「お久しぶり」 Post : CD&DL でーた January – February 2015 Interview #1 … (Another me, yasu & The BIG Guy)

お久しぶり 皆 ….. !!!! 

It’s been a long time ago since my last post eh …. >_<  If some of you maybe askin whaaay, i had a long absent to post or write some boring things here …

yasu     :    nobody ask noi_chan …. !!!
noi        :    oh baby please, don’t you wanna know  .. ?
yasu     :    no, i don’t ….
noi        :    owww, really …  *wink*

so let’s just say,

i had a long absent because there was a HUGE, massive, effective and strong conspiracy between Commissioner Vijay, my telly and this weak body to keep me away from ElJay.

It almost 2 months ago since i open my ElJay and ElJay give me this lovely surprise by added this RELATED ENTRIES thing to add on our post …

How LOVELY, isn’t it …. ????

Still have no idea how that RELATED ENTRIES worked and made different tho …

Back to the conspiracy ne, i’d say those 3 things in my life that did a great job to keep me away from my ElJay and do something that always make me feel better in here.

Commissioner Vijay, givin me lots of things to do. Not only that, he also made me in charged to all those things while nonstop tellin me how i can do that and i have to.

I hate it,

noi       :     i really hate it …. !!!!
yasu    :     i know
noi       :     オモ, ヤッさん、 you know …. (泣)
yasu    :     as someone who hate everything and everyone, of course you hate it
noi       :     but i never hate you ne …

i hate how people’s feeling so sure about me can do THIS and THAT.  I mean, how can they so sure and rely on me like that …??? even i never feel 100% sure about myself sometimes.

Even yes, all those

Moi you can do that, i know you can …!!!
You have to …. !!! etc etc

things they said to me, worked very well like a nitro made my car run faster on my racing game. But in the end i became more Greed and perfectionist than before. Now i want everything perfect, so i squeeze my brain more and more


back from work i can’t do anything but lying on my bed not sleeping but start my own marathon with my telly until after midnight . On and on like that make this body getting weak than before ….

that’s not good ne, if  being a perfectionist ended me like this, then be a perfectionist the last thing i want my self to turned into. Because i work so hard everyday, did all those marathons   ….

not because i want to be a perfectionist eh, but i work so hard everyday and night because i want to be …


noi       :    eee, what’s that face ….
yasu    :    what is wrong with you and WONDER WOMAN …??
noi       :    nee ya_san, do you know my friend said if WONDER WOMAN will end as Mrs. BATMAN … #yay !!!
yasu    :    what the … and then, marathon ? you noi_chan ….. ??
noi       :    i did a long marathon ne, with my telly …
yasu    :    not the real marathon ..
noi       :    but still, my eyes worked very hard ne ..

during  my sickness and stayin in bed, my telly and finished a quite long marathon ne. And talking about marathon, i laughed a lot when Darcy mistaken this movie marathon i talked about with the real marathon.

He called me one night,

asked    :     hey, what are you doing now …
me        :     still working on my marathon
Darcy    :     good, running is good for you ..
me        :     no, no, i mean i am having this movie marathon

then i hear nothing but a long beeep …. !!!! (read : he turned off the phone).

Well, me?  this Capt. Slow doing a marathon? really?  That’s impossible … !!! because the one and only time i will run is if there’s a dog after me.

I will run, as fast as i can be even sometimes my running from a dog getting hard especially when i have to carry this stupid and heavy thing with me while running from dog  …


Sport is when you have to run from a dog while carrying this thing with you  after lunch #WackyCat …💦🐱

And again, i hurt Darcy with that. Ah, come on it’s just a joke right? i mean, what’s wrong with some joke …??

Dunno why guys are so complicated ne,  …


I think Darcy hates me now, even he isn’t hate me but  i am sure there’s something changing especially on what he feel about me. So it would be better if he stop call me so i wouldn’t hurt him again in many ways …

back to the marathon, …

A marathon means i re-watched and finished all series that i follow until the end of this season of …

~   Grey’s Anatomy 11 …

even i don’t like to have an earlier and unpredictable goodbye to my fave neurosurgeon, but still Shonda Rhimes ended the 11th Season nicely. Hurts me a little bit, but fine because it has to be that way.

~   Criminal Minds 10
~   NCIS 12
~   NCIS LA 6
~   NCIS New Orleans
~   CSI Cyber
~   The Night Shift
~   Blue Bloods 5

aaand when they all end, i killed my boring bed_time by re_watching  some of my fave movies that i never get bored to watch over and over like Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time, The Avengers, Saving Private Ryan … etc etc plus that damn CanCam version of The Avengers : Age of Ultron that hurts my eyes.

i DL_ed from somewhere over the rainbow since i can’t get enough after watch it once on the cinema with my nephew. And the more i watch that movie, i am more fallin hard into this BIG Guy


while enjoyed so much Banner – Romanoff romance.

