「お久しぶり」 Post : CD&DL でーた January – February 2015 Interview #1 … (Another me, yasu & The BIG Guy)

お久しぶり 皆 ….. !!!! 

It’s been a long time ago since my last post eh …. >_<  If some of you maybe askin whaaay, i had a long absent to post or write some boring things here …

yasu     :    nobody ask noi_chan …. !!!
noi        :    oh baby please, don’t you wanna know  .. ?
yasu     :    no, i don’t ….
noi        :    owww, really …  *wink*

so let’s just say,

i had a long absent because there was a HUGE, massive, effective and strong conspiracy between Commissioner Vijay, my telly and this weak body to keep me away from ElJay.

It almost 2 months ago since i open my ElJay and ElJay give me this lovely surprise by added this RELATED ENTRIES thing to add on our post …

How LOVELY, isn’t it …. ????

Still have no idea how that RELATED ENTRIES worked and made different tho …

Back to the conspiracy ne, i’d say those 3 things in my life that did a great job to keep me away from my ElJay and do something that always make me feel better in here.

Commissioner Vijay, givin me lots of things to do. Not only that, he also made me in charged to all those things while nonstop tellin me how i can do that and i have to.

I hate it,

noi       :     i really hate it …. !!!!
yasu    :     i know
noi       :     オモ, ヤッさん、 you know …. (泣)
yasu    :     as someone who hate everything and everyone, of course you hate it
noi       :     but i never hate you ne …

i hate how people’s feeling so sure about me can do THIS and THAT.  I mean, how can they so sure and rely on me like that …??? even i never feel 100% sure about myself sometimes.

Even yes, all those

Moi you can do that, i know you can …!!!
You have to …. !!! etc etc

things they said to me, worked very well like a nitro made my car run faster on my racing game. But in the end i became more Greed and perfectionist than before. Now i want everything perfect, so i squeeze my brain more and more


back from work i can’t do anything but lying on my bed not sleeping but start my own marathon with my telly until after midnight . On and on like that make this body getting weak than before ….

that’s not good ne, if  being a perfectionist ended me like this, then be a perfectionist the last thing i want my self to turned into. Because i work so hard everyday, did all those marathons   ….

not because i want to be a perfectionist eh, but i work so hard everyday and night because i want to be …


noi       :    eee, what’s that face ….
yasu    :    what is wrong with you and WONDER WOMAN …??
noi       :    nee ya_san, do you know my friend said if WONDER WOMAN will end as Mrs. BATMAN … #yay !!!
yasu    :    what the … and then, marathon ? you noi_chan ….. ??
noi       :    i did a long marathon ne, with my telly …
yasu    :    not the real marathon ..
noi       :    but still, my eyes worked very hard ne ..

during  my sickness and stayin in bed, my telly and finished a quite long marathon ne. And talking about marathon, i laughed a lot when Darcy mistaken this movie marathon i talked about with the real marathon.

He called me one night,

asked    :     hey, what are you doing now …
me        :     still working on my marathon
Darcy    :     good, running is good for you ..
me        :     no, no, i mean i am having this movie marathon

then i hear nothing but a long beeep …. !!!! (read : he turned off the phone).

Well, me?  this Capt. Slow doing a marathon? really?  That’s impossible … !!! because the one and only time i will run is if there’s a dog after me.

I will run, as fast as i can be even sometimes my running from a dog getting hard especially when i have to carry this stupid and heavy thing with me while running from dog  …


Sport is when you have to run from a dog while carrying this thing with you  after lunch #WackyCat …💦🐱

And again, i hurt Darcy with that. Ah, come on it’s just a joke right? i mean, what’s wrong with some joke …??

Dunno why guys are so complicated ne,  …


I think Darcy hates me now, even he isn’t hate me but  i am sure there’s something changing especially on what he feel about me. So it would be better if he stop call me so i wouldn’t hurt him again in many ways …

back to the marathon, …

A marathon means i re-watched and finished all series that i follow until the end of this season of …

~   Grey’s Anatomy 11 …

even i don’t like to have an earlier and unpredictable goodbye to my fave neurosurgeon, but still Shonda Rhimes ended the 11th Season nicely. Hurts me a little bit, but fine because it has to be that way.

~   Criminal Minds 10
~   NCIS 12
~   NCIS LA 6
~   NCIS New Orleans
~   CSI Cyber
~   The Night Shift
~   Blue Bloods 5

aaand when they all end, i killed my boring bed_time by re_watching  some of my fave movies that i never get bored to watch over and over like Prince of Persia : The Sand of Time, The Avengers, Saving Private Ryan … etc etc plus that damn CanCam version of The Avengers : Age of Ultron that hurts my eyes.

i DL_ed from somewhere over the rainbow since i can’t get enough after watch it once on the cinema with my nephew. And the more i watch that movie, i am more fallin hard into this BIG Guy


while enjoyed so much Banner – Romanoff romance.

I remember exactly how Natasha flirt with Capt. Rogers in Capt. America : The Winter Soldier, even i believe there will be something coming among them like friendship turned into another sweet things but now she is into this guy that she said as …

a guy that avoids the fight because he knows he’ll win  …

thanks to how good Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffallo drives my crazy with all their lovey dovey scenes, now all that BIG Guy is all over me i can’t wait the DVD ver. to see the extended version. ..

#Dooohhh, that scene in the save house is so  ….   *suddenly headache*


yasu    :     hey, what’s wrong with you …???
noi       :     don’t you see, that BIG Guy is mine. So yes, everything is wrong ne …
yasu    :     stop whining and start writing my interview …
noi       :     ah,

OK iw’ll talk about that BIG Guy again later,  because next is ….

~    CD&DL でーた January – February 2015 Interview  #1

I know it’s very late, but this is an interesting interview and maybe there’s someone out there want to read it so i decided to post this Heart to Heart Translation here.

as always, because i am just doing this for fun and hope to share the fun that i have after reading this to other fans, so there is always a possibility of me read some part not perfectly or wrongly .

And this interview was held about December 2014 a long time before Album 「L―エル―」  released.

Part 1 :  Album 「L―エル―」 Interview

When you’re asked about L and your life, do you feel a tremendous sympathy or not …?


What i passionately said to myself finally became a good story.

Q     :     Mid of December, ah no, final third of that month, how many percent is the status ….?

A     :     Hmmm …. (laugh)

75%  … (lookin to his staff)

Did i talk too much …??  (staffs nods)

Ah sorry, i talked too much. I am too excited (laugh). It’s about 65%. Actually there’s some lyrics has not been written, enough to make me feel “this is not gonna be good “.

Orchestra is done, but after that ….

Q     :     from here, then the final step …

A     :     yeah …

Q     :     Actually this is already three years since the last album right …

A     :     Ah, are you criticize on me … ? (laugh) What 3 years ?   Another discussion, isn’t it? We are not in the middle of that talk right .. (laugh) Sorry to make you all waiting (apologize)

Q     :     No … (laugh). That’s because a very long time Project Shangri-La ….

A     :     yes, but that’s not the reason. 3 years, that’s the time required to make this album L. And i think 2012 is the time to develop it better. In order to make an album with maximal we need time.

When the album finished, usually there will be a tour, then the feeling when everything is done will give us some calmness. But the time range between it fells so short. After that, it feels so lonely and that’s hurt.

So for this album, i think i am gonna need a longer time in the process and listen to it carefully. And also, for the previous single INCUBUS the process also needed a longer time.

Q     :     Time is also important thing to make an album …

A     :     Yes, that’s important.

Especially this album, it needs a longer time. Harder than …. , i think it’s hard to say in a proper sentence. When i think about it again, to finish it this year (2014), it doesn’t make any sense.

At this time, me and the staff really understand how this album need a longer time and we have to work it carefully. When it finished, it doesn’t mean it is really finish. Surely we still need time to develop it. I feel a happy atmosphere.

Q     :     That kind a way of thinking is so amazing. Actually, songs in this album, how long is the time that you needed to create them …?

