眠りない …. !!! Post : 「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita … (Another me, yasu and Charles Bronson)

ええー 。。。。

I am sayin lots of that 「ええー 。。。。」 recently, not because the disappointed feelings but i’d say it was because finally i’ve got the answer for my BIG Questions plus with those BIG Problems that will come in this season.

This forever summer season in here that make everyday hot as ever.

Things happened last week and until now we still haven’t find the solution because dealing with people who use society for their own personal issue.

and it affected to all of us, all people who live around here and do their living in here. I spent my days these week listening to all those people sayin, opinions about what we supposed to do with lots of meeting with no clear way out to deal it.

and it turned me to be chatty as hell in public recently.

As a person who do more monologue than dialogue, i always avoid to talk in public. And now when i have to do it, it turned out to be so hard to do eh because i am not sure they all understand what i was talking about, how it is supposed to be in my opinion.

Now i understand why yasu still sayin about nervous feeling he had during 「Shangri-la Meeting」.  I used to say …

eeh, really?

whenever i read about yasu felt nervous during Public Recording because i thought he is a public figure eh, so i suppose he must have dealing with all nervous feeling a long time ago …

now i give my TWO THUMBS UP to you my darling, regarded to all those talk you did on「Shangri-la Meeting」 all over Japan.

yasu      :    see what i mean now
noi         :    はい、わかりました …
yasu      :    you talked to who …?
noi         :    bunch of people. But in fact, i am not even sure they were listening to what all things i said.
yasu      :    they ignored you ?

What can i say eh,

after all,l things connected with money and people living is always not easy to handle because we are talking about bunch of people’s live and what they do for their living.

That unlike me, who still get a monthly salary they are different. As people who work using their muscle not brain they only get paid if they do their work, if they don’t then no money for them.

So what about their wife and children who’s waiting them at home? waiting for her husband, their daddy to come home with what else but money ….

yes, money it’s all about the money

I read a lot about people sayin about how money will never buy happiness. No offense eh, but for me personally that’s totally bullshit … !!!

Because people who say that, mostly are rich people children’s who don’t have to work their asses hard to make some money so they are free to talk about money that way.

Yes, money can’t buy your happiness, but  your parents credit card will do buy eh …?


yasu    :    hey noi_chan, what’s wrong with you …?
noi       :    i dunno …
yasu    :    did he dumped you again  …
noi        :   no, not really  ..
yasu     :   but he did ignore you ….

yeah, something like that …

OK, i’ll start this post with my 「Shangri-la」 Fangirl Homeworks ne. since i am so left behind. I mean  Project  「Shangri-la 」 ended months ago but thanks for how busy ( or you may say lazy ….xD) i am now i am still finishing 5th SEASON eh …

so i guess this Glamorous Sky – English ver. by HYDE is a perfect song for me tonight.

i am always left, away to go … !!!

so before i became more left away to go again, let’s begin this Whatsoever Fangirl Homework i made for and push myself to work on it.

This time is for this …

~      「Shangri-la Meeting」 ~ Oita

After succesfully completed Project 『Shangri-la』 in Shikoku, Acid Black Cherry landed to Kyushu. 5th Season finally entered Kyushu and the 1st is Oita Prefecture. On the 2nd day of April, 2014 「Shangri-la Meeting」 was held in Oita Prefecture. …


yasu      :     now, there’s a date …
noi         :     i suppose i have to put it
yasu      :     why …
noi         :     because it is Another Very Late Post eh, what else …

yasu      :     lazy … ?

It was the fist time for Acid Black Cherry came to Oita. And  as a matter of fact Oita was a city with connection to yasu, since his mother is from Oita.

「Shangri-la Meeting」 in Oita, a Public Recording with FM Oita started with this question from the MC

yasu_san, have you come to Oita several time?

Answer    :

no, we don’t come here much again.

Here (Oita) is my mother’s hometown, so when i was Elementary School, i often came here. This time i came here by train, but i had always came here by ferry.

So rather than Oita Station, i am more familiar with the harbour.