I remember exactly how Natasha flirt with Capt. Rogers in Capt. America : The Winter Soldier, even i believe there will be something coming among them like friendship turned into another sweet things but now she is into this guy that she said as …

a guy that avoids the fight because he knows he’ll win  …

thanks to how good Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffallo drives my crazy with all their lovey dovey scenes, now all that BIG Guy is all over me i can’t wait the DVD ver. to see the extended version. ..

#Dooohhh, that scene in the save house is so  ….   *suddenly headache*


yasu    :     hey, what’s wrong with you …???
noi       :     don’t you see, that BIG Guy is mine. So yes, everything is wrong ne …
yasu    :     stop whining and start writing my interview …
noi       :     ah,

OK iw’ll talk about that BIG Guy again later,  because next is ….

~    CD&DL でーた January – February 2015 Interview  #1

I know it’s very late, but this is an interesting interview and maybe there’s someone out there want to read it so i decided to post this Heart to Heart Translation here.

as always, because i am just doing this for fun and hope to share the fun that i have after reading this to other fans, so there is always a possibility of me read some part not perfectly or wrongly .

And this interview was held about December 2014 a long time before Album 「L―エル―」  released.

Part 1 :  Album 「L―エル―」 Interview

When you’re asked about L and your life, do you feel a tremendous sympathy or not …?


What i passionately said to myself finally became a good story.

Q     :     Mid of December, ah no, final third of that month, how many percent is the status ….?

A     :     Hmmm …. (laugh)

75%  … (lookin to his staff)

Did i talk too much …??  (staffs nods)

Ah sorry, i talked too much. I am too excited (laugh). It’s about 65%. Actually there’s some lyrics has not been written, enough to make me feel “this is not gonna be good “.

Orchestra is done, but after that ….

Q     :     from here, then the final step …

A     :     yeah …

Q     :     Actually this is already three years since the last album right …

A     :     Ah, are you criticize on me … ? (laugh) What 3 years ?   Another discussion, isn’t it? We are not in the middle of that talk right .. (laugh) Sorry to make you all waiting (apologize)

Q     :     No … (laugh). That’s because a very long time Project Shangri-La ….

A     :     yes, but that’s not the reason. 3 years, that’s the time required to make this album L. And i think 2012 is the time to develop it better. In order to make an album with maximal we need time.

When the album finished, usually there will be a tour, then the feeling when everything is done will give us some calmness. But the time range between it fells so short. After that, it feels so lonely and that’s hurt.

So for this album, i think i am gonna need a longer time in the process and listen to it carefully. And also, for the previous single INCUBUS the process also needed a longer time.

Q     :     Time is also important thing to make an album …

A     :     Yes, that’s important.

Especially this album, it needs a longer time. Harder than …. , i think it’s hard to say in a proper sentence. When i think about it again, to finish it this year (2014), it doesn’t make any sense.

At this time, me and the staff really understand how this album need a longer time and we have to work it carefully. When it finished, it doesn’t mean it is really finish. Surely we still need time to develop it. I feel a happy atmosphere.

Q     :     That kind a way of thinking is so amazing. Actually, songs in this album, how long is the time that you needed to create them …?

A     :     Before Project Shangri-La Tour begin, we did a Live together with BREAKERZ in Budokan (Acid Black Cherry & BREAKERZ 5th Anniversary Live “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-SixNine” January, 2013)

then right after that Live is over, next i was continuously writing songs. The long tour started, before the tour,  writing songs for the new album. Dunno why, but that time for the new songs, only the bass-line finished.

Q     :     In other words the production period of Greed Greed Greed song is the same with songs in this album …??

A      :     Yes, yes, at that time, i think about songs that i made until now, which songs that i will put into the album? All songs still in a demo, …

yeah, that’s how imagined it.

Q     :     Then, based on the music composition, wich song do you think will become a hits …?

A     :     Hmmm … actually for me, there’s songs that will be hits. Even for myself, i don’t think it’s gonna be hits. But then i think about it again, seems like it’s changing now, but there’s still some doubt left.

Q     :     I get it. Btw, this time also gonna be a concept album right …?

A     :     yes, Acid Black Cherry always make a concept album.

I think  any artist will have reason when they created and decided their tracklist. Other than that reason, to make clear, make a concept album is number 1.

The goal is more obvious isn’t it ? Musician and the listener can be fit each other. So i think rather than make a random album, it will be more fun to make it simple and the listener can ejoy it as well.

Q     :     I understand. L concept this time, is about Love …??

A     :     yes, it’s a story concept about a girl with a twisting life story named L . I think we all have that, because we are still livin so there will be a lot of things happen in our life. Like a wheel.

This time, with focus on L‘s life like that, i hope the message in this song can be delivered.

L in her life get underestimated, compared to my life i think i I would really sympathize.

I said to my self and thinkin how this can be a really good story. Interesting, isn’t it? That part, i am so proud of it.

However, this time  i don’t ask people to read the concept story, even i made songs in this album based on that. But when people listen to it, they will come one step closer inside to this more amazing world, sounds amazing ne …?

so for those of you who’s interested, get ready to feel this sensation of coming into an amazing world …

Q     :     Beside a concept album, do you also put some implicit meaning on your songs …???

