Black Post : Project 『Shangri-la』 5th Season … (Another me, yasu,HYDE and HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013)


5th Season, The Finale Season of Project 『Shangri-la』  …!!!


5th Season ~ Shikoku and Kyusu – Okinawa tour~

Ehime ~ Saijo-shi General Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Tokushima ~  Naruto Cultural Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kochi ~  Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall – Orange Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain18:30

Kagawa ~ Sunport Hall Takamatsu – Main Hall
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

Oita ~ Beppu B-Con Plaza Philharmonia Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain18:30

Nagasaki ~ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium
Open 17:00 /Curtain 18:00

Saga ~ Saga-shi City Center
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Fukuoka ~ Fukuoka Sun Palace
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Kumamoto ~ City Center, Sojo University Hall
Open 17:30 /Curtain 18:30

Miyazaki ~  Medikit Cultural Center – Theatre Hall
Open 18:00 / Curtain 18:30

Kagoshima ~ Baoshan Hall
Open 17:30 / Curtain 18:30

Okinawa Okinawa Convention Theater
Open 17:00 / Curtain 18:00

By the end of April, Project 『Shangri-la』 is gonna end. What a long time project eh, and …

then what next after this project ….?

yasu       :    why should i tell you, who are you …?
noi          :    I am Inspector Himura now …
yasu       :    so this is an interrogation? …

noi          :    yes, you do answer me now ..
yasu       :     eeh chotto you’re the Inpector while me ..
noi          :    you are Officer Hayashi, see new pairing —>
Inspector Himura and Officer Hayashi …#SoSweet
yasu       :    Ok, that’s funny … *leavin*

well, i think i better stop wondering too much now. I better enjoy this Project 『Shangri-la』 , waiting for the new singles to come and a free trip to all over Japan via yasu and his team there …

Let’s talking about 『Shangri-la』, 『Shangri-la』, and 『Shangri-la』  and  now you all better look at this ne …

~  『Shangri-la』 Photobook (Cover?) Posted on CDJapan

CDJapan posted that on their pre-order site for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 Photobook. The release date is getting closer eh …..



I can’t wait mine to arrive, and look at that cover, that dark green color there with some blurry green image of yasu standing there on stage. I say, that’s totally awesome ne.

And as always yasu, my one and only Mind Blowing Man blown me away. This time he is blown me away to Asgard with  ….

Who else but LOKI ….?

as what my friend Levvy said to me, i watch LOKI too much recently then get LOK_ed. I can’t stop laughed when i see Tom Hiddleston on this SNL Korea video

I can’t believe he can dance like that, and say Hello my name is Tom Hiddleston and i play LOKI ….  and before he finished that, that granny scream ROKII …. !!! … ect etc and grab his nipples like that…

what a wacky granny eh … xD .

Anyway, he was in Korea to for Thor 2 …  And talking about Thor 2, i made me scream LOKIIIIII… !!! like a wacky person inside cinema when i saw this Thor 2 Trailer  ..

on the BIG screen together with Tekki. The couple sit behind me said shhttt, be quiet …!!! to me. Then i have to say sorry to them, but then i did it again when Thor 2 Trailer was on my telly screen.

it shoud be a movie marathon last Sunday.

1st is Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips then Sandra Bullock and George Clooney‘s Gravity. But too bad because i spent too much time in the salon do something with my hair i skipped Tom Hanks so i only watch Gravity.

can’t you believe that? OMG i skipped Tom Hanks ne.

Gravity is a great lost in space movie,

i mean how they can compose a simple/not complicated story, make us stay and watch a movie with only 2 and maybe 3 person there involved, and make us happy and sad then say …

Heee, he really died …?

when Dr. Stone (Bullock) is awake from her short sleep inside the Rusian space ship after confused how to operate that ship to go back to earth.


As always, Sandy did her great job ( Sandra Bullock, I always admire her as one of my America’s Sweetheart together with Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts) as Dr. Ryan Stone a brilliant NASA specialist who choose to be up there because how quite is there.

Somehow Sandy is always perfect for a role like this. Remember how she is on SPEED as Annie with Keau Reeves?. Sure you will see some similar thing between Annie and Dr. Stone‘s character now.

a woman who is forced to do something on an SOS situation while no one around her to help. So whether she want it or not, she has to deal with her fear, sadness and panic all gather inside her …


then George Clooney, ah ….

what should i say about him but awesome and adorable. Ah yes just like how i love 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, i love grown up man … ha ha ha ..xD

eeh should i say adult here  … ?