So as for the specialties of Oita, of course will meet Kabusu and Shiitake mushroom?

When i was child i really hate Shiitake mushroom. It often came out on grandmama’s house, but no child would have it right ?

I hated it, but now i love it (laugh)

and also mackerel, isn’t it? I also think about famous for hot springs. But as a child i always run in the mountain.

And my grandmama also kept a cow, it was a black beef cattle.

By the start of Project 『Shangri-la』 ~ Kyushu ・Okinawa district, next talk was about the impressions about all town that he already came around for this Project from 1st ~ 5th Season.

Followed by a question from the audience about how hard is to live alone and ask yasu what is he taking care by livin alone.

And his answered is by sayin how he enjoyed his first time to livin alone and the same problem that livin alone people deal is daily trash/garbage.

Then last is the specialties and dialect corner where yasu learned about Oita‘s dialect from the audience and apparently he was quite good.

next is ….

~   Acid Black Cherry表紙のCD&DLでーた2014年9-10月号

as you all know yasu is on the cover of September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. Not only that, they also gave a bonus poster of him (read : yasu).

OMG look at him, radiant as always eh …..

And what happened to the previous Arena Live Magazine (with yasu as the cover) happened again for this September – October edition of CD&DL Data magazine. I saw some fans didn’t managed to get it from their local bookstore or konbini like 7/11.

Then i checked on my fave (read : my common) on-line shop like CD Japan, HMV, YesAsia and even ebten it was also out of print. Even there’s still some that hey said as used but still in perfect condition on Amazon Japan for ¥ 1,989

I got that Out Of Print on my PC screen from CD Japan for my last Arena Live Magazine because something happened to my CC, so i have to buy on another store (Japan Only) which mean i couldn’t use my points and still had to use proxy and of course pay the proxy fee,

now my question is …

Why the hell CD Japan is always slow if about CD&DL Data Magazine….?

and of course this time i won’t that happened to me again so i asked my friend ( the one whom now i really enjoyed to bothered with my spam Javanese talk on twitter) to ordered it from HMV because CD Japan took forever to open their pe-order.

~    An Update from Team_ABC


yes i do wondering a lot what the hell is yasu doing right now, sp blimey …. !!!

wondering while keep waiting is what a fangirl will always do.

Wondering about when did he will give us at least a little clue about how’s the new single is gonna sounds like, how’s the cover … etc etc and many more.

finally yesterday Team_ABC updated The Official Blog and told us …

1.  what yasu was doing these days.  ….




as the man say ….

Recording the single again, today
so please wait


and they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) also told about the small earthquake happened in Kanto area and informed if our man (read : yasu) is okay.

When the small earthquake happened, he was inside elevator but  nothing happened to the elevator so he can go to the floor that he was going to ….

yasu is fine, よかったね ….


yasu     :     noi_chan, tell me.
noi        :     what …
yasu     :     you don’t even know if there’s small earthquake happened right …?
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know …

yes, i had no idea if there was small earthquake happened in Kanto area and now i knew it thanks to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post on The Official Blog.
But whether if i (or maybe some of you) know about it or not, the important thing is yasu is fine now and still doing recording for the new single.

aaah, there’s some orchestra involved eh …… *start to play Shangri – La*

2.  08.29.2014 a-nation Stadium fes.

a-nation 2014 stadium fes.0829
チャンネル  :  フジテレビNEXT
放送日時    :  2014年9月27日(土)19:00~21:00

informed that a-nation stadium fes 08.29 will be aired on Fuji TV – NEXT, Sunday, September 29th 2014 at 19:00 ~ 21:00 JST.

They also show about how to watch it, but as always, i think it is Japan Only.

I  also not sure if we can watch it on KeyHole TV ne, because even there’s Fuji TV channel there (mine channel 18) but that’s Fuji TV only right, not the Fuji TV – NEXT.


even though there’s some streaming media for Fuji TV – NEXT, but it’s OFFLINE and again i am not sure it will be ONLINE again especially now we are talking about Acid Black Cherry that somehow it’s always a little bit hard to get if we compared to other fandom.