A     :     Well … if there’s some people realized, that would be better. I think if there’s some people found and understand it, then it will be a new way to listen and enjoy the song.

Still, it doesn’t mean those who didn’t understand the meaning are not enjoying the song,

yasu     :     for example,  you noi_chan …
noi        :     omo, ya_san  ….??
yasu     :     yes, a lazy fangirl like you
noi        :     but i still enjoy the song  …..

yasu     :     that’s what i mean …

but the song also need to have some people who understand and able to explain the meaning. So i think it is important to enjoy the song by understand the meaning.

Q     :     So, by that the listener will enjoy and listening to it deeper …

A      :     yeah, like that because they will remember and listen to it.

I think it’s quite fun to be able to hide some implicit meaning inside the song. Because i myself, since i was little i always have my own way to listen something carefully. So i was so excited when i found it …

aaa, it was hidden there …. !!!

I still remember it until now. That’s why i hope and would be more happy if everyone stay continue to enjoy ABC‘s songs. It also about the music of course.

Q     :     I understand. You other than a musician, you also a good storyteller. Perhaps, it’s because you were think about to be a mangaka ?

A     :     Ah, that’s possible …

Because i love to make story. I enjoy my time to be alone while make a story. Not only to make myself happy, but other people as well.

Imagination of INCUBUS MV

Q     :     When you were thinkin about this story, which place first reflected in your mind ??

A     :      Even there was time when we had different and some argument first with the producer, finally this story finished completely. Because the producer is someone who wanted to be a mangaka as well, so when we talked …

no, it’s not like that and it’s not like this …

that kind of conversation between 2 pushy people came out (laugh).

This time, there was also an argument first before we compose the story and that was a bit hurt (laugh). Oftenly he (the producer) said ” No, it’s gonna be weird for L to say something like that ” in our conversation (laugh).

Q     :     it sounds fun …. (laugh)

A     :     yes, it is really fun

Q     :     In music composition, and also lyrics until now can be said all been through with not easy. But there’s also happiness among all that un-easy  (laugh).

A     :     Yes true, it is really fun. I love when i think about the storyline.

Q     :     In Janne’s 4th Album – Another Story (released February 2003), a short story titled Another Story that you wrote also included. If we did a flash back to the Album Indie – Dearly (released April 1998) there’s also a concept story there.

Is there any album that you made with the the opposite concept from this ??

A     :     Black List is an album with no concept story, but at the end it still feels like as album with a concept story.

Q     :     oooh, is that so …

A concept story began to be seen sice QED Album. In that album, there’s many concept story where a little girl become the hero.

In Another Story, 「2012 」, and this album L too there’s a story about a little girl.

A     :     yes, even Black List and QED have a different type of story, it can be assume both tellin about a little girl.

That’s not just because of the sense, but it just happened spontaneously. But i thought it from the concept of fantasy terms. Because the description story isn’t like 4.5 tatami.

I just really wanted to make a story with that kind of way. I do love a fantasy concept story. Seriously.

Q     :     But that’s so mysterious. you disn’t make a fantasy story like on Ukiyo. you have your own picture for the story. Story concept for 「2012 」Album is a fantasy, but since 2011 – 2012 there was also a fantasy and also memories about the tsunami on 3/11 also carved a deep feeling in that album.

A     :     i really want to deliver a deep message on the words.

So 「2012 」 Album show how a real life and fantasy can be coexist. I wanted to make a picture/idea like that, not only about the end of a fantasy world. I think through fantasy there’s a real that have an important meaning with a clear description.

Q     :     As the result, you aren’t different but you are the type with an originality on music composition and lyrics right? Short story or concept story that flows in the song as the result. But it doesn’t mean the story changed after the song finished right?

A     :     yes. Even as a story, it never changed. Because first, it is the song. How the story that story included in the lyrics was made with a line that contained in the song, and if it’s not surely it won’t be like that. The storyline will never change no matter what.

Q     :     So, clearly the song is the main fuse.

A     :     Yes, because that’s the original shape, so surely the song is the main fuse. Not only in manga, short story even song, i think this is gonna be fun to make something like that.

Q     :     This time, in this new album also included 4 singles :  Greed Greed Greed, Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~, Kimi ga Inai ano hi kara and INCUBUS.

So is there any connections to the other songs? that sounds amazing. The music composition, story and lyrics are vary.

A     :     How the stories can be connected each other is the most important point. Because there’s no certain condition on the step of makin singles into an album. But odds often happened in it.

Greed Greed Greed story is about a man who really wants love. In Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~, the story is about a man left a girl but the he wants her back because now the girl looks more beautiful than before  ….

#ewww, man …. !!!

yasu     :    yes, that kind of man exist ne ..
noi        :    そうそう 。。。
yasu     :    are you sure your Darcy isn’t like that …??
noi        :    OMG  …

so there’s a different pont of view about love in that song …

Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara … tells about 「君/kimi/you which is positioned as a lost love in a song. While INCUBUS tells about how somebody who is willing to be evil to achieve love that he want.