A     :     Before Project Shangri-La Tour begin, we did a Live together with BREAKERZ in Budokan (Acid Black Cherry & BREAKERZ 5th Anniversary Live “Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-SixNine” January, 2013)

then right after that Live is over, next i was continuously writing songs. The long tour started, before the tour,  writing songs for the new album. Dunno why, but that time for the new songs, only the bass-line finished.

Q     :     In other words the production period of Greed Greed Greed song is the same with songs in this album …??

A      :     Yes, yes, at that time, i think about songs that i made until now, which songs that i will put into the album? All songs still in a demo, …

yeah, that’s how imagined it.

Q     :     Then, based on the music composition, wich song do you think will become a hits …?

A     :     Hmmm … actually for me, there’s songs that will be hits. Even for myself, i don’t think it’s gonna be hits. But then i think about it again, seems like it’s changing now, but there’s still some doubt left.

Q     :     I get it. Btw, this time also gonna be a concept album right …?

A     :     yes, Acid Black Cherry always make a concept album.

I think  any artist will have reason when they created and decided their tracklist. Other than that reason, to make clear, make a concept album is number 1.

The goal is more obvious isn’t it ? Musician and the listener can be fit each other. So i think rather than make a random album, it will be more fun to make it simple and the listener can ejoy it as well.

Q     :     I understand. L concept this time, is about Love …??

A     :     yes, it’s a story concept about a girl with a twisting life story named L . I think we all have that, because we are still livin so there will be a lot of things happen in our life. Like a wheel.

This time, with focus on L‘s life like that, i hope the message in this song can be delivered.

L in her life get underestimated, compared to my life i think i I would really sympathize.

I said to my self and thinkin how this can be a really good story. Interesting, isn’t it? That part, i am so proud of it.

However, this time  i don’t ask people to read the concept story, even i made songs in this album based on that. But when people listen to it, they will come one step closer inside to this more amazing world, sounds amazing ne …?

so for those of you who’s interested, get ready to feel this sensation of coming into an amazing world …

Q     :     Beside a concept album, do you also put some implicit meaning on your songs …???

A     :     Well … if there’s some people realized, that would be better. I think if there’s some people found and understand it, then it will be a new way to listen and enjoy the song.

Still, it doesn’t mean those who didn’t understand the meaning are not enjoying the song,

yasu     :     for example,  you noi_chan …
noi        :     omo, ya_san  ….??
yasu     :     yes, a lazy fangirl like you
noi        :     but i still enjoy the song  …..

yasu     :     that’s what i mean …

but the song also need to have some people who understand and able to explain the meaning. So i think it is important to enjoy the song by understand the meaning.

Q     :     So, by that the listener will enjoy and listening to it deeper …

A      :     yeah, like that because they will remember and listen to it.

I think it’s quite fun to be able to hide some implicit meaning inside the song. Because i myself, since i was little i always have my own way to listen something carefully. So i was so excited when i found it …

aaa, it was hidden there …. !!!

I still remember it until now. That’s why i hope and would be more happy if everyone stay continue to enjoy ABC‘s songs. It also about the music of course.

Q     :     I understand. You other than a musician, you also a good storyteller. Perhaps, it’s because you were think about to be a mangaka ?

A     :     Ah, that’s possible …

Because i love to make story. I enjoy my time to be alone while make a story. Not only to make myself happy, but other people as well.

Imagination of INCUBUS MV

Q     :     When you were thinkin about this story, which place first reflected in your mind ??

A     :      Even there was time when we had different and some argument first with the producer, finally this story finished completely. Because the producer is someone who wanted to be a mangaka as well, so when we talked …

no, it’s not like that and it’s not like this …

that kind of conversation between 2 pushy people came out (laugh).

This time, there was also an argument first before we compose the story and that was a bit hurt (laugh). Oftenly he (the producer) said ” No, it’s gonna be weird for L to say something like that ” in our conversation (laugh).

Q     :     it sounds fun …. (laugh)

A     :     yes, it is really fun

Q     :     In music composition, and also lyrics until now can be said all been through with not easy. But there’s also happiness among all that un-easy  (laugh).

A     :     Yes true, it is really fun. I love when i think about the storyline.

Q     :     In Janne’s 4th Album – Another Story (released February 2003), a short story titled Another Story that you wrote also included. If we did a flash back to the Album Indie – Dearly (released April 1998) there’s also a concept story there.

Is there any album that you made with the the opposite concept from this ??

A     :     Black List is an album with no concept story, but at the end it still feels like as album with a concept story.

Q     :     oooh, is that so …

A concept story began to be seen sice QED Album. In that album, there’s many concept story where a little girl become the hero.

In Another Story, 「2012 」, and this album L too there’s a story about a little girl.

A     :     yes, even Black List and QED have a different type of story, it can be assume both tellin about a little girl.

That’s not just because of the sense, but it just happened spontaneously. But i thought it from the concept of fantasy terms. Because the description story isn’t like 4.5 tatami.

I just really wanted to make a story with that kind of way. I do love a fantasy concept story. Seriously.

Q     :     But that’s so mysterious. you disn’t make a fantasy story like on Ukiyo. you have your own picture for the story. Story concept for 「2012 」Album is a fantasy, but since 2011 – 2012 there was also a fantasy and also memories about the tsunami on 3/11 also carved a deep feeling in that album.

A     :     i really want to deliver a deep message on the words.

So 「2012 」 Album show how a real life and fantasy can be coexist. I wanted to make a picture/idea like that, not only about the end of a fantasy world. I think through fantasy there’s a real that have an important meaning with a clear description.

Q     :     As the result, you aren’t different but you are the type with an originality on music composition and lyrics right? Short story or concept story that flows in the song as the result. But it doesn’t mean the story changed after the song finished right?

A     :     yes. Even as a story, it never changed. Because first, it is the song. How the story that story included in the lyrics was made with a line that contained in the song, and if it’s not surely it won’t be like that. The storyline will never change no matter what.

Q     :     So, clearly the song is the main fuse.

A     :     Yes, because that’s the original shape, so surely the song is the main fuse. Not only in manga, short story even song, i think this is gonna be fun to make something like that.

Q     :     This time, in this new album also included 4 singles :  Greed Greed Greed, Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~, Kimi ga Inai ano hi kara and INCUBUS.

So is there any connections to the other songs? that sounds amazing. The music composition, story and lyrics are vary.

A     :     How the stories can be connected each other is the most important point. Because there’s no certain condition on the step of makin singles into an album. But odds often happened in it.

Greed Greed Greed story is about a man who really wants love. In Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~, the story is about a man left a girl but the he wants her back because now the girl looks more beautiful than before  ….

#ewww, man …. !!!

yasu     :    yes, that kind of man exist ne ..
noi        :    そうそう 。。。
yasu     :    are you sure your Darcy isn’t like that …??
noi        :    OMG  …

so there’s a different pont of view about love in that song …

Kimi ga Inai, ano hi kara … tells about 「君/kimi/you which is positioned as a lost love in a song. While INCUBUS tells about how somebody who is willing to be evil to achieve love that he want.

Even each song have a different story and point of view, the all still reflected a love theme.

this album itself, even it tells about a continous hope of a woman for love, mixed with all that 4 singles i think it would be interesting.

That’s all the 1st part, i’ll continue next part is ABC’s Philosophy of Love on my next post. Now, let’s go with this    ….

~  Whatsoever Updates from me …

Hmm, what am i gonna start with … i kinda forget which one i already post or i haven’t so after check again my previous entry … xDDD there you are …

~    B-PASS 2015年4月号

~    4th ALBUM 「Lーエルー」 Photobook

aaand ….

~     7ぴあ 2015年4月

Enjoii  ….   !!!!

next is ….

yasu      :    tell me, have you read the L Storybook …?
noi         :    omo, how could you ask the same thing with them?  ….
yasu      :    i knew it,  i knew it noi_chan ….
noi         :    but how am i supposed to do,

that is a lot of pages to read …

and also who am i to read all those pages full of Japanese letter fast, if i can’t even read yasu‘s simple handwriting on this last page of 「Lーエルー」  Tour pamphlet

Suppose this is not only for yasu‘s handwriting but i can’t read Yukki’s handwriting as well. So when i wanted to send her something, i had to ask her address again via Messenger.