Remember when they cut Acid Black Cherry part for a- nation’s Live Viewing? ….


noi        :     please don’t say that words, not tonight
yasu     :     what words …
noi        :     not tonight
yasu     :     poor noi_chan .. !!
noi        :    now you said it, i am talking about that words

Now, the only option left for a lazy fangirl with a slow as Capt. Slow internet connection like me is nothing but hoping somebody will record and share it somewhere …

and you, if some of you have a plan to do that, please do tell me OK and i will owe you forever just like how Jim Moriarty owe SHERLOCK HOLMES …. !!!


yasu     :    then what, gonna watch it together?
noi        :    and have some tea ne, you know SHERLOCK and Jim also had tea together …
yasu     :    what the   …
noi        :    that would be lovely 

3.   JSBN WEB –   Cover Interview “Acid Black Cherry”


image (1)

you can read it in here :   http://jsbn.gr.jp/2014/09/08/cover-interview-acid-black-cherry/

next  is ….

~    This Whatsoever Update from Me …

this time is for …

The rest of 4th Season 『 Shangri-la 』 PHOTOBOOK


and the beginning of  5th Season 『 Shangri-la 』PHOTOBOOK is



Enjoii ….!!

and next is …

this something that i think i have to post it in here along time ago, not by replying some private messages  …

For all of you who read my blogs, i am sure you all know how my way of writing here. Yes i am talking about how i put some dialogue between yasu and noi_chan that actually it is a monologue from the crazy woman who wrote it.

I know by writing that thing that supposed to be something that You Don’t Ask, I Don’t Tell, but You Have to Know Just by Reading, will ruin a fantasy for some of you.

I know it happen to some of you who read my blogs because some of you were send me messages and asked about it. And when i told the truth, i know i just ruined their 2 almost 3 years fantasies just by the way they wrote me back.

I am really sorry for that ….

So i suppose it is better for me to say it here, the 3 main fact about this blog that you have to aware …

1.   All those dialogue, actually is a monologue, because
2.   I never and will never talk or have some chit chat with yasu, and last but not least is ..
3.   yasu, he doesn’t speak English.


Actually this is kinda bit funny for me to think about eh, somehow it remind me to Khaleed Hosseini’s book : The Kite Runner which is one of my fave book.


If you already read that book, surely you know how they both love Charles Bronson thanks to how many times they watch him on The Magnificent Seven.

And when Amir‘s father went to Iran, Amir and Hassan asked him to take them along because they want to meet Charles Bronson


Apparently, they thought Charles Bronson is an Iranian thanks to The Magnificent Seven movie that they always watch in the cinema is dubbed in Iranian language.

FYI this movie The Magnificent Seven is an old American movie,1960 exactly. And this movie is a re-make (or an American version …? ) of Akira Kurosawa‘s 1954 Seven Samurai.

Aaand don’t say you are a fans of cowboy movie if you haven’t see this movie. Because for me this movie as what the title say is magnificent just like the original version.

Hello everyone, we are talking about Charles Bronson and how perfect he was with the axe  …. !!!


Ah ya, back to The Kite Runner book I’d say that’s my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers


yasu       :    your what ….
noi          :    readers eh, not leader …
yasu       :    yeah, right …
noi          :    since i am the writer eh …

i repeat …

I’d say the part when Amir and Hassan thought if is Charles Bronson is an Iranian because he is speaking Iranian in the movie is my fave part ne, and now there’s some of my readers who really think yasu is talking in English just because i wrote this blog in English

Trust me, i really want to wrote that dialogue in Japanese but since my Japanese isn’t that good i am afraid it will change what i was really mean.

So everyone, yes yasu doesn’t speak in English, and …

even at sometime later he finally able to speak English fluently, i am sure he will not talk that too much telly influence way of talking like to noi_chan in here.

Then last but not least this is something that really bother me until today …


I know i often wrote something like that because it’s funny eh. Some situation that lead noi_chan to talk about movie and then yasu will say how boring is that …. etc etc.

Yeah, i think that was funny and it is true.

I am a movie freaks with nothing to be happy but watching movies and eat instant noodles on holidays.