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, the commander of the team. A veteran astronaut who love to tell a story about him to all people next to him no matter they want to listen it or not.

With this movie, with his character Clooney show me how brilliant is a NASA astronout should be ne. Be calm in no matter what situation and always have B,C,D, …. till Z plan just in case anything goes wrong on the mission and able to find a way to back to earth…

yasu     :     noi_chan …
noi        :     ups sorry, too movie eh …
yasu     :     then hurry finish this post
noi        :     OK, OK …

so what next, ah  …

~   「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」

that’s a flyer of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 single, posted by BUZZROCK Radio on their Twitter two days ago.

Looks glamorous isn’t it ..?

and finally 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 revealed all the bonuses for this single on this Official Ameblo post

1.  w/ The Original Other Jacket for Halloween Party Venue Only ..

Halloween Cover

they said it as venue only so you can only buy this at the venue of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013. Then since there’s no ABC’s HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year, they only posted this hair accessory with a new image with yasu


i suppose the w/ The Original Other Jacket Edition of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」  is the HALLOWEEN PARTY Goods this year and i am sure that’s already up on some auctions … xD

2.  B2 Poster for nation wide CD stores bonus  ….

shop poster

CD Japan added that poster to give as a bonus on their pre_order site for 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」, so …. #yay …!!!

3.  B3 Poster for FanClub Edition   ….

~  Original Clear Poster A (B3 size) for CD + DVD edition

w dvd poster

and ..

~  Original Clear Poster B (B3 size) for CD Only edition

cd only poster

4.  Mini Clear File for Mobile FanClub Edition   ….

mini clear file

5.  Sticker bonus for mu-mo edition    ….


Sticker and Mini Clear File, that’s what i am gonna get. Now here i am stuggling here to say no to that dazzing poster from FC editions there. It’s really hard and then all of those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s pretty face make it harder …

Oh God,

i can’t believe how dare they did that ne. I mean put all those SAMPLE words all over yasu‘s face like that. It hurt for me as a fangirl to hee how it seems like all those SAMPLE words slapped yasu‘s pretty face …

Poor ya_san, that must be hurt eh …


yasu     :    what did you say …
noi        :    and i am sorry i can’t do any photoshop or sotoshop to erase it ..
yasu     :    then what can you do …?
noi        :    all i can do is eat the soto … (PS :
soto is a popular traditional dish from Indonesia )
yasu     :    …. *taking breath*

then after the flyer, bonuses and poster,  for all of you who share the same sexcited about this 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 song, there you are the ..

~  From Listening Lyrics of 「黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~」 …
黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat ~ Acid Black Cherry

目を細めて um チェリーにkiss

仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

あんたなんかキライ!× ∞
捨てられたって 噛み締めた
そのおかげ 私 今があるの


許しはしないけど 謝んなさい


仕留めた男の数 覚えてない

credit to : 闇Rodem@meblo

Otoko mo neon mo furikaeru
Uwasa no neko tte watashinokoto
Aitsu shikomi no kuchibiru de
Watashi wa yoru o teniireta

Nagai kami o kakiagete
Sukoshi uwamedzukai
Me o hosomete um cherī ni kiss
Madamada koe dasanaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no kasū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan machi wa
DonDon watashi o someru

Anta nanka kirai ra rai rai !
Sōitte naiteita 6-nen (roku-nen) mae
Furufurare mata sasowa re
Suterareta tte kamishimeta
Yoru no machi ga mabushikute
Mahō ga toketa mitai
Gokai shinaide
Urande nankanai
Sono okage watashi ima ga aru no

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō awarena sute neko nante yoba senai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Mite yo mabushiidesho
Nigashita sakana wa nanida kke?
Yurushi wa shinaikedo ayaman nasai
Yada bakane
Hon kinishinaide

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Mō kainarasa reta neko nanka janai
Kirakira hikaru hitomi no neon wa
DanDan tsuyoku
DonDon watashi o ika seru

Watashi wa kuro neko
U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪ U~ēo ♪ u~ēo ♪
Shitometa otoko no sū oboetenai
Kamisama datte nan datte
Ika sete miseru
DanDan watashi
DonDon kireininaru no

