A Bit Stupid Post : 「Shangri-la 」 Live ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and 「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」.. ♪)


I am totally lazy/stupid for these recent weeks …

It’s not because i had nothing to do, trust me still do have lots of things to do but with all those lots of things i had, have and still have to do just make me lazy to do anything.

Me, back at the same me last year.

Do the same thing everyday, being a night person by go to bed after midnight and wake up in the morning go to work with a face and walk like a zombie.


Can you all imagine that?

i said how i hate zombies because zombie is dummy, i don’t even watch or at least get in to the euphoria of The Walking Dead and whenever i am mad or a little bit stressed, i let it go by killing zombies on my games …

Now i became one of the zombie every morning … ?


yasu     :     you do now ….?
noi        :     yes, look at me …
yasu     :     hmm, is this gonna be a long post …?
noi        :     i think so  …

so let’s start this post this A Little bit (read : 6 Days) Late to say ….

~   Hello there September …. !!!


After a very busy August with lots of works that almost buried me alive now finally September is coming complete with lots of wonderful things that i wanna do.  As what Vina Panduwinata (she is a legend Indonesian singer) always say with her song

September Ceria

about how wonderful and lovely is September, indeed September this year should be wonderful and lovely as well because …

#    Ruroni Kenshin : Kyoto Inferno in Indonesia’s cinemas …


of course i want to see it as well even it means i have to go to Jakarta because it only available on Blitz Cinemas.


not only because i want to see My Dear Brother Kenshin on a BIG cinema screen, but  i also want to hear Mighty Long Fall played in a HD Sound in a cinema theater.

wah, that must be awesome eh ….

and then …

~     A Tired but must be a very Nice Trip to Osaka next week …

Commisioner Vijay wants to go to Osaka next week to deal with something and a family trip as well.

And at the first moment i hear about his plan i raised my both hand as high as i can ask him to let me go with him …

Bnc0LByCcAAWB_B.jpg large

yasu     :      like this ….?
noi        :      no, that’s raising hands, not waving eh or counting ….?
yasu     :      then like what …
noi        :      i raised my hands higher than all Titanic passenger’s SOS for help …
yasu    :       what the …

while sayin, take me with you sir,  i’ll be a good girl and be your free translator … etc etc with all the good things i promised will do there so he wouldn’t do anything but relax and have fun trip with his family after …

At the beginning,

he said   :    no, no Moi. This is Osaka, not Tokyo
me          :    then what with Osaka ..?
him         :    there’s no yasu in Osaka
me          :    OMG, did i ever tell you if yasu is from Osaka …?

so apparently from all things about yasu ramblings i said to him was not included the fact that yasu is from Osaka ….. xD

Okay, okay you all can say i just had my biggest failed as someone who declared herself as A Fulltime Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry but forgot to put the fact if yasu is from Osaka in all my ABC invasion (read : crazy woman’s rambling) ..

I feel like i just got a massive slap from the whole fandom ….


BwSQBs6CYAAFIBU.jpg large

noi      :    sorry luv, mission not accomplished …
yasu   :    what kind of Fulltime Famgirl are you ?
noi      :    but almost full like : 4/5 time, is it OK …?
yasu   :    no, not OK

Me, i always like do things like that.

Not only on make the non-ABC fans friends on my Facebook bored with all my things about yasu but in fact, i also do that in my real life.

Aaand believe me,  i love when in the middle of conversation (especially, the boring one …xD) i suddenly say something like this  …

Btw guys, do you know if  yasu also watch Discovery Channel ….. ?

and many else more until they all sayin, OK OK and then leave me alone then they all look at me with their  kind of “ええ〜〜 what the ..? “ face like this  …. xD



I just love to do that, because  there’s time when i feel that my rambling about yasu this and that kinda became my secret weapon to make people that bothered me to leave me alone.

Ah ya, back to the topic eh ….

So i waited and hoped to able to do that 2 wonderful things on this Wonderful September, because i also had plan about going to ONE OK ROCK Live at Yokohama Stadium to see this

Baby Stroberry Taka   …xD


omo, what with that face …..

but still God said no again to me. Just like how God said BIG NO to me September last year when i made a trip to Hokkaido.

Just like that, things happened again this year. I had to cancel all of it because i don’t have time to do it and also now Her Majesty needs me more than before. So what can i do but make this kinda

Note to myself …

Stay home, work hard, lock yourself at home and don’t make any plans to do on September again, because it is gonna fail anyway.

And yasu, please do wake me up when September is over  …


yasu      :    how old you are noi_chan …?
noi         :     53 years, very old eh
yasu      :    and do i look like your nanny …
noi         :    of course not
yasu      :    just finish this post hurry …

OK now, let’s continue this whatsoever Fangirl Homework for myself. And this time is for …

~    「Shangri-la 」 Live  ~ Kagawa

Kagawa is the last prefecture of Shikoku block in this 5th SEASON Acid Black Cherry ‘s Project 『Shangri-la』 and on the previous day, 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Kagawa was held.

For this live in Kagawa, was the first live performance after the previous two years ago at the same venue. Doing a live performance at the same venue (at Sunport Hall Takamatsu) of course it revived some memories for yasu.


that day, when they did 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kagawa it was also Junji‘s birthday and they were able to celebrate it with the audience in Kagawa.

Talking about Junji, i’d say he is yasu‘s stretching mate.


i believe you all see how often they did that whatsoever stretching toghether on DVD offshoots …

And back to 「Shangri-la 」 Live in Kagawa post, as always, they (you know who …) started with …

♪  the annual Local Gourmet Introduction corner

With so many local gourmet tought in the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」yasu had waiting for all of it. And these were waiting for yasu at the Kagawa Live venue …

~   「豚の冷しゃぶ 野菜添え」/ 「Pork Reishabu/ Cold Pork Shabu Shabu, served with vegetables」
~   「チンジャオロース」/「Chinjaoroosu」/「Green Pepper Steak」,

it is a stir-fried Chinese American dish of sliced beef steak ( flank, sirloin, etc) cooked with sliced green or red bell peppers and other seasonings such as soy sauce and ginger, and usually thickened with cornstarch.

Sliced onions and bean sprouts are also usually added.

~  「ほうれん草のゴマ和え」/「Hōrensō no goma-ae」/「Cold Spinach Salad」
~  Vegetable salad,
~  Miso soup with pork and vegetables …


of course speaking of Kagawa


it’s Udon, the unique stifness of Sanuki Udon

after meal, everyone (yasu and the support members) are full of smiles from the dressing room to the stage.

Btw yasu also did some check at the backstage in Kagawa.


Eh God,

i love when he did that kind of checking eh,

but too bad i dunno why they (read : 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t purt some picture of yasu do checking at the backstage like what they used to do when they started to post all those 「Shangri-la 」 Live reports/post on The Official Blog.


yasu      :    hey fangirl, are you sure i did that checking after meal?
noi         :    i dunno …
yasu      :    you don’t know …?
noi         :    yeah ya_san, because there’s no before or after meal description on the magazine about it …
yasu      :    what did they say …
noi         :    they only say ….


香川で の LIVE日! 楽屋からステージまで、 笑顔あふれる   四国ラスト公演でした!


yasu       :    did you copy paste that …?
noi          :    no ya_san, this time i really read that magazine. I told you ne, i am so CHANGEABLE  ….!!!
yasu       :   本当に?
noi          :   本当だよ 。。。!!

and they (read : yasu and the support members) also did some …


♪  talks in the dressing room


This time they were talking about this Kagawa‘s gourmet …

「鳥の骨付き肉」/ 「bird version of bone-in meat」

that apparently served by the catering when they did Live in Kagawa last year.  And then, for some reason the topic changed into talk about Potato and croquettes ….

ええ〜〜、ポテト …..?


yasu     :     ジャガイモ …
noi        :    ah ya that’s what i mean, nah talking about ポテト ね …
yasu     :     どう …
noi        :     じゃ、「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」 聞いて ください 。。。
yasu     :     ノイ_ちゃん、 もういい ね…. *bored*


i am sure you all know about this Love Story between Potato and Tomato from 9GAG



so let me write the drama version of mine for you all …

On a bright and sunny summer 2012, a potato meet a tomato online  and they both feel something that a human will call it as Love at The First Sight.

They have a crush each other but they also aware about how different they are. But it didn’t let them down, so potato ask tomato to wait while she is going somewhere and back as a nice hot and crispy french fries.

And while waiting for potato to came back, tomato also thinkin about what he can do so they can be together. Then when potato back to him as a nice hot and crispy french fries, he had an idea to turn himself into a handy and easy to use tomato sauce


then there you are as you all see now they are as a perfect couple so they can join burger together.

Just like what they wrote there, there’s no perfect couple at the beginning, so there’s things that they (and all of us) have to do to make us and our someone as a perfect couple be together with the burger

Why do i am talking about this now?


Not because how i love to see yasu eat that BIG burger like that,  because the fact is i love to see yasu eating anything

including eat me if he want to …xD


yasu       :       i am not gonna eat you  ….
noi          :       calm down, 冗談だ よ 。。。!!!
yasu       :       not funny …
noi          :       well …

It’s because there’s somebody who call me potato, and i suppose (read :  i hope …. xD) he also call himself as tomato. So in this case i am the potato and he is the tomato.

But as you know, i never take anything seriously.

Including this whatsoever thing i have with that Tomato Boy now. But dunno why suddenly our always bluffing and not serious conversation we always do, changed into serious.

It started when …

i said to him     :     i wish you are not a Japanese
him                    :     and i also wish you are a Japanese …

then i was like fallin on my bed like this …..

after that,

instead took us into DEAD END, it made everything changed into more serious now. He doesn’t have to say, but thanks to so many dorama i watch, i know the different.

I mean how he start to talk to me in a different way, from a boy’s talk into a man’s way talk to a woman ….

ah you know what i mean and somehow it bothered me.

I wonder is it okay? i mean if i still continue to follow whatever things he is on to me now. Because honestly i prefer if we both back to what we were both before unlike now.

We used to have lots of fun together ne, there’s no some silly fight followed with lots of interrogations that sometimes confused me and make ask to God

eh God, why he is younger than me …..?

I know there’s lots of love story like that happened on my dramas, but it’s a real life ne not a drama. And of course it’s forever okay for him to ask me what i did to day as part of his curious

but i am very bad to take part on things like this, and don’t ask me why.

And surely i gave them both (read : Potato and Tomato) 2 thumbs UP for what they did so they can be together. But it’s a very hard to do eh. Imagine ne, to slice myself and then jump into a frying pan like that.

of course it’s not i literally will slice myself into pieces and jump into a frying pan … xD

what i am sayin is there’s lots of things to do and think about if i want to be with him, together next to the burger as a perfect package on a McD table

see what i mean, it’s not easy ne.

that’s why i want both of us back to be as comfy as we were before and if there’s a chance for us to join burger on a McD table in the future,

at least there’s no strings attached between us   ….

BvtdATZCYAACxdd.jpg large

yasu       :      eh noi_chan, don’t tell me …
noi          :      what …
yasu       :      バーガーは、だれ 。。。。?
noi          :      あなたです… ….

yasu       :       WHAATT ….!!!
noi          :       ah come on ya_san, i am the potato, he is the tomato, you are the burger and McD is Japan  …
yasu       :       how could you …
noi          :       yes, i  can because who knows we can go to see ABC Live together.

一緒に eh, together …

yasu      :       but you said he is not ABC Fan
noi         :       it doesn’t have to be an ABC Fan to go to see ABC Live with me ne
yasu      :       A burger, really noi_chan ….??

and then the question selected on ….


♪  the Question Corner is …


An episode of your 1st meet with a musician that you are longed-for, を教えてください … !!!

and yasu‘s answer is …

Of course HYDE and also Kyosuke Himuro, but he also said i haven’t meet Kyosuke Himuro_san yet.

So yasu‘s first meet with HYDE was in ASAKASA Blitz live when he started his solo. First said hello in ther dressing room there and he gave HYDE his own CD and HYDE said to him   Thank you, i’ve seen you on TV …

And also MORRIE because DEAD END is the band that inspired him. They even had interview together on magazine and telly  …


And now sohow i feel this something what people say about  ..

There’s always another sky beyond that blue sky we all see everyday.

How a musician that we all adore and long for also have their own sky (read : their own longed for musician). That’s so sweet eh, imagine about how yasu also might feel the same happy and doki doki like we all do feel whenever meet his fave inspired musician.

