Fool_ed Post : What A Long Fool’s Monday, eh …. (Another me, yasu and Jae Min)

It’s APRIL Already, Waaaa  …..  !!!

and i spent April 1st night with sleeping instead of spread a silly jokes to all my geje friends on Facebook. It’s been a long time i didn’t do that silly things we did on Facebook together. And somehow when i listen to this song :

Link from L’Arc_en_Ciel

I always say this song is our song ne, and thanks to that song suddenly i miss all of them ne, Then i tagged them on my Facebook status. Even there were not many comments like how we used to be, at least it bring memories back and make me happy indeed

Actually i didn’t tag all of them actually because i missed some persons and i couldn’t find my dear imoto mei_ru on Facebook again. The last time i spoke to her was after i got back from Japan. OMG that’s a long time ne, and maybe she is already deactivated her Facebook or she just not around the social networks much?.

But still, i missed her and all my geje friend ne.

April 1st, April Fool’s Day on Monday ….? suddenly i got a text message sayin that they were from my bank and tellin me that i won 7,000,000 IDR. What a fantastic joke in a Fool’s Day morning ne, can you imagine that 7 with 6 zeros behind it ? … #whoaaa ha ha ha

too bad that’s only a joke ne, and the best one for a gold digger like me. I mean what kind of jokes suit for a gold digger that a money joke btw.

and unlike me, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t want to missed the April Fool’s Day euphoria to post an ABC Jokes on their latest post on Official Blog by sayin :

they are not gonna post another latest photo of yasu because of many anxious comments they got like “i can’t breath” … etc etc, thanks to how Mind Blowing yasu is make them breathless like that …

Really? just because of that?

nah now i think it would be better for all of you to take a deep breath before you open the Official Blog and look at yasu‘s photo ne  … #whueee eh eh …


yasu     :    they got you ne ….
noi        :    yes, they did. But just a little bit ….
yasu     :    ah come one, just say you got fool_ed ..
noi        :    @_@


before i scrolled down the page after that bucket of yasu‘s photos above, i was like,

~  eeeh why?
~  what happened?
~  is this because of that copyrights things?
~  but they already added that watermarks on the photos ne, then why …?

then i scrolled down and it was a joke? …  what should i say but :

Bloody Hell and well done guys … !!!

then that Fool’s Day get longer and my sachou made me feel like i am the foolish person that day. Everything i did was wrong to him. I wonder what the hell is happen to him ne?

I thought i already did text him right but eventually that was not right enough for him. He is really not an easy man, indeed he never be.

and that was a very long Fool’s Day for me eh, so i went home and after 18:00 PM i fell asleep until midnight. I woke up at midnight, i was hungry because i missed last night’s dinner and 3 calls from my office mate Zarri Bano.

Because i couldn’t find anything to eat but a guava to eat, i spent my sleepless night in front of my telly in hungry while wondering what the hell is happen while i was sleeping ne.


I remember how my hand felt hurt again. Yes, maybe Tekki was right. Lord Voldermorth is calling me, and btw i wonder if i am really one of the Death Eater and i reply him with  :

Stop callin me My Lord, i am on my day off and aren’t you supposed to be death ne?, Harry did kill you … !!!

What will happen to me? i am sure i am gonna get a free treat of Avada Kedavra … xD, then i think i heard my father got mad again and yellin at my mother again . Or it was only on my dreams? …

if it was really a dream, OMG my life is really miserable indeed ne, i mean i even dream about that. People say a dream is the flower on our sleeping time, and for me, the flower of my sleeping time is something amusing like that.  …

what did i do wrong btw, i stop to ask/wish anything BIG or near to impossible to be true ne. See even stop to ask for yasu or a chance for me to join him lyin on the Floor full of Roses like this for Christmas ….

because i know that’s impossible and there’s no Santa in this world that crazy enough to give me that. So now here i am as a simple woman who’s  simple as Magnolia,

all i want is nothing but some peace in my life …


noi        :     nee ya_san, is that too much to ask?
yasu     :     and … go on, i am listening ..
noi        :     well if you say so … and
a boyfriend like Jae Min ….  ha ha ha
yasu     :     i know you can’t be that simple, and
Magnolia? forget it  ..
noi        :     ah ya let me tell you about
Jae Min ne

jae min

actually his real name is Jo In Sung, and if you are one of the Korean Drama Lover you must know if Jae Min, from Jung Jae Min is a character he played in a drama called Memories of Bali in 2004.

memories of bali buku sinopsis

i really love that drama, and of course the Jae Min character. A spoiled man from a very rich family who don’t even have to join military service,  who is in love to a girl and somehow endend him on a really heart_breaking Love Triangle,

a Love Triangle is always sad ne ..

Then after that, i kinda follow him. You know by watching his movies and dramas and start to call him as my own Jae Min Oppa, Sarangeee ..!!! instead of his real name Jo In Sung.  For me he is an actor with a real talent, not only a good looking one (indeed he is charmingly adorable).

~  I enjoyed watcing him happily smiling in love in The Classic,

he wasn’t the lead actor, but the running together to go to library on a rainy day between him and the female characte is so sweet ….

~ can’t help myself to cry for him on Dirty Carnival and …

this movie is my first movie with Korean gangster war/fight scene, it is quite different with the whole Hongkong Triad movie that i watch. i noticed on the gang fighting or war they (Korean gangster) use a baseball stick (i think it was because only the boss who had a gun or blade) instead of a blade or a butcher knife like on Hongkong Triad movie.

