After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

I really miss, Sunday to arrive …
can’t imagine how i really waited for Sunday to come because this weeks, is very hard week for me. 1st week at office after holiday and lots of things to do.

The worst part is when everyone want everything to be fast after holiday by sayin …

GPL ya … !!!  (Ga Pake Lama, means a.s.a.p or as soon as possible)

why the hell they want fast, don’t they know if it is normal when people becoming more slow after holiday like me …


yasu    :    it’s not normal
noi       :   but it happened to me, and i still slow eh .. …
yasu    :   only you, btw now he is callin you what …
noi       :   who …?
yasu    :   your collage Boy BF, ポタト 。。。?
noi       :  omo, how did you know …

now i think there’s a reason why people say to not date a person who is younger than you. Because see what happen to me, only one week after holiday my weight gained about 5 kgs.

It’s only 5 kgs. eh, and he is already call me potato …?


i know it was a joke but boy, hey you boy don’t you know if  it is forever not polite and not funny to make a joke about body shape and weight to a woman, especially if that woman is a bit dramatic 53 years old woman.

That’s why i’d say,  I hate you now ….

i hate you just like i hate carrot and Skype video call   …


yasu       :   hey calm down, it’s a joke ne …
noi          :   i know but still …
YUKI       :   so what you’re gonna do ..
yasu       :   yes, what next noi_chan …
noi          :   dunno, i’ll think about that later …

because now i have to finish this first  ….

~    「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Kagawa

kagawa meeting

Project 「Shangri-la 」Shikoku finally arrived in Kagawa prefecture.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st came back to Kagawa after 2 years ago with TOUR  『2012』. And earlier, in Takamatsu-shi, Kawaramachi Station Square Underground 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 was held.

The venue for 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, it was a little bit special because Kawaramachi Station Square Underground is a basement of a station but it also a wide space there.

And they started it with a Public Recording with FM Kagawa.


first is how yasu very happy with the amazing increasing number of male fans when the DJ told him if there was lots of male fans there …

and then followed with yasu‘s impression of Kagawa that he visited many times in the past, he said if his impression about Kagawa is udon.

He knew it from watching a movie called 「UDON 」 … xD


It is a 2006 Japanese drama comedy movie about Kosuke,

a comedian who spent six years trying to become an English stand-up comedian in New York, but failed and he decided to back to his hometown Sanuki, Kagawa prefecture that famous as 「Udon Country 」 because there’s many udon shop there.

Including his family’s

Back to his hometown he work on a local magazine and started to write about udon shops in Sanuki after visit them one by one. He succed with that, the magazine become famouse and the sellin increase.

But even he visited almost all shop in town but he never visit his father’s shop. There is something going on between him and his father. But when his father got a heart attack, he finally realize what is the real meaning of udon for his family.

He started to learn how to make udon and it’s not easy ….

i’d say, this movie is good not because i am a noodle lover but how they vividly put the confilct between Kosuke his father among all things about udon matter is amazing.

I mean, i enjoyed the udon making, eating, story telling and writing but it doesn’t make me less interested to what happened and will hapen to Kosuke and his father.

OMG, again and again,

thanks to yasu i watched that movie streaming at office eh. Now it seems like not only givin me lots of 80’s Japanese songs to listen via Recreation albums, yasu also start to give me a recommendation about a movie to watch  … ?


noi      :    that’s AWESOME … !!!
yasu   :    it’s not a recommendation  …
noi      :    but you make me want to watch it eh …
yasu   :    ….

back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

next is the story talk about this Project  「Shangri-la 」 from 1st ~ 5th  SEASON and also how Kagawa prefecture is not only about udon, but also there’s many things other like islands of Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai), olive, wines, good ones  …

in Kagawa prefecture, there’s a town named Shodoshima小豆島 」 with speciality olive because the olive tree imported from Europe growing perfectly only in Shodoshima.


yasu also tried to eat bread with olive oli and salt since DAIGO told him how delicious it is and he also took a picture of  a beautiful sakura bloom (Yoko Sakura variety?) when he was out .

yasu, he loves to take a picture of things so i suppose …


yasu    :    what ….
noi       :    you should make a personal account on Instagram eh …
yasu   :    why, because you have Instagram now?
noi      :     well, i didn’t say that ..
yasu   :    but i know you are gonna say that …

Okay, enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, next …

~   Let’s talk about Hana …

recently i heard a lot of people talking about this woman, Hana.

Not only from Her Majesty ~ The Drama Queen, but also because most of my office – mate especially the womans keeps talking about her (read : Hana, not Inspector Himura … xD) .

Start from  ..

~  what happen to her,
~  why she is so sad,
~  how fool is her husband to let her go and last but not least is,
~  what kind of hijabveil 」she use last night,
~  is it already available on the shop next our office or not …

Finally i found out who the hell is Hana thanks to how on my last Ied Holiday i spent most of my night with my mother and her one and only friend ( read : her telly).

次に Hana, 誰で?


see that’s Hana,

actually she is the lead character on an Indonesian dramain here we called it as sinetron, from Sinema Elektronik (Electronic Cinema) 」. The title is Catatan Hati Seorang Istri ( means : A Wive’s heart notes) and Her Majesty following it.

She won’t leave her telly before that drama end.

And last Ied Holiday, she was a bit confused because for almost a week Hana, is gone from that drama, and they (whoever who wrote the drama’s script) didn’t tell where the hell is she but only sayin if Hana is going somewhere.

And Her Majesty asked the same question everyday …

Where is Hana? When did she’ll be back … etc etc

And when Ied Holiday is over, Hana finally came back on the drama. She said she went to Mecca for umrah and find a peace for herself. And my mother, called me that night just to tell me  …

Boo, Hana is back …!!!

see what a drama did to a Drama Queen like my mother? and it is not over there because next morning arrived at office the fist thing i heard is nothing but …

Hey Inspector, finally Hana is back … !!!

what the hell is happen with people, i never understand why they all so attched to that drama.

I personally hate when my mom, Her Majesty too atteched to a drama, because with no drama involved she is a Drama Queen already.

Especially when there’s so many over sad nonsense drama like Ied Holiday.

I dunno why during last Ied Holiday, there’s so many drama about a mother who adopted a girl, raised that girl like her own daughter and then suddenly that girl leave and forget her mother.

I saw how my mother stupidly cryin a river on the part when the mother nonstop calling and begging to her adopted daughet not to leave her

and my mother,

I know just by the look on her face and how she cryin like that, there must be a little bit of scare on her about me leaving her alone to find my real father (they said he is still alive btw).

because i remember when i was child she often ask this question

if you were adopted like that, and found out if your real parents are very rich, what would you do …?

whenever she watch that kind of adoption family drama. So before she started to ask me another stupid question, exactly like what Capt. Rogers said to Bucky,

i said to her  …

Don’t worry mommy …

then everything’s fine …

now you all see how great is Capt. Rogers eh, so next is  …

~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!
~   to be continued to Part2 ~ ….. xD

Holiday Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Kochi .. (Another me, yasu and What a Javanese will Always Say)

Before i start this post,

which i hope this is not gonna be another long post again, let me say ….


Holiday eh, Holiday  ….

I’ve got a whole 9 days off for this year’s Ied. 9 days means a whole week plus 2 days. And i spent this Holiday to stay at home, even it’s Ied when we were usually visit relations or go somewhere but not this year.

This year’s Holiday i am stayin at home, enjoyed this my own Mighty Long Fall and my part as The Night Shift Nurse.

I am not gonna say this as my darkest Fall because i’ve been in to something harder than this, but i’d say this one is the scariest. The scariest thing in this world for me is the possibility of me to lose my mother. I know there will be a time when she will leave me, but not this time.

so even yes, i am still within my own Mighty Long Fall, but i also  managed to get some light within this Fall i am in now.

As i always says, i am a Javanese (Javanese eh, one of tribe/native in Indonesia) and one good point that a Javanese must have is …

their ability to seek and see a light even the smallest one within The Darkest Fall they got.

For sexample

1.   There’s somebody who got his home robbed and he/she/they lost everything they have, but they still say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least  they didn’t kill us …

2.   There’s somebody who got into an accident, broke almost all his bones and still in coma. If he is a Javanese, one of his family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least he is still alive ..

3.   There’s a girl, who is engaged to a man that  she love so much.

Then they found out if that man is a criminal and he ran away after asked some money from her and her family.

Yes her heart is broken and sad but if she is a Javanese i believe one of her family will say …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), Ora popo nduk (it’s OK, 大丈夫 dear) at least you are not married to him yet. 

aaand …

4    There’s a girl who is madly in love to someone for a long time, even she already know that someone is already taken and see her as nothing but as his little sister,

nah because she is a Javanese she said  …

Ora popo (it’s OK, 大丈夫) at least i can always wait, who knows ….. xD


yasu    :    that’s you ne noi_chan and that man is him …
noi       :    him who? i didn’t say that …
yasu    :    you don’t have to, so the waiting is ON again …?
noi       :    not really, but it’s because this Holiday ne   …
yasu    :   i told you ne, get over … !!!

in my case, i don’t have to seek harder to see the light within this my own Mighty Long Fall, because the lights now is very clear to see ,

for sexample

~    I still don’t sleep much at night, …

but unlike before, i spent my nights now watch over her, …

or listen to what she said and what she think about for some matter and sometimes joined her watch his ridiculous drama she followed on telly.  It is something that i never do because i used to spent more time at home busy with my PC with so many dramas and movie inside it.

~   I know which one is good, among all those adult diapers sold in convenient stores

~   I’d say i am more patient, and less easily mad than before ..

I did baby sitting my nephew for a year after i graduated from collage, so now  i also realized why a nurse for an adult cost more than a babysitter.

Because there’s lots of things to handle for an adult people’s nurse and of course the smell came from after use diapers is more awful than a baby diapers.

And i wonder that must be very hard for my mother who handled my father during his 3 years sickness alone. My father was not an easy man. Just like me,  he really loved to mad to everyone.

I guess even we don’t share the same blood, but he is still my father and like father like daughter share the same Anger Management problem.

~  i start to loose some weight now …

thanks to my wacky housemaid,

who keeps cooking less than more and left nothing but fruits inside my refrigerator to eat at night. So now there’s no midnight supper for me, because whenever i feel hungry at night, i eat nothing but fruits.

That’s not good eh and i feel like a King Kong now, eat nothing but fruits …

see from L size to M,  i used to be 45 kgs and now i think i am on 41 or maybe 42 kgs.  So it should be M right?

because i choose M size for ABC 2014 Event T-Shirt. I was thinkin about to choose S size but then i think M is better than S

~  i start to talk and handle a housemaid  …

I had a very hard and bad experience with my neighbor’s housemaid, who told me if i am just an adopted child when i was only 11 years old.

And from that moment i hate housemaids, all of them ….

now i finally able to get over with that, and start to talk and give orders to my housemaid. My housemaid now is an old woman, who talk less and unfortunately she is a little bit deaf like me.

So i have to talk loud to her or she will never hear me and i also told her to talk loud to me so i can hear her talking.

What a weird situation eh …. xD

~  i start to handle some house works …

and say good bye to that almost smooth hands of me. Because i spent so many UV cream and lotions to make it smooth eh.

Because now there’s lots of things to do with my hands other that eat or hit my desk when i am mad   …

Geez, i am a very bad and terrible person eh …

yasu       :      hmm ….
noi          :      am i ….?
yasu       :      i am not gonna say anything ne …
noi          :     but  ….

the best part is i am grateful for all my mother’s progress until now.

Now she can walk by herself, walk to the bathroom, start to eat by sit in the dining room all by herself, start to love and enjoy watching her telly again, spent sometimes for sunbathing every morning … etc etc all of it, it’s like a miracle that came very fast for us.

I guess Rhoma Irama (he is one of senior dangdut singer in Indonesia) was right, on one of his song he wrote  …

Semuanya tergantung pada usaha dan doa

Everything depends on our effort and pray ..

because so much efforts with no pray is nothing and in the other way, only prays is also nothing without efforts. so now i’d say nothing but a lots of  …

Alhamdulillah (Thank God), for everything ….

enough with the long opening,  now let’s continue this a Very Delayed Fangirl Homework with this …

~   「Shangri-la Live」 ~  Kochi

Br6WutOCEAAGy54.jpg large

Two days after 「Shangri-la Meeting」,

「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture was held at Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall. It’s was a very long time waiting for everyone in Kochi to see Acid Black Cherry Live in Kochi.

With so many things that the audience told to yasu about Kochi’s special gourmet, made yasu really looked forward to see all of it, like these …

~   Yakiniku,
~   Sweet and Sour Chicken Katsu,
~   Miso soup with pork and vegetables,
~   as always, the fresh vegetable salad,
~   Assorted pickles (yasu’s fave …) and
~   rice ..

Aaand ….

Speaking of Kochi, this one is very famous asKochi‘s local gourmet …

Katsuo …  !!!!

received the best local gourmet in Kochi, everyone (read :  yasu and all the support members) were happy. Smiles were blooms at the backstage with so many various story.


and then continued with lookin at the questions received from fans via twitter and also from audience on the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 they will decided about what theme for this theme for MC seriously.