What a Splendid song, isn’t it ….?

a song that’s a bit hard for me to ignore, especially when yasu start to sing the

ウェーオ♪ウェーオ♪ ….. eh God, what should i say but ..
OKE OKE you are The Black Cat,  ….. xD

noi       :     but ya_san,  you are still Blonde ne ….
yasu    :     then what …?
noi       :    nothing ..
yasu    :     don’t start again noi_chan …
noi       :    i won’t

and …

PS :  thank you for some of team_yasu members (you all know who you are) for the corrections, and if you want some early translation you can go

here <—  to check English translation there because Shido Tennouji Nck-cm (from Acid Black Cherry Philipines) already did that … and
here <—  for French translation by Acid Black Cherry Frech Street Team

So yes,

it’s not the Official Lyrics yet but since i am over way sexcited about this song, it makes me busy until today tryin to sing it and keep my self from left away behind from yasu‘s fast and flirty way of singing this song …

next it …

~   yasu on 「夢チカ18」/「yumechika 18」

it’s a show on a local telly in Hokkaido, he looks pretty ne with that Union Jack shirt …

~    HALLOWEEN PARTY 2013 – Day 2

for the 2nd day of HALLOWEEN PARTY , HYDE was cosplaying with a Mexican Costume which is make all the Mexican fans totally happy …


while DAIGO as AMA_CHAN, ..


as he posted on his Instagram , anis as The HUGE Red Riddinghood


then yasu, after show his sexy shoulder …


yasu was so pretty in that lolita costume and sure complete with the boops . Finally there was no another yasu as Dracula on HALLOWEEN PARTY again …. #haha.

and thanks to Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club i can see the video ne in here …


then on The after Live



PS   :    just click the images and it will bring you to the Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club Facebook video

and of course a very HUGE credit for all Vampaddict  Mexico – Unofficial Fan Club staffs for the GREAT job they did because i know it is not easy to record videos from nico nico

and then the day before yesterday, anis posted this photo from his Instagram

My buddies! 楽しかったわよー。 #‎vamps‬ ‪#‎halloween‬ ‪#‎party‬ ‪#‎Yasu‬ ‪#‎Aki

OMG i never immagine if anis is that tall ne, …

now i can’t wait for her, eh i mean him (why did i always want to write anis as her ..? xD) to post a photo of him, HYDE and yasu with their costume of  the 2nd Day HALLOWEEN PARTY, a more clear version than this ..


Sure, That would be a Wacky Sisterhood Picture ….xD

now my BIG question of today :  Why the hell i am so lazy these days …. ?

it felt like i lost all my energy, everday after works i won’t do anything but sleep, like last night. I wanted to finish subbing video Erect Live MCs but i was too sleepy then fell asleep in seconds.

Because i only finished this Part 1, …

I’ll finish this as soon as i can …. *crossfingers*.

Then at 09:00 PM my boss call me to ask some stupid question, eh why can’t he leave me alone …? suddenly  thanks to this CNBLUE song ~ Monday, i got an idea, maybe i can stop being lazy if i can get a time machine,…

…♪♪ … I wanna make a time machine
So I can go anywhere I wanna go, I’ll never be lazy
I wanna make a time machine
And I do anything I wanna do, I’ll never be lazy

All the time …. …♪♪ …


noi       :    a time machine, OK …
yasu    :    why me …?
noi       :    you are the idol ne, not me …
yasu    :    and that’s not gonna work on you ne  ..


Waa .. Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting&Live ~ Yamanashi .. (another me, yasu and 黒猫 ~ Adult Black Cat ~)


Finally it’s Saturday and ….

when today is over, there you are my day_off is comin to me. Oh, i am so exhausted now, need a refreshment to recharge this whatsoever battery might be installed in me.

have i told you how much i love Saturday ..?

yasu      :     yes, you have …
noi         :     then can i tell you again …?
yasu      :     no, no no re_post …
noi         :     why …?
yasu      :     that’s boring …

time is running very slow now here at my office plus how my boss mad today because how BIG is our electricity bills for this month make it more slow that it use to be.

i just wanna go home and listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single because today there’s somebody who already share the radio rip from Radian show last night.


watch the streaming in here or DL the MP3 in here ..