But the war, indeed still have the same thrilling effect. I can’t believe how they beat Jae Min like that, and on his face …? #omoooo ..

~ how he put me in that some guilty pleasure feeling of me watching him did many sex scenes on A Frozen Flower.

again and again, sad ending for him. eeeh … is he gonna be like Andy Lau? you know howAndy Lau always ended die or heartbroken in most of his movies. I hope not, and now on this drama called That Winter, The Wind Blows.

jae min2

This is the first drama of him after he finished his military service, Not only him, there also Song Hye Gyo and Kim Bum on that drama ne, so this drama became some sort of a treat of sweets in a cup.


Why? because the three of them are really sweet, arent they?…

this drama is about a man, a conman named Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) who pretend to be a very rich girl’s lost brother names Oh Young (Song Hye Gyo) with a help from his fellow conman (Kim Bum) to get her money so he can pay his debts. His 7,8 million dollars debt.

They both meet in a certain condition where Oh Soo somehow have the same name as Oh Young‘s lost brother whom she is looking for. The story begin how Oh Soo make Oh Young believe if he is really her lost brother, and get her trust. But then the situation became dramatically blurry when slowly Oh Soo fall in love to his “sister”.

My fave scene is absolutely this one  …

the scene where they both eat that cotton candy together, OMG i think this is the moment where Oh Soo started to fallin in love to his “sister”, and he start to doubt about all what he is gonna do about her, and then confused himself with that 7,8 million dollars debts.

i haven’t finish this drama because my cable only air it every Wednesday and Thursday at 08:00 PM. So i only watch untill 8th episode. Yes, there so many streaming site and download for this drama,

but i think i am gonna wait to watch it on my telly and step by step on each episodes i enjoy how the chemistry between Jae Min and Song Hye Gyo while my heart can’t stop melting everytime i hear this so winter song …

Winter Love – The One

I know you, I feel you
even if you don’t speak
You’re a hurt person,
who resembles me a lot
I know that I never learned of love
so I don’t really know about it
But I feel that you are
a person who is my destiny

My person is soft like the white snowflakes
That person is hurting me
The wind blows and it seems
like it’ll take you far away
So I am protecting you by your side again today

I beg so that my prayers can reach the heavens
I hope for this cruel love
that I can’t stop anymore
Even if my life is broken to pieces,
There’s just one person,
just one person for me

A love like destiny that I cannot reject
That person is making me sad
Even if the cold winter comes
and freezes my entire body
I will always be by your side

I love you, I will hold you
I will always protect you by your side

Oppa …..  #nyaaaa  …!!!

and btw Jae Min, with 186 cm height, yes indeed he is a very tall man, therefore Song Hye Gyo had to use a very high heels so they can look perfect together ne …

yasu      :    OMG, now she really want a boyfriend …
noi         :    i am sorry ya_san. But yes, i am affraid so ..
yasu      :    eee … can we skipp this boyfriend talking and you finnish this post?
noi         :    OMG, sure …

what the hell is happen with me, where’s my manner btw. OK Enough about Jae Min now let’s close this silly post with this …


so finally i able to finish this 『Recreation3』 – Offshoot btw. Somebody help me on this.

and maybe some of you who have Facebook or Tumblr already saw this video ne because i uploaded it there on my Facebook and then you know, the shared button works like a MAGIC,

but maybe again, some of you haven’t see this, you can see it in here

As i wrote on that video details, this is not a perfect translations. So yes, there are mistakes somewhere, and if you want to translate it into another language, maybe to put it on your Street Team, page or blogs, feel free to contact me and i will give you the srt file so you just translate it to your own language, OK

maybe ( the 3rd maybe btw …xD) some of you wondering why i didn’t upload that on YouTube? well that’s because there’s the songs on 『Recreation3』 Album played as the background sound while yasu‘s talking. And i knew if i put that video on YouTube, they (you know who) will block or even delete it.

i am already got one penalty from YouTube and they sent me to that copyrights lessons class with the cartoon characters, so i only have 2 spot for mistaken uploading then after that they will erase my YouTube account, like what they did to my 1st YouTube account.

make another new account? that’s impossible for me, i even ask my friend to make this new account btw. And he is also the one who picked the username there. It used to be noiloveyasu, and then somehow YouTube suggested me to change it. Then there you are i got my YouTube account with username noihimura again. ..

so i am gonna keep this account save, after all i kinda confused about what kind of username that i am gonna use if i have to make another new YouTube account ne, let say i am gonna use  noiloveyasu,noilovehyde, noiloveyasuandhyde, noiloveeveryday ..

etc etc i am affraid that will ended with me on YouTube as

noilovemrfriday ….

noi        :    sounds weird ne, then tell me one  …
yasu     :    what if …
noi        :    no, no don’t tell me now, save your answer. i gotta go  now …
yasu     :    where …
noi        :    The Wind Blows ya_san, i gotta protect somebody , bai bai … *run*

yasu     :    eeeh, what the …


待つわ Post : Voilà ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Godzilla)

well then,

Tuesday morning, yesterday was not an ordinary morning ne, like it use to be as a smooth and calm morning that i always have, i almost get caught by the Police .