At the Offcial Blog post they (you know who they are), wrote it as


Such a figure,  and perfectly taken this time !

But at first time, it confused me on the 「バッチシ」 part because as always i don’t like Katanaka much but then i found out if 「バッチシ」 is a humorous way of saying 「 ばっちり」/「batchiri/bacchiri 」 means perfectly or excellently.


it is a perfect shoot because we all see how they all yasu and the support members looked so serious n the backstage before the live began.

Especially this one, and …

don’t dare to ask me where the hell is this image came from, OK  … !!!

yasu looks so cute ne, and i remember that day i was on twitter and saw one of 9GAGS tweets with a ridiculous but make sense question for a crazy fangirl (like me ….xD) and i thought that super cute yasu is totally perfect for that question,

so it became like this …

wekekekekekke ….  (笑)(笑)(笑) !!!

i know some of you did check on 9GAGS tweets to find that image because there’s somebody who really asked me tho …. xD,

but actually that image was not originally from 9GAGS eh. I only took the tweet and put it together with that super kawaii yasu and then voilà …!!!

So my dear Luv, lemme ask you again,
If i tell you i love you, can i keep you forever …?

yasu      :     you told me you love me many times  …
noi         :    so  …  *happy*
yasu      :    of course you can’t keep me forever …
noi         :    why …
yasu      :    why?  do i look like a jacket or something than you can keep on your closet noi_chan ?
noi         :    but , in my heart eh, not in a closet  …
yasu      :    go find another question to ask or finish his post hurry  …

next is …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Are there any memories about graduation ceremony?

and this is weird because for this time, at 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kochi prefecture yasu was OOT (read : Out of Topic).

Instead of talking about graduation ceremony, he was talking about how he started to do a band start from high school and then at 21 years old he decided to do it seriously and started to take a job in construction’s site then talking about girlfriend’s things …. #hweee

i think i know why did he was OOT like that …

yasu    :    now you tell me then …
noi       :    you were nervous …?
yasu    :    try again …
noi       :    you were drunk …?
yasu    :    I was WHATT …!!!
noi       :    Eh God, what did i say ….. *ran away*

next is, the SetList

27.03.2014 『Shangri-la』 Live Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall


01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Maria  (request)
15. DRAGON CARNIVAL (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and then The Kewpie ….


for Kochi prefecture, what else than this  「土佐犬」/「Tosa Dog」 aand

i have it …. !!!!

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la」 PHOTOBOOK, this time is for



Live Digest Kanagawa ~ Chiba




talking about this 4th SEASON outfit eh …


here’s something interesting …

#    the concept for SEASON 4 outfit is a Jacket on top of naked/topless yasu.
#    and it’s not 100% topless because if you watch on your 4th SEASON PHOTOBOOK, started from Kanagawa Live, they put a mini tank top, so only in Saitama and Tochigi, yasu was topless under the jacket,

but we all can still can see yasu‘s perfect six packs right? ‪xD


#    Actually the tank top, they (whoever they are, not me) said it was sold as one of 2009 QED Tour GOODS (yasu said that on one of his MC on 4th SEASON Live, but can’t remember which Live was exactly),
#    then i think they kind a modified it and add those many necklaces.
#    while the trousers/pants is the same pants that he use in 「Kuroneko – Adult Black Cat 」 PV.


that’s so interesting eh,

btw i was thinking about to post for the previous SEASON 3,2 and 1 outfit but then i think i won’t be interesting anymore since SEASON 1,2,3 already over long time ago … …

~   now let’s talk about HYDE ne …

it’s been a while since my last talk about HYDE ne.


i saw this posted on L’arc~en~Ciel America‘s post about how HYDE comparing himself with animal and he said

My lower body is a beast,
the upper body is a panda.
I enjoy such kind of myself,
I do  (laugh)

source and credit :  L’arc~en~Ciel America

OMG OMG that’s so cute, isn’t it  …?

then my next question is what would i do with a such cute man like that?  then answer is very easy ne, of course …

I will HUG his upper body panda and
let his lover body beast bite me,
if you know what i mean ….  ajajajaja  *laugh with Panda*


noi        :    you do know what i mean right?
yasu     :    sure,
noi        :    good then … *laugh*
yasu     :    but …

last but not least is this ….

~   A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

so i was finally able to sleep at 03:00 AM in the morning, and when i woke up it was already 10:00 AM.

I went to bathroom tryin to get a quick ducky bath and in the hurry go to the dinning room. But when i was there, they already close it, because they only open breakfast service until 10:30 AM yeah again and i again my mom is always right ..

I missed that day’s sunrise in the morning and now i missed my breakfast …!!!


the worst part is i was hungry and have not much money eh.

So i walked to the 7/11 next to my hotel, bought another onigiri, cola and some toriyaki there. I think i ate almost all kind of onigiri they have there.


Because it’s cheap, and make my stomach full.

Finished breakfast, i went back to my hotel and call Christine about when and where we should meet today since she will give me my ticket to see FOOL COOL ROCK at cinema today. Since she was busy and couldn’t join me, i call my friend who was in Tokyo that day.

He is from Yokohama ne and spent some holiday in Tokyo and he agreed to meet me at the cinema

I started that day by looking for a money changer to change this IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i have into Japanese yen. I followed the map that the hotel gave me and there is a sign with money changer on it. I arrived there and too bad, they said they only buy dollar not other currency.

Then somehow i was thinkin about to find Tokyo Station, who knows i might find another money changer there who accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)


there you are, The Mighty Tokyo Station …. !!!

It is a very BIG station, even i am not sure about which one is bigger between Tokyo Station or Shibuya Station, but for me it is a very BIG station eh. I walked around and when i tried to go inside the station using my Pasmo card,

suddenly it showed a BIG X sign to me.

well, that was so perfect timing for ran out my Pasmo balance ne. So i went to re-fill it again with only 1,000 yen because i am gonna be in Tokyo only tomorrow ne and the next day i will be in Osaka. As i know, my route in Osaka they use JRLine, not subway train and i supposed i cannot use Pasmo there.

When i found money changer and they said they accept IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) i was so glad,

Super GLAD because i only have 1,000 yen left in my wallet eh. Then i told them if i will back there tomorrow since i didn’t bring the money with me that day.

I thought that would be very danger eh, to bring a pretty much money with you while you were wandering all over Tokyo and in the other way i was also affraid if i might spent most of it to shopping again that day.

Not only found the money changer, i also went to the Shinkansen ticket reservation in Tokyo Station.

I read on internet how people kinda made How To Buy Shinkansen Ticket as something very hard to do for a person who never go to Japan.

I’d say that’s too dramatic eh, because i found it very easy to do. I mean just go to the ticket reservation, there’s a sign for it (in English as well) and then tell to the officer (they speak English as well) ..

~   Where do you wanna go,
~   how many person,
~   What kind of train you want to ride (Shinkansen or the other like Kodama or else)

The wacky part i remember is when i wanted to say Kodama to the ticket officer, but instead of Kodama what i said to him was Kodomo … ? then he was like givin me his eeeh look …

then asked me   :   is it Kodama?
and i was like    :   ah ya, Kodama …. xD


yasu    :   really noi_chan,
noi       :   nee ya_san, it was like Kodama and Kodomo were run all over my brain and Kodomo was the winner …
yasu    :   why didn’t you say Komodo to him …?
noi       :   that’s not funny eh …

so i said Kodomo not Kodama to a ticket reservation officer in Tokyo Station. OMG that was so embarrassing eh. Ok, what you have to say to the ticket reservation officer is …

~   From which station you want to ride
~   Reserved of non-reserved ticket you want.

#   Reserved ticket means you will get a ticket on a certain date and hour with a seat number there, while
#   non-Reserved ticket means there’s no certain hour and seat number on your ticket so you can ride your train as you want. But of course following the train schedule itself.

finished with askin just like to the money changer officer, i also said to him (read : the ticket reservation officer) if i will be back there tomorrow.

i went inside the station and went to Jiyugaoka Station to meet Christine. At the first time, i kinda afraid to go there because this Jiyugaoka Station is so far so i asked her to meet in Shibuya Station.


It took me a while to find it the corner of my Tokyo Railway Map.

But because Christine is very busy so i don’t want to bother her so i think it would be better if i am the one who go to Jiyugaoka Station, next to Christine‘s area.

Arrived in Jiyugaoka Station, it was 16:00 PM and i promised to Christine to meet there at 17:00 PM. It’s still another hour so i decided to go around Meguro-ku. It’s a nice and clean neighborhood  with so many cafe and stores around complete with so many kawaii and stylish people walking around.

I felt like i was on one of my dorama setting.





i went to one of cafe ther and as a coffee addict, i got myself a cappuchino.

I say myself is not a person who love and able to sit and talk in a cafe because in my case, when i eat or drink i can’t do anything else but eat and drink.

So there’s no such thing as drink while talking in me. I even amaze  people who can drink their coffee slowly while talking. But still,  the cafe is i’d say as a very comfy cafe complete with a place to hang in and talk with your friend there.

Too bad the cappuchino is not good at all

Finished my cappuchino, i went back to seat in front of Jiyugaoka Station waiting for Christine then i called her and told her i am already in front of Station sit next to public phone. She said …

i will be there soon noi_chan …

I waited, waited while exciting to meet Christine again. Our last meet was 2 years ago when we were watching Erect Live on Yoyogi together.

Me, Christine and Stefifie we had a very amazing time fangirling about yasu.


Then it must be because i was sit there long enough plus with a confused face i had that time, made a police came to me.

He asked …

~  my name,
~  where did i came from,
~  what was i doing there and
~  asked me to show him my passport

i showed him my passport and told him 私は  今、 友だち 待て います …. etc etc many more with my very not good Japanese ability  because he didn’t speak in English.

So my first long talk with a Japanese person in Japan was with a police in front of Jiyugaoka Station.

But somehow with my limited Japanese i have, i managed to answer all his questions in Japanese. I was like OMG MG i made it eh, he even ask if there something he can do to help me.

Wah, that’s a very nice of him eh …


noi        :    you better be nice like him ne Officer Hayashi ….
yasu     :    you said this is over noi_chan …
noi        :    what’s over   …?
yasu     :    this Officer thing …
noi        :    well, i told you ne i am so CHANGEABLE …!!!

so everyone here’s some things that you might want to remember,

if you go to Japan

~   it is very important to you to bring your passport wherever you go because who knows you will get the same sexperience with me,
~   neer give up on learning Japanese language because in Japan everyone including yasu,

they don’t walk around with subtitles …


~   and never let yourself ran out of money, and last but not least,
~   don’t ever hesitate to ask, because as what everybody sayin in Indonesia

malu bertanya, sesat di jalan
hesitate to ask, then you will get lost on your way

so, finished with the police i panicked call Christine again, asked her where is she?  She said she is already inf ront of Station and could not find me.

Then finally we found out if we were in think about a different station. I went to Jiyugaoka Station while Christine waited for me in Shibuya Station.

It was my fault because i didn’t tell to her if i will go to Jiyugaoka Station on the phone. I only write it on Facebook Messenger and let her waiting for me there in Shibuya Station for nothing.

Dear, i  am really sorry eh

and Christine is still the same nice Christine as always, came as fast as she can to find me in Jiyugaoka Station. She found me, and i never feel so happy to finally meet someone that i’ve been waiting for like that day when i finally able to meet Christine at Jiyugaoka Station.

We went to some cafe again, she bought me a cappuchino and we talked, but we didn’t talk much because it was almost late to see the movie. She gave me the tickets and she also help me to find the fastest train to go to Shinjuku.

Too bad, we didn’t took a photo together that time.


Got into my train to Shinjuku and arrived to the cinema 30 minutes before 08:00 PM (where the movie started) and my friend alerady there waiting in the 9th floor. OMG that day i let my 2 friends waiting for me, …

and also is the longest time i had inside elevator. Together with 2 boys (eh no, i should say them as a man) who looked at me while sayin to his mate something that i didn’t even understand. I think because at that time i was in a wrong outfit.

It’s weird and i feel not comfortable to use a short pants at 08:00 PM in Shibuya. My friend said it’s OK, because it’s already summer anyway. Ah he was just wanna make me feel better.

We finally inside the cinema and the movie itself FOOL COOL ROCK as what is a Documentary Movie is, it showed they trip/journey on their last World Tour from Europe to Asia. Of course with some scene and very funny footage happened during the show …


Like how Taka nostop bullying Tomoya and somehow Ryota joined him, how the audience asked Taka to naked on their Live in Paris, what happened in Malaysia and in Indonesia Ryota seemed to a bit dissappointed because no one write his name on the banner they received from fans .

But he sang our National Anthem, Indonesia Raya on stage tho …xD


my fave part is at the end of the movie, they played Decision song which is the OST for FOOL COOL ROCK movie it self. It is a very good song, i mean they did brilliant with that song.

I got goosebumps all over me, because i listen to it inside the cinema complete with HD sounds.

And now when i finally able to listen to that song on my MP3, i know Decision is my fave one among 3 songs inside OOR new single Mighty Long Fall/Decision

After movie, my friend asked me to have dinner together. I said OK, but then i found out if he took me to another 7/11 to eat some instant noodle/food  there together while listening together again Decision that he managed to record.