I say, Whhaaawww ….. !!!

that’s an awesomely splendid song ne, i didn’t imagine it’s gonna be splendid like this. I mean it sounds wild, catchy and flirty at the same time.

After all no matter how busy is he right now, yasu is still brilliant as he is …

I read someone say this and the 2nd version of Black Cherry , then i am with him ne. Because that’s so true. just listen again and catch the jazz … #waw

i say what a Black Cat day is today ne,

since today is the day when i finally listen to this Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat ~ single then suddenly like a MAGIC there’s somebody far away from Japan is mad like a Black Cat to me …  #awww … *got slapped*

i better stop talking before i talk too much and as you all know, too much is never be good, so let’s start this  『Shangri-la』 Meeting & Live ~ Yamanashi post …

~    Meeting  ~   Yamanashi

the meeting was held in  Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture and 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrote interaction with everyone in Yamanashi as a cozy meeting.

Acid Black Cherry came to  on 2011 Free Live and now for the 1st time come again there as a national tour.

learned about Yamanashi‘s specialtys on the Public Recording like 「ほうとう」/「Hoto」 and of course grape then also memories about this Project 『Shangri-la』 and  as always 『Greed Greed Greed』 single talk …


and as what said in here —> , FM FUJI  broadcasted the Public Recording OA tonight 23:00 ~ 24:00 JST


hope someone will record it … #wish

~    Live   ~   Yamanashi

it was held in Korani Culturall Hall, Kofu_shi, Yamanashi prefecture. Kofu_shi city of Yukari and Takeda Shingen. at the venue, this Hot Meal menu already waiting


「ほうとう」/「hōtō」 :  this is a popular dish of Yamanashi prefecture, even it’s the signature dish there. It’s a flat udon noodles and vegetables stew in miso soup.
「鳥のもつ煮」/「tori no motsuni」 :  stewed chicken offal and this dish acquired the grand prix in B class gourmet grand prix of Japan.
「せいだのたまじ」/「sei dano tamaji」 :  Is a dish that was boiled in miso potatoes …

eeehh, am i in the culinary class now …?


yasu     :    cooking class, you …?
noi        :    i feel like i am in the cooking class ..
yasu     :    there’s no spot for eater there ..
noi        :    i’ll cook fist, then eat ..

i think soon this 『Shangri-la』 Project is over my knowledge about Japanese local food added as well, thanks to yasu. All this time i only know common dishes like sushi, miso, ramen, okonimoyaki and tako …. xD

reading all messages via twitter and Janne Mobile FC after meal while make up ….


then on The Question Corner, the theme is Teacher’s Day and question selected  is


「Memories of teacher」

yasu‘s answer is about how he learned to speak while lookin at  people’s eyes (people whom he is speaking to, i suppose ..) from one of his teacher

next is the SetList

1. I’m not a ghost
2. Rakuen
3. Pistol
4. Tsumi to batsu ~ kamisama no alibi
5. Scar
6. Greed Greed Greed
7. Nemuri Hime
8. Yes
10. Shojo no Inori III
11. Shojo no Inori
12. Cord Name 【Justice】
13. 20 Century Boys


15. re:birth
16. Black Cherry
17. Shangri – la

and Kewpie …


yes, it’s a grape …

that’s cute ne and what is on his (i believe all the QP’s are male)  head, it looks like a hair accessories ne and that’s make that little man is more cute …

and yesterday October 18th, 2013 on Chunichi Simbun evening article , there is yasu there.  ….


The Chunichi Shimbun (中日新聞/ Chūnichi Shinbun) is a Japanese daily broadsheet newspaper published in mostly Aichi Prefecture and neighboring regions by Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd .. etc etc ~ Wikipedia ~

Tonight is the 1st day of HALLOWEEN PARTY, and today’s Kobe World Memorial Hall ~ Live is over, and for this year yama_chan allowed us to see/follow him on the backstage/after live together with HYDE, yasu, DAIGO and others via his nicovideo channel ..

i am glad finally someone share it because my net connection Capt. Slow is forever will fail for streaming site, so to all of you who can’t watch streaming like me you can watch it

here ——>>  via  Secret Signs ‘s Facebook video


aaand still about HALLOWEEN PARTY, there you are …



and the PV‘s Offshoot because i can’t embed the video you can watch it in here —->

now, i can’t wait for my HYDOLL to arrive because finally i meet someone who will buy it for me and she went to tonight’s live in Kobe World Memorial Hall.


so yes everyone, i am gonna get that  ….. xD

what a lovely Saturday is today. My fandom is so alive, HALLOWEEN PARTY is a bit open than last year thanks to yama_chan, and tomorrow is my day off. Finally after 3 weeks nonstop workin i got my day off this week ne.