This Police with a Chopsticks … ?


eh God, if he is the one who almost caught me this morning, then i would be so delighted ne, but it was not. The Police here is my shacho, I dunno what the hell was happen that day or the night before because that day he came to office very early ne exactly at 07:00 AM. While me, the Capt. Slow came at 07:20 AM. Yes i was 20 minutes late …

My friend called me soon after he came, but because at that time i am still on bus, i was like … eh God, what should i do? he is gonna catch me again ….!!!. So this morning on my way to office my heart beat fast and faster when i get closer to office.

i am sure he is gonna mad at me, and who knows what he is gonna say to me, but when i arrived at office, i didn’t see him because he is already look at the machine which had it morning troubles as usual on a rainy day and …

Voilà, i am save …!!!!! … aha ha ha ha ha ..

so from now on, there is and there will be no text messages alert for his comin like how it used to be. Maybe, i said maybe ne, he knows about it and decided just to come. Nobody know so there’s no text message alert.

For what reason? what else than to catch some lazy employees who always late … (read : like me noi_himura)


yasu     :    so you are happy now?
noi        :    of course i am, he didn’t say anything so i am save …
yasu     :    i think he is gonna catch you next …
noi        :    ah come on, ya_san i am a simple woman like
Magnolia ne. So yes, simple things make me happy ….

i am happy just because my shacho didn’t catch me, and then i got a text message from Mr. Postman ( not yasu or Superman btw). Now i know what his name ne, the man who have a Victory Smile on his face every time he say : no Miss Himura, there’s no package for you from Japan …. , his name is Mr. Ardiyanto …. #whoooo

i hate when he said that ne, for me it always feels like a bet between him and me and he always win by sayin that BIG no … etc etc to me. Ah forget about him and now look what finally arrived today …

Agatha Cristie’s MARPLE Box Set DVD ….!!!

i almost finish POIROT ne, and i really enjoy my fave case : The Cat Among The Pigeons. There is Amanda Abbington there and also screen play by Mark Gatiss …? brilliant eh.

Now i am still on the : Appointment With Death episode, with Mark Gatiss as Lord Boyton’s son Leonard. It’s a thrilling episode with a wicked woman as the victim who deserved to die …

Do you know when Mrs. Christie decided to make her famous Belgian Detective character Hercule Poirot to be death, when Hercule Poirot passed away there as an obituary on New York Times : RIP Hercule Poirot

i love Hercule Poirot ne, because as what David Suchet said on behind the scene interview, Hercule Poirot is not Jarves (the police who after Jean Valjen till the end of the world on Victor Hugo’s Les Missarables). So sometimes he didn’t report the one who did the crime to the police. He had his own way ne ..

and not only that yesterday these also arrived …


it took exactly 9 days from when my proxy shipped it on Sunday, March 10th for the CDs and for the magazine i dunno when did CD Japan end it, . I told you ne, it always need at least 9 days my stuffs from Japan to me no matter what kind of shipment i use.

As always you can see all the scans on my Photobucket :

Recreation 3 cover in ———> here

ARENA37℃ 2013年4月 in ……..> here

yes, yes and yes  it is password protected, but i am sure all of already know what the password is right?


I am not gonna talk about 「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV again, but this time let’s talk about The Off Shoot. I am sure all of you already seen it right? It’s quite interesting. For me, who always think if  「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV is The Official Acid Black Cherry Dorama ne, but more than that is cameo.

Yes, cameo ne,

Remember OCEAN TWELVE ? nah that movie did a great job to surprised me with Bruce Willis as himself who call Tess (Danny’s wife, played by Julia Roberts) who pretend to be Julia Roberts ….?

even some people said it was a lame cameo celebrity in a movie, but i love that cameo scene ne, because they kind a confused me with the idea of Julia Roberts tryin to be Julia Roberts, but after all i always love if there’s a cameo in a movie like how Donald Trump as himself n Hugh Grant and Sandy‘s Two Weeks Notice

yasu talk about this 「Recreation3」 album and then something about the cover album with him and childrens there (i only get it until there …xD), and of course about 「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV ne.

But, i say but ne …

in this  「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV’s Off Shoot is like an answer (or you may say it as a revealing?) of the PV itself. Like mean how they put yasu himself, yasuko and his boyfriend JZ, as cameo. Then they (you may read it as yasu and his team, or whoever directed this PV) kind a like put some little quiz in the PV for fans who noticed/watch carefully that cameos.

if you asked me did i noticed it? i did but only for yasuko and his boyfriend JZ‘s love story, but not yasu himself

~ as the policeman,

~ as the pedestrian,

~ or even all of them as a group of dudes singing in the karaoke

sorry, but that’s the fact eh, even i see the PV over and over, but still i can’t get if all of those checkpoints. can you imagine ne, me with my blurry eyes? it is was impossible for me to noticed all of it ne ..

yasu    :   you didn’t see it …?
noi       :   i am sorry, you can blame my blurry eyes ..
yasu    :   no, no i want another reason ne …
noi       :   well then here is my other reason …

noi       :   see ya_san, i was too busy to find out what is the color of yasuko’s underwear … xD ..
yasu    :   what the …
noi       :   it can’t be pink right? ..

and i think i kinda missed 【Team Acid Black Cherry】‘s post on The Official Ameblo because now what i did is bookmarked it and read it when i have some alone time at office, unlike how i use to be ne, by just looking at it, then save the images of yasu while reading it as fast as i can then it always ended with me understand nothing about the post.