Even each song have a different story and point of view, the all still reflected a love theme.

this album itself, even it tells about a continous hope of a woman for love, mixed with all that 4 singles i think it would be interesting.

That’s all the 1st part, i’ll continue next part is ABC’s Philosophy of Love on my next post. Now, let’s go with this    ….

~  Whatsoever Updates from me …

Hmm, what am i gonna start with … i kinda forget which one i already post or i haven’t so after check again my previous entry … xDDD there you are …

~    B-PASS 2015年4月号

~    4th ALBUM 「Lーエルー」 Photobook

aaand ….

~     7ぴあ 2015年4月

Enjoii  ….   !!!!

next is ….

yasu      :    tell me, have you read the L Storybook …?
noi         :    omo, how could you ask the same thing with them?  ….
yasu      :    i knew it,  i knew it noi_chan ….
noi         :    but how am i supposed to do,

that is a lot of pages to read …

and also who am i to read all those pages full of Japanese letter fast, if i can’t even read yasu‘s simple handwriting on this last page of 「Lーエルー」  Tour pamphlet

Suppose this is not only for yasu‘s handwriting but i can’t read Yukki’s handwriting as well. So when i wanted to send her something, i had to ask her address again via Messenger.

You can’t imagine how hard for me to tell Yukki’about how i failed to read her address on the envelope package she sent me before

so when Mia asked me about that yasu‘s handwriting , of course i have to find out what the hell is that. And no matter i tried to read, i still failed to read a Japanese Handwriting, then again i shamelessly asked Yukki’ again …

あの〜 ゆっき、これ 。。。

”欲し かったのは、お 「 。。。」 だ ♡”

「 。。。」 ー> 何?

and then Yukki as always the yasashii Yukki,  tell me that sentence is

” 欲し かったのは、お まえ だ ♡ ”

so that’s 「 お まえ 」 ….  ()  OMG   i can’t even read those 「」 and 「」,  because i thought it was

お ….

yasu    :    お 。。。。?
noi       :    well, i thought it was おぉ 〜 , ah forget it … !!!
yasu    :    おかね 。。。。?
noi       :    omo ya_san,  …. (笑)



@Office Post : Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!! (Another me, yasu and My Love?)


I am writing this post now, at office

so there will be no scans included since i dunno how to make screencaps using this laptop. At09:37 AM i have nothing to do now, one person cancel our meeting today so here i am now alone in front of my laptop while wondering what i am gonna do now.

With only 6,000,000 IDR left inside my wallet suddenly i feel stupid.

I mean what can i do with all those bills i need to pay. I better start to call some people and that some people better start to pay me a.s.a.p. Now it’s time to be a Debt Collector.

Actuall a Debt Collector isn’t an easy job ne, …

If you love to see HK movie, especially about the Chinese secret society called as triad,  you must know how all triad members started their career as a Debt Collector for their boss that they usually call as brother.

and My best HK triad movie is still John Woo‘s A Better Tomorrow (1986) and my fave Big Brother  is …



who ellse but Chow Yun-fat … !!!

and now when i have to be one of the Debt Collector, the probie one  i feel that  never understand people ne, especially people with he ability to speak so smooth and gently when they need money and then act very busy when the time to pay is comin.

Geez, people ….

OK, enough with the Debt Collector talk, let’s move to the main topic The L~エル~ Tour .

Today is March 10th, 2015 that is The L~エル~ Tour will start today in Hiroshima then suppose it’s the perfect time to say …

Let The L~エル~ Tour Begin …. !!!!

aand talking about Acid Black Cherry Live Tour, of course we have to talk about …

~  the Tour GOODs

so they (read : team ABC )  finally allow us to see the how the venue – only look like …




Whenever yasu‘s holding a Tour and release GOODs, pamphlet is my fave among all the GOODs. That’s why this L~エル~ Tour, the very 1st time yasu broke my heart by put my fave item ( read : pamphlet) into the venue-only items

#uuu yasu, how dare you …. !!!



yasu    :    do you have to do that again …
noi       :    that’s because you did dare to …
yasu    :    to what …
noi       :    you broke my heart, and that was HURT ne …





there’s 5 of them …

OPQ set

b13 (1)

Jumping Child Hand Wireless Massager …???
What the hell is that?
so that child is gonna jumping – jumping on my hand or what …??

what kind of naughty set they have this time eh. And maybe i am too Greed or i read that OPQwrongly as QPQ set and thought it was a set of QPs, i just asked my friend to buy me that for me.

well then, this is gonna be the very 1st time of me to buy yasu‘s naughty set. I never did that anyway and also  what am i gonna do with that? after all …

i don’t need any vibrator because i already have my personal and  with no battery to change … !!!!



noi        :   eeeh, what am i talking about eh ….
yasu     :   hey noi_chan, are you …
noi       :    what, lie again ?   no i am not
yasu    :    i didn’t say that …


Incubus-kun figure



there’s 8 types all

i actually wanted to change that OPQ sex into one or maybe two Incubus-kun, but then when i posted it on team_yasu‘s group on Facebook i cancel it because all my friends there gave me a good reason why i should buy that …

At least, i can show them how that naughty set looks and works like …

These days, with the new album comin i feel how Acid Black Cherry fandom more alive than before. And i really love to be in this fandom, all the fans are great and we do share things more than before now.