But not funny when that dialogue/monologue came to happen in my real life. So during a must have been lovely conversation with somebody, i suddenly talk too much about movie and i got this reply ….

noi_chan, もういい よ …. !!!

same reply with what i wrote on my blog how yasu will say if noi_chan talk too much about movie.

Again, that’s not funny anymore, because …

it hurt me somehow …


yasu     :     which part of you get hurt ….?
noi        :      ここに, 僕の心, …
yasu     :      僕 …?
noi        :      eh no, i mean 私の心 … .
yasu     :      i told you ne, don’t talk movie with him
noi        :     then, do tell me, what should i do now

~ owari ~

Tuesday Post : 『Shangri-la』 Meeting ~ Fukui … (Another me, yasu and 愛してない )

someone said,

that it would be better if i edit my last post and divide it into 2 parts and make me feel i have an editor now.

#waaa  …. OK i am calm now, aaand  there you are  …


when the Party is over, yasu is back to his 『Shangri-la』 Project, started with …
~  『Shangri-la』 Meeting in Fukui
fukuiit was held yesterday, took place in Fukui Shopping City 3F.just like what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 posted on their latest post on the Official Blog, they said how during his a little vacant before Halloween Party 2013 started, yasu did some interview with magazines and edit the PV for the upcoming 「黒猫~Adult Black Cat~」 single …eeeh, PV …?



they already shoot the PV, heeee really …?


yasu     :    haha .. as always, you didn’t know …
noi        :    now i know, then lemme see lemme see ..
yasu     :    why should i let you see ..
noi        :    because YOLO ne,
YOLO …!!!
yasu     :    stop that
YOLO thing and wait …

back to 『Shangri-la』 meeting in Fukui,

because it was surrounded with love so it was a very fun Public Recording. They talked about memories of Secret Live 6 years ago in Fukui.

Secret Live in Fukui is becoming a pretty deep memories for yasu. Why? because at that time the Live, like how it named as Secret Live, it was completely secret. Nobody now if it’s a Live by Janne da Arc‘s vocalist yasu who was doing a solo project, the audience on that day was 0 …

so no single audience was there ….xD



i read about this on Erect Live Pamphlet ~ Secret Live and Free Live part. There’s a part where yasu‘s talking about this live with no audience and how when they start the live with introducing Acid Black Cherry :

Konichiwa, we are Acid Black Cherry …

then nothing but silence ….. xD.

no wonder that’s totally memorable ne. Now let the memories be memorable, because sure this time on 『Shangri-la』 Live in Fukui City Cultural Center there will be many audience comin to see Acid Black Cherry ..

and this one is a picture of yasu from FM Fukui

source   :   http://www.fmfukui.jp/guest/

then next is ..

~   『Shangri-la』 PHOTOBOOK …

thanks to somebody who is so cute and kind to share all of that Green PHOTOBOOK, now i can see what is the different between TSUTAYA and FC version, there you are

TSUTAYA version

while this one is FC version ..

being able to get some sneak peak all the PHOTOBOOK contents even via messenger, made me drooling all night long can’t wait to get mine …  #What a fangirl eh, and ya talking about that boy ….


yasu      :     isn’t he too young for you noi_chan …?
noi         :     ah come on ya_san, this is 2013 everybody is too young for me. Including you my dear  ..
yasu      :     but you said …
noi         :     he has a very nice blog ne …

for me, it is a very nice blog to follow because it’s so easy to understand. Then let’s close this post with this ….

Erect ~ Live MC2 : Part 1 and 2

that’s very interesting MCs ne from all of them. Thanks to YUKI, it turned out to be VK’s Eye-Make up Secret Revealing, talk and how yasu sexplained to all the audience the lyrics of  Aishitenai

even it looks like talking to someone, actually it is a monologue …

ha ha yeah i know that, since i don’t have lot of friends that i can talk to i love to do a monologue i know that’s a monologue from a broken hearted man

plus how i listen to this song a lot when my heart torn apart on Mr. Friday‘s wedding day and start my own monologue from a broken hearted woman.