You can’t imagine how hard for me to tell Yukki’about how i failed to read her address on the envelope package she sent me before

so when Mia asked me about that yasu‘s handwriting , of course i have to find out what the hell is that. And no matter i tried to read, i still failed to read a Japanese Handwriting, then again i shamelessly asked Yukki’ again …

あの〜 ゆっき、これ 。。。

”欲し かったのは、お 「 。。。」 だ ♡”

「 。。。」 ー> 何?

and then Yukki as always the yasashii Yukki,  tell me that sentence is

” 欲し かったのは、お まえ だ ♡ ”

so that’s 「 お まえ 」 ….  ()  OMG   i can’t even read those 「」 and 「」,  because i thought it was

お ….

yasu    :    お 。。。。?
noi       :    well, i thought it was おぉ 〜 , ah forget it … !!!
yasu    :    おかね 。。。。?
noi       :    omo ya_san,  …. (笑)


4th Season Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama … (Another me, yasu ,The yasu便り and Jim The IT )

4th Season, Finally …. #yay

1st, 2nd and 3rd Season is done ne and it is still a long way down to the end of 『Shangri-la』 Season.

Ah ya even i say (read : wrote like crazy and nobody read)  everywhere about me as The Queen of The World to avoid The Confusing Love Division that still hates me, but i think i am still a simple person ne.

A simple person that can be happy or easily just by a simple reason.

And i think by being a fangirl (hope they, whoever they are  put me in the devoted one …xD) help me to be more simple and less complicated but still dramatic about my life.

By how?

Don’t you all see ne, i mean with my up and down mood like the ocean wave behind my home it helped me though.

For example ….

グッド! just by how rain suddenly stop to fall since 3 days ago. Recently before going to office every morning i said a little pray :

Dear God, please do not allow rain to fall today, because I am on my new shoes and …


it’s pink like TETSUYA …. !!!!!

yasu     :    is there no other color than Pink?
noi        :    hey, it has to be pink ne, because it’s February ..!!! …
yasu     :    and then …
noi        :    i am happy ne, happy …

チョキ…  when finally yasu reached the 4th Season of his 『Shangri-la』 Project like now, the very long time project ne and then make me confusingly happy when he decided to add The Encore ~ Arena Season.

ホンマにね ….

i am just so fuckin happy with all the past, present and upcoming Season of 『Shangri-la』 Project that i didn’t, don’t and can’t join …

so, shall we begin this 4th Season post ne, first with this …

~   『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama …

meeting saitama

This 4th Season 『Shangri-la』 project, started on this February with the 1st 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Saitama on February 2nd, 2014.

The venue was an open space in a huge shopping mall (Aeon Lake Town 「kaze」 ~ Hikari no Hiroba). It was held on a Saturday morning, and because it was a huge open space venue so they can do this Meet and Greet with a lot of fans from 1st to 4th floor.


cr : @にょいち

While being watched by a lot of people,  『Shangri-la』 Meeting started with The Public Recording together with NACK5.

cr :  @Yasuの女

First of all in the beginning of this 4th Season, they start with talking about impression and thought about the previous 1st, 2nd and 3rd Season of  『Shangri-la』 Project.

yasu said …

This project started when he thought about to do Live Performance all over Japan a long time ago.

And if he had a nation wide Live Tour with so much efforts, then it can’t be just to do Live Performance. He wanted to to a meet and greet with the local people and fans around the country.

1st it was slightly nervous about both the place and the audience because it was the 1st Season. But i feel familiar as soon as it started. In the 2nd Season, i went to Ise-jingu Grand Shrine and went to Izumo Taisha Shrine on the 3rd Season.

It was a spiritual feeling somehow and i am blessed with this opportunity

and also about Saitama, he said …

About Saitama, i have to say whenever i come here i feel like it’s very similar to Hirakata, Osaka my hometown.

then talkin about the 1st and 2nd single released during this 「Shangri – la 」 Project : 「Greed Greed Greed」 and 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」.

A quite hard number and a jazzy upper tune number, 2 different songs like a slightly different hair color, i realized it was a total hard work.



That 2 singles were released, the base is with IKUO the music (performance) technique is difficult.




「Greed Greed Greed 」is a song that made by using great technique playing in particular, and it needed help as “some touch” in the phrase of the base line which i made. And it was something that IKUO upgraded.

When i heard the recording (even it is my own song), i thought “oh, Sugoi …!!

there’s also something about secret story and also answering questions from everyone.

This one was  aired 2月7日 (Friday) on NACK5 「BEAT SHUFFLE」, aaand now thanks to this lovely lady you all can listen to the recording here …

next is this …

~   2nd Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK Update …

this one is for Fukui

enjoii …. !!!

and then look what i finally i know how to change  and get a ….

~    New Banner on my Ameblo ….

これ を 見て 。。。!!!


the last time i changed my Ameblo theme it was for ever go ne,

i  kept use the same theme until tonight, when somehow i just want to erased that boring couch and 2 pillows from my Ameblo. And somehow tonight i accidentally found out how to change the banner ne …

i say …


yay … !!!

yasu     :      you don’t know how to do that …
noi        :      well, i don’t …
yasu     :      really noi_chan …?
noi        :      i told you ne i am noi, not Jim The IT
yasu     :     but you don’t have to be that Jim just for that, why didn’t you ask someone …

well actually i did asked someone, but unfortunately that someone i asked to didn’t answer my question.

So that question just floating somewhere on this internet sky not answered just like my previous question about how to put a Youtube video on Ameblo that i finally found out by accidentally as well

accidentally this, accidentally that ?

seems like everything just love to come to me with accidentally ne, just like how i jumped in to this ABC fandom, thanks to this man who accidentally  came  ….


again, yay …. !!!

Anyway, me being not answered like that, somehow eeeh how am i suppose to say ne ….

it doesn’t make me hate or ill feel to that person who didn’t answer my question but it became some kind of notes or warning for me so i don’t ask again.

In short like when you knocked on someone’s door and the door still closed after your 3rd knock, you better go home and stop that knockin,

except if …

you are knockin on heaven’s door ne, indeed for this heaven’s door you have to knock it over and over …

then let’s move to this very late post of this …

~   yasu便り on The Official Blog …

as what they wrote on The Official Blog, this yasu便り (yasu News) was something that they wrote on January, where there’s no Live or Meeting.

But i think this is something like a story of the 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK it self from yasu.

and this one is the 1st part, means for for that 1st Season 『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK , and it would be better if you open and take a look again your PHOTOBOOK while reading this …



PS   :   as always, this isn’t the perfect translation, sure there must be some mistakes somewhere … *wink*

ーーyasuさん、Happy New Year ! Well then, please do say a New Year greeting for everyone who read this

yasu     :     Happy New Year ! everyone, thank you for all your support for this year in advance

ーーAkemashita ne yasuさん、 Project 『Shangri-la』 started in 2013. It was a year where you able to meet with everyone in many various places. And it has been variously tell in this blog, but i also want to tell the story of  yasu as well as the story of  『Shangri-la』.

yasu    :     うんうん …

ーーwe also haven’t tell about everything happened in that various cities. So let’s back to 1st Season.

yasu     :     そうしよかー。

ーーProject 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, the season that time was summer ! It was still short sleeves

yasu    :     (while looking at 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」) it is …



ーー『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Fukushima, where the project begun, you really meet with so many people and gone to many places

yasu     :     Indeed, that lots of audience came to us, i am really thankful

ーーGreat success in any city thankfully …

yasu     :     I am glad, in Aomori, which was doubled (recruitment). The live itself, has raised into a good feeling. Then children and mother, father generation has become more diverse insanely in this tour. happy, b ut there was also place which was hard to do (laugh).

ーーThe thing with children is, their excitement was also big

yasu    :     yeah … (laugh)

ーーIn this project, it’s all around prefectures to visit and also enjoyed some sighseeing in various places. Went to Tohoku Safari Park in Fukushima, the 1st prefecture . It was a bit surprising when yasuさん told “there seems to be a Safari Park



yasu     :     “there seems to be a Safari Park“, it was recommended by a friend (laugh). I didn’t intent to go to a Safari Park, but it was fun after a while. It was smaller than i thought (laugh). And summer, so it’s not odd with the lack motivation of the animals (laugh).