For me, at this moment Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best.



yasu    :    why … ???
noi      :     allow me to tell you why …

Why Acid Black Cherry fandom is the best …??

because only in Acid Black Cherry fandom you can find something like this UNBOXING DVD+CD video like this  …



that’s a very nice fan-video from Maria Evi, FYI she is the admin of Acid Black Cherry Puerto Rico.

If you follow her YouTube, you will find another video of her UNBOXING Acid Black Cherry‘s single, album, and even PHOTOBOOK. At the 1st time i’ve seen that video i was like …


that’s awesome idea,  and also how instead of using Opening, she choose to use UNBOXING.I never think about making a  video of me UNBOXING all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs like what she did  … !!!

next is

~     L~エル~ Album with other jacket offering to order on the venue …


Like what they did for 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single where they offered 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ single with a special other jacket to buy on the venue of VAMPS HALLOWEEN Party Live 2013, there will be a special offer for those who buy the new album at the venue.

L-エル-  album with a special Other Jacket like this …



Oh no yasu, noooo  …. !!!!


noi        :    those SAMPLEs hurting my eyes …!!!
yasu     :    don’t tell me you also want that …
noi        :   no, i don’t …. *cross my fingers*
yasu     :    really …??

OK, before i want that again, let’s move to …

~   The L~エル~  Truck

This is how The L~エル~  Truck looks like


cr : @junkokoko317 and @yakumo_cubic

well like Magnolia, actually i am a very simple woman eh, so yes simple thing like able to see that L~エル~  Truck on my twitter TimeLine already make me happy.

Two thumbs up to that 2 tweeps who tweet_ed that and share it with me. If the go to L~エル~  Tour, i hope they got a nice seat and maybe an opportunity to touch yasu or get something from yasu (towel, shirt, guitar pic or else).

And now this song if for all of you Acid Black Cherry fans who will go to L~エル~  Tour



if you already watch a Korean movie called Miss Granny, i am sure you must know this song. A song about a woman who really want to go to LA together with her beloved, but too bad she couldn’t.

Go to LA

.. ♪ Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
A letter full of love

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Tell me if the sky is blue
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on happy days
and on lonesome days
Think of the time
you and I were together

I wish you were here with me
We would look great together
anywhere we go

Write me a letter
when you get to L.A.
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry

Tell me how you are
when you get to L.A.
Bye, my love

Bye, my love …..

in this case because you all will go to L~エル~ Tour, let’s change the lyrics into this …

.. ♪ Write me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me  how yasu is
Tell me  how happy you are

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to.see L~エル~ Live
A Live report full of ABC
Tell me how you feel  when you get  to see L~エル~ Live
Tell me how yasu looks like
Tell me that you’re happy

Think of me on your happy time watching  L~エル~ Live
Think of the time you and I were together
I wish i can be there with you
We would look great together anywhere  L~エル~ Live we go

Write me me a nice Live report after you get to see L~エル~ Live
I’m sorry I can’t come with you
I really am sorry
Tell me how you feel after you get to see L~エル~ Live

Bye Bye, my love
Bye Bye, my love …..



yasu    :     that song, is it for the fanboy?
noi       :     no, of course not …
yasu    :     then what  …
noi      :      let’s just say this post is

a post  from a fan who couldn’t go to see you Live on stage to the other fans who will go to see you Live …. !!!

yasu    :    and that bye my love is for …


A Bit Chatty Post : The BIG Problem … (Another me, yasu , Halloween Party and 「 INCUBUS 」again )

Finally it’s October,  and everyone let’s say ….

10690227_10202905511741087_5269635782701920931_n (1)

Hello, October  …..  !!!

I am glad September is finally over because somehow last September is a very long and hard September for me.  I took too many projects and i also said so many OK to people who asked me to do this and that.

Especially to the one and only bossy Comissioner Vijay, that i never able to say no because i know he never accept NO. i can’t give him that as an answer eh …

In fact, from me he accepted only  …

OK boss, i will do my best,
yes, you’ll get my reports about that tomorrow at 09:00 AM ,

or whenever this images of yasu appeared on my phone, ….


(read   :   my boss, Comissioner Vijay call me),   or when this lovely rain deer yasu‘s image appeared


( read  :   his son, Michael call me)  means something is wrong and i always say to them …

Don’t worry, i’ll take care of that … etc etc

and many things i promised him to do or fixed.  Then, what happened next was all those OK i said to people and Comissioner Vijay ran back after me asked to be finished.