Hey i am a woman ne,  even many people think i am not a woman from my name. They (a lot of them) said noi is too boyish for a woman name, heee really?

But still as Wonder Woman or The Simple Magnolia or Inspector Himura ( xD) , i am still a  woman anyway  …

a woman that somehow love to talk to herself …

Somehow i talk to myself a lot. I mean i can’t talk/share about Mr. Friday with my Her Majesty because she is too dramatic. I am affraid she will think about it like it was something really matter and turned it into another episode of drama and soon all this block will know about that … #eww ,


ah, she is too busy with her PC ne. I even have to mention her via twitter because  when she is in front her PC she will put her earphone on, turn the music and anything but me.

So twitter is the best way to drag my British Wannabe Sista out of that whatsoever show with Royal Family in it  …

then owww Shuse …


Erect MC2 Eng Subbed Part2.avi_000211544

Good job dude, .. 

because he did a very best joke here and i totally agree with him. If i somehow get lost in Japan and i only meet 5 of them (read : yasu, Shushe, Yuki, Hiro and Junji)  to ask for a direction, …
sure i’ll ask to Shuse instead of you, ya_san   …


yasu       :     why ….?
noi          :     i am affraid … ah, forget it ..
yasu       :     what …
noi          :     i am affraid you’ll give me a wrong direction … *run*
yasu       :     what the ..


After Party Post : Halloween Party 2013 .. (Another me, yasu, HYDE and Dorothy)


Who is Dorothy …?


this time i am  taking about that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. That pretty girl that i envy for the whole of my life because her cute and sparkle red shoes, Over The Rainbow‘s song and her travel to Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is an epic movie that i am sure everyone know and already watched it then madly in love with the red shoes (for girls like me … xD),

amazed by The Tin Man or scared by Wicked Witch of The West‘s spell no matter they watch it in so many different versions (cartoon, Broadway, … etc etc) beside the original version with Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale.

Even i already got the message from that epic movie how your home is the best place to be in this world, …

but what can i do, i am still Dorothy ne …


noi        :    don’t tell me you don’t know Dorothy …
yasu     :    you think i don’t know Dorothy ..?
noi        :    i didn’t say that ..
yasu     :    ah, now you want a new shoes …
noi        :    awww ya_san, you know, but not only that, also …

I want to travel somewhere over the rainbow no matter how many times i got scared by that telly show called Banged up Abroad on Nat Geo Adventure channel  ..

i am sure some of you know that telly show ne, a show about people’s experience of being caught abroad because they did smuggling with their own so many reasons why.

But mostly their reason/cause was because they were so greed.  After they succeed once instead of stop, they want more and more until they get caught like that. Of course there were also other people who got caught because framed by their new travel mate that was so kind and adorable to them when they were there.

They just blindly believe them, no double check before leaving and shocked like dumped to hell when they couldn’t go back to their country because the custom find some illegal stuffs inside their bags/luggage.

This telly show scared me so much last year when i was going to Japan. It almost made me cancel it, but thank God i finally went there even with so many what if (what if they found something … etc etc) all over my mind.

yasu       :      noi_chan, why this Dorothy talk …?
noi          :      because this is Halloween ne ..
yasu       :      but it’s over ..
noi          :      that’s why i wrote When The Party is Over ne .

yes, this year’s Vamps Halloween Party is over

and honestly i am glad it’s over. For me, this year’s Halloween Party is supposed to be fun, more open than last year’s but somehow the fun just ended in the middle of the party, turned into full of …

~  worries (especially for ABC fans)

because how yasu got sick and had to cancel his performance on the 3rd day. I think everyone got this worry feeling. Even i couldn’t open the Official Home Page because it crashed soon after 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 announced it via their Official Twitter.


see yasu was trending on twitter that day … xD

with his throat problem he had years ago worried his fans, plus how he is very busy with his 『Shangri-la』 Project related like all over Japan Tour, upcoming new single next month and all the promo activity following it.

but thank God, the next day 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 via this post, announced that yasu will perform on Halloween Party 2013 as scheduled before added this message from yasu


I apologize for the worries.
Thank you for so many encouraging comments from everyone.
I will do my very best today!


complete with a photo of yasu HOOD like this … xD


良かった, he is fine now … #yay …!!!

next is how the fun of this year’s Halloween Party euphoria turned into ..