ーーThey didn’t move and didn’t even look at here (laugh). And also, in this blog we’re often introduced lot of delicious food we eat in each place. In Miyagi Live Performance, we brought you grilled beef tongue outside the dressing room.

yasu     :     Right, and there’s one thing understood. beef tongue isn’t a “thing” but it became about “arms/skill“. I fully understood that all layed in the grilling skills. But i am delighted.

ーーand in the 1st Season, you achieved the promised tour to Hokkaido.

yasu     :      I wanted to do the Hokkaido Tour, although there were many difficultied and it’s also something that other artists don’t do oftenly.

At this time, even if i don’t know if The Hokkaido Tour would ne possible again after this, i had a valuable experience. That it is not so difficult to be around Hokkaido.

ーーThe Live excitement was extraordinary, feel like everyone were eagerly awaited. It was wonderful.

yasu     :     yeah, it was a really great experience. But this time i did only about a quarter of Hokkaido. Because i don’t go to the West part yet. I want to perform in the place that i can’t go to someday.

ーーAnd speaking about highlight in Hokkaido, yappari there’s something? yasuさん, tehre you are we’re still talking about it …

yasu     :     aah … (wry smile) I guess this is the Butadon (laugh)

ーーYou spent some times to find a Butadon restaurant, and arrived at the restaurant … it was the closing day. Then you saw “Butadon” was written to the ramen restaurant nearby, and out of  spite, you walked in to the restaurant.

yasu     :     but you know, i ate lots of various Butadon, but the Butadon in the restaurant that i had no choice to come in is delicious. The best (laugh)

ーーEee, really? It wasn’t because you already walked a long way down there …?

yasu     :     no, that restaurant was completely delicious ! Oh, it was good to get a good restaurant tough that was a situation that i hesitated to see map. It was a good learning.

I wonder if because of this tour now i am keenly aware if Hokkaido is really BIG (laugh).


aah, he must be hungry ne ….

ーーIn Hokkaido afterward, you bought crap by going to the morning market in Hakodate. Then  went to Goryokaku port and boat paddling with YUKI

yasu    :     we did it. That’s it ! (pointing to 「Documentary ーPHOTOBOOK 1st Season」). This just looks like a summer vacation memories (laugh).

ーーIt is (laugh) … and the crab, that’s  BIG

yasu     :     yes, and then i was told if one of the seller’s brother is a fan, i was so surprised (laugh). To remember this meeting, i decided to buy a crap (laugh).

ーーit was fun, isn’t it? The from Hokkaido move to Honsu. Moved to the last city of 1st Season, Iwate. Once arrived, you went to buy Monster Hunter

yasu     :      ah, that’s true. And the truth is the day we arrived to Iwate, it was the release date of Monster Hunter.



Indeed, i was thinking about to try Monster Hunter soon after the 1st Season ended. But when i heard it was the release date, i couldn’t stand not to have it (laugh).

ーーYou haven’t forgotten your child soul (laugh). Then on the return Live event in Iwate ended with smile.

yasu    :     there was a thypoon, and the Shinkansen arrival was delayed.

ーーyes, there are many topics to talk about, but we have only lillte time to talk (laugh)

yasu    :     that’s true (laugh). It was fun everywhere and i was happy with a lot of people comin there. I don’t know the feed back yet for the 1st Season.

I think it was good to start this Project  『Shangri-la』 from Fukushima. Because it was important, i think.

ーーSo we stop here for now. And last, do you have message for everyone in the 1St Season ~ Hokkaido . Tohoku ~ …?

yasu     :     to all of you who came in the last 1st Season, thank you very much. I’ll see you again by all means.


i’ll continued with the next yasu便り 2 and yasu便り 3 tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow (read : not sure …xD )

so somebody was lost ne, poor ya_chan …. @_@

noi        :    why didn’t you call me …?
yasu     :    for what …
noi        :    so i can join you, i am a very good traveling compannion ne …
yasu     :    to get lost? no thank you ….


Late Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Wakayama …(Another me, yasu and The King of The World)

This is a very late post eh, ha ha  …

Then i shall start to do this something that i personally call as my own fangirl home works ne.

Actually i have lots of things to write here (yeah, most of them are my very boring rambling, as always …. xD) that i think i have to put/write all of them in here so i can feel better and let my self to be blown away again by this Mind Blowing Man

さんによろしく yasu さん、The One and Only Mind Blowing Man …. ドキドキ

yasu       :    ah, again …?
noi          :    so sorry eh …
yasu       :    ……
noi          :    でも、心配しないで 。。。。

because first, let’s talk again about this ..

~ 『Shangri-la』 Meeting _ Wakayama …

After the 2nd Day Live Performance in Kyoto, Project 『Shangri-la』  headed to Wakayama prefecture which is Acid Black Cherry‘s first landing there.

The 「Shangri-la Meeting」 this time was held on a live house so only the winner who won the invitation joined the Meeting. It was raining all over the country also in Wakayama prefecture. So everyone was there waiting in cold until the doors are open.

yasu is from Osaka, and it was his 1st comin to Wakayama. About this 1st time comin, he said …

There was no chance to come to Wakayama until now and hear that could come this time i was looking forward to it .

and he was also very happy came to Wakayama at last. In the Public Recording with WBS, Wakayamahoso talked about the latest single 『黒猫 ~Adult Black Cat~』 ..


there was also a story about a song’s lyrics for the previous single 「Greed Greed Greed」 released last August 2013

It is the very last step/process to write the lyrics. it also happen how lyrics were not easily begun unless the song is done.

When writing the lyrics or plot (story)  if a plot already written, unexpectedly lyrics can relieve what kind of person is the main character in the lyrics.

then a further question from the MC

(after you have decided the plot), fine words … etc,  is there any kind of words will be use …?

yasu‘s answer is  …

how he also happen to never being aware of words so much,  he focused to the content of the lyrics that fits in (for songs and the lyrics).

then also the story of the Selection of Musicians, yasu said …

if say it simply as getting a various writers/various singers to sing one person’s song. Such as phrase of the drums that you have made, such as a bassline, such as a guitar riffs and then like i think it would be better to have this person to play


enough with that  『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Wakayama, now let’s move to this …

~  Look What Finally Arrived …. !!!


All of them came after being held by custom for almost a week, and it came when i was still in Singapore. So as always, Tekki was the one who went to Post Office and got it …

My dear friend Levy is very kind ne,

she gave me that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bag and flyer added to my package of kewpies. Since she is one of the 「Shangri-la 」 Travelers (you know that’s how i call people who went to more than 2 「Shangri-la 」 Live in this 「Shangri-la 」 season ) so she have lots of that and….

gave one of her to me that’s AWESOME ne …

because i’ve seen people put that 「Shangri-la 」 plastic bags and flyers on Yahoo Auctions to sell. So yeah i’d say i am very lucky to have her as my kindest friend of me  …  he he he

aand these kewpies just so cute on my bag like this …


The 2nd Season 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is awesome, too much cuteness inside that one book. I suppose if that book is a human it will be a diabetic soon, thanks to this person …

yasu     :    me ….?
noi        :    yes, who else but you …
yasu     :    it’s not a crime to be cute …
noi        :    oohh …..

then continued with this …

~   Some Magazine Update …. xD

This one is from Mnavi12月号 ~  Acid Black Cherry Interview …. 叫び叫び




you can read the e-book and DL it in here :  http://mnavi.jp/ebook/

and this

~  Acid Black Cherry Special on MJTV …


~  The boring parts …

i should write about my last trip to S’pore this time because one of my dearest friends want to read it in here. I’ll write that trip later ne …

and not only that i also got a lot of things from that trip.

That was my 1st trip as a group, i mean a real traveling group. Not the regular watching Live Concert companion that i always have. So for me this trip is kinda make me excited ne.


I mean my excitements of ..