But i wonder does he feel the same can’t wait on this time like this ?

On a time when he is gonna release a new single and i am totally curious and can’t wait about what the person (read : yasu) that i adore will have for me for his upcoming single for me. What’s the title, how is gonna be like  …. etc etc so many things that i can’t wait to find out

enough about that, then next is ….

♪  the SexList …

03/30 Tour  『Shangri-la』 Sunport Hall Takamatsu


01. I’m not a ghost
02. Rakuen

03. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
04. Tsumi to Batsu  ~Kamisama no Alibi~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed

07. Nemuri Hime
08. KImi ga Inai、ano hi kara…

10. cord name【JUSTICE】
11. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori
13. 20+∞Century Boys


14. Black Cherry (request)
15. SPELL MAGIC (request)
16. Pistol
17. Shangri – La

then next is my fave part ….

♪  the Kewpie …


credit  : @Yasuの女


aaand ….

I don’t have it …. xD

Well because of that a quite long 「ポテトとトマトの愛の物語」 , i think i have to delay the next episode of my Japan trip report.  It’s a bit boring anyway because full of my complain about the hotel i stayed there and how cold was Osaka.

so next it will be only  ….

~   This Whatsoever Update for me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri – La 」 PHOTOBOOK ,  this time is for …

Live Digest Gunma – Tokyo




from ARENA LIVE 2014年8月号 …

Acid Black Cherry :  Project 『Shangri-la』 Final Season06.15 国立代々木競技場第一体育館




and last is from

7 ぴあ 2014年8月号


so enjoiii ….!!!

Last but not least is ….

This is kinda embarrassing eh, but thanks to her know i found out if i know nothing about something called love and relationship stuffs. That’s why i always choose to be a listener than be someone who will say something or give an opinion about it.

I usualy talk about this with my Cherry Sista, about stuffs like this, especially Moni. Because as i said before Moni always know what to say to me and in some way open my eyes.

But last week suddenly a fellow Acid Black Cherry fans asked me something about relationship and how to move on from somebody.

OMG can you believe that?


~   call somebody who knows nothing about love and relationship like me as senpai,
~   she also ask for one Acid Black Cherry song that perfect to ask somebody to back to her again.

and i answer her  …

what about this song, Aitai …?


she replied me …

but senpai, on that song story he is dead isn’t he …?



i totally forget if the anata on that song is missed because he is dead, not leavin her for someone else.

Then not only that …

~  she also asked about how to move on from lovin someone to me, a person who is still like this (you all know what i mean),

Then what should i say ne, because i know nothing and i am still on my way to move-on ne.

So i hope no one ask me about something about that again. I prefer people to ask me about yasu or Acid Black Cherry stuffs or join my crazy worshiping about him because for me ….

Define 「かわいい 。。。」?


noi       :    あなたです… ….
yasu    :    Define 「Love  。。。」?
noi       :    nah, now you tell me …
yasu    :    ehh ….

~ owari~

After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

After Holiday Post Part 1 : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Kagawa … (Another me, yasu and Hana)

I really miss, Sunday to arrive …
can’t imagine how i really waited for Sunday to come because this weeks, is very hard week for me. 1st week at office after holiday and lots of things to do.

The worst part is when everyone want everything to be fast after holiday by sayin …

GPL ya … !!!  (Ga Pake Lama, means a.s.a.p or as soon as possible)

why the hell they want fast, don’t they know if it is normal when people becoming more slow after holiday like me …


yasu    :    it’s not normal
noi       :   but it happened to me, and i still slow eh .. …
yasu    :   only you, btw now he is callin you what …
noi       :   who …?
yasu    :   your collage Boy BF, ポタト 。。。?
noi       :  omo, how did you know …

now i think there’s a reason why people say to not date a person who is younger than you. Because see what happen to me, only one week after holiday my weight gained about 5 kgs.

It’s only 5 kgs. eh, and he is already call me potato …?


i know it was a joke but boy, hey you boy don’t you know if  it is forever not polite and not funny to make a joke about body shape and weight to a woman, especially if that woman is a bit dramatic 53 years old woman.

That’s why i’d say,  I hate you now ….

i hate you just like i hate carrot and Skype video call   …


yasu       :   hey calm down, it’s a joke ne …
noi          :   i know but still …
YUKI       :   so what you’re gonna do ..
yasu       :   yes, what next noi_chan …
noi          :   dunno, i’ll think about that later …

because now i have to finish this first  ….

~    「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Kagawa

kagawa meeting

Project 「Shangri-la 」Shikoku finally arrived in Kagawa prefecture.

It was Acid Black Cherry‘s 1st came back to Kagawa after 2 years ago with TOUR  『2012』. And earlier, in Takamatsu-shi, Kawaramachi Station Square Underground 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 was held.

The venue for 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, it was a little bit special because Kawaramachi Station Square Underground is a basement of a station but it also a wide space there.

And they started it with a Public Recording with FM Kagawa.


first is how yasu very happy with the amazing increasing number of male fans when the DJ told him if there was lots of male fans there …

and then followed with yasu‘s impression of Kagawa that he visited many times in the past, he said if his impression about Kagawa is udon.

He knew it from watching a movie called 「UDON 」 … xD


It is a 2006 Japanese drama comedy movie about Kosuke,

a comedian who spent six years trying to become an English stand-up comedian in New York, but failed and he decided to back to his hometown Sanuki, Kagawa prefecture that famous as 「Udon Country 」 because there’s many udon shop there.

Including his family’s

Back to his hometown he work on a local magazine and started to write about udon shops in Sanuki after visit them one by one. He succed with that, the magazine become famouse and the sellin increase.

But even he visited almost all shop in town but he never visit his father’s shop. There is something going on between him and his father. But when his father got a heart attack, he finally realize what is the real meaning of udon for his family.

He started to learn how to make udon and it’s not easy ….

i’d say, this movie is good not because i am a noodle lover but how they vividly put the confilct between Kosuke his father among all things about udon matter is amazing.

I mean, i enjoyed the udon making, eating, story telling and writing but it doesn’t make me less interested to what happened and will hapen to Kosuke and his father.

OMG, again and again,

thanks to yasu i watched that movie streaming at office eh. Now it seems like not only givin me lots of 80’s Japanese songs to listen via Recreation albums, yasu also start to give me a recommendation about a movie to watch  … ?


noi      :    that’s AWESOME … !!!
yasu   :    it’s not a recommendation  …
noi      :    but you make me want to watch it eh …
yasu   :    ….

back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」,

next is the story talk about this Project  「Shangri-la 」 from 1st ~ 5th  SEASON and also how Kagawa prefecture is not only about udon, but also there’s many things other like islands of Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai), olive, wines, good ones  …

in Kagawa prefecture, there’s a town named Shodoshima小豆島 」 with speciality olive because the olive tree imported from Europe growing perfectly only in Shodoshima.


yasu also tried to eat bread with olive oli and salt since DAIGO told him how delicious it is and he also took a picture of  a beautiful sakura bloom (Yoko Sakura variety?) when he was out .

yasu, he loves to take a picture of things so i suppose …


yasu    :    what ….
noi       :    you should make a personal account on Instagram eh …
yasu   :    why, because you have Instagram now?
noi      :     well, i didn’t say that ..
yasu   :    but i know you are gonna say that …

Okay, enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kagawa, next …

~   Let’s talk about Hana …

recently i heard a lot of people talking about this woman, Hana.

Not only from Her Majesty ~ The Drama Queen, but also because most of my office – mate especially the womans keeps talking about her (read : Hana, not Inspector Himura … xD) .

Start from  ..

~  what happen to her,
~  why she is so sad,
~  how fool is her husband to let her go and last but not least is,
~  what kind of hijabveil 」she use last night,
~  is it already available on the shop next our office or not …

Finally i found out who the hell is Hana thanks to how on my last Ied Holiday i spent most of my night with my mother and her one and only friend ( read : her telly).

次に Hana, 誰で?


see that’s Hana,

actually she is the lead character on an Indonesian dramain here we called it as sinetron, from Sinema Elektronik (Electronic Cinema) 」. The title is Catatan Hati Seorang Istri ( means : A Wive’s heart notes) and Her Majesty following it.

She won’t leave her telly before that drama end.

And last Ied Holiday, she was a bit confused because for almost a week Hana, is gone from that drama, and they (whoever who wrote the drama’s script) didn’t tell where the hell is she but only sayin if Hana is going somewhere.

And Her Majesty asked the same question everyday …

Where is Hana? When did she’ll be back … etc etc

And when Ied Holiday is over, Hana finally came back on the drama. She said she went to Mecca for umrah and find a peace for herself. And my mother, called me that night just to tell me  …

Boo, Hana is back …!!!

see what a drama did to a Drama Queen like my mother? and it is not over there because next morning arrived at office the fist thing i heard is nothing but …

Hey Inspector, finally Hana is back … !!!

what the hell is happen with people, i never understand why they all so attched to that drama.

I personally hate when my mom, Her Majesty too atteched to a drama, because with no drama involved she is a Drama Queen already.

Especially when there’s so many over sad nonsense drama like Ied Holiday.

I dunno why during last Ied Holiday, there’s so many drama about a mother who adopted a girl, raised that girl like her own daughter and then suddenly that girl leave and forget her mother.

I saw how my mother stupidly cryin a river on the part when the mother nonstop calling and begging to her adopted daughet not to leave her

and my mother,

I know just by the look on her face and how she cryin like that, there must be a little bit of scare on her about me leaving her alone to find my real father (they said he is still alive btw).

because i remember when i was child she often ask this question

if you were adopted like that, and found out if your real parents are very rich, what would you do …?

whenever she watch that kind of adoption family drama. So before she started to ask me another stupid question, exactly like what Capt. Rogers said to Bucky,

i said to her  …

Don’t worry mommy …

then everything’s fine …

now you all see how great is Capt. Rogers eh, so next is  …

~   A long Way to Kudanshita Part 6 (Tokyo day 3)


it’s the D Day, …

The Day when i finally watched yasu’s Live on Stage for 2nd time !!!
~   to be continued to Part2 ~ ….. xD

Busy Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi … (another me, yasu and The Mighty Long Fall)


Recently my dear brother Kenshin (yes, The Batosai Himura)  is all over my Facebook timeline …



The 2nd movie るろうに剣心 京都大火編 will hit cinemas in Japan on August 1st, 2014.

10 days more to see Takeru Sato‘s well done job as The Batosai Himura in cinemas. This is something that everyone (especially me … xD) waiting for. The2nd movie where there will ne an epic battle between my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) with the livin evil Makoto Shishio ( Fujiwara Tatsuya).

I dunno why, but i always think (or compare …?) the battle of Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio with the great battle of Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro. I am sure some of you already read about it.

Actually Miyamoto Mushashi VS Sasaki Kojiro is my fave samurai duel.

Even i’ve seen it live in some movie or doramas but none of them are close to what i have in my mind about that battle because the only one close to it was Kenshin Himura VS Makoto Shishio anime version, you know a fast and cruel battle with the wind blows as the background.

so dramatic eh …

I just love it and wondered it must be great if they made this battle as live version. And now time when i will able to see it live will come soon …


as what Encore Cinema posted on their Facebook Page, the movie will hit Indonesiaon September 10th, 2014 in Blitzmegaplex cinemas.  ..

Ehhh Blitzmegaplex , what the hell is that ….?



yasu     :    not available in your village ..?
noi        :   you know we don’t even have cinema here ..
yasu     :    poor noi_chan … !!! *laugh*
noi        :   お兄ちゃん、見たい な …
yasu     :   お兄ちゃん ….?
noi        :   剣心 …
yasu     :   heee 剣心?,  お兄ちゃん じゃないよ … 


I will think about it later eh, now back to my dear brother Kenshin



As we all know ONE OK ROCK‘s new single Mighty Long Fall is the soundtrack for るろうに剣心 京都大火編 and we also know if my dear brother Kenshin (Sato) and Baby Stroberry (Taka) are best friend so it doesn’t surprise me when there’s a a joined interview from them in magazine ( CUTE magazine)  with Boys Talk as the theme.


