Spoiler Post : LIVE DVD Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 …. (Another me, yasu and MY Heart Beat)

i knew it, i knew it always like this ne. Acid Black Channel upload the preview (or should i call this as The Final HQ Spoiler  for the upcoming LIve DVD 『2012』 …?)

on this hour, this office hours … kyaaaa *drolling on my desk*

see this is what happen when you like me, a very busy .… ahahaha … *got slapped* private fangirl. and what happen now is here i am get rid all my works and papers from my desk and then do nothing but watching the video above over and over again , smiling like this is the fist day i am allowed to smile freely and ignore all what my muggle_office mate talks.


ignore ….

i think my fave part is gonna be Cho, i mean look at that spider web from laser light, It looks like all over yasu and wrapped him with red light ….



and of course i really want to see Cherry – Cherry part, i want to see him jumping, move his body on so … Good Night because they (all of them who went to see this live) said yasu make a sexy dance on that song, the acoustic version of Fuyu no Maboroshi , the photobook bonus, of shoot ….

and ….

cc : the-nameless-liberty

aha yay that’s my fave part from all Acid Black Cherry live DVD, is when he open his shirt and let all of us to take a look on his six pack : 1,2,3,4,5,6 ….  yup that’s six …

The Official Website also announced  Blu-ray version of Live DVD for




~     『2012』 Live
Price: ¥7000 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV I Yesasia

~     2010 Re: Birth Live  -Osaka-Jo Hall-
Price: ¥6200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

~     2010 Re: Birth Live  -Yokohama ARENA-
Price: ¥6200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

~     QED Tour 2009 Live
Price: ¥7200 (tax-in)
Pre-order : CDJapan I HMV

now i just want to see it all of it a.s.a.p.  …



noi         :     call 911 ya_san, my heart beat fast …
yasu      :     that’s normal, you just ger excited ..
noi         :     no, this is too fast ne …
yasu      :     don’t be such a drama queen ne …

waiting and get bored that’s what i am doing know, because there’s only me, yasu and this excitement inside of me, that can’t wait any longer to see the DVD. Oh God, how many days again to 2012.10.17 …. *look at my calendar*

eeeh still another 22 days more ….?


yasu      :    be quite and do what you should do noi_chan, wait …
noi         :    do something to make October 17th come fast …
yasu      :    hey fangirl, do i look like Doraemon to you …?
noi         :    of course not …


Friday Post : 『M』 and 『S』 , new pairing ? …. (Another me, yasu and Sadako)

look at this one …

nah what do you think when you look at that image above ….? familiar to something? ….

for me, somehow i remember hyde but i am not sure what is the something connect it to hyde  beside the idol-fanboy connection between them (read : hyde and yasu). and the when i posted the image on my tumblr , someone re_blogged  it and added a comment (ah what do we call a comment on tumblr?) with

The font is Same as Vamps Sweet Dreams Photobook!

ah ya, Vamps Sweet Dreams Photobook, how can be so hard for me to remember this ne, Tekki bought the Photobook, it’s a little book … but what inside it is more than that,

even i only saw this once when it arrived, but I like this Photobook, maybe because for me in this Photobook (at the Sweet Dreams era) hyde‘s hair is my fave from all his hairstyle, that red hair just make him more sexy and don’t forget about the song itself …



Sweet Dreams – VAMPS



次の街へと向かう いつの間にか遠くまで
心の隙間を激しい音で埋めていって 眠りに着くんだ



こんな日々を過ごして来たよ 離れても感じてる
一人になったら君を想い話しかける もう寝たかな?






Tsugi no machi e to mukau itsu no ma ni ka tooku made
Kokoro no sukima wo hageshii oto de umete itte nemuri ni tsukunda



Konna hibi wo sugoshite kitayo hanaretemo kanjiteru
Hitori ni nattara kimi wo omoi hanashikakeru mou netakana?




English Translation

So beautiful
I’ve never seen that place
When the trip is over
I want to go with you

I go on ahead to the next city, until, before I know it, you’re far away.
Continually filling the hole in my heart with violent noise, I fell asleep

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

So beautiful
I’ve never known this joy
When the trip is over
I want to share with you

You know, many days like this have come and gone; even though we are apart, I’m still feeling it.
Whenever I am alone, in my thoughts I talk to you…
I wonder if you’ve already gone to sleep?

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

Good night to you!~
I always do think of you
Even when I’m far away
Were you wonderful today?
Because surely there
Will be good tomorrows
Sweet dreams~~

When I return
I won’t let you go
Sweet dreams~~

i always say how brilliant yasu is, nah for hyde i am gonna say hyde is glorious, i mean look at him, while everybody grow older he grows younger from year to year just like that, ….

and how he wrote songs that makes you feel ah i dunno what i have to say about my feeling about hyde, i think if you also love hyde you have the same feeling that i feel.  just like Glamorous Sky, Sweet Dreams is another song that proove how genius is hyde .

everytime i hear this song i feel comfort, calm (even i don’t have to call SHERLOCK) and somehow it feels like hyde tell me that everything is gonna be okay. This song is about a man who made a promise to himself to be back to her (his beloved) and how he always miss her around and non_stop thinking about her. Wondering how her day is, wish that she always has a dream, and will be good for tomorrow ….

and …..

yasu     :   and what ….
noi        :   him, you know who …
yasu     :   again, …. nee noi_chan i get bored for your rambling about him now hyde_san? …

hyde     :    then i better get some shower than listen to your story about him, whoever he is …
noi        :    but guys, i just want to be honest ne …
yasu     :    nah that’s too honest , right hyde_san ….?

hyde     :    yup …

having somebody who always think about you no matter how far he is, is a bless ne. at that time, when i hear this songfor the first time i wish he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is gonna/would thinking of me like that. and even just one time i really wanna hear him or read a text message from him saying Good night and have a Sweet Dreams . I dunno and never know whether if that time he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) already in realtionship with his Julia (now you all know why i hate a name with Julia) or not, but still i never get the message or hear him sayin that …

yasu     :   so you hate Julia because Mr. Friday choose another girl named Julia than you …?
noi        :   yes, …
yasu     :   well that’s pathetic …
noi        :   i know and that’s fine ne, because …
yasu     :   because of what, you didn’t win BAFTA?
noi        :   omo ya_san, how did you know that?
yasu     :    weird …

yes, i hate Julia, i mean i just hate that name, and i remember when there’s a girl wrote a message to me, sayin if she already read my blog (this one on LJ) for almost 1,5 years.  and i remember she said i am sorry before she told me what her name is, …. why? just because her name is Julia, ah ya she is from Russia btw. …



oke blame me for how many time i spam here  posted how i hate Julia name just because Mr. Friday married to a woman named Julia, so i feel that hate to Julia name. I dunno anything about her and honestly i don’t wanna know, so i hope for next year i am not gonna see them both at Ied day. But how can i skip Ied, see i am a muslim and Ied is our winning day after a month fasty, so how can i skip that,

I never like the Ied tradition in my family such as gathering etc etc, but more than that is i never imagine how i am gonna feel if on the next Ied (this year is gonna be on September if i am not mistake) i have to meet him and his family, see he is a father now, ….