~    Whom i will be going together, who are they and where they all come from…
~    How i will be interact with them and of course
~    Can i be a good traveling companion for them … etc etc

if i go somewhere far from home, i use to be alone because i think i am a really bad traveling companion.

Me, as always gonna be a weird person who wander all around city i came to alone and do whatever things i wanted to do (ex : eat lots of Street Foods and do lots of selfie with my phone … etc etc) with no worries about what other people will say or think about me

nah what i wanted to change ne, at least even just for a small parts i want to change ne. After this trip i learned how to me a better traveling companion such

~  as always listen to your team_leader, anything he/she say it’s always important to listen to ..
~  got the point of a group traveling is not only about you, but also about your other companion wanted and …

meet my one of my traveling companion and my room_mate Ayu.


She is from Bengkulu btw (OMG the same island with Zoni …. 目) and she is a very kind and funny person. We had so much fun and LOL girls talk every night ..

~  i think now i am not that selfish as i use to be …

yasu      :     really …. ?
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well let’s see …
noi         :     don’t you trust me, …?

and last but not least is how that trip officially changed me from Inspector Himura to The Queen of The World and who is The King of The World ….?

Who else but Leo Di Caprio …. !!!  *kicked to Limbo*

so everyone, you all can say Bai Bai to Inspector Himura for a moment,  all the police investigation talks (that i never write …xD) and Inspector Himura と Officer Hayashi pairing because …

これからも 。。。。


I’m The Queen of The World …. !!! ….. *dumped to Marina Bay*

i have enough being Inspector Himura and somehow had to involved again into that Love Division that totally is not my division. I always get hurt in that division, i suppose that division hates me …?

so as The Queen of The World i don’t have to deal with that love division since i already have this

King of The World …!!!

i hate to have this feeling again, i mean the same hurt feeling that i had from Mr. Friday. I am just such a fool think that it’s gonna be OK and he is gonna be back to me again. But the real is  how here i am alone and ignored like an idiot …

plus how i can’t stop listening this song …

My god I thought you were someone to rely on.
Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on,
Now I know what a fool I’ve been

that part of  lyrics kinda slap me on my face for what a fool i am.

It started on Last year’s Christmas and ended after this New Year. I mean all this one year recently  i am learning Japanese so hard for who …?

IMG_20140115_0001 (2)
yasu        :      me ….?
noi           :      i am sorry but not you …
yasu        :      eeeh, …
noi           :      look how screwed i am now ..

i thought having some trip would make be better and forget, but it’s not i think now i am starting over again this phase of my heart being broken again.

Moni was right when she said how fragile i am and surely i am not a Wonder Woman because i do cry for something like this . and yesterday it got worst when i read this Astology Online said …

Aries  :

This is a very emotional time for many of you and what isn’t helping is that those closest to you are difficult to understand today.

The lack of emotional bond you have been looking for is causing you to compensate in other ways, ways that are not quite constructive. You need to be nurtured and cared for during this time so if there is someone who has experienced this type of void before and can give you the support you need, seek this person out.

If you are attached, it is likely that this person will not be sweetheart but you want it to be. You are not sure how to talk about this with them and it may just be a better idea to not attempt to right now. You may not get the reaction you hope for.

Find that friend to help you through.

i do have friends who is always kind to me,

how they are stayin with me with their different but not judging me opinion. But still i am not feelin better yet. And look what happened to me now and i have no idea what should i do now ….

All i want is just a move on ne  …….

yasu      :     move on yes noi_chan 次第だよ, but not with some   ….
noi         :     some what  ….?
yasu      :     but you still have that super glue ne …
noi         :     for what …
yasu      :     for your heart …
noi         :     what the …


暑い Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Meeting ~ Hokkaido … (Another me, The So Sweet So Lonely and yasu xD )


As HOT as yasu, today is very hot ….


While HYDE burning an embryo with Hiro on DEAD END tribute album, the sun it seems like want to burn anything under the sky. On a HOT day like today, older people (like my late grandmother) use to say .

only sun in this world is already burning HOT like this, imagine how HOT is in hell …

while i am now imagine how HOT is hell, then waiting for 16:00 PM to come i stayed inside my chamber, turn on the air conditioner, put my earphone on and ignored and cut myself from all people around me ….

It feels bit weird for me to read 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 recent  「Shangri-la 」 post from Live Report 1st, then Meeting after that, even i know they wrote it like the schedule after Aomori Live then Otaru Live, no Meeting between that 2 Lives.

Let’s start this post ne …

They wrote it as 約束の地、北海道での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!,

yasu who finished Otaru Live, now start to visiting Radio and Telly stations in Hokkaido start from August 30th, 2013. He apparently didn’t sleep well on the previous day but wake up at 04:30 AM in the morning


then eat, move to the venue ..

ABC ファクトリー 公開録音 風景 cr pichiのブログ

Photo credit  :   pichiのブログ

SAPPORO Factory Atrium. It’s a mall ne, so look everyone on 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor can see yasu even not close like people inside the invited area , then eat there before the Meeting started (eeeh ….xD)

then stretching after meal,


since he traveling to many cities all around japan and eat many various special food each city i wish i would see him gained some weight after this 「Shangri-la 」 Tour end  ….

is it possible?

because he also work hard ne, so i am not sure about it but still i he is not gonna get more skinny like the last 「2012 」 Tour. I think that tour exhausted him  …


In public recording of AIR-G ‘s ,  talk  about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 released last August,  the story of this 「Shangri-la 」 Project , the Hokkaido Tour promise that come true and also talk about 「Greed Greed Greed 」 lyrics …

I want to continue this post with Shangri – La Live 2013.09.02 @Nittori Bunka Hall Live, but this one just came to me so i’ll do that tomorrow.

And now let’s talk about this album, not the whole because i listened for part with the man i adore (HYDE, Leader and yasu) first ne … …


PS  :  click the image for the album

this album release is tomorrow but as you know how internet is so fast now with it MAGIC (i’d rather to call it as MAGIC) so it’s already up there before the release day ..

~  HYDE and Hiro’s part ~ Embryo Burning,

and i got whoaaaa _ed by that.



As always, HYDE did a very great job with his SEXY VOICE even for a cover. I am shivering on the part HYDE scream

Embryo Burning, ya ya ya ya ya …!!!! and how he ended it with the last ya ….

Sounds like he is running out of ya ne …. xD

who’s embryo he’s burning now with Hiro anyway ? and about Hiro, i can say anything but awesome especially the 1st intro …..

ha ha ha OK now i get why yasu said him as Hiro, The Hero …!!!

they should make a live concert for this tribute album ne, just like the last Buck Tick Tribute, remember there was a live held for it. Now i really wanna see HYDE and Hiro live on stage together perform that song.

Sure that will be awesome isn’t it …

~  tetsuya’s part ~ Night Song


until now, tet_chan is the best bassist i ever know,

so yes i prefer to see/listen for him play his bass rather than singing. It’s not that i don’t like his solo sure i love it but i love him more if he is in L’arc as the Leader, write an epic song for HYDE to sing …

that kind of song like Hitomi no Jyuunin, i always believe if this song was created by Leader_sama only for his vocalist HYDE. No one should cover this song for any reason, even for a tribute.

they can choose any song from L’arc to cover and i will say awesome, but not that song. Not even yasu, i don’t even imagine how it is gonna be like if  he might decided to cover that song one day .

I believe i am not gonna say Whoaaa or awesome, maybe i will only say  ..

ehhhh  …….  


noi      :     then continued with in silence for 10 or maybe 20 minutes ..
yasu   :     for what …
noi      :     thinking, because i have no idea to say to you if you do cover that song
yasu   :     then don’t say anything ..

just like what yasu said about there’s some part that you feel it belong to you on a song, i do have parts on Hitomi no Jyuunin as mine, that i feel no one will sing it perfect as HYDE .

so …  #ehmm  … 

since i dunno what to say, i better say nothing and continue to the next song on that album i listen to is …

~   yasu’s part ~ So Sweet So Lonely …

i like this song and i never think if there’s some gentle song like this on DEAD END. In my mind there’s only hard songs on DEAD END. Yes, DEAD END is totally beyond my musical listen to list band.

even this cover didn’t make me say Whoaaa at the 1st time i listen to like what he did with Otoko cover, but it gives me some feeling of calm. Maybe because i am lonely these days, so tonight i will listen to this DEAD END full album in a calm way as calm as ..

