maybe yes, i was a fool because i should have known if that’s nothing official but another Fool’s Day Prank that annually happen in internet. Because today i realized :

hey, there’s no wasshooiii there ….

So, that was what  i got for this year April Fools Day and i am glad it’s over now. But i suppose this 1st Day of April is not bad at all , because even yeah i got fooled but this morning …

when i open my email, look what i got yesterday …


An Early Birthday Present from CDJapan …!!!

See that is why i love CDJapan so much ne, because they often gave me some point rewards. Not only as Birthday Present like that but sometimes they will send you an email askin you to join their survey and then they will give you another points as reward.

talking about Birthday ne,

last night Her Majesty asked me whether if i still want a red bike like HYDE for my birthday while discussed about other stuffs. Honestly that’s quite surprised me because i thought she already forget about it because it was her promise 4 years ago, but she is not. OMG, she is really remember everything, i suppose she is really an elephant.

Yes, elephant. Remember the “Elephant Can Remember” phrase?

that’s why we often call people who have a sharp memory on their brain and tend to remember everything as an elephant.

Why? because elephant can remember …


yasu      :     why elephant …?
noi         :     maybe because elephant is bigger than monkey  …
yasu      :     but monkey eat banana …
noi         :     hee ya_san, ういうこと ….?

Ok, enough with that now let’s do this something i call as my own personal fangirl homework. yeah, i know it is very late because now i am still with 4th Season, yasu is already busy with 5th Season 『Shangri-la』 Live and already finished Live in Oita tonight.

so 行きましょう everyone,

before i forget about everything let’s go back  to 『Shangri-la』 again with this …

~ 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Chiba

From Kanagawa, 『Shangri-la』 Project moved to Chiba prefecture. And because of the heavy snow storm happened that time, they had to postponed the Meeting event.

As you all know there was heavy snow storms happened in Japan, so there was many flight to and from japan cancelled with snow storm reason. So i am kinda glad that i didn’t decided to join lottery or made plan to go to Japan and see yasu live on stage that time.

Surely i will choose the NHK Hall Live performance because that hall is next to Yoyogi Stadium and i know how to go there from Shibuya. But now i can’t even imagine how am i supposed to do if i am already in airport, ready with everything,

suddenly my flight got cancelled.

Then what am i supposed to do?




yasu       :     what, you are gonna cry …
noi          :     you know i am too old to cry ..
yasu       :     hey noi_chan, what are you doing  …
noi          :     ups sorry,


OK, back to the topic Shangri-la』 Live ~ Chiba ne ….


so for Acid Black Cherry, this Live in Chiba after TOUR 『2012』, 2 years ago. Moreover, the venue Ichikawa City Cultural Center is a memorable venue for yasu since he also held QED Live there ..

Then it started with

~   the Annual Local Gourmet Introdution Corner …

There were Chiba‘s local specially gourmet waited to say 「おかえり♡」/「Welcome back ♡」 to yasu after 2 years ago (for Chiba prefecture) and 4 years ago (for the venue).



*   Sutori (sweet and sour pork)
*   Green salad,
*   Meet dumplings, sweet and sour style,
*   Omelet,  … etc etc


then had some talks after meal …



talked about music and software, how yasu‘s PC condition was (or is it still …?) not good recently, and then suddenly they talked about …

stars constellation such Orion and Peterugiusu, Betelgeuse and supernova explosion

while checkin to question received from everyone …

heee ….. *wipe my head*




noi        :     so ya_san, you do know if The Earth Goes Around The Sun ne .. …
yasu     :     what kind of question is that ….?
noi        :     i am bored now
yasu     :     go find someone else or finish this post hurry  …


OK, next is The question selected on


~  The Question Corner is …


What is the nicest present you got from your parents as a child ..?


and yasu‘s answer is …


Since he is a video game generation, it was a Famikon (Niitendo) cassete. I was so happy for a year and after graduated from high school was when he bought Final Fantasy on the release day .

next is The SetList


『Shangri-la』 Live 17.02.2014 Ichikawa City Cultural Center ~ Chiba

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ (request)
15. Fallin Angel (リク)(request)
16. Black Cherry

that was a quite nice SetList ne, even i won’t say it as a perfect one because there’s no Nemuri Hime

OK, let’s continue with …

~   The Kewpies ….




cr    :    @Yasuの女


it’s 落花生/Peanut …


aaaand even i see lots of people got that peanut kewpie but i didn’t get it ne. Somebody bought me the 4th Season Kewpies from NHK Hall Live Performance and these 4 cute little thing is what i got …




aaand these something i would say as my  ….