I also never imagine about a date like in drama where the couple go to to some cute cafe or restaurant have a candle light dinner, that would be too absurd for me to do. I think that one fast and cheap date was better for a freak like me.

But i said to him  :   can we go to McD?
he said                :   no, we cannot because i don’t have much now.
I said to him         :   me too.

So that day we both were as somebody who came to Tokyo and got less money.

My friend, he is a college student who wanted to have some fun in Tokyo and he was already about 2 weeks in Tokyo. While me a fangirl who went to Tokyo to see the man on her dream  (read : yasu) Live performance.



And after many years we’ve been a friend on line, what a nice coincidence if that day we finally managed to meet and wet to cinema together and completed it as a date by close it with dinner.

yasu     :   so now you’re dating a collage boy …?
noi        :   no, it wasn’t that kind of date eh, it’s more to a friend-date …
yasu     :   there’s no such thing as a friend-date …
noi        :   でもね、や〜〜ちゃん, i think

his parent educated him well, because even he had less money that time, he won’t let me pay or at least share the dinner cost, because that’s a gentleman will do. I think age never determine whether a man is a gentleman or not.

He is younger than me, but i always think in many ways he is more grown/mature than me, i mean in his way of thinking. They, whoever they are was right about

Don’t Judge Book by It Cover ….


We end that night sayin goodbye at the station where he will back to Yokohama and me back to my hotel. Okay, it was totally lame date but it was fun eh and i also got myself that Takahiro cola … !!!!

That’s all everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)

yasu     :    ま、ま、ま、noi ちゃん , really ….?
noi         :    i told you ne, it’s a friend-date
HYDE    :    hey, what happen …
yasu     :     noi ちゃん , she is dating a college boy …
HYDE    :     まさか、noi ちゃん really …
noi         :    OK, i am leaving you both …


Selfie Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tokushima #2 … (Another me, yasu and The Baby Stroberry タカ )


this is Part 2,  eh God even ElJay now asked me to split this post into parts …

I stood up for some minutes in front of that map of Nihonbashi area tryin to find where the hell is my hotel location.



They said it only 3 minutes walk from station ( … eeeh what station, is this the correct station ….??).

Finally i found out where my hotel location is and apparently what they said as 3 minutes walk maybe they missed 3 zeroes behind 3 , so it suppose to be 3000 minutes walkin ne because i walked like forever eh. And dragged all my luggage all around Nihonbashi area.

That was so bad, my legs were hurt so much until finally i gave up and back to the main street and lookin for taxi.


Got a taxi, and somehow i feel save.

Eh God i really love taxi ne, after even i have to wait longer for the next Season of SHERLOCK but i am still a SHERLOCKIAN who’d rather to use taxi than train or bus

I think the hotel where i stayed is not that popular and it was kinda hard to find, even for the taxi driver who kept sayin 「どこで、どこで 。。。?」 while driving.

It worried me a bit, and i was affraid if maybe i was on the wrong area ne, but i am sure the hotel location is in Nihonbashi area but where?

then i started to follow the taxi driver sayin the same「どこで、どこで 。。。?」 over and over …

Finally, we found the hotel. The taxi stop, i paid and it was only 11:00 AM.  I wanted to check – in, but the hotel staff said if check – in time is 15:00 PM so i still have to wait about 4 hours again to check-in.

They also gave me my ticket …

yes, this ticket to 「Shangri-la 」 … !!!


4 hours again eh, so  wondered what should i do now, then i decided to go to Budokan. That day was May 27th, the 1st day for 「Shangri-la 」 Live at Budokan.





Tryin to find Ningyocho St. again while takin picture surround my hotel, some turns and signs so i won’t be lost again back from Budokan. But i couldn’t find Ningyocho St. eh, but i found this Suitengu-mae station.


Apparently, the nearest station to my hotel is this Suitengu-mae station, not Ningyocho station.

Looked at my map again and looked where is Kudanshita station and the route to go there. So Kudanshita is only 3 stations from Suitengu-mae :

Mitsukoshimae  →  Otemachi  Jimbocho station then Kudanshita …

and then walked for some minutes, there you are ….


Nippon Budokan …. !!!


Ah ya talking about Nippon Budokan ne, that  Baby Stroberry  タカ …. xD


yasu     :     だれ 。。。?
noi        :     あの人、
Taka from OOOR ne
yasu     :     stroberry …
noi        :     because he is so sweet, isn’t he?

聞いてくださいよ、ya_san …

yasu      :     何 。。。?
noi         :     i think i am in love with him …
yasu      :     but he is too young for you ne noi_chan …
noi         :     はい、はい、わかった .. i am 53 years old woman, so everyone is younger than me ..

now i do have some fun following his Instagram,

and it was a bit dissapointed for me when i found out he is on Instagram, i mean why not twitter or Facebook eh? because at that time i didn’t have Instagram.

So in order to following him and his fellas i made my own Instagram acc with the same ID as most of my social networks ..

Instagram   :   noi_himura

As you know how selfie is trending everywhere now, so i suppose Instagram is a perfect tool to do selfie … xD

and i also put my LINE back again after i erased it long time ago …

LINE          :   noi_himura

LINE for me is just another device to call my boss and it’s  free, especially when he is not in Indonesia. And i also found out if this LINE is quite good to save my FC Mag full of yasu.

I know sometimes i put it on my Facebook or Tumblr but it doesn’t feel good when i tried to put the complete scans.

So i need another media and there you are i found LINE … xD

now every morning,

especially at this time when 「Shangri-la 」 Season is over and tehre’s no another update from yasu and his Team_ABC on twitter or Official Blog i kinda enjoying my time in Instagram and get lots of LOL when suddenly i found something like this on my TimeLine ..


ぜったいに おもしろい ね 。。。  *fallin from my bed*

OK, back to Budokan ne …

so during his MC on This is My Budokan DVD (which is my fave DVD from OOR) he said about how there’s so many famous artists did their performance in this Nippon Budokan

including you, guys  …


noi         :   guys, please …
yasu      :   yes, we know …
YUKI      :   OK, go on …
noi         :   so ..

all of them were callin the audience with the same BUDOKAN …!!!! . Nah baby (read : タカ, not yasu …xD) said he is not gonna call the audience that day in Budokan with the same BUDOKAN …!!!! but he will call all of them with Kudanshita,

九段下 の 皆さん

at the first time, i was wondering why did he call them with Kudanshita, i mean who the hell is Kudanshita … (@_@…xD) i had no idea if Kudanshita is a  name of one train station in Japan until Yukiko told me about it.  ..

Yeah, it is always my dearest friend Yukki who gave me lots of things to know not only about yasu or Acid Black Cherry but also about Japan in general.

So baby called them all with Kudanshita because Kudanshita is the nearest station to Nippon Budokan. Wah, that’s so cool  eh …

Finally, i was there at Budokan to see yasu for the 2nd time and what i did first was nothing but tryin the MAGIC SPELL that i learned during my 1 year stay at Hogwarts to call yasu


Accio yasu …. !!!!

But it didn’t work ne, i dunno why.

~  Maybe because i didn’t spell the Accio …!!! correctly,
~  or i was on the wrong day, i mean my ticket was for
「Shangri-la 」 Live Budokan  ~ 2nd day (May 29th) or
~  because i didn’t bring my
wand … etc etc

it was a total failed, because yasu didn’t came up in front of me …. *wanna cry*


yasu   :   now you know why the kicked you out ..
noi      :   don’t worry, since i will back there again, next time that
Accio … !!! must be work …
yasu   :   for what …?
noi      :   to call you …
yasu   :   yeah, whatever  …

When i was there,  there was not much people on the area where the trucks parked.

It was only me and some 1 maybe 2 guys and 2 students with their kawaii sailor uniform who asked me to take a picture of them together in fron’t of the truck.  I also asked them to do the same thing,



and then tryin to have some talks with them while practice my Japanese because when i was there i didn’t speak much in Japanese. It was still in English because i didn’t talk much to other people. As i remember it was only to the hotel staffs, Christine, and the woman at Tokyo Station who helped me to buy Shinkansen ticket to Osaka

so i think this is a good chance, so i started to asked them  ….

me     :    hello, あの 名前 は 。。。?
they   :    …  *said their names*
me     :   あたし は ノイ です、 インドネシア からです
they   :   インドネシア、 バリ 。。。?
me     :   いや、いや、バリ はない

…. etc etc it was all about me explain things about other Indonesia beside Bali with my telly and dorama based Japanese ability.

I know Bali is very famous all over the world, even some Balinese people doesn’t have to said 「インドネシア からです」/ i am from Indonesia」 but with only バリ からです /i am from Bali」 people all around the world already know where is Bali.

For sexample me,

if i only say i am from Cental Java」 people still wondering where the hell is Cental Java position on map is, so i have to say it in complete i am from Central Java, Indonesia」 but because it’s too long i tend to say i am from Indonesia」

Enough with the talks, i went to the arena …


the line to buy GOODS was already lonng, i joined the line. I was alone there , and suddenly i feel so lonely because all of them were talking each other with their friends but me ….


noi       :     i wanna cry now …
yasu    :     again, really …
noi       :     i was so alone eh …
yasu    :     next time, you go with your friend …
noi       :    ああ〜〜 そうだね, でも  you know i don’t have friend 。。。

added with how people who starred at me then continued with talking with their friends about me. Eventhough my Japanese is based on telly and dorama but i still get what they said eh.

Some of them said …

~  that gaijin girl, what she is doin here …, or
~  see that’s one of
ABC overseas fans. I heard about some of them came to see ABC Live, now i see one of them … etc etc ..


and i was listening to all those things they said while taking that super cute yasu posted on the glass window … ,

because i think it was the same thing with Listening part on my Japanese class. But i do this one in Japan and a Live from real Japanese people. They all talked fast, faster than the recording file that my sensei sent to me to listen to.

So, my lonely time waiting to buy ABC GOODS was quite awesome …. xD


got some stuffs, and also forgot some other stuffs that i supposed to buy for my friend. I wanted to go back to the GOODIES buyin line again but i was so hungry that time. And i decided to go find some burger to eat.

That day, my 2nd day in Tokyo was the first day in my life where i really want to eat McD‘s burger so much. Normally i never go to McD ne, but this time is different because at least i don’t have to explain what do i want or how i don’t eat pork because i only have to show them what menu i want. And it is chicken burger or french fries …

But i couldn’t find it, maybe i was blinded with my hunger stomach so i didn’t even see there is McD around Kudanshita.


so i went to FamiMart and bought lots of  おにぎり to eat with cola. I ate about 6 おにぎり from 10 おにぎり i bought while waiting for some time to go back to buy another ABC GOODS that i forgot to buy …

apparently this …

一石二鳥 」 /「isseki ni chou /killing two birds with one stone

never work to me, because i always have to use one stone to kill one bird or maybe 2 stones to kill one bird. Look at what happen that day ne, i had to stand up on the line twice to get the same ABC GOODS ..


yasu    :    why bird …
noi       :    of course it has to be a bird ne …
yasu    :    i mean, why killin bird noi_chan ..
noi       :    that’s because i only have stone eh ya_san, there’s no way i can kill a lion or tiger only with stones ..
yasu    :    no, it’s not about that, but  …. ah forget it ..
noi       :    eeh ….

Talking about cola, i also bough so many cola hoping to get at least one YASU cola for myself. But that day, instead of YASU or HAYASHI cola what i got was this


i do have some friends who is totally madly in love for GACKT so i thought that GAKU cola bottle is a prefect 「おみやげ」 for them. Of course it’s bottle only because i already drink the cola tho …

finished with the GOODS buying, i back to my hotel because it was almost 4:00 PM already passed the check – in time. Then …

I will continue it on my next post as A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 4 (still, Tokyo ~ Day 1) … xD because this post is already long and my 1st day in Tokyo was a hell long day as well to tell. I don’t want somebody’s getting dizzy because reading all of this long rambling on me …

so let’s continue with this  …

~   Whatsoever UpDate from Me ….

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La」 PHOTOBOOK, which mean you all still have to do the 1,2,3,4,5,6 counting for yasu‘s sex pack wether if you want it or not …

Told you ne, being one of Acid Black Cherry fangirl is not easy ne. Since there’s a time when yasu let all of us to see his perfect sex pack, then you all gotta do the 1,2,3,4,5,6 counting no matter what.

this one is for Tochigi


while this one is from Encore SEASON Pamphlet for …

~   3rd Season


~   4th Season


while this one is URABON

as you know URABON is one of the 2011 Free Live GOODS and this one is my fave. This URABON is some kind of OFFSHOOT for 2011 Free Live PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet that i am sure you all already see it.

yes, i am talking about the Pamphlet that full of yasu still with his red hair, and it’s so beautiful ne indeed 2011 Free Live PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet is my fave from all Acid Black Cherry‘s PHOTOBOOK/Pamphlet.

somebody asked me for it,  so there you are




Enjoii ….. !!!!

i’d say in this URABON you can see many yasu with many different emo and if you love to make a meme, you can do lots of meme with this book.