The Magnolia, that’s so Sweet So Lonely …

yasu      :     Is this LOL Show …?
noi         :     no, but i am bit lonely now …
yasu      :     maybe lonely, but sweet, you  …?
noi         :     i’ll add sugar if you want …
yasu      :     hee …

~ owari~

waa .. Post : 5th 「Shangri-la」 Project : Meeting & Live ~ Aomori (another me, yasu and The Mirror)






can’t believe how last night i have to drink water, just water ne. I went dizzy, because i am somebody who never drink water. I always have coffee, tea, chocolate milk, yogurt … etc etc anything with color.

Even if there’s none of that available, i will add something to make it with color like syrup or vitamin A,B,C … etc but not this vitamin y that will never dissolve in water …

whaaa ha ha ha …. *evil laugh*


noi       :      ah don’t give me that look, it’s a joke ne …
yasu    :      not funny …
noi       :      i’ll get another then …

how i love meat and hate vegetables, in the middle of this vegetarian way of livin euphoria these days, you may say i have this what people say as a Not Healthy Way of Eat and Drink That’s why i was so scared when my friend BCL got a kidney problem.

I thought i am gonna be next because she said :  drink water, Himura …!!!  over and over to me in a very scary way.

but i hate if i have drink only water. For me, it has to be colored, no matter there’s many people tellin me how this my way of drink it down is not a healthy way. But i think water, just water it is not complete and boring.

no water, vegetable, any kind of it  especially carrot, damn i hate it a lot.

so it’s like this …

やさい  —>   だい きらい

yasu    —>  だいすき

yasshooiii  —->    is yasu, eh ….xD

and finally i did my 1st Japanese test after 3 times leaved it because it’s never easy for me to join a formal class. I have to go to another city to did that and skip some hours from office.

But it’s worthy ne. It was yesterday and i spent a whole night to print all of it to some handy and small pieces of papers that fit inside my pocket  . …



yasu      :    you cheated ….?
noi         :    i didn’t say that
yasu      :    oh yes, you just did
noi         :    ah come on, i am too old for that ..

now i realized how a formal class is necessary, even only a basic.

I mean, i am not gonna reach the highest level but at least by do a formal class, now i get how to use this correctly and why Yukiko put that on her username and many other things that will never sexplained on my Endless Episodes of Dorama Classes .

It doesn’t matter what the result next because what important is how i had the fun feeling of doin all the sheets yesterday.

Well then enough with the Rambling, now let’s start this  「Shangri-la」 Project post …

~     High Five Meeting and Public Recording  ..

posted by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 on The Official Blog as 本州最北端、青森での「Shangri-la Meeting」終了!

Moved by car from Sendai to Yamagata, then headed by Shinkansen to Aomori. Arrived at the venue of 「Shangri-la」 Meeting. Had some snacks, then self checking on the waiting room before the event started …



Oh guys (yeah, all of you 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 ), thank you so much for that back image of yasu ne.

By any means it’s so beautiful …!!!

The Public Recording with FM Aomori, talking about the idea of  i will come to your city and sing for you all over Japan” on this 「Shangri-la」 Project ,


and talking about new single 「Greed Greed Greed 」, the slap bass (Ikuo did in a cool way on the PV) and yasu bought an instructional DVD and practice to play bass all the way for a whole year.

i think you all already read about that previously, somewhere ….


some of  the question is

「Did you eat The ENGLISH TOAST ?」

yasu   :   yes, i ate it a little while ago in the waiting room

this raisin toast ..

Tekki should go to Aomori eat that ne, who know it might help to add up The British level on her blood.

OK so the clue for Aomori is Nebuta Apple, tuna and that ENGLISH TOAST …..

~     Live @Link Station Hall Aomori   ..


yasu‘s arrive on the venue announcement on twitter and followed with tour truck parking info, questions for MC, and my fave part is  …

The Finding yasu’s tweet


they hide him under The Light, eh. OK that’s tricky enough guys, but i can still see him  …. xD.

Next was yasu and the blurry kewpie tweet …



and posted the answer on this 1年ぶりの青森 ♡ [Aomori, for The 1st Time in a year ] post on The Official Blog. But i think they ended the previous Aomori Meeting Post with some clues, sure you all already know what exactly the kewpie is ..

yes, it’s an Apple ….


noi      :      but someone already bite it ne ..
yasu   :      hee ..
noi      :      did you …
yasu   :      don’t start it …

According to that post, once inside the venue yasu eat immediately this …



some local product, then serious meeting again with staff,


continued with checking everything from lightnings, sounds … etc, then collecting questions from twitter for MC . For this Aomori Live, the theme was childhood talk.

There was a lot of replies, so it ended as Q and A session in the dressing room with lots of LOLs between yasu and the support members.



The question for MC was : thing that was popular on your childhood and were collected desperately, while

~     Set List  is  ..

Shojo no Inori

Kuroi Taiyo
in the Mirror
Yubiwa Monogatari
Black Cherry


Fuyu no Maboroshi


Shangri la
Cherry Cherry
I’m not a ghost
Tsumi to Batsu ~ Kamisama no Alibi~

Yes (request)
Greed Greed Greed (request)
cord name 【JUSTICE】
cord name 【JUSTICE】 for closing, really ….?

Oh God,

Like a random serial killer they (yasu and his team) really make the Set List for this 「Shangri-la」 Tour totally random. So random, FUBAR because until now i  still not able get the pattern yet.

And without a pattern, this noi_himura from NYPD will never catch this serial killer ne, i wish Officer Hayashi stop dancing and start to do somethin ….


yasu      :     NYPD …?
noi         :     blimey, i watch
Blue Bloods too much ….xD
yasu      :     and stop call me with Officer Hayashi ..
noi         :     heee ….

that GIF,

haha sorry i think that’s not fast enough isn’t it? . Eventually 3 second is pretty slow for a GIF image. Maybe i’ll make another one later, but there you are the complete 「Shangri-la」 Tour Pamphlet



just click the image, enjoii and you may make some cute GIF with all of that …. xD

sure i like this pamphlet, but not much as how i love Free Live 2011 pamphlet. Yes, yasu is totally adorable, but they (whoever did the shoot and edit that) did a very good job to make him look bitchy like that.

yes, bitchy instead of sexy ….

Last but not least, is this latest post from 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】  : 裏ワザ伝授!? . No images of yasu, but it’s like sums of all their August 「Shangri-la」 Tour post  from

~    questions for MC request on twitter,
~    sum of MC’s from Fukushima to Aomori …

Fukushima  :  How did they start to play their instrument
Akita           :  Type of woman …. <—— that’s a very jolly question ne
Miyagi         :  Dream of future as a child ..
Yamagata   :  Lunch school fave menu …
Aomori        :  thing that was popular on childhood and collected desperately

~    「Shangri-la」 Yale from Janne FC mobile, and

and they will joyfully close this August by announce The 4th Season of 「Shangri-la」 Project on this Friday August 30th, 2013, so stay tune everyone …!!!

btw everyone, look at this again …


look at him, look how he laughed like that in front a Mirror. In this case, Mirror is the keyword …

so he spent too much time with Mirror ne, make up in Front of Mirror for many many times plus wrote singing In The Mirror, so i think he sould not eat much Apple ne.

Because you know what happen at the end of that story …

yabai ne …..!!!

yasu      :   what story …?
noi        :    you know with
Apple, Mirror and wicked stepmother involved …?
yasu     :    you mean i will …
noi        :    just stay away from
Apple OK …!!!


あああ ヤダ …! Post : 『Shangri-la』 Series Documentary PHOTOBOOK (another me, yasu and The Forever Yen)

Regarding to the upcoming 『Shangri-la』 Tour they updated everything …


start from …

~  The Official Blog with a very long いよいよ! post by 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】

first is about 『Greed Greed Greed』 single, since today is the 2nd day after the release day. They also mentioned about the special affordable 394 yen Special Editions also available on other shop, not only TSUTAYA.