Here’s what i am gonna do tomorrow …

~   go to cinema to watch Tom Hanks‘s Captain Philips because hello, this is Tom Hanks we are talking about ne ..
~   do something with my hair before there’s other person beside my mother say how i look like a person who just lost gambling because of how messy my hair is …
~   eat that broccoli and mushroom dimsum, egg rolls on that food court next to cinema, eat the new menu on Pizza Hut, eat tom yam, and some Belgian Chocolate ice cream for desert …
~   get some new shoes, bags, books, DVDs, glasses  …

aaannnddd …

yasu        :     a new brain …?
noi           :     a new boyfriend …?
yasu        :     you don’t even have an old one ..
noi           :    well let me tell you something and say
#Amin for me  ..

~  one day i am gonna be the boss for my own bussiness
so i can have day off as much as i want
and will never hate rain to fall in the morning …  #Amin  ~

yasu        :     hmmm ….


Matsu Wa Post : Monsters in The Window Display … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and WHAT’S IN 2012年11月号)

from 『WHAT’s IN?』Web , there you are for November issue the cover is ….



and here’s what happen, OMG i just can’t believe it ne when i open the pre-oreder link on CD Japan, <—- you can check it by yourself btw, it said Availability  :  Pre-Order Sold Out … oh yeah i am late again ne, as i remember i always late for this magazine on CD Japan ne, The last WHATS IN? with HYDE as the cover i also had to buy it from HMV. so for this November issue for WHAT’S IN i ordered it from HMV.

here’s the other pre-order link : HMVAmazon Jp

HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, HALLOWEEN PARTY and the ♪ La La La La … HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪ …  is just everywhere right, the euphoria has just begun months before the release day and the event itself ne.


With that unit he named as HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA sure HYDE made this year’s Halloween sounds and feel more interesting …. and now look at the upcoming WHAT’S IN cover, tell me what do you think about it? …


you all know Harry Potter ne, watch it and sure all of you know about the pictures/paintings all over the Hogwarts wall, nah as we all know all of it are not some ordinary pictures/paintings, it special and magical, see they can talk and ask Password …? to the students. For example : the Fat Lady, an opera singer in a Roman toga with a wreath on her headon, the Gryffindor guardian will ask if someone want to enter the Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory

that WHAT’S IN cover for me it gave me the same thing ne, the diefferent is in this cover it looks like all of them, the monster/ghost or whatever you may named it defferently are waiting from their own frames  ….

waiting for what ?



of course waiting for the HALLOWEEN night to come, the night where they all can be free to go and hunt all of you (not me, btw because i am save , or not lucky? here in Bahama 221B) and none of them want gonna come here and catch me no matter how much candy, donut and jellybeans i have and i want the GRIMM and The Boss Monsuta to knock in to my door at HALLOWEEN night ….


noi           :     don’t you guys ….
HYDE      :      i think i know why did she said that ….
yasu        :     she think by sayin that we can come to knock on her door ne …
HYDE      :     hai hai, you better tell her yasu_kun …
yasu        :     nee noi_chan i told you ne, just forget it …
noi           :     aish this one also didn’t work …
HYDE      :     poor noi_chan ….. *laugh*

i’ll think about something else tomorrow, but tonight i’ll just do this post. So that’s only the first thing i get, and i also saw someone make it like this one :


that’s like an Iphone wallpaper or some image that you touch then it will bring you to some menu or something like that ne, i have no idea because i don’t have an Iphone i only have an Ipad look a like calculator so i don’t know it for sure, but i think it will looked like that if someone put it on Iphone, ah whatever …

the next one is for me it looks like all of them are in some window display, maybe on some monster/ghost store, where you can pick one or two monster/ghost ? and if something like that exist btw of course

i pick yasu and HYDE ….. ajajajajaja … *got kicked*

before my mind goes more than this and talk about something more silly than pick yasu and HYDE from a window display where i know for sure the reality is i never even see their Album CD/DVD on window display here in my country , so what the hell on earth make me think that i can see and pick yasu and HYDE themself? Oh God, forgive me i think eat a lot mango screwed my brain not only my stomach ne …

btw today is October 10th and it is pay day. One day in every month i am gonna see all of them,  All persons who work with me, work together from all division will see me once in a month in the pay day to get the salary. And today ….