On the day when Mighty Long Fall single was released on iTunesTaka on his Instagram posted a video of him singing a little bit of Mighty Long Fall and about a day later he posted a photo of him with his BBF Sato who is still on his outfit as Kenshin Himura.



and i was like …




OMG わあぁぁ、お兄ちゃんと タカ baby 。。。♪♪


because that day Taka, My Sweet Baby Stroberry with his Instagram post just complete me …



yasu   :    ちょっと ね、noiちゃん ..
noi      :    ん 。。。
yasu   :    なんでストロベリー 。。。?
noi      :   it’s the rhyme ne, from baby –> to stroberry ne ..
yasu   :   …  @_@

and about the song Mighty Long Fall itself, …



i think this song is less emo than their others song, but i like it because when i listen to the beginning of the song i got the Kyoto Inferno feelings on me especially on this part ….

get up get up get up
time to make a mess for what you’ve done
get up get up get up
running with demons in your hands ..

even i am not sure you will get the same feeling as me. You know what i mean, inferno (hell), chaos and then followed with the Mighty Long Fall. A mighty and a long fall, that must be hurt eh.

Indeed it’s hurt because now i am still my own Mighty Long Fall …

This fall is different with the forever fall that i have for yasu, but it’s the real fall. Not that i say my forever fall to yasu isn’t real, but this fall hurts me, my heart and soul litteraly.

me as a mommy girl,

someone who always depend on my mother to do it for me now have to do it all by myself since my mom got sick. Actually i never do anything at home, i even never clean my own room, because my mom is the one who did it for me. Clean my room, arrange and keep my stuffs.

My mom, is the super woman who run this house. Now she is sick and my Mighty Long Fall is comin where i have to do everything by myself including takin care of her.

Our home like a ship with no captain, so it’s mess now,

Today i took a day off because Tekki has to go out of town, and i feel like i am lost inside my own home. I dunno what to do because so many things to do. My housemaid came at 09:00 AM, that’s very late ne and still there’s no rice in the rice cooker and in the kitchen all those dirty plates and glasses nonstop callin

hey, wash me hurry … !!! 

Damn, i am so tired today i wonder how my mom managed to do everything alone ne while me at 11:00 AM i already knocked out by all nonstop house works to do.

I wish i can only say Accio rice !!! and there’s rice on my rice cooker or Accio food !!!then food just jumped out from the fryin pan, but that Accio …… !!! spell didn’t work ne …



yasu   :   look who is fall now …
noi      :   eh, what are you doin …
yasu   :   don’t you see, i am shaving ..
noi      :   omo, i never imagine if you also do shaving ne …
yasu   :    what the …

yeah, trust me i imagined lots of things that yasu do including biking even i never see a photo of him biking, but shaving is the only one thing that i never imagine him doing something manly like that.

Yes, i know even in many times he looks pretty still he is a man and man do need shaving.

OMG, what the hell is happen to me .

now it’s time for me to continue this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework.  This time is for …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi




Project 『Shangri-la』 landed to Shikoku.

Finished Live in TokushimaAcid Black Cherry moved to Kochi prefecture. Started with  「Shangri-la Meeting 」 at Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba, it’s a wide and open space in front of Kochi Station.

Just like on Tokushima, that was also the 1st time for Acid Black Cherry to come toKochi.

「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi prefecture with a public recording together with FM Kochi, started with talking about the impression of the nation-wide Project 『Shangri-la』 from 1st ~ 5th Season

and then it became a talk about photograph.



DJ       :  i become nervous when i look at your pictures yasu_san

yasu :   yappari, in the photo i look so quiet, but when you are facing the camera you do only glares isn’t it?

I’ve gotten not much with smiling take, so i guess the cold images surely became such an impression.

but in many various places,

people often surprised and say 「actually, he is friendly」 and about facing camera, someone softly said 「 when you are facing camera, it’s not only glares ne *laugh* 」 to yasu …

and followed with him (read : yasu, not Taka) talked about his enthusiasm for Acid Black Cherry 1st Live Performance in Kochi and how yasu wanted to make the distance between him and the audience/fans to be closer.

After that, is about listen the story about Kochi from everyone, like at the meeting venue Kochi-eki-mae Kochi Tabi Hiroba welcomed by 3 patriots image.

They are

~  Nakaoka Shintaro,
~  Sakamoto Ryoma and
~  Takechi Hanpeita

these people are Tosa‘s born who formed Tosa Kin’no party in Edo. And not only that, the place were they allowed to use as stage, actually it was part of set ofRyomaden dorama.


Ryomaden, it’s 49th NHK Taiga drama aired start from January 28th, 2010 with a story about the life of 19th century Japanese historical figures Sakamoto Ryoma(Masaharu Fukuyama) and Iwasaki Yataro (Teruyuki Kagawa).

Takeru Sato and Ryoko Hirosue was also in this drama.


This drama also made a huge impact called as Ryoma Fever in Japan. In fact it was reported there was some tourism increase in Kochi prefecture as the birthplace ofRyoma.


Talking about Ryomaden, it remind me about last month there’s an interesting discussion in team_yasu group on Facebook (you know which group is i am talking about) when someone posted a photo of Ryoko Hirosue (who also played as Hirai KaoRyoma‘s 1st love in Ryomaden)


and mistook her as Yuka Mori, the girl on yasu‘s Kuroneko PV. If you don’t really pay attention they both look a like ne, because i was also think if Ryoko Hirosue is the one who is on Kuroneko PV.

so i kinda like …

OMG is that the girl in Ryomaden? she is on yasu‘s new PV, really?

but it’s not her because at the time when yasu released Kuroneko ~ Adult Black CatPV i heard rumors about her (Ryoko Hirosue) going out with Takeru Sato.

So there’s no way she is on Kuroneko ~ Adult Black Cat PV because i suppose she must be busy with Sato eh,  he he he  ……. #WhatALameDeduction

Oh great, now dear brother is dating ….. #uuu


yasu    :   someone is jealous now …
noi       :   of course not …
yasu    :   so noi_chan, what if i am the one who is dating …
noi       :   YOU WHAAAATTT ….!!!!
yasu    :   hey calm down, i say what if ne …
noi       :   well that’s easy ne, i’d say …

I don’t Ask, you Don’t Tell …

yasu    :  are you sure you are not gonna ask ..
noi       :  sure, i won’t ask but i will investigate ..

OK, back to 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 ~ Kochi again, OMG this is gonna be another long post ne …


After talking about 3 patriots of Tosa, they also introduced yasu to Kochi‘s local juice called 「 リーブル」/ 「 riburu」 and 「 あくん馬路村」/「a-kun majimura」. Continued with yasu learned about dialect and specialties in Kochi prefecture


learned a lot about Tosa-ben (Tosa dialect) that he didn’t know before so it was a fun meeting, at the meeting everyone happy.  Enough with 「Shangri-la Meeting 」 in Kochi, next is ..

~   This Whatsoever Update from me …

still from 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la  」 PHOTOBOOK , this is for …

Live Digest Saitama ~ Tochigi




while this one is from 「Shangri-la  」 ARENA LIVE Pamphlet ~ 5th SEASON Part 


as they (whoever they are) theme for this 5th SEASON costume is 「事」/ 「koto」.


they ( you know who, not me) also said if this 5th SEASON costume is about to dare to added/combined the costume with a little blue color on it.

They combined a sleeveless vest, a long arm three 7 (kind a hand warmer) and a boot-cut pants.

and FYI everyone ..

~  the blue things on the waist was attached to the tank top
~  and that look like a tatto on yasu‘s back is some lace part of the tank top ..

so it created a nice and refreshing silhouette like that.

The fun part is when i posted that on team_yasu group on Facebook, one of them said a joke about the next release from Acid Black Cherry is a fashion magazine.

That’s so amusing and geez i love my team_yasu friends,

and i laughed more about that brilliant comment because until now when there’s no official tweet or blog post about what’s for this year’s 7th Anniversary …

do tell me  ….. !!!


yasu    :    still i am not gonna tell you ..
noi       :    heeeh …
yasu    :    go to sleep now ..
noi       :    …

and next is this …

Erect Live :  so … Good Night + MC English Subbed 


actually, i still have 2 videos to subbed but with how live is getting busy recently i can’t do it on time again like usually. And also my sexcitement to do video sub just a little bit low recently so let’s continue my Japan Trip report ne ….

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 4 (still, Tokyo ~ Day 1 …. xD)

hope i am still remember everything eh ….

so finished Acid Black Cherry shopping in Budokan i decided to go back to my hotel, because it’s already close to check – in time. I  also felt a bit tired, need a hot water bath, another complete meal and lay on bed for a while.

I need to land my back need to soft and comfy things like bed after had 3 night sleep on chair.

Walked back to Kudanshita station while lookin all people there started to get a line to enter the venue. I am happy because the day after tomorrow is my turn ne,

my turn to see yasu Live on Stage again.


It was like a dream ne, how me able to be back again to Japan to see yasu for the2nd time. I know for all of you  who go to see more than 5 times, it is something easy for you, especially when you are in Japan. But trust me, it is really hard for me, because i barely couldn’t get a week day off from office to see yasu.

So, i’d say i was lucky enough …


according to that map, my route back to my hotel near Suitengumae Station is …

Kudanshita —> Jimbocho —-> Otemachi  —>  Mitsukoshimae —> Suitengumae (final)

but, maybe because i was a bit tired that day so i fell asleep on my way back to hotel. I woke up because the train stop, everyone is out and no one was left. I just followed everyone walking out of station with bag full of Acid Black Cherry stuffs.

I am pretty sure i was look like hell that day.

Out of station, i walked and walked but i don’t see the same scenery when i left my hotel. I said to my self omo, am i lost again? and where the hell is this. Unlike inside station where i can find sign in Hiragana to read, outside station everything is inKanji or Katanaka.

I am not good reading Katanaka ne, because the all like a bump of hays together and make fun of me because i can’t read them. I walked again for a while and finally decided to find a station.

Found station and read the sign, it was …

Oshiage (SKY TREE) …. ???


yasu    :   you did sleep until the last station …?
noi       :   i think so ..
yasu    :   how could you ..
noi       :   i was tired eh ya_san …

Arrived at my hotel, gave my passport to check – in but suddenly the hotel staff asked me are you waiting for somebody else? hee, of course not, i said to her i am alone then she gave me key to my room.

Room number 99 on 9th floor.


Great ne, now i have to take elevator or i will broke this my feels almost broken legs if i insisted to take stairs to go to 9th floor.

I don’t like to be inside elevator, in fact i don’t like to be inside a small and closed place like elevator or a public toilet especially an airplane toilet.

Remember what happened to Prof. Langdon when he had to use elevator in Musée du Louvre, France to go the crime scene where the curator who was also the Priory of Sion Grand Master Jacques Saunière killed by Silas on The Da Vinci Code?

remember how scared he is …

nah same thing also happened to me.  So maybe if i go to a psychiatrist about my condition i am sure he/she will say i have something called Claustrophobia   …

That’s also another reason why i am happy and grateful to live in my village because even there’s no cinema her, at least there’s no buildings with elevator as well. So in one year, i can count how many time i use elevator with my hands.

When i was inside elevator, it felt like forever ne. I can breath well when the door open in 9th floor. I open my room and then i knew why the hotel staff asked me if i am waiting for someone or not.

because my room was a double and smoking room … !!!


OMG i must be drunk when i made my hotel reservation ne, surely it’s not the hotel’s fault but it’s my fault. So there’s 2 pajamas, 2 slippers, ashtray and a razor blade in the bathroom, but at least the bed is bigger ne so i won’t fall from bed at night. …


took some times to watch telly while eat the left over onigiri inside my bag with thatYOSHIKO cola. I want to sleep but i can’t, i came a long way down from Indonesia to Japan not for sleep eh, so i think i need some hot water bath before going somewhere else tonight.

i open the bathroom and ….


i see the same bathroom with the previous hotel i stayed on my 2012 Japan Trip.

With a bathtub and a toilet next to it, this is something wacky ne. At my home, we use a traditional bathroom where the bathroom and toilet are separated. And seeing a toilet next to the bathtub made me had to clean that bathroom again before i use. yeah, i always do clean whenever i use public or hotel’s bathroom.

Don’t ask me why, because sometimes when i feel sad and desperate at office, i go to the bathroom and clean it to make me feel better of course while cryin eh …

there’s 2 type of a modern bathroom that a hotel have. One is with a bathtub like that while the other is no bathtub but only shower. And both of it (bathtub or shower) give me different sensation ne.

~   Bathtub make me feel i am doing a porn movie shoot myself ne.

I mean me, alone there lyin inside that tube do nothing but cleaning my self only with water soap and the worst part is i can see my whole body clearly while lyin down there.