Nah i wonder why they (read : yasu and his team) didn’t think about to make the same URABON for this Encore SEASON Pamphlet


even that Pamphlet is GOOD already, but i think if they made the URABON version for it that would AWESOME ne ….

i gotta go now, because tonight i have this movie waiting for me to re-watch it again.

The Palace, also known as Palace: Lock Sinensis

That movie is a 2013 Chinese movie and it’s an awesome movie full of beautiful view about livin inside The Forbiddden City complete with some friendship, brotherhood, greed and Cinderella/Forbidden Love between a palace servant with one of the Emperor‘s son.

If you miss something like Princess Huan Zu story, you gotta wath this movie. Because the Love Story, especially is so heart-broken and i cried a lot during this movie.

Btw recently i also cried a lot, for anything not just for a sad movie i see but for many other things that hurt and make me   …


This is My Budokan (Indo Hard Sub).mp4_001380514

~    When my boss mad at me and nonstop callin me in the morning, while baby (read : タカ again, not yasu …xD) already post another selfie on his Instagram, …
~    When somebody gave me
1 with 9 zeroes behind as a delayed cheque and i dunno it was delayed cheque until the bank told me, …
~    When i feel too tired with all many things i have to do, and …
~    When
Her Majesty un-happy and start to cryin  …

It took my forever to make my mother happy and not to think about what happened or what will happen to us too much.

Believe me,  i did and will do anything to make her happy and that was no easy because how dramatic she is, but when suddenly someone came and bothered her and make het think about it again, then cried, …

I wanna cry as well,  …


yasu     :    not good noi_chan, too much cryin in this post ..
noi        :    i am so sorry ..
yasu     :    why …
noi        :    i dunno, maybe because recently
there’s too many ninjas cutting ONION around me ..
yasu     :    what, ninja
noi        :    do something ya_san, ask them to stop cutting ONIONS around me ..
yasu     :    noi_chan, you do know if ninja, they don’t do talk …


Selfie Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Tokushima #1 … (Another me, yasu and The Baby Stroberry タカ )


It’s July now, everyone  … !!!



and Ramadhan is also here now … !!!

can’t believe how time running so fast eh, because last year on this Holy Month of Ramadhan like this my father died after spent a whole week at hospital. It came so sudden, and none of us thought about that will happen.

Even me, the old version me last year who hated him so much.

Now i do miss my father.

In fact i always miss him whenever i go to cinema or after watching movie. But what can i do, his time in this world already expired so now this year’s Ramadhan on my way of tryin my best to be a better person, pray as much as i can for him and maybe get myself closer to my God.

Today is the 6th day of Ramadhan, i am still fasting.

「fasting」 →   「danjiki」/ 「 断食 」 /「だんじき 」 or 「saikai」/ 「斎戒 」 /「さいかい 」

Actually, the hardest part of fasting is not the part when you are not allowed to eat or drink from down to dusk (about 04:30 AM ~ 15:45 PM here in my village) …

but the hardest part is not to be MAD part.

Because fasting isn’t about not eating or drink but also how you can handle/beat your own devil inside of you, your anger or emotion. And that’s not easy for a person with an Anger Management Problem like me.

But no worry everybody i am still do my best not to get MAD today   …


noi        :     あの ねぇ ya_san, it is very hard eh not to get MAD  …
yasu     :     then you know what to do ..
noi        :     but still, i wonder why they keep makes me MAD eh. I mean, what the hell  …
yasu     :     hey, CALM DOWN … !!!

i am CALM now, and tryin to finish this post started with this …

~  「Shangri-la 」 Live ~  Tokushima 


at the other day 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was also done in Tokushima prefecture with a warm welcome. Then continued with the first ever Acid Black Cherry Live at Tokushima prefecture was held at Naruto Cultural Center.

That Live in Tokushima was for the fist time, made yasu spirited enough to come to the venue earlier than usual.

And as usual, started with

~   the local gourmet of Tokushima already waiting for yasu in the venue.

He was looking forward for it since he’s been told a lot during the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 .

In a line up like this

~  Ginger Grilled Pork,
~  Sasami and Ponzu Naruto seaweed  … (?)
~  Squid rings and fried shrimps,
~  Kin-Pira Gobo (
Braised Burdock Root),
~  a very fresh vegetable salad,
~  Rice, and
~  Miso soup


Speaking of Tokushima, this is a very well known as the local gourmet is this …

Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima Ramen …. !!!!

yasu who usually doesn’t eat ramen much, reached his hand for this, so this place’s ramen it is amazing.

continued with in the dressing room talk after meal …

between this Tokushima and the previous Ehime Live was close, so there was only a little free/vacant time for all and seemed to be a lot of hard work for all of them. So their talking was about ..

work movement using highway …

yasu        :    so how long did it take to Nagoya …?
member   :    about 7 hours …
yasu        :    7 hours? that much …?
member   :    7 hours using
Shintona, 4 hours with Gotemba (Shintona and Gotemba are some highway route’s name in Japan)
yasu        :    me, long time ago, it took 8 hours to
Nagoya. At the time of Obon
member  :    traffic jam in holidays, are you using Shintona?

then topic changed into bike, i suppose it was full of LOL talks since they put this image of  「eeeh he he he ….!! 」 laugh of yasu


well, talking about yasu‘s laugh ne.

I see he is somebody who always smile and laugh in a quite many way, for example is …

1.   That 「eeeh he he he ….!! 」, like that image above…

2.   This Yao Ming laugh


as you know there is some Yao Ming memes made from that, and that was something LOL.

Welcome to internet eh, where people do things like that and you can find anything you want to find except a place to download money . Even i believe there’s something about it but of course they (whoever they are) won’t easily tell you how  …  xD

3.    this 「Super Kawaii 」 laugh ,  …


I luv when he is laughing like that ….

or this ….

4. 「A Bit Shy」 laugh but indeed kawaii ..


aaand i can’t remember the rest of it, maybe some of you can add it and make it to at least 10 so it can be perfect as …

10 Different Smile of yasu, that sounds more better than 4 Different Smile of yasu, isn’t it … ?


yasu   :   now you ask other people to find the other …?
noi      :   yeah, who knows someone might want to add
yasu   :   but it is your blog ne …
noi      :   but ya_san, …

i think i made more than 6 different smile of yasu ne. I wrote it somewhere, can’t remember it. Maybe on my other computer. See this is what happen when you use more than one computer like me.

Normally everyday i use 3 different computer. My laptop when i have to be out of office, my PC at home (which is my main PC where i put all my scans) and my other PC at office. Plus i also use my own personal laptop that i only use when i am on traveling far from home.

So it’s a bit confusing sometimes,

especially because how i love to spent my waiting time to write something and then i forgot where the hell did i put it. I mean, on which PC. That’s why i rather to write directly on ElJay than save it on some files, but sometimes eh no, i’d say many times ElJay also love to eat my post.

back to , next is …

~   Question selected on The Question Corner is …

the theme was 「初めて」/「The 1st Time」, and the question was ..
What is your 1st part-time job …?


and yasu‘s answer is …

It was ramen shop named 「Sugakiya」 on a restaurant area at the top of a local Department Shop, there where i was working for the 1st time.

I was really made ramen (laugh). Though i am not good with ramen (laughs). It was 550 yen per hour. Didn’t do what chief do, but i was doing anything else.

By the way, the longest part time job that i did was on the construction site. It felt like a professional part-time job since i license for something such as crane

But for a normal part time job was me as the konbibi no nii_chan (convenience store’s man), but i looked more like nee_chan (laugh)

Ah, i think i can imagine how he looked like and understand why they mistaken him as nee_chan instead of nii_chan …xD

then next is …

~   The SetList

24.03.2014 「Shangri-la」  Live  ~ Naruto Cultural Center


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence

03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Kuroneko  ~Adult Black Cat~

07. Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara…
08. Maria
09. so…Good night.

10. Black Cherry
11. cord name【JUSTICE】
12. Pistol
13. Shangri – La


14. Yes (request)
15. sins (request)
16. Shojo no Inori III

~   The Kewpie

this time, the ABC x Obitsu Kewpies「Tokushima version 」 is this …


「阿波踊り」/「Awa Odori」/「Awa Dancing」

Speaking of Tokushima, this 「Awa Odori」is also famous, even the airport where 「Shangri – La Meeting 」 was held name is also 「Awa Odori Airport」, aaanndd ….

I don’t have it ….. !!!


noi        :      ….   *wanna cry*
yasu    :       i told you ne, you can’t get everything you want …
noi        :      but, i just want that …
yasu     :      you want everything …

Beside this Anger Management problem i have now, want everything is my other problem.


I want this, i want that, …. etc etc many thing my eyes captured and internet connection make it bigger.

That’s why i love when my internet went slow like on rainy day, especially when i am on my surfing on some auction site or any other on-line shop i open.

So i won’t go further …

And the worst part is sometime, eh no i mean many times ….

all those things i blindly bought  are things that i don’t even need and i can’t even remember where the hell is i put  that things. Usually my mom is the one who keep all my stuffs, not only my collection but also my other stuffs like clothes or bags.

But i am not gonna say i am one of the shoppaholic, no i am not. I do still have my own limit for that eh.

Because i still have a house to run complete with the bills to pay every month and a dramatic mother who really love to talk about how high price for our daily needs now. Sometimes, she is very very annoying …

next is the Chapter 3 for my very late Trip to Japan report …xD

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 3 (Tokyo ~ Day 1)


So after spent another night at Haneda,

i woke up in the morning about 07:00 JST. And because at that time i had not st my clock into JST when i saw it was only 03:00 AM (actually, it was already 05:00 AM) i went to sleep again.

Wake up again 2 hours later at 05:00 AM according to my clock, almost fell on the floor because you all know how is the waiting room’s chair at Haneda ne. Plus me doing the kind of thing i always do whenever i wake up in the morning like this ….



but still lyin on the waiting room chair, so the chance for me to fall down to the floor was quite BIG.

But thank God i didn’t fall eh.

Can’t imagine if i were really fell of my chair that day. It will be very embarrased because i looked around and i see so many people already stat their activity.

Then i realize if i am now in Japan and there’s 2 hours time different between Japan and Indonesia and i wake up very late for Her Majesty‘s standard. For Her Majesty (read : my mother04:30 AM is the latest for a girl to wake up in the morning.

Wake up earlier so you won’t missed the sunrise.

In Javanese culture, missed the sunrise in the morning means there will be a chance for you to not get a really good opportunity that might happen today. Anything, maybe a new project, a good chance to deal with something really good, … etc etc including a good chance to find a good husband.

Then i wondered what am i gonna missed today,

a cute guy that might sit next to me in the limousin bus  …?


noi       :   that’s also a good opportunity eh ya_san …
yasu    :   a cute guy noi_chan, for you too looking at him ..
noi       :   well maybe i can do some talks ..
yasu    :   ha ha … that’s impossible, i know you ..

yeah right, that’s impossible ne ….

So i  went to the public bathroom and put my luggage into one of those locker. After that suddenly i when was looking at my face in the mirror i didn’t see my hat, my Queen Elizabeth hat …



omo, where did i left it ….?

i went to look for it after shower, but i couldn’t find it. Then i tried to remember it while having breakfast but still i didn’t remember anything. maybe i left it in KL ne, as i remember i was running in the hurry to my gate.


That hat is my fave hat ne, because it fits with my orange and some dress i have at home. I bought it on my previous trip to Japan, at UNIQLO – Shibuya.

If i am not mistaken, that hat was 7,500 yen and now i lost it?

ざんねん ですね 。。。

because i survived to take it back home on my trip to Singapore after i left it on a restaurant. I took me for ever to find out in which restaurant did i left it. But now, i lost it again and had no idea where the hell is it.

I mean why did i always like this, i forget a lot and everything. Whenever i go somewhere, i must left something behind. For sexample is my precious Capt. America pillow that i left somewhere at Haneda 2 years ago when i was going back home.

and because i know Her Majesty will mad at me if she found out about that so i was thinking about to going to UNIQLO and get another hat and buy limousin bus ticket to go to my hotel.

According to the hotel’s website where i stay, the hotel is very close if i go there by limousin bus. But again and again i couldn’t get the bus a.k.a left behind. aha yeah, i always left away to go ….!!!

See …  Her Majesty is always right ne.

I woke up late and now i lost my Queen Elizabeth hat and missed my bus to go to my hotel  …  #ewww



then because i don’t want to pay another 820 yen for another bus ticket, i decided to take train from Haneda.

Yeah, that was my 1st time took a subway train in Japan because on my last trip i avoided subway train and only use taxi or JR Line. But this time is totally different because there’s no JR Line on all the route that i planned for.



Only subway train to go everywhere,

so it keep me lookin at that map whenever i am on the train like an idiot. I knew people were lookin at me, not because i am the only gaijin on the train but maybe because i was nonstop counting station and read the station’s name quite loud whenever the train stop.   …

Based on the hotel address, i assumed the nearest station to my hotel was Ningyocho St. I got there, and after climbed many stairs i reached Ningyocho St‘s gate/door. It surprised me how small is the station’s gate/door ne.