yay …

i did my homework ne, i managed to mentioned all of their names. All of them with no mistake ne, Waw this is great right finally i can push my brain to remember and match all their names and face. So what i did today is smile at them, gave them their enevelopes while sayin their names and a little chit chat plus simple jokes to them. And hey it worked ne, i am not that bad to remember and i still can count on this brain to remember something else but my calculations everyday.


I did this after i finished this dorama : Rich Man, Poor Woman, at the last episode it showed how finally Hyuga_san able to mention all of his employee who work for him, all of them with no mistake. He used not able to do that and he had his something health/tend to forget someone face/name. Nah when i saw him do that, i was like if Hyuga_san can do that, why can’t i …?

people may think you watch movie or dorama just for fun or add your drama queen level on your blood by cryin like an ididot whenever your fave character died or broken_hearted. But that’s not all ne, you can find another things to learn ne, maybe you can learn and improve your language skill. Like me in my forever year on my Japanese class with my dorama list to watch.


yasu      :    forever year …? yeah right …
noi         :    someone asked me about that ne what should i say, you know i don’t join a formal class ..
yasu      :    because you don’t want to, and i am not gonna wait forever ne …
noi         :    eehh, really …
yasu      :    not for you …


i’ll think about that later ne, see that papers above, i don’t even do anything for my Visa application ne, i keep delay it again and again, i have to do this before Ied ne, i should go to Jakarta tomorrow and meetadrio_nevralka  there, she will take a day off tomorrow because tonight she is watching MIYAVI live at Hard Rock Cafe. She asked me to join her to watch that show but i said no, because i know nothing about MIYAVI, nothing at all. I think i am gonna go to Jakarta for my Visa application on Friday, i hope i can take a day off on Friday ….

back to whay i did today with my brain : so i spent my afternoon by smile (i said this one before ne ….ahahaha sorry) and watch their face and say their names : you are Zainul, you are Ikhsanuddin, you are Rusmadi, etc etc …. and …

yasu, you are my Mind Blowing Man  …… ajajajajaja …. xD


noi       :     i remember you ya_san, i do …
yasu    :     yes, you should …
noi       :     and if one day i may forget about you, it means …
yasu    :     you need  a new brain …? OMG noi_chan …
noi       :     no, it means
already late for you and your white horse to catch me
yasu    :     i don’t have a white horse, find another line ne  … @_@


HJO Post, again : I Sing Too Much ♪ La La La La …HALLOWEEN PARTY ♪ (Another me, yasu and HYDE

since i watch the PV preview, then hear the radio rip of this song HJO : HALLOWEEN PARTY from Tokyo FM over and over, now that song is all over me ne.

♪ La La La La … Let’s Trick or Treat  ♪



i know posted the lyrics on my previous post after i posted it on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook  and now when i look at it again i think adding the lyrics just made my last post not looking good enough. It became too long and the composition or what should i say about this …? ah whatever, the point is it is not good, so i edited it, and move the lyrics here.

not only that, i also made some mistakes and i just realized it now. I should not type (scream) for (悲鳴) part even it means scream but i know when i read it while listening to the song and try to sing it i shoud change it with kyaa  or whoaaa or some other scream voices ne because believe me,  this song will make you scream a lot or you may sing this song while rolling2 on you bed …. ajajajaja  … *fall from bed*

so here i am now with this post i’d like to fix it and make a smooth lyrics when i read while singing …


composed by   :   HYDE
lyrics                :   HYDE


ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

年に一度 恐ろしいパーティー
隠れてないで お菓子くれないと
ブギーマンも(悲鳴) ドラキュラもほら(悲鳴)
タンスの中(悲鳴) ベッドの下で(悲鳴)
歯を尖らせて待ーっていた 今夜はハロウィン

ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
no no!!
trick or treat
no no…

月明かりで よく見たらほら
ほんの少し 脅かすだけさ
悲鳴メロディー(悲鳴) 亡霊おどり(悲鳴)
狼男(悲鳴) ジャックオーランタン(悲鳴)
目を光らせて待ーっていた 今夜はハロウィン