Sometimes i also think what if there’s a hidden camera in the bathroom, and when you wake up in the morning your bath scene alone already all over RedTube …?

on the other way …

~   A shower scared me,

and think about what if there’s somebody suddenly come in, open the curtain and stab me in my back while i was on my shower like that horror movie Pshyco …

きゃあああ 〜〜〜〜   !!!!


yasu    :    what this all about noi_chan …?
noi       :    a hidden camera ne …
yasu    :    are you hungry now,
noi       :    but it is possible to be happen ne …
yasu    :    just go away …
noi       :    OK, i’ll finish my post ..

had a bath, washed my hair and while blow dry it i was wondering where should i go tonight.  My plan is go to Shinjuku to find Wald 9 cinema where i will go to see ONE OK ROCK’s Documentary movie : FOOL COOL ROCK.

Finished with the blow dry, i look at the mirror and surprised how my hair looked more shinny than before, i went back to the bathroom just to see what kind of shampoo they gave me.

it was SISHEIDO ..

Talking about SISHEIDO ne, actually i had no idea if SISHEIDO is a brand for cosmetics/shampoo. I thought it was some Japanese martial arts like Kendo, Judo or Aikido. So when my friend told me about one of her Japanese friend gave her SISHEIDO for her birthday present …

i said to her   :   omo, he gave you a free SISHEIDO lesson ….
my friend       :   no noi_chan, it’s a cosmetic set

at that time i think i was the only one in this Japan Lover/fangirl who think SISHEIDOas one of Japanese martial arts not cosmetic brand.

Why nobody tell me eh.

wah that shampoo must be expensive ne, because it can make my hair looks flawless. So i was ready to go, and because it was almost 18:00 PM i need to put my glasses on so i can see anything more clear. But i couldn’t find it

Apparently yeah, after my Queen Elizabeth hat i also lost glasses …

so that night i went to Shinjuku with no glasses. It’s not that i can’t see anything with no glasses, i still can see but it a blurry mode. So whenever i need to read a sign or something, i have to look at it closer.

And it get worst at night.

Walking again to Suitengumae Station, this time my route is with Hanzomon Line toOtemachi then changed to Marunouchi Line to Shinjuku Shachome Station, as the nearest station to Wald 9 cinema.

But still, even they said it as the nearest station it still confused me to find the cinema among all the buildings in Shinjuku at night. Completed with their neon lights they all kind a ask and make fun of me

Hey, what the hell are you doin here …

I am tryin to find a cinema eh, why is so hard ne maybe i took the wrong exit or something. I walked following people that mostly are young and stylish people hang out there.

I wanted to ask but to who?

then finally i saw a girl who was busy tweeting with her phone looked at me and smile. We talked a little bit before the light turned into green and she kindly showed me where Wald 9 cinema is.

She said   ..

Look, that’s Wald 9 cinema …!!!


i must be really blind not to see that green neon up in that building. I walked over that buildings twice ne. I read on the cinema site and know if it’s inside a building but what building is confused to find it.


Wald 9 cinema is on 9th floor of a mall, went up to 9th floor and finally i was on the right place, yeah this is the place i found it so tomorrow i don’t have to be go around to find it again ne.

I spent that night shopping in the mall down, buy things for my office_mates and hope to find the same hat like my lost Queen Elizabeth hat at UNIQLO.


But because it was summer, so instead of Queen Elizabeth hat, what i found was thisHYDE like hat. i know it’s not exactly same like what HYDE wear, because HYDE‘s hat is more wide and of course it’s better than this,


but i like it so i bought it for Tekki with a hope she will not mad when i told her if i lost Queen Elizabeth hat.

Mostly what people (especially rich people) say about shopping is SHOP TILL YOU DROP, but because i am not one of that rich people there so i stop shopping after my wallet drop (read there’s only 5,000 yen left inside it).

so it is is bad eh,

because it was only 1st day and i already dropped my wallet ran out of cash. So on my way back to hotel at 09:00 PM walking alone in Shinjuku i was thinking what am i gonna do tomorrow. I haven’t buy Shinkansen ticket to OsakaUSJ ticket, haven’t go to Shibuya, and of course where can i find money exchange here.

This is my first time to go travel alone and ran out of money on the 1st day and it make me feel more lonely than before even i was there among all lots of people inShinjuku, ….

Walked walked suddenly i entered some place. I thought it was a cafe because i need to sit.and think but it wasn’t a cafe (you know the cute girly caffee) but it was a bar, with people play billiards and there was a band performing on a little stage.

OMG i landed in the wrong place again …!!

i wanted to get out of there, but everyone there looked at me and the bartender say welcome or something and i took a seat and ask him to give me a glass of cola and spent about one hour there listen to the band performing while Google-ing to find a place to change yen.

with only 2,000 yen left in my wallet i left that place and back to my hotel. Only a sandwich and cola cost 3,000 yen,  ah really …?

arrived at hotel i was like a Probie Gambler who went home after lost in a game withThe God of Gambler and have nothing. I dunno what to do, so i went to bed while watch telly and eat another onigiri i bought from FamiMart next to my hotel.

That night i fell asleep after said to myself not to worry because the hotel will give me breakfast tomorrow ne, so i’ll think about money after breakfast.

That’s all for this part everyone, i will continue the next part as A long Way Down to Kudanshita Part 5 (Tokyo Day 2)

why there’s no break on me when it’s about shopping? …


yasu   :    i dunno ..
noi      :    ooh no, i wanna …
yasu   :    no, no don’t cry nobody is cutting onions now ..
noi      :    omo, have you talk to the ninja …?
yasu   :    what is wrong with you and ninja … 



長い Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokushima … (Another me, yasu and Anne Elliot)


Recently, after works, at home i do nothing ….

but stay in front of my PC while doing something that is too embarrassing to tell or even to write here. I dunno why i keep doing that, but i just can’t stop to do it.

i know i am still a miserable person as i am. I thought that’s over and i won’t jump into the same situation, but it is always like this. Still the same me, to the same person but with an upgraded level of miserable

Ended like this and i hate it.


yasu      :    what drama now is noi_chan ,  …
noi         :    I am waiting eh, waiting ..
yasu      :    waiting for him to talk to you  .. ?
noi         :    おも 。。。や〜〜ちゃん、do something,
yasu      :    why me ..
noi         :    because he loves you more than i do. New single, album or anything please  …
yasu      :    don’t be fool, ….

here i am now waiting again like this song …




as you know, yasu also did a cover for this song and he did it brilliantly. Until it made me as a person who didn’t know anything about that song now feel connected to this song in so many reasons that will take entire seasons to sexplain.

That song always hit me on my face whenever i heard it, especially this part ..

待つわ いつまでも待つわ
あなたがふられる日まで … ♪♪

I’ll wait for you, I’ll wait for you forever
Until the day
Another rejects you …



but what if that “another”  never will reject him …?

Bp-ATwQCcAAQ9xC.jpg large

yasu   :      you mean, will never reject him …?
noi      :     ah ya, so や〜〜ちゃん do something …
yasu   :     see, i help you with praying  …
noi      :     hee, i am serious eh
yasu   :     then stop waiting   …

i wish stop waiting is so easy to do like to say.


Now i feel all my life turned into Jane Austen‘s book. I said on my Facebook about if i were one of Jane Austen‘s character, i should be Emma. You know Emma Woodhouse the careless and busy matchmaker.

emma-knightly-jane austen

Emma who is too busy about other people’s love story and ignored her feeling and Mr. Knightley‘s eternal love for her.

but too bad, i am not Emma ..


in fact, now i found out if i am the same as Anne Elliot from Persuasion. A woman who was so easily persuaded and made mistake and hurt someone that she is fallin in love. And it ended with nothing but misery when she have to meet again that man in a different situation.


And whether she want it or not, she have to deal with it, with all of it including being ignored by him. Can you imagine how hurt it is, when someone that’s so kind and gave so many attentions to you suddenly ignored you.


Being ignored is worst than trapped into friendzone (you know, recently this dumped into Friendzone term is trending), or the change from friend into acquaintance … etc etc it just worst than anything.

Now what can i do but waiting, maybe time will explain ne and ….

hopefully i will get the same ending as Anne.


yasu    :    ちょっと ね noi ちゃん、i have one question …
noi       :    do ask then …
yasu    :    you
persuaded ? by who ? i never say anything …
noi       :    eh, not you?
だれかな 。。。。?

Ah this is so confusing eh, before this post getting long i suppose it i’ll think about who the hell persuaded me later.

i do always write a long post ne, and it is fine for ElJay and WP but not for Ameblo. Because ElJay and WP‘s maximal characters post are much more than Ameblo.

As you know, Ameblo put max 40,000 characters for you to post there. So whenever i wrote a long post, and it became more than 40,000 characters i have to make it into 2 parts or cut some parts of it so it can fix into 40,000 characters.

And i really hate if i have to cut some parts of my post because i had to edit it again. I am not fond of doing editing, because i do my livin by do some edit to people’s financial or tax reports.

omo, not reasonable enough? …. xD

well, let’s just say by editing my post and cut some part of it, it make me feel i just cut some part of my own budgets for my personal project. Had your budget cut is not fun at all ….

じゃみんな、このポストを はじめましょう!!!

~    「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokushima

From Ehime, Project 「Shangri-la 」 landed to Tokushima prefecture and yesterday 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was held at Awa Odori Airport together with Tokushima FM.

For yasu, it was his 1st time to be in Tokushima prefecture. The city for the !st time, the feeling seemed also became somewhat hot …?

((・_・ヾeeeh …)

That time, at Tokushima airport for the 1st time and it was also the 1st time for the airport for such a event like this. An event at the airport, so it became such a special and made yasu felt a bit hot  …?


OMG, can you imagine?  i mean yasu is already HOT and then somehow he feels a bit HOT,

so HOT + HOT it became —–.>  a double HOT …?


yasu     :   not funny noi_chan …
noi        :   of course not, it’s not a joke
yasu     :   then what, another nonsense …?
noi        :   don’t you see, it’s mathematics ne ..

A + A  —->   double A, so
HOT + HOT —->  double HOT

yasu     :   stay focus noi_chan, FOCUS … !!!.

Okay, but we have to back to the HOT again tho  …

So somehow yasu felt a bit HOT, not only because it was his 1st time to come to Tokushima prefecture but also for the event itself being held at airport, waiting the arrival for the last flight …

And also because it was at the airport so it was a very wide venue more than another.

In Tokushima prefecture,「Shangri-la  Meeting」together with Tokushima FM immediately begin when yasu start to say …


My first time to come to Tokushima.

My name is 「保徳」/「Yasunori」and 「」/「Toku」character on Tokushima remind me of a sense of closeness feel since my childhood (laugh)

and then they started talking about Tokushima from food, mountain climbing (?), etc etc …. many more and also

~  the impression of every place which Project 「Shangri-la 」  have performed with so far ,
~  how they (
who came to 「Shangri-la 」Meetings) treated yasu like a star with their kyaa kyaa ….!!!, like it was Michael Jackson who’s comin.

Michael Jackson eh,

he said a lot about this ne. How he was treated like a superstar, and he mentioned Michael Jackson for it. When i first read about it, i wonder i maybe he is fond about Michael Jackson but i didn’t see/read about him talking about Michael Jackson ne.

So now i think he mentioned Michael Jackson as the superstar because he was born on 1975, so he is one of the 80’s. Nah what’s boom on 80’s – 90’s around the world but Michael Jackson ..?

even for me as the 80’s, Michael Jackson is still the Superstar. I remember how all my friend on Elementary School put Michael Jackson as their idol.

next is ..

~     A long Way Down to Kudanshita : Part 2 (From Jakarta to KL)


On my 2nd flight from Jakarta to KL (Kuala Lumpur), my seat was next to wing. I was glad about it because as you know that section/seats (read : next to wings) are the safest seat on a plane.

I read about how Prince William‘s bodyguard put him in the economic seat class next to when he was traveling alone rather than in the business class. People kinda like giving what the hell is that …? comment about it since he is Prince William eh, the next King of England.

But they just didn’t know if why his (read : Prince William, not yasu) bodyguards do that. …

Arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport about 08:30 AM in the morning, because it was only about 1 hour flight from Jakarta to KL. Still sleepy since i didn’t sleep last night and couldn’t sleep at all at the plane.


My friend was right, this new Kuala Lumpur International Airport is much more bigger than the previous one.