~ in this という訳で今日も。,

they finally announced 47 cities (if i am not mistaken counting) for the next 『Shangri-la』 project and i see Okayama there,  Is that Yukki‘s home? OMG Yukki, yasu is gonna come to your town …!!!!

eh, is it Okayama or Wakayama  …?

~ in this こんな感じで。 post

i read it again and again and i smile ne, i this this post is my fave post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 by how it make me happy on this part


It is a melody which is just on yasu_san’s head now」…

OMG, a melody for a new song …?  #nyaaa

~ from The Official Facebook Page

THE NEW MADMOISELLE NA ANATATACHI with  「Acid Black Cherry Story」 manga ….!!!

it is the Fanclub magazine ne, now they added 「Acid Black Cherry Story」 manga , i really can’t wait to see it, i wonder when did i am gonna get it ne …. so yes, i am so sexcited with this …!!

about me, well

Right now my left hand is an idle hand. i can’t use it to do anything yet, because the only thing i can lift is only my phone ne, so everyday i did the squeezing move as a practice.

Today i took my afternoon bath with my mom, she wanted to wash my hair, but i said no, i’ll do that myself. I don’t want to bother her again with me because she is already tired by taking care of my father. So what she did is only watch me do all my forever bath. Then she said to me : Look Boo, all the bruises gone …!!

OMG yes, all of them gone ne. Waw, human body is amazing ne, with it recovery ability. At the first time all my body was full of pink bruises, and then it turned to red, then blue, dark blue, black and then it’s gone like a MAGIC.

My head already back to normal size, even there’s still one scar on it but it will gone soon. Nah when it totally gone, what i am gonna do first is i am going to a salon to have a creambath treatment. I can’t wait for that, maybe i will able to do that next month.

After all i am perfectly OK now, i have a smooth recovery even my left hand still an idle hand, and i dunno why every night especially when it rain and the weather is cool, it feels hurt like there’s someone step on it over and over.

I told Tekki about this and she said : OMG Boo, that’s Lord Voldermorth calling you. Of course it hurt  ….!!!!!

eeeh, so now i am one of The Death Eater …?

yasu    :    you what ….?
noi       :    no, no of course i am not
yasu    :    and if you really are …
noi       :    don’t worry i am not gonna eat you ne ..
yasu    :    good

So recently, i said Thank You a lot ne, everyday more than 10 times to peoples around me or people who is next to me. It is because now i become somebody who always need other’s help to do some simple stuffs that i use to do it by my own.

~ to my mom who always want to help me to wash my hair,
~ to my sista who cut my nails,
~ to my friends at office who help me to do a lot of stuffs
~ to peoples on the street who help me to pick up all mystuffs when i fell on my walking to the bus station

see i am the one who walk like i am one of The Avengers and then when a little boy (about 10 years old) running and kinda smashed me with his shoulder, i just fell like it was something BIG hit me ne. Then it took me forever to pick up and put all my stuffs on my bag, until someone finally help me.

that’s embarrasing eh, everyone lookin at me with those eyes, and i don’t like it.

~ to the bus driver’s assistant who always find me a seat on my bus ride every morning and dawn so i can sit and don’t have to stand ..
~ and even for school boys/girls who gave me their seat on my bus riding …

somehow right now i feel useless ne

and not only that, added with how BIG is my appetite now. I always feel hungry ne. The doctor gave me some medicines and somehow the effect of those medicines is make my  appetite bigger than before. See i already have this BIG appetite but now

it turned into a Godzilla ….!!!

yasu      :    so you only want banana …?
noi         :    what ….
yasu      :    banana ne …
noi         :    OMG, i said Godzilla ne, not Gorilla …




Difficult Post : Acid Black Cherry Summer Project “Shangri-La” … (Another me, yasu no Mr. Friday)

yay, it is tomorrow ne, or i should say today if i finish this post after midnight  …


the release date of 『Recreation3』 album ne, but i see so many people especially for Japanese fans already received their album, and start to post their yay post on every social networks.

Then what about me? ah me, i dunno ne. since i bought this album not via CD Japan like what i always do but i bought it on mu-mo via my proxy. so i have no idea whether she is already receive it or not and i am also too dizzy to ask her about it. I think since usually it need at least 3 days from Tokyo to Hokkaido, so i think she will receive it soon ne …

so what’s your plan for this summer? …

nah if you have no plan yet, you are in Japan or want to go to Japan, a BIG fan of Acid Black Cherry and will do anything to have a chance to watch yasu sing, smile and sure make you smile in your city, you better jump with yasu, involved yourself into this smiling summer project called “Shangri-La”


as we all know days ago at March 1st 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted via their official twitter about a new site called for the new “Shangri-La” project next summer with this slide YouTube video via Acid Black Channel


and of course as always, they didn’t tell all the details about this project ne, what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) did just launch the and asked to all the fans including me to wait for another 4 days more for the details …


noi      :     ah, always love to tease, eh …
yasu   :     who …?
noi      :     you and your team ne, who else …
yasu   :     aha, but you do love to be teased ne noi_chan …
noi      :     yes, i do, i very do

but unfortunately i didn’t get too much enjoy the teasing, i mean you know the moment between the teasing post and the revealing post. I used to enjoy it by post some rubbish fangirl analysis about my nonstop wondering what is this gonna be?