If i didn’t see the station sign in front of it, i may think it’s just a little shop or some restaurant ne. Maybe because at that time in my mind all train station in Japan have the same gate/door  like Shibuya Station (the main one) … xD


yasu    :    and they all have Hachiko in front of it …?
noi       :    well …
yasu    :    you said you do your research but what …
noi       :    i am a bit busy that time eh ..

~  continued to Part 2 ~

PS  : So sorry ooo ….

A Very Late Post : 「Shangri-la」Live ~ Ehime … (another me, yasu and When The Trip is Over (◕‿◕))


So beautiful,
I’ve never seen that place,
When the trip is over,
I want to go with you  …. 
( -_・)



yes, the trip is over

and now it is time for me to continue all works that still all over my messy desk at office and of course my fangirl home works that i abandoned for almost a month? i think so because when i checked on my Ameblo,

i only posted 3 entries last month and that’s not good eh …

I finished my works, so now it is time to write again because here inside me now i have lots of things ( yeah, including ramblings) that i need to get it out from my head a.s.a.p. so i can be better ….

so when the trip is over, here i am back to you luv ….





yasu     :    what’s with that lots of emoji …
noi        :    何もない。 でも ね 、や ーーちゃん do you know …
yasu     :    i don’t know ..
noi        :    this time, the trip was much better than before ..
yasu     :    really …
noi        :    i only get lost 4 times thou …
yasu     :    only  …. ?

well, let’s keep the trip post for the last because it was quite long and tired trip complete with many flights i took. I say ne, it was my first one week to be far from home.

and FYI everyone, i am someone that will never like to be far away from home and my Drama Queen mother. I just never feel save and get stressed whenever i have to leave home more than 2 days.

Now let’s talk about yasu and start with this …

~    「Shangri-la」Live  ~ Ehime


The 1st Live for 5th SEASON Project 『Shangri-la』 was held at Saijo City Cultural Center after two years ago at 2012 for TOUR 『2012』 Live at Ehime.

Not different with the previous SEASON, on this 5th SEASON 1st curtain is also for great gourmet. yasu who was informed a lot about local gourmet in Ehime Prefecture on 「Shangri-la Meeting」 looking forward very much about it.

~  Stewed Hamburger,
~  Imabari fried (
chicken, i suppose?),
~  Uwajima Jakoten (
it’s a special product it Uwajima, in Southern Ehime Prefecture made from small fish that blended into a paste and the fried) , it should be eaten with soy sauce.
~  Fried seasonal vegetables,
~  salad, and …
~  rice

aaand …

as what they thought on 「Shangri-la Meeting」, there was also this STN (Saijo Teppan Neopolitan) waiting for them …


after meal, yasu talked to other support member about what they wanted to do for SHUSE‘s birthday.

yasu          :   everyone, 17th is SHUSE‘s birthday. Shall we do something on stage?

and all support members agreed with what yasu said …

yasu          :   where? i wonder if we do it at the encore part …
members   :   sounds good. For example on encore at the 「
Black Cherry」part, instead of sayin「Black Cherry」what yasu said is 「Happy Birthday」to SHUSE …?
yasu         :    that’s good …!!!
members  :    and also at the bass solo on 「
Black Cherry」, let’s bubbling something on his ears (i suppose they talkin about the ear tools) that only him will hear.
yasu        :    Let’s do it …. (

then each support members started to secretly record their voice of sayin …


only to SHUSE‘s iyamoni (an ear monitor’s tool to hear something directly from earphones) and so did yasu


and the question selected on The Question Corner is …

Do tell us why did you choose your part (instrument) now …

and yasu‘s answer is …

when i started my band, i was as what SHUSE said …


SHUSE  :    ask her what did i say …
noi         :     え〜〜っと
yasu      :     yes, what
SHUSE said …
noi         :    well, he said …. *scroll up again*
yasu      :    you didn’t read it …?
noi         :    OK, OK i will read again …

what SHUSE said is

before i start to play a musical instrument, i seemed to hear music because i like music. But at that time i had not aware about the sounds of bass. And because there’s an acoustic guitar at home and i played it, so i didn’t think about to play bass.

so he started his 1st band as a guitarist,

then i repeat again for yasu‘s answer …

when i started my bad, i was as what SHUSE said (read  : as a guitarist). Because ka-yu, Janne bassist got a guitar from his brother then he said 「 i got my gitar, you do the vocal …!!

and i was like 「うん、分かった 」…

I was awaken to rock music from Himuro Kiyosuke‘s BOOWY. And then i discovered the sound of a bad called X (JAPAN) about one and half year after it.

X (JAPAN) keys are really high, because there’s no way i could make out a high voice like that. High pitched voice make me shouted like crazy. Everytime i go to the studio, my voice just dead …(laugh)

and the SetList

「Shangri-la」Live 19.03.2014 ~  Saijo City General Cultural Center


01.  Re:birth
02.  Shojo no Inori
03.  Greed Greed Greed
04.  In the mirror
05.  Yubiwa Monogatari
06.  Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat~
07.  Aishitenai
08.  Kimi ga Inai、ano hi kara …
09.  Cherry cherry
10.  Shangri – La
11.  I’m not a ghost
12.  Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi
13.  Pistol


02.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni  (request)
03.  Black Cherry (request)
04.  20+∞ Century boys

next is this …

~    Whatsoever Update from me …

i know i am so late about this update, even i already posted some part of it on my Facebook, but i suppose here in my blogs are the perfect place to put. Because not everyone is on or love to spent his/her daily on Facebook like me.


yasu     :    don’t forget how you spam there …
noi        :    me, really …?
yasu     :    yes, you do …
noi        :    well after all ya_san, i am still the same
Facebook saiyajin so yeah my Facebook friends always get more  …. *wink*

so there you are …

OS  Shimane ~ Nara


On Stage, before Live and the rest …


and about my Japan Trip, well …

i know things been changed recently, i mean on my 1st trip to Japan 2 years ago every night i wrote a post about all what i did that day. All of it so at that time i can wrote about 5 posts about my Japan trip from the beginning till the end.

But now, ha ha ha …. !!!!

i didn’t even write one post when i was there, all i did just post it (about yasu’s Live) as a comment on team_yasu. Now i feel really sorry to someone that even wrote a message to me about it, wondering and then ended with asked to me when will i write about my  「Shangri-la」 sexperience.

yasu    :    eh noi_chan, did you …
noi       :    what ….?
yasu    :    do i have to say it …?
noi       :    you mean, ah of curse not

so there you are, but i am warning you ne this is gonna be a very long post because i have so much things kept inside my brain to get out. The Live was amazing as how amazing is yasu, but the trip was sexhausting.

I dunno why but i felt more tired than 2 years ago.

I know my health now isn’t that good as 2 years ago ne, after all this year i step into a page to be a 53 years old woman. So what can you expect for a 53 years old woman can be health as?

surely not as healthy as Hercules …. xD

FYI, i haven’t watch that ne and now there’s nothing i want but to go to cinema and watch movie. Any movie will be fine. I need something to watch in a BIG screen and DOLBY surrounded sound or maybe 3D.

OMG look what i just did ne, just another rambling opening.

so back to my Japan Trip talk, let’s start this from the beginning, and i will say this as

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 1 (The Beginning) … (^ω~)

As i always say ….

i am someone that yasu will say as an INK person. Yes, i am livin in a village so it took me forever to gop to Japan. Not just simple like took a flight and then arrived there, but for me, it is always be a long way down.

Well i think everything for me is always forever to get.

For sexample ..

~    A quite long waiting for someone that sadly is IGNORED me now …

yasu     :   don’t tell me … (笑)
noi        :   no, don’t laugh like that. This isn’t a joke   …
yasu     :   but, he dumped you again? what did you do this time?
noi        :   i dunno. Ah, guys are too complicated for me …

~    A long waiting for all my stuffs sending from Japan,
~    A long way down to go to
Japan to see yasu

Oh luv, why you are so far away ne ….?


yasu    :    still no route to go to Tokyo by bus ne, noi_chan …
noi       :    yeah, …
yasu    :    so how’s Superman …?
noi       :    ah you know he hated me …
yasu    :    then Capt. America ?
noi       :   what the …

So let’s back to May 25th, 2014.

It was Sunday and i still had things to finished at office. So i went to office in the morning, hoped able to finish everything before 10:00 AM so i can have some times to rest at home before catch my bus to Semarang (the capital of Central Java) about 3 hours by bus from my hometown at 14:30 PM

But that day was disaster,

because at that damned day one of my driver hit and then got hit on the road. So he was hit a car, an SUV exactly so i had to deal with him, called him and make sure he is OK.

and then listen what the hell is happened from him. Apparently it was because he was a bit busy with his phone while driving.

Calling? text messaging?

no, not one of it but he was busy to post a comment/reply comments on his Facebook. When i heard it, i was like …

Whhhuut the helll ……!!!

After that, I wanted nothing but to get his phone and erase the Facebook app inside it followed with may bad things came out from my full of anger mouth. Yeah, i was mad that day. So mad, until i can’t even remember in what sort of rude/bad level words i said to him.

I was such a bitch that day.

I mean, because of Facebook? really? even i know everyone around me is into Facebook and BBM (Black Berry Messenger) recently but i never thought to hear it as the cause of an incident.

Deep in my heart, i was hope to hear another things as the cause. Calling his wife maybe, or got distracted by something passed, … etc etc that make drivers less concentrated in driving.

But it is also surprised me. Can you imagine that, Facebook ne Facebook finally reasonable enough as a cause of an accident  …

I’ve heard a lot about crimes, fallin in love, heart broken via Facebook


yasu    :   or got dumped for the 3rd time …?
noi       :   not funny eh …
yasu    :   what’s more funny than this noi_chan ?
noi       :   and FYI this is the 2nd time, not 3rd ..
yasu    :   …… (

Then finally i was able to finished it at 14:30 PM left everything to my friends complete with all notes that they might need to do my works. I also said to them if they still can call me via LINE or Yahoo Messenger if there’s anything they might not understand well.

At that time i was so worried if they couldn’t able to do all my works like me. Maybe this is what happened if you are too deep for your works. So whenever you want to get some days off or holiday …

you feel nothing but lots of worry about works you left ..

At 15:00 PM, arrived at home and still mad while in the hurry went to the terminal to catch my bus at 15:30 PM. One hour late from the schedule and i worried about me missed my 20:00 PM flight to Jakarta.

Yeah, even it only took 3 hours from my hometown to Semarang, but i still need at least another hour to go to the airport (The Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang) from the bus terminal by taxi, and traffic jam that might happen as well.

Finally i was able to arrived at the airport at 19:30 PM. Go to change another yens there, but that time they were ran out of yen. So i go check-in and waited at the boarding room while had some coffee from the coffee machine there …


yeah, you all know how coffee addict is i am. So i do always so excited to see if there’s a coffee machine around me.

Then i kinda start to have a nice conversation about Taxi in Jakarta (i will talk about this later …)  with a very nice young lady sit next to me who also wanted to go to Jakarta.

And apparently she is a K-POP lovers who have a dream to go to Seoul to see CN BLUE Live on Stage.

People say same thief will recognize each other, so in this case same fangirls also recognize each other, even from different fandom.

Well, fangirls are everywhere eh,

From her stories and way of talking about all CN BLUE members i know if she is a hard core fangirl. Because i say fangirl, the real one talk in different ways. I’d say more passion and you can feel their hope, dreams and optimistic from their stories.

Because that’s what people mostly don’t see about fangirls. What they see maybe just the kyaa kyaa … !!! and crazy girls creamin and drolling about their idols every time and everywhere, but i think they often missed to see their dream and hope as well …

We talked quite a lot ne, because my flight was delayed about half hour from the schedule. Then we said good bye when they called us to get in the plane. It was a nice talk ne, i mean for me who never talk a lot especially with stranger.

Too bad i didn’t ask for her Facebook or LINE ne. It should be fun if i had ask her because i also listen to CN BLUE ne …

I get in the plane, and it was a small plane as how a local flight will give you. The flight from Semarang to Jakarta only took about 1 hour. But inside that plane 1 hour felt forever for me.

Especially when i sit between 2 man,

~  one is a man who put his earphone on and his music into maximum volume because even me, who is a half deaf (yeah, sometimes my left ear didn’t work well) able to hear it , …

~  While the other one is a man from Germany who do nothing but watching me watching over that man with his MP3 sleeping.

Nah, can you imagine how awkward that moment was? that’s why 1 hour on that flight felt forever for me.

Finally he (the man from Germany, that i will call as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD) open his e-book and start to read. And me, who never see an e-book like that for the rest of my life changed my bored activity to see him with his e-book.

It was in German language and suddenly he asked me  …

Hey, you wanna read together? if you want i can change it to English

And i was like   :   OMG really? you can change it to English?
and him            :   i have the English version   …
me                   :   uuuu  …..  *
eat my pillow*

That’s a very stupid question ne, i mean why the hell i didn’t think if he might have an English version ne, because his English is very good. I was so ashamed, then i said no, thank you to him and do nothing but hugging my pillow and pretending to fall asleep.