Bucket of ABC ~ 君がいない、あの日から・・・ version




finally came today, all of it complete with 2 postcard calendars, mini clear file and sticker from mu-mo. I am sure some of you can’t wait to see the calendar ne, very well i’ll put that up tomorrow in here.

But if there’s no new post in here tomorrow, you all know where to find it anyway …

Now let me continue this …


~ Whatsoever Updates from me …


3rd Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK ~ Hiroshima




CD&DL Data 2014年5月号




and finally i finished this …


Acid Black Cherry : 君がいない、あの日から・・・ OFFSHOOT ~ English Subbed




PS    :   

~  go click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook video.
~  and some nice note from Yukiko …

0:53 → on Fukushima Live on stage part, …

~ yasu : 「kiseki no kaze ga ?」/ miraculous wind ?
~ audience : 「fuku shima (=Fukushima) e!!」/ the island where that miraculous wind blows …
~ yasu : 「that’s it !」

that’s from Shangri – la lyrics 2nd line …

シャングリラ 輝いて 奇跡の風が吹く島へ
Shangurira kagayaite kiseki no kaze ga fuku shima e

brilliant, isn’t it? after all he is really The Mind Blowing Man eh, and now talking about Nemuri Hime



i really love this song,


and i did say ne about how is my dream Acid Black Cherry Live concert that i really want to have. It was eh no, it is still like this …


~   There’s kewpies on the GOODS ..
~   i go alone, and
~   there’s
Nemuri Hime on the SetList …


i don’t care about whether i am gonna get another song or not, because i love/like most of Acid Black Cherry songs, but Nemuri Hime is special for me.

It’s been a dream for me to see yasu live on stage performing Nemuri Hime.


だから ya_san, put Nemuri Hime on 05/29 Budokan Live onegaiii …. !!!




yasu     :     why, because you are Nemuri Hime? …
noi        :     yes …
yasu     :     is that a reason? go find another reason ..
noi        :     because i am
Inspector Himura …?
yasu     :     How many time you’re gonna say that? boring noi_chan …


yeah well, i am a boring person ne. …

that’s what people will and always say about me beside that mad and crazy woman. Especially when i am bored like now, what i do is nothing but spamming and talking as i want to anybody who is not lucky enough got into this kind of boring trap of mine.

usually it will ended with them stop talking to me and maybe followed with avoiding me? Yeah, that’s the pattern ne, it always like that. That’s why i tend to not like to be close enough with other people because i know they all will end hated me or ignore me.


Eh, Ignore me ….. ?


Eh God, that’s worst than hate me …




yasu     :     i didn’t say like that …
noi        :     you don’t have to …
yasu     :     what is wrong with you, are you hungry …
noi        :     no, but i want to see
Capt. America
yasu     :     hee …



Moanday Post : ABC New Single : 「君がいない、あの日から・・・」 …. (another me, yasu and This Madness …!!! )


So after had 6 cups of coffee last night,

i woke up this morning and feel how fast is my heartbeat,  faster than it use to be and with some trembling in my both hand. OMG what the hell is happen to me? Surely i have to stop this coffee addiction. I’ve tried everything, like changed it with chocolate, tea … but didn’t work, all of it.

I still want nothing but coffee ….

there was someone asked me : why there is no update on your blog again? are you gonna stop write there? …. etc etc i answered it with i dunno about why but i know for sure i am not gonna stop writing.

Well let’s just say i am just a bit busy recently.


yasu     :    i know who you are busy with now …
noi        :    who …?
yasu     :    do i have to say it ..?
noi        :    no, no, don’t …

I always say how writing anything here makes me feel better ne …

but recently i don’t write a lot, and surely it didn’t turned my worst into better as always after i finish my whatsoever post. Because these days there’s no yasu feelin in my brain.

I dunno what the hell is happen to me and i better find where the hell is he now. I believe he is hiding somewhere inside my brain, because with no yasu in my brain came up, i can’t write and i will never feel better.

As you all know the new single  君がいない、あの日から・・・ released, and surely i said ….