But, instead of like a mall i think it’s like Star Enterprise on Star Trek and it made me feel have to find where the hell is Capt. Kirk … xD


It is so big and bright especially for my sleepless eyes that time, but then my eyes suddenly open when i entered Kuala Lumpur International Airport building and there’s a sign for a Movie Lounge.

then i was like …


Thank God, …

that’s how i spent my time waiting for my next (3rd flight) top Tokyo at 13:30 PM. Surely it would be a long and boring time to wait of i didn’t do nothing.

Go online?

i had enough going online with PC and bothered some of my Facebook friends last night at Soeta ~ Jakarta. Then i went to some cafe there for my breakfast with this …


Maybe it was too early in the morning, so they only have a limited breakfast menu and i think that one is more make sense to me than all the western/British breakfast menu they offered me.

That egg rolls were not good but it was OK if you are so hungry and will eat anything in front of you (like me that day).

Finished my breakfast, i went to find the Movie Lounge to spent my waiting time there.


so what they said as a Movie Lounge is actually a corner where you can enjoy some coffee while watching movie free. The coffee, of course it isn’t free.  They put two BIG flat telly on the wall, one with some local Malaysian drama from TV3 and the other played movies from Fox Movie Premium channel.

I got my seat, behind those 2 man there and because i saw it was Spiderman 2. I called my mom using FB Messenger first and then i found out if this FB Messenger application is very handy for traveling aboard like this.

I mean, i used to worried about how to call my mom when i am travelling aboard.

Confused to find a public phone call or rental phone to make an international call ne, because i never want to make Her Majesty worry about me. And i know if i don’t call to tell her where i am now, what i do she will not stop praying in her room for me.

Iike i say before my mom, Her Majesty The Drama Queen is a very religious person. She always pray daily especially for me. Yes, me the one who always make her worry. For sexample, even now i am already have my own job that i think it is quite good, but it is never good for her because i am not a civil servants  like my sister.

For Her Majesty, a civil servant who works for and paid by the government is the best job for a woman beside as a teacher.

Unlike this job i have now.

It’s not that i don’t wanna be a civil servant, of course want and i tried to be one of them. But what can i do if i keep failed whenever i follow the exam? i failed for the 4th time 2 years ago.

Can you imagine? 4 times ne …


yasu      :    4 times, really noi_chan …?
noi         :    yeah …
yasu      :    the exam, was it really hard ..
noi         :    no, it wasn’t that hard, but my brain just didn’t work well that time …
yasu      :    i shouldn’t ask  ….

then i said to myself, that’s enough ne because as how i was told by my teacher to go home after knockin on somebody’s door and nobody open after 3 times, i suppose i have to stop hoping and tryin to be a civil servant after 4 times failed on exam.

That’s why my mom always worried about me, my future and how she nonstop prayin for me everyday. Yes, everyday ne because that’s how i always see her every evening sit in front of our home with her tasbih (it’s something like rosario in Chritians, to count how many times your pray is) prayin.

Ah dear mommy, please stop worry about me, look i am fine …. !!!

That’s what i always tell her but she is still the same Her Majesty The Drama Queen now. Nonstop worry and prayin for me.

Ok, back to the Movie Lounge,


so the next movie is Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman‘s Olympus Has Fallen, an  American 2013 action movie. The Olympus in this movie is for The White House.

It’s about a man named Mike Banning (Gerard Butler, from 300 Spartan) a disgraced former presidential guard who accidentally involved into a terrorist attack situation that took POTUS (President Of The United States) and most of his staffs as hostage and left only Congressman Martin Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) as the decision maker.

And Mike as a former trained very well and a bit heroic bodyguard, gotta do something to handle this situation.

I suppose he also feel some guilty because he is very close to the 1st family, but on his duty time there was a car accident and they lost FLOTUS (First Lady of United States) then they disgraced and transferred him to the bureaucratic service

This movie is quite good eh, even it’s not as good as Training Day. I always like this kind of saving, hostage film like this. And while the other guys sit in front of me kinda worried about what will happen to Mike,

Well, that’s normal eh because  i know for people who never watch this movie,  it looks like he is gonna die at the end of the movie after he called his wife.


But i tell you he is fine.

Indeed he is always fine because he is Gerard Butler, ne, he is one of the Spartan. I believe if you all see 300 Spartan you will believe he is gonna be fine,

and my fave part is when he had to put the code to lock Cerberus and as a field agent he couldn’t find where the hell is # (hashtag) on the keyboard until somebody said Shift 3 …!!! to him.

I’d say, that’s a very nice touch .

After Olympus Has Fallen, the next movie is a romance movie and i move from my seat because the man who was sit in front of me leaved his seat. But when i look behind me, i saw there’s a couple who made a preliminary love scene before the movie begin.

Then i was like ..

Go get a room please …!!!


yasu        :    hey, it is just a kiss  …
noi           :    yeah, but it is a deep kissu ne. Because i saw they also use …
yasu        :    use what …
noi           :    ah no, i am not gonna say it ..
yasu        :    noi_chan please, you are not 13 anymore ..
noi           :    sorry, it is
Captain‘s order …!!!

I dunno, it always weird for me to watch a couple kiss each other in a public space like an airport Movie Lounge like this. Maybe because i was raised in a different culture so yeah it’s bit weird to see a live kissu scene, not from movie.

So for me, at that time i feel like there’s 2 romance movies played there. Behind and in front of me, then i fell asleep. I told you ne, i am a bear and pillow person so i can sleep everywhere.

I woke up when i heard they start to call my flight and then i just ran to the gate. But in the middle of my run, i remember i forgot to take my Optimus Prime pillow with me.

I went back there and i saw that couple were sleeping while hugging each other.

Omo, really ……..?  *eat my pillow again*

YUKI     :   look who is jealous now ….
yasu     :   hmmm …
noi        :   don’t you see what i see?

the world seemed like only belong to both of them and you know what will happen next ?

yasu     :   what ….?
noi        :   soon we have to pay rent for our stay in this world to them.
YUKI     :   we ..? you maybe, but not us … *laugh*

They both seemed like enjoy their sleep, and i wonder if they knew if there’s people (like me …xD) are watching them while they were sleeping? …

ah let’s skip this part ne, so i ran back again to find my gate because i heard them sayin this is the last call for all passenger flight D7 522 to Tokyo.


Found my gate and get into the plane. My seat was not near window and next to a man who look so busy with his game. Indeed, he is a BIG guy ne, so it was a bit narrow between me and him. Not only that, when they served dinner, one of his elbow was on my table.

but i didn’t talk much with him ne, i only said thank you, excuse me …. etc etc and some other simple thing to say to people that i don’t know.  Not only because following what my mom always say about not to talk to strangers but remember what happened to Rachel McAdams on the Red Eye movie ?


that’s terrible eh even indeed Cillian Murphy is so adorable there ….

So what happen next was whether i want it or not, i had to put my pillow on his arm on my night sleep from KL to Tokyo. My 2nd flight from KL to Tokyo took about,  …

from 13:30 PM to 23:00 PM is  ….


noi        :      10 hours ….?
yasu     :      no, it is not 10 hours …
noi        :       eeeh …
yasu     :      what is wrong with you …
noi         :      i dunno,
EVERYTHING is VERY WRONG with me now …

It was a long and cold flight ne. With the summer outfit on me and i didn’t bring any jacket to cover myself, that airplane feels like a giant refrigerator with me freezin inside and i was so glad when it over

Landing at Haneda at 23:00 PM, then filled immigration papers together with an Indonesian old man who wanted to visit his son in Yokohama. He was got into trouble with the immigration paper because he doesn’t speak English.

So i spent some times talking with him while helping him with the immigration paper. Since he is from Malang, East Java we spoke in Javanese language. It was delightfully weird how i was in Japan and had a quite long conversation in Javanese.

Finished immigration things, i entered the arrival terminal i was looking for a ticket machine to buy a PASMO card. Got the PASMO with 3,000 yen inside


then what next is spent another night at airport again. This time i found a nice spot next to electricity plug to charge my phone. Callin Her Majesty again and then fell asleep ….

I’ll continue the next part tomorrow as A Long Way to Kudanshita Part 3 :  Tokyo Day 1 and i’d say it was a hell of a day tho …. xD

next is this …

~   The Whatsoever Update from Me …

now we are reach to  4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK

this one is for Saitama


while this one is for Encore SEASON Pamphlet.

I’d say, this Encore SEASON Pamphlet is some kind of costume display but they made it as a book.

That’s great idea ne, especially for fans who weren’t able to go to the Final Season in Budokan and Miyagi where they held an Costume Sexhibition for all costumes of yasu for 「Shangri-la 」 Live from 1st SEASON to 5th SEASON.

Like me …. xD

and also they put something that they called scent of yasu …? (dunno if i got it wrongly) and now i suppose everyone have the same scent with yasu because i see many fans bought the same Dolce and Gabbana ~ Light Blue.

Even it’s a fragnance for man, but seems like girls also bought it, so i suppose now there must be some increase number sellin of Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana in Japan, thanks to yasu … xD

and there you are for 1st SEASON part …

even though this is not my fave 「Shangri-la 」 costume, but i like the vest and how the haistylist (Mr. Yoshiaki Takami) put that green on his hair and that made it fit to green theme of 1st SEASON ~  5th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」.


while this one is for the 2nd SEASON part

2nd SEASON costume is my fave ne, because i think the hair and the outfit purple color are PERFECT as perfect as the 2nd PHOTOBOOK is for me rather than other SEASON.

i will continue the next season for next post so at this time,  just enjoiii …… !!!

still talking about 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK, this time is about ..

~   SPECIAL BOX Case Application …


as you all know, for you all who ordered Fan Club and TSUTAYA version for all 5 series PHOTOBOOK you will get a SPECIAL BOX to hold all your 5 books full of yasu.

And yes, it is free but of course you have to apply to get it.

by collect coupons from all 5 series PHOTOBOOK and put it on the form inside the 5th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK and follow the instruction there to apply.

And remember, the closing date to send your application is July 31st, 2014. Yes July 31st, 2014, the same deadline for me to send my owl back to Hogwarts because see everyone …

finally they called me again … !!! 

so yes, i am gonna back to Hogwarts by the end of this July aand i am soo fu**in happy … #yaaay !!!

Bp0dek_CYAEAKCN.jpg large

yasu    :     no way, they already kicked you out …
noi       :     yes way, look that’s my name and address ne ..
yasu    :     fake adress …
noi       :     yeah, say what you want but i will go to
Hogwarts. So bye bye luv   …
yasu    :     is she mad …?

then next is ….

~   ARENA Tour GOODS Pre-Order


via Official UpRise Shop :   http://upriseshop.jp/products/list.php?category_id=326

The good news is now you can buy the venue only, you all know i am talking about kewpies as the most wanted item during 「Shangri-la 」 Season. So now you better start to contact your proxy/deputy shop.

Actually,  to me for this ARENA Tour GOODS venue only my fave is the ABC mask.

It is very useful for me, who always spent my time outside office, on the field full of dust especially in a hot season like this. So this morning i said to all my friend …

Look everyone, this is my new Acid Black Cherry mask …. !!!

and this Acid Black Cherry mask is really good for me who have this forever Acid Black Cherry fever, so i won’t pass this forever fever to all my office mates.

Because you know having this forever Acid Black Cherry fever is not easy,

たいへん ですね 。。。

but worthy because it always make me happy at the same time. So yeah it’s kinda complicated like that.

last but not least is, lets talk about this Acid Black Cherry interview on Asian Beat.
I really love to read yasu‘s interviews now, find out what he is sayin and think about for some matters. I love this one more because they already added the English translation so i don’t have to spent my whole one or maybe 2 weeks to read and understand all what yasu said.


you can read the whole interview in here :  http://asianbeat.com/en/feature/interview/12-1.html

The interesting part for me as an overseas fan of course this …


and this ..


he is sayin that he (read : yasu, not Capt. America …xD) is aware about him also have so many overseas fans outside Japan.

Even i know he is aware and know about it, but still sometimes i think because how humble and moddest yasu is, he might sayin again if he doesn’t know if he has so many overseas fans like what he said on his long time ago New Year’s interview with JAME World.

I dunno why, but i always remember that interview because thanks to what he said on that interview we all made some fans video to let him know if we are still here and support him.

next is this part …


so i suppose i have to wait more longer to see Acid Black Cherry live outside Japan, at least Asia or South East Asia ne, because he already said that. He is still put another layer on his finishing groundwork for his career in Japan.

But the question is for how long? ….