After landing, i stayed on my seat waiting for another passenger getting their luggage. I never want to get rush for something like this, i better be the last person to get my luggage and out from the plane.

I took one suitcase, bag and pillow with me ….


Actually not because of that, but it was also because i might need help to get my luggage from the cabin crew thanks to how idle my left hand is after it broken last year. So it is impossible to me to get it only with one hand.

But suddenly, i heard someone asked me  …

Hey, is this yours …?

OMG that Jane Austen man again ne. I said yes and then with nothing to say more he just get all my luggage for me.  I said nothing but don’t worry everyone, i still able to say thank you.

I think i was amazed by him,

i mean among all people (Indonesian people) that no one asked to me about that, and i got use to feel nobody will ask to help me with my luggage so i will ask to one of the cabin crew to help me. Suddenly there was a man asked and helped me.

Then i wondered  …

Well, now i found out if there’s still a gentleman exist in this world, not only on Jane Austen‘s books.

Now you all know why i called him as The Jane Austen’s man ….xD

Ah you all, especially girls who read this surely know about Jane Austen ne. I mean who the hell is never read or see movie based on Jane Austen‘s book and sometimes think about …

What Jane Will Do?


like what Prudie (Emily Blunt on Jane Austen’s Book Club movie) read on the crossroad when she was thinkin about having an affair with one of her student.

Spoon and ice cream, that’s so brilliantly full of passion ….!!!

Bandara Soekarno Hatta

And at 21:30 PM i arrived at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport : Terminal 1 then waited for a bus shuffle to go to Terminal 3 where my next flight to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia waited for me.

AtTerminal 3 where i will spent that night there, waited for 06:45 AM flight with Air Asia next morning.It was so cold there. My friend Buntal said maybe this is the newest Terminal at Soekarno – Hatta so the air conditioner is still good and able to freezed people who is not get use to air conditioner like me.


I couldn’t sleep that night even i already had my dinner, that very2 sexpensive and not good tasted noodle above. Can you imagine that i have to pay about 60,000 IDR only for that? and still i was sleepless that night.

Then i opened my laptop, go on line and start to bothered some of my Facebook friends again.

Then after midnight, i wonder again what else i can do now? Everyone was already sleep so none of my friend was online on FB Messenger. Talking about this FB Messenger ne, i just love how it made your Facebook friend’s profile picture who send you message will poop up like this.


And most of my Facebook friend’s profile picture are yasu so can you imagine how happy i am when i see lots of yasu suddenly poop off like that on my phone? …

絶対 に おもしろい な。。。

until 02:00 AM, still couldn’t sleep because it was too cold and i didn’t bring any jacket or sweater with me because i thought it will be a summer trip.

Most of my clothes are summer outfit.

And it was disaster ne, i mean i really can’t stand on cold situation. I can handle how HOT summer will give to me, but not cold. Then suddenly a nun came sit next to me. She said she is one of the missionary and they all will go to Lombok for their next mission.

I always love to talk with nun/sisters ne, they have something on their way of speaking that make you calm somehow. Dunno why i feel this way, but i suppose because i was raised by nuns in a Chatholic Institution until i was 3 years old and they allowed my pappi and mommy to take me home with them.

They said it was quite complicated adoption process they had to get us.

I spent my whole night that time on Terminal 3 –  Soekarno – Hatta listen to all her stories, including her reason why she took this path (read : to be a nun). It’s very interesting for me when she told me how she finally find the light to devoted only to her God.

Until 05:00 AM in the morning when they (read : Air Asia) opened their check- in counter. We said good bye and i did a self check- in using their machine available there and went up to the boarding room.

Waiting again for my 2nd flight that will bring me to Kuala Lumpur.

I was curious about Kuala Lumpur, because this time we wil landing to the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport. And according my friend it is so big and everything was available there.

She said like a mall inside an airport.

Well, indeed the new Kuala Lumpur – International Airport is very amazing and i will tell you again on my next post for 2nd Part : Jakarta ~  KL.

So yeah, you all have to wait ne …. wekekekekeke  *who is gonna wait anyway?*

next is this …


and you can read it in other languages as well, because these amazing fans also did it in here  ..

~  French by ABC French Street Team

~  Spanish by ABC Spanish Street Team, and 

~  Mandarin by Erica Lai

Recently i don’t listen to Acid Black Cherry songs much, not because i get bored with it. I maybe someone who will bored everyone around me with things i said, but here’s no way Acid Black Cherry songs will bored me.

It just because now i kinda busy with my new research about this non Visual Kei band (you know what band i am talking about) for my self. I mean, somehow their songs are similar to what i feel, had and happened with me and all these things i feel about him (read : not yasu, not Mr. Friday, then who …. xD)

now i listen to their songs everyday on my way to office, yeah now my driving skill upgraded very well so i can drive while listen to my MP3 on one ear of course. Then followed with watching all their Live DVDs one by one.

so now if you see me posted lots of their songs lyrics, actually it is just this personal feelings that i want to get rid off. I did everything, but i still ended back there like a fool.



noi        :    and now he put his back right to me …
yasu     :    can you be less dramatic about it ..?
noi        :    i can’t, because it drives me crazy
yasu     :    stop it  …. *walked away*

but still …

i enjoyed a lot for listening and reading all what yasu said and  his way of thinking. Even though after reading it make me confused sometimes because of course there is always parts that i don’t wanna know but it always ended me smiled even laughed like an idiot

because yasu is somehow always have an answer that will surprise you (read : at least me) on every interviews he had or MCs on his Live performances.

So for me now, i’d say …

reading and listening what yasu’s said or will say is like a box of chocolate. You will never know what you are gonna get,

but don’t worry  because it is always amusing …xD

noi       :    いつもありがとう ね、 や〜〜さん
yasu    :    did you just watch
Forrest Gump …?
noi       :    omo, how did you know …
yasu    :    boring noi_chan, boring, no wonder he dumped you again …
noi       :    but i never talk about movie with him ne ..


FUBAR Post : 「Shangri-la」 Live ~ Ibaraki … (Another me, yasu, The Visual and non Visual Kei)


Now, let me tell you about Michael 

of course this Michael is not Michael Corleone from The Godfather, sure you all already see that movie ne and if you haven’t then watch it and you have to.


yasu     :     why ….
noi        :     ah come on, who the hell haven’t seen 
The Godfather …
yasu     :     not everyone crazy about movie like you
noi        :     but still, it’s 
The Godfather eh, Don VitoMichael …
yasu     :     noi_chan, もういいね 。。。

very well, back to Michael ne and I’d say if i have to put myself on The Godfathermovie i think i am gonna be Tom Hagen.


as you know he was an orphanage child who spent his entire winter in New York‘s street, and then he meet Sonny who brought him home with him.

Don Vito took him in the family even he is still use Hagen as his last name, and the we all know him as Don Vito‘s consigliere.

 The epic scene i remember about him of course is when Don Vito sent him toHollywoodCalifornia to convince a movie studio-head named Jack Woltz to giveJohnny Fontane a lead role on his new movie. And it ended with a horse head complete with blood on Jack Woltz‘s clean sheet with him only able to say

Who you were with? I didn’t know who you were with …

yes, that’s how my situation is now. Worked for the father and then for the son. Not Like father like son, this Michael with his way of driving me crazy to figure out how his way of thinking exactly is. What he wants, what did i do wrong while everything i do seems wrong for him.

sometimes when things get hard i always ended cryin in the bathroom, or post some this childish post of I HATE YOU MICHAEL on my Facebook status or twitter. But yesterday he did something that i never imagine. He did all the talks in our last meeting, i mean it feels like a bless for me especially in this time where i couldn’t speak well.

Now think he is not that bad/evil at all, there’s some good things about him in my eyes now. I also found out if he is kinda wise in some way, unlike me who always mad and couldn’t control myself to say bad things to others when i mad.

For example,

days ago when i totally forgot if i was logged out from my Facebook account then using my other account i open one of my friend’s Facebook and shocked when i see i am not one of his friends.

Then i was like

Whuut, did he un_friend me? … bla bla bla …

and then with not bother to think again, i sent him message with my messy Japanese and then deleted a long conversation we had there. I can’t even remember what did i wrote to him, but i am sure that must be really rude in some way.

Then after that, i was like …

omo what did i do ….?


yasu       :      what did you say …
noi          :      can’t remember ne, omo now what am i gonna do now  …
yasu       :      don’t ask me
noi          :       Eh god, he asked me 
what is wrong with you …? now i asked to myself  ….

What is wrong with me …?

yasu      :      why did you do that  …?
noi         :      i dunno. I don’t even dare to turn on my FB chat now. 

I just feel so bad, i suppose everything is wrong with me now and i think i better lock myself inside Limbo forever.

that’s why Michael is ways more better than me.

Even If he acted like an evil to me, that’s because he had to do that as part of his part time job as an evil. So from now on, just like i how i promise i wont call Scarlet Johansson with ScarJo again,


As Black Widow (Agent Natasha Romanov) she is totally awesome, isn’t she?

Recently in an interview with Glamours magazine, she said she can’t stand about how everyone call her ScarJo because for her it sounds tacky, lazy and there some insulting on it.

Then i also promise i won’t say anything bad about Michael again, even maybe i will still cry in the bathroom if he screwed my day.

OK, enough about that, and now let’s continue this fangirl homework first  …

~    「Shangri-la」 Live ~  Ibaraki …

「Shangri-la」Project in Ibaraki started with 「Shangri-la」 Meeting and the followed with Live after 8 years since BLACK LIST TOUR in 2008.

The Live, it was held in Ibaraki Prefectural Center Main Hall.

as for yasu, he also thought about how from all venues for Kanto Tour, Ibaraki venueis the smallest but somehow the voices of the audience sounded really big.

as always, started with this …

~   Local Gourmet Introduction Corner 

Ibarakii’s gourmets that greeted yasu with 「おかえり♡」 for his comin to  Ibaraki after 8 years ago are Salmon cheese grilled and vegetables, green salad, Mito special ramen, potato miso soup and speaking of Ibaraki,

not forget also this yasu‘s favourite …


「水戸納豆」/「Mito Natto」

the previous day on  「Shangri-la」 Meeting yasu was told by the audience to eat that. Some says Kansai people not into natto, but in fact yasu loves natto, he eat it almost everyday.

Then in the dressing room after meal, it was became a Tropical talk because it was still winter like i want to do banana boat or snorkling and then it turned out to be winter sport talk and Ozaki Yutaka somehow.


and then,

~   question selected on the Question Corner is

Members, do you have car? and what was your first car …?

yasu‘s answer is …

though i also wanted the same cars as SHUSE on my younger time, but unfortunately it takes money which i wasn’t able to have.

so in my case i came out after in Tokyo i have got into a car. I bought a used red wine color 「Fairlady Z」 that i longed for that time. It was pretty tattered because it’s used (laugh). I got in the swing, and i also custom plenty too. When i entered gas station i didn’t go diagonally, i rubbed it)

there’s such a memory when i picked up SHUSE and drove in high speed, somehow i felt fun and young.

next is

~   The SetList 

『Shangri-la』 Live 24.02.2014 ~ Ibaraki Cultural Center Hall 

Set List

01. sins
03. Pistol
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. 黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~
07. yes
08. Re:birth
09. Shangri – La
10. Greed Greed Greed
11. Cherry cherry
12. Black Cherry


14. Murder Licence (request)
15. Aishitenai (request)
16. cord name 【JUSTICE】
17. 20+∞Century Boys

and surely is my fave part …

~   The Kewpie


ibaraki QP

credit  :  @Yasuの女

just like what they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry) wrote as yasu‘s fave food, so yes it is a

納豆/Natto …

aand, fu fu fu everyone because i have it …


that’s so adorable baby, isn’t it?

Talking about natto ne, i heard and read a lot about it but still i never eat natto in my whole life so maybe on my next Japan trip this time i am gonna try it ….

next is for the …

~    Whatsoever Update ..

these two images below are for Kyoto Live part, and as you know there’s 2 part Live(Day 1 and Day 2) so here is

Day 1


while this one is not for Day 2, but this is for

B-PASS May, 2014 


Enjoii …. !!! 

and next is …

~  yasu on Radio, Telly and web ..

as i always say i am a fangirl, and i love being a fangirl.

Especially on this kind of Season like this 「Shangri-la」  Season where i can see and listen to yasu all over radio and telly in Japan that of course i wouldn’t never able to do that if there’s no very kind person like

闇Rodem さん with her lovely blog.

I actually kinda follow her blog even i never add comment, because my Japaneseisn’t that good. And also she is not Yukki who often talk to me and always get what i said even i wrote it wrongly.

So i was afraid if maybe said it wrongly and i don’t want that to be happen. But finally i added a comment to one of her post and it was only a simple おめでとう …but she replied me nicely and in English.

That is just make me so happy ne ….

I always love to read people’s blog ne, especially now when i started to learnJapanese seriously (for who ….?) . Not only 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】’s Official Blog, but also Yukki‘s blog or even other people’s blog that’s not ABC related to.