Horaaay …. !!!

and got sexcited with all members of team_yasu group on Facebook. I love how that group alive again recently, not only a group full of sales, spamm and random post by any fubar wacky and empty Facebook account.

Maybe, no one see it but i used to erased lots of that kind of post and the memorable one is the acid seller post, すごくびっくりした …!!!

aand about this new single …



i’ll say this new single is like a candy.

first it surprise you with the sweet maybe mixed with sour things but then after you lick it over and over it dissapeare from your mouth soon. Nah that’s what i feel with this new single. Yes, when i heard it for the first time i was like …

#Whoaaa ….. !!!

like as always for yasu‘s new single release, but this time there’s nothing after that whoaa …!!!. Unlike the previous 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~」 or ah ya the same ballad イエス single, that gave me some kind of insatiable feelings so more i listen to the song, more i want to listen it again and again …

Surely there’s nothing wrong with the single, it’s still a brilliant masterpiece from yasu. Maybe the problem is in me. With this too much things inside my brain that i have to let out some of it. I suppose my brain, mind and soul couldn’t get the same insatiable feelings for this song …

Suddenly all around me kinda won’t let me go alone.

My works especially, this is already a month me on this new stuffs. Still in the same division but now i handle 2 factories, and as always the fact reality isn’t not like what i imagined before.

Yeah, you might thing it’s a promotion for me, just like my boss who told me how he trust me to handle 2 of his factories than anybody else. But it’s really hard for me. All those deadlines that supposed to be dead now they are back to live again and no mercy keep after me nonstop everyday.

They all just like my neighbor’s dead hungry bulldog who always after me whenever i pass.

Still the same, but in a bigger scale. But it’s not simple like that, because a bigger scale also mean lot of another people to handle and talk to. So my first month was full of people complained to me, complain this, that, they talked longer than people that i usually talk to … etc etc and my phone nonstop ringing.

Now inside my brain, there’s nothing but all my works with all that numbers that wouldn’t never let me go.

What happened was everyday i kept looking at my phone and wondering what next? what they all gonna complain to me again this time. The worst part is i can’t stop checkin to my phone. Even it doesn’t ring, i hope it to ring. On my driving back from office, or night i had dream if that damn phone is ringing …


noi        :    ya_san, do something …
yasu     :    go find
Friday … …
noi        :    but he is busy now, so help me …. *
wanna cry*
yasu     :    you know i also busy …

I just feel like a whole world kinda against me in a fast and cruel way and make me feel like i was back into a probie again. A probie who had to run fast there then there and i am not that fast ne, no matter how much i adore Michael Fassbender ….

i am still forever Capt. Slow ne,

and going fast is not my division at all. I want to cry, but i am just too tired to cry. So here i am now, writing this tryin to me myslef better as how i use to feel better.

By do what i love to do ne. I’lll skip the Shangri – La works tonight and go to this whatsoever update …

~    Shangri – La PHOTOBOOK

2nd Season ~  on stage, before live … etc

3rd Season ~ Osaka

3rd Season ~ Okayama (it’s Yukki’s home btw …xD)

3rd Season ~ Yamaguchi


~    Oricon Interview ~ English Translation



source  :   here

the more and more i read about yasu, i became more sure how brilliant he is.

And as a brilliant man with his way of thinking surely he is not a simple man. I’d say he must be quite complicated man. And that will be so hard for me as a simple person if i might have a chance to have some talk with him i will skip that because i am sure it will end with me sayin …

Ah, whatever ….  !!! #nyaaa  …  *got an instant kick*


yasu     :    say it again …
noi        :    say what …?
yasu     :    that after what …
noi        :    @)_@ ..
yasu     :    what kind of fangirl you are, eh noi_chan …?

I know how bad is my Japanese,

so i think this kind of one way talking (mad and crazy woman rambling/monologue or whatever you name it) like this is more easy for me and it makes me feel better.

Because i want to feel better ne, even not on everything, but be able to feel better at least for one certain thing is always better than nothing eh, for example, after been worried and dramatically bored rambling Facebook status i feel better because now …

L’arc finally came up with an upcoming new single …


as you all know, HYDE posted some haiku via VAMPS official twitter and it scared me to hell about what if after their Live at Kokuritsu there will be an announcement about disband … etc etc …





i can’t imagine how i am gonna be broken_hearted if my fear became true. I mean …

i am a L’arc basen fangirl ne, what am i gonna do without L’arc … ? 