Especially the many OK i said to Comissioner Vijay and his son, they ran faster after me.  Suppose i have to learn not to reply everyone with OK ne …

so would you mind to tell me other words than OK …?


yasu      :      イエス ….?
noi         :      geez, that’s similar with OK ne ..
yasu      :      but i know you will say another OK ….
noi         :      yeah, you are right …

yeah, i use yasu‘s image for all my phone contact.

Rather that took a photo of them one by one,  i put yasu‘s image on their contact details so whenever they (people on my phone contact) call me it always yasu‘s image appeared plus yasu‘s voice singing So … Good Night chorus  …


How lovely is that eh  …… >_<

Ok, back to The NO , m next question is  ….

NO, why is so hard to say NO  ….?

I mean, whenever people come to me with their ideas, they talk about it and as always it ended with they said i need your help to make this or call and make sure Mr. Vijay understand about this matter  …. etc etc many things people asked to me …

i always say  …

OK, I will do that … !!!

Seems like NO is becoming a hard to say now and whatever next things followed it, turned into a BIG Problem to me.

The fact that now i have this sayin NO as one of my BIG Problem as BIG as how all of those SAMPLE stamped on yasu‘s photos for the next single 「INCUBUS 」 for me as a fangirl   …

i am talking about this next detail’s of Acid Black Cherry’s 19th single 「 INCUBUS  」, from this …

1.    New Header on the OHP, Cover Photo on Team_ABC’s Facebook, twitter


How beautiful  is that eh …

I mean, how they made yasu standing like that, with that look and eyes with a scene of a girl on a red dress cryin like hell in the middle of a road.

And blimey, i feel like yasu is tellin us (at least me … xD)

Look at her  … !!!

That image indeed is very sad and what how people just lookin at her, do nothing. At least somebody should do something, maybe ask her what  is happened to her or help her to find her other shoes …?

ah, i suppose we’ll find out if we get the single ne, hopefully they will add what happened to the girl next in the CD Jacket.

and next is  …

2.    New Profile Picture  …

on the Official Home Page


How Sweet is that eh ….

on twitter, Facebook that i’d say …

How sad his look ne …

I mean, the look is totally different from the other photos with mean and hypnotize look, but fo that one they captured a sad look of yasu . Suddenly i want to sing this song ….

why, why you look so SAD ….

BoW_PG0IYAABrLS.jpg large

noi       :    is that because you’re not gonna join this year’s Halloween Party …?
yasu    :    is that what your friend tell you …?
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    i don’t join Halloween Party this year, so now you are happy
noi       :    well don’t worry love, …  *singing*  ..    i’ll stand by you, i’ll stand by you  …
yasu    :    noi_chan, you’re so 90’s ..
noi       :    i am and i suppose you are so 80’s ….?

And talking about this year’s Halloween Party eh, …


Actually yes,

i am also sad with the absent of Acid Black Cherry for this year’s Halloween Party ne,


because even i always be one of the overseas fans on-line audience that never go to the Halloween Party itself, but for me there’s always lot of fun and sexcitement things happen on Halloween Party,

especially with yasu.


But in the other side of me (read : my bitch side) i am also happy with the absence of Acid Black Cherry for this year’s HalloweenParty.

Not only because i know how busy he is now with the 19th single 「INCUBUS  」 to release on October 22nd, …

Okay, i know i will sound like a nanny for yasu but he is still a lot of things to do related to the new single release.

Magazine and radio interview, telly show performance (maybe and i hope so  ….xD), … etc etc and many other things that an artist will do when they are releasing a new single or album.

So yes, i don’t want yasu to get tired too much and got sick like what happened last year ….


yasu     :    then …
noi        :    what …
yasu     :    go on, tell everyone how you feel happy …
noi        :    ああ〜〜 do i have to …?

OK, i admit i am also happy because i suppose there will be no drama on Halloween Party this year.

Even there might be another drama happened it will not effect on me. Because with no yasu on Halloween Party this year, i will be nothing but a silent on-line audience.

Yes, i am talking about A Drama that happened on last year’s Halloween Party.

It started when Yama_chan asked everyone to not record, take a screen capture of Halloween Party 2013 Backstage that aired on Yama_chan‘s channel on Nico Video

and that kinda split fans into 2 different groups.

~  One. fans who was being a good fans by obey what they said to not record or take a screen capture of what they seen on Nico video, and the other

~  Two, fans who was being a good fans fellow to their other fans who might not able to see that show by took a screen capture, made gifs from what they seen on their screen then share it

Then what happened next was totally bad,

when the number one fans (who obey) started to chase and send message to fans number two who still took screen captures then share, told them to stop, erase their post on FB, tumblr and tweet photo because they afraid if they will stop broadcast the next show on Nico Video

That was totally chaos ne and i don’t like it.

I know they had a good copyright reason why the hell they do that , but still i don’t like it. Because i think there must be something they can do to avoid that kinda chase each other fans on internet like that.