~    A Hide and Seek …

eeeh, should i say chasing game? like the I am Chasing on L’arc_en_Ciel’s Chase ..? because a Hide and Seek is supposed to be fun, but not this one. What i mean with a Hide and Seek is how …

eh, how should i say this ne …

as you know, there was streaming for before and after Party on the backstage that i am so terrificly happy for this ne. I was like …



even a little bit finally they make it Halloween Party a bit Open, at least for overseas fans like me. Then as always the lazy me, i didn’t watch the streaming for 1st and 2nd day because i waited for other fans/Street Team to share it via Youtube or Facebook video.

so yeah, i was fine, but then on the 3rd day, the Chasing is started.

Yama_chan, the event MC who held the streaming show asked the fans for not do any screen capture, recording or sharing the video with some copyrights reason from artist management .. etc etc like you all can see on the channel.

that prohibition somehow kinda divided fans into two side :

*   1 side is for fans who obey the request, while the
*   other side is for fans who actually wanted to obey the request,

but  …


couldn’t hold their desire to share the suff when they seen this beautiful man/woman on their PC screen. Eh God, i mean who can keep that beautiful Oiran HYDE for themself … ?

i can’t …

and on the 3rd day whenYama_chan said that prohibition again plus how he will not do the streaming show again if fans still not care, there you are the Hide and Seek started.

There was a message sending among fans, one fan asked to other fan to erase their screen caps posted on their twitter and Tumblr. Some even report how the screen caps as already all over Tumblr to Yama_chan. I was like …

Eeeh, really?

that’s totally pissed me off because i have to join something secret to see the streaming recorded video.  I lost the fun and euphoria. I didn’t even care about the last day. That’s why i said i am glad Halloween Party 2013 is finally over.

I hope there will be no more things like this on next year’s Halloween Party.

Maybe it would be better if they let The Party close like last year, and fans who can’t be there still can see their idol’s cosplaying as from sites like BARKS, or stalk their idol’s social networks like twitter, Facebook, or that Cameran app … #EndOfStory

But regardless of how pissed off and dramatic fangirl worried i was for what happened, i still think this year’s Halloween Party as an awesome moment even for me who wasn’t there.

Nice outfit from everyone for me of course especially yasu and HYDE.

ah ya, yasu‘s cosplay ….

~    Cute Lolita Girl w/ a big Boops …


there’s some jokes said how he got sick because that BIG Boops make him tired …xD

~   The Adult Black Cat on Nightmare’s Hitsugi tweet


October’s end soon and The Cat, The Adult Black Cat is on eh ….xD

Still i had my own fun from this Halloween Party just by reading all Live Reports, one of them is this Live Report by Secret Sign, you can read it in —-> here on her facebook note.

i read so many great fan reports ne, how on the 4th day HYDE got punished but instead doin the punishment, he sang Joujoushi amazingly (aww i wanna see it ….xD).

Oh God, look at HYDE ne …




especially the last one,

OMG HYDE, really ……?  *wipe my face*

HYDE is always like that.

Every year on Halloween Party HYDE succeed to make all his fans (especially girls) to accept the fact that the idol that they all adore is more beautiful than them.

Even among all those girls, he is still pretty …


source  :   Yumi Wakatsuki’s blog

HYDE did cosplay as Alive, The Sweet Bob Blonde Lolita .. and many others beautifully. I hope HYDE will think about cosplaying as Dorothy when i go to Japan to see Halloween Party.

I mean ….

i want to see HYDE walk and sing Over The Rainbow with a read shoes … xD


yasu      :     isn’t that too much to ask …?
noi         :     you think so
yasu      :     yes, …
noi         :     well then, i’ll ask Santa next Christmas …



レンジャー Post : J’aime yasu ❤ … (Another me, yasu and 『Shangri-la Meeting』)

8月!いきなり盛りだくさん! <—— what a long post ne 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 …. #eww, i am dizzy …

yasu    :     ah don’t say it confused you …
noi       :     yeah, a bit ..
yasu    :     a little bit ….?
noi       :     eeh, OK a lot then … *wipe my head*..