I don’t mind if they will be on hiatus again, i’ll let them take hiatus as long as they want and i will always waiting but please don’t think dissband. But then like a MAGIC now there will be a new single ne, so yay   … !!!

~  and my sister finally on her way back from Japan …

i was worried about her, on her leaving i was like an idiot stayin all night long watching her twitter and hope there will be some tweets from her.

As i said i am on twitter just to stalk my sister. To know where she go, what she will/already buy and also ask her to do this and that like a boss.

After all …


i am Miss Fisher and she is Dottie eh, so i am the boss and Inspector Jack Robinson is mine …. xD

And when there was a fire on Shibuya, it was frightening for me, because i asked to go there to get me something. If something happened to her how am i gonna say to Her Majesty ne …

She is not get use to walk everywhere, and i can imagine how it’s gonna be hard for her to be in Japan where you have to walk for some distance to train station if you wanna go somewhere.

That surely is a hell for her.

When she posted something on her twitter, i will call Her Majesty and we will read/watch it together because she wants to know where and how is her beloved daughter now.

Her Majesty, my  mother always worried so much whenever my sister going somewhere. I think she is not that worried if i am the one who is going…


yasu      :     look who is jealous now …
noi         :     no, i am not. Jealous is not my division
yasu      :     can you just stop talk about division thing …?
noi         :     but, i tell you ne, now i have to jump on this …

Golf Divison ….

Eh God, what i am supposed to say about golf?

Nothing because i know nothing about golf. But it’s already 3 weeks, i spent my whole Sunday Morning talking with someone who is really love and into golf division. I should say him as a golf addict because he talked nothing but about golf to me ..

Actually he is one of people that we are workin together in this thing we joined this year.  He came yesterday and i was told to be a good host and do the talk with him.

Talking, can you imagine that? me someone who don’t do talk now had to do that kind of talks because this is an order …


yasu      :    i didn’t ask you that …
noi         :    not you …
yasu      :    then who …?
noi         :    ひみつ ね 。。。。

Talk about this and that and then ended with me stuck listening one guy’s talk about golf. And then suddenly after finished his long Golf Talk, he asked me …

So, what do you think about Golf …?

i was thinking for a while, then i answer him for me golf is a very expensive sport, the stick, bag, shoes, shirt … etc all of them are expensive. I mean you can’t just use your regular shirt to go to to a golf tournament or just following someone who is playing golf while order you to do this and that …

Golf is only for rich people and honestly for me personally i never think golf as a sport because sport for me is more like tennis, judo, karate, soccer or basketball.

But i was told if there’s lots of info you can get in the golf course, so i suppose that whole Sunday Morning walking and talking in a golf course is worthy …

But, even it’s worthy ….


noi        :    i don’t wanna do that anymore ne,  ….
yasu     :    why …
noi        :    that’s disaster, because the caddy looks more stylish than me …
yasu     :    poor noi_chan


Friday Post : 『 Shangri-la 』 Live ~ Kanagawa … (another me, yasu and 1hyde …xD)


Look how messy is my Winamp Play List …

as messed up as what i feel now …


it was forever ago since i fix it. I should fix it again make some proper PlayList ne, maybe that’s because i am listening to song depends on my mood so i don’t have any particular PlayList arranged well both on my PC or mobile phone MP3 Player.

And since yesterday after watching some local telly show that my mom always watch every night, suddenly i listen to this song a lot. It’s some local Indonesian band that i never listen to, but suddenly after that show last night i can’t stop listening to it …

Well see how changable i am …?

enough about that, now let’s back to 『 Shangri-la 』 ne, i suppose i have to finish the 4th Season ne because The 5th Season is already ON … !!!

so there you are …

~    『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa  …

Two days after the interaction event  『Shangri-la』 Meeting, the Live was held at Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kanagawa after two years ago’s TOUR 『2012』.

and as always, they started the blog post with Local Gourmet corner.

This time, Kanagawa‘s local gourmet that welcomed yasu in the venue was 「カツの卵とじ」/「Katsu no Tamagotoji」/「Flip egg cutlet 」; green salad, some fish cake and deep fried tofu.

and this …


Shiumai of Kiyoken ….

in this special gourmet, this 「シュウマイ」/「shūmai」/pork dumpling is referred as 「シウマイ」/「Siumai」. What a nice word changing ne, and with that notation, that must be very delicious (ウマイ), as a traditional taste that begun to sell since 1928.