And now i am still sayin the same like what i said last year about that.

rather than make some chasing between fans who obey and not obey,

i’d say it would be better if they don’t broadcast Halloween Party Backstage on streaming until they find the solution how to avoid that fans split and chase each other on internet .

now you all see why i am happy and sad at the same time.  Enough about that, next is  all these things  that drive me crazy …

3.  The Different Bonuses


It is Acid Black Cherry i am talking about now eh …

as you know, there will always be different bonus given for each different version. Yes, there’s 3 different versions for the next 「INCUBUS 」 single :  「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition, 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition and 「Special Price  」 Limited Edition with  different bonus as well  …

~   B2 Poster Size


How nice eh ….

You will get that B2 size poster if you buy/ordered 「INCUBUS 」 single  「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition at the regular stores, and yes if you did your order from CDJapan, you will get that B2 size poster ne.

~   4 Different Trading Cards


How thrilling to get that 4 complete trading cards eh ….

From the beginning when Acid Black Cherry started to do this as random bonus for 「Special Price 」 Limited Edition, i never get the complete Trading Cards.

From this


「Greed Greed Greed 」,


394 yen

「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」

or the previous single



no mater how many  「Special Price 」 single i bought. I always buy 4 singles, but for the previous 「君がいない、あの日から…」 single, i bought because that time Tekki was in Japan, so i don’t have to pay shipping cost ne …

but i never get complete.

Even i always ended with getting all of it, because there’s someone who always kind to send me some of his card that i didn’t get, but i still feel incomplete  …

So this time, i try my luck again by ordered 4 「Special Price 」 version from CD Japan with the same hope that i will get the complete Trading Cards,

so God, please help me  ….. !!!


yasu     :    noi_chan,  you’re so  …
noi        :    so what  …
yasu     :    do i have to say it  …?
noi        :    say it, so Greed, so bonus minded …

~   Post Card Calendar for FanClub version from UpRise


Just like the last single 「君がいない、あの日から…」,

if you are Janne FanClub member and ordered your next 「INCUBUS 」 single from  UpRise , they will give 2 different version Calendar Postcard for 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition …

#  Calendar Postcard Type A for 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition


#  Calendar Postcard Type B for 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition


How Pretty postcard calendars are they  …

with the same calendar period from October, 2014 ~ March, 2015 for both Type A and B, of course with different image of yasu on it.

next is …

~   A Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Members …


How Sexy photo is that eh …

I started to joined the Mobile FanClub since Greed Greed Greed single. Yes, i am not in Japan, so it is not possible for me to do.

But still, nothing is impossible eh, so i ask my proxy to join (with his mobile number) so i can buy Acid Black Cherry single with a mini clear file bonus. Then when he asked  me

which version would you like to buy from mobile FanClub?

instead of sayin 「CD + DVD 」 Limited Edition and 「CD Only  」 Regular Edition, i said to him   …

i want The Bonus Only, Regular Edition   …  >_<

then the last is …

~   An Original Stickr from mu-mo


How ……

Eh, how what ne …..?




yasu     :     don’t ask me, ask her  ….
noi        :     who  …
yasu     :     ask Lady Mary, you said it as what she said right  ..
noi        :    omo, how did you know …?
yasu     :     i know, i always know
noi        :     but the problem is next episode of Downton is next week …

talking about Downton Abbey ne,  i suppose we all must go to UK for a while  …


i am totally disappointed with Lady Mary and her decision to spent a whole week together with Lord Tony Gillingham. Talking and doing things together at day and have sex, lots of sex at night.

I know she is an adult woman, but still i don’t agree with her decision. No matter how she want show us how modern minded woman she is, but i don’t think that’s a good idea.


I mean remember her sling accident with Mr. Pamuk a long time ago? ah indeed, she is still the same Lady Mary, but older and mature one

There’s lots of things that i don’t like happened in Downton until this 2nd Episode of Season 5.

From what Lady Edith had to do, Thomas got stuck in a deep friend-zone with James (but thank God is over) and the new teacher Miss. Bunting who keep pursuaded Tom Branson to be back as what he was, with her wacky ideas to talk about on dinner.


How dare she said how pitty …. to His Lordship?

But thank God, Dowager Countess always able to find something in order to stop that not good conversation on dinner by sayin

Principles are like prayers. Noble of course, but awkward at a party

Nah, that’s  what we all should remember ne since sometimes we tend to forget where we are, what in occasion we are and things that we’re supposed to talk or not. Yes, people have ideas and always they can say it but still there’s line about when or where to say it.

and what Miss. Bunting did, to me it’s not good at all ….


Dowager Countess, I really love this old lady ne, she and all things she said and do always make me fond of her day by day.

back to Japan again, back to Acid Black Cherry

so everyone, that’s all things that drive me crazy recently.  I ordered all the versions and surely i will get all the different bonus. Except for the Trading Cards,  that one thing that i am not sure whether i will get it complete or not.

next is, this ….

4.   Whatsoever Update from me …

finally i got my 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK BOX Case …. #yay !!!


and then this one is for  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK : Kochi


Enjoii ….. !!!

and then lest talk about Team_ABC ne …

I think they (Team_ABC) are being a bit chatty these days ne. I mean for this next  「INCUBUS 」  single, they are more chatty than how they were on the previous singles.