why? because in the morning at March 2nd on a very lovely Sunday morning where there’s no rain falling, i got hit by a truck, eh …. or i am the one who hit that truck? i can’t remember it exactly. But what i remember is we both (me and the truck, not yasu) hit each other at the same time with a quite fast and hard ne,

It was so fast until i can’t remember anything but woke up about 5 m from the truck, can you imagine that? me like some little stone who just bounced off just like that

it hurt, yeah and it ended with my left hand a little bit broken, my head became BIG with a super massive dizzy until every time i open my eyes, everything became 2, so when i got home back to hospital, i enter my room, i  look at my poster of yasu ad HYDE, i saw 2 yasu and 2 HYDE

OMG, i am in heaven …..!!!


yasu      :    hello fangirl ….
noi         :    yes, …
yasu      :    can we back to the topic …?
noi         :    ah, sorry …

OK lets, back to the topic, “Shangri-La” project, i’ll put that how i was in heaven on the end of this post ne,

so, today is the day that all Acid Black Cherry fans are waiting for after all the analysis they made in the days between, finally all the mystery becomes clear today with this Acid Black Channel video post and how finally we all can open this



and maybe because the traffic was so high on that site, i saw some fans posted about how they can’t access the site today, well i think now everyone can access that site ne, because hello i can access it now with my super lame net connection.

This “Shangri-La” project is about the upcoming NationWide tour of Acid Black Cherry. yes, some fans said about how this project is not as what they expected before ne, i think they all expected for a Live/Tour outside Japan for the overseas fans ne, because that’s what they all waiting for ne after what yasu said on his New Year’s message with JaME


but it is not about a Live/Tour Outside Japan, ne, so all of you overseas fans including me need to wait and hope of course for Acid Black Cherry Live/Tour Outside Japan can be true.

This “Shangri-La” project is about a NationWide tour all over Japan in 47 prefectures, as what on the video said ne, it is from Shangri-La lyrics

「君が笑顔になるなら唄いたい 君の街で ──── 全国のTeam ABCの皆様一つになりましょう!」

if that song becomes your smile, then I want to sing … In your city, Let’s become one as Team ABC everyone !

so all Japanese fans can be very happy ne because there’s a possibility for them to see yasu in their own city, and they don’t have to go to certain cities like they always do for the previous Acid Black Cherry Live.

this “Shangri-La” project is a project connected with smile, in this case is smile of al people who love yasu‘s music. Not only that, this project also include this :

1.   Release of a new song
2.   This NationWide Tour is divided on 5 blocks and 5 periods all over Japan
3.   In each region provided with opportunities and contact events  ….

it started from yasu‘s dilemma, dillemma of what? to choose between me or HYDE ……?


yasu       :    not funny ne …
noi          :    demo ne, if that’s so then who will you choose?
yasu       :    of course it’s not you, never you
noi          :    heee
yasu       :    so hurry finish this post …

it’s from yasu‘s dilemma that he always have, about how he is on a long tour and also he can’t bring a new song for his fans. But this time he make a  some difference to break his dilemma by realeasing a new song during his upcoming tour all over Japan. Dates and other details are not yet clear,

source :   here and here

because it will be on all prefectures so no doubt that there is a chance to see Acid Black Cherry in Japan, and to all overseas fans who want to go to Japan and want to see Acid Black Cherry, this is your chance ne, i mean all 47 prefectures means there will be a bigger chance for you o get the ticket ne

because as we all know it is very hard to get a ticket for Acid Black Cherry Live even for Japanese fans, so it would be double hard for overseas fans to get it, but it is still possible ne because as what Eli David said to his daughter Ziva

Nothing is impossible, it just difficult

to all of you who see NCIS you must have hear this ne, Eli said this before he died. OMG that’s so sad ne. and btw i did make a plan to join this “Shangri-La” project but since what happened last sunnday, the accident thanks to how bad my driving skill is i have to cancel it ne.

i am still on my recovery now, and i also already spent some cash for my recovery so this summer i am not gonna join “Shangri-La” project in Japan but i am gonna be at Oz with James Franco ….

nah enough with “Shangri-La” project post, now here comes the boring part, so i am now on my recovery ne, and do you know why i wrote this post as a difficult post? it is because dfficult for me to type only with one hand ne, i mean only with 5 fingers ne unlike 10 fingers like usually.

so these days i am tryin my best to do anything only with one hand. and believe me, it is very difficult ne, and sure it took more than forever for me to do some simple things like change my chlotes, take a bath, to wash my hair and even to ripp some papers that i signed.