Of course it will be fine for me to wait another more longer since i am the waiting person as always. But still i am afraid if yasu let us wait too long for that whatsoever finishing things he do now, this is what is gonna happen to all overseas fans …



source and credit :  Acid Black Cherry French Street Team

Now, it’s depend on yasu whether he will let all his oversea fans waiting and ended like that. After all, he is the idol ne and i am the fangirl.

And waiting is one of things that a fangirl can/able to do. Believe me, i am really good at waiting ne … xD

Omo, too dramatic eh …

But don’t worry everyone, at least if we have to wait we all waiting together ne. And OK, ignore about the waiting let’s just see another positive thing from that interview ne.

I’d say ..

It is forever OK to use online translation, because sometimes yasu also do that …. #wekekekekeke


noi      :    …..  eeh he he he   *laugh*
yasu   :    hey, i didn’t say it is forever OK …
noi      :    very well then, it is temporary OK
yasu   :    but …
noi      :    i gotta go now luv,  じゃ ね 。。


So, Sorry Ooo … Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Chiba … (Another me, yasu and 公開ゲネプロ )


ええー 。。 still 4th SEASON ….?




OMG, i thought the previous 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma is gonna be the last for the 4th SEASON but then look what happened,

i guess i was wrong again ne,

because there’s still this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Chiba left. I didn’t even remember if they also canceled  「Shangri-la Meeting」 for Chiba Prefecture just like what they they did to Gunma.


Geez, this 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 feels endless …

yeah as always i am wrong, i guess in everything. I mean i never make anything correctly. Like yesterday, i made mistakes. See mistakes, ended with s means that’s more than one mistake i made these days,

and my boss, Commissioner Vijay is so MAD to me.

Over and over, sayin the same thing to me via phone, text messages and LINE. It surprised me when he called me using that LINE video call, i mean  …

eeh am i the only one who didn’t know if we can call people using LINE …?


yasu       :     you didn’t know …?
noi          :     why didn’t you tell me, i thought it was some
yasu       :     the world is moving fast ne noi_chan, so move faster ..
noi          :     but you know i am
Capt. Slow
yasu       :     where’s
Inspector Himura ?
noi          :     ……………

So i spent my last two days at office with nothing but listening to him talking while fixed all mistakes i made. People do mistakes ne, but this mistakes i made are pissed him off and i make it worst by sayin i am so SORRY,  when he asked me

How can you be wrong …?

i totally forgot how he really hate that SORRY word, for him sayin SORRY is just another excuse to refuse to learn from your mistake and then make another mistake in the future. that’s why i tried to not to say i’am SORRY whenever i made mistake, on my works matter …

But don’t get me wrong,

in my personal life, with my friends or people that i love i say countless SORRY, for everything. Maybe i offended someone with what i did, said or acted as how freak i am i know i have countless reason for me to say i am SORRY ..

but i learned a lot that day, so let’s finish this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~  Chiba


4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』 back to Chiba again, this  「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Chiba Prefecture which became the last event for the 4th Season Project 『Shangri-la』, supposed to be held on February 14th, on Valentine Day.

But it was postponed because of the heavy snow.

But then somehow like a miracle they finally allowed to held  「Shangri-la Meeting」 on March 14th, on White Day together with bayfm. They held it as closed event, where winners only allowed to join the Meeting. and bayfm, 「ON8」 program for this event, made a special program called

「bayfm ON8 Special  Shangri-la Meeting in Chiba Acid Black Cherry and ABC on White Day !」

meeting chiba

Like the previous bayfm in Gunma, this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Chiba also started with yasu‘s thoughts about Project 『Shangri-la』‘s question …

It’s that i wanted to do all 47 prefectures Live, and if i only do Live with so much effort all over, how cannot be anything else to do ? Felt about to prepare such an oppotunity on the place to get in touch and having all of you to gather.

The very 1st Project 『Shangri-la』 was 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Fukushima. At that time there, it was a place like a technical school. One floor and the distance, compared to this (hall in Chiba), it was narrower and i was nervous.

DJ’s question …

All that events and get along with the TOUR as well, you must be very busy yasu_san …

Because there’s smile from fans, i can do my best

yasu also mentioned about that on some interview, i mean the phrase about how everyone (fans)’s smile is the source of energy for him, to do his best, … etc etc ….

yasu      :    did i …?
noi         :    yes, you did say it before that meeting in
yasu      :    when …
noi         :    can’t remember it ne, でも、大好きです

I just love when he say that, and for me that’s one of his way to blow my mind. After all he is still the Mind Blowing Mind for me …

next is talk about the Live from the DJ who came to see The 4th Season Live in Omiya about questions that received from everyone across country via Twitter

The question that day, it was often serious question

expected some dirty question, and got to know some of it on this tour (laugh). I say there are many sort of (erotic question) thing at first but it was avoided. It was a little more ordinary question or serious one was done, it became mere dirty talks (laugh)

and then as the venue limited plan, is …

「yasuさん sokomadeitte ii no??!!bayfm ON8 Treasure Talk SPECIAL!」

It was 8 yearns and 10 months ago, when 「ON8」 Treasure Talk with yasu were introduced. 「ON8」 Treasure Talk, November 20th, 2008 :

「I got a letter from HYDEさん Story 」


back to 2008, ABC hosted an event called SWAPPING ROCK PARTY and at that time, on the previous day VAMPS had their Live Performance in Nagoya.

After that VAMPS Live, HYDEさん wrote a letter for yasu.

so that show is about how delighted yasu got a letter from HYDEさん for the first time. They (so was yasu) listened again that show, said it was a joyful voice of yas and feel happy about it.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update …

this one is for Hyogo Part


and  TVNavi Smile 2014年5月号


What a full of boyband and dorama magazine ne, but there is Sato Takeru there with his new Dorama called ビター・ブラッド/Bitter Blood.

That’s a good drama anyway,


What’s more AWESOME than to see Sato with a gun after a while we often see him with as Himura Batosai with samurai?

Sato  as a probie detective at Ginza Police Departement, First Division. First Division ne, that means a Homicide Division, you know dealing with murder and maybe a serial killer …..?

i’d say …

おもーー 。。。  叫び叫び after all blood is bitter than water ne, see  ….

sato 1

my dearest and far far away cousin Kenshin (read : Sato), finally joined Ginza Police Departement, First Division following his dearest and far far away cousin noi_chan to be a Police Investigator

Wah, that’s brilliant ….. !!!


yasu     :     it’s just a drama ne, there’s nothing connected with you …
noi        :     really? but still i am happy ne …
yasu     :     and also stop that tellin everyone he is your
Far Far Away Cousin
noi        :     but i am really Far Far Away from him ne …

backt to magazine  …

I know each magazine has their own theme and spesification, so  me who always buy full of VK artist magazine like FOOL’S MATE, CD&DL DATA, B~ PASS … etc always surprised while sayin ….

Ehhh, what the ….

when i received other magazines that full girly stuffs or boyband talks like JUNON or that TVNavi Smile.

So apparently i already reach my bandwith for free account on Photobucket, and what happened was they blocked some of images that i posted there. I have no idea how many yasu did i posted there in one month but it reached 1.9 GB.


nah because i have to pay 2.99 USD a month to make all yasu posted there alive, so from now on everyone please use them wisely …  ドキドキドキドキ

then next is about this …

~    The Fan Club Member Only Public Generalprobe …

公開ゲネプロ a.k.a. Public Generalprobe. From German language Generalprobe in theater or figuratively means dress rehearsal, but commonly it described as final rehearsal.

it was held twice (May 05th and 07th) at Makuhari Messe.

Because it was Fan Club event member only, so yeah it was special ne because all of them got this bracelet in different colors


credit   :   @はんな

#  1st Day

『Shangri-la』 Public Generalprobe 05.05.2014 in Makuhari Messe


01. sins
03. I’m not a ghost
04. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
05. scar
06. Greed Greed Greed
07. Nemuri Hime
08. Kimi ga Inai、Ano hi Kara …
09. Kuroi Taiyo
10. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ
12. Shojo no Inori


14. Black Cherry
15. cord name 【JUSTICE】
16. Prologue End
17. Pistol
18. Shangri – La

there was also some special Q&A session there, where the audience who was lucky ( if i wasn’t mistaken, they were chosen based on their seat randomly) allowed to ask question to yasu and the support members.

Lots of interesting questions like

~    What you see 1st time when you see a woman,
~    The boobs question/talk, small, BIG size …


Okay yasu, we all know how you like boobs …xD

~    How should it be as a bandman’s girlfriend, and Junji answered that question with

『Don’t say /tell ・Don’t Listen to ・Don’t Look into 』

Ok, i get the what his point is about how if ….

If i Mademoiselle Noi,  ….

someday,  somehow suddenly able to date a bandsman then be his girlfried … ? xDDD


yasu     :    OK, that’s funny … *laugh*
noi        :     …. waaa ha ha, really?
Junji      :    でも、 だれ と  … ?
yasu     :     はい、 noi_chan だれ  …?
noi        :     hmm, だれ かな 。。 *thinking hard*

I’ll think about that later ne,

so about that  『言わない・聞かない・覗かない』 things ne,

i suppose if i were a bandsman’s girlfriend i have to believe in him no matter what. Don’t tell (private oriented), don’t listen (to so many rumors might came up about him) and don’t look into ( it more deep).

Eeeh, that’s so easy to say but surely must be hard to do ne, even if i will trust nothing but what he (my whoever bandsman BF to be) will say to me but of course it will be so hard to me to keep myself not to do my search ne,


Not only because i am Inspector Himura – The Investigator,  but also because i am a SHERLOCKIAN. And as a good SHERLOCKIAN i follow SHERLOCK to …


it’s not that i will lower the IQ for the whole block if i didn’t do that, but i believe surely it will lower my own IQ that’s already not that HIGH (read : not that HIGH to join NYPD or HAWAII Five O) .

After all Anderson is already do his SEARCH now, so why wouldn’t i …?

OK, enough about that i got HIT and SHERLOCKED moment, and back to the Generalprobe Live questions this one is something really #whoaa … !!_ed me …

yasu   :   i want to do something with FanClub, what is it ….
fans    :   travel, Hawaii …
yasu   :   seriously …?

i was like OMG really? …

even if that’s only some talks, but OMG OMG what if they really wanted to do that ne? i mean you all know some artist already did that like

~   L’arc also with their last World Tour 2012 Live in Honolulu ne, it was a Le~Ciel  Members Only, and  …
~   GACKT ~ Dears Members Only trip to Bali …

Eh God ….

#  2nd Day

『Shangri-la』 Public Generalprobe 07.05.2014 in Makuhari Messe


01. Greed Greed Greed
02. Murder Licence
03. Rakuen
04. Chou
05. 1954 LOVE/HATE
06. Kuroneko ~Adult Black Cat~
07. Kimi ga Inai、Ano hi Kara …
08. Maria
09. so … Good Night
10. Pistol
11. Tsumi to Batsu ~Kamisama no Alibi~
12. Black Cherry
13. Shangri – La


14. Fuyu no Maboroshi (request)
15.  Kono Aozora no Mukou ni
16. Yubiwa Monogatari (request)
17. Cherry cherry

some questions on the 2nd day that is ay as full of doki doki question

~    Have you ever come to like a man …?

yasu    :   i have come to like in the meaning of respect,
Q        :   is it
HYDEさん …?


おもーー 。。。  叫び叫び

~    What is your underwear color today …?

we all saw one of his underwear ne, remember that one with blue color on Secret Live Documentary DVD when he suddenly jumped off from inside a car and then laughed ha ha ha …  with a blue underwear ?

well, you all fangirl, go watch your Black List Album again and find it … …. *wink*

While me, i will close this post while thinkin about a lot of WHY , WHY, WHY THE HELL i can’t swim …? and say lots of …

Hawaii, Waikiki, Kawaii, yashiii …. !!!


yasu     :    they said Hawaii, it doesn’t mean swimming …
noi        :    ah come one, of course it does
yasu     :    then do something …
noi        :    ah, that’s hard to do ne, if it easy sure i already join
Hawaii Five O ….. *goin home*
yasu     :    what happen with her, did somebody dumped her again  …?


熱い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」~ Gunma … (another me, yasu and The Earlier Summer in ABC Fandom)


今日は暑いですね 。。。

it’s very hot in here these days. I don’t have thermometer, but my Yahoo Home Page said today is about 35 or 36°C so i do nothing but lock my self at office and turn on the Air Conditioner into 16°C while check in on my twitter TimeLine

and found this what Mr. James May a.k.a Capt. Slow tweet_ed …..


nah, that’s what a brilliant joke and …

btw what the hell is happen with weather ne, it became so changeable like me ( ha ha ….xD ). I mean two days ago rain was fallin and today sun just shining more bright and want to burn everything down here including me.