Oh Dear God, please don’t let that happen and can you make me not at home for a week on Ied?  …

oke enough the talking about Julia, and back to this the image of yasu on 「GOOD ROCKS!」 vol 27 cover and Vamps Photobook connection.  see the same thing? ….




actually the image is from @hirosukerocks tweet, ….  he also the one who tweeted about yasu on Good Rocks TV, ah ya i think  he is the DJ ne, and he tweeted like this  ….

【RT希望】次号「GOOD ROCKS!」の表紙はAcid Black Cherryです!20ページの大特集!4月27日発売です〜!

and when i RT it with this

Oh Dear God , … RT @hirosukerocks 【RT希望】次号「GOOD ROCKS!」の表紙はAcid Black Cherryです!20ページの大特集!4月27日発売です〜!

he replied me with

@NoiHimura ありがとうございます!

see see that, now i know if somebody that i don’t follow (i better follow him ne) reply my tweet, ahahahahaha … OMG why nobody tell me about it a long time ago when i started to use twitter ne, …. so yes, this is a moving forward for me on my twitter life, ….

ah ya thanks to [info]minlilin for tellin me about this video, yasu message for fans in Taiwan related to 3rd Album 『2012』 Taiwan press release



he said he would like to do a performance in Taiwan if there’s a chance and he also mentioned about some internet message , ah the fanproject video, see i told you ne he saw that video … yay , his fave single is Chou and he is straight …. xD   ….  even if he is gay it doesn’t matter ne, i still love him no matter what …

actually i always think he is straight, and for his endless love for hyde, i think this is because of hyde and his ability to turn a straight guy into gay. … and somehow him as hyde’s number one fanboy just make me happy and i am so proud of him ne, i mean he is the role model of a fanboy who can be with his idol . that’s awesome ne….

So if there’s a question how can i be a good hyde’s fangirl/boy? the answer is look at yasu .




he always be the same hyde , the one and only. nobody would say no to him, and if you listen how he said a message to all the S’Pore fans, …. you will know what i mean



and Ken_chan, OMG what he is doing ne, ….. keep doing that, …. xD, ….

today is the day for the BUTTERFLY Premium Night at Ebisu Liquid Room, and because i don’t have the limitted pass code on the BUTTERFLY album, so i didn’t watch it, but yeah as always , i did RT on twitter ….

and OMG hyde with no braids?

credit : to all of you who tweet it on twitter, … sorry i don’t remember because i just save so many screen caps, and for the quick live report you can read it here :  http://www.facebook.com/yuiku666/posts/403112473040468 my fave is when he  jumped and dive into the audience and had to be saved like this …

that’s epic ….. and when i go to Japan, i better go there to Ebisu Liquid room, even just standing infront of it …. *make a note*

i listen to SID new single 『S』 yesterday, this one is from video ripped, and then somehow i remember this

noi         :   OMG ya_san what’s that ….
yasu      :   what is on your mind about this …?
noi         :   oke that’s M enough ne, but come on, Pink? ….
yasu      :   what about Pink ….?

this is the first time i saw him with something pink like that, and i am the one who always get use to see him on black or white and recently with red, grey and brown now saw him on Pink like that is so beyon of my imagination ne. Oke said a lot about how M he is but stil,

PINK? ….

talking about M, you know what kind of M that i am talking abou, not James Bond big boss M, but this M is, ah you know what it is, … isaw one show on my telly, it called 1,000 way to die. is there any of you saw this show? and form all 1,000 ways to die one of it was being M

on that episode told about a man who is M and he always want to go to some place to get a pleasure. He saved his money to go there. The place he was going to provide various kind of service, so whether you are M, S, they gonna make you satisfied.

nah because he is M he get a room with a girl (became the S)  in a black leather costume (ah ya just like a cat woman) with a stick to beat him. before the game is on, the girl ask him to change his cloth into the same black leather costume so they can have a hot and long lasting game. he did that and he lyin on a table while the girl hand_cuffed him and pust something on his mouth so he can do/say anything ….

but then when the girl start the game by start to beat him with her stick of course with a very sensual style (she is pro btw) suddenly he feel something is wrong with him, he can’t breath, he wanted to scream but he can’t do that, and because the loud music as backgound and how the girl is too excited get involved  as the S on their game for two that night, she didn’t notice if there’s something wrong with her client the M.

finally he died because of breathless just 15 minutes after the game start. And then the ME who did the autopsy said if he had a serious alergy to leather. so when he was on that suit you will never imagine how hurt it was for him, and yeah, maybe it’s already written on his destiny book if he is gonna die for his M ….

so this  『M』 and  『S』 as the new piring? oke we can skip that, … and yasu is right like he always do the one and only S that i can be is Sadako, i mean i can you imagine me, myself do something sadistic to him (read : yasu) Bloody hell no … talking about Sadako, look what Piko tweeted on his twitter …

he said : my wive in 3D, waw that’s scary ne ….

Sadako, Sadako, remind me to my Sadako hair, i cut it before i cut my head because with that hair, many people who saw me think how scary i am, even there’s a little boy who saw me on the meatball shop and he said : ma ma, she looks like Gumiho, what the hell …

then because yasu cut his hair and became a bob blonde like that,  so i decided to follow him and cut my hair, i want a the same hairstyle like him, but eventually the hairstylist failed to make my hair look like yasu and it became like Dora the Exploler, ….  both Sadako or Dora hairstyle that i have now needs some treatment. My hair is not 100% straight, so yes my haif has some part of it gay (read : curly) so i need Iron Man to iron it so it can be 100% straight like this ….

but last month he (read : Iron Man, not yasu) texted me if he can’t iron my hair again because he is sobusy to save the world, He said : The world need me more than you need me noi_chan, … so what can i do if he already say that, i can’t be mad at him, i mean mad to Iron Man? that’s impoosible ne.