That’s totally Lot’s of Sudden in one post, started with some reminder about the next

~  「Greed Greed Greed」 single on August 7th, 2013


and they showed us one of the Original Trading Card bonus for that 「Greed Greed Greed」 single [Special price ¥ 394 Edition (1 song)] 1st Press Limited Edition i think it’s the same version of this profile photo of Acid Black Cherry on the Uprise Official Online Shop

there’s 4 editions of that, so wonder why did they only let me to see only one of it? Damn, they are totally teasing me with that and eeh, chotto  ….  put the Trading Card under my pillow so i can have a dream with yasu ..?

wew, that’s a terrible idea ne.

Hello, that’s a Trading Card ne not a Pillow Card so it supposed to be trade or save it well when it finally complete. Even hell yeah, i also want to have dream with yasu inside .

Nah because today is already August 2nd, 2013 so all of you (not me of course, because until now my Erect Live DVD is still in Jakarta) only have 5 days again to wait ne ….

come on, you all should say yay for this …!!!!

then …

~  1st Season of 「Shangri – La」 Meeting


15:00 Start  Kuriyama, Fukushima (Fukushima FM, Public Recording and High Five Meeting )

18:00 Start Akita, Arve Kirameki Square (FM Akita,Public Recording and High Five Meeting )

16:00 Start Senday, Miyagi Prefecture (Date FM, Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

16:00 Start Yamagata, Tsuruoka, S-Mall 1F Square (FM Yamagata, Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

16:00 Start  Aomori, Aomori Prefecture (FM Aomori,Public Recording and High Five Meeting )

13:00 Start Hokkaido, Sapporo Factory Atrium (AIR-G, Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

14:00 Start  Iwate Prefecture, Morioka Aeon Mall (Central Court) (FM Iwate, Public Recording and High Five Meeting)

there will be also an invited area called 「Shangri-La」  Area. In that area you can look, listen closer to the Public Recording and participate in the Meet and 「Greed 」  with yasu.

You have to apply for the invitation as lottery application because there will be so many applicants, not only you.

But it’s still possible for you to see the Public Recording & Meet and 「Greed 」 with yasu in the free area with no particular application, but for  this 3 venues ( 8/10 Fukushima, ★ 8/18 Sendai and 8/24 Aomori) are invitation areas only.

The sweet thing followed on this 「Shangri-La」 Meeting is how they (yasu and his team) only ask these 2  for your application

1.   Living in the area of this 1st Season of 「Shangri-La」 Meeting
2.   Describe how hopeless is your love for Acid Black Cherry ….

Since it is not a CD Purchase Special Event, so everyone can apply even you don’t have CD or live ticket .

OMG see yasu only want that ne, you to show and describe your love for Acid Black Cherry

Then because i am not living in any season areas of 「Shangri-La」 Meeting , so i only able to show and describe my love for Acid Black Cherry and you, yasu in this simple but hope it’s deep enough 3 words  …..

ya_san, J’aime  …… *69 times*  ❤


noi       :      see how deep is my love ….?
yasu    :      hmmm ….  Furansu, really ….
noi       :      ha ha yeah, since i am so romantic now, i move to
Paris ..
yasu    :      romantic, you? … yeah right ….

talking about Furansu, France

last night, Acid Black Cherry French ST on Facebook invited me to their latest fan project even named as ABC France.

This year is the Sexth Anniversary of Acid Black Cherry, and as you all know the Sexth letter of alphabet is F so they (Acid Black Cherry French ST) took the F letter on that fan project for France —-> ABC France.

all they asked is only you to post a photo (free photos,  can be edited photo or your photo, no size … etc rules) with a logo/sign of ABC France in it to their  ….