こちらいらして こわくないくない
私黒猫 悲鳴はキャット

ラララ Let’s trick or treat ×2

trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
trick or treat
no no!!
trick or treat
no no…

ラララ Let’s trick or treat  ….. ×6


La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

HYDE   :    Welcome to the night ….. <—- i am not sure about this, but i think that’s it … 
Welcome to HALLOWEEN PARTY …!!!!

nen ni ichido osoroshī party
Warera ga sugata o mi ̄ seru yoru
Kakure tenaide okashi kurenaito 
     <—- this is yasu’s part …
Itazura morenaku shi ̄ chau ze          <—- yasu and DAIGO …?
Bogeyman mo (aww …) dracula mo hora (whooow …)
Mōfu kara deta ashi ga ̄ kōbutsu
Tansu no naka
(aww …) beddo no shita de (whooow …)
Ha o togara sete machi ̄ tte ita kon’ya wa HALLOWEEN ..

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

Trick or treat  …!!!
Candy, cookies, donuts dōzo …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Choco, jellybeans , pai ..
Trick or treat  …!!!
Cola, lemonade, mō nai …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Matte …
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no! !
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no… …  (kyaaaa …)

Tsukiakari de yoku mitara hora
Kage ga hitotsu ōku ̄ nai kai?
Hon’nosukoshi odokasu dake sa
Shampoo de me o tojita ̄ shunkan
Himei merodī
(aww …) bōrei odori (whooow …)
Kimi wa kyōfu ni furue teru
Ōkami otoko
(aww …) Jack O-Lantern (whooow …)
Me o hikara sete machi ̄ tte ita kon’ya wa HALLOWEEN ..

Kochira ira shite kowakunai kunai
Watashi kuro neko himei wa kyatto

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 2x

Trick or treat  …!!!
Candy, cookies, donuts dōzo …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Choco, jellybeans , pai ..
Trick or treat  …!!!
Cola, lemonade, mō nai …
Trick or treat  …!!!
Matte …
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no! !
Trick or treat  …!!!
No no… …  (kyaaaa …)

La La La La La La …..  Let’s Trick or Treat …. 6x

So here i am again and again sing or repeat that words even there will be no HALLOWEEN PARTY, and such things like Trick or Treat here in my hometown i live up on the mountain btw so i think that would be too far for HALLOWEEN monsuta to come by no matter how much candy, choco, donut and jellybeans i have on my secret storage …


noi       :     so ya_san, you better not forget to knock on my door on Halloween night, OK …
yasu    :     what if i forget  …
noi       :     then i’ll eat that candy, choco, donut and jellybeans by myself …
yasu    :     Oh God ….
noi       :     i am a professional eater btw, and someday i will get pay just for eat something  …
yasu    :     aahh whatever  …

HYDE planned this song as 「みんなで歌える曲を」, a song that everyone can sing. There’s no boundary for who can sing and enjoy this song. and yes as always he did it. The song, the lyrics everyone can sing it all of us, child, teenager or even old man/woman.


I told you ne, no matter what HYDE is genius. And now he is on his very2 best time of his life as a musician. He is on top now. My King HYDE now is The Boss Monsuta for this HALLOWEEN,  a success World Tour spread the rainbow all over the world with L’arc_en_Ciel  and also his solo project VAMPS, and now this HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA. It seems like didn’t work kinda love to skip him.

Halloween not start yet, but the euphoria is already killing me with so many things in my mind especially for the full version PV ne. But don’t worry, we all can see it soon because 「JAPAN COUNTDOWN」 updated their Official Site about they will broadcast HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA/「HALLOWEEN PARTY」 Full PV on 2012/10/7, I am sure there will be lot’s of people gonna share it ne, …

Because things related to HYDE/VAMPS/L’arc_en_Ciel is alwasy updated fast, it’s different with Acid Black Cherry ne, like now i am still waiting for someone who will be so kind to share Acid Black Cherry Re:Birth and イエス part from Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD from SSTV yesterday. but what i get is just something from camera phone … #ewww


noi        :      nee ya_san, tell me something …
yasu     :      what…
noi        :      did you buy that HALLOWEEN costume with that cute face as a bonus …?
yasu     :      not funny, and i think this post should be end now noi_chan …