Today is my 1st day i go to work after the accident, and in the morning, everything seems fine, yes i became the female version of Capt. Slow because how slow i am handling my works, still i can finish it. But after lunch i dunno why that massive headache just came again, that time all i want to do is nothing but go home ne

i was affraid, i mean i saw some episodes of a dorama there’s a man who got a head injury ne, at the first time he was OK, and the suddenly he feel dizzy, wanna throw up and it ended with his died because there’s some blood inside his brain. OMG what if that happen to me? i mean what if the scan that i took was wrong, you know it can be somebody’s scan i took …

but then i start to stop thinking about that and start to ask my self to be calm, …


ahahah, i hope that BECAUSE YOU ARE NOI HIMURA is reasonable enough for me to stay calm, eh. And last but not least, here’s what i am gonna say/ask all of you is…

Is it amazing ne how at the fist day you get OnLine and you find an album that you really want to hear is available for you to DL/hear?

noi      :   *singing*  Darling i want you, Aitakutte ….. oyasumi ya_san,
yasu   :   eeehh …
noi      :   now i am gonna sleep with this whole
『Recreation3』 as my lullaby ..
yasu   :   so, there’s no some mellow post about
Mr. Friday ..
noi      :   maybe tomorrow, because tonight i am too sexcited with this album …




Isolated Post : Listen/Watch this … ! (Another me, yasu, Furare Kibun and 『Recreation 3』)

i am waiting for my ARENA37℃ 2013年3月now to see this epic Bambino Dance between yasu and DAIGO


if the last January’s Acid BREAKERZ Cherry ~69 SixNine~ Live really gonna be on DVD version like what i and all Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ fans are hoping, i think that Bambino part is gonna be the epic part of that live beside the w/ HYDE part performed Black Cherry together wih yasu and DAIGO

CD Japan sent it (read : the magazine, not yasu … xD) to me on ….


yasu      :     not funny noi_chan …
noi         :     really …?
yasu      :     you better find another joke, and do i look like a parcel to you?
noi         :     no, but indeed you are sweet as a Valentine parcel …
yasu      :     which you never get
noi         :     ah ….

now, i forget when did they shipped that magazine to me ne, but i only remember it should arrive today ne since i use EMS for that magazine. Talking about EMS, now i decided to use EMS to all my stuffs.

Yes, i did say there’s no different to me for using EMS or Air Mail for my stuffs. But then i think about it again and of course there is a different ne, they will give me a tracking code for me to find where is the current position of my stuffs.

I almost lost one of my magazine because it took more than a month for me to receive it and while i waited for it i can’t do anything but waiting and nonstop calling The Post Office (it is number 6 on fast dial on my phone btw) with one man who will say :

no, there’s no package for you from Japan, Miss Himura …!!

before i even ask the question,  that’s annoying ne, so something annoying like that has to be stop ne, with what? with EMS of course …

well OK enough this shipping stuffs talking ne let’s talk again about what else than 『Recreation 3』, since we are still in this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria. now let’s watch (eh or listen?) to this 8 songs for the upcoming 『Recreation 3』 album on March 6th on this Vimeo Videos here

1.  Otoko/Kuhō Ruriko

2.  Stop it Love/ yasu himself

3    Furare kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT

4.   Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri

5.   Jogyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q

6.   Believe/ Watanabe Misato

7.   Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS

8.   1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE

i am gonna say again if my fave part is always the Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll. at the first time i listened to yasu‘s cover of that song i just love it. I love how this song is very Rock and clueless, the way yasu sing it with fast and perfectly like that ne. and this song also show how to put your headphone and turn the volume to maximal and yes, you are a dynamite …!!

not only that, somehow when i listen to that song i always imagine of snow on the asphalt in a winter, that will slipp you then make you fall, you know things like that ne, i did watch that on movies ne, because you all know i live in a tropical country so in my whole live i never see the real snow but Snow White ..

yasu      :      where …..?
noi         :      on my telly of course …
yasu      :      then you never see the real Snow White ..
noi         :      heee

so is that reasonable enough for my reason to love Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll that other songs? i hope it is ne. That’s why i was so freakin happy when i was able to see yasu performed this song live on stage at Yoyogi last December


i told you ne how i am very OK with spoiler, so when i was sit there alone waiting for my friends to come while listening to all of them did the rehearsal, sound check or whatever else, after that i heard they start to play the fist part of Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll then what i did next is tellin everyone next to me (they were Japanese fans) this

OMG, OMG, did you hear that, we will get Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll …!!! #nyaaaa

of course nobody answered me that time because who will answer an over sexcited overseas fangirl who speaks in English? nobody ne …  but that moment it was feel like i just got a lottery ne, and the price was yasu put Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll on that night’s Erect Live set list at Yoyogi ..

know you all already listen to all of that 8 songs on the coupling tracks from Acid Black Cherry singles ne, but still it is something that we (at least me) can say Whoaa …!!!! ne, the same Whoaa …!!!! that i will say when i received my copies of 『Recreation 3』 next March 6th ne …

so yes, let me remind you all again the album release is next March 6th just in case some of you forgot like how i forgot why did i put a circle red mark on February 17th on my calendar …

what was happen on February 17th? i don’t remember anything but why did i put that? did i missed something? what i remember was at that day i did nothing but sleeping all day long after the previous day i went to Surabaya for my boss’s son’s engagement gala dinner at Surabaya.

maybe something happened while i was sleeping  <—– so movie ne …. xD

ah ya that gala dinner, Even not all of us got the invitation. it caused some jelous maybe from some of my friends who didn’t get it. Then what happen is they kind a like isolated me. I know they started to do that after the invitation’s arrived on my desk and not on their.