So i when i have nothing to do at office i start to read people’ that i follow in Ameba while tryin to understand what they actually wanted to say and share. Sometimes, i got stuck on one person’s blog for long time because i didn’t get what he/she said.

and when i finally get it, i laughed like idiot alone …

Well, back to radio and telly as we know how everyone is on internet with their various social networks or blogs, nah for me that’s the interesting part. Where i searching on the radio web for the DJ or staff’s blog while hoping they will put some photo of yasu there.

Here some of it  …

1.  from FM Fukuoka’s BLOG 


i love how they wrote …


2.  From TOS TV ~ Oita’s BLOG 


Tomohiko Tanabe, the host of that Spark Wave Show who wrote that said about how he was so excited to interviewed yasu since he is already listen to yasu‘s songs since he was in high school.

3.  「Shangri-la」 Meeting in Saga report 



source   :

aaand let’s talk about this  …

~     my next Japan Trip that i am so sexcited about.

This time, my sexcitement is bigger than the previous trip not only because i i made lots of plans to do there but also finally i decided to visit Osaka.

So drum roll please, because  …..

Osaka, I am coming …. !!!

Actually this Osaka visit is 100% coincidence thanks to Air Asia. When i booked my flight, the price for Jakarta ~ HanedaHaneda ~ Jakarta was more expensive thanJakarta ~ Kansai KIXKansai KIX ~ Jakarta.

Then i also think about tryin for a ride on Shinkansen, and because the price forJakarta ~ Haneda and Jakarta ~ Kansai KIX‘s ticket price on May 26th my leaving is the same so i decided to make my flight like this …

BlBWcujCAAAjoQa.jpg large

without bother to see again for the boarding time.

I thought it was May 30th11:00 PM not 11:00 AM. But maybe because i don’t want anybody know about that fool mistake i made,  i still think hard how to make me arrive to Kansai KIX at 11:00 AM from Tokyo.

Google_ed and asked and then it ended with it’s impossible to me to do that no matter how fast and earlier Shinkansen (from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station) andLimited Express Haruka (from Shin-Osaka Station to Kansai KIX)  i took.

Not only that,

don’t forget about how i always be the Idiot Abroad, surely it will took me forever to find where is my platform, train both in Tokyo Grand and Shin-Osaka Station and ended with me missed my flight and acted like this …


then what am i supposed to do if that’s really happen ….?

i can do nothing but buy another ticket back to home and that is not gonna cheap surely . But rather than do that, i finally changed my flight schedule into this …


now i’ll try to make a simple itinerary for my next visa application that i haven’t prepare at all. My last visit to Japan fo the itinerary i only copy and change some parts from my friend because 2 years ago i didn’t want to do anything but to seeyasu.

I even got lost when i wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, what i did was back to my hotel and on my way to my hotel i went to some food bazaar in front of Shibuya Crossand ate all food sample there then spent my last eve in Japan watch a movie inToho Cinema.

It was James Bond movie with Japanese subtitle of course

but thank god it wasn’t dubbed to Japanese so i still able to enjoy the movie. In fact i was kinda bother people who sat next to me because i said almost Mr. Bond‘s line like i was at home and nobody but me watch that movie.

Then i stopped talking following Mr. Bond when a girl next to me say something iJapanese that i didn’t get the whole meaning but it was her polite way to say SHUT UP … !!! to me.

let’s start  …

1.  Day One (Tokyo) 

Arrived at hotel, get some rest. I will just hang around Tokyo while start to do my search how to go to Budokan from Ginza. Yes, i am gonna stay in hotel aroundGinza and don’t ask me why

because i dunno why the hell i choose that hotel …


yasu     :     stop sayin that i dunno …
noi        :     but i really dunno eh …
yasu     :     then …
noi        :     i dunno ..

then because May 27th is the 1st Day of 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan, so i suppose when i finally got there i can buy the GOODS as well eh, so on May 29th i don’t have to go on line to buy GOODS again. And after that maybe i will only sit there listening to sounds from inside …

Talking about 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS ne, …

Actually i never think if there will be this 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final GOODS. I thought even they call it as 「Shangri-la」 Encore and Final Live but there will be no new GOODS to buy again.

So i made some stuffs list to buy (non ABC stuffs) like Sailor Moon T-ShirtDVDs;Akihide’s new Album and of course L’arc~en~Ciel new single 「Everlasting」.

But then when i see all of that, i am just who i am ne, the same greed and want everything.

And also because this time i am gonna go there so i think i will do this thing that i always do. Hopefully this upcoming 「Shangri-la」 Live at Budokan May 29th is gonna be my Dream Come True ABC Live i ever see because everything is OK from …

~   i go alone,
~   there’s kewpie on the 
GOODS list and i hope
~   there will be 
Nemuri Hime on the Set List …

nah if that happen then my Dream Live of Acid Black Cherry will came true and i’ll be completed again by yasu.

2. Day 2 (Tokyo) 

The 2nd day, May 28th i think i will find again Tokyo Tower because i didn’t find the correct way to go there and i was too tired that time, and then go to cinema to see this

i asked for two tickets btw so i am gonna ask my friend to join me.

Actually it’s been almost a week i watch all ONE OK ROCK Live DVDs and then now i know for sure why people say Acid Black Cherry or L’arc~en~Ciel as Visual-Keiband no matter what. I remember i read about HYDE sayin how L’arc~en~Ciel is still considered as Visual-Kei band because they use some outfit and make up on stage.

Watching ONE OK ROCK Live DVD surprised me for the first time, all this time i only listen to them without bother to watch their DVD or Live Performance even i have their last Live in Yokohama Arena as MP3 file.

Then on my fist time got ONE OK ROCK visually i was like

heee, they will only like that ….?

i mean with only simple jeans and shirt with no special outfit or Visual-Kei make up. That’s kinda new for me with my limited band/artist to watch Live on Stage.

compared to that Acid Black Cherry who even had a Visual-Kei secret make talk up on Erect Live MC. That’s so way far differently.

But again Visual-Kei or not, it is still the same Acid Black Cherry for me.

because my 1st time found out about Acid Black Cherry was not by DVD or Live Performances btw (i am not talking about Janne’s Live DVD ne). It was also from only sounds first because i didn’t have much access to internet to get

yasu      :     get ….
noi         :     get the access ne …
yasu      :     in other way is ..
noi        :      Okay, DL … 

and then when i start to searched and finally able to watch Acid Black Cherryvisually i love yasu more and i’d say the visual was some additional (but THE BIG one) bonus for me.

The important is still the music.

Now, when i see people/fans who doesn’t like about seeing Acid Black Cherry called as Visual Kei band i just hope they will let it go because it is still Visual Kei anyway no matter how less are the fanservis on Acid Black Cherry Live recently. …

Back to ONE OK ROCK ne,

when i watch their Live DVD i was busy to see the drummer Tomoya who is very busy with all his stuffs and sometimes kinda bothered by his hair but then when he lookUP and smilin, i was like  ….

きゃー ….. !!!  *falling down with London Brigde*

And also i love how the vocalist Taka move his hand when he is singing like this …

back to the itinerary next is …

3.  Day 3 (Tokyo) 

May 29th, is the Live Day so i will be in Budokan.

But because i already bought the GOODS on May 27th so i suppose i am not gonna be there in the morning like the previous Erect Live i went to Yoyogi at 08:00 AMwhile the Live started at 18:00 PM 

not this time,

I will go around Shinjuku in the morning,

to find  the scene where Jacky Chan did his 1st murder in the movie on Shinjuku Incident. Dun worry i did some research about that and wish me luck to go be able go back to Budokan straight from Shinjuku …

Ah ya, i have to find out the route go to Budokan from that Jacky scene in Shinjukune …. *noted*

yasu     :     not again noi_chan,
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you said you already forgive him
noi        :     yes, i forgive but not forget …

then Day 4 i suppose this is my last day in Tokyo and then move to Osaka. I’ll think about this again and write it on the next post.

Aaand by the way busway everyone …

blimey, maybe i watch too much ONE OK ROCK DVD then suddenly 3 days ago i wanna hair like Taka ne. Like this one on This is My Budokan Live  

I suppose if i don’t brush my hair about a week i think my hair is gonna look like that, but Yukki said that’s not a good idea. She said …

Hair like Yasunori is good but like Taka is not a good idea. Ah i always love whenYukki wrote yasu complete as Yasunori … xD

でも ね、, Taka he is kinda cute  …. ha ha ha 

yasu     :    every guy is cute in your eyes now …
noi        :    hee of course not …
yasu     :    so why don’t you have a hair like your 
Captain he is also cute
noi        :   heee like 
Captain Rogers ? ,,, 

~  owari~

WTH Post : 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Mr. Friday, really … ? )

Wakayama, Wakayama, ….

I dunno exactly where it is with no Google Map and i never go there, but i put  that Wakayama prefecture very well in my mind because it is special ne. So what makes Wakayama special?

because this King HYDE was born there …. !!!



noi        :    HYDEさん, stop being cute like that …
HYDE   :    can’t hear you ….
noi        :    awww ….

and also there was another fan proposal on stage then how HYDE sent a flower for yasu on 『Shangri-la』Live ~ Wakayama  make me so fuckin happy ne.

I mean i love how HYDE‘s giving attention for his fanboys, not only yasu but for others too like Mao, DAIGO, Aki … etc etc.

Aaaand this some boy named Tegoshi Yuya from NEWS just arisen …




everyone talks about that boy. I’ve seen that boy on some dorama ne …

My twitter TimeLine full of how this boy be friend_ed with HYDE (or in this case i’d rather say he is been taken by HYDE?) and he said ..

Recently I ate together with L’arc~en~Ciel‘s hyde. We have a rule of taking turns in deciding restaurant, and this time hyde took me to a restaurant with food boiled in water. So, next time I will decide.

To me, hyde is like a big brother. Last year we went snowboarding together

source  : here

so while you were busy doing your  『Shangri-la』 Tour, look he found another new fanboy eh …


yasu       :      now what, is that a …
noi          :      no, you’re not Loki and i am not Thor …  of course it’s not a mockery ..
yasu       :      then what …
noi          :      nothing, just sayin …

OK, enough about that, now i better back to  『Shangri-la』 ne, this time is …

~     『Shangri-la』Live  ~    Wakayama

『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama , it was the Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st Live  in Wakayama.

Held in Wakayama Shimin Kaikan Hall, [TEAM Acid Black Cherry] wrote it as an ultra-over-super crazy live …. xD

On every Live there’s always some local gourmet waiting for yasu in the venue.  This time in Wakayama, one of them were waiting was this …



「梅干し」/「Umeboshi」/「pickled – plum」

Umeboshi also is yasu‘s most favourite food, then continued with reading all messaged sent from fans and had some times playin instrument …



This time is YUKI‘s guitar, he is been practiced much last year. Apparently yasu‘s often play other support member’s instrument. A musician, after all figure toward instruments seriously.

on the opening MC,

he was sayin about how this is the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to have Live in Wakayama and also as personal this is also his (read : yasu) 1st time came to Wakayama. It’s not a 1st Live in a Live House, but suddenly it’s a Hall Live.

Live in the land of God ( HYDE さん) was born.


Live in Wakayama today, i will do my best … !!

sent that message to HYDE and moreover he got a flower from HYDE




he said, that was frustating for him,

since it was placed at the entrance of the venue so everyone who watch that 『Shangri-la』 Live ~ Wakayama that day seen that flower before him …

poor darling, ha ha ha …..




yasu      :     nah, that another one …
noi         :     another what …
yasu      :     so you happy now ….?
noi         :     ha ha ha …

The Question selected on The Question Corner is …

Is there any memories in a department store .. ?

and yasu answered it by tellin a story about his teeny-weeny memories ..

about him and his brother went to a department store with their mother and passed along in front of a toy shop, after that they will slipped from their mother who was still on shopping back to the toy shop and lookin at the toy sayin this is what i want

But at the end he was cryin because he didn’t get to buy it.

ah, so there’s that kind of memories on yasu ne.

I thought i was the only one who have that creepy childhood memories of toy shop. Because we were poor and livin in a small village so on my childhood we didn’t go to a department store often. just 1, 2 or 3 times in a year.

next is The SetList

Shangri-la』 Live 20.12.2013 Wakayama SetList
01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen
03. Pistol
04. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. yes
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
11. Shojo no Inori
12. cord name 【JUSTICE】
13. 20+∞Century Boys
14. Black Cherry (request)
15. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
16. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
17. Shangri-laOMG


i love when they put Nemuri Hime on The SetList, somehow it always make me feel …

ahh, they still put Nemuri Hime on The SetList so there’s still a chance for me to see yasu performing Nemuri Hime Live on Stage.

then, the Kewpie is …




credit  : @Yasuの女


yasuさんの大・大・大好物の「梅干し」/ yasu’s most fave 「plum」!

looks like a Red Ninja eh …. xD

so what next ….? ah ya, the PHOTOBOOK update ne.