Facebook Event Page

Acid Black Cherry French ST Facebook Page

Acid Black Cherry French ST Twitter

so why don’t you all join their fan project this time, …  so you can erase the f *** k on your mind and replace it with France for the F letter

and here i am now pull back all the f *** k words i ever say, mentioned or connected it with this year’s Acid Black Cherry’s Sexth Anniversay

then on this Sexth Anniversary of Acid Black Cherry the F word is not for f *** k ne …. ajajajaja xD and that Acid Black Cherry French ST on Facebook saved me by get me out of this waiting of

Where The Hell is The f***k from yasu …..? *Dumped to Niagara Fall*


noi        :      #nyaaa … help meee ….
yasu     :      hey, fangirl what are you sayin, i never say F is for that …
noi        :      but i wished you say so …
yasu     :      you wish ….?
noi        :      i wished ne, no,  not again ..

and thank you for saving me and make me be less ecchi because there was never be a slight on my mind about F is for France ne. I just realized last night when they invited me to that event.

Back to 「Shangri-La」 Tour, let’s take a look at this venue only of 「Shangri-La」 GOODS.

BQlKSBlCMAMaDAf.jpg large

4,500 yen MNO Set …

eeh, what the hell is that? a lip balm to make you more ecchi or something else …? OMG that 「Shangri-La」 GOODS make it’s so impossible for me now to be less ecchi. But thank God, it is a venue only GOODS ….xD so no matter how much i want it there’s no way i am gonna get it …

Actually i love France, especially the sounds of the language, i mean how they say it very different and difficult to follow for me. I enjoy it sounds polite and lovely how Monsieur Poirot speaks France in some circumstances.

That’s why i am only good in sayin J’aime, n’est–ce pas, au revoir and vite, vite …!!! because Monsieur Poirot often say this : vite vite, Hastings …!!! whenever he is in the hurry ….

I spent my time reading some books by French authors, even my fave novelist N.H. Dini was married to  French man and one of my fave movies is….


you better watch that movie ne, and maybe you should read the novel first then watch the movie.I bet Meryll Streep and Jeremy Irons will catch your breath in one moment …

then what should i talk about ne, ah ya The Blue Ranger ….

on that 8月!いきなり盛りだくさん! post, 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 also mentioned how start from this August there we all will see, read ad hear yasu‘s thougts  on-air radio comments …. etc, published in magazine, like this one


that image is from 7Pia magazine, released yesterday August 1st, 2013

They said that magazine is a free magazine so if you are in Japan you can get it by free on every any book or convenient store? .

of course there is yasu‘s interview about 「Greed Greed Greed」 single, but thanks to Yukiko who told me last night about one interesting part of the interview how yasu said …


「I Would Like to be Blue Ranger in The 5 Ranger」

what the …

he wants to be the Blue Ranger? OMG as i remember and so does Yukiko, Blue Ranger is the most kakkoii among all of them. Even yeah, Red Ranger is the leader. see last night i was talking about this 5 Ranger with Yukiko on Facebook.

And Thank God, somehow last night our conversation was pretty smooth ne, i get what she said and i think she get what i said .

Yuki said she choose Pink Ranger, then what about me …? well if yasu choose Blue Ranger, i think i should take Black Ranger ne But Black and Blue? ah that’s so Backstreet Boys ne  …

But see this one


「Black Ranger and Black Cherry」

that’s perfect, isn’t it …?

i think i should go now, because i write this entry start from 11:00 AM then on and on … you know i write this while i am working at office today, so if this entry ended too random, i am really sorry then,

But before i go now look at this Limited Jacket Cover of 「Greed Greed Greed」 single from TSUTAYA



really there’s also a limited jacket from TSUTAYA?, i didn’t know that and why nobody is tellin me . Tell me whaaaayyyy ….? and of they said it’s Limited Jacket Cover, that means it’s pre_order only …

then what should i do now, this 「Greed 」 is comin after me again now . Oh God, i need to think so  I really should go now …

Au-revoir ….!!!


yasu     :     bye then …
noi        :     no, no you should reply me
yasu     :     ah, like in the movie? not again …
noi        :    OMG you know …