They start to talk annoying things to me which i think i should be sayin by an immature persons. I mean what did i do wrong? nothing i just got an invitation and then i went there and had a lot of fun, In this situation what can i do ne? i do nothing i just let them to do whatever they want to do including them leaving their posts and their duties at the D day and leaving me to take care everything only with one person to help me,

i didn’t say anything about that, i just swallowed all of it and ran like an iron from my office to their office where the weighing indicator placed and do what i can do. It was OK for me, i mean i know they only pissed off and tryin to do something to get attention like a child who is sulking. what is the best thing you do but let the child do whatever he want to do until feel tired? ..

if by leaving their duties/skip like that make them satisfied and somehow can erase the pissed off inside their heart, it is fine to me. I just don’t want they act like this to me, how it ended they isolated me. Oh come on, really they did that to me?

the gala dinner it self, it was fun ne, because heaven yes, i love things related to dinner like this, I went there together with all my office mates. since i never go to Surabaya so i was so excited about this trip.

We lost on our way from the head office to the restaurant where the gala dinner held. It took forever to us to find out where the restaurant is because Surabaya is a very BIG and confusing city for me …

When we got there peoples already sit but thank God the show had not start yet. on this dinner like this, where started with the couple cut the cake, then cheers together with all the guest, some relative from both couple’s speech (it was in Mandarin, so i didn’t kow what they said) then the dinner is begin

i did what i always do when i am on dinner like this, wondering what’s on the menu next. There was 8 menus so i wish i can forward the speech straight to the next menu. but hey, it is not a DVD ne so there’s no forward button to push ,

The dinner finished at almost midnight, where my boss ask all of us to take a photo together.  While waiting for my turn, i got photo of my self with my one and only adopted sista Tekki Perry

Today i still feel this isolation on me, but ewwww  i don’t care anymore, they can do whatever they want to me or think about me, because why should i care ne, i am sure next week they will stop this whatever pathetic drama to me

I had a dream last night about my mom asked me to but a new phone for her, OMG i forgot if i did make a promise to her ne. a new phone for my mom. How can i forget , Ah i better buy that this week end and go to cinema, and visit some relatives that i really hate to do. I don’t like them.him ne but my mom keep tellin me to do this .

yes, this post ends here with this ….

My BIG question : what happened on February 17th …?

noi        :     what, what ya_san, tell me ..
yasu     :     don’t ask me …
noi        :     then i better ask
The Blonde on My Facebook Wall ne …
yasu     :     eeeh, that’s me …
noi        :     yes, since i don’t have mirror to ask …



Fangirl Post : Adios MY After Lunch LIVE …!!! (Another me, yasu and 『Recreation 3』, again)

it is still around 『Recreation 3』 euphoria ne, the before euphoria exactly,

and look i also following the 『Recreation 3』 euphoria by changed my blogs (LJ and WP but not Ameblo, because until now i dunno how to do that)’s  header with this lovely image of yasu and that cute little human (read : children) below

looks nice, eh he he he he  …


that image is from MUSIC ON TV ! info website about the upcoming Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』  cover album will be release on March 6th, on that website they said

Acid Black Cherry will be on the M-ON 「SELECT」 for four consecutive weeks,

and as you can read on the website, for the 1st three weeks is pick up a few songs from the songs that have been recorded on the 『Recreation 3』  with some comments by yasu and for the last week there will be special interview/talks with yasu about what? of course not about me but it is about 『Recreation 3』  and here is the schedule

[1st week] comment on the 『Recreation 3』 

First broadcast    : March 4th at 7:30 ~ 8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     :   March 4th at 29:30~; March 5th at 18:30, March 6th at 29:30~ , March 7th at 7:30~,March 8th at 7:30~ / 18:30~ / 29:30~ JST

[2nd week] comment for 1/3の純情な感情

First broadcast   : March 11th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 11th at 29:30~, March 12th at 18:30~, March 13th at 29:30~, March 14th at 07: 30~, March 15th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[3rd week] comment for 「未来予想図Ⅱ」

First broadcast   : March 18th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 18th at 29:30~, March 19th at 18:30~, March 20th at 29:30~, March 21th at 07: 30~, March 22th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[4th week] special interview

First broadcast   : March 25th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 25th at 18:30~/29:30~ JSt

First broadcast   : March 26th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 26th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 27th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 27th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 28th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 28th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

so to all of you who is in Japan and have MUSIC ON! TV on your telly, what next that i have to say but :

yoroshiku onegaishimasu …!!! *bows*  xD


yasu      :    noi_chan, did you just ask …
noi         :    ask what …?
yasu      :    that …
noi         :    that what …?
yasu      :    ah forget it …

now this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria is getting hot eh, as hot as yasu? indeed ne. I can’t wait for March to come ne, Because next March there will be yasu all over media : websites, magazines, telly (Japanese telly of course) and many more.

and as what 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted on this after finish Birthday cake post with this 2 lovely photos of the everlasting 18 man …


they said yasu was on interview with magazine and did a radio comment for this upcoming 『Recreation 3』 , oh God, i am so excited with this ne, i love this time like this ne, i mean a time when yasu releasing something whether is single, album, LIVE DVD or cover album like next month, he is gonna be everywhere.