Then the question selected on the Question Corner was …

Because it’s Valentine tomorrow, please tell your Valentine legend episode from the begining band acitivity …

and yasu said

he received his first chocolate on his 5th Grade on Elementary School.

well, he must be popular boy at school ne.

Talking about Valentine and chocolate ne,  maybe because in my country (especially my village) there’s no such things as Valentine to celebrate.

Even of course when i was on high school, there was some of my friends who got into that Valentine euphoria and did that sending chocolate for boys they have a crush on to, but somehow i always got skipped by that Valentine euphoria every year

so in my whole life i never give or receive any chocolate …

yasu      :     poor noi_chan …
noi         :     i suppose Love and Valentine are not my division since a long time ago ne …
yasu      :     don’t say now you want a chocolate …
noi         :     yes, i want one most delicious Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar
yasu      :    you’re late, Valentine is over …

ha ha ha yeah, this is a very late post ne aaand …

ah ya, on last Valentine i read about this something that i call as The Modern SPELL MAGIC. How girls in cook chocolate that they will give to someone that they in love to and insanely they put their hair or menstruation blood to the chocolate, and the worst part is …

it became a trend … ?  @_@  #JustWhuutTheHell …

OMG so that kind of thing also happened to a modern world ne, and on a Valentine Day euphoria? I thought that’s only happen here in my village.

But the different is in here they don’t put it on the chocolate they made but in to a coffee.

It’s a common things that a woman (the wicked/bitch/u_appropiate woman) do, mostly they are some mistress or a whore who is in love to a married man, and she already did everything to make that man leave his family to be with her but nothing’s worked.

Then she choose the last option to use what God gave her every month as powerfull SPELL MAGIC.

As what i heard, it’s always worked because one of my best friend told me how her father leave her mother and her for another woman after that woman that she often called as Sundal (bicth) did that to her father.

so i know that’s a very powerful SPELL MAGIC to get a man, but of course i am not gonna do that to Mr. Friday ne. I mean how am i gonna do that and also it’s an action followed with very BIG SIN and sure i don’t wont another Kick to Hell because of that.

OK, back to the topic, now is  The Set List ..

『Shangri-la』 Live 13.02.2014 : Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall ~ Kanagawa SetList

01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kmisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. CRISIS (request)
15. Pistol (request)
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and the kewpies

OMG this one is my fave



credit   :   @Yasuの女

it’s a Marine chan …. !!!

that’s so adorable eh, i think that’s the most adorable kewpie from all and i luv it. I hope i am gonna get that ne. Because i asked to somebody who went to the previous 『Shangri-la』 Live  in NHK Hall.

then next is this …

~ Whatsoever Update …

this time is for Toyama, …


and  Live Digest & Offshoot nagano ~ Toyama


i can’t believe i have to do that twice since i did that last week but i couldn’t find the files in my PC. I dunno why, maybe it was erased accidentally ne because i left my files in one PC the to other PC like a whore  …

Just enjoiiii it anyway …

and finally this …

~    Secret Live and Free Live Interview from Erect Pamphlet


just click on the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note

and then,

look finally they revealed the B2 Regular Poster bonus for the upcoming New Single 君がいない、あの日から・・・

eh God, what am i suppose to say about this ne. Now i have nothing left to say about that yasu looks like that. I suppose now i need another new phrase of Kawaii for him because when he looks like that,

That’s beyond Kawaiii ….. @_@

talking about poster ne, …

Today, the 6th day of March ne and it’s still a long way from the election day on April 9th 2014 but the euphoria is already ON … !!! since the beginning of February, aaand ….

Friday, Friday, Mr. Friday is everywhere ….!!!

Campaigns are everyday, and posters from different candidates are posted everywhere, including Mr. Friday. And 3 days ago my mother gave me a poster sticker of Mr. Friday. She said it was given by his mother so we can put it on our wall.