But i think because the euphoria of the Limited Jacket from TSUTAYA is quite BIG, fans tend to go to TSUTAYA to grab  『Greed Greed Greed』 single, including the 394 yen Special Editions.

and by this 『Greed Greed Greed』 single released, Project 『Shangri-la』 is started as well as 「Interaction Event」, and 『Shangri-la』 Meeting. So tomorrow is the moment of yasu and all of his team will meet all fans in Fukushima. Start tomorrow, he is gonna be all around prefectures

Project 『Shangri-la』 is started, and in order to make everyone can be informed well to what happen in this Acid Black Cherry Project 『Shangri-la』, because this is gonna continues for a long time,  so yasu and his team already prepared many things. Indeed it’s a long time tour ne.

eeh, yasu and his team or only his team ….. ?  #nyaaaa …  *got an automatic slap*


noi        :      awww, that’s hurt ne …
yasu     :      what kind of question is that …?
noi        :      then what are you doing …?
yasu     :      singing, and …. eh, i am not gonna tell you ne

well then, they already prepare such things like …

~     Updated Shangri-La Special Site (PC version only), in the Special page today


PS   :    click the image to go there

it became like a calendar where you can see the schedule of all appearance of yasu like OA comment on radio, magazine and ah ya yasu on Yunika VISION.




Yunika VISION is a display advertisements with three giant LED screens combined with a text-streaming screen to the streets of Shinjuku, and Acid Black Cherry is at the special edition of Music Info on Yunika Vision from August 8th, 2013  (Thu) ~  August 18th, 2013 (Sun)

【Song List】

1,愛してない(from「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」)
2,イエス (from 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」)
3,SPELL MAGIC (from 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」)
4,シャングリラ (from 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”」)
5,Greed Greed Greed (MUSIC VIDEO)

On Yunika Vision From 11:00 pm 13:00pm 15:00pm 17:00pm 19:00pm, and the duration is 26 minutes 30 seconds

source :  here

OMG i wish i can see that ne,

maybe if i can go there i think i am gonna go to McD first then order one BIG MAC then what i will do is just standing there enjoy the video like on an outdoor cinema.

Because there’s no way i can see things like that on my village ne, then if i feel hungry i’ll grab my BIG MAC and then …..

kyaaaaa ……….


yasu      :     then what …
noi         :     OMG i forgot to buy a drink ne, a cola …
yasu      :     ah, this is only if ne, you can edit it later. Now, go on finish this post
noi         :     ya, you are right …

then next is …

~     Gotochi Acid Black Cherry × Obitsu Kewpie special page


there will be 8 different kewpies release for each prefecture. So different prefecture, different kewpie design. Nah this upcoming kewpies is gonna be a most wanted collection items ne.


Because that’s a venue only stuffs together with that hairband and the MNO set ne.

Eeeh, why the hell they make it blurry like that? is it because that MNO set is a 4,500 yen vibrator …?

At the first time i read that post, i thought there is something wrong with my PC because it ended blurry like that, but now i know they make it that way, eh …

sure that auction’s site will be full of this kewpie soon after the 1st Live on Fukushima started. But i do hope they will open a pre-sale for that kewpies later, when then Project 『Shangri-la』 over.

I hate to feel another loose on Yahoo Auction ne.

I think they should think about re-selling again the venue only on the Official Online Shop for other fans who unable to go to the venue as the other way to reduce auction site hunting and selling Acid Black Cherry stuffs, not only for live ticket but also for the limited stuffs.

then they also have prepared for a variety of planning for [national tour] and this 『Shangri-la』 Meeting, in Janne Da Arc Official fan club, Official twitter. Janne Da Arc Official mobile, blog, and facebook so we can enjoy even more this Project 『Shangri-la』

~   for Janne Da Arc Official mobile

1. 『Shangri-la』 Yale

this one is already started a long time ago via YouTube, it asked about making a 『Shangri-la』 Yale together for each prefecture. The idea of sending an enegry to yasu with this something called 『Shangri-la』 Yale

what a very nice idea ne …

2.  Gotochi Acid Black Cherry x Obitsu Kewpie .

Gotochi Obitsu Kewpie to appear as official goods. so that means all the Mobile FC members can buy that?

3. Top Costumized Image

a spesification Acid Black Cherry image on the top of New version of Janne de Arc Mobile ..

4. Local PR

since they want to travel to many different cities, they ask to all the Mobile FC members to give them a recommendation about spots and various place like restaurant … etc etc.

5. Join and Friend Introduction Privilege

to all Mobile FC members who introduce to a friend to join the FC mobile by entering the promotions code of flyers distributed inon the 2013-2014 『Shangri-la』 Tour venue will get yasu‘s voice sayin 「ありやぁす」 as a gift.

heee …..

~   for Official twitter

they will send/tweet send the live situation of event that day to you from the spot in real time a little bit in time, and there is occasionally also a comment from yasu …?

~   for Official Blog

they  will tell you the situation of the live as a lice report on the day following and before live started as usual with a race with yasu way of writing or there will be a photograph of yasu with today’s live Kewpie to see ….

that’s something i am waiting for ne …

~   for Official Facebook

they will be release a photo of yasu‘s live today and you do will only se it there

~   for Janne Da Arc FanClub Newsletter

there will be a percious photos of this 『Shangri-la』 Tour

and also there will be a special flyer bag to be distributed at the venue, they said there will be only 6 special flyer on each venue .

as i know everyone who watch Acid Black Cherry live will get a flyer bag, but in this 『Shangri-la』 Tour is different because there’s only 6 lucky people who will get  a flyer bag with that special one inside . I say the 6 persons who get this are

The Sex Lucky Bastard ….  !!!   ah no, not again kyaaa …. *dumped to Limbo*


that special flyer, nah now i know why they make it like that ne. They have to make it that way because if they don’t that flyer is not gonna special anymore.

and then this one is the one that make my heart and wally beat fast ne.

~  『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK


they decided to release that 『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK, …..

this PHOTOBOOK will contains all the live stage and followed event, ON and OFF shoot with so many various appearance and facial sexpresion in a full collection of pictures.

And from 1st Season to 5th Season together in one book of each season, then it will be released in a series of five books ….

~  pre-order in TSUTAYA BOOK (for non FC member):


as they said on the website, there will be special cover BOOK limited Edition In TSUTAYA BOOKS. It is a special BOOK cover of TSUTAYA BOOKS limited Edition you can not get anywhere else.

1st Season Pre-Order Deadline : September 27 (Friday)

Please check the implementation store list below target store.

Acid Black Cherry “Project Shangri-la documentary PHOTOBOOK” 1st Season
Price (each Season)                 : 2,500 yen (tax-plan)
Published                                  : Pia Co., Ltd.
released at the same time        :  October 25th

[Release Date]

To 5th Season from 1st Season Project of “Shangri-la”, are summarized in one book per season for each release in the series of five books!

■ 1st Season ~ Hokkaido and Tohoku tour ~
Release: October 25 (Friday)
■ 2nd Season ~ Hokuriku, Koshin, Tokai tour ~
■ 3rd Season ~ Kansai Chugoku tour ~
■ 4th Season
■ 5th Season

Will be announced at any time at the site

~  pre-order in Uprise Official Online Shop (for FC member)

in here   :   http://upriseshop.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=522

then  Limited Edition Acid Black Cherry Project 『Shangri-la』 Documentary PHOTOBOOK with a Special Cover , for Janne Da Arc Official Fanclub members only Special BOOK Cover pre order period for 1st Season

August 12th, 2013 (Monday) 13:00  ~  September 27th, 2013 (Friday) 23:59

they asked for a registration first to be a VIP member, it’s a free registration. I am gonna ask about this to my proxy because i am not sure if being a member of Fan Club = VIP member or not.

because i think i am gonna buy it per season, each book with a special cover for FanClub member. It’s not that i don’t want the Special BOX but buying it one by one is more acceptable for my wally than buy all 5 series in one time …

Oh, Blimey …. !!!


noi        :    OMG OMG ya_san, help me …. *suddenly dizzy*
yasu     :    are you hungry …?
noi        :    eh, yes i am hungry …
yasu     :    look …!!
noi        :    but i am money hungry now …

I think even i am off from office i do still do this counting in my brain everyday for every moment i saw.