So everything turned out to be HOT ….

especially when this Mind Blowing Man (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) somehow able to made some HOT Conspiracy with The Sun to make summer come earlier this year in ABC Fandom by what else but …

Looking so HOT more HOT than Mumbay in May like this …


ohhh ho ho ho noooooooo  …. *falling down again from London Bridge*

yasu    :     why, it is already May ne …
noi       :     indeed it is a very
HOT May and thanks to you, i …
yasu    :     don’t start again …
noi       :     what …
yasu    :     i know what you are gonna say …

Anyway highway,

Recently i just love my twitter, especially since Robert Downey Junior (RDJ) you know the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark a.k.a IRON MAN finally joined twitter with his first tweet  ..


and then what happened next is my Twitter Time Line is full of excitement to watch after all them who play my fave Super Heroes and villain start to talk each other on twitter from …

~    Mark Ruffalo  (The HULK/Bruce Banner)


said his welcome to twitter to his forever Science Bros pal, and not enough with that, Mark also tweet_ed him asked RDJ to post their Science Bros selfie.

I was so excited about it ne, i waited and waited, then about one hour later, via his Tumblr and Instagram acc. Mark really posted this, him and RDJ‘s Science Bros selfie photo and made a BOOM on internet.


OMG that was awesome, ne.

I always love their Science Bros thing between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, remember the after credit scene on IRON MAN? that’s my fave scene between them ne. And then with them twitter just surprised me everyday,

for example when Mark suddenly tweet_ed to Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and say  …


i was like what the hell is happen today ne,

suddenly HULK and Loki talk each other on twitter? and that i do miss him! and Tom where are you mate? really? that’s just beyond all my imagination ne.

I mean HULK, did he really missed that someone he called as Puny God …? xD

and it didn’t stop there, when instead of sayin

like how is Loki inside my brain, but it was like this something that i said as an impossible sweet reply from Loki to HULK ….


Look, he even call HULK with buddy ….?

OMG i suppose i had to fell again from London bridge, ah ya i think i’ve been thinking too much with my love Super Heroes brain ne, and OK, that was the Real Madness happeing inside me.

Indeed, i love Super Heroes movies, all of it.

Eh not all of it anyway, maybe except this new version of Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garldfield.

I dunno why i am just not that sexcited about this movie ne even i do like Emma Stone, but i still prefer the previous version with Tobey Mcguire, Kristen Dunts and James Franco as Harry Osborne

and  i am also so sexcited when i see there’s some love sparkle start to happen between Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) and Capt. Rogers on Capt. America and The Winter Soldier . Even i know they both will get marry but still it just so lovely for me to wonder what will happen between them  …

of course i also followed

~  Chris Evans (Capt. Rogers)


apparently now i am one from all his 1.02 M followers on twitter. I got more fun to see him tweet_ed this excitement of him about release Capt. America and The Winter Soldier at the same day with RDJ‘s birthday.


and sure if you are on Facebook and liked RDJ‘s Facebook Page, you must know if RDJ held his 49th birthday party this year in Marvel way by invited over than 50 kids to watch Capt. America and The Winter Soldier together at his home.

BkgXHAfIUAISuzX.jpg medium

A private screening at home ne, that’s so cool. I mean plus with the approval from The Captain himself.

Yeah,  i always think RDJ is cool ne. Who is more cool than RDJ? i say nobody. He, him self is also genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist just like Tony Stark, the character he play.

even he (read : Chris Evans/Capt. Rogers) didn’t say welcome to twitter to RDJ, and that’s good, because i know it will kinda weird for me to see it, because on the movie you know how weird is things going on between Tony Stark and Capt. Rogers ne.


some kind of rivalry i think,

so it doesn’t surprised me when Capt. Rogers didn’t even bother asked for help from Tony Stark when  all things went wrong for in inside SHIELD and The Winter Soldier, Bucky


ah, my dear Bucky …

Talking aboutThe Winter Soldier, Bucky ne, the 2nd Capt. America and The Winter Soldier added one on my Broomance List after yasu and DAIGO, so now my Broomance List is …

1.    SHERLOCK Holmes and John Watson


Ah come on, what’s more Broomance than SHERLOCK and John?

2.   yasu and DAIGO  …


OK, not gonna say anything about it …xD, aaand last but not least is …

3.  Capt. America and The Winter Soldier …

remember what Capt. Rogers said to The Winter Soldier, Bucky when he beat/punch him over and over on his face (eh, God not the face please … !!) ? The very same line with what young Bucky said to young Steve Rogers after his parents funeral …

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

That’s so sweet and heart breakin at the same time ne, i mean how Capt. Rogers just take all Bucky‘s punches all over his face like that, OMG see the true friendship bonding between them?

That’s why for you my dear,  to add some sweet in this whatsoever i do for you in this fandom world,  allow me to say the same Line with Capt. Rogers , .from now on, …..

I will stay with you until the end of the line …

noi         :     i mean it eh ,  i really do …
yasu      :     now, it is friendship between us …
noi         :     i think so …
yasu      :     well, OK so now can you back to the topic …

OK enough with the Super Hero talk, back to 「Shangri-la 」

i did say on my previous post about me started post for 5th Season  Project 「Shangri-la 」 after the  「Shangri-la Live」 ~ Tokyo post ne,

but then when i look again their (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) post list, i see  there’s still 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo and this 「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Gunma

omo what a fool me …..

That’s why everyone, let’s finish this something that i hope will be my last post for 4th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」, with  …

~   「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma

「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma which has been postponed due to heavy snow finally was held at LABI1 Takasaki, it was such a large venue. Together with FM Gunma, 「Shangri-la  Meeting 」  ~ Gunma started with talked about ..

#  「Shangri-la  Live 」  ~ Gunma that was held weeks ago, thoughts an impression about it …

Simply, Live performance i have, it’s always in the major cities and i think i have to visit all of you. This time (Project  『Shangri-la』),  is to go as close as possible. Comes into an interaction as much as possible and becomes fun.

It is a simple Project (laugh)

then next question is …

#   The Local gourmet that you want to eat again while you were travelling around the whole country for this Project 『Shangri-la』 …

Thinking about this tour so far, i was an (off) type which doesn’t come out at all, but i think about to go out a little this time.

It wasn’t all around country, but to Ise Jingu and Izumo Taisha shrine because it was the year of Sengu, so i was allowed to go there. I am not such a spiritual type so much, since it was only once in 20 and 60 years so i was happy to go.

The thing that i want to eat, is Tarekatsu because i ate everyday in Niigata.  タレカツは美味しいですよ!

next is

#  The BOØWY talk

Eh God, let’s skip this …


yasu   :    what the ….
noi      :    it’s the same question and answer …
yasu   :    what about your same rambling drama, you should skip that too ..
noi      :    of course not, i won’t skip any drama in my life ..
yasu   :    hee  …

then they also received some worried message about what happened on 「Shangri-la Live」~  Gunma, February 20th

At the end of Live in Beishia Hall February 20th you got hit on your knee, was it OK after that?

At the end of The Live, …

I was think about to fly/jump on a stand when i wanted to say hello to everyone, and unexpectedly there wasn’t flyin distance. It was too low and i got hit on my knee and ended up in pain (laugh).

It was a hit with a nice momentum, but i was completely OK.

next question is

When i go out to play or go to work, i go by car mostly. I like car, so yasu_san, what kind of car do you like?

I also like to go by car, but a long time ago i wanted a convoy head (he is talking about a semi trailer truck, usually it is more similar to a caravan than a military convoy),

Convoy, an old Convoy i am talking about, do you understand it… ?

I say as the part of the head of traction truck of Transformers, nah do you get it? I wanted that, and also Sylvester Stallone‘s movie 「Over The Top」, it was an arm wrestling movie . The grand price (an expensive new custom semi-truck), i thought it was so cool

FYI   :     he is talkin about Sly (Sylvester Stallone)’s old movie on 1987. Sly as Lincoln Hawk a truck driver who want to rebuild his llfe again after the death of his wife and build his own truck company.

I am not that into this movie ne, because for me there’s so many wrong and fails on it and i always ended mad to Sly whenever i watch again that movie.

After all, Rocky from  the 1st Rocky (1976), Rocky II ~ Rocky V and the last Rocky Balboa (2006) are still my best Sly movies …xD

So, he loves trucks eh, i wonder …..


noi          :      i wonder have you ever drive those ABC trucks …
yasu       :      eh, what kind of question is that
noi          :      or, don’t tell me you don’t have a licence …?
yasu       :      eeeh ….
noi          :     大丈夫ですよ やーさん,  at least you have your
Murder Licence  ne …. *laugh*
yasu       :     not funny …

talking about driving eh, …

me, i say i am a very bad driver with no driving licence as well.

But i always drive fast, as fast as i can. You know how is gonna end when a bad driver is driving fast ne, it ended with me couldn’t control the wheel and then hit something, someone or got arrested by the police because i drive with no driving licence.

Can you imagine that, they did dare to arrest me Inspector Himura …?

that must be a joke ne, a real funny joke. So what happen next is ….   Well, remember what Jet Li‘s villain character on Lethal Weapon 3?

A high-ranked triad negotiator named Wah Sing Ku. I always love Jet Li ne, and on that movie my fave scene is when Wah Sing Ku say …


Law was made by human, so it can be fixed with money …

That was awesome ne, and that’s exactly what happened here in my country everything can be fixed by money. So i still driving with no driving licence until now.

After all i am Inspector Himura ne, why would i need a Driving License anyway, ha ha  #nyaaaa …. *dumped to Limbo forever*

I started to drive again to office since 3 months ago and say good bye  to my lovely riding bus in the morning. Yes, i got more tired than before but in the other way i arrive more earlier at office.

next is this …

~   Whatsoever Update from Me …

This one is for Shiga Part …

Enjoii … !!!

aand my 4th SEASON 「Shangri-la 」 PHOTOBOOK is already on my proxy’s home in Hokkaido and he will send it to me this weekend. Let’s take a look for the cover ne …

–   Regular

–   Fan Club ver.

i say, i am different now,

1 or 2 years ago maybe you will see me posting some mad or can’t wait rambling about 4th SEASON「Shangri-la 」PHOTOBOOK  from how i can’t wait, or  i am on fire because i’ve seen it everywhere …. etc etc while nonstop bothered my proxy with lost of questioning emails …

but not now …

now i think i became more calm about it, it’s not because i am not sexcited about it anymore because if you know how freak i am, believe me i am sexcited about it more than anybody but in a different way. So what happen now is i am still waiting in calm for it.

aand what next, ah ya look what finally came to my proxy home in Hokkaido, yeah it is always Hokkaido … xD


my ticket for FOOL COOL ROCK Documentary movie,

finally i got it, i was worried if i couldn’t get it and when i got it i still have to feel another worry because there’s something that i have to do if i want to watch that movie.

Apparently i have to come to the cinema about two days before the show day to change to tickets with another tickets from the cinema with a number seat. So there’s no number seat yet on that ticket.

I really confused about that because that tickets are for May 28th show, and two days before May 28th is May 26th ne and that’s the day i will arrive in Haneda at 11:00 PM.

So how am i suppose to change my tickets.

Nah that was something that stressed me out at the beginning of this week, But thank God, because my friend who is in Tokyo will do that for me …

Now i’d say if this Fandom World is a sailing ship and surely i am one of the passenger while yasu is The Captain. Again and again i feel myself as a lucky person this year.