They told us details of this 「INCUBUS 」  single one by one, from recording, revealing the jacket cover for each version, tracking down, mastering,  the arrangements complete with tellin us what is the meaning all of that literaly.

followed with a comments and reading comments post related, they tellin us how they read all the comments posted on The Official Blog and forwarded it to yasu, bla bla bla ….

and today they made 2 entries, 1st entry that made me doki doki waiting for what they will anounce on 19:00 PM JST and they want additional 15 minutes and made the doki doki bigger than tiger


but it is worthy because, the next entry is about this ….


they will put the video of a-nation Live from Fuji TV – NEXT as a bonus track for  INCUBUS single CD + DVD Limited Edition

so for all of you who haven’t order the CD + DVD Limited Edition, go buy that because with 1,600 yen + tax + EMS, Air Mail, and other shipping fee (for us, oversea fans)  we will have a-nation Live video full of sexy yasu on stage

and for all of you who already order, you don’t have to order again because yes you will get it …

so yay …. !!!!!

new way of Blog Posting eh, Team_ABC ….

by posted that kind of screen capture image of what is that? a LINE conversation between them and yasu?  make Google Translator useless? so no cheating ?  …

well done, eh Team_ABC …


yasu      :     noi_chan, don’t tell me you still use Google Translate ….
noi         :     of course not …
yasu      :     good girl …
noi         :     but i use Bing Translator sometimes …. *laugh*
yasu      :     you what ….

geez, i did download that whole 10 GB video ne, I  spent a whole day at office to download that with Torrent. But that’s fine ne at least now i know how to download with Torrent.


Actually i am not fond of downloading with Torrent or Torrent_ing in fanct i kinda avoid it. But now, because there is yasu on that video whether i want it or not i have to learn how to use it ne.

and back to Team_ABC

Yes, Team_ABC indeed they are being chatty now maybe, i say maybe ne because  ..

~   they have a new writer who is totally chatty as hell, or
~   maybe because for the previous single was together with 「Shangri – La 」 Tour, so they had to post about the Live as well as had to do many things during the Tour, or
~   they are as sexcited as us about 「INCUBUS 」

so whatever coused, the fact that Team_ABC being chatty as hell now is totally good for us. And i suppose i also have to be more chatty here, i mean update my blogs daily or at least 1,2, or maybe 3 posts a week

and yes, i am still continue to do my FanGirl Homeworks, and next post it will be 「Shangri – La 」 Live ~ Oita ne  …


1,2, or maybe 3 posts a week

i think that’s gonna be hard ne, since i am totally busy with my works and after works i am busy again with that cross stitching.  Look everyone, do you all stat to see the S? …

yay, i am starting to make the 「Shangri – La 」 …. !!!


yasu      :     you only get that ….?
noi        :     as you see ne …
yasu      :     but it is already October ne noi_chan, how will you manage to finished on January …?
noi        :     dun worry Love, i’ll think about that and now for that a-nation video as bonus for 「INCUBUS 」 single,

ありがとう と 愛してるよ, ya_さん 。。。!!!

yasu      :     stop creamin …!!!


Anouncement Post : Friends Only a.k.a Lock_ed .


here’s what happen

i just got a complain comment from another ABC fans that said that as an ABC fan i supposed not put all my scans here, related to copyright etc etc and many more . There’s some people get annoyed by that, so here’s what i am gonna do, from now ….

1.  All my scan post is gonna be Friends Only on Live Journal, Ameblo, Facebook and members of jrock_scans

2.  I am not gonna share it on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook  like what i always do, so all of you who use to share/re_upload it on another Acid Black Cherry group or Street Teams, sorry mate you can’t do that anymore

3.  I am not gonna post my scans on my Tumblr and my WordPress again, …

4.  I am also gonna do another Friend’s elimination on Facebook,

5.  No Friend request accepted on Facebook, Ameblo or Live Journal anymore

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenient …

Acid Black Cherry @All Night Nippon Tonight : A Muted Video … (another me, yasu and the Alien )

Acid Black Cherry @ANN Streaming Live Recorded

see there’s no voice there, so i think that is so funny ne, …. i feel like i was watching an old movies, the muted one, but thank God i watch that US Stream Live while listening to my radio with Key Hole TV , ….

so i got the voice ….

but i have no idea if i got the perfect timing, … you know the voice from Key Hole and the image from US Streaming Live  , …. so the question is why did they (whoever who made that streaming live video) made it sound_less? ….

i always love when he use glasses,

OMG isn’t he look brilliant? …..

and for this one is +1 brilliant …..!!!

oke they made it sound_less? that’s fine ne because i can read lips,   …. maybe some alien language speaking lips i can handle but not Japanese speaking lips …  ahahaha … * alien laugh*

yasu     :   read lips? …
noi        :   yes ….
yasu     :   alien lips? …
noi        :   of course, thanks to Master Yoda  …
yasu     :   so you choose alien lips than my lips ? …
noi        :   eeeeehhh ……?