OMG can you all imagine ne …

Now i have a sticker poster of Mr. Friday …. #Whaaaa


yasu        :      really noi_chan, a new single from Friday …?
noi           :      no, this is a campaign poster because Mr. Friday, he runs for election this year …
yasu        :      for what, a president …?
noi           :      yes, as the President of My Heart …
yasu        :      go away …

Her Majesty is the only one in our home who is so excited about this upcoming election, she told me if there’s a money offer from some candidate if we want to choose him.

Normally they will give 30,000 ~  50,000 IDR for each vote depend on how rich/how much money the candidates have. In our home, Her Majesty could only sell 2 votes (mine and her) since my sister is a government officer.

Then let just say they will buy for 50,000 IDR she will get …

2 vote x 3 times voting (regional, province and national) x 50,000 = 300,000

OMG no wonder she talks a lot about election recently,

Don’t be surprised everyone, this kind of selling vote is normal in my country. I don’t say to all the candidates but i see most of them are doing the same thing, but i haven’t heard anything about money offering from Mr. Friday. Ah, maybe not yet ….

enough about Mr. Friday, now let’s continue to this

King HYDE‘s first tweet on twitter …

from this  http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/

i wonder why poeple there sayin how being on twitter and post something there will turned HYDE into BAKA HYDE? and how twitter will only give bad effect on him. I wish they would see it in other point of view.

After all that’s VAMPS account ne not HYDE‘s personal account.

What if these recent time HYDE want to bemore close to his fans, and make them possible to say maybe a simple HelloHYDE, I Love You HYDE or Good Night HYDE without them have to log in to HYDE’s Room?

As you all know to be able to log in to HYDE’s Room then you can type something to HYDE we have join FanClubs (VampsAddict or Le-Ciel) and that’s not free …

But the most interesting part of that blog post is about this …


1hyde = 156

that’s not for how tall is HYDE (since i heard about him sayin he is 160 or something on The HYDE Book) but that’s a new standart of counting/measurement since 156 is probihited to say, then they (who ever they are) changed it into 1hyde .

So if 1hyde = 156, then i should be ….

1hyde minus 1 or 0,993 hyde …?

yasu    :   minus 1 …?
noi       :   ah just 0,007 hyde less ne, nobody is gonna put that on HISTORY ..
yasu    :   you don’t even erach 1hyde …?
noi       :   OK yes, i am short ..
yasu    :   eeh, i didn’t say that …

and then the best part (or the worst part … xD) of this blog is …

~   My Rambling …

so this March started with ….

#  Me, being broken_heart_ed because there’s no Oscar for Leo again this year …


Yes, i am sad and broken heart_ed and dramatic about this , so what ….?

my heart was broken than night just by looking at this Leo came after and hug Matthew Mac.

I dunno why, maybe because every year, i always wait and hope there will be at least one Oscar for Leo. just like how i use to waited for an Oscar for Sandy (Sandra Bullock) and when she got it in 2010, i was never so happy watching Oscar.

Leo. ne, you  all know he nominated often but always came back home with nothing.

Yeah, that was sad ne but i still hope maybe next year the time when Leo will hold Oscar on his hand will finally come. Because he is a brilliant actor ne, and he deserve that.

#  Me, couldn’t control my anger to other,

so started this March, there was a merger in this company so now i have to handle 2 factories. And the first week was like hell, everyone did nothing but complain to me, They want me to approve everything fast, while on the other hand my boss want details for everything.

It’s very far than my imagination when i said OK to do this .

yes, of course 1 is will be forever different from 2, but the problem in here is the people. Some new people to handle and talk to that i don’t know much about most of them.

They also know nothing about me. so there’s some miss understanding happen between us when i want it with my way they want it with they way …

and me, as always i was mad and said some bad things to them without bother to ask before. Eeeh, what is wrong with me? i know all this changing are stressed me but it was never be a reason to justified my badmouthing for them …

what a very bad Noi i was …


noi         :    nee ya_san, let me ask you again ….
yasu     :     what …?
noi         :     do you like mean girl …
yasu      :    stop ask the same question, the answer is still the same …
noi         :     ahh …

not only end with that, my boss suddenly turned into a very evil one, he check and check everything in details. My phone nonstrop rang yesterday because of him calling and tell about so many wrongs in my reports.

I had to make it all over again.

He said he trust me to handle 2 factories now, so i have to give him my best and tryin to get along with his way of thinking. Somehow i feel like there’s someone put something very huge on my shoulders.