From  …

~   got that FC lottery ticket,
~   a proxy who never say no to whatever i asked him (
yeah, i say my proxy is good ne, i mean compared to the previous one in Tokyo that i use this one i much better), and
~   a very nice friend in
Tokyo who gladly help me this time …

and tonight i suppose this song 風になりたい from The Boom is perfect to close this quite long post …




大きな帆を立てて あなたの手を引いて
荒れ狂う波にもまれ 今すぐ風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
沈みゆく太陽 追い越してみたい

生まれてきたことを 幸せに感じる
かっこ悪くたっていい あなたと風になりたい

何ひとついいこと なかったこの町に
涙降らす雲を つきぬけてみたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたの手のぬくもりを 感じて風になりたい

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい


ooki na ho o tatete anata no te o hiite
are kuruu nami ni mo mare ima sugu kaze ni naritai

tengoku jya nakute mo rakuen jya nakute mo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakatta kono machi ni
shizumiyuku taiyo oi koushite mitai

umarete kita koto o shiawase ni kanjiru
kakko warukutatte ii anata to kase ni naritai

nani hitotsu ii koto nakkata kono machi ni
namida furasu kumo o tsukinukete mitai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata no te no nukumori o kanjite kaze ni naritai

tengoku janakutemo rakuen janakutemo
anata ni aeta shiawase kanjite kaze ni naritai

English Translation

I’ll host a big sail
and take your hand
As we’re thrown to and fro by the raging waves
I want to become the wind right now

It may not be heaven
It may not be paradise
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

I’d like to overtake the setting sun
I’m glad that I was given life
I don’t care if I look uncool
but I’d like to become the wind with you

Nothing good ever happens in this town
Wanting to break through the cloud that sends tears

It may not be heaven,
it may not be paradise,
I’m glad that I’ve met you
And I want to become the wind

that’s exactly what i feel now.

My whole life isn’t perfect at all, still hard as always with there’s so many things that make me sad and wanna cry but somehow i feel so lucky with all i have now.

My family, a mother who always nonstop praying for me, a sister that i can always count on for, friends who always make me happy with their own different way and of course this fandom where i do this whatsoever do to make myself better,  i am grateful …

One more time i say …

天国じゃなくても 楽園じゃなくても
あなたに会えた幸せ 感じて風になりたい …

noi         :     thanks, Capt …
yasu      :     another new drama ….
noi         :     omo, how did you know that, but this one is very good ne, ….
yasu      :     ah nothing is not good for you  …
noi         :     eh, what the  …

~ owari~


甘い 。。。Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Tokyo … (another me, yasu and The Cute Meet)


Acid Black Cherry ….

finished their 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with the last performance in Okinawa. And yasu wrapped it up by posted ありやす via their Official mobile site and then Twitter.

so yeah 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over and 5 Seasons Live in all 47 Prefectures nation-wide was a very long way down to go ne, but you did it. So allow me to say …

お疲れ様でした … !!!

yasu      :    hmm you are late, again …
noi         :    then, next it would be my turn ne …
yasu      :    for what …
noi         :  
Encore Season, it’s my turn to see you …
yasu      :    not yet, you’ll be the last …
noi         :    OK …

and here’s some images and reports bout the final live …

source    :    here and here

so now i am gonna start this my first post for 5th Season Project 「Shangri-la 」 with this …

~   「Shangri-la Meeting」~  Tokyo

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Tokyo was held two days after Live, in Lalaport TOYOSU, one of the largest shopping mall in Tokyo.

This time, with a collaboration with Tokyo FM with a program called 「 Project『Shangri-la』への思い」「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」and of course they had various talks about it.

First of all, from 「 Project 『Shangri-la』’s Thought 」 was ..

Go around 47 prefectures, not only for Live but also with a little interaction with everyone. Only just like that, and the distance is very close today. So close, and i am embarrassed (laugh)

aaah, he was shy …. xD


noi        :   really …?
yasu     :   what …
noi        :   i dunno if you could be a shy guy …
yasu     :   stop talking  …

OK, then next question : to come across the country, so far how did it go …?

I’d say by myself at the local area, i was treated like a star. I thought that i was used to all of you in such an event like this, but when i came a little towards a district they did the kyaa kyaa … !!! like crazy (laugh)

It may be a faulty expression to refer this, but (compared to Tokyo) it wasn’t like this. So, i thought that was the real kyaa kyaa … !!! because everybody makes noises even people who don’t know asked who is coming …?

It was great …

then question about Tokyo :   How is Tokyo for you, yasu_san …?

When i came to Tokyo for the fist time, i thought  i wonder are they doing a festival …?.   Didn’t you think so everyone, why so many people at this time ..

so my first time came to Tokyo i went to a studio in Shibaura and was going to return home via Roppongi after midnight around 03:00 AM, and there was traffic jam, The car didn’t move at all. I thought, traffic jam at 03:00 AM in the morning, why ?

somehow i got angry and thought Tokyo is Kowai … !!

That was a terrible impression, and to say more because now i got use with it now and i will surprised if i go back home with nothing happen.

then talked about Live that took place in NHK Hall 2 days before

DJ         :   The Live was really cool, your generous feeling from the first track,  It was amazing.
yasu     :    is it so, thank you .

DJ         :   aren’t  you nervous yasu_san …?
yasu     :    yes, because i am not the type that can do kyaa kyaa … !! out into public.

When it compared to reading class in Elementary School, i am the type who practice around two days (laugh). Though that i seem to do kyaa kyaa … !!! ,  but i really nervous.

I always write characters (i suppose their name?)  of people in backstage and drink before Live begins (laugh)

and then something aboutTokyo is train,

so apparently yasu also received this question  : yasu_san, do you take train …?

I have Suica,

ICOCA is Kansai, isn’t it?  I live in Tokyo, so i have Suica. Though i don’t get on train for these past several years, there’s sometimes on bus.

Bus is good, isn’t it …? Because there’s bus stop anywhere to ride from and you should go to station to get on train, and there’s so much bus stop unexpectedly. Even i wouldn’t ride on bus so much (laugh).

As for me, when i came to Tokyo i didn’t know how to ride on train. I think Tokyo is very convenient,

Anyway i like this entry ne, i mean not only because i read it when i am going to Tokyo but somehow yasu with that post kinda say to me if …

It’s OK to get confused with trains and get lost when you go to Tokyo for the 1st time … #ho ho ho


yasu     :    hey, i didn’t say OK to get lost …
noi        :    でも 。。。。
yasu     :    and this is also not your first time to go to
Tokyo ..
noi        :    but still …
yasu     :    don’t say anything …

very well, next is this …

~  Whatsoever Update from me  …

this one is for Wakayama part

Enjoiii …. !!!

it took me for ever to put it on PHOTOBUCKET, that site isn’t my fave but i still use it anyway. Even i think about to move it to another site that’s never did resized images but i am who i am ne, too lazy to do that …

Maybe one day when this all  Project 「Shangri-la 」 is over i will make something like a summary post for all of it, if you know what i am talking about. Somebody told me to do that ne, and i think that’s not a bad idea. OK then, …. *make a note*

じゃ みんな 、

noi     :   Mr. Friday についてお話しましょう  。。。 xD
yasu  :   again ..?, oh no that’s boring noi_chan …
noi     :   i am sorry, but  …
yasu  :   why don’t you talk about your plan ..
noi     :   ah, i don’t wanna talk about it ne

Because that plan is a mess plan ne. I booked the wrong hotel, they (Universal Studio Japan) will open that Harry Potter theme park on July, my phone act crazy again,   … etc etc and many other things that confused me.

Now seems like the whole world betrayed me together with Harry Potter, all of them except my instant noodle, movie and this blog writing/rambling.

Anyway, i will be fine ne.

Even the whole world turned their back to me, i still have my movie, instant noodle and yasu to adore. So i think i have to rest my brain for not thinking about that and let whatsoever will happen is happen.

So back to Friday ne, …

Today i see him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) posted something very sad on his page. I suppose he is really failed on the last election and he must be very sad ne.

I see on telly for someone to run on an election, nation-wide especially like Friday at least they have to prepared at least 500 millions ~ 1 billion IDR.

And then now he lost,  then at least he lost 500 millions?

OMG he must be very sad ne, even i think that’s not gonna affected on his live because i think he is still rich anyway. But why did he posted something miserable like that in Arabic?

Eeeh i never know if he is in to Middle East like that.

Most of his posts there are in Arabic,  so i have to use Google Translation to read it. Even though i can read Qur’an but it’s only reading and understand the meaning. Plus i also never pay attention much on my Arabic language class so yeah my Arabic is very lame …

I really want to say something ne, i mean add a comment and maybe say it’s OK everything is gonna be alright,

But i think that’s gonna be very not fair for … (you know who), so here i am now dumped myself forever again in this Limbo watching that full of Arabic letters page like an idiot over and over while wondering

Dear Friday, こころ 曇り わなぜ 。。。?

yasu   :     is that a song lyrics …?
noi      :     omo, how did you know …. ajajajaja
yasu   :     and stop beng idiot like that   …
noi      :     i am still back like this …
yasu   :     that’s because you don’t want to

Why do i have to do this anyway, do i want to be an idiot like this?

of course i don’t want to. I even ashamed to say this stupid feeling inside me on my real life. Because hello everyone, he is already TAKEN ne and this is so WRONG

and a long time ago, this movie gave me something and 2 nights ago i watched it again  …


yes, The Holiday

it is an American 2006 Christmas romantic comedy. I watched this movie so many times until i lost my count,

because indeed, it is a very sweet movie with Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins, Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods, Jack Black as Miles and last but not least is Jude Law as Iris‘s brother Graham (eh God, what’s more sweet and British than him ..?)

This movie is about two woman from 2 different country Iris and Amanda, decided to do a home swap for their Christmas holiday. They both are broken hearted and want to go away far to forget and hope be better.

Iris a  column editor in London, with her 3 years full in and devoted in love to a man named Jesper Bloom (Rufus Sewel) and the found out if he is engaged to other woman.

While Amanda a workaholic California girl who own a movie trailers company in Los Angeles found out if his boyfriend is cheated with her 24 years old secretary.

They both meet in some site where Irish offered her quaint cottage in Surrey and then Amanda contacted her and they agree to swap house for two weeks.


Comin to Los Angeles, Iris enjoy Amanda‘s luxury home while Amanda is dissapointed about the life in Surrey. Soon it became so boring for her until Graham knocked on her door at night while drunk.


Maybe Amanda was too bored so she said to Graham if it would be nice if for them to have sex, after all they both will never meet again. So that night ended with them sleeping together.


OMG ….. !!!! *drooling*

But in the morning, everything changed because they both aware if there’s something went on between them. So they continued to see each other, had drinks together, lunch where Amanda told him about her life and divorced parents.

But she also worried if this relationship with Graham become more complicated, so she keep tryin to keep Graham at arm’s length.


Different with Amanda that is so open to tell all about her, Graham seems to keep his personal life except about his job as an editor. But then accidentally Amanda found out about it. Ah, he is a full time father for his 2 lovely daughters.

But that doesn’t change their feelings, so yeah another sex again …

While in Los Angeles, Iris meet Miles (Jack Black) with his girlfriend Maggie. She also meet an old man named Arthur Abbots who is a script writer during The Golden Age of Hollywood.

The 3 of them become close and Iris kindly help her neighbor Arthur to prepare his coming to Screenwriters’ Guild celebration.

When Miles got dumped by her girlfriend Maggie for another man, Irish stay next to him and they both ended tellin each other about the bitter love experience they had.

i always cry on the scene where she told Miles how she really know how it feels to get dumped like that.  How she explain when everything is back to her, it is all her faults the misunderstanding feeling …. etc etc,

ah that’s so me …. *Drama Queen mode on*


Jack Black is totally adorable in this movie ne, eventhough he is also funny on The School of Rock or Shallow Hall but my fave Jack Black‘s character is this Miles, a moviegoers who can talk about movie a whole day and funny as well.

I love when there’s Dustin Hoffman as cameo on when Iris and Miles went to DVD store, that’s lovely.

But my fave character in this movie is of course Iris, she is a very lovely lady. I mean from the way she talk or say anything just lovely. I wish i can be like him, polite but funny as well.

You know the funny but the polite version and …


of course i also hope i can be like Iris who suddenly lost all her miserable love for Jesper and said ENOUGH to him and kicked him out from the house. That’s what i want to get on my next holiday, where i will be far away from home and hopefully this heart can be far away from all crazy thinkin about Friday stuffs.

and i’d be OK if God also add a Cute Meet as a bonus …

Cute Meet eh, nah it is something what Arthur use to described his lovely meeting with his late wife. So

Cute Meet is when a man and woman go to a store to buy pijama. They both come to the seller and say …

Man         :    i only need the BOTTOM
Woman    :    i only need the TOP

then they both look each other and smiling, ….

nah that’s what CUTE MEET is and i surely want that …

yasu       :    but Christmas is over ne …
noi          :    ほしい や~さん、ほしい 。。。。
yasu       :    great,
Friday talk then ended with movie …
noi          :   sorry, but let me tell you about me and movie ne …

So when i was 10 years old, i was in love with movie for the 1rst time and i knew it is gonna be a LONG Affair

yasu       :    as you say then …