Remember how he was regulary on magazines for his 5 consecutive singles and the 『2012』 album? waw that was amazing and very expenzing ne … wekekekekeke … *got slapped*

well then let’s talk about my after lunch LIVE ne, as you all know i do always have that everyday at office. It makes me happy, you know even my voice is disaster but somehow singing just make me happy as happy as when i see yasu on my PC everyday.

actually recently i love to sing rather than what peoples do recently with their Facebook or twitter, i mean tweet it or post a status on Facebook if somethings happen. Yes, i did that a long time ago, posted more than 20 different status on my Facebook everyday. But everything is different and it just not that fun/help me to get rid whatever i feel anymore,

thanks to how changable i am, maybe Elvis came by on me ne because now i prefer to sing. when i sad, i want to sing. i am happy i want to sing, someone pissed me off i want to sing, my heart is broken i want to sing, i want to cry, i sing while cryin <—- this is a bit confusing to do, eh he he he … *kicked by hypo*

so do see what i mean? see how Bollywood i am now?

if you love/ever watch Bollywood movies you will get what i mean. In Bollywood/Hindustan movies they all love to sing. in every situation happen to them they will sing. sad, happy, broken hearted, fall in love, anger … etc etc they always sing of course in many various songs.

that’s why i really love my after lunch LIVE at office where i am gonna sing 1 or 2 songs (mostly is Acid Black Cherry or L’arc song). But i can’t do that now, because now i can’t do it by myself i mean as a solo, why …?

it started when somebody asked me to do some subbing for Acid Black Cherry videos, i haven’t do this btw because i am still waiting for it. so while i am waiting i thought it would be better if i do some video with lyrics for practice ne, because it’s been a long time since i make things like that, so i decided to make this video

so … Good Night [2012] LIVE with Romaji lyrics

since i made it at office of course it seen by my office mates, and then they ask me to put that video on their PC, i did that. They said : OMG why
did you never tell me if yasu’s voice is so great? … i said to her i told you ne,
but maybe this is because they just never hear his voice, but they listening to my voice singing yasu‘s song almost everyday …. xD

the next day they ask me to make another videos for another songs that i always song. I did it. i made them Nemuri Hime, Yes, Aishitenai and Fuyu no Maboroshi. They love it and start to sing following the video with lyrics that i made like a karaoke.

Then i realize i should not gave/made them that videos ne, because now i can’t get my after lunch LIVE as solo, and i don’t want as a duo, trio or anything end_ed with o …

all i want is a solo ne, solo as solo as Han Solo …


yasu     :   so you are on duo now?
noi        :   no, it’s more than 2
yasu     :   trio?
noi        :   yeah, and it’s sukcs …
yasu     :   ah it’s fine and you are not gonna join some idols anyway ..


Whoaaaa Post : Clips of yasu on 未来予想図ⅡPV Making on TV .. (Another me, yasu and yasuko)


yukiko saved me from this boring Tuesday with this Youtube video from Mezamashi TV

that’s some clips of yasu on the new upcoming PV of  未来予想図Ⅱ(Mirai Yosozu II) for 『Recreation 3』 album.

Oh God, that’s yasuko and junji running on the beach like that? ….. ahahahaha …. yes, if you are boring what else can save you from a boring day but a silly video of yasuko and junji? .

yes, yasuko‘s hair is a bit different from what i always see on 20 Century Boys PV/Offshoot but still … xD

nah now you can hear some little part of yasu‘s cover of 未来予想図Ⅱ- DREAMS COME TRUE as a warming up for next March 6th or before ne because i am sure we all gonna be able to hear/see the full version before the release date. Maybe from some other TV or Acid Black Channel …? <—-  *wondering while asking*

but i think you all better listen to the original version first ne, with me …


Nice song, and with yasu‘s voice sure it wold be more nice to hear … (at least for me). so what else i can say to yukiko but ありがとう an …

優しいKiss 明日もKiss  Mmmuaahhh aha hahahahaha

i know this is not a HQ video but if you watch it closely, you will see if both of them (the boy and the girl) are watching 『2012』 LIVE on their telly. omo, how can i never imagine this ne, i mean me and my boyfriend watching 『2012』 LIVE DVD together, that would be  …

yasshooiii ne ……


yasu     :    a boyfriend? but you don’t have one ne …
noi        :    what if i have two ….?
yasu     :    yeah right …
noi        :    ah ya, i forgot to put if ne, … xD




In The Harry Post : B2 – Poster Bonus for 『Recreation 3』 …. (Another me, yasu and 69)

Today is Monday, or i should say Mounday?

because i am gonna moan/moun or whatsoever words start with m,o and u all this day waiting for him to sign this something that i prepared for almost 3 days so this is gonna be a short post and short post means i don’t have to use LJ cut or do i have to?

nah, you all see the Poster bonus from mu-mo and from The Official Website and Facebook Page today ….


there you are the other B2 poster bonus for 『Recreation 3』 album, coming out March 6th for the Limited Edition and this store 【レコチョク shopping】  will give away 5 signed poster randomly for Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』 Album purchasing.

they also said if there’s some stores don’t have a poster as bonus while they still have plan for bonus for other shop, so as they said we all better stay tune for more information OK …

btw i wake up this morning and saw this video from DAI安 02/03 on my Tumblr Dashboard,

look at the blusshy host …. xD

I don’t like Tumblr recently, i mean since they changed. Somehow that change turned to be an inconvenient for me to post there, it take forever to post on Tumblr now, unlike the old Tumblr. Not only that, i am having trouble when i have to put the source, where? …

i gotta go now, but did i said too much they?, so the question now is  who the hell is this they today? not yasu, not HYDE, not DAIGO then  …

i say ….


all         :     who ……. ?
noi        :     not me …
yasu     :     then who …
noi        :     you know who …. U_U