I feel like  i am the foolish person in this universe. I really wanna cry, but i can’t because the clock is ticking and i’d be ran out of time if if cried …

and tomorrow is Friday, ah Mr. Friday come all over me again then suddenly i feel …

人生、大変ですね ….


yasu      :     hmm since he never see you …
noi         :     what …?
yasu      :     that’s not gonna go anywhere ne …
noi         :     ah, そうだね …


Oh What A Day Post : 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Kyoto Day 2 … (Another me, yasu and when L’Arc is Back)

yes, Day 2  ne Day 2  ….

it’s very nice how they put the Meeting between 2 Live Performances,  —-> live Day 1, Meeting and Live Day 2 … that’s perfectoo …!!!

And this another Kyoto gourmet was waiting for yasu in the venue …




「京都の漬物」/「Kyoto no Tsukimono 」


eeh a pickled vegetables, again …?

but still like the 1st Day, this 2nd Day is full of smile blooming in the dressing room  while talking. From the talking about motorbike, music and live the also about 「BOOWY」 the band that influenced yasu and various other story  …



that’s a very nice blooming smile ne.

Actually recently i’ve been listening a lot of yasu‘s talking from Live MC‘s, Offshoot talking … etc etc you name it i have it on my MP3 player. It might sounds weird but yes,  there’s not much song  in my playlist but there’s plenty of yasu‘s talking there.

So whenever i am watcing or listening to his MC on Erect Live, especially on the MC in Live DVD part i am laughing a lot when he said who is gonna watch people talking on a Live DVD and if you wanna see people talking, go get a comedy DVD.

then i kinda replied him (the one who is on PC)  hey, i am the one who is gonna see you talking. Listening, maybe, watching? sure but understand what are you sayin? …

aah chotto mate, it takes times for me … xD

my fave is when he laugh, even sometimes i think it’s kinda weird how he start to laugh before he finished his talking/jokes.

Eeeh, am i get it wrong?

because sometimes i can’t even understand whatever he was sayin if i listen to it on my bus, not in a full concentration way like i am doing nothing but sit and listen to yasu‘s talking in front of my laptop. So finally i managed to finish this …




enjoii  … !!!

Actually it is not because how lazy i am recently so it took me forever to finish this one, but i also kinda get lost a little this time on the part when he said  …

じつわ , then bla bla bla  ….


Kuroneko OS.avi_000129562
i was lost but then Yukiko and Helen helped me with that, so i can continue workin on this.

じつわ ….

i really love to do this, because in some way it help me to learn more and get what yasu said.

じつわ , じつわ ….

i dunno why but i feel the way he was sayin it like he was going to tell us (or me, in my imagination) something very secret. I did think about this bit deeply untill i had a weird dream.

In my dream i was watching yasu‘s talking in some live telly station, i suppose it was an interview. But the weird part is (i told you ne, this is a weird dream) how he only say ..

じつわ , じつわ , じつわ ….

over and over while i was still patiently waiting ne. It surprised me how i have that thing called patient in Dreamland because patient surely is not my division. Then after long time waiting i lost my patient and i just said to him



yasu    :   hey, don’t yell at me …
noi       :   i am not …
yasu    :   you just did ..
noi       :   that’s just a dream ne, …
yasu    :   weird ..

Now let’s back to 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Kyoto again, and question selected on the Question Corner is ….

Memories of school trip which was fun/pleasant no. 1 for all of you ..

and yasu‘s answer is …

he went to Hiroshima when he was Elementary School, Junior High school he went to Nagano, then on High School he went to Goto Island and Glover Garden in Nagasaki .

next is The SetList

『Shangri-la』 Live 15.12.2013 ~ Kyoto 2nd Day

01. Re:birth
02. Shojo no Inori
03. Greed Greed Greed
04. in the Mirror
05. Yubiwa Monogatari
06. Black Cherry
07. Aishitenai
08. Fuyu no Maboroshi
09. Cherry Cherry
10. Shangri – la
11. I’m not a ghost
12. Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13. Pistol


14. Prologue End ( request )
15. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni ( request )
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. 20+∞Century Boys

then because it was the 2nd day Live Performance in Kyoto, so Kyoto also got the additional kewpie just like Hokkaido (who got 3 additional Kewpie) on the 1st Season.

so let’s say a BIG HELLO to this cute little fella ….