Anyway, before i continue with the 2nd season PHOTOBOOK i think it would be better if i finished the 1st Season because i did share it partly each live in every prefecture.

yeah, there’s some parts that i skipped like the opening and cover, After Live on stage, w/ members before Live and in front of the most wanted to see and take a picture with  『Shangri-la』 Truck, now there you are …




and as a bonus, there you are with HYDE images, …


well that one is my fave ne,

because i remember how all of us (especially me) in team_yasu’s Group on Facebook talked about how we all wanted to touch that yasu‘s fake boops ne. Now i am so glad because HYDE is already did that (let’s just say for us …. xD) ne, i mean look that image above,

it was like HYDE‘s testing it, was it good enough or what ….. xD

and then say hello to this …



Wacky Sisterhood ….!!!

HYDE amazed me as La Calavera Catrina a famous image of Death in Mexico, that’s why all Mexican fans was very happy when they see HYDE as Catrina.

They said HYDE is The Best Catrina ever.

For me, i mean i am not Mexican so the only Catrina i ever see is on a cartoon or animation on telly. Then suddenly on last year’s Halloween Party, HYDE came up as Catrina …?

i’d also say HYDE is The Best Catrina i even seen ….

PS    :    don’t ask me where all of them came from, but i am sure you all already know …

now, let’s begin this my S’Pore trip memories ne. I think i better start to write it here before i forget much than before. The fact is, i started to forget a lot again recently.

What’s wrong with me …?



yasu         :     you are just getting old ne granny …
noi            :      what old? 52 is not that old ne ya_chan ..
yasu         :     then what, you need a new brain? …
noi            :     at least, that’s sounds better …

talking about old and age,

i remember there was some funny moment when i was on Universal Studio. That time me and my companion Ayu, we were still in line to wait for our turn to get that Dinosaurs Ride in the Jurassic Park.





There was a group of teacher from Tamil, India and one of them talked to us. Her name is Gita Laksmi, she is a Tamil language teacher in Tamil.

Tamil, litterally The Land of Tamils or Tamil Country is one of 28 states of India. It lies in the southernmost part of Indian Peninsula. It official language is Tamil, which holds a status of being a classical language.

We talked about lots of things, she explained to us where is Tamil, in which part of India Tamil is, their school, students, teacher fellows and Tamil language it self, … etc etc and then …

she asked    :    how old you are, Noi …?
me                :    i am 52 …
she               :    reallky? i thought you were only 19 or at least 22 years old ..
me                :    OMG OMG …. *couldn’t stop laughing*

then i was like  ….

OMG this cream that i put on my face is so good or it’s time for her to change/upgrade her eyeglasses?

i mean 19, 20 … 22 really ….?



yasu           :      uso, there’s no way she is gonna say that …
noi              :      but she did ya_san, trust me …
yasu           :      then something is wrong with the eyeglasses …
noi              :      yeah, whatever but It was a very nice talks btw,

i mean she is a teacher ne,

so you all imagine yourself how was it to talk to a teacher, even she is not my teacher still i feel the same feeling that i always have when i am talking to my teacher. so yeah, i keep my language and choose words that i am gonna say carefully …

eeeh, i should back to the beginning ne, OK, let’s move back and there you are …


~     My S’Pore Trip Report ~  Part 1


It started on January 10th, i just accidentally joined it on some travelling blog i found on internet.

my mom was still in Mecca.

I don’t understand very well what happened, but she is the one who supposed to be at home on January 2nd but she said she will stay there longer  and will be back on January 11th. So i just sent her a text message

Ma, I am going to Singapore tomorrow with my friends. Bye …

Somehow it seemed so wrong at the beginning and now it feels so right, because she didn’t say anything to make me cancel my trip with 1,000,000 reason in her mind?

that’s AWESOME …!!!

I ran away from office at 13:00 PM and start my journey with a bus to Semarang at 15:00 PM to catch my night flight to Jakarta at 20:40 PM.

Arrived at Semarang bus terminal at 17:30 PM and went to airport with a taxi.

There was a very bad traffic jam that day. So it change the regular 15 minutes ride with taxi from bus terminal to airport became 1 hour and 10 minutes ride. What a very long and expensive ne, because i paid almost 100,000 IDR (10 USD) for my taxi.

At the airport,

looked for money changer to change money first. That day I got 9,850 IDR for 1 SGD, so for 300 SGD i paid about 3,005,000 IDR to the seller.

That’s was such a pain in my wallet ass ne …

Checked – in, got my boarding pass and again and again i have to wait another 1 and a half hour for my flight to Jakarta, because they (the woman who announced it) said that they had to delay my flight for some bad weather reason.

On the waiting room,

i waited in some cafe and ordered some snacks because i was hungry that time, ah ya i always hungry ne and especially when i had to wait like that time situation i feel more hungry than how i use to feel hungry.

Ordered some snacks,




and then suddenly there was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old with a hair like Dora The Explorer suddenly hug me and nonstop callin me auntie, auntie.

I was like  …

eeh, what the hell is happen, who are you and where is your mother …?

she didn’t listen to my question and still hugging me while open her mouth and said

look auntie, i eat chicken nugget …. !!!

ewww that’s not good ne, i really want to say to her …

hello child, don’t you see i am eating now? stop doing that ….

but suddenly she ran away to her babysitter and then 1 minute later came back to me, hug me and open her mouth again while sayin

look auntie, i eat sausage …. !!!

she did that about 4 times, so can you imagine that i have to watch her open her mouth and see all she had for dinner that day from chicken, tofu, sausage and spinach …  #ewww .

Then i looked around to find where the hell is her mother, i see a woman who call Nay, Nay, come here but still nonstop do whatever she did with her Blackberry while in the other direction i see her babysitter was busy with her dinner pack

What just happened here?

i mean why did they just let a little child running away there and there like that in a public place like an airport waiting room? don’t they scare if they might lost their child , and also …

that child just annoyed me ne.

What am i supposed to say to a 3 or 4 years old little girl who suddenly gave me a hug and show me all her dinner inside her mouth, all i can say was nothing but …

Good child, Good  …

and smiling like she was something that will stick on me and i will never able to make her go away from me. See i am not good with children, the fact is i dunno what do i have to do with children.

I love baby, yes baby is adorable but children …..?

Finally they called me to boarding because my plane is ready to take me to Jakarta. I’d say saved by the announcement eh, i said bye bye to her but she kept askin me

auntie, where do you want to go? stay with me … etc etc

she said another more that i can’t understand. I feel sorry for her, because she looked like she wanted to cry, so i came near her and said to her …

Good bye child, do come to me when you are over 10 years old OK ….. !!!

then i can’t believe how she smiled after i said that and say

bye auntieeee …..

in a very loud voice. Ah, there must be some vitamins or special formulas on her dinner or milk ne because she is a very energetic little girl that i ever meet …

One hour flight, then i arrived in Jakarta International Airport ~  Soekarno Hatta, and as always i had to spent one night here in this terminal building because my flight to S’Pore was scheduled in the next 07:00 AM in the morning.

The team leader for this trip, Boma he was kind worried about me being alone and have to spent a whole night inside the terminal building. He offered to wait together.

But when i told him  i am OK like this, because spent a whole night in the terminal before leaving abroad is a must for me, he leaved me and go to Terminal 3 where his flight is gonna be

Apparently i am the only one person from all 8 peoples in this tour who had to be in the different flight. All of them were in Terminal 3 while me in The Terminal 2.

What the hell is that …?

A whole night in Terminal 2 was hell, i couldn’t even get some short sleep ne. There is no comfort seat like in Terminal 3 where i can sleep quite well. I bring my pillow, but that was useless ….




At 05:00 AM in the morning they finally open the gate to go to the waiting room. Walked like a zombie to the waiting room,

yes, that’s me The Zombie …. !!!

i can’t even open my eyes ne it feels like there’s someone put a super glue there. All i want just go inside the plane and get some sleep until arrive in Singapore.

Got inside the plane, i put on my pillow and then fell asleep. I woke up about 10 minutes before landing ne, then i loved how it was so fast process. Smooth boarding, weather, me sleeping on a jet plane and then a very smooth landing.

This pilot from TigerAir must be very good ne …

Arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore, got my self on  a line of immigration check then i realized that there was something different of me with other people around me. I saw them with a white paper with Welcome to Singapore written there …

OMG that’s the Immigration Paper … !!!

I didn’t have that, nobody gave me on the airplane. Eh, or is that because i was sleeping for the whole flight from Jakarta – Singapore so i missed the time when they gave an immigration paper to all the passenger …?

I almost reach my turn, then i slipped out from the line to find an immigration paper for myself. Why the hell i was sleeping ne, i mean all that 1 hour and 20 minutes flight i did nothing but sleeping …?

waw, that’s a record ne …. #yay …!!!!

finally i got my self an immigration paper then smoothly checked by a not sweet and kind immigration officer. I suppose they have to be that way right.

I mean as what Dr. Lightman (you know on Lie to Me , the telly series) it’s a normal people who works in custom immigration … etc etc to act like that since that’s how a livin Lie Detector is …

Then done with immigration checking,

i waited and couldn’t wait to see who and how are my travelling companions. I had to wait until Boma came to find me because me and them were landing in the same Terminal 2 but different immigration check point. …

i waited and waited, then finally i meet them all, there they are …




two of them are from Palu, then one from Bengkulu and there’s also a nice and sweet couple from Jakarta plus me the Alien from Mars, i think that’s a quite nice combination for a Group Travelling.

We introduced our self each other  and go to the Sky Train station than will bring us to Terminal 3 ~ Changi Airport because we were going to get some meal time together on a food court there.

Then after that continued with all of us bought an Ez Link card like this …



that will help us to be more mobile … xD

that card is the same as Suica card in Japan, which you can use it to pay whenever you go with train, bus or even pay your meal or snack in 7/11.

Boma, also teach how to top up the card to all tour member because …

Actually the main purpose of this tour is to teach all the member that taveling aboard is not that scary, and we can have some fun, even yeah there’s a change for us to get lost but the important thing is how to make the tour member know how to survive traveling alone and able to be a guide for their own family/friend if they might want to come to Singapore again.


Finished with that,

we all went to MRT station , learning how to read Singapore MRT System map and find a way to our hotel in Geylang Avenue. According to the map, this is the route that we had to take.

Follow the green line from  …

Changi Airport —> Expo —> Tanah Merah (change train there) continued to  —>  Bedok —> Kembangan —> Paya Lebar —> Aljuneid (we stop here)

and continued it by walking almost 4 bloks from station to the hotel.

Eh God, that’s quite a long walking eh, my legs hurt so bad and all i want to do is nothing but jump of to my bed and get some sleep. It was a really long and tiresome trip ne, but finally we’re all arrived in Singapore

well, i’ll continue with the 2nd part on the next post ne …

These day, seems like everyone around me bought something new. For example  …

~    Teki with her new phone, that keeps her busy dealing with LINE, BBM and other things inside it that i don’t even get what that all for, …
~    One of my office_mate with her new tractor for her land. She is the land_lady btw, so yeah this year she upgraded her 2 cows with one brand new tractor, …
~    My boss with his new cars and phone and 2 days ago, for me  it was like  …

him      :    look, that’s our new car …
me       :    shit …
him      :    hey, new phone …
me       :    bloody hell …

sorry about my language,

but hey that phone is the same Samsung GALAXY Note that Diego Bunuel (from Don’t Tell My Mother on Nat Geo Adventure) use ne, you know they put the ad. on telly and i want that.

But then i said to him …




Look, my new photo with HYDE …. !!!!

then nothing but silence, ha ha i love when i made them in silence like that.

Helen helped me with that. She is good, isn’t she?

As you know i know nothing about Photoshop, Sotoshop or any other things ended with … shop (but i know shopping and and i am really good at shopping ne … xD).

yeah, it is fake but it makes me so fuckin happy ne.


because i do have lots of photo of HYDE, but photo of me? i don’t have it a lot because i am not that good in the camera.  That’s why i feel weird when there was someone who wanted to see more photos of me …


yasu      :     no way, that’s impossible …
noi         :     but that’s true ne ya_san, somebody did …
yasu      :     the one who dumped you and made you cried like a river  …
noi         :     no, it wasn’t like that
yasu      :     as you say then …

Then whenever i made or have a quite nice and photo of me that i can do (read : ask someone to do) with it, then i will start to find any photo of HYDE that will match to put next to me, like that. So yeah …

I am So fuckin happy ….. !!!

but something happened yesterday, it seems like not only Jim Moriarty who announced his came back at the end of SHERLOCK Season 3, Eps 3 but look who is suddenly came back here and hit me again …

It’s Mr. Friday, he runs for member of House of Representatives this year …. !!!

can you imagine that, now there is a poster with his photo everywhere in here. Every morning i will see 4 poster of him on every crossing i pass on my walking in the morning to the bus terminal.

What the hell is this, why nobody tell me about this?

I really dunno anything about him, i never thought that he is in politics like this, but look now he runs for House of Representatives members this year with some campaign for his run? The election will be held on April 9th, OMG that’s my birthday and his poster will be everywhere from now on ….

What should i do now …..




yasu       :      hey, that’s not the perfect question ne …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      you should ask :  Will you vote for him or not …?
noi          :      ah ya, i’ll think about that later. Nee ya_san do tell me why i am so miserable like this …?

教えてください …. !!!

yasu      :       i don’t know …