he said he is not gonna be available for me at least until next year. so he told me to not eat too much instant noodles, and i did that, can you imagine i am the one who always loe instant noodles stop to eat that? yes, i have to dod that because i don’t want my hair turn into gay (read : curly) and also i decide to change my hairstyle from this Dora The Exploler stye

to this whatever style …

ah no that’s not a whatever style ne actually that’s because i am so lazy to do something with my hair recently and this style the ponytail one is perfect match for my lazyness …. *laugh with panda*

and good news, finally they gonna send my Acid Black Cherry 『2012』 tour GOODS, at the first time they (the proxy i use) said if the don’t get any notification about my order, and they wanted to return my money and i was like what the hell again? i mean i was not lucky with The Acid Black Christmas GOODS and now this one?

but thank God the next day they told me if they receive a notofication from the Official shop if they already send the stuffs, …. so yes, this time i am fine ne because i am gonna get this

hell yeah, i am sooo *triple o* happy …..

noi      :     nee ya_san, let me be your greatest admirer …
yasu   :     by what …?
noi      :    i’ll be  the 
『S』 if you are the   『M』, but tell me something …
yasu   :     what …
noi      :     tell me you don’t have alergic to leather like that man right? ..
yasu   :     eeh, what the…. nee noi_chan i don’t want you to be my
『S』, because i am sure the one and only 『S』 you can be is Sadako …. no, i pass
noi      :     fuihh thank God then, ….



Midnight Post : Dear Mr. Friday, Yes I Give Up …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)

Midnight Post : Dear Mr. Friday, Yes I Give Up …. (Another me, yasu and Mr. Friday)

Today was a rainy day, all day long, and as always when the rain fall my net connection is gonna be death. With no net connection what can i do?, see this is the effect of net connection on us, yes it makes everything more easy but also give us some need/addiction and we do nothing without it.


so i spent my whole day at office watch that Shangri La Edit PV over and over again while tryin  to do this Shangri La tap dance like yasuri and his gang like this :

it looks simple but it so hard to do ne, plus how i can’t stop laugh just by looking at how yasuri sing this song, …. OMG this yasu’s alter ego just so funny, ….  ah i better do this again tomorrow at office, eh but tomorrow i am off, so okay i’ll do that the day after tomorrow, it’s impossible for me doing something like this at home, you all know why, so office is better ne for my fangirling activity, ….. ohohohohoh

yasu    :    at office …? yeah right …
noi       :   but that’s true ya_san …
yasu    :    and they still pay you for that?
noi       :   ahaha yes, but they don’t know about this, and i tell you something …
yasu    :    what …
noi       :   this is what i call my KMBC activity …
yasu    :   KMBC? … don’t tell me you are gonna join girlband …
noi       :   me? of course no, KMBC is for Keep My Boss Clueless
yasu    :   hey fangirl, … that’s not good ,,,

so today i was trolling and drolling like an idiot at office. but don’t worry nobody watch this  because i did that on my own room/office so nobody see it but me, myself. even it didn’t work well at least i didn’t trolling in public like what i did on twitter 3 or 4 days ago when yasu was the guest on  FM802 l REDNIQS

that night i joined the USStream chat box and the first guest was Versailles, and because of the copyright things we can’t hear the song and i also can’t find this radio station in KeyHole. all we can hear was only the DJ talk, . I just follow all their conversation and then someone say if she (i think she is female) can hear all the song on Kiryun on his show ANN (maybe she joined it with KeyHole or use Radiko or something)

then i asked her : who is the guest on ANN ….? and i didn’t realize if what i post on that chat box is also gonna be on my twitter with hashtag #red802, …. and then the radio official twitter (maybe the DJ) re_tweet me : こらこら(笑)don’t ask that here! RT @NoiHimura: who is the guest on ANN? ….



and the worst thing is i found out about that after the show after someone that i follow on twitter re_tweeted it and i saw it on my time line, so not only the DJ who was Re_tweet my stupid question but also there’s 4 people who did that, one of them said : hey it’s a different channel,  ….

Bloody hell, i am sure they all laughed about that, and damn why there’s no notification on twitter ne, when somebody re_tweet or reply your tweet,  ah or there is but i am the one who have no idea how to find it? …

noi       :    see ya_san, twitter hates me ….
yasu    :    ah no, you are the one who can’t find it so you better do something else than just re_tweet …
noi       :    i did that …
yasu    :    really? , hey noi_chan look at this ….
noi       :    i want it …. aaaaaa …… *drolling again*
yasu    :    ssshhh .. there must be something wrong with her …

i can’t sleep tonight because i just had a very long sleep until i missed my NCIS time, but tonight i just have a fun time with my Cherry Sista, it’s been a long time since the last time we had a very fun cherry chat on Facebook.

noi        :    yes, ya_san, that’s us ne ….
yasu     :    eeh ….

and thanks to my dear hermanita vale_chan, i realized something tonight. When she tagged me on this youtube link, i realize what should i do and i should not faight againts it, I think even what i feel is wrong but at least my heart is fine just by having this feeling inside of me, even i know i am not gonna have him or by his side, but loving somebody is never wrong right? ….

yasu     :    oh no, there you are again the drama with Mr. Friday ….
noi        :    i am sorry ya_san, but only tonight is the last time oke, i promise you …
yasu     :    you always say that but still …
noi        :    i don’t know he just in my mind tonight ….
yasu     :    i told you ne, get over ….
noi        :    omo, don’t leave me ….. *mellow*

when i listen this song, read the lyrics and translation, somehow this song just blow me away to him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu),  and this song kind a  tell me, hey you are not the only one who have those feeling, i have it to. still loving somebody, how many time i try to forget it and push my self to forget it but  still it just there, the feeling is still there, still the same. but it hurt me now  …

My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

I am Still Loving You
CN Blue

You’re my love

I can’t fall asleep in this long night
I draw you out again
Today, I hold back tears yet again
I let out a sigh – you’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love

My painful love, I’m hurting as if I cut my skin
I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts
My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

Today, I see the morning yet again
I draw you out again
Lingering attachments push over to me again
I still love you – you’re my love
You’re my love

Stabirabi rapststabira
Love you love you love you my love
Stabirabi rapststabira I want your love


so tonight, in my sleepless night i want to say something to him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) even he is not gonna read it , (well i hope he never find this blog and all what i wrote about him). but at least by writing it in here i can get it out of my mind so my mind, my brain is gonna be lighter …

Dear Mr. Friday

I give up to forget you,  After all this time i do, I dunno when this love is gonna end but i can’t do that anymore, force myself to not think about you, even that’s not a true happiness but still it make me happy just by thinking of you ….


yes ya_san, i give up

yasu      :    what, you give up ….
noi         :    i am sorry, but yes ….
yasu      :    just like that …?
noi         :    i can’t do anything but giving up …
yasu      :    see noi_chan, this is the reason why NYPD say no to you …
noi         :    eeh ….?


Random Post : Re_Tweet day …. ( Another me, yasu in The Big Apple)

thanks to my dear Ipan, i clicked this application on Facebook and look at the result ….

aye aye …..

but then i found out if Ipan also got the same result, eh so this application just hit all names meaning like that? …. Everyone loves you ? …. what the hell …. but this kind application is always fun to click, it just for fun, not only the application above btw, i also followed Ipan to click this one , and the result is :

bloody hell, what was that? i am gonna marry 5 years again in Hirakata-shi, Japan and my marriage is going to be the arrange married (i think this one is my mom)  and 5 years again? , err chotto ne how many years did they give me ….? i kinda forget, as i remember 5 years last year so after my birthday next month all those 5 years minus one is gonna be 4 years left, so i am sorry but i think i am not gonna be on my own wedding and honeymoon ….. ahahahaha ….. *crazy at dawn*

last but not least, i am gonna go to Australia for honeymoon? so what i am gonna do there, running with Kangoroo? i mean race with them at desert? like on the Kangoroo Jack movie? ….

yasu       :    running with Kangoroo, ah you are not gonna win and  even you say that bloody hell things, i bet you also say another word …
noi          :    eh, what word? …
yasu       :    the usual yay yay yay ….
noi          :    omo ya_san, how did you know that, but do you also now where is my dream place to honeymoon …. ?
yasu       :    no, i dunno …
noi          :    don’t worry, i’ll tell you …
yasu       :     what if i don’t wanna know?
noi          :    i am still gonna tell you ne  ….

my dream place to honeymoon hmmm, 5 years ago i am gonna say London, Paris or NYC, but now is different. I start to think about Tibet or Bhutan for honeymoon if i am gonna marry someday to get lost there. Enjoy the best moment in my life at the last Shangri-La on earth.

i wonder how it gonna be if i get lost there, i mean no phone, no net connection and all what people said with technology recently, just me, my beloved and the great blue sky, join some nomad family maybe, ah i know it sounds weird for me to say something like this, me as a fangirl who can’t live without my telly, PC and internet connection.

but hey, that’s true i really wanna feel that. you all know what i mean if you already read that book above : Sky Burial, an Epic Love Story of Tibet by XINRAN. That book tell us about the story of a woman named Shu Wen who join the Chinese militia to find her husband. The government said if her husband is already die in his duty in Tibet but still she want to proof it herself about that. So she went to Tibet.

this book content is 2 days conversation between XINRAN and Shu Wen about her 30 years in Tibet, how her effort to manage all the trouble she get at the first time she started to live with the Tibetans. She learn a lot of things, like how the Sky Burrial held and how the wild bird is gonna eat all the dead body, she found a true freindship when she really feel lonely ,  and what interesting on this book is the fact that in her story Shu Wen fund out about how a woman can be married into two man at the same time and how they live happy as a family, …

this is surprised me even i know that things called poliandri is real even it was on The Mahabhrat epic where one woman Panchaali, as the wife of the legendary five Pandava brothers. not only that, this book also gave me a lovely ending how 30 years in Tibet change Shu Wen look like a real Tibetans and when she back to China everybody need to be assure if she is chinesse. and how after 30 years in Tibet she didn’t know if His Holiness is not at the Pottala temple anymore

even i am not gonna be there soon because what happened , and of course i don’t wanna be there for 30 years to find a man that i love (because he is in Japan, not in Tibet) at least i wanna know how does it feel to be under that blue sky and all the green meadows, yes, for 1 maybe 2 weeks i am okay to get lost there …

yasu     :     1 or 2 weeks lost in Tibet, you …
noi        :     yeah, who knows …
yasu     :     come on noi_chan, everybody knows you can’t handle a single day without your telly and internet …
noi        :     but that’s because of my job as your fangirl, the fulltime one …
yasu     :     so you are gonna leave this job?
noi        :     maybe one day if i   …
yasu     :     if you what …
noi        :     if i join NYPD
yasu     :      what NYPD, you …..?

NYPD and look at that, that’s The Empire State Buildings and L’arc_en_Ciel,  so oke let’s back to The New York City, L’arc_en_Ciel and their live on Madison Square Garden. Last Monday was the live and i was so excited when i get on line and found this #larencielmsg all over my timeline and not only that, soon somebody upload one video on twitter , The Blurry Eyes part, OMG how can nobody tell me if we can upload a video on twitter? ….



so that day is officially a Re_Tweet day for me, because i do nothing at that day but re_tweet all the tweet with  #larcencielmsg, the day where L’arc was live on MSG stage, and guess who was there to watch them …? Mika Nakashima was at MSG to watch them live ….



i wish i can be there ….

at the first time i was worrued about this Live at MSG thanks to the rumours all over the social networks whether it’s about the ticket sales, the casting audience etc etc , … i don’t care about that, i just don’t want something happen for this, eventually this L’arc live in NY was amazing, how Ken gave Yukihiro set of A Nightmare Before Chistmast Monopoly, tetsuya gave banana and lolipop? (only NY? or he is also gonna give it again on their next country?)and of course don’t forget Ken_chan’s MC also  what hyde said :

it took us twenty years to get here- will we meet again! …. Oh My hyde, don’t you know, for me it took 10 years to watch you live on stage and it was a bless for me. and what makes me happy is even there was the casting audition, at least they like it and some articles said L’Arc’s songs are catchy as hell, hyde as The Japanese version of Axl Rose ? ah ya he is ….



and the interview above? … hohohohoh i was soo happy just reading and watch all of those  … so now the big show in NY is over now mt time for me to watch them live at Jakarta is closer, i better make some plan about this, i have to. i mean i can’t take another 3 day off like when i was chase them in Bangkok, this time when they (read : L’arc) chase me back to Jakarta my day off is shorter, just 1 or 2 days ….

yesterday the post officer sent me a text message, they said : Dear Ms. Noi Himura, we have one package for you from Mr. Toshi Makiya Japan … then i was like jump off my chair because i thought finally after the dissapointed me one day earlier, maybe this day my 2012 is arrive , but it wasn’t. They only have my Arena 37 Degrees, …..

i’ll scan this today, i don’t like to scan this magazine because this magazine is kinda hard to scan, see the size and the paper, unlike the other magazine like CD&DL Data, Songs or Fools Mate for this magazine i have to push it harder to the scanner if i want the best result. but look at this, someone did scan this Bass Magazine, there you are Shuse, yasu and Ikuo together ….

credit to : [info]hildekitten

and today is March 29th, i can’t sleep and woke up at 03:00 AM then write this random and annoying post, i am not gonna work today because i have to finish my tax payment. This time i have to do this alone, you know all by myself with all many things i have to do at bank today. I don’t like this bank activity where i have to sign lot’s of paper.

And sometimes when my signature is not same between one and another paper they told me to do that again from the start, nah that’s the time when this banking activity gets boring, but it never boring when the time i receive the money because money never sleep and never bored  …. xD …. and today also the release date of Fools Mate Magazine April 2012 edition and look who is on the cover ….

plus another page of him with Morrie DEAD_END? …..

well i can’t wait for this, ….

and btw do you remember about the Acid Black Cherry fan project related to what yasu said on his last interview with JPop Asia that i tell you last time? nah they already finished the video and they also made one account on tumblr for that, now i just wait the time when they put my African face there with one word next to it : Indonesia

ah ya here’s the video  —–> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4zY5EOjbVusDl2V0um

and yesterday what yasu post on the last Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup Official Blog on Ameba ありがとうございます。 , he said about receive many message from abroad, …. well okay he saw the video above yay …..  and somehow it makes me think about something else, i better keep this for my self ….. fufufufufufu …


OMG   .

last but not least what i am gonna say to this man is :

Dear yasu_san,

see how you mean to all of us, and how your music change not only my life but also so many life there. so yes you have us your international fans, and we all love you and support you always …. so ya_san, I love you. i bloody love you ne ……

Your Fulltime fangirl

yasu    :     for you …?
noi       :     yes, who else …
yasu    :     do i have to answer it again …?
noi       :    愛してる 愛してるよ  ….?
yasu    :    no, the answer is 愛していない, i think you listen 【イエス】 too much …
noi       :    heeee …… *brokenhearted again*




3rd Album 『2012』 Euphoria Post : 神様、教えて ….. (Another me, yasu and The Fallin Angel)

i dunno what i have to say about this, somehow it just happen. Should i call it a coincidence or maybe there’s a conspiracy between Kami_sama and yasu for a long time ago and as always God the one who always know was waiting, waiting the perfect time to send those message for me via this man (read : yasu), this brilliant man (read : yasu, again) who never fail to make me feel better in any case.

2 days ago, everything was perfect even i feel a little bit sleepy at office thanks to my radio time the night before.  i had so much fun with my KeyHole, even in the middle of the show it turn into Black Hole a.k.a. chaos so what i hear was a double voice, the radio and some wind blow from nowhere i have no idea. at the first time yasu was on the MnC Plus show with this DJ

and then i didn’t hear yasu again, and changed into some girl band talking , ….. and i was like , eeeh  where’s yasu, and as you all know after that TEAM_ABCD tweeted and i did what i always did on twitter, i re_tweeted it , …. xD

yasu     :     eeeh just like that …?
noi        :     what else, don’t you remember ne the point of my twitter life is re_tweet …
yasu     :     ah you better do something or …
noi        :     or what ….?
yasu     :     see i am leaving you now ,….
noi        :     omo, no no no wait for me to finish this first ya_san …. …

and then the show change into the All Night Nippon Golden Bomber where the vocalist is the DJ, and they played one song from Golden Bomber song, i dunno what the title is but it was a nice song, …. And then there’s yasu there. What i remember was, that show full of pervy talks , no wonder they made this show after midnight.

at the beginning yasu just start the adult talks, but it was fun, and i can’t stop laugh that night, and it kinda confuse me about what i am gonna type/say to yasu and the DJ that night on the chat box. So i just typed yasu, i can’t wait for the album, etc etc like the common comment posted. But i think if that night both of them didn’t made a pervy night, i think i am still gonna post the same one, nothing different because you all now i always kinda speechless if related to something like that ….

and at the end of the show yasu just playin with the camera to say bai bai to all his fans who watch this streaming live like meeh. Oh God, he is so cute and i always love when he use glasses or use his sunglasses on his head like that, not only that, with a little bit naughty act like what he did  ….. OMG i was in the middle of heaven and hell, I can be up to heaven but if he want to continue i’ll jump in hell for that ….

kyaaaaa ………. *burn in hell*

as always on the radio show, the DJ updated the ANN blog with this photo : ….

if on the last show when yasu as the guest on ANN, the DJ is the one who did that head swing, and that time is yasu’s turn to do the head swing, ah he shouldn’t did that ne, because if he didn’t at least i can see his face …

ah ya the point is for me  2 days a go is a perfect day, i was so happy both in my fandom world life or my real life, i did all my works perfect at the time, i didn’t late to come to office that morning, my 3 projecst are all ready i  just wait for the approval from the investor, it just perfect.

But there’s another  perfection added   when Oscar posted a download link for Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』, on The Facebook Group,  because at that time i was outside office so i am gonna download it at home. Oke i shouldn’t download it but i did that because i don’t have my copies yet and i can’t resist the huge temptation inside of me to listen this album  a.s.a.p.

and actually i am a type of fans who download my idol stuffs and buy it at the same time, see i don’t have a CD player, so i never play all my CD’s. When i got all of them, what i did was just watch it, and scan the booklet cover, then save it. That’s all. And sometimes if i don’t have to scan the cover i just let it stay in wrap …

but then when i got home, something happened. Something that always be my nightmare for all over my 20 years of living just came true, it shocked me and drive me crazy  ….

yeah, that cat was talking about me and my miserable life. See how miserable my life is ? My dad went crazy just like that since he got sick 2 years ago, the man that i love for my whole life (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) never love me back as the way i love him and now my mom leave me, ….

i am the one who always look for her every time i get home back from work or where ever i go and never stop until i find her, that day i can’t find her at home. then tekki told me if she leave. My dad act crazy again, mad at her like she was nothing and said lots of awful things to her while i was not at home,

at the end he told my mom to leave because he think my mom is the one who made him sick like that.  my mom reaction is nothing but  grabbed all her clothes and her money and leave with her bike just like that. I was like crazy that night, i have to find her, so i spent that night to find her and ask her to come back home.

i found her at my uncle’s home and when i asked her to back home, she said no and told me to go home, she said : go home with your dad, i will stay here. i was cryin and i think by seeing i cry like an idiot, her heart gonna move and she want to go back home, but she wasn’t.

i went home without my mom, i don’t wanna go home but i have no where to go. This is what happen when you are a home person like me, see i never hang out, go where or did something with my friends, because i have no friend. I never go anywhere except for some reason like vacation or something else, what i always do is stay at home and watch my telly or on line like this.

thanks to my blurry eyes and the nonstop tears i almost hit one man because i was driving while crying. somehow i feel hungry, cryin like that make you hungry ne,  so i stopped by to buy some burger, i waited my burger while keen cryin at the burger shop, and when there’s one guy asked me what happen i said  : nothing just some dust in my eyes, …. but somehow that burger didn’t taste good, i lost my appetite.

i went home, did nothing but cryin, stop, then cryin again while listening to Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』,  i don’t do anything, i ignored my dad Tekki is the one who deal with him, i just lost all my energy, i want to sleep but i can’t

and then i ask to God, ….God, see how pathetic my life now? … and today you add this , then what next, tell me ….  have i did something wrong? is this a punishment You gave to me? …. if it is yes a punishment for me , oke i can handle my crazy dad and this never ending heart broke for Mr. Friday, but not this one, i can’t handle this, not having my mom, that’s just too much for me …. can’t you just let me died, i mean because i am too affraid to kill myself at least be kind for me by give me some accident ….

as always when something happen i try to sleep perhaps this is only a bad dream, and when i woke up later everything is gonna be different and my mom is back even she is not the Terminator because you don’t have to be Terminator like Arnie just to come back ne, …. but i sleep until morning come, and when i woke up i still can’t find her, This morning i decided i am not gonna home if she is not at home …

i am already tired to cry again, so tired, then Tekki told me if my mom is already back, but hey i don’t believe her who know if Tekki is gonna fool me because she know that i am not gonna back home if my mom still not back. I went to the post office to take my magazines and when the officer told me if they already delivered my magazines to my home, i asked her who is the receiver? then she show me the paper and i saw my mom’s name there : Theodora Misgina R.

and because i was so happy what i did next is none other than scan it and btw i think i bought the wrong Songs magazine because i didn’t find yasu there, instead of yasu what i found is a lot of KAT TUN , …. bloody hell , where’s yasu? i thought he is on Songs magazine April 2012 edition ne, then what edition this is ? …… eeeehhh …. but here’s the scans, enjoy ne

 #「オリスタ」(Book in Book)

CD&DL Data


tetsuya’s PRESS

Acid Black Cherry

ah she is really back home, i didn’t get my Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  copies yet but thats fine, because my mom is already home and that’s enough for me. I can wait yasu’s stuff for the rest of my life but i can’t wait for my mom not even one night, One day without her just drive me crazy,

Dear Ma,

please don’t do that again oke , leave me like that just don’t do that. i will do anything for you, all you want me to do. just tell me, i may not a perfect daughter but for you i will try

~  if you want me to study and follow again the Government Officer exam next year, i’ll do that,
~  if you want me to marry him, i will marry him,
~  I will stop eat my dinner inside my room and join you in the dining  room,
~  i am not gonna delete all your text message with that man whoever he is , you can text him as you want as long as it make you happy
~  i will be your listener, listen to all your daily story what you did everyday
~  and follow all your drama talk ….

This my pray and my promise to you ma, so don’t you ever leave me …. #Amin ….

i spent my last night and today listening to this brilliant Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  while nonstop grateful to God to get my mom back home, i realize how yasu never fail to make me better, he always did that, no matter what situation i am in. Maybe for you all this is weird me to have this feeling, this huge thank you inside of me to this man (read : yasu) a man that never know anything about me, …

but this is real and happen because this is what a fangirl feel, …. and i am not gonna lie if i don’t have this feeling just because i don’t want people think how weird i am, Ah they already think i am weird even i don’t have this fangirl thing inside of me.

about this Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album  『2012』  as you all guess what i am gonna say is, yes, i love all the songs, each song have a different message from yasu to all of us , and i get this feeling about this song similar to that song etc etc but my fave is this song :

So …. Good Night

遠くの空の色が次第に オレンジがムラサキになって
三日月が微笑む夜も 悲しく雨が降る日も

楽しそうに君が話して それが僕には嬉しくて
君が笑えば 笑顔になるんだよ

so…Good night.
髪にKiss まぶたへKiss 星のない夜空に奏でた
My angel Lovely angel 囁く優しい子守唄
オヤスミKiss Careless Kiss
My angel Lovely angel 唄わせて君が眠るまで…

何だか今日は悲しそうね 涙が溢れ止まらないの?

so…Good night.
髪にKiss まぶたへKiss 星のない夜空に奏でた
My angel Lovely angel 囁く優しい子守唄
オヤスミKiss Careless Kiss
My angel Lovely angel 唄わせて君が眠るまで…
優しいKiss 明日もKiss 濡れたほほにそっと口づけ
オヤスミKiss ねぇKiss Kiss


Tōku no sora no iro ga shidaini orenji ga murasaki ni natte
Odoru kōmori ni te o futtara uchinikaerō
Mikadzuki ga hohoemu yoru mo kanashiku amegafuru-bi mo
Kimi o omou to yasashiku nareru yo

Totemo kyō wa gokigen mitai ne
Nani ka ī koto demo atta no?
Kyō no “kimi monogatari” o kikitai na
Tanoshi-sō ni kimi ga hanashite sore ga boku ni wa ureshikute
Kimi ga waraeba egao ni naru nda yo

so…Good night.
Kami ni Kiss mabuta e Kiss-boshi no nai yozora ni kanadeta
My angel Lovely angel sasayaku yasashī komori-uta
Oyasumi Kiss Careless Kiss
Hora me wotojite sutekinaashita e
My angel Lovely angel utawa sete kimi ga nemuru made…

Nandaka kyō wa kanashi-sō ne namida ga afure tomaranai no?
Namida o tomeru ni wa motto nakeba ī n datte
Waka tte age rarenai kamo shirenai
Demo sukoshi demo shiritai nda
Kimi no kokoro o… kimi no itami o…

so…Good night.
Kami ni Kiss mabuta e Kiss-boshi no nai yozora ni kanadeta
My angel Lovely angel sasayaku yasashī komori-uta
Oyasumi Kiss Careless Kiss Hora mewotojite sutekinaashita e
My angel Lovely angel utawa sete kimi ga nemuru made…
Yasashī Kiss ashita mo Kiss nureta hoho ni sotto kuchidzuke
Oyasumi Kiss nē kisukisu
Kimi ga mō naki dasanai yō ni

this album already become an euphoria because at D minus one this album already on number one beat Ayumi’s Party Queen, waw this is awesome,

yasu did a great job by just rolling on the bed of roses at the top of chart like that, so  all of you who read this, you should buy this album ne because i promise you this album is brilliant  just like yasu himself . You can get lot of things from listening to  this album like me, i got lot of things from this album, from him to me , …. And to all of you who wanted to die you better cancel it because It’s tough to live but being alive, the future will surely change…..

that’s from  Acid Black Cherry Dream Cup (期間限定サイト)  note about this album theme that is, “to live”. … OMG to me who always talk about how i want to die next year and all my stupid plan to die next year, with this album yasu kinda told me how wrong i am and slapped me at the same time because how fool i am now, that’s what i got from this album , and this message  …..

It’s tough to live.  But hey…by being alive, the future will surely change

noi      :   nee ya_san, thank you ne for this brilliant album …
yasu   :   no not thank you …
noi      :   ah ya i should say : ありyasu ….
yasu   :   nah that’s good
noi      :   and one more , you are brilliant  don’t you know that …
yasu   :   well ….

待つわPost : Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012』 .. (another me, yasu and today)

Email from CD Japan this morning : we Shipped your order today and this Acid Black Cherry / 0th シングル 「君がいるから」 Video


then i was fall like this :

so the counting game for Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012 is on now ….

look at the pocket watch beside him (read : yasu) nah that pocket watch its start to counting now,  tik tok tik tok until the day comes, the day when i get my copies of 『2012』 …..

recently i have this feeling, the feel of loosing on my own days counting, well okay as The Matsu Wa Fangirl, the full time one that aways waiting and counting days, i start to get lost in my own counting days. 2 days ago, it was Saturday. but somehow i thought it was Sunday where i don’t have to come to office early, so i ignored hyde’s voice when he woke me by singing Bye Bye for me at 04:30 AM in the morning over and over …. and add another half hour back to bed .

hyde     :   what, i sing for you in the morning?
noi        :   well not directly …
hyde    :   then ….
noi       :   okay hyde_san, that’s your voice in my alarm tone …
hyde   :   nah ….

but it wasn’t Sunday, it still one day before Sunday,Saturday …. OMG i was late almost 1 hour because i have to get line in the ATM to get some cash because there’s no bank open in Saturday this is why i hate those two days (Saturday and Sunday) where bank is close …

yasu     :       i think you hate all days in one week. You hate Friday because remind you of that Mr. Friday, and now you hate Saturday and Sunday because there’s no bank open so what next?
noi       :       i hate Saturday and Friday not only for that ne …
yasu    :       eh, another reason?
noi       :      yes, don’t you know it’s on Glamorous Sky lyrics : Friday, Saturday, i feel lonely everyday ….
yasu    :     ah ya the English version, but lonely ?
noi      :      i am lonely because you are so busy everyday ….
yasu : ah stop it ….!!!

and last night is worst, see this Acid Black Cherry Radio Schedule from their Official Home Page

3/19 ニッポン放送「ミュ~コミプラス」



i stayed on 1242 AM ニッポン放送 waiting for the show, but i wait and wait until time passed 24:53 Japan Time but i didn’t hear yasu, … then i was wondering if they cancel the radio show, but why there’s no notification from the ABC staffs about this? ….

then this morning i found out if last night was March 18th not 19th yet, and i was like eeh today is March 19th? what the ….? then last night i waited all night long like an idiot who wait a train at the airport? … see this is what happen if you live far far away in Mars like me, and get lost my own counting days …. i should make some note or something for this ABC radio n telly schedule so something like this is not gonna happen.


and because the radio show is tonight so you better stay tune on 1242 AM ニッポン放送 , maybe there will be a streaming live like the last time yasu on ANN, i am not sure about the streaming channel is gonna be in

here  or here

i get use to wait, especially for this man (read : yasu). Just like what he wrote in Kimi Ga Iru kara (again, i dunno why this song is my recent everyday OST)


Kimi ga warau nara… boku wa utau yo
Kimi ga nozomu nara… boku wa soba ni iyou

If you smile… I will sing.
If you wish… I will be by your side.


nah because when he sing he always make me smile and happy no matter what happen or how bad my day is so for today related to this Acid Black Cherry 3rd Album 『2012』 euphoria what i am gonna say to him is : ya_san, if you want me to wait, then i will be wait, 私待つわ いつまでも待つわ ….. because


それが君なんだよ …

noi       :   dou ….?
yasu    :   yes, be a good girl and wait …
noi       :   oke then 待つわ いつまでも待つわ
yasu    :   good ….



Bloody Hell Matsu Wa Post : Annoying Muggles …. (Another me, yasu and Daniel Meade)

Today is the second day i am in my new office, with new office mates that i never deal with, and did you know what i feel today? i get annoyed by them, …. why? i dunno maybe because they are muggles (read : someone who’s 100% blind about Japanese stuffs : mucis, fangirl, …etc) . unlike my former office mate yeah they also muggles but they are different, my former office mates are nice and with their great sense of humor and how their reaction about me and my worship about this man

was good … they didn’t judge me, even yeah they always told me for how weird i am, …. how i live in my fandom world, spam about only one man that don’t even know me, … of course he doesn’t know me, that’s the point of a fangirl right? if i know him (read : yasu)  then that’s a friendship instead of fangirl …

yasu    :   nee noi_chan, i am a fanboy and i know hyde_san ….
noi       :   ah that’s different ne , …. just let me finish this oke …
yasu    :   well ….

actually i am quite happy with my new office, the building is still fresh, the green paint,  but too bad the new air conditioner just make me sick, …. why? because if i am an animal i am gonna be The African Lion ,

instead of The Polar Bear ..

even i watched The Polar Express every Christmas and really wanna be on that magic train to Santa’s home in North Pole  … so i can’t stand in the cold temperature …  and this is the reason why i always bring 2 jackets every time i go to cinema , i am freezing inside it, …. i wonder if there’s a cinema woth no air conditioner, if that kind of cinema exist, i’ll go there, …. when i was a little, there was a cinema in my town and there’s no air conditioner there because it only a small cinema , if you ever watch a movie called : The Cinema Orion nah it was something like that, but too bad because at that there’s something happen with the owner so they decide to close the cinema, sold the building to another person and now the cinema building change into a motorcycle dealer …

yasu     :    eeh, you can’t stand on cold temperature? …..
noi        :   unfortunately yes …
yasu     :   then why did you say you wanna join me in Tokyo …?
noi        :   did i say that? …. i don’t think so …
yasu     :   then what did you say?
noi        :   i said i am gonna wait for you here in Bahama 221B for evaaa ….
yasu     :   ah that fake address again …
noi        :   demo ne, i think i am gonna be okay if i join you in Tokyo …
yasu     :    why ….?
noi        :   because you are gonna warm me ne …… ahahahaha …. *laugh with the Lion*
yasu     :   what the, do i look like a blanket?
noi        :   no, but yeah you know what i mean ….
yasu     :   whatever ….

ah ya back to my new office, so i am the African Lion type is freeze today, because they put the AC temperature to low …. and today is a rainy day? OMG what the hell, if i were like this everyday i am sure i am gonna get a cold a.s.a.p.

i sit next to the window, well i wanna have an outside view, unlike my old office, i don’t have it 100% , … and yeah i put my Acid Black Cherry FC post card on the wall … , why? that’s because sometimes i forgot my ID number everytime i wanna log in to mu_mo FC on line store to order some yasu’s stuffs , and i think this is time for me to put my personal things on my desk , because i never did that on my old office , but here is more save , … and nobody here understand what is the number use for , but i think i am gonna feel yasu is watching me working, because everytime i turn arround it’s gonna be him, watching me  … wekekekeke ……. *highly delusion*

noi     :   nee, ya_san …
yasu  :   don’t be silly, i don’t have time to babysit on you …
noi     :    … but i am not a baby …
yasu  :   but you just acted like a baby …
noi     :   @_@

back to the annoying muggles, ….  see what i feel about them is, there’s something in my heart feel that they just underestimate me or something, it was obvious from the way they talked to me, and how they said if they already finish ther works, while i am still doing it and the other one is kind a watch my PC maybe she wanted to know whether i am really works with my notebook or just playin arround in the net , …. but they should know i did that both, ne working and playin arround in the net …

with 2 notebooks in my desk i can do that, …  i think i start to feel i can’t live without the internet connection, …. andi think what i did is fine as long as i am able to finish my works at time , ….  recently i went home more late than before, ussually at 15:30 pm i am already run from office so i can get home earlier but  can’t do that now because i have more responsibility and … tons of reason why i can’t do that ….

today i slept over again at bus and this lost in the middle of nowhere feelin is on me again …

i was like  eeeehh where is it? …. but today i was lucky because this place isn’t that far enough from my home unlike the last one i almost reach another city , and Tekki picked me so i don’t have to walk …

this feeling, the feel of being underestimate , like they (read : the annoying muggles) made me feel, just put anothert big doubt on me, can i do that? …. if you watch Ugly Betty, i love this series and i really love the relationship between Betty and Daniel increase from one level to another level    …

~   as a boss with the assistant
~   as a friend ..
~   and the last episode show maybe this is gonna turn into a Detty (read : Daniel and Betty) love connection …. see what Daniel did when he just leave his position a MODE editor in Chief to Wilhelmina and  go to London to be with Betty, after Betty resign from MODE ….

why did everybody go to London? …. i think i just got this London euphoria, thanks to SHERLOCK for this …  and i have an idea for what i am gonna be on Halloween next year , …. i am gonna be SHERLOCK with this Sociopath outfit

That would be awesome ne ….

Back to Betty and me , …. i think this is what Betty felt at her first day as editor in MODE magazine, … what she felt when the other editor did on her first meeting as a new editor …. and she can’t find Daniel because Daniel was in Tibet to find a peace for himself after loosing his wife Molly …

when finally she meet Daniel, …. she told him everything, …  and what Daniel said to her was : Betty i can’t be on your side everytime and if i did something on this to be your back up, i think that’s gonna make you look more bad to them, ….

What they did that is their own problem and what you should do is deal with it, i know you can do it …

this is what i love about Daniel Meade, beside his arrogance and boyish charm sometimes he said something make sense to me ….   and i am not gonna tell my boss about this even yeah i talk about this to my former office mates on lunch time , …. i have to deal with it no matter what , … but still the question is can i do that? …. OMG this is the first time in my life i feel this unsure feeling about my capablity of doing something , …. me the one who always say : i can do that … now is not sure? …

i just saw this full PV of L’arc_en_ciel CHASE , … but i dunno why the video from Sony blocked in my country …. but thank God someone is faster and already upload it and share it on [info]larcenciel community ….  Big thank you for this …

i love this PV even this is not what i imagine , because i think there’s gonna be a motor race or something like Driver’s HIgh PV …. but this is great and again and again Hyde just catch me with his Axl Rose dance, see the way he moove  and said I am chasing you …. make me reply him : go chase me and i am gonna catch you ….. xD ….  and in the end

Larc_en_Ciel is still my Larger Than Life band …. *666x bravo for L’arc *

today someone posted a comment on my scan entry on [info]jrock_scans, i found out he/she is the moderator , and said if i should think about put details about the magazine i scan, …  it made me think ah ya why did i never do that, what i did is only put the magazine name and the release month on the title , ….

i think this is because i never 100% pay attention for the magazine detail, why? because i bought it every month and got dizzy because of it, sometimes i forgot in which folder i put my scans ,  this is a great advice and well i’ll do that on my next post ….

btw i am still waiting for my Fools Mate and 「ARENA37℃」 arrives, and CD Japan is already send me the tracking number but i lost it because i just randomly erase my inbox today , but thank God someone just posted a nice photo on her blog, as always let just say this is the warming up until i got my magazines and scan it

credit to : Sixth Sense @meba

see the bandana, yep that’s for Chou Single ,  if i am not mistake there’s gonna be 11 pages of Acid Black Cherry for this December edition of 「ARENA37℃」 waw that would be awesome ne …. and i also waiting for my fave magazine Songs and CD&DL as always because i can’t find it on CD Japan or HMV i go to Amazon Jp for them …. so my Acid Black Cherry/yasu magazine list for December is done ….. ahahahahaha …. and last but not least

Today is November 10th, so  sex, eh no i mean six days again for Acid Black Cherry  「蝶」 release …so Matsu wa itsumademo matsu wa, but this time i am waiting  for the Butterfly to fly all over the sky …
Let the Butterfly fly  ….

noi       :   nee ya_san, what’s next …
yasu    :   next what?
noi       :   after 「蝶」
yasu    :   see a secret make a woman woman so it’s a secret ne ….
noi       :   but you are a man …
yasu    :   but you are a woman ne …. so you better wait again, btw who said gonna wait for me ? …
noi       :   that’s me ..
yasu    :   then do it …