For example when my neighbor’s crazy chickens eat all my mother’s cayenne pepper in our background (we do have lots of cayenne pepper there) and leaved it with no leaves at all, somehow i spent this evening by counting how much money that i will get if i sell all of it to the market this morning.

now i have to make another calculation now, while looking at these georgeous image of yasu


credit  :   miho @ameba

if i am not mistaken, that’s from EDGE STYLE magazine.

I am not gonna buy this one because as always, there will be someone who will share for this kind of stylish magazine there somewhere. All i have to do now is just being calm and patient as who i am The Magnolia

so each PHOTOBOOK is 2,500 yen so 5 seasons means …

2,500 yen x 5 season  =   12,500 yen

and how many kg is that book wight each, i have to count it for the shipping fee ne because as always when i buy magazines from CD Japan the shipping cost in way more sexpensive than the magazine’s price. It can be twice or 3 times of it.

Plus the custom tax, but i can avoid this ne because i will buy one by one.

now i will ask the same question than one of my Facebook friend (i think she is also here in LJ as well) asked on her Facebook status. The 1,000,000 galeon question is …

Can i download money ….?

yasu     :     of course you can’t …
noi        :     but i can download you ne …
yasu     :     me …? no way ..
noi        :     i give you 1,000,000 galeon if you can show me where to download money
yasu     :     go away, you crazy fangirl


Friday Post : 「Greed 」Posters …..!!! (Another me, yasu, The Blow Job and Samantha)


look, everyone …. !!!



yasu is already do say a comment on 「Erect 」 Live DVD, so i think

yatta …. !!!   i am gonna get my DVD soon ..  ahahahaha

yes, i am very confident about it right now.

Even i am sure  i am not gonna feel that confident again tonight after i have some meal. Maybe because i am hungry now, because when you are hungry you will think about everything in a different way.

Today is already July, 26th and it is the last day to  for 「Shangri-La 」GOODS and now it is already too late. The closing hour passed, but i haven’t received an email reply from my proxy about my order.

yes, i did my order on the 2nd day after the pen the pre_order, but then as i said before how i ended want the 「Shangri-La 」 tote BAG i add another order together with my friend who wants the pamphlet. So i think we are not gonna make it.

I know, there will be another pre_order after this, but still i don’t like if i have to order on the 2nd time instead of  the 1st. You know it was like … hmmm …  *thigking*

imagine if yourself as one of the passenger on the last voyage of TITANIC and when it start to drown in that deep and cold blue sea you get the 2nd or maybe 3rd round to be on the limited lifeboats just because you missed the 1st one, it will ended with you running out of lifeboats

You know what might happen to you?

Drowning then freezing to death. Imagine how you will die in that cold water. Even if yes, you can swim and might able to survive the cold but hey, don’t forget  there’s a lot of sharks who eat you alive. Then you just die like that,

and sure you are not Rose, so there will be no chance for you to have sex with Jack Dawson  before he died.

That’s very terrible ne,

dakara, i always want to be on the 1st of everything, including for this kind of stuffs pre_order. See what i mean, i can’t get that tote BAG just because i skip it …


yasu       :       aaaaa, you’re boring …
noi          :       really …? ups sorry …
yasu       :       just finish this post hurry …
noi          :       ah, ya i should talk about poster ne …

from this 毎日が♡ 「Every Day  」 Post by 【Team Acid Black Cherry】, aaand look he is still reading comments posted on the Official Blog, that’s so great ne ya_san …


They also wrote about how 「Erect 」 Live DVD now is in fist place in overall in the Oricon Weekly DVD ranking, 「Shangri-La 」 Meeting 1st Season‘s details of the time …  etc scheduled to be updated on August, 1st and so does the application start.

and then

poster, poster, so many poster of 「Greed Greed Greed 」 eeeehhhh  …..

~   For FC Members

CD + DVD edition will get this Black version B3 Poster


yes, i am gonna get that ….

CD + DVD edition will get this White version B3 Poster


nope, i am not gonna get that …

~   For FC Mobile Members

As always, there will be this Mini Clear File …


Of course i am not gonna get that ….

~   For All of you Who buy it from mu-mo

you all will get this sticker …


aha, yeah i am gonna get that ….

so my 「Greed」  list ended with me ordered 1 CD + DVD version, 2 CD only versions and 4 copies of 394 yen version. That’s pretty 「Greed」, but then i think again, what is the point of being 「Greed」 if i can’t get this tote BAG …?


ah, whatever as long as i am gonna get the 4 different Trading Card that’s 100% no problemo ne.

Now let’s move to next part, eeeh did i forget to complete something? ah ya i forget a lot ne but there you are …

1.    The complete TSUYATA – Interview translation


sorry i have to make it that way because writing something in a continously form is make me dizzy, it confused me about wich part did i already finished or not, and then followed with the biggest question :

Where the hell i posted the previous part ….?

so i think that’s much way better ne, then next is …

2.    CD&DLでーた 2013年8月


yes, that’s not the HQ one because Facebook tend to reduce it, but don’t worry yasu is forever kawaii no matter you see hom on a HQ or LQ images anyway …

PS    :   click to the image and it will bring you to my Facebook Note and Album

then, the last is the  very funny one because i read this over and over and it still make me laugh a lot while wondering

eeeh, how long ….?

2.    Tanuki Sex Thread 

i found this on Tumblr. If you have Tumblr i am sure you already saw this thread : the Tanuki Sex Thread. I am not often opening my Tumblr Dshboard, because when i open my Tumblr it’s always only to post some picture of yasu and then open the page with Acid Black Cherry tags.

nah about last week when i open pages with Acid Black Cherry tags, i saw that the Tanuki Sex Thread there. At the first time i ask my self :

Who The Hell is Tanuki ….?

nah apparently she is (or was …? i dunno) a prostitute/whore and she said yasu is one of her former clients. So that 2 Tanuki Sex posts are wrote about how she tell her sexperience with yasu like this  …


etc etc …..

you can read the full in here and here

reading something like this, it’s not really surprised me ne. At all, because i don’t even care whether that’s wrong or right. Yes, there always be 2 possibilities. As a public figure, yasu is getting BIGGER and famous now and it’s a normal when there’s somebody who was acquainted with him a long time ago (including this ex-whore) say something about him.

nah because she is/was a whore what else she can say but the sexperience she had with yasu ….?

Somehow this Tanuki remind me to Samantha Jones.

To all of you who watch Sex and The City you all must familiar with her. I remember in one episode where Carrie went to Samantha‘s office to talk about her upcoming book cover.

And when she opened her office, she shocked because she was Samantha was doing a Blow Job to the delivery man. Unable to say something, Carrie left Samantha‘s office. Then the next day on their luncheon together with Miranda and Charlotte, Carrie somehow sayin something that it’s very hurt for  Samantha

She mentioned the day when she saw Samantha was doing the Blow Job at office while laughing like it was nothing. But it’s something for Samantha, having her best friend judging her like that in front of her other best friend. Then she reply her :

What’s wrong with that? As long as i can still down on my knees and open …. (you all know what i mean …. xD) i will blow ….

nah my point is i don’t want to be like Carrie who just say something and then add the judging look at her best friend. I hope i will able to do that even yes, it’s so hard not to give the judging look or opinion, so

here i am now for the 1st trial, reading that Sex Thread in the fun way and of course i am not gonna give my judging talks  to yasu about that or about any other things i might will read, because just like this Backstreet Boys song i am listening now,

i say  ….

I don’t care who you are, where you from, don’t care what you did, ss long as you love me baby …


yasu     :     what, boyband again  …..?
noi        :     ahahaha yeah …
yasu     :     but, i don’t love you noi_chan …
noi        :     that’s fine ne, eeeh do you think i should put 18+ on this entry …?
yasu     :     ehm you don’t ….?