cr    :   @Yasuの女

on this 2nd day, they dressed the Maiko_chan properly. Look that pink proper kimono is better than the red underwear (or short, swimsuit … or whatsoever they name it with)  right? ..

let’s get out from 『Shangri-la』 for a moment, because hell yeah it is time for RAMBLINGGG ….. !!!!


yasu      :      boring, boring, boring noi_chan …
noi         :      sorry but i have to ….
yasu      :      can you be less dramatic about this …
noi          :     about what …?
yasu      :      do i have to say it …?

last night was a bit blue for me, i mean nothing is interesting for me to go online. I can’t write all the details in here but let just say last night this Inspector Himura was just not in mood.

so i spent my whole night watching SHERLOCK Season 3, Part 2 again for the 3rd time.



yes, i am talking about The Sign of Three episode with John Hamish Watson and Mary Elizabeth Watson‘s wedding.

It was a very lovely episode with a very lovely SHERLOCK as the best man, his long time speech that full of deductions and how his interaction with the Bridesmaid Janine.



I love how SHERLOCK‘s way to accept Mary as his best friend (read : broomance)’s wife and say if the wedding is an opening for a new chapter for them.

On the other way, Mary (played very well by Amanda Abbington) also tried to make SHERLOCK feel that there will be nothing change after the wedding.

My fave is when SHERLOCK played a song that he composed by himself for the wedding with violin while John and Marry did their 1st dancing, the he start to say his vow  …

today we saw two people make vows
I’ve never made a vow in my life
and after tonight
I never will again.

So, here in front of you all,
my first and last vow.

Mary and John,
whatever it takes,whatever happens,
from now on,

I swear I will always be there.
Always For all three of you.

Erm… Sorry, I mean…
I mean two of you.

plus this “should be a Happy Song” from The four Season – December 1963 (Oh What a Night !) at the end …



Oh, what a night
Late December, back in ’63
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a night

Oh, what a night
You know, I didn’t even know her name
But I was never gonna be the same
What a lady, what a night

Oh, I
I got a funny feeling when she walked in the room
Hey, my
As I recall, it ended much too soon

Oh, what a night
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
She was everything I dreamed she’d be
Sweet surrender, what a night

And I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder
Spinning my head around and taking my body under
Oh, what a night …

from the lyrics that song tellin about a one night stand, yes, it should be a happy song ne, yeah bit kinky as well …


but when i see how SHERLOCK walked out from the wedding reception while wearing his coat that song suddenly sounds sad ne.

I’d say Oh What a Night for SHERLOCK because he …

~  managed to do his best as a best man on his best friend wedding,  …
~  managed to get along with other at the wedding,but too bad …
~  didn’t managed to get a dance …

Poor darling SHERLOCK, i’ll dance with him if i could ….

and this morning, while still listen to that song with my up and down feeling since this very early morning suddenly Tekki tagged me with this link for BARKS on Facebook


L’Arc~en~Ciel Live 3月21日および22日に東京・国立競技場


OMG, L’Arc is Back …. !!!


suddenly it was all over mt twitter TL by callin/mentioned all my L’Arc_ed friend on twitter. All this time i think they (all my L’arcoholic fella) kinda doin their own way whenever L’arc hiatus. Some of them with Gazzette, SPYAIR, Bennedict  … etc etc just like me in this ABC fandom.

some of you might not know about this, but yes i am a L’Arc based fangirl …

even there’s no official statement from L’Arc Official Home Page about that (some says it because the OHP is still under construction),


but today i feel like i am one of the Darth Eater who is confused about what the hell is she supposed to do when Lord Voldermorth is calling. So if i am the Death Eater, then Lord Voldermort is :



Who else than Leader_sama TETSUYA …. !!!  *blended alive with Banana*

What should i do ne, should i go there on March? ah no let’s just not talk or make a plan yet because sure it will be another fail.

Money, money, where i can download money? somebody do tell me.

March, that’s too soon and sudden for me to get the money annd Eh God, why the hell i have to go to Singapore this weekend? ….

Oh What a Day eh …


HYDE      :     what is wrong with her …
yasu       :      i think somebody just dumped her …
HYDE      :      really, again …? poor noi_chan … *laugh*
noi           :      no, that’s not true ….
yasu        :      yes it’s official tonight, ah look